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- Responsible for the establishment of various hospitals in the Philippines.
Are religious men who do the nursing for the sick.
- Patron saint of the hospitallers.
- One of the first members of the "mission of the order of St. Francis" to the
Philippines in 1978.
- He did both work of the doctor and the nurse.
- He devoted his time for the care of the sick during Spanish regime.
- He prescribed drugs and treatments for his patient as a physician does and he
himself prepare drugs needed by the patient and at the same time ministered and
attended to the treatment of the patient.


1. Josephine Bracken
- Mrs. of Jose Rizal
- she attend and dressed the wound with care, sacrificing her health and comfort.
- she gave words of encouragement to the patient.

2. Mrs. Rosa Sevilla de Alvero

- she did individual "volunteer and nursing to serve the wounded soldiers".

3. Doña Hilaria de Aguinaldo

- first wife of Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo
- "she organized the Filipino red cross" with the help of Apolinario Mabini.

4. Doña Maria Agoncillo de Aguinaldo

- second wife of Gen. Aguinaldo
- followed soldiers in branches

5. Doña Felicidad Aguinaldo

- Also known as aling nene, sister of gen. Aguinaldo.
- asked of the red cross work during revolution.

6. Melchora Aquino
- also known as Tandang Sora
- she gave tender nursing care to the best of her knowledge and ability to the
wounded soldiers.
- gave also food; cheer and comfort the men.
- she did her work with humility and devotion.
7. Captain Salome and Aguida Kahabagan
- they nurse the wounded when not in actual combat.

8. Tonogbanua
- became a hero during war (in Visayas).

9. Mrs. Andres Bonifacio (Gregoria de Jesus) and Mrs. Pantaleon Garcia

- render "great service to the revolutionary" cause either in nursing the sick and
wounded soldiers of raising material relief for them or both.


Hospital Founder Administration Maintenance Type of

Hospital Real Gov. Francisco By the Government General
de Manila de Sande government funds
San Lazaro Fray Juan Hospitallers of Alms, rents, Care of
Hospital Clemente San Juan de donations and Leprous
(1578) Dios subsidy patient

Hospital de Franciscan Franciscan Contribution General

Indios (1586) Order Order and alms

Hospital de Fray Juan Franciscan Contribution General

Aguas Santas Bautista Order and alms

San Juan de Brotherhood of Hospitallers of Alms and rents General

Dios Hospital Misericordia San Juan de
(1596) Dios

Hospital de Franciscan Franciscan Rents,

Dulac (1602- Order Order contribution
1603) and alms general

Hospital de Franciscan Franciscan Rents,

Nueva Order Order contribution
Caceres(1655) and alms general

Hospital de Brotherhood of Hospitallers of Hospitallers of For

Convalensenci San Juan de San Juan de San Juan de convalescence
a (1656) Dios Dios Dios only
Hospital de Government By the Government Care of the
Zamboanga Government funds sick soldiers

Hospital de Brotherhood of Hospitallers of Alms and General

Cavite (1842) San Juan de San Juan de donations
Dios Dios

Hospital de Alms and Care of

San Juan Franciscan Franciscan donations Chinese
Gabriel (1866) Order Order patients


American Era – period were hospital school opened.

1906 – Iloilo Mission Hospital School of Nursing

- known for graduating the first trained nurses in 1909.

1907- Philippine General Hospital School of Nursing

- Mrs. Anastacia Giron Tupas – was the first Filipino to occupy the position of chief
nurse and superintendent in the Philippines.
- she profounded the Philippine Nurses Association

1907 – St. Lukes Hospital School of Nursing

- started by missionary nurses Ms. Hicks and Deaconess Charlotte Massy.

1907 – Mary Johnston Hospital School of Nursing

- organized by Dr. Rebecca Parish, Rose Dudley and Getrude Dreisback

1913 – San Juan de Dios Hospital School of Nursing

- opened by: Dr. PHJ Lerrige of American Baptist Foreign Mission Society.

1913 – Emanuel Hospital School of Nursing

1918 - Southern Island Hospital School of Nursing

- former President Sergio Osmeña was responsible for the opening of its school.

1921 – Zamboanga Hospital School of Nursing

- Ms. Simeona Asido was the first principal

1921 - Chinese General Hospital School of Nursing

- the hospital was established by Mr. Carlos Palanca Tancheco


1946 – North General Hospital School of Nursing

- opened offering rich field for clinical teaching for student nurse

1947 – Diliman University School of Nursing

- Ms. Mary Marquis was the head of the school

1948 – Negros Occidental Provincial Hospital School of Nursing

- Ms. Florita Liberiza was the first principal

1948 – University of the Philippines College of Nursing

1951 – Velez School of Nursing

- applicant for admission started with careful screening in the Velez Clinic in
Cebu when it opened schoole of nursing