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Comenius project
2013-2014 school year
school exchange
December 5
, 2013
Visit to Baiae
Nullus in orbe sinus Baiis praelucet amoenis (Horace dixit)
No gulf in the world is as marvellous as Baia`s
Baiae was a residential centre with villas and thermal
buildings. The beauty of the panorama, the local springs of
natural warm water coming from the volcanic subsoil had
attracted the Roman nobility here since the 2
B.C. They loved to spend their spare time (otia) in these
villas by the sea.
December 5
, 2013
Visit to Baiae
With the coming of the Empire, Baia became the imperial
family`s residence and in the next threee centuries. The
imperial palace extended over all the mountain including
the already existing villas and the thermal buildings. Its
remains are identified by the big building known as Baia`s
thermal baths.
Piccole terme
Small thermal baths
December 5
, 2013
Visit to Baiae
The site is composed of five sectors that have not the
same orientiation: the Terrace complex, the Mercury
termal baths, the lower thermal baths, the Sosandra
thermal baths and the Venus thermal baths
Nynphaeum-theatre in the sector of Sosandra
The arched corridor in the sector of
Venus thermal baths
December 5
Visit to Baiae
External ambient of the temple of
Mercury with the famous fig tree
The dome of the temple
of Mercury
The Solfatara of Pozzuoli is without a doubt the
most interesting volcano of the Phlegreaen Fields,
showing volcanic phenomena, such as the
fumaroles, the mofete and small mud volcanoes.
The rumble of the ground: A shocking
phenomenon is that caused by a rock, which,
left to fall to the ground from a small height,
in certain points of the crater, causes a dull
rumble which gives the feeling of the
presence of large underground cavities.
The old
natural Saunas
They are micro cavities produced from
the gas of the fumaroles in a ground of
its nature pretty porous.
The more dazzling phenomena of
the Solfatara is that of condensation
of water vapor which is obtained
placing a small flame close to the
fumarole: the vapors appear
gradually stronger.
Small mud volcanoes