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Therapeutic Exercise:

Foundations and

5th Ed. © 2007 F. A. Davis Company

Editors: Carolyn Kisner, PT, MS, Doody’s
Lynn Allen Colby, PT, MS • Doody’s Core Title
ISBN: 0803615841 / 9780803615847
Subjects: Allied Health, Health Sciences,
Physical Therapy QUOTED
“This is one of the most
Overview: comprehensive books on
Thoroughly revised and updated throughout, Kisner & Colby’s 5th Edition offers the therapeutic exercise. The
most up-to-date exercise guidelines for individualizing interventions for individuals material is well written
with movement disorders. Now, with even more illustrations, it encompasses all of and well referenced”
the principles of therapeutic exercise and manual therapy. This renowned manual Chris Hughes, PT, PhD, OCS, CSCS

remains the authoritative source for exercise instruction for the therapist and for (Slippery Rock University)

patient self management.

What's New:
• 3 new chapters: Prevention Health and Wellness, Exercises for Impaired Balance, RELATED TITLES
and Peripheral Nerve Disorders and Management.
• More focus on Evidence boxes, as well as a continued emphasis on Management Essentials of Anatomy
Guidelines, and spotlight on postoperative outcomes. and Physiology

• More clinical examples and more cases studies.

Medical-Surgical Nursing Care
• More closely follows The Guide to Physical Therapist Practice.
• More illustrations—including anatomical reviews, clinical photographs, and line Orthopaedic Examination,
drawings. Evaluation & Intervention

Key Features: Techniques in Musculoskeletal

• Superb art program, including anatomical illustrations, line drawings, photographs
and radiographs. Therapeutic Modalities
• Focus on Evidence boxes summarizing current literature. in Rehabilitation
• Management Guideline boxes.
• Pathology/Surgical Procedure and Preferred Practice Pattern tables.
• Postsurgery Outcome boxes.
• Clinical Examples and Case Studies with questions throughout.
• Clinical Laboratory activities at the end of each chapter.
• Critical Thinking and Discussion questions at the end of every chapter.