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Lie, ciocrlie/ Lark, skylark


Lie, ciocrlie

Lie, lie, ciocrlie,
Ia s-mi spui tu mie,
De ce zbori n vnt,
i dai de pmnt?

Lie, lie, ciocrlie,
De ce cni pe lan,
Fr ciocrlan,
Ce stai pe cmpie,
Singur, pustie,
Lie, lie, ciocrlie.
Ce nu cni pe vale,
Unde-i mai rcoare,
La izvoare reci,
Ori vrei s m-ntreci?

Lie, lie, ciocarle,
Lie, lie, ciocrlie

Lark, skylark

Lark, lark, skylark,
Can you tell me
Why do you fly with the wind
And then come back to the ground?

Lark, lark, skylark,
Why do you sing on the field
Without your beloved pair?
Why do you stay on the plain
Lonely and deserted?
Lark, lark, skylark,
Why don`t you sing in the valley
Where its cooler
And there are cold springs?
Or, do you want your song to be the best?

Lark, lark, skylark,
Lark, lark, skylark

Dictionary RO- EN
ciocrlie = skylark
zbori = fly
vnt = wind
cni = sing
lan = field
cmpie = plain
singur = lonely
vale = valley
izvoare = springs
mai rcoare = cooler