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Chapter 1: Mother & Daughter Threesome Amanda held her mouth tight over Rocky's hard-on as it filled her mouth

with white hot cum. As the last jets dripped from his dick, he exclaimed, "Baby, you do that like no other bitch I ever had the pleasure of fucking!" Amanda swallowed the juicy liquid and looked at her lover with bright happy eyes. She always loved it when Rocky would compliment her sexual proficiency, and lately he had been complementing her plenty! He loved getting head, so she put everything she had into it, so as to get his approval. She felt very lucky indeed to have a boyfriend like Rocky! While she was only eighteen and still in high school, he was twenty one and working a full time job at the tire factory on the edge of town. She knew some of the women that worked out there, and Rocky surely could have his pick of any of them. Rocky always told her that age didn't necessarily make you a good fuck, and that she was better than most of the other woman he had ever had! Without a dad around the house, Amanda was the perfect target for someone needing a father figure in her life. Guys like Rocky just seemed to have a sixth sense in smelling out the particularly vulnerable young women on whom to prey on. Rocky would get off work at 3:00pm, and drive over to Amanda's place where they would have sex for and hour or so in Amanda's bedroom. Her mother was a line worker at the candy factory, and didn't get off work until 5:00pm, so this gave the two lovers plenty of time for their extra curricular activities! If Amanda's mother even had a hint she was having sex with and older man she would skin them both alive, so Rocky was always out of there by no later than 4:30! Today they had made love two times, and had finished up the usual way, with Rocky filling Amanda's mouth with cum. It was only 4:15, so the two of them lay together naked, just nuzzling and kissing each other, neither of them hearing the opening and closing of the back door. If they had, they might have been able to scramble up and get on their clothes, but instead they just lay there as Amanda's mother opened up her bedroom door. There were three pretty stunned people in that room, but it was Amanda's mother who spoke first, or should I say yelled first!!! "What in the hell is going on here, Amanda," Carol shouted, "and who the hell are you," she asked, looking directly at Rocky?!?!? Amanda, totally terrified, tried to answer, "Well, Mom, it's like this....." "Like what, you little slut," Carol fairly shouted, "tell me what it's like!!!" During the entire explosion, Rocky just lay quietly on the bed, not even trying to cover up and hide his nakedness. Now again, Carol pointed her fury at Rocky and shouted, "Get out of my house; get out of my house right this instant!!" Rocky just smirked at the older woman and stood up, brazenly showing off his well formed physique. "Lady, why don't you shut your fucking mouth and leave us alone here, this isn't any of your business anyway," Rocky sneered! Carol was suddenly unable to reply to the rough young man who stood before her, being intimidated by his crude manner and forceful personality. "Now me and the little bitch here, have been fuckin' for months now, she's been afraid you'd find out about us, and I've tried to help her keep her little secret, but I really don't give a fuck if you know about us or not," he insolently continued. All this time Amanda was laying on the bed with a sheet pulled up over her, listening to the exchange between her mother and lover. Rocky walked over to Carol until he was right in front of her, his naked pecker growing to its full nine inches, pointed directly at the stunned mother. "Hey, baby," he went on, "look at this meat I have here, your daughter tells me you ain't getting any, so why not try it out right now?" Seeing the massiveness of the erection in front of her, momentarily threw her off balance. It was true that she hadn't had a man for months, and the mere sight of this young man's hard-on was making her knees go weak. In a weak trembling voice she reiterated, "Please get out of my house right now or I'll..." Rocky cut her off, and in a hard edged voice demanded, "Or you'll do what, cunt!?!" Carol swallowed hard, trying to regain her lost composure. In most cases, a man can sense when he has a woman at his mercy, and this was no exception, Rocky knew instinctively that Carol was his for the taking! With her defenses totally shattered, Rocky took her by the arm and led her over to the bed, where he sat her down on the edge. His pecker now at face level, he moved it inches from her mouth. He didn't even have to tell her what to do; she

opened her mouth and sucked the giant head in. Looking down at her, he commented, "Now I know where the little bitch here gets all of her talent from!" Amanda looked on with wide eyes, not believing what she was seeing! In less than two minutes from the time she opened the door, her own mother was sucking off her boyfriend right in front of her! She would have complained, but seeing how Rocky had handled her mother, she felt it was wise to just shut up and do what she was told!!! Carol couldn't believe what she was doing, sucking a huge cock in front of her only daughter! The magnetic and over powering personality of Rocky was more than she could cope with. It was plain to see that both she and Amanda were under the spell of this young man, and there was nothing either of them could do about it! What ever he wanted, they would be only too happy to give it. All though she was trying to fight it, her pussy was leaking like a row boat full of holes!

Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard Rocky order her daughter, "Darlin', do that little thing with your pussy, you know, the one where you lay with your legs spread and your fingers up your cunt!!!" Amanda threw back the covers and revealed her beautiful slim young body for both Carol and Rocky to see. She lay back and spread her legs wide apart, exposing her dripping pussy to open air. "Does it bitch," Rocky spat at her, watching as the young girl began to masturbate. "Look at your little baby," Rocky said, "she always did have a hot little cunt!" Out of the corner of her eye Carol could watch Amanda rubbing her fresh young vagina. She wondered to herself if her daughter loved having this huge penis jammed into her little hole. Jesus her daughter looked hot, no wonder Rocky loved fucking her! "Keep playing with it baby, I'm going to fuck your old lady!!!" Rocky pulled his pecker from Carol's mouth and lifted her to her feet. He gave her passionate kiss full on the mouth, which caused her legs to slightly buckle. "Okay baby," he ordered, "off with your clothes, now!!!" Carol hurriedly stripped off her slacks and sweater, leaving her with just her bra and panties. Rocky let out a low whistle of approval as he looked the older woman over from head to toe. Even though she was thirty six, her breasts were still full and firm, with just a slight hint of sagging. With her bra off, Rocky cupped them in his hands, taking time to roughly twist her nipples. A low moan escaped her lips, which didn't go unnoticed by Rocky. "Oh, you like that do ya, bitch," He said with derision, "Want some more of that do you?" Carol had a far away look on her face, but nodded yes to Rocky's question, and pushed her chest hard into his hands. The tit massage made her forget about taking off her panties, but Rocky didn't forget, and reached down and ripped them off her with one hard yank! Now both mother and daughter were totally naked and ready to do the bidding of this young dominating male! Rocky put his hand between Carol's legs and fingered her wet cunt. "Well, bitch," he said scornfully, "what we got here is a wet fuckin' pussy!" "Okay, lay down beside Amanda," he ordered Carol. She dutifully obeyed him, and laid down next her daughter, looking sadly into her eyes. Rocky positioned himself between Carol's legs, and guided his pecker head into her wet slit. Once he got the head inside, he drove his penis home, causing her to scream out in a mixture of pleasure and pain! Shaking her head from side to side, she kept begging for Rocky to fuck her harder! Rocky needed no more encouragement, as he slammed his pecker in and out of her helpless cunt! Both Rocky and Carol were on the orgasm express, as they drove each other towards their climaxes. Amanda was transfixed at the sight of her sweet innocent mother being fucked like a whore and hearing her beg for more! Her own finger was working her little clit into an absolute frenzy! The driving penis, the moaning mother, and the hot boxed little high schooler were all about to go over the cliff and crash on the orgasmic rocks! Amanda was the first to scream that she was cumming, but the sound of the eighteen year old having a climax set off the other two! Carol threw her legs around Rocky's butt and held on for dear life as her climax ripped through her pulsating vagina, while Rocky roared as cum spurted from his fuck pole and into the quivering pussy of the older woman. All three of them lay in a heap on Amanda's bed, trying to catch their breath. Rocky was the first once to speak when he said, "You cunts are two of a kind, like mother like daughter!!!" Now putting on his clothes, Rocky stared down at the two women and exclaimed, "Tomorrow afternoon, you both be here, understand?!?" Both of them said "yes" in unison, and Rocky replied, "You fucking better be!" After he was gone, both of them got dressed without saying a word. They both knew that from that time on they were both Rocky' fuck dolls. Chapter 2: I Remember I remember that day... It was the day that I’d lost my virginity. It wasn't to a silly boy my own age, which would forget me in a second. No, I lost me virginity to my daddy. I think that I love him. Love is a strong word- I'm only 19, but I remember that day, when I was 16, and he came home from work, and he fucked me so hard that I wanted to cry. Yes, I love him. He made me love him. My parents are divorced. I don't know much of my mother... She lives somewhere on the east coast. My daddy and I live in Chicago, alone, in an apartment. I have a bedroom, very small, but roomy, right next to his. I have a full sized bed, with a purple down comforter. I was sitting

on my bed, doing my homework... It was some kind of dumb math problem, and I didn't much care about it. It was raining outside, and I knew that my dad would be home soon, so I sat there and watched the parking lot, waiting for him to help me. He got out of his car, and ran for the door. When he walked into the apartment, he was soaking wet. He walked into my room to say hi, and he had never looked so hot. His dress shirt was sticking to him, and his neatly gelled hair was starting to fall under the weight of the rain. He came over to give me a hug, and his hand brushed across my crotch, harder than an accident. He had planned that. He sat down next to me, and threw my math book on the floor. We talked about my day, and I noticed him looking at me

kinda funny. I had on a tight shirt that didn't quite cover my entire top, and I could see his hands itching to touch me. I was kinda scared at first. He was my dad, right? I looked at his pants, which was starting to dry as he started getting a hard on. My dad, sitting next to me was getting a hard on. He walked to my closet, and grabbed belts off the rack. What was he doing? All of the sudden, his nice face was gone. He wanted me, and he was gonna get it. I tried to resist at first, but then stopped. What was the point? He strapped my hands together, and then used another belt to strap them to the bed post. Then He took my legs, and individually strapped them to their own bed posts. They couldn't have been spread farther apart. He used his teeth to strip my shirt off, and started sucking on my nipples. I was embarrassed, because they became hard very fast. He then took my pants off, and went into my bathroom to get a razor. He shaved my virgin pussy, and began to play with my clit. I had never felt anything like this before. He licked my clit and pussy hard. I was squirming, but couldn't move. I was stuck. I wanted to scream, in a good way. I had my first orgasm, and my dad had caused it. It was wonderful. My daddy then stripped down in front of me. He was hard. He teased my pussy with his dick, not sticking it in, but making me wish that he had. He kissed me hard, lustfully, as he fingered me, very hard, pushing me to my next orgasm. My insides were turning inside out. It felt so good. All of the sudden, his dick was down my throat. I choked on something sweet, and realized that he had cummed in my mouth. I drank the sweet nectar and sucked even harder on his cock. He turned around, and ate me out while I was still sucking. He was relentless, I was screaming for him to stop, that it hurt so good, and I couldn't take it. But he wouldn't. He pushed me into three orgasms in a row. I was in heaven, just me and my daddy. He told me that he wanted to get inside of me. I didn't know what to say, so I said nothing. He slipped his once again hard dick into me, and my juices were flowing. I had never felt anything like this. He pushed all the way into me, and asked me how it felt to have my cherry popped by my daddy. I told him that I loved him. He stopped long enough to kiss me deeply, just once, and then pulled all but the head of his dick out. He pushed harder this time, and got a tempo going faster and faster. My pussy was squeezing his dick, wanting him to go faster. "Faster, Daddy. I want you deeper in me. Faster." He left my arms tied, but untied my legs so that he could reposition me- my arms tied to the bed, my head face down on the pillow, my tight ass up in the air. He rammed me from behind, and once again, I felt the searing pain that I knew was my daddy's dick inside of me. He squeezed my hard tits as he banged me harder and harder. Sweat was dripping off of him, and he was moaning in pleasure. I felt a burst inside of me, and I knew that he had cummed inside of me. My daddy was gonna get me pregnant. And I didn't care. Once he trusted that I wouldn't resist, he untied me hands. He positioned my on a chair so that I was straddling it. He teased my clit with his fingers as he ate me out again. This orgasm was bigger than the previous ones, and I cummed all over, and he licked it up. My juices were flowing freely, and he wouldn't let up. He told me how much he loved me as he rammed his hand into my vagina. He laid me down on the floor, and told me that he wanted me to suck him, hard. I was tired by this point, and needed rest, but then he twisted up the sequence, and whipped me with a belt. I was now his slave. He got chains out of his closet. The ones that he used for his car in the snow. He chained my hands and feet together, and I was his. I sucked him until I couldn't feel my tongue anymore. He cummed all that he had in him into my mouth. I was still laying down, and he sat on top of me so that I couldn't move. He sucked on my tits so hard that I thought they were going to explode. As he was doing this, he once again slipped his hard cock into my pussy, and rammed himself into me farther each time. He told me that he was tired, but wanted just a bit more. I was chained to a chair, and he took his time to explore my body one last time. He played with my hard nipples, fingered my ass, played with my clit and pussy, sticking foreign objects into my pussy to see how loud I would scream, and finally ate me out one last time, pushing me over the edge into my last orgasm of the day. I fell for him. He told me that he loved me as more than his daughter, and he wasn't gonna stop there. He

said that I could make a choice to be with him, or he would just force himself upon me. But I love him. I told him that I loved him too, and I wanted to be his slave and lover. That was my first time, but not my last. I play his slave some nights, his wife others, and a whole assortment of people that he can have fun with. I am my daddy's lover. And I don't regret that at all. Chapter 3: Daddy’s Lost Daughter It’s not that Amanda Rose wasn’t loved, she was. Growing up an a stable family environment she blossomed under the care of her parents, however, Amanda always felt that there was something important missing in her life. Her parents were strict disciplinarians, they weren’t cruel but made sure Amanda toed the line and was always on her best behavior. Even from an early age her parents treated her as a lady and expected her to behave

like one. There was no going home with dirty clothing after play with the other children, candy was strictly rationed because it could ruin her teeth and a treat of junk food was almost non-existent. There were other things as well; while her parents encouraged her to seek knowledge during her schooling they never assisted in any form of research or discussion of homework. She was made to seek her own answers and draw what conclusions she could and woe-betide her if her grades fell short of average. Then when she did excel, as she often did during a specific project and received high grades, there was no, “Well done” or hugs and kisses to encourage Amanda to strive even harder. The only physical contact received was the kiss on the cheek when she retired for the night. Once she tried to climb onto her father’s knee for a cuddle but was roughly pushed away by her daddy while her mother had said, “It isn’t lady like to do that.” Amanda never tried it again. When Amanda was just a few weeks short of her twelfth birthday she found blood in her panties, horrified, she called her mother for assistance. There was no sympathy and little reassurance, only a lecture about it being a, “women’s thing,” and from that time on she would be, “unclean,” once a month for the rest of her life. The word unclean was branded on poor young Amanda’s brain together with the idea that anything to do with sex was unhealthy and should never be mentioned under any circumstance. After being shown how to apply a sanitary napkin Amanda was told that she must look after herself in future and not bother her mother again. Once again Amanda never did, even when during some of her early periods she suffered excruciating cramps, she put up with the pain rather than ask her mother for help. It was about that time that Amanda began to lack self confidence and considered she was unworthy of affection but oh! How the poor girl craved affection. Time and again Amanda dreamed her father came to her bed, held her gently in his arms cuddling her body to him before tenderly kissing her goodnight, but it never happened... not once. So the years rolled by and even though Amanda began to develop into a beautiful young lady, she retreated further into her shell. Answering questions only when asked and never involving herself in a group activity, but all of that, was to magically change. It was late summer when Amanda walked in on a conversation between her parents. She sat quietly thumbing through a fashion magazine pretending to read but listening with interest. “Well I don’t want him here. From what I remember he has no respect whatsoever for normal values and even less for those around him. Remember how he left me? Heaven knows what would have happened if you hadn’t have stepped into his shoes. The man has no sense of responsibility at all,” her mother said. Daddy’s face was red with anger, “You were just as much to blame as Rocky, and you used yourself to trap him, who can blame him for shooting through when he saw through your little scheme. I wished to God I had, there has to be a better life than the one you’ve put me through.” Amanda had seen her daddy angry before but never like this. She sunk down in the chair making herself invisible as she could and hoping the ground would open and swallow her up. “Don’t you dare talk too me like that. I’ve been a good wife to you and you’ve never said a grateful word since we were married. No woman should have to put up with what I do.” “Ah! A good wife? Yes, all except in one department. A dead cod fish has got more sensitivity and feeling than what you have. I don’t give a damn what you say, Rocky is my brother and he’s going to stay with us until he finds his own place. The guest apartment out the back is fully contained so he can stay there, no one comes to visit us anyway not that I’m surprised with your bitchy temper.” Amanda’s mom seemed fit to explode, “Yes, he’s your brother, both of you are so alike. So long as you get your carnal pleasures you’re happy. Do you think I enjoyed lying down for him? All I wanted was a house and security; I certainly didn’t intend to get pregnant.” “But you did,” her father shouted, “Then when Rocky left for the navy you came moaning to me, saying you’d made a mistake and I was the one you really wanted and I was fool enough to believe it. You and your brat have made my life a misery ever since. Well Rocky’s coming and he’s staying and that’s an end to the matter.” Tears clouded Amanda’s eyes when she realized that they were talking about her, holding back the sobs that were caught in her throat, she quickly ducked out of the room and made it to

the back garden before the wail of despair left her lips. So intense was the argument between her parents, they had not even noticed that she’d been there. Amanda missed dinner that night. She lay on her bed sobbing, realizing that the man she thought to be her father wasn’t but a brother of her father named Rocky. She knew that she wasn’t intended to hear any of the conversation but it had explained in some way why her father had been so cool towards her. At breakfast the next morning the atmosphere was strained, but her father took the time to explain that her uncle Rocky was coming to stay with them for awhile and would be living in the selfcontained guest rooms at the back. He went on to explain that his brother had spent years in the navy and now that his term was finished, would be looking to settle back into civilian life. It was a couple of weeks later that Amanda watched her Uncle Rocky’s arrival from an upstairs window. She was expecting to see some decrepit

figure, instead it was a man of military bearing who sprightly stepped from the taxi. He was tall and muscular, looked to be in his early forties with hair the color of grey steel. She saw her father and Rocky embrace, the first time her father had shown any real affection for anyone. It was much later that her daddy took her down to the guest unit and introduced her to Uncle Rocky. “So this is Amanda Rose, I haven’t seen you since you were a baby, what a beautiful young lady you’ve turned into.” Rocky said greeting her with a big wide smile. Then to Amanda’s surprise and embarrassment he lifted her as though she were a feather kissing her firmly on the cheek before crushing her to him in a bear like hug. Amanda was flustered by the sudden show of affection, her heartbeat increasing rapidly at the suddenness of the stranger’s actions. When at last Rocky placed her back on the ground she looked up into his handsome face and said breathlessly, “Hello Uncle Rocky.” Again she was rewarded by a huge smile and cheeky wink from his bright blue eyes. After that moment Amanda hung around her uncle as often as she could. She was drawn to him, admitting to herself the reason being that she wanted to know her real father better. It became a habit for her to slip out in the morning and collect the paper and deliver it to the guest room. Then joining Uncle Rocky on the balcony of the small dining area they would sit and drink fresh coffee. The first few mornings were uncomfortable for Amanda and the conversation she made was stilted, but Rocky had that pleasant habit of making everyone he spoke with feel at ease. Soon the conversations were free flowing, Amanda finding herself actually volunteering information and making significant contributions. Rocky often made her laugh with some of the outrageous stories he told about the navy and some of the places he’d visited. More and more she found she wanted to be with him whenever she could and would go out of her way to visit at every opportunity. One day Rocky invited her to join him for a trip to the botanic gardens. For three solid hours they wandered around the grounds looking at exotic trees and flowers. Then Rocky had taken her small hand in his, “Come on Amanda, time for lunch. Let’s find a café and refresh ourselves.” Amanda found herself thrilled at his touch. She felt like a little girl again as they walked hand in hand across a grassed area toward the park’s pavilion. She could never remember ever being as happy as she was at that moment. While they ate, Amanda imagined what her life would have been like if Rocky had married her mother and then immediately put such a thought to one side. While she knew her mother loved her, she was incapable of showing any loving feelings for her or any one else, including it seemed, her husband. Amanda let out a deep sigh and nibbled absent mindedly at her sandwich. “That’s a heavy sigh for a young’un,” Rocky smiled at her. “Penny for your thoughts.” Amanda looked at the handsome man seated opposite, “Sorry Uncle Rocky. I was just thinking about something. It’s been a lovely day I’ve really enjoyed myself. All the years I’ve lived in the city and this is the first time I’ve visited the gardens.” “Yes it has been a lovely day and I want to thank you for sharing it with me. I hate doing things like this on my own, you coming along was an absolute bonus. Nothing pleases a sailor more than to have a pretty girl on his arm,” Then grinning wickedly at her, “Unless of course it’s two pretty girls.” Amanda felt herself blushing; she could never remember having a compliment like that before. Remembering her manners she stood and gave a little courtesy, “Thank you Sir,” she said. Laughing with her Rocky stood up and placed the money for the check and generous tip on the table. “Come on sweet thing, time to make tracks for home.” Amanda once again flushed with pleasure as he took her hand in his. When they reached the park gates Rocky stopped at the flower seller and purchased a single stemmed red rose. Grabbing Amanda with a hand on each shoulder he hugged her to him and planted a soft kiss on the forehead. “There you are sweetheart, a perfect rose for another perfect rose.” Amanda’s heart almost jumped into her throat and it wasn’t the gift of a rose that did it, although she really appreciated the gesture. It was Rocky’s kiss that seemed to burn like fire on her forehead and the inexplicable stab she felt in her heart. She looped her arm through Rocky’s and walked on air to the bus stop. As they reached the house Rocky invited her to join him later. “The last time I was in Australia I purchased

some compact disks of a special nature. I think you’d enjoy them would you like to listen to them with me?” Amanda agreed saying that she would join him as soon as all her assigned chores were complete and she’d had her dinner. It was a little after 7p.m. when Amanda knocked on the guest room door. Rocky opened the door and ushered her in. “Good timing Amanda,” he said quickly kissing her on the forehead again and catching her totally by surprise, “Let’s get started.” Amanda made to sit on an armchair, “No don’t sit there Amanda. Come and sit on the lounge with me. That’s the focal point for the speakers. I’ve already got the disks loaded, the remote’s in my hand so all we have to do is relax. “This music is by Tony O’Connor. He blends his arrangements and compositions with sounds of the Australian Bush; I think you’ll find them quite exciting. “Now I’ll just kill the lights.... close your eyes and listen and you’ll be transported to beautiful and magical land.” Rocky pressed the play button and the haunting opening to “Breath Deep Magic”

filled the room. Amanda marveled at the mixture of sounds, especially the cries of the kookaburra that hauntingly blended in with the soft melody. Australia had been one of her major projects when she was at school so it wasn’t hard to close her eyes and see the gum trees dancing their branches in light winds in time with the music. Then visions of the rainforest appeared with the rippling streams meandering through paradise and the calls of rare parrots as they flitted among the trees. She visualized the vast brown plains of a country with an opal heart, where the kangaroo leaped in great bounds across the harsh desert fringes, while the huge graceful wedge-tailed eagles spiraled lazily in the bright blue sky. The exciting sounds of a didgeridoo communicating with the ancient land while the Australian magpie, sang the most beautiful bird song in the entire world. So lost was Amanda in the magic of the music, she didn’t even realize that Rocky had his arm around her until there was a small break between tracks. When she did, it seemed the most natural thing in the world to lay her head against his chest and snuggle into him. Rocky’s hand stroked her hair in time with the soft melodies and Amanda’s heart was fit to burst with happiness. Two hours had passed by the time the second disk had finished leaving a room so silent you could have heard a pin drop. If Rocky hadn’t have been stroking her hair she would have believed that he’d have fallen asleep. The music had calmed Amanda, almost hypnotized her into such a feeling of well-being she knew there could be no better time than now to resolve a question that had been niggling away inside her brain. Taking a deep breath she took her courage in both hands and hoped for the best. “Uncle Rocky...You’re my real daddy aren’t you?” she asked. It seemed ages before Rocky spoke and Amanda was frightened she’d upset him. She anxiously held her breath waiting for a reply. “Yes I am Amanda Rose. How do you know?” he asked. Amanda quietly told him about the argument between her mom and dad. How things had been said that she wasn’t meant to hear and how much she’d hurt afterwards. “Why didn’t you marry mom, is it because you didn’t want me?” Amanda asked. Rocky pulled her tightly against him almost squeezing the breath from her, “No baby, no. Nothing could be further from the truth. I’m not going to tell you any stories about your mom but it would have been a dreadful mistake for me to have married her. “Trust me when I say it was for the best Amanda but I want you to know that I’ve always loved you. Look I’ll show you,” he said reaching into his pocket for his wallet. From the centre he took out four dog-eared photographs and displayed them on Amanda’s lap. Each one was of her at different ages and from their condition Amanda could see that they’d been looked at hundreds of times. Something else suddenly dawned on Amanda, “Birthday cards and Christmas cards with money in, you sent them didn’t you? I used to ask mom who they were from and she said, she didn’t know. It was you weren’t it?” “Guilty as charged. Your mom thought it best that we do it that way; I didn’t want to fight with her for fear of hurting you. I’d have sooner have lived without you in my life than make you unhappy.” Tears seeped from the corner of Amanda’s eyes and Rocky’s heart went out too her and it almost broke when she sobbed, “I’d have sooner had you than the cards and the money.” Rocky scooped Amanda up onto his knee and cradled her in his arms softly kissing the tears away from her cheeks, stroking her hair with one hand while the other patted her back comfortingly. Two things happened to Amanda at that moment, her heart filled to overflowing with love for this man and she felt a pool of wetness forming in the gusset of her panties. She was confused at her feelings and didn’t know what to do but bury her face into his neck. He continued to rock and caress her while making comforting noises, giving her the cuddles she’d missed out on in life. It happened without any warning. Even though Rocky had not touched her sexually in any way, Amanda Rose whimpered in his arms, her body trembled and shook while the first orgasm of her life exploded into her panties. She felt Rocky hold her tightly as the orgasmic waves flowed over her and when the final shudder had passed, he gently kissed her softly on the lips. “Are you alright baby?” he asked. The sound of her mother’s voice echoed in the back of her head, “It’s not lady like. Sex is dirty. You’re unclean.” Amanda scrambled off Rocky’s knee sobbing and ran from the room and back to the house. Throwing herself on her bed

Amanda felt as though she would die of shame. Curling up into a tight ball, she sobbed herself into an uneasy sleep which was punctuated with dreams of hellfire and damnation. For two days Amanda managed to avoid Rocky. She still collected the morning paper but left it on the mat in front of the guestroom door. Knowing Rocky’s usual movements, she contrived ways to avoid him and succeeded well until early on Sunday evening. Her parents were out and she believed that if Rocky had followed his usual movements he would have gone down to the hotel for a drink. Amanda had taken the opportunity to care for the small rose bush growing in the secluded area of the court yard which was situated between the house and the guest room. It was a pretty area which was protected from the elements by three high brick walls allowing the growth of ferns and other exotic plants. It was one of Amanda’s favorite places. Carefully snipping away the dead and dying roses, Amanda

sucked in the earthy heady scents given off by the plants in the courtyard after they’d been sprinkled by the automatic watering system. Completely lost in the job at hand, she didn’t hear Rocky approaching behind her. “Why have you been avoiding me Amanda, what have I done?” Rocky asked placing his hands on her shoulders. Amanda let out a little scream and jumped violently, dropping the clippers in fright. Quickly she spun around to find Rocky almost on top of her, a gentle smile on his face and concern written in his eyes. “I… I haven’t been… avoiding you. I’ve had things to do,” she lied. Rocky moved to hold her but she took a step back and then kept retreating until her back came up against one of the high walls. She felt the cold dampness of masonry through the thin material of her summer dress. “I really must finish that rose bush,” she said. “Bugger the rose bush. Something’s upset you and I want to know what it is, I’ve really missed you the last two days. We were getting on so well together and then you took off like a frightened rabbit leaving me to wonder what the hell I’d done wrong. That wasn’t fair of you Amanda, I deserve better than that.” Amanda’s bottom lip trembled and tears sprang to the corners of her eyes. She knew that it was impossible for her to lie to this man. The only way was to place her trust in him and hope that all would be well. He was after all; her real daddy and she should be able to confide in him. Rocky tilted Amanda’s chin upwards with his finger tips then lowered his head, kissing the tears away from her eyes. His heart filled to overflowing for his long lost daughter and his happiness at finding her was now overshadowed by her sadness. “Please Amanda; tell me what I’ve done to hurt you. If you don’t tell me, I can’t make it better.” A fresh flow of tears erupted from Amanda’s eyes and her shoulders shook as she sobbed into her hands. “It wasn’t you daddy, it was me,’” she blurted out. “Whatever do you mean? You did nothing wrong at all, one minute you were on my knee having a cuddle, the next, you rushed out in an absolute panic. You’re confusing me Amanda; tell me what made you act in such a manner?” “I…’erm… something happened,” Amanda cast her eyes down to the floor of the brick-paved courtyard her face blushing bright red with embarrassment. “I… did… I did something dirty.” Once she blurted out the truth Amanda began to sob again. She just wished she could be anywhere else in the world at that moment. Rocky’s arms closed around her and hugged her sobbing body into his chest, his strong hands cradling her head into his neck. Amanda could feel her breasts pressing into him and his thigh crushing against her sex as he held her. Strangely there was serene comfort in this mans arms, even though she’d told him her guilty secret it didn’t seem to matter to him, his concern was only for her happiness. “What do you mean you did something dirty, what did you do?” asked Rocky puzzled by his daughter’s behavior. Still clinging to him she looked up at his face with weepy eyes and tried to explain the sin she had committed. “When I was sitting on your knee, I got wet… down there and then something happened and I got very wet and soaked my panties. I’m sorry; I didn’t mean for it to happen daddy.” Rocky loved the word daddy, that’s twice she’d called him that and it made him so proud that she’d accepted him. Understanding what had happened he calmed her sobs with a gentle kiss on her mouth, a kiss that lasted longer than it should have and one to which Amanda responded. She pressed her body even more tightly against him and her lips parted with unexplained passion. “Amanda, listen to me. There was nothing dirty about that at all, it’s just a normal thing that happens to young ladies, it happens to boys as well, it’s certainly nothing to be ashamed of, who told you it was dirty?” Hesitantly, Amanda told him about her mother and the words she had used. She went on to tell him she’d been told that the space between her legs was dirty and that any feelings she had there should be ignored. Rocky was angry, in fact he could never remember being so angry in his life. That bloody stupid frigid bitch had tried hard to fuck with his daughter’s head. He thanked his lucky stars that he’d come here so that he could help her. He looked down at Amanda and saw the love and adoration in her eyes. He felt her sharp breasts pushing hard into his chest and realized his thigh was pressing tightly between her legs and that her small body was pressed up against the wall with no room for further retreat. The sudden swelling in his trousers told him he wanted her desperately, she was

not just his daughter but an object of desire. His hands traveled across her shoulders and slowly down her arms until he reached her small delicate hands. Taking her hands in his, he pinned them against the wall with gentle pressure and slowly lifted them up in an arc until they were spread-eagled against the wall. Amanda’s eyes blinked agreement, his lips pressed against hers and they were lost to the world as their bodies melded together in an unquenchable passion. Neither knew how long the kiss lasted but it seemed to go on for eternity. Amanda felt the wetness forming between her legs and a growing lump pressing against her thigh, it pleased her to know that she’d excited her daddy and she felt no shame in her thoughts. Finally Rocky broke from his daughter leaving her gasping and leaning against the wall for support. “Come to me in half hour,” he said. Amanda could only nod her head as she watched him depart. Even though Amanda took that half hour to shower and change into

fresh clothing she could do nothing about her seeping pussy. It seemed to have a mind all of its own and even though she blotted herself with tissues a couple of times, it returned quickly to its damp condition. Heart beating quickly with excitement, Amanda was nearly 5-minutes early when she nervously knocked on the guest room door before twisting the knob and entering. The now familiar strains of Tony O’Connor’s music filled the dim candle lit rooms with the magic of “Bushland Dreaming”. Amanda had the feeling that she was entering a velvet lined trap. Strong arms wrapped around her from the back, hands settling on her tummy, squeezing gently, “Ah! There you are I’ve missed you.” Rocky whispered into her ear. Holding her arms upwards slightly, Amanda spun her narrow waist around in her daddy’s arms until she was facing him and then uplifted her chin. The kiss that followed was soft, loving and highly erotic. Amanda found herself being guided across the room until they were stood alongside the queen-sized bed. She felt and knew she was vulnerable, like a little lost girl who was waiting for her daddy to encircle her with his magic cloak of protection. Again he kissed her, hands gently massaging her back and then buttocks, his hardness pressing against her compliant body. Then ever so gently, she found herself being guided down onto the bed. Rocky lay alongside his daughter, raised on one elbow he looked at the beauty spread out before him. Amanda had her arms above her head as if in total surrender, the gentle swell of breasts tenting out the front of the light button-through summerdress. Long hair cascaded around her shoulders providing the perfect frame for her pretty face, while light blue eyes looked at him with devotion and trust. Everything about her was perfect, even the mixture of scents that arose from her sensuous body added to the unmistakable signals that she was ready to surrender everything to him. For long moments he drank in the sight of her firm ripe body before his hand began to unfasten her dress buttons. Amanda offered no resistance and lay watching as each button was unfastened and the fabric parted, slowly revealing her treasures to the man she had come to love and trust more than any other in the world. Her daddy could have taken a knife at that moment and plunged it into her heart and she wouldn’t have resisted, gladly sacrificing herself if it was to mean pleasure for him. The final button popped, she felt the two panels of her dress parted and she was opened up to the loving gaze of her daddy. There was no bra, only her perfectly formed breasts were there, offering themselves with all the promise of the pleasure they had to offer, each of which was crowned with very erect nipples. She gasped out in pleasure as his mouth came down and suckled on her. The whole of one breast was sucked completely into his mouth; she could feel the strong sucking motion and the swirl of his tongue playing with the nipple which felt as though it would burst at any moment. Sharp teeth were nibbled the soft underside of the fleshy globe before attacking the nipple, small bites teasing the delicate tissue almost beyond her endurance. Never had she envisaged that her breast could bring so much pleasure. Amanda gasped and let out a low moan when she felt his hand on the tender inner flesh of her thigh. She knew what his next move would be and she was embarrassed, the gusset of her panties was all but dripping with the juices that hadn’t stopped flowing since the kiss in the courtyard. Even so, she parted her legs in invitation, ensuring that there was no impediment to his accessing her most private part. She held her breath in anticipation, moaning again when he touched her for the first time. Rocky brushed her lips with his own, “You’re very wet Amanda, you need to cum badly. Just relax and let me take care of that for you, you’ll feel a lot better when I’ve relieved the pressure.” Slipping her sopping gusset to one side, his finger slid easily up her slit until it reached her engorged clit. Although it was rock hard like a small pebble, it was also a spring for a trap, the safety valve for a boiler and a lever that would release the rush of water from a pent-up dam. Rocky barely touched the delicate morsel. Amanda’s mouth and eyes opened wide in surprise and then trembled uncontrollably as the second orgasm of her life ripped through her small body. She remembered calling out “Daddy” in a plaintive voice but it was not a call for help, it was the only word she could think of that associated with the meaning of great pleasure. The major eruption was followed by two minor ones,

something she thought were like after-shocks of an earthquake for indeed, that’s what had happened to her body. If Amanda was wet before she was now positively soaking and looked up it to her daddy’s eyes with concern. “I’m sorry daddy, I didn’t mean to be dirty I couldn’t help myself.” He pressed his lips to hers again and then comforted her. “I’ve told you Amanda, it’s not dirty. Your body is made to react that way, it’s perfectly normal and I’m glad that you cum so quickly. Now let’s get you cleaned up a little and make you more comfortable.” Amanda lifted her tight little backside up off the bed as her daddy removed her panties. Then she watched in absolute disbelief and amazement as he bent his head down between her spread legs and nearly died of pleasure as she felt his tongue lap at the juices she’d made. No part of her pussy and surrounding area missed attention. First her outer lips were cleaned and then the soft fleshy inner thighs. The flickering tongue even traveled below her pussy gathering the juices from her forbidden spot

before returning to press between her distended lips, where a strong mouth sucked the remaining juices from her. Only when every spot of her juices and cum had been cleaned did he move her body over to a dry patch where he allowed her tonguelashed body to air-dry. “Take your dress of now honey I want you naked. I’m going to prove that there is not one square inch of your body that is dirty and that it all deserves to be loved and this is what is going to help,” her daddy said, as he unfastened the belt of his shower jacket. Now Amanda had seen photo’s of erections in magazines that one of her friends had taken to the school but not one of them prepared her for the sight that confronted her moments later. Her daddy was huge; his long pole had been excited to full erection when playing with her body. She tried to tear her eyes away, frightened that her interest would embarrass him but she was unable to do so, her heart beat just doubled in anticipation. Rocky saw that Amanda’s eyes were on stalks. He sighed to himself and cursed the size of his cock. Only a few women had been able to take it, most had begged him to stop when he a little more than half-way into them. Three women had refused point blank to even let him try. “I’m sorry honey, I know it’s big but you don’t have to worry. Just helping me with your hands would be nice though. It’s been a long time for me.” “Daddy it’s so big,” said Amanda still not taking the eyes of the monster that confronted her. “Yes I’m afraid so. I only managed to get half of it in your mom when I made you and it wasn’t as big then. That’s when I knew I couldn’t marry her. A man needs to be able to get it all into his wife but she was never wet enough for me to do it. Just play with it and I’ll be satisfied with that,” he said resignedly. Amanda bit down on her bottom lip and then threw herself in her daddy’s arms. “No daddy, you started this and you have to follow it through. It may hurt me but you’ve no idea how much I love and want to please you. If that means me putting up with some pain I will, but I’m determined that I’ll take you, all you have to do is take control.” Rocky realized how precious his daughter was, she wasn’t concerned for herself only for him. Prepared to let herself be ripped inside for his pleasure and to offer her body in love without any thought for her own well being. Hugging her tightly he whispered, “Ok sweetheart, we’ll try. Lay back and spread your legs for me.” Lying beside her he took her hand and placed it on his shaft. Her small inexperienced hand was cool on his hot rigid shaft and he could tell that she was nervous, but curiosity finally got the upper hand as the length and breadth were examined. Amanda sighed in happiness when his finger penetrated her slit, pushing once more into the damp interior and inducing the lubricants to start flowing. The first finger was followed by another and then another as she was opened up ready for the penetration to come. She squeezed her hand tightly on the steel shaft and tried to imagine what it would be like to take it within her. She knew it was going to be painful, after all her fingers couldn’t meet her thumb as she grasped it. But her mom had managed to take half of it, so Amanda was determined she’d do better than that, even if it meant dying in the attempt. Amanda felt her daddy’s hand remove hers from his cock, “You’re almost wet enough baby, here, put your fingers next to mine and feel how wet you are.” Amanda slipped her finger in along with daddies and delved into the wet gooey slit. “Daddy’s right” she thought, “I am ready. Soon I’ll know if I can take him between my legs. Oh! Please let him get it inside me.” A pillow placed beneath her buttocks presented her for servicing and her daddy was laying over her. Amanda had raised her knees and allowed them to fall apart making sure that she’d presented herself properly. The only thing that frightened her at that moment is that her daddy wouldn’t go through with it because he was frightened of hurting her; she couldn’t allow that to happen. “I’m ready daddy. Just remember I want you to do this and you’re in control. I know you won’t hurt me on purpose but if you have to do it, do so. It doesn’t matter what happens to me, I just want to please you and the only way I know to make you happy is to have you all the way inside me. Take the gift I’m offering you, I love you so much.” The love Rocky felt for Amanda at that moment almost choked in his throat. His little girl was offering everything she had for his happiness. Yes he wanted her badly but he didn’t want to hurt her, he’d have rather cut his own throat than harm a hair of her head. But she’d told

him to take control, to hurt her if he had to and take her all the way. Amanda sensed the conflict within him; she smiled up at him with love and total trust. “You have to do it daddy, you know you do,” she said. “Do it daddy, do it now.” Amanda reached down between her legs and guided the tip of the monster to her weeping slit. Rocky’s lust kicked in at that instant and there would be no turning back. With grim determination he pressured his hips forward, Amanda’s petal like folds parted in a welcome and his cock-head lodged at the entrance of her love tunnel. He paused long enough to gather the waiting lubricant and watching Amanda’s eyes, pushing with firm pressure he forced the head into his darling daughter. She felt her cunt hole resisting the monster but under constant, insistent pressure, it gave way and began stretching to accommodate the invader. The stretching wasn’t that painful, more like uncomfortable, for Amanda, it could be likened to a tree trunk being rammed into her pussy but her daddy’s

invasion was gentle and assisted by her excessive flow of juices. The problem started when Rocky had a quarter of his cock into her tightness. Rocky’s cock as well as being extremely large tapered like a candle. The further down the base the thicker it became, so the start of Amanda’s cunt, already stretched, was coming under new and increasing pressure and the fucking was beginning to hurt. Bravely she fought back the tears that were starting to form and bravely smiled at her daddy, encouraging him to go deeper. He did, his little fuck movements becoming more and more urgent in his desperation to shove his cock into her tight little fuck box. Amanda couldn’t help herself, she let out a little yelp as her maidenhead finally yielded and was swept away by the thick invader. Seeing the sudden hesitation in her daddy’s face she began forcing her body downward in little movements to meet is thrusts. Even though the stretching pain was near blinding, she was willing to endure anything to have daddy’s full length up her. Then incredibly the pain gave way to a throbbing which wasn’t unpleasant and that it turns gave way to an incredible full feeling and intense pleasure. Almost in a panic she felt between her legs for her daddy’s cock and assessing just how much she had inside her. Happily she discovered it was all in except for about three inches and she knew, as full as she was, he’d be able to struggle the remaining length into her cunt pocket. “It doesn’t hurt any more daddy, I’m fully stretched. Force the rest inside me, I can take it… Please daddy” Amanda begged. Rocky gave three hard strokes, his final one bringing his balls slapping against Amanda’s butt and his cock-head stabbing into his daughter’s cervix. Sharp nails raked at his shoulders and he heard Amanda’s passionate cries beneath him, her body trembling out her orgasm. It was the final thrust that did it for Amanda. When she felt that heavy ball sac slap against her butt she had achieved the almost impossible task of taking her daddy completely within her. She had been thrillingly and wonderfully taken by the man she loved most in the world, her tight cunt was filled with every last inch of him and she felt loved. When the last tremor left her body she felt her daddy withdraw slowly and then push back in, her recent orgasm and stretching now assisting the final act of coupling. Amanda’s pussy made delightful squishing noises as her daddy’s huge piston plunged into the depths of her very being, each massive stroke a little quicker than the previous one. There wasn’t one part of the love tube that wasn’t being touched and her clit was massaged by his pubic bone. She heard herself whimpering as the pace increased, wantonly her hips thrust with his meeting him stroke for stroke, her tight cunt muscles gripping the root of his cock, milking the heavenly shaft as it slammed into her. Amanda’s belly was on fire, her nipples so erect with passion they threatened to explode while minor spasms erupted in her cunt. “Help me daddy, pleeeeeeease help me daddy,” she screamed. Rocky couldn’t hold back any longer the thought that he was fucking his own daughter and was about to fill her belly with sperm was sufficient to send him over the top. His balls boiled, the shaft tingled and the head erupted like a volcano, spewing his thick milky man cream deep into his daughter’s womb. Amanda screamed and stiffened beneath him, and then came her release as her body jerked spastically in the throes of a massive orgasm brought on by her daddy’s seed squirting deep inside her. For long moments they both lay still, lost in a sea of calm after a violent storm. Rocky pulled his softened cock from his daughter and then raised himself onto his knees looking down at Amanda’s pussy. Her lips gaped apart, still stretched by his massive tool and the product from their union seeped copiously from the crack. He could see the pinkness of her virgin blood mixed with his semen and Amanda’s cum and his mouth was drawn to his poor daughters wounded cunt. Amanda moaned softly as the healing tongue licked around her wounded pussy, cooling her heated condition and gathering the mingled juices. His open mouth closed over her crack and the vacuum like sucking drew everything from her until there was nothing left to take. Then wrapped in each others arms, they slept. Freshly showered they lay naked on the bed together cuddling and kissing. Rocky had his arm around Amanda his other hand exploring her body with his finger tips. When his hand reached the tender lips of her pussy she parted her legs willingly. Amanda quickly became wet as her daddy finger fucked

her slot and tongue kissed her mouth. She could feel his thumb massaging her proud clit and then… something else. A finger was probing at her back door; she looked into his eyes seeking an answer. “Ohhhhhhh! Daddy,” she gasped as the finger forced its path into her chute. “You’re in the wrong spot,’ she cried in embarrassment. “No I’m not baby. There’s not one part of you I don’t love. You’ve got a really cute little ass, it’s one of the first things I noticed about you and it’s the next thing I want after your sweet pussy. You don’t know it yet but your ass is made for fucking.” Rocky reached over to the bedside table and collected a tube of lubricant and handed it to Amanda. Removing his finger from her anal ring he held it before her, “Put some on this honey and then I want you to coat my cock with it. Make sure you grease it up real good.” Amanda did as she was asked; kneeling with her back to him she began using the jelly on her dad’s shaft, gently coating it from the tip downwards. She jumped when she felt his

finger probing her butt but this time the jelly eased the path. Dutifully she did as she’d been told, compliant to her father’s commands but her heart was beating wildly knowing that he was going to take her butt. She didn’t know why he wanted to do her there but she was happy to make her body available for anything daddy needed. When she’d finished her assigned task she found herself gathered in his arms as they lay spoon fashion, the rigid cock lying neatly between her butt cheeks. Attentive hands fondled her tummy and breasts, caressing, squeezing and bringing her lust to full heat. Once again her pussy was wet, she could feel the juices dripping onto her thigh and rolling down to the sheet below. “Now honey, I want you to lift your knees up to your tits… Yes, good girl, that’s it. I’m going to make this so good for you baby, just relax as much as you can.” Amanda trembled in anticipation, while she wasn’t sure about this, her pussy was, and she was wetter than she’d ever been. There was movement as daddy adjusted his body and then the moment of truth, the huge head of her daddy’s cock pressing insistently at her rosebud. Holding her breath, not knowing what to expect Amanda tried to relax her body as much as possible. Her only concern and mission in life was to please daddy. As the pressure increased the sphincter popped open allowing entry to her secret passage and then came the stretching and the reaming movements as the huge cock explored new territory. Amanda let out little screams while she was slowly spitted on the skewer, the beads of sweat soaking them both and Amanda madly shaking her head in an attempt to dismiss the initial pain of impalement. All the time her daddy cuddled her body and whispered encouragement. Telling her how beautiful she was and how proud that his daughter could take his cock in her ass. When he was two thirds up her chute, he took pity and administered the coup des gras with a might thrust of his hips, driving the monster fully into his willing daughters body. The room filled with the sounds of her happy sobs when she realized she’d been fully taken and her heart blossomed with love for the man who had taken her so skillfully for the second time. The orgasms that followed were almost an anti-climax, for both had been more than fulfilled in the simple act of joining. The knowledge that daddy had probed her inner depths to the absolute limit and she had been able to take all he could offer merged both their minds and bodies into one total unit. A unit so pure and loving, they would never be separated again. Chapter 4: Hiking Sister I was an avid hiker. I loved to go on long hikes, the kinds that take several days, called "wilderness treks." I would go on these trips with a club, sometimes starting at one point, and ending at our destination days later. We are allowed to devise our own routes, and we are timed, and the winner sometimes wins a prize when he reaches a particular check point. There was a major hike that was going to take place in the wooded area not far from the town I lived in, and it was going to take place over a Saturday and Sunday. It was going to be a lot of fun, being so close to home, yet, out in the wilderness. Then, I discovered that Mom and Dad had planned a short trip to Las Vegas over the weekend, and they wanted me to take charge of things while they were gone. I had two options: I could stay at home and keep an eye on my younger sister, or, I could take her on the hike with me. I didn't want to do either one, and I let my parents know exactly how I felt. Well, since I was so adamant and vehement about not staying at home with my younger sister, Charlene, they insisted that I take her on the hike with me. I didn't want to; it would be a real drag, and I knew for sure that she would slow me down; she hadn’t ever hiked with me before, and knew nothing about hiking or wilderness treks. I decided that I would stay home over the weekend, and face the consequences, until Friday night, when I told Charlene that I wasn't going on the hike. Her tears and demeanor melted my heart, and I felt really bad, so, I went to her room and told her, yes, we would go on the hike together. I couldn’t bear to see her cry like that. I felt like a heel. I didn't relish the thought of her coming along, but I liked the idea of her tears and choking sobs even less. Early the next morning, I got up early and woke Charlene, and packed for our trip, while my parents packed for their trip to Las Vegas. We took off, my Mom and Dad admonishing me to take good care of their little darling and all that shit. We got to the start of the trek, and found that

there were about a dozen people there, and, believe it or not, another brothersister team was going to go on this hike. Chad and Diane were their names, and they were about our ages. We took off, and the teams split up; within a few minutes, there was not another hiker in site. We would meet back at our starting point the next afternoon, after checking in at the check point tomorrow morning. That was the plan, anyway. We had been hiking for about two hours, when Charlene began to lag behind. "Can we stop and rest?" She asked me from way behind me. I turned and looked. The sun filtering through the trees overhead made little blotchy patterns of light across her white T shirt. Carrying the heavy backpack the way she was, it pulled the material of her shirt tightly across her chest, and I

could actually see her nipples through the fabric. Her face was red, I could see as she walked up to me, breathing heavily. There were beads of sweat on her forehead, and as she reached up to wipe her forehead, I could see her underarms were covered with sweat, and there were clear blotches of perspiration on her T shirt in the front. I looked down at my map. "No, Char, we can't stop here," I said. "There's a better place, not another ten minutes away, I think, where we can stop by a little spring or something. There’s a stream there, I think," I said, studying the map. "Oh, can’t we just sit here on a rock for a minute?" Her voice cracking, her eyes tearing, my heart melted again. "OK,” I said. We found a nearby rock, and she planted her shapely little ass on it. "Get up!" I said. She jumped up as if bitten. "Why?" I looked around the rock carefully. No snakes, spiders, bugs, or anything else that might be considered dangerous. "OK," I said with a smile, "sit!" She sat back on the rock, and I sat on the ground in front of her. She was wearing white shorts, and I could that she had been sweating in her crotch. At that particular point, I really didn't think that she was going to make it the rest of the way. "You want to go back?" I asked. She shook her head. "You’re son burned, too, Char,” I said. "And, there's more open space between here and the checkpoint, lots of it, over rocks and shit. You're going to get burned even worse." "I'm OK," she said. We sat there very quietly for about ten minutes. Looking at my watch, I turned to her. "You ready?" She nodded, but not enthusiastically. She arose, moaning, and once again, we started out. Within about fifteen minutes, I found the little stream, and it opened over a crag. "Hey," I said to Charlene, "there's a pool or something like a spring right here." I pointed at the map. "Follow me," I said with a smile, "and we'll, like, take off our clothes and wash off some sweat, and put on some trunks, you know..." There were voices as we approached the crag. Looking over a rock, we looked right down into a crystal clear, small pool, with a strip on sand on the other side. In the pool, there was Chad and his sister, Diane. They were both naked. "Good lord," I whispered. Chad was hung like a fucking horse, and Diane's young, firm tits were fully visible, though, she was deeper in the water than Chad was. Chad had a semi hard on, and Diane was fondling it, playing with it. I didn't want Charlene to see this. "We'd better leave," I said. "No," she whispered. "I want to cool off here, Tommy, I'm hot!" She stood and put her hands on her hips. She tittered forward, and, losing her balance, she fell from the rock. Not a long drop, but enough to make a serious splash at this side of the little pool. Diane screamed, and Chad ran to the little strip of sand, grabbing a towel. I stood and waved. Looking down, I could see my sister, soaked, standing in the pool. The water wasn't deep at all; it came to chest level on her as she there frozen when he saw us. Standing there holding the towel, he looked like a naked statue of David, except for the towel. Nice pose, I thought. Charlene trudged her way to the little strip of sand while Diane stood there, staring at me, covering her breasts with her arms. Charlene took the towel from Chad's hand and put it down on the sand. She sat, and began removing her shoes. Then, she slipped her soggy back pack from her back, and pulled her top off, revealing two, round, firm little tits with big brown nipples. "Come on, you idiot," she shouted to me. I climbed down the rocks, or I tried to and slipped falling into the water. I made my way to the other side of the pool just as Charlene slipped her shorts off and stood, pulling her panties down. I looked in awe at her pussy, a thin, filmy patch of light brown pubic hair surrounding two swollen pussy lips. My god, I thought. "When in Rome, and all that," she said with a smile. "Um, well," Chad began. "You know, we um..." "I don't care," Charlene said. "She was playing with your dick, huh?" As I stood there, I could see Chad's cock begin to expand, and as Diane stepped out of the water, no long hiding her naked body, I felt my own cock beginning to jerk and grow. They all looked at me. I was the only one with any clothes on. I dropped my knapsack from my shoulders, and removed my shirt, then my shoes. With Charlene standing there, naked, staring at me wide-eyed, I pulled off my shorts. My hard dick suddenly flew straight up in the air, pointing at the noon sun overhead. "Wow," Charlene muttered, along with "Oh my," from Diane. I stepped into the cool

water of the little pool, hiding my throbbing boner from the onlookers. The rest of them did the same, and soon, we were splashing around in the water, wrestling. I copped a good feel of Diane's hard nipples and firm tits, and brushed against Charlene's pubic mound a few times, making my cock jerk and twitch under the surface of the water. After a couple of mouth full of water, it was time for me to get out. I dragged myself out of the water, Charlene attacking my body with splashes of cool water. She followed me, and I opened my sack and pulled out a blanket, spreading it on the strip of sand. We sat, and were followed by Chad and Diane. My cock popped straight up in the air and throbbed against my belly as I glanced over at my sister. She was a site to behold. Her light brown hair hung halfway down her back. She looked like a wood nymph, sitting there on our blanket. She didn't miss noticing my throbbing dick. She reached over and suddenly touched the tip of it.

"Hard," she said. "Mine, too," said Chad. Indeed, I looked over at his monstrous piece of meat, and it was very hard, thrashing about in the air above his lap like a cobra ready to strike. Diane grabbed it at the base, and stroked up on it gently. She moved her head close to his lap, and I nearly came as I watched her mouth surround the head of it and go down on him. "Wow," said Charlene. "I never saw anything like that." She looked at me and at my cock. "Can I?" she asked hopefully. "When in Rome," I said with a grin. Charlene leaned down and took my cock in her mouth, sucking on it like a lollipop. I was going to cum soon, I was so excited. "I'm going to cum, Charlene." She moved her mouth away. "Can I watch?" I nodded. She moved her mouth back down to my cock. Then, she looked up at me. "Tell me when you're going to cum." Then, she started sucking me again. I writhed and moaned. "Cumming," I said. Charlene moved her head and continued stroking my cock as Diane stopped sucking Chad and watched my shoot my load all over my stomach. Then, she went back to sucking her brother, and it wasn't long before he, too, shot his load. We traded partners after that, and again, back and forth. Fuck the trek, we agreed, this was more fun. Of course, we all ended up with terrible all-over sun burns that day, and we lost the 'race', as it were. Chad and Diane started coming over to the house to visit regularly, and when Mom and Dad are away, well, we pretend we're on a trek. Chapter 5: Summer Nights It was a nice cool summer night. When my 11-year-old daughter Keri came home from her friend’s house. She ran straight into my bedroom. I got up from my desk and went after her. I went to my bedroom and found her laying face down on my bed crying her eyes out. I lay there beside her on the bed and I was slowly rubbing her back. I asked, “Honey what is wrong?” And all she could say was it hurts daddy, it hurts. I asked, “What hurts honey?” All she could do was just cry. At this point she cuddled up to me and wrapped her arms around my neck. I just lay there and held her close to me as she finished crying. We lay there for a good 30 minutes. When Keri finished crying I was still holding her. Keri finally told me what happened at her female friend’s house. Her friend’s name is Jamie. After Jamie’s parents were asleep. She and Keri snuck down stairs to watch television. They turned the television on and Jamie turned the volume down really low. It was so hard for us to hear the television. Jamie and I were only wearing our nightgowns and panties. Both of the girls developed at an early age. Jamie has 36C tits and Keri has 38C tits. Both of them have shaved pussys. The only reason I know this is because I have caught the girls shaving each other. Well Jamie put in a videotape that she took from her parents. Then we sat down on the couch together and started to watch the tape. The videotape was a pornographic tape. Then we got off the couch and laid in the floor closer to the television. We both started to get aroused. So we took of our skimpy panties and spread our legs open a little bit. As we watch more of the porno tape we started to rub our own clits. Well we got more excited and we started to play with each other. Jamie got on top of me and started sucking on my clit. Just like the two girls in the tape were doing. I was on the bottom and I started sucking on her clit and slowly fingering her pussy hole. Man I was getting very horny from Keri telling me the story. And both of the girls are virgins. Jamie and I are so horny now that we take off our nightgowns. Now we are totally naked and in a 69 position. At this point Jamie makes me have my very first orgasm. And I made Jamie have her very first orgasm. Then Jamie reaches under the couch and pulls out a vibrator that she took from her oldest sister Emily. Jamie then gets off top of me and lays her head between my legs. Jamie starts to rub on my clit with the tip of the vibrator. We are having fun as we take turns rubbing each other’s clit with the vibrator. Then in the heat of the moment Jamie puts the vibrator inside my pussy. I was really enjoying it, but then Jamie RAMS it really hard and fast into my pussy. Jamie popped my cherry. That is what’s hurting me daddy. As we were lying there in bed holding each other. She climbed on top of me and straddled my lap. She started slowly rubbing her very sweet, young, wet pussy against my crotch. She didn’t have her panties on. I felt the wetness and the heat coming from her pussy. The wetness from her pussy was slowly seeping into my shorts. She pulled her head up from my shoulder and looked longingly into my eyes.

Then she kissed me on my lips and slipped her tongue into my mouth. My dick was hard as a rock and was wanting out of its cage. I kissed her back and teased her tongue with mine. I eased my hands up under her shirt and started slowly rubbing her young bare back. I unfastened her bra so I could rub all over her young bare back. We stopped kissing and I slowly removed her shirt. Then I slowly pulled her black see thru lace bra off of her tits. Then I reached down and unfastened the four snaps that held her miniskirt on. Then I laid her onto her back and I started sucking on her left tit as I gently squeezed the right tit. She was moaning loudly and that

just made my dick even harder. She unfastened and unzipped my shorts and my dick sprang out immediately. I pulled her miniskirt out from under her tight firm ass and I took off my shorts. See I don’t wear any underwear at all. I asked her, “Baby will you suck my dick and swallow my cum as I suck on your clit and pussy hole?” She said, “Yes daddy I will!” She got on top of me and started sucking my dick as I sucked on her clit and fingered her pussy. She sucked my dick really good and swallowed all of my cum and sucked my dick back up to full hardness. After she got me hard again I made her have another orgasm. Then I put her onto her back and I got on top of her. I slowly started to rub my dick against her sweet young pussy. Then I reached over to the nightstand and grabbed a condom. I put the condom onto my very hard throbbing dick. I slowly and gently eased my hard throbbing dick into her tight young wet pussy. I slowly moved my dick in and out of her pussy till she got used to my dick. She was moaning even louder now and was humping back to meet each inward thrust of my dick. She asked, “Daddy will you stop?” I did. I pulled condom-covered dick out of her pussy. She said, “Daddy I want to feel your dick inside me without a condom on and I want you to cum inside me too.” I said, “I’ll fuck you without using a condom, but I will not cum inside your pussy.” “But daddy I want you to cum inside me and get me pregnant,” she said. I asked, “Why do you want me to get you pregnant honey?” “Because I want to have a little girl and let you be her first,” she replied. I said, “O.K. I’ll cum inside your pussy and get you pregnant.” She got on top of me and started riding my dick as I suck on her tits. I put her onto her back and I put her legs on top of my shoulders. I really started fucking her young sweet tight wet pussy till I cummed deep inside her. I kept moving my dick in and out of her pussy packing my cum deep inside her and till I was soft. I pulled my limp wet dick out of her wet pussy. We lay there cuddling for the next three hours. We kept this up till she was in early 20’s. Keri did get pregnant by me and she had twin girls. Now that Keri is in her late 30’s her two little girls are now in their teens. I now play with my daughter and her two girls as well now. Now my granddaughters Christy and Stephanie are pregnant by me. Christy is pregnant with a set of twin girls and Stephanie is pregnant with triplet girls. If I am still around I will have my great granddaughters as well as my two granddaughters and my daughter all to play with and to get my great granddaughters pregnant as well before I die. Chapter 6: True Confessions When I was 19 years old my cousin Carol and I were all alone in my house. My cousin Carol was 24 years old when all this happened. My dad and my brother Randy went night fishing and wouldn’t be home till sometime in the afternoon. My mom was at work and wouldn’t be home till late in the morning. Carol and I locked the doors and turned off the porch lights. We sat down on the couch and covered up to watch movies. We rented “The Nightmare On Elm Street” series. It was getting late and Carol decided to lay her head in my lap. She stood up and stretched. She asked, “Can you stop the tape till I get back from changing into my nightgown?” I did as she asked. She went down the hall and into my bedroom. She closed the bedroom door partially behind her. Now being a horny teenager. Any chance in seeing a naked woman is what we love. So I got up and snuck down the hall to my bedroom. I was peaking in and saw Carol taking her bra and panties off. I got such a hard on. That I unzipped my night shorts and pulled out my dick and started jacking off. Man, was she ever so hot! Carol has a shaved pussy and 34B tits. She laid on my bed and spread her legs open wide. She started pulling on her nipples to get them hard and gently squeezing her tits. Then she put her left hand between her legs and started playing with her clit and pussy hole. That is when I cummed onto the floor for the first time tonight. I just kept jacking myself off as I watched Carol playing with herself. I cummed a total of five times onto the floor and it made a small puddle. Finally I just stood up and stripped off my shorts and nightshirt! I don’t wear underwear at all since I turned 13. Then I walked into my bedroom and closed the door all the way behind me. Carol didn’t know I was there. Because she was so into playing with her tits and her shaved pussy. Man was she ever moaning loudly now. I lay down on the bed beside her. I leaned over and I started sucking on her right tit. She just moaned even louder.

She took her hand from her wet pussy and wrapped it around my hard dick. That was the first time a female had touched my dick. The feeling of her hand on my dick made me suck harder on her tit. Carol took her left hand and grabbed my right hand and put it onto her shaved pussy. She showed me how to rub on her clit. I was really enjoying it and so was she. I slid my hand down a little further and slipped my finger inside her pussy. I slowly moved my finger in and out her wet pussy. She started to scream out with enjoyment as I made her have an orgasm. Carol said, “I want to fuck you.” I said, “I am a virgin and besides I don’t have any condoms.” Carol said, “I don’t want you to use a condom with me. I am taking birth

control pills.” I said, “O.K. But I don’t know how to fuck.” Carol said, “That’s alright. I will do the work. All you have to do is lay there and enjoy it.” I said, “Alright lets fuck!” Carol got on top of me and slowly slid her wet pussy down onto my hard dick. Man it felt great. She started moving her body up and down on my dick like she was riding a horse. She increased her speed and that made her scream out louder with each inward thrust. She kept this up till I was ready to cum. She had orgasm after orgasm the whole time while she is on top of me. I flipped her onto her back and I put her legs up on top of shoulders. I leaned over and I started sucking her tits as I moved my dick in and out her pussy really fast. We fucked for a good four hours before I cummed inside her pussy. After I got thru cumming I pulled my soft dick out of her pussy and just laid there holding her for the rest of the night. We kept playing from time to time. The last time we played together I cummed so hard and so fast into her pussy. Then three weeks later she found out she was pregnant and it turned out to be a beautiful baby boy. She got married and had the baby and named him Michael David Cade. After she found out she was pregnant that was the last time we played. Chapter 7: Cheating Wife I was on my way to pick up my two nieces when my cell phone rang. It was my 14-year-old son Jason. He called to tell me that his mother, my wife, is in bed with another man. I told him to go outside and pull the spark plug wires off all the vehicles in our driveway. I hung up with my son and called my sister Sherry to tell her I’ll be a little late picking up my nieces. I hung up with Sherry and drove straight home. I was only a few blocks away from my house. So I hurried up and got home. I found my son sitting on the couch with the spark plug wires. I walked up to him and handed him some money and told him to leave. So he left. I snuck upstairs to my bedroom and I heard my wife moaning and calling out the other guy’s name. When I heard that I just kicked the door down and found her with our neighbor’s 16-year-old son Jesse. I grabbed him and threw him out the bedroom door. Then I grabbed his clothes and threw them in the trash. While I was doing this, my wife grabbed a pair of her shorts and a tank top shirt. Then she ran out the door after the teenager. I took all of her clothes and put them in trash bags. Then I went out into the hall and found the boy just holding his dick in his hands trying to cover it up. I told him to leave or I would beat his ass to a pulp. I looked out the hallway window and saw my wife running down the street. Then the boy ran downstairs and out the door going to his house. I carried the trash bags that were filled with my wife’s clothes downstairs and out to my car. I locked the house up and drove to the homeless shelter and donated the clothes. I went back home and gathered up all her jewelry and took it to a pawnshop. I sold all of her jewelry for $4,000.00 and went to my sister’s house. As soon as I got inside my sister’s house I told her what happened at home. My sister Sherry picks up her phone and calls our attorney. I used my cell phone and called a locksmith to come out and change all the locks. I told Kaitlyn and Brandi, my nieces, to get their stuff together and meet me at my car. Kaitlyn is 16 years old and Brandi is 14 years old. When I got back home my son Jason was sitting on the steps waiting for me. I unlocked the door and let them all into the house. I gathered up all the keys to the locks in the house. About 35 minutes later the locksmith showed up and changed all the locks. That took about 2 hours and now I am the only one with the keys. Then a few hours past and the lawyer showed up and presented me with the divorce papers for me to sign and a copy of the restraining order to keep soon to be ex-wife away from us. My soon to be ex-wife was at her parents house when she got the restraining order and the divorce papers to sign. She called me at my house demanding her stuff. I said, “You don’t have anything here that belongs to you. Everything that’s in the house belongs to me. I have the receipts and my lawyer has a copy of them as well. Besides you signed a prenup agreement. So just fuck off you stupid cheating Bitch!!” I hung up the phone and called the phone company to place an order to change my home phone number. I hung up the phone and told Kaitlyn, Brandi, and Jason to get ready for dinner. I went upstairs and changed my clothes. I went back downstairs and found my son and my nieces dressed really nice and ready to go out for dinner. I took them to a nice family

restaurant to eat. Then my cell phone rang. It was my mother, the children’s grandmother, and she wanted my son to come over and stay the night there. So they could go out shopping for his upcoming birthday. After we at dinner I took my son to his grand-parent’s house. Then Kaitlyn, Brandi, and I went on home. Brandi took her stuff to my son’s room to get ready for bed. Kaitlyn followed me upstairs to put her stuff in the spare bedroom to get ready for bed. I went to my room to change into my silk pajamas. My bedroom and the spare bedroom share the bathroom. I was totally naked and I had to go pee. So I went to the bathroom door and opened it. I found Kaitlyn standing in front of the full-length mirror naked. She was shaving her young pussy. She didn’t

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behind me. I went ahead and put her suitcase into my car and I grabbed the special present I have for Amanda. I went back into the house an sat on the couch next to Amanda. Her dad whispered to me, “Go ahead and give Amanda her present. Her mom doesn’t know anything about the marriage proposal.” I turned my head and smiled at her dad. Amanda thought that I was up to something by the

way I was acting. I picked Amanda up off the couch and I sat her into the chair next to her mother. I smiled at her mother and I kissed her cheek gently. Then I went over to Amanda and got down on my knees and handed Amanda a box all wrapped up. I told Amanda that she had to open the present up before we left. My own parents didn’t know that I was going to propose to Amanda. Amanda had a huge smile on her face as she opened the present. I had taken and packed the smaller box into bigger boxes that she had to keep opening. When she finally reached the smallest box to open I stopped her. I got down on one knee and I took the box away from her before she could open it. I looked at Amanda and smiled really big. Then I said, “Amanda you know I love you with all my heart?” Amanda replied, “Yes!” Then I asked, “Amanda will you do me the honor of becoming my wife for now and forever?” I opened the box and showed her the 24 carat gold diamond ring. Amanda’s eyes bugged out of her head as she started crying. Amanda screamed, “Yes I will marry you!!!!” I put the ring on her finger and kissed her on the lips. Her mom hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. Her dad shook my hand and kissed Amanda on the cheek. Amanda hugged and kisses her parents. Amanda got in the car and plugged in her cell phone charger into the cigarette lighter. We had another 750 miles to go before we reached my parents house. We all said our goodbyes as Amanda and I got ready to drive off. Amanda scooted over to me and started loving on me. I turned my head and kissed her quickly on the cheek. I drove as Amanda slept for over half way. I pulled off the highway into a rest stop and parked so we could use the restroom. After I finished using the bathroom I bought us two 20oz. sodas and a bag of chips to share. I headed out to the car and woke Amanda up. I told her that it was a bathroom break. She gout out of the car and went to use the bathroom. She got into the front seat with me since we had about 40 minutes before we got to my parents house. There was a hotel that was nearby so we decided to stay there for the night and surprise my parents in the morning. We got a room and I opened the door and carried Amanda over the threshold. I laid her on the bed as I went and get our bags and the cell phone. When I got back in the room Amanda was already in the shower. I pulled the covers back on the bed and laid out her silk nightgown and my silk pajamas. I stripped and went to the bathroom and joined Amanda in the shower. We washed each other, started kissing, and played with each other. Amanda has 38D size tits and a very small thin line patch of pussy hair that was trimmed very neatly. Amanda loves my 13-inch long 7-inch thick uncut dick. Amanda grabbed my dick and started jacking me off as she passionately kissed me. She got me really hard and very horny. That is when I started squeezing her tits and rubbing her clit. I got her so horny that she was having multiple orgasms and begged me to fuck her. I fucked her doggy style in the shower. I shot my load of hot cum inside her pussy 45 minutes later. She and I finished up our shower and got dressed for bed. It was really late so we went to sleep right away. The next morning we got up and went to my parents’ house. We surprised my parents with the engagement as we all sat down for supper that evening. We spent Christmas to New Year’s Day with my parents’ before we had to leave to go back to California. The next day we headed back to Tennessee to Amanda’s parents house. Amanda and I decided to get a place of our own in Los Angeles, California, and I transferred to UCLA. Amanda and I graduated with honors and in the top ten percent of our class. We both went to work for the state of California. I work for the FBI and Amanda works for the California Highway Patrol. We both work as Criminal Psychologists. We are now in our late 20’s and we found out that Amanda was a little over 3 months pregnant. We are very happy and 6 months later we had a set of twin girls. We named them Zoë Star and Tiffany Anne. We all live very happily and our girls are wonderful. I was in my early 30’s when Amanda and I got a divorce. I came home from work early so I could spend some alone time with Amanda before the girls got home. I found all of her stuff gone and there were divorce papers lying on our bed. She gave her parental rights away leaving me with full custody. The girls and I packed up our belongings and moved to Nashville, Tennessee. I stopped by my ex-in-laws for them to see the girls. Amanda’s mom Brianna was the only one home. Brianna talked me into staying there a few days, because Tammy was on her way home from boarding

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arousal it may cause, he would be switched to injections. The student nurses had been told that if the patient became distressed or complained or became demanding, they were to report his behavior so that an injection regimen could be implemented. So, Ben resolved to pretend to be reasonably comfortable and agreeable, no matter now intense the sexual frustration caused by the frequent manual treatments. Upon admission Ben had signed an agreement to allow his condition to be used for teaching and educational purposes in exchange for receiving free medical care. Because he couldn’t refrain from scratching during sleep as well as while awake, his hands were restrained by wristbands attached to cords tied to the head of his bed, resulting in his being unable to reach below his chest. To avoid

even the slightest abrasion by bed sheets, and to prevent the accidental absorption of his medication by the sheets, he had to be kept unclothed and uncovered, so his genitals were in the open air at all times. For this reason, he was placed in a private room. At the time of this episode involving Hayley, Ben had been in the hospital for four days and had become extremely horny. Several student nurses’ rotated duty in applying his treatment every few hours, or when he rang his call button when the itching became uncomfortable. The nurses had been instructed by the nurse manager to not concern themselves with patients’ sexual needs; their duty is solely to administer the prescribed medical treatment. They have also been told to not permit Ben to masturbate, since this would diminish the chemical effectiveness of the drug being applied topically to his penis. Due to the unusual location of his dermatological condition, which was limited to but extending the full length of the shaft of his penis, the nurse-training administrator had a special interest in using his condition for teaching purposes. His presence in the hospital was attracting much attention among the female nursing staff and students, perhaps partially because Ben’s erect penis is eleven inches long. Student nurse Hayley was on duty from 11pm to 7am on the night reported in this episode. Ben awoke about 2am, his penis itching intensely, preventing him from returning to sleep. Reluctantly, he pressed his call button. Ben wasn’t sure how much more sexual frustration he could tolerate. He only knew the itching had to be stopped. Hayley arrived at his bedside in less than a minute. She was 20 years old, medium height and slender build, a sweet temperament, dark hair, white, smooth skin -and large, soft, stunningly beautiful breasts. Hayley seemed to enjoy putting her breasts on display by wearing half-cup low-cut bras and letting the top few buttons of the blouse of her uniform be unbuttoned, especially when she worked night shift. Ben suspected that she loosened a couple of extra buttons when she came by herself to administer his treatments; when she was accompanied by other nurses, her blouse was buttoned all the way to the top. Despite being something of a tease, she cared deeply for the comfort of her patients. “Itching getting to you, Ben?” she asked as she squeezed a dollop of the viscous anti-itch cream into the palm of her right hand. “Yeah, I can’t get back to sleep,” Ben answered. “Sorry to bother you in the middle of the night.” He squirmed from the intense itching of his penis. “No problem, it’s my job,” Hayley answered, professionally. “I like to help my patients feel better.” Ben’s seven-inch flaccid penis rested heavily on his thigh. Haley picked it up with her slickened hand, glanced at the second-hand of her watch, and began the 60-second treatment, consisting of rubbing the cream into the skin of his shaft with long slow firm strokes. Some nurses applied the cream with their fingertips; Hayley preferred to wrap her hand around it and pump up and down, up over his corona and back down to the base. Ben’s penis quickly achieved its 11-inch erect stature. “I’m sorry I always get a har.., err, I mean an erection. But I can’t help it. It’s kind of embarrassing,” Ben said, trying to keep his mind off Hayley’s stroking hand. “Don’t worry about that at all, Ben. I’m a professional nurse, or at least I will be one soon,” replied Hayley. “I’m only here to administer your medical treatment. Don’t think of this as a sexual situation. Anyway, you’re a healthy young man, and your reaction is completely natural.” She continued the treatment nonchalantly, glancing at her wristwatch to check the time. Thirty seconds to go. Like the other nurses who administered his treatment every couple of hours, Hayley was secretly intrigued by the size of his member. “I suppose it’s not very professional of me to say so, Ben, but you certainly have a magnificent organ – outstanding, if you’ll pardon the pun! Your girlfriends must have a lot of fun with it.” “Uh, well, I don’t have much luck with girls,” Ben replied, trying to remain calm while Hayley continued to stroke. “I never know what to say.” Ten seconds to go. Ben felt an orgasm approaching and tried to remain completely calm and motionless, hoping that Hayley would not notice that he was about to come so he could finally get relief after four days of torment. Five seconds. Two seconds. “There, that does it,” Hayley said matter-of-factly, stopping her stroking only seconds before Ben would have spurted. She kept her

first wrapped tightly at the base of his throbbing shaft, feeling it pulse in her hand. “Feels like you got close, Ben. This must be very frustrating for you.” She kept her hand tightly around his shaft, longer than may have been necessary. Ben assumed that she was simply feeling his pulse in a clinical, objective way. “It is,” affirmed Ben, trying to sound relaxed. “But I’m getting used to it,” he lied. Despite the intense frustration of having his ejaculation halted just before it began, the excitement of being brought to the brink of orgasm by a beautiful, buxom nurse’s hands was more enjoyable that the frustration was unbearable. Hayley’s voice softened as she wiped the excess medicated cream from her hand, looked from his pulsing penis to his face. “I really wish I could do something for you, Ben. I feel so bad for you. Is there anything I can do to help you feel better?” As she spoke, she leaned toward his face and fluffed up his pillow. The cleavage of the tops of her breasts was directly in front of his face. Ben could think of nothing but those breasts, but tried to avert his gaze to retain a bit of dignity. Noticing his

struggle to politely avoid staring at her chest, Hayley said, “Ben, I notice you seem to like looking at my breasts. If it would help you feel better, I could unbutton my top so you could see them better. Or would that just make you more frustrated?” “I would like that. Thanks for caring about how I feel. I really appreciate it. It seems like some of the other nurses just like to torment me.” Hayley slowly unbuttoned her blouse, from top to bottom, watching Ben’s face as she did so. Halfway down, she paused. “Should I stop, or would you like for me to continue?” she asked. “Please go on,” replied Ben, his eyes riveted on her chest. When the last button was undone, she slowly pulled apart the sides of her blouse, revealing two bulging beautiful mounds, supported by a too-small half-cup under wire bra. The tops of her large dark nipples were clearly visible through the thin opaquely transparent material comprising the upper part of her bra. After a moment of letting Ben’s hungry eyes feast on the display, she looked down at herself, saying, “Oops! Looks like I should have worn a less revealing bra tonight. This one doesn’t leave much to the imagination, I’m afraid. I hope this is not too frustrating for you, Ben.” “No, I’m feeling ok. Your breasts are absolutely beautiful. I really appreciate your letting me look at them.” Ben knew that if he showed too much discomfort and frustration, Hayley might cover herself up or, worse, report his behavior, which could cause the nurse manager to switch him to the injection treatment. Despite the intense congestion in his groin caused by the arousing view, he tried not to appear uncomfortable. “Well, since there’s not much left to show, I could go ahead and take off my bra. Would you like that?” Hayley offered. “My intention is to help you feel better, not to make you feel worse. So you must tell me if you’d prefer that I cover myself up.” “No, I’m fine,” Ben lied, his voice husky with erotic tension. “I think seeing your breasts might help distract me from my discomfort.” Hayley unhooked her bra in the front, slowly letting the cups separate slightly. “Last chance,” offered Hayley. “Just tell me if seeing me topless would be too hard for you – oh, I’m sorry – a slip of the tongue,” she chuckled, glancing down at his jutting penis. Ben could now see the deep cleavage between her soft globes, as well as the curved bottoms of her breasts. The partially separated bra cups just covered her nipples and some surrounding skin. He stared shamelessly. “Go ahead,” he urged. “I’d like to see the rest.” Hayley slowly parted her bra, revealing her nipples a fraction of an inch at a time. She kept her eyes focused on his as he watched her becoming naked. She teased him like this for what seemed like several minutes of aching anticipation. Ben nearly gasped as her full breasts and dark puffy nipples finally came into complete view. With a shrug of her shoulders she dropped her blouse and bra on the bed, leaving her completely topless. She let him gaze at her naked breasts for several moments. “Are you OK, Ben? Do you want me to cover up?” “No, I’d like to look for a while. I’m sorry to stare at you. It’s just that you’re so beautiful. I don’t mean to embarrass you,” Ben responded. “Actually, I kind of like being appreciated. I’m not embarrassed, so you don’t need to be either. Stare at my breasts as much as you want,” she invited. She sat down on the edge of his bed and extended her arm across his body to support her weight. Her right breast swung to the side, lightly touching the head of his still-throbbing penis. “Oh, I’m sorry, Ben,” Hayley giggled softly. “I didn’t mean to touch you that way.” “No problem,” Ben replied. “You’ve had your hands all over me, so it’s OK to touch me with other parts of your body, too.” Taking Ben’s response as permission, Hayley moved her body so her right nipple lightly grazed Ben’s frenulum, the sensitive area on the underside of his penis, just beneath his glands. She swung her breast slowly back and forth, causing her nipple to rub back and forth on that sensitive spot. Each time they touched, Ben’s cock would spasm involuntarily. After a few nipple-to-frenulum touches, Hayley’s nipple became erect, which seemed to embarrass her when she look at Ben’s face and realized that he saw what happened to her body. “I shouldn’t be doing this,” she said as much to herself as to Ben. “I’m supposed to be helping you, not making myself feel good.” “If you can see me with an erection, than it should be OK for me to see you with an erection,” Ben countered, hoping to prevent Hayley from withdrawing. “Well, still, I should keep

my attention on what you need, not on myself.” She quickly stood up again, causing her breasts to sway again. She stood still, nude above the waist, her hands clasped behind her back, watching him watching her. He noticed her nipples puckering, imagining that she was getting aroused by displaying her naked breasts to him. After a few minutes of silent staring, Hayley decided to offer Ben more to watch. “My boyfriend likes the ‘jiggle’ effect, do you?” she quizzed. “He likes for me to hop, like this.” She put her hands on top of her head and hopped up and down on her toes a few times. “Do you like?” Ben could barely utter a word, totally mesmerized by Hayley’s bouncing, milky, bare breasts. “He also likes for me to twist side to side, like this” Hayley continued the show. Ben suppressed a groan of agony, staring at her breasts swinging back and forth. “He also likes to come between them,” she said, demonstrating by pushing her breasts tightly together with her hands. “Would you like for me to show you how we do it?” Without waiting for his answer, Hayley

leaned over his midsection, one hand on the outside of each breast, and swallowed his throbbing erection between them. She squeezed her breasts together tightly, and moved them up and down on his 11-inch member a few times. “Does this feel good to you, Ben? I’d love to make you come this way.” She paused, but continued to move her breasts up and down on his erection. Ben hoped desperately that her pause meant she would go ahead and let him come between those magnificent breasts. But, then, she continued, “It’s too bad that’s not possible.” Ben suffered his crushing disappointment in silence. Hayley continued, “When my boyfriend ejaculates, he likes for me to spread his semen around on my breasts with his penis, like this.” She grasped Ben’s iron-hard cock with one hand and rubbed its precum-slicked head around her breasts a minute or two, before thrusting it into one of her nipples. “One time I made him spurt right onto my nipple, like this.” She pushed the tip of his penis hard into her nipple. “It felt really weird, but really good, too. His hot semen shooting right into my nipple was a turn-on for both of us.” Gripping his cock tight at mid-shaft, she continued to rub his glands on her nipple, pressed at least two inches into her soft flesh. Ben felt his orgasm beginning to start deep in his groin. He kept completely still, hoping that he could come before Hayley realized it. But he groaned out loud. “Oh, Ben, I’m afraid I’m making your discomfort worse. I’m so sorry.” Hayley abruptly stood up, standing topless beside his bed, looking at him with compassion in her eyes, and wiping his precum from her nipple with her hand. “What can I do to make it up to you?” She leaned over his face to fluff his pillow, her bare breasts suspended just inches above him. Ben reached up and lightly touched the side of one breast with his left hand. “You can touch them with your hands, if you want to. But won’t that make your frustration hurt even more? Remember, you must tell me if you want me to cover up.” Not speaking, Ben reached up with both hands to squeeze, caress, and fondle her breasts. Hayley remained motionless for several minutes, allowing Ben to explore them fully. Hayley murmured as her hanging breasts were being fondled, “Oh, Ben, I’ll do anything you want that I’m allowed to. Anything. But I can’t get in trouble with the nurse manager, and of course I can’t interfere with your treatment.” “Oh, I need to come so bad,” Ben groaned. “Can’t you make me come, please?” he pleaded. “Please, please, please” Ben was begging now, having lost all hope of preserving his dignity. “Oh, I wish I could, Ben, I truly do. I would love to give you relief. I would even let you come inside me.” Hayley paused a few moments, gazing at his pulsing member, seeming to ponder letting his 11-inch cock slide into her wet vagina. Ben sensed that she was considering the possibility. He lurched against his restraints, helplessly. Hayley abruptly shook her head quickly side to side a couple of times, coming to her senses. “Ben, I would love to. I can almost feel your beautiful organ sliding in and out of me. I’m getting wet, just imagining it. But you know I can’t. The head nurse would find out and I would be in trouble. Besides, your treatment program doesn’t allow it.” Ben threw his head against the pillow and arched his back, groaning in agony, his body contorted with tension. “Please, please, Hayley, I can’t stand it,” he begged. “You’ve got to help me!” “Ben, I want to comfort you so bad. I hate seeing you in such pain, and I feel guilty for making you suffer even more. I’ve been so selfish. Maybe it would help to nurse a little while? Babies need comfort nursing, even when they aren’t hungry.” With that, Hayley supported herself on both arms, suspending her breasts over his face, and put one nipple to Ben’s mouth, saying, “Close your eyes and relax while you suckle. Let your mind forget about your horniness. Just suck and let go of your tension.” Ben sucked eagerly for several minutes on her left breast; then she switched to her right one, cooing, “Go back to sleep, baby, go to sleep.” Ben did not go to sleep. As his sucking continued, Hayley’s breathing became deeper. “This is really turning me on, Ben. I’d like for you to keep sucking, unless you’d like to go back to sleep.” Ben sucked more steadily. Hayley shifted her legs apart, slipped her right hand down the front of her skirt, inside her panties, and began to rub her clitoris. In a few minutes she had a barely stifled orgasm, which was evident although she tried to keep quiet. Ben just kept sucking, wishing desperately that he could also come, but enjoyed helping Hayley

come by fondling her breasts and sucking her nipples. Hayley finally pulled away, breathless. “Oh, Ben, that was wonderful. Thanks so much. But what can I do for you? Would you like to smell my finger? My boyfriend likes my smell.” She put her finger to his nose, then slipped it into his mouth. “He likes the taste, too. Do you?” The smell and taste of a woman nearly drove Ben wild in his unbearably horny state. Hayley looked down at Ben’s throbbing erection, which was leaking copious amounts of pre-cum. “Well, since you tasted me, can I taste you?” Hayley asked. Without waiting for an answer, she put her mouth around the head of his cock, licking off his pre-cum, and slowly stroking his shaft. He groaned deeply, in velvet agony. “Ben, I feel so bad. I wanted to comfort you, and I’m afraid I’ve only made your frustration worse. I’m so sorry. Would a partial semen extraction help you now, or only make you hurt more?” The “partial semen extraction” technique had

been used a few times by the nurses when Ben seemed too close to ejaculating before the 60-second treatment period was completed. It consisted of allowing only one drop of semen to emerge from his penis, then letting his arousal subside before continuing with the remainder of his treatment. This technique slightly anesthetized his penis so that the treatment could be completed. The nurse manager had demonstrated the procedure on Ben, with all the students gathered around his bed watching intently. She instructed them to use it only when necessary. However, the students seemed to enjoy testing their skill and sensitivity. Two Vietnamese students were particularly skillful, but that’s the topic of another episode in this story. Ben was so desperately horny that he hoped he could somehow trick Hayley into stroking him just one second too long, so he could finally spurt. “It might help,” he said, recovering his composure a little. “Let’s try.” Hayley gently pushed his legs apart, grasped his testicles in her left hand, pulling them away from his body, and hooked her first finger around the base of his penis so she could feel when semen entered the shaft, signaling the beginning of his ejaculation. By clenching her left fist tightly, she could simultaneously sense the contraction of his testicles and the sudden hardness of the base of his penis. This would be her signal to stop stimulating him. The awaited bead of semen usually appeared in the next few seconds. Once her left hand had a firm grip on the situation, Hayley then began stroking the full length his shaft slowly with her right hand. This was the same technique used by the other nurses, except this time Hayley put her lips around his glands and pressed her tongue to the tip. She lifted her head briefly to explain, “I’m wondering if I’ll be able to sense the change in taste at your meatus before your semen begins to come out – is it OK with you for me to test this technique?” Ben hesitated, worried that her experimental taste technique might be successful. “Actually, since you are a voluntary test subject, I am allowed to experiment on you for educational purposes. Still, I would like to have your permission.” Hayley looked into Ben’s eyes for an answer. “OK, anything for science,” Ben replied, trying heroically to be cheerful. Hayley promptly lowered her head, opened her mouth slightly, surrounded his glands with her lips just above the corona, and pressed her tongue against the meatus. Then she tightened the grip on his scrotum with her left hand and began slowly stroking his shaft with her right hand, carefully sensing the changes that would signal his impending ejaculation. To Ben’s intense dismay, Hayley succeeded in stopping his stimulation just before the first drop of semen emerged from the tip of his penis. She immediately removed her mouth as she squeezed and pulled his testicles, while tightly gripping the base of his shaft, holding very still as he thrust helplessly into the air, seeking just one more moment of stimulation. One small drop of semen oozed out. She waited a few seconds, letting his convulsions subside before taking the drop of semen carefully between her lips. Ben groaned deeply, turning his head side to side heavily on his pillow, his frustration hardly bearable. “I hope you feel better now, Ben. I’d better leave and let you get back to sleep.” With that Hayley stood up, still topless, her magnificent breasts shimmering in his ravenous gaze. She held his hand affectionately, looking into his eyes with deep compassion for his distress, and perhaps with a hint of playfulness as well. After a few minutes she reached slowly across his bed for her bra, knowing that his eyes followed her breasts as they moved. She seemed to wiggle her body, just a bit, unnecessarily, causing her breasts to sway. Glancing at her breasts swing side to side, Hayley said, playfully, “Well, girls, I guess it’s time to get back in your cage.” She lifted them up and pointed her nipples at Ben’s hungry eyes. “Say goodbye to Ben, ladies.” Putting her bra into position in her front, she lifted each breast in turn into its cup, and then bent over to shake them into position before fastening the front of the bra. She then slipped on her blouse, straightened her clothing, and began walking toward the door of his room. “Let me know if you’d like more comfort nursing, Ben,” she said, softly and quietly. “I only want to help you feel better. I’m on duty until 7.” Hayley waved cutely as she walked out the door. Ben groaned, straining mightily against the arm restraints that prevented him from

reaching his aching, throbbing erection to masturbate. Relief would not come that night . . . nor sleep. Chapter 14: Hot Weekend It started out innocently enough. Our parents were away for a four-day weekend so my brother and I had run of the house. Oh, sorry, let me introduce myself. I’m Sarah and I turned twenty-one in June of 2003. To quote my boyfriend, I’m “slender of build and fair of face.” I have blue eyes and long, dark brown hair. My brother Nick is twenty-four, 6’ even and all my friends say he’s gorgeous, but frankly I’d never really thought about it. He’s tan with blue eyes and brown hair more like our father’s (lighter than mine). I suppose I can admit, now, that he’s well built. *Giggle* Anyway, so we had the house to ourselves, but neither of us was home much on Friday. I went out with my girlfriends from college and Nick had to work late at the club where he's a bartender.

We got home about the same time early Saturday morning and discovered that the air-conditioning had gone out. And in the middle of August too! So we opened up the house and switched on all the fans to try and get some ventilation, but it was still mercilessly hot before mid-day. Since we’d been up so late though we both still managed some sleep I think. I got up around 1 PM and decided to slip into my bikini for a dip in our pool before I ate lunch. It helped some, but eventually I gave up and went back inside to get something to eat. I discovered that Nick had woken up while I was swimming and fixed some sandwiches, which he shared with me. After we ate we both just sat in the big family room underneath the ceiling fan. I was in my bikini and I noticed Nick was wearing only boxers. A bit of a tomato slice had fallen from one of our sandwiches and, like any sibling anywhere, I thought it my duty to pick it up and fling it at my brother. It landed in the center of his chest and he freaked out since he’d been lying on the sofa with his eyes closed. Well, naturally he tossed it back at me and it landed on top of my right thigh. I carefully picked it off and set it aside and Nick settled back down. A few minutes later I noticed that the opening on the front of Nick’s boxers was sort of gaping so I decided to try for a style shot… and made it! I was surprised and embarrassed at the same time, but we both couldn’t help laughing. He congratulated me on my perfect aim. Nick prides himself, in a way only guys can understand, on being able to make an accurate shot so he picked up the tomato slice and took his time aiming before he threw it back at me. Before it left his hand I already knew where he was aiming and that he would hit his mark. Nick has always been the horseshoe & dart champ at all our family gatherings. I was not surprised at all when the tomato landed right on my bikini-covered pubic mound. I blushed heavily and quickly removed the tomato. He laughed at me, but I noticed he was looking at me a little differently. He got up to go call a repairman and I cleaned up the remains of our lunch. Then we parted ways for the rest of the day. I had a study group meeting at the college library and Nick had a second job that he was nearly going to be late for. Since neither of us was going to be home we decided to go ahead and close up the house. It turns out that the repair guy wasn’t going to make it out until Monday. Ugh! I beat Nick home in the evening, but then turned around and left again. My boyfriend and I had a double date with a couple of friends. Well the date went horribly and we called it an evening before things got any worse. I stayed with my girlfriend for a while since she was feeling down, but I made it home again by 11 PM. Nick was already there when I got home. Apparently they had over-staffed at the club that night and he’d been given the rest of the night off. He’d already opened the house, but it was still too hot and the wind had seemingly vanished. Without a word I went and slipped into my bikini again, then headed straight for the pool. Nick had the same idea, but he skipped putting on swim trunks and instead decided to strip down to his briefs. When I got out to the pool he had just dropped his pants and the lights from the pool were reflecting off of his perfectly shaped ass. There was a sudden twinge deep inside my pussy and I could feel myself getting wet. I could not believe it and quickly dived into the pool in an effort to distract myself from what I’d just felt. I came back up from the bottom of the deep end and tread water for a bit. Nick was still standing at the edge of the pool setting aside his clothes. He bent over to stuff some things inside his shoes and my eyes were glued to that gorgeous behind! His navy blue briefs were so tight I could even see his package when he turned around. It was all I could do to keep from staring, but I’m sure he noticed. He ran and jumped into the pool doing a cannonball. Water went everywhere. When he finally came up beside me, he challenged me to some laps. Nick is a powerful swimmer, but I’m pretty fast too so I said, “You’re on!” I was ahead on the first lap and going into the second, but Nick overtook me before the start of the third. Then I did something crazy. As he passed by me in the opposite direction on his fifth lap, I swam underneath him, grabbed his briefs and yanked them down! Nick sprang to the surface yelling “what the fuck?!” I tossed them way out in the backyard somewhere in the dark. Then, laughing, I swam away from him as fast as I could. He caught up with me in no time, naturally, and soon had my

bikini off of me. We tread water in silence. He then crumpled up both pieces of my suit and threw them casually to the side of the pool, well within my reach. I grabbed them and tossed them as far as I could out into the backyard in the same direction I had thrown his briefs. I turned back toward him and we tread water and looked into each other’s eyes. I had never noticed how beautiful his eyes were. Just the right shade of blue and they sparkled with the light from beneath the pool water. I went underwater and moved toward him, eliminating the final three feet between us. I came up right in front of him. He reached out and ran his fingers through my wet hair and cradled my head in his hands. He pulled me tight against him and I didn’t resist. I had no idea what we were doing, but I was enjoying it so far. My pussy had become the throbbing center of my being. I pressed my lips to his and then our tongues met for the first time ever. He tasted so good in my mouth. I never wanted him to stop. My body melted into his and his manhood was pressed against my thigh. It was hot

and I could only think of one place I wanted it at that moment. “We should stop.” He said after we broke our kiss, but I just shook my head and squeezed his asscheeks beneath the water. He smiled and kissed me deeply again. “Nick, I don’t know if it’s the heat or if I was destined to want you inside me. All I know is that I want you right now.” I nuzzled into his neck and he wrapped me in his arms. He swam us to the shallow end where we came to rest on the steps leading down into the pool. I straddled him and pushed my tongue deep into his mouth again. He kissed me back ardently and caressed my body with his gentle hands. He was pinching my nipples when I ground on him at just the right angle and his thick 8” cock pressed against my pulsing clit. I gasped and he stopped, thinking he had hurt me in some way. “It’s OK Nick. You just pressed the right button baby.” I giggled and he thrust upward again rubbing his turgid man-flesh against my lovebutton. I closed my eyes and rode that feeling for a bit. Without any words, we got out of the pool, grabbed our towels and went inside. We walked into the family room and started drying each other off underneath the spinning fan. We should’ve been cooling off, but we were both now generating our own high internal heat. We were both shaking with excitement too. “You know, I saw you and what’s-his-name on the couch the other night. He looked like he was in heaven with your lips wrapped around his dick.” Nick was paying extra attention to my hair and massaging my head at the same time. I had closed my eyes while he relaxed me, but now I turned to regard him. “You think maybe you’d like some of the same?” I grinned at him and slowly dropped to my knees in front of him. I dried off his legs and soon dropped the towel to his feet. I caressed his thighs and then his ass-cheeks. “Are you going to blow me like you love me Sis?” Nick was grinning at me as his magnificent cock throbbed only inches from my face. I winked and smiled up at him. “Of course I am, because I do love you Bro. I love you like no sister has ever loved her brother and now I’m going to give you pleasure… because I love you Nick.” I kissed the tip of his cock and flicked the tip of my tongue across the piss-slit. “Whoa…” Nick stumbled away from me and fell into one of the over-stuffed chairs where we used to sit together to eat popcorn and watch television when we were little. “Are you alright?” I looked at him and moved toward him on my hands and knees. “Come here Sarah. I’ll show you how alright I really am.” Nick motioned me closer and I got to him as fast as I could without burning my knees on the rug. I ran my hands up his legs from his feet all the way to his hot groin. I caressed the insides of his thighs and then began kissing my way to his beautiful cock. He moaned and put his head back into the chair cushion. His eyes were closed but I watched his face as I opened my mouth and slowly closed my lips around the purple head. His mouth opened, but no sound came out as I began inching him deeper into my mouth and throat. I got as much of him as I could into my throat and then flexed my throat muscles around his shaft. “Oh my god Sarah, where the Hell did you learn that?” Nick still had his eyes closed but he had begun to caress my hair with his hands. I gave him a muffled laugh, but continued working his cock with my tongue and throat. I gave him my best for a couple of minutes and then pulled my mouth away. “Geez Sis, don’t stop now!” Nick looked worried that I might not get him off. “Don’t worry sweetheart. I need to get something from my purse before we continue.” I winked and then nearly ran to the foyer to get a condom! When I came back, the ceiling fan had been put on low speed, some lamps had been turned off and the remaining two were on low light. I smiled when I noticed these small details. Nick was at the sofa arranging some pillows so we’d be comfortable. I walked up behind him silently and wrapped my arms around his waist. He caressed my arms and then turned around to hug me fully. I dropped the condom on the couch. “Sarah, we should stop. We’re both crazy from the heat and I’m extra horny since I’m between girlfriends right now. We don’t need to do this. I love you and I would never do anything to hurt you.” Nick had never sounded so sincere. It made my heartthrob as well as my pussy. “I love you too Nick. I know we don’t have to continue, but I want to. I want you. It’s not the heat. We’re not crazy and I know you’ve been masturbating in your room again so you’re not that hard up. I know that neither of us would ever hurt the other and maybe it’s that knowledge of

safety that makes me want you so much.” I pushed him gently back onto the couch and went to my knees before him again. I took him back into my mouth and began bobbing my head vigorously, really loving the taste and feel of his cock. I worked the base of his shaft with one hand and gently massaged his balls with the other. He moaned and caressed my hair. I stopped and he moved his legs up onto the couch. I grabbed the condom and tore the package open. Kneeling beside him I rolled the thin latex sheath onto his massive hard-on. He took my arms and pulled me up onto his body. I could feel the power of his body and I melted into him again. We hugged and caressed each other and I slowly moved up his body some. He took one of my nipples into his mouth and it was all I could do not to scream out it felt so wonderful. Nick’s hands were all over my body. He touched me everywhere I needed him to. I responded to his touches with ones

of my own. We were a writhing, sweaty mass of super-heated flesh bent on becoming one. I angled my dripping pussy onto his cock. It all became so dream-like at that point. I knew only that I was in heaven and Nick was with me. My pussy felt so full and I was riding my brother like his was the most fabulous cock in the world. I was breathing heavily and Nick was holding me in his arms as we moved toward our climax. He kept stuffing me with his hot meat and I took all I could. I sat up and braced myself by putting my hands on his chest. His hands rose up to caress my pert breasts. I bounced up and down on him like that for what seemed like an eternity. My brother is without a doubt the best lover I have ever had. Nick was grunting and I was panting heavily. I leaned back and put my hands on his knees. I felt him begin rubbing my clit and soon that sent me over the edge. I screamed at the top of my lungs, but Nick continued to pump his shaft as deep into my hungry hole as he could. He was pounding me and pounding me. I was zooming toward a second orgasm or maybe I had never come off the first and was only going higher. I jammed myself down on his rod as hard and fast as I could, meeting his thrusts with great force. I could feel his hot hands holding my ass-cheeks as he continued fucking me. My brother was fucking me like I had never been fucked before and I didn’t want him to stop! Finally he thrust hard into me and stayed there. He held me tight in his embrace and my lips found his. We kissed deeply & madly as he poured his seed into that condom. My walls were so tight around him that I could feel every jet he pumped out. The heat was incredible and I suddenly found myself wishing I hadn’t gotten the condom from my purse. The very idea caused my muscles to spasm around his shaft. “Oh my god Sarah, that was… that was…” Nick shook his head because he couldn’t find the words. “I know Nick. Oh my god I love you so much. Stay inside me please. Please don’t go.” I nuzzled my face into his neck and nibbled him. “I love you too. I’m not going anywhere. I could stay inside you all night. You feel so good wrapped tightly around me.” Nick was whispering into my ear and then nibbling my ear lobe. We stayed like that for nearly an hour and then got up to shower together. In the shower he pushed me up against the tiled wall and then ate my pussy. His tongue felt huge and I got off fast. Naturally I returned the favor and he rewarded me with a big salty load that I gobbled down like it was the sweetest cream I’d ever had. That night I slept in Nick’s room. He held me all night and I woke up in his arms the next morning. Never have I felt so safe and loved. I have since slept in Nick’s bed many times. Sometimes we make love, sometimes we just hold each other and talk. We know that what we did is not exactly looked upon highly by society, but it was without doubt the most beautiful night of our young adult lives. Chapter 15: Detention Can Be Fun "Jamie, are you paying attention back there?" shouted Mr. Tam, Jaime’s annoying science teacher. “Yes!" she replied. Jamie 15 years old and had a pretty nice figure for some one of her height. She was 4"11, and with size 34B tits and had a size 3 waist that lead to a huge ass. "Jamie you weren't listing, you get a detention for that." "Great" she said to herself "30 minutes by myself." She knew she deserved the detention, but in a way she felt it was wrong, you see she was paying attention, just not to the teacher. Jamie had been listening to Yasir her soon to be boyfriend. Yasir was 5"11 and though he looked skinny and weak he could lift up a 135 pound man. Jamie was listening to them talk about sports when they were so rudely interrupted. "Yasir, stop talking this talking right now" "But I wasn't talking." "That's it you have a detention" screamed Mr. Tam. I guess I won't be by myself after all thought Jamie, just as the bell rang. "Can I sit here?" asked Yasir, "Sure" said Jamie. She hoped Yasir hadn't noticed that her nipples were already hard as rock. "The 2 of you come here" said Tam. "I must go to the office for a second, but I will be back in about 20 minutes. If I get back and you 2 are gone I will punish you tomorrow. “Fine" said Jamie and Yasir. "Now I have some work for you to do on the Human reproduction system. You don't have to do it." and with that he left. When Jamie and Yasir turned to walk back to their table, Yasir's elbow hit Jamie in the left tit. "OW!" she yelled, holding her tit. "Oh My God," said Yasir, "I’m so sorry are you ok?" "Yea." said Jamie. "I know I’ll rub it better" said Yasir, "Your kidding right?" "Well if you let me I’ll rub your

whole body and make you feel a lot better." said Yasir who turned bright red. "If you want, I can fix that " said Jamie noticing the bulge in his pants. "Here let me help you with those" said Jamie already starting to feel the heat between her thighs. After Yasir took off his pants and Jamie took off her clothes she fell on her knees naked, and started fondling his balls. As she did that she took his 11 inch dick on started licking it, just the dick head at first "Jamie can you take it all?" asked Yasir "Lets see" said Jamie as she shoved all his dick in her mouth, and he was fucking her face in less than a minute Yasir had cummed in her mouth and all over her tits. "Now its my turn" said Jamie. As she stood up Yasir picked her up and put her on the lab table,

and started fucking her like crazy. "YASIR, DON'T STOP, FUCK ME FASTER, AND HARDER" shouted Jamie as they both cummed all over the table. "Yasir" said Jamie as she put back on all her clothes "Yea?" "I think I’m in love with you." "I Love You to Jamie." Chapter 16: Lesbian School Girls We had just walked in the door from a long day at school when Sarah asked me what I thought about Heather's story of her first lesbian experience. Her story had gotten me hot, although I had never considered sex with another girl. Sarah said that she was curious now, about what it would be like to have sex with a girl instead of a boy, and what exactly you do with another girl in bed. "Well, I guess first you undress each other, just like you would with a boy", I said. "Ok, why don't we try it?" Sarah asked. Heather's description of kissing and fondling another girl had turned me on me on so much that I was already wet and willing to try anything, so we began slowly removing each others school uniforms. I unbuttoned Sarah's white blouse while she did mine. I was surprised to find that underneath her blouse she wore no bra. I had seen her tits before, since we were best friends and often changed clothes in the same room, but standing so close to her and removing her clothes as I was made it somehow different. I wanted to touch and caress them like the boys had done mine. I slid her plaid skirt off her hips gently, as we made our way to the kitchen leaving a trail of our clothes behind. Sarah was completely naked by the time we made it into the kitchen, except for her white socks and red Keds sneakers. Other than my socks and Keds, I was left only in my panties. We stood face to face for a few moments wondering what to do next, before Sarah began to caress my tits and slowly roll my nipples between her fingers. I could feel my pussy throbbing and new it was very wet by now. I wondered if she was as excited as I am? I ran my hand across her ass and her thighs, and reached between her legs to see if she was. Stopping at her clit I massaging in small circles for a moment, then gently slid two fingers into her. She was as turned on as I was, and I wondered now what it was going to be like licking the wetness between her legs. Sarah then began working my panties down my thighs and over my Keds, leaving my socks and sneakers on. She worked her way back to standing by kissing up my now naked body, stopping to lick and suck my swollen clit. I had never had a girl touch me there and I found it so exciting that I though I was going to cum right then, before we had really even started! She moved her tongue in slow circles over my clit pushing my legs farther apart with her hands as she did. She worked her way up taking my nipple in her mouth and sucking in a hungry rhythm. I pushed her gently up onto the table and for the first time kissed her. The feel of our tongues touching and exploring inside each other’s mouths was just like Heather had said. It was so erotic standing there kissing another girl, that I couldn't wait to do more. I moved down her neck nibbling and biting softly and took her nipple in my mouth. She threw her head back and moaned as I sucked and ran my hands all over her body. We moved into Sarah's mom's bedroom, taking off what little remaining clothes we had left on. Sarah sat down on the bed and I moved between her legs, facing her and continued licking and sucking her nipples, moving my hand between her legs and fingering her pussy while I did. I had never touched another girl this way before, and found that sliding my fingers in and out of dripping pussy was very arousing. I wanted to move down and try this with my tongue. I kissed down her belly and licked around her thighs for a moment and then began moving my tongue in small slow circles on her clit. I could feel her squirming forcing her pussy into my tongue farther as she moaned and played with her nipples. I ran my hands over the soft skin of her thighs and ass as I worked my tongue in and out of her pussy and around her clit. I was moving faster now and she was grinding her hips with me and holding the back of my head with both hands pushing me further inside her each time. My own pussy was dripping wet by now and I couldn't wait for her to cum so she could do this to me. She grabbed a handful of my hair pushing my face down between her legs as she moaned loudly and I could feel her hot cum almost squirting out. I licked up most of her cum and continued on her clit until she settled back down from her orgasm. As soon as I quit sucking her clit she grabbed my hand and led me to the edge of the bed where she knelt down in front of me,

putting one of my legs over her shoulder, and began licking my clit and rubbing my legs and thighs gently. She worked her tongue in circles on my clit as I had done and after only a few minutes I began cumming as she sucked harder and moaned trying to keep me cumming. I had never had an orgasm like that before. It was several minutes before I was able to breathe and talk to her. We decided next time we'd see what kind of fun we could have with her mom's strap-on dildo we had found in her closet.

Chapter 17: Oh Papi... It was a cold December night when I came home from work and my mood wasn’t that great either. It has been raining all day and being a rookie at the office, everyone decided to dump their weekend work on me. It sucked but I had to bite my tongue and take it. It was round 6:30 pm when I pulled into my parking spot with pissed off attitude and wasn’t in the mood for anything. As I parked, Diana, my next-door apartment girl came round the corner, dripping wet and shivering. I didn’t know much about her except a casual “hello” and “byes” and that she was in the high school. Her mom mentioned something about her 14-year-old daughter when I moved into the complex. She was a little Mexican girl, about 4’10”, 110lbs, shoulder length dark curly hair with c-cup breasts, but nice child bearing hips. At first I didn’t give much a thought except, “Hey” and moved on. I opened my door and was walked in and noticed that she was just standing out-side her door. “Hey, are you alright?” “No, I locked myself out” she replied. “Is anyone home?” “No… my mom won’t be home until mid-night. She’s working.” “Sorry to hear that. Did you try the office?” “Yeah but the are closed at five.” Shaking with cold. “Oh boy… that sucks…” I hesitated for a moment “Do you want to come in and wait for your mom?” I wasn’t sure what the hell I was doing but just trying to be nice. “Yeah that would be nice… Thanks Mike… as you can see I’m all wet and freezing”. She quivered. As she walked through my door, I noticed a dark rings round her hardened nipples for the first time. Hey, she might be 14 but my 24 years old dick started to ping. “Hey, let me get you a towel to dry yourself.” Trying not to get a hard on. “Thanks, I hope you don’t mind?” She smiled. “No, I don’t mind at all.” As I handed her the towel, eyes fixed on her tits, my dick began to rise. She must have notice the bulging because she looked down at her tits and my bulge; she gave a little smile with wetting her lips. “Thanks… you have a nice apartment.” Still looking at my bulge. “It’s a place… I like it. Have a seat.” At this point I had a full 7” hard on and imagined ramming my cock into her mouth, wrapping her moistened lips round the shaft. “So…?” She looked confused for a moment and realizing what I was thinking, “Are you looking at my tits…?” I wasn’t sure how to answer her but trying to hide my hard on, “Oh… no, no sorry… what make you think that…?” Trying to be sly. “Because you have a hard on.” Laughing. “I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to” “It’s ok… I don’t mind. I kinda like it.” “What do you mean kinda…?” wishing and hoping to go further. “I saw you changing the other day.” with a glee. “What do you mean… saw me changing…? Thinking what the hell. “ I saw you changing to go to work through your bed-room window.” “Oh” than in my mind a light bulb came on. “Well you are all wet and cold, and you saw me naked, why don’t you get out of your wet cloths.” Hoping it would not scare her off. “No way…” giggling with curiosity. “I thought you saw me naked… why, what did you see.” Being playful. “I saw your dick.” Still giggling. “And what did you think about…?” I was pushing it. Still giggling and being playful, “I thought of you dick getting hard and just wondering…?” wetting her lips. “Of what…?” wanting to rip her clothes off of her. “What it feels like.” “And…?” “What it taste like” giggling and hiding her face with her two hands. I wasn’t sure how far I could go with this young Latino, only that my dick wanted her young pussy. I had to have her no matter what so I unzipped my fly and took out hardened cock. “Oh my god, you didn’t.” surprised by my act but she couldn’t take her eyes off from it. “Here, touch it” took her hands. As she wrapped her tiny hands round my cock, feeling and squeezing it gentle, she noticed a tiny drop of cum on the tip of my cock. “What’s that” with wonder. “It’s a pre-cum… here taste it” holding by her hair and pulling it toward. With full of curiosity, she did not object. Her lips parted as her tongue touched the tip of my cock… and it slit right into her mouth. “Ahh… That’s it” grabbing her firm tits and pinching her already hard nipples. As I pumped faster and deeper down her throat she began to gag. “Have you ever done this before…?” I asked. “No… I thought about it but never done it before.” She replied. “Here… let me help you.” As I pulled her shirt and wet bra over her head with out unhooking it… she cried “No… I don’t think I should….” Even before she could finish her sentence I cupped her young tits and took her right nipple into my warm mouth. It felt cold as ice but soon my tongue was warming her and getting

her wet. “Ahh… that feels good” and without asking her… I began to unbutton her pants, revealing white lace, kissing and sucking her cold body. “Oh god… it feels so good”. Quick as jackrabbit, I pulled her pants and softly laced panty off of her. Still kissing her cold body, I spread her legs apart, revealing her triangle shaped, unshaved pussy. She didn’t have much of pubic hair but nice dime sized clit. As I moved my lips down to her treasures, she began to shiver. “Oh god… please… I don’t know about this.” At this point I couldn’t understand what she was trying to say but the musky smell of her pussy and soft feel of her pubic hair on my lips drove me nuts. As my tongue found her clit… I started to suck to and lick her warm clit. This went on for about five minutes but wanting for more, I unbuckled my pants and my lips moved up to her

neck. My cock already throbbing, found the opening of her cunt. I began to rub the head of my cock, up and down her wet pussy to get some lubrication. “Oh god… please no… I can’t. No you can’t” spreading her legs further. “Why not…?” Just being polite. “Ahh… because I’m still virgin and…” even before she could finish her sentence, I gave a little thrust and found the head of my cock ripping her hymen and giving her first taste of women-hood. “Ahh… oh god it hurts… please stop.” As her eyes welled up with tears. “Diana…” making an eye contact “do you really want me to stop” as pushing my cock deeper into her. I wasn’t sure what was on her mind but she closed her eyes and said, “NO… I want you to fuck me…” I didn’t want to hurt her too much so I just waited for a moment with my cock plunged deep into her, letting her tight pussy get used to me. “Are you sure…? I’ll stop if you want me to” God hope she wouldn’t. “No… I want to.” With her eyes open. “Ahhhhh…. Your pussy is so tight.” I began to withdrawal and insert my hard cock into her young pussy, noticing that she is hurting… I locked my lips with Diana’s, as I pumped faster and deeper into her. A minute or two went by and she began to moan and breath heaver and deeper. “Oh… Ahheee Papi… fuck me… oh god it feels so good… I want your cock deeper in me… Ohhh…. Ahheee Papi” I began to pump faster and deeper, feeling about to burst. “Oh Diana, I’m cumming” “Oh yes… Oh Papi, I’m Cumming too… oh god… it feels so fucking good.” “Fuck… I’m gonna shoot my load…” “Oh, Yes… cum in me… cum in my virgin pussy” She begged. A minute or went by and I couldn’t hold any longer. As I buried my cock deeper into her, I shot the mother load, deep into her womb, coating her pussy walls and my cum passing through her cervix. She must have came too because her pussy began to quiver and cum began to drip out of her pussy, down to her asshole. Oh god… it felt so fucking good. I just slumped over her drained body. She started to kiss my neck than it hit me… “Oh shit…”, pulling my still hard cock out of her. “What’s wrong Mike” for the first time she got scared. “I fucking came inside your pussy… I didn’t pull out.” Like a punch from Mike Tyson. Oh Papi… it’s ok… I felt you cum in me and I loved it…” she smiled. “But what if you get pregnant…?” thinking holy shit. “No… it’s ok… oh Papi… It’s okay” kissing my lips. Chapter 18: Loretta's Daughters Not again, I thought, looking out the kitchen window. I had returned a few minutes before from a busted golf game, arriving home while the thunder still rumbled in the distance and the rain continued to pour down. I was disappointed because it was my first chance to play on my home course since arriving home from my first year of college. I gazed out the window at the two wet kittens on my neighbor's rear porch, at her two young daughters, apparently caught outside under the narrow roof, which had done little to protect them from the heavy shower. I watched for a few more minutes and decided that I had been right. The two young girls could not get into their house. I saw one of them point toward my parents home and say something. Suddenly they tore across the sodden lawn and scrambled under the broader roof of my porch. I walked over to the door and opened it to discover that the two girls were thoroughly drenched. "Oh, Terry," the older one, Ruth, said. "I didn't know that anyone was home." "What happened?" I asked. "Mom went away for the weekend with our uncle and locked us out," Ruth explained. She took us to the YMCA at nine this morning, but when we came back..." "Yeah," interrupted Tracy, her younger sister, "and she forgot to leave the key hidden in the usual place." This was a familiar story to me. My parents had taken the two girls in a few times when their drunken mother, Loretta Ryan, had taken off with her latest boyfriend and left the girls stranded, not able to get into their own house. "I thought," said Ruth, "Your parents were not at home." "They're not," I answered. "They left for a five-week, vacation trip to Oregon. I got home last night. I've not even finished unpacking. Hey, you two better get in here and dry off." I saw that both were shivering, chilled by the cool rain. "Th-Thanks, TTerry," Tracy said, scooting rapidly past me into the kitchen. As I stepped back, Ruth quickly entered the house. The thirteen and twelve year old girls left a trail of water on the floor. They stood huddled together in the center of the floor, unsure of what to do next. "Listen, why don't you two take a hot shower, and I'll try to find something dry for you to put on. Then I'll make you a hot

drink. Does that sound good?" "Yeah," Tracy said and immediately pulled off her soaking wet sweatshirt and gave me a great view of he naked upper torso. I could see she had no real breasts yet, but only two soft mounds capped with pink areolas and little nipples. Somehow her slim female body, as immature as it was, started giving me a boner. "Tracy!" Ruth blurted out. "What are you doing?" Tracy looked at her sister and then at me. The older girl seemed shocked by her sister's brazen act. Tracy shrugged her shoulders and said, smiling, "What difference does it make. I don't have much for him to see," she said and giggled, "At least not up here." She rubbed her hands over her damp chest. I turned away, my

face red, and led them to the bathroom. I handed them some towels and told them I would be back in a while with some dry clothes. When I returned from the basement with some old sweats, which I had outgrown years ago when they shrank too much, I heard the two sisters giggling and talking with the shower running and partly concealing their voices. I put my ear against the door and listened. It really sounded like they were fooling around with each other. I thought I heard the words "cunnie' and "titty," along with a few other things. I knocked on the door and opened it a few inches. They were hidden by the shower curtain. "Here," I said, dropping two sets of clothing on the floor, "Put these on when you dry off and you can put your own stuff in the washer and dryer." Several minutes later we were sitting around the kitchen table, drinking hot chocolate and talking. I felt a bit stimulated, knowing that the little girls were naked under the loose attire. They had tossed everything into the washer, including their little panties, and Ruth's flimsy bra. Ruth had mopped up the water on the kitchen floor. "Didn't your mother leave a key with my parents?" I asked. "No, she's funny about that," Ruth explained bitterly. "That would be too easy. Whenever mom screws up, we could just come over here and get a key." "Sometimes she's sick, Ruthy," Tracy said softly. Her sister glared back at her. I knew that Loretta was a very heavy drinker. Somehow, during the week, she was able to keep it together long enough to get to work every morning. I also knew that the uncle she had taken off with was just her latest boyfriend. I said nothing, not wanting to shame the two girls any further. "Maybe you two can camp out here until your mom get back," I suggested. I knew that this was a shaky situation with me, an eighteen-year-old guy alone with two young girls, and one not yet in her teens. Was it my generosity making this offer, or was it my concupiscence? I suggested that they watch the TV, while their clothes were drying, but they both offered to help me unpack. Ruthy, a picture of domesticity carried my soiled clothes to the washer and put them in while moving the girls' clothing to the dryer. Tracy helped hang up shirts and stow other things in my bureau. I gathered from their remarks that they took care of the domestic duties next door because Loretta was too wasted from work and drinking to accomplish much at home. After lunch we went over to their house, and I made a half-hearted effort to get a door open. I probably could have gotten inside with a little damage, but I persuaded myself that I did not want to break anything. I knew that the idea of both of them being alone with me for a couple of days seemed too attractive. I wanted that to happen. We spent the afternoon playing some old games I found in the basement. We also watched an adventure video and made some popcorn. It was kind of fun with the two little babes huddled against me, one either side. I could feel my cock swell. It had been a couple of weeks since my college girlfriend and I had done anything, mostly due to the exam pressure. I went out for a pizza. We sat around a fire I had built to take the chill out of the house. I had a couple of beers, and I let them each have one too. Ruth and Tracy had changed back into their own clothes while I was getting the pizza. It seemed to me that the sisters really liked being with me. They both sat as close as they could and were forever touching me and looking at me with fond smiles. We had pulled some cushions and pillows together near the fire. The TV was playing some movie or other, but we were hardly paying attention. We played some card games and chatted. They wanted to know all about college and assured me that they were both going some day. I wondered about that. Loretta must have been about sixteen when she had Ruth; she claimed that she was not thirty yet. She was actually a good-looking babe, even if a little shop worn due to drinking and too many guys knocking her around. What chance did these two girls have under these circumstances? Her little girls looked rather sexy in the firelight. Both had long, dark hair, not black but a rich chocolate color with a trace of red with dark brown eyes that matched the soft hair so well. Now that they were back in their own shorts and shirts I could see how Ruth had actually filled out in the past year. She had a nice round ass, curvy legs, and boobs that pushed out the front of her top. Tracy was still on the skinny side, but her curves were beginning to show. Both had inherited their mother's pretty face, with soft, full

lips. I had often dreamed of those lips locked to mine. It was hard to keep lewd thoughts from my mind whenever I looked at them. It was also difficult for me to believe that they both were exciting me. Maybe I was only horny, and the two young girls were right there, titillating my senses. "Do you have a girl friend at college?" Tracy asked. I explained that I did, but that she lived out of state. I might try to see her over the summer, but I did not know yet when I could do that. "What about your girl friends from high school?" Ruth asked. "That girl Annie that you were dating, she got married last January to Billy Phillips." I had heard about Annie and Billy. Billy had been my friend, and he had told me that he liked my girl. Well, good luck to them both. I had not had time yet to see if anyone else was in town. "I bet Terry is getting horny," Tracy said. I could feel myself flush. I was quite horny and thinking about these two was not helping my problem. "Looks like it's getting late," I said, changing the subject. "Let's make a little nest for you two little

birds to sleep in right here." I got up to fetch some old quilts and some extra blankets and pillows." "Awwww," moaned Tracy. "Can't we sleep with you?" "No, girls," I said as firmly as I could. "That would be nice, but maybe too exciting for us. Besides, it would be wrong." "Awwww," Tracy moaned again. "I won't tell." Her sister Ruth was silent, pensive. She was looking at me, staring at me and saying nothing. Then she gave me a little wink, or did she? Perhaps it was only the flickering fire. The two changed back into the sweats for the night, and I covered them up and put some more wood on the fire for them. I headed for my room. Thinking about them huddled together in the lounge was arousing me, giving me illicit ideas. What was I thinking? These two little girls did not need me adding to their problems. I changed into my sleeping outfit, a pair of loose shorts and a t-shirt. I heard some noises and crept back to the lounge, hearing he volume increase as I approached. Peering into the room, I was treated to an unbelievable erotic sight. Ruth and Tracy were kissing each other, kneeling in front of the flickering fire. They had removed their tops and were rubbing their youthful naked bodies together. I stood silently, shamelessly viewing their partially nude bodies. Their little hands were touching and stroking each other in caresses more than sisterly. Soon they began working themselves free of their bottoms. Even from where I stood, I could hear them whispering and sighing. Time passed; the two sisters moved so that they were lying on their sides, facing opposite directions. Would they dare, I wondered? Dare they did. The pretty faces were soon buried in each other's little cunts. Soft, juicy sounds, accompanied by moans of joy, came to my ears. My penis became a steel rod. I slid my hand inside my shorts. I watched, holding my iron rod, as Ruth and Tracy pleasured each other with their little mouths. I could see each little ass moving against the other's face, trying to reach the moment of ultimate release. Very quickly their movements became frantic, the sounds louder, the exclamations more vulgar. They were as foulmouthed as little whores. One, then the other, cried out her orgasmic achievement. The room fell silent, but the sounds still filled my head. My nose was filled with the aroma of their act, the sweet smell of their girlish cunnilingus. I noticed my breathing was labored. My balls were heavy with my semen, cum that needed to be released. I had to get back to my room. One last glance, Ruth was looking right at me. She saw me standing there, but said nothing, only giving me a small smile. Ashamed, I turned and crept silently to my room. I lay on my bed, waiting, listening, and thinking. I soft pattering came to my ears. My door opened quietly. Little Ruthy, still naked, was standing there. "I bet you could really use a nice hand job," she said. "Ohhhhhhh... god," I moaned. I wanted her so badly. I needed her. "Yeah, Terry," she whispered, ambling slowly toward my bed. "I know that you need to release all that cum that's been building up in you. Let me help you." She sat on the edge of my bed. When she tugged at my shorts, I lifted up my butt and allowed her to pull them off me. My cock sprang upward, thick, hard, and needy. "But... But what about Tracy?" I asked. I realized instantly that I was more concerned about the second sister finding out than stopping the first from doing it. "She's asleep. She goes to sleep right after we do that." Ruth reached over and took my erection in her soft, little hand. "This is a nice dick, Terry," she said with a little laugh and began to stroke it very gently. Was I really going to let my young neighbor jerk me off? Hell yes, I thought, wondering how many dicks she had seen in her thirteen years. I groaned when she squeezed me softly. "I'm gonna make you suffer a little. It makes it better," she promised. "Oh god yes!" I agreed. She began ever so slowly. If she had jerked me off fast, I was so hot that I would have come in seconds. I raised my head to watch her hand move up and down my swollen meat. Ruth shifted herself and grabbed the fleshy pole with both hands, pausing only to spit into her palms. I felt the moist fingers sliding up and down my hard cock. Deep inside me, my semen was beginning to simmer. Uncontrollably, small noises emerged from my throat. Her pretty face was set in concentration. "Come on, Terry," she urged, but did not move her hands any faster. "That's it, baby, come for me." She leaned over to plant a wet kiss on the head of my penis. "Yes, baby, you taste SO GOOD." Now her hands tightened on my cock. "Where's that

cum?" she asked, smiling sweetly. My semen was boiling up inside me. I was seconds from a huge eruption. My face was twisted in my agony. "That's it, baby, let it ALL COME OUT!" It burned like a spew of hot magma. My cum shot out the end of my throbbing cock, shooting into the air to fall back, splattering time and again on my stomach and on Ruth's little arms and hands. I could feel its wet heat on my skin. I could feel it forming into sticky pools on my naked flesh. "Oh, fucking shit!" I groaned. The final drops oozed from the dark head. "Did that feel good, Terry?" Ruth asked, seemingly in mock innocence. I opened my eyes to see her pretty, little face, framed by a cloud of hair, leaning toward me. Her pink lips were parted in anticipation of my answer. "Th-That was... fantastic," I mumbled weakly. I watched, completely innervated, as the young girl rose and came back with a warm, wet washcloth from the bathroom. She mopped up the sticky mess and helped my back into my shorts and under the covers. I

began to doze off. The light went off. I felt a soft body slide in next to me. "We can't..." I mumbled. I little finger on my lips stopped my words. It was about three in the morning. I woke up refreshed and relaxed. I was in bed with two naked little girls. Man-Oh-Man was I in trouble. I lay still for a minute, realizing that each of my hands was cupping a firm round ass. The young flesh felt so soft and smooth, and I could not but help to caress the girls, making them rub slowly against me in the dim light. Their little mounds were moving against my legs. Each had a leg across my own to press even more firmly against me. I had to be crazy, I thought, but I did not want to stop. Even when I lifted my hands to stroke their hair, the little hips continued to grind against me. Running my hand down the two small bodies, I found that little Ruthy was on my right, by the size of her young breast, and Tracy was on my left. My penis was again swollen with a mighty erection, but I devoted my attention to the two sisters. I found that touching the little bodies was extremely exciting. Grabbing an ass cheek in each hand, I palpated the soft orbs to help them find release. Small throaty sounds came to my ears, and I detected wetness where there bodies joined my legs. I shoved the little cunts against my legs, flexing my thigh muscles against them. Little whining moans were filling my bedroom. The action became faster. The girls dug their fingers into my chest, holding themselves ever so tight against my hot body. Again quickening the pace, Tracy and Ruthy moaned without restraint, seeking the release for their highly aroused bodies. I could detect the shuddering that I knew would precede their girlish orgasms. First Tracy, then Ruthy, emitted a long low whine as each froze against me, pressing her little wet cunt hard on my muscled legs. I continued to move my hands and legs against them. The room became silent except for the panting from the small lungs. I ran my hands up and down the sweatdampened bodies, touching and exploring without restraint. Slowly their hands relaxed the death grip that bound them to me and began to run along my own aroused body. Tracy's hand wrapped around my swollen cock. Ruthy's hand found my balls and began to fondle my cum-filled spheroids. "Damn, you two girls are awfully hot for being so young!" I said. "We learned it all from mom," Tracy confessed. Her hand slid along my cock. "Yes," said Ruth. "She and her boyfriends are too sloshed to notice that we are still awake when they start fooling around. They have given us a lot of free lessons." Her fingers were stroking my cum-packed testicles. "And mom has a few dirty videos that she likes to look at with her boyfriends. We found out where she keeps them." "What about that business about loving each other?" I asked. "Oh, that," said Ruthy nonchalantly. "We saw it in the videos, and Mom has a girlfriend who visits a few times. They like to do that to each other. Tracy and I tried it out. It really relaxes us and helps us sleep." She lifted up her head and mouthed something to her sister. They both giggled. "I think that we need to relax you, Terry, so we can all get back to sleep." I felt them slide down my body, pulling off my shorts. Raising my head I saw the pretty faces hovering near my erect penis. Pink tongues slid out of those pretty little mouths. Ruthy and Tracy began to bathe my hard cock with their wet tongues. As I watched, I thought, what the hell, the two sisters had already been corrupted at home; I might as well benefit from their precocious talents. The little heads moved up and down my hard rod. Once in a while the pretty faces would meet and exchange kisses. Then the two sisters would resume their wanton kissing and licking. I pulled a pillow under my head to prop it up, enabling me to relax while I observed the erotic show. Young Ruthy wrapped her lips around the bulbous head and sucked it like a lollipop. When she released it, it sprang toward her sister's waiting mouth, and she swallowed the glistening head, still wet from Ruthy's mouth. I wondered if this was the first practical exercise from the informal lessons, but I really did not care one way or the other. What really mattered now was the wonderful blowjob they were giving me. I still had some unanswered questions in my mind. I could feel another load of semen ready to emerge from me. The little mouths could hardly take more than the head of my erection, but the soft lips and little, busy tongues made up for any deficit. What really made this so exciting was the illicit nature of the act. Being orally sodomized by such young girls had never held an attraction for

me, but now that I was experiencing it, feeling and watching them suck my cock seemed to be the ultimate sensuous adventure. I needed to come so bad. Watching the small mouths perform fellatio on my thick cock, I had to ejaculate soon or I would explode. I felt my relief surging up through the hidden plumbing of my groin. "Oh shit, I... I'm gonna come," I moaned. "Let's see how much," Tracy said. She had been running the pointed tip of her tongue across my balls while her sister gave me some final sucks and licks. Ruth pulled her head away and began to stroke my shaft vigorously. She held her hand in front of my dickhead. My semen surged up the length of my cock and began to boil out of the tip into her waiting palm. Tracy cupped her hands below her sister's hand, catching the cream that soon began to overflow. "Ohhh... fucking... shit!" I groaned. Watching the two sisters intercept the jets of cum was incredibly hot. I moaned repeatedly as the wanton pleasure of my release washed across my entire body. Through half-

opened eyes I saw my sticky semen well over the outstretched hands to drip onto my sweating body. Even as the surges of cum began to abate, Ruthy continued to milk my penis, pulling out the last drops, little pearls that slowly coalesced and fell to the pool in her waiting hand. "Wow, what a big load, Terry!" Tracy exclaimed. "Look at all this cum, Ruthy." As Tracy and I watched, Ruth lifted her hand to her mouth and delicately dipped the tip of her tongue into the small pool of my semen. "Not bad," she murmured. She dipped her tongue in again, taking a larger amount. "Yeah, a little salty, but very interesting," she added. Not to be outdone, Tracy lifted a cum-soaked finger to her own mouth and licked off a small amount. She savored it for a few seconds and gulped it down. "Next time, you can come in my mouth," Ruth promised. "I think that I want to try that. It looks so sexy in those videos." She and Tracy got up to rinse off. Tracy came back with a warm washcloth and wiped me off. Then both jumped into my bed and pulled the covers up. They were right, I was so relaxed that I fell asleep immediately. The next morning we all squeezed into the shower. After a little fooling around, we washed and got out. While I was getting dressed, I smelled the aroma of coffee and bacon. Arriving in the kitchen, I found Ruthy was preparing our breakfast. I saw that Tracy was folding up the blankets and quilts in the living room. Apparently, the two sisters were neat-freaks, unable to leave a mess behind them. After breakfast, we all pitched in to clean up. Then we went outside. The rain had stopped, and we walked around their house. I saw an open window on the second floor. "If I get the ladder, maybe one of you can climb up and get in," I said. "Sure, but are you trying to get rid of us?" Tracy asked. "Hell, no, sweetikins, but I would like you to be able to get inside." I got the ladder out and held it while Tracy climbed up and went through the windows. We could hear her faintly moving through the house. Soon the back door opened and she emerged, displaying a key in her little hand. "She left it on a kitchen counter," Tracy announced. “Now we can make a copy to keep at my house," I said. "Why, so we can't have any more fun like last night?" asked Ruthy. "Not at all, sexikins," I replied with a big grin. "That way, you have to come to my house to get the key. Beside, now she won't know that we were together last night." "Or tonight too," Tracy said with a big, pleased smile. We drove up to the park. The lake had few visitors and the beach was deserted due to the cool, early summer weather. We hiked through the trees for an hour. We stopped at a hardware store on the road home and had the key duplicated. Then we went to the market and bought some more food to replenish our supplies for our next meals. "Don't buy too much," warned Ruth. "Our mom was supposed to leave us food. We should try to use it up." When we got home we stored away our purchases and went to the girls house. Loretta had remembered, at least, to buy some food for her daughters. Tracy checked the answering machine and informed us that her mother and "uncle" would not be returning until late Monday night, due to a change in plans. Their smiles changed to frowns when I told them that I had to report to my summer job on Monday morning. "I'll try to get home early," I said. Ruth took some cold cuts and bread with us and we had sandwiches for lunch. While we ate, they both started asking me a lot of questions about college and informed me once more that they were both definitely going. Somehow their intellectual curiosity was aroused, so they talked me into taking them to a science center in the wildlife sanctuary in the next town. We had a good time looking at the nature exhibits and walking along the trails. When we arrived home, we all pitched in to prepare supper. Actually, I helped. They prepared supper, and it was good too. "Let me make sure our house is ok," said Tracy. She took the key and came back a few minutes later. She had a video in her hand. "This might be fun to watch," she said. We had to clear away the supper mess. As I said, they were unable to do anything else until cleaning up was completed. Even though weather had warmed a little, I made up another fire. We popped the tape into the player and cuddled together watching the screen. It was about two girl friends that did just about everything with everybody, including each other. No wonder Ruth and Tracy knew so much. My cock was hard within seconds. Soon we were down to our underwear, me in just my briefs, Tracy in her cute panties, and Ruth in her bra and panties. I could barely wait

until the tape ended. As soon as it was over, Ruthy and Tracy amused each other and me with lewd parts of the dialogue from the x-rated video. I could see that they knew the lines quite well. No doubt they had watched it many times. They did a little strip tease, removing the last garments and leaving themselves bare to my gaze. I could see now that both still had bare pussies, but a small patch of fuzz was visible on Ruth's mound. Through their outer lips I could see the pink, inner folds, already dewy with their secretions, peeking out. I wanted those delectable cunts in my mouth. I ran my tongue across my lips. "I want," I whispered hoarsely, "to eat both of your little cunts." I heard little moans come from each of them. Slowly, they moved toward me and sat in our little nest of pillows and quilts. I had heard about something that I thought would be nice, so I arranged them and myself in a little circle, head to toe. "Why don't we," I suggested, "take

turns sucking each other. We can switch around and have some fun." I lifted up Ruthy's leg and began kissing inside her thigh. Taking the cue, she pushed her face between her sister's legs and began to attack the waiting pussy. Soon I felt a mouth on my hard on, as Tracy began to caress my cock and balls with her soft lips. I was becoming as excited by the flavor of Ruthy's cunt as much as she was with my tongue buried inside her vagina. I replaced my tongue with my finger and tickled the membranes of her love-hole while I licked her little clitoris. I could feel Tracy's sucking mouth moving over my balls and cock. I still had the image of her pretty face at work from the night before even though I was too involved to watch her now. I did catch a glimpse of Ruthy, working her mouth across her sister's juicy cunt. "Let's switch around," I suggested when I felt myself becoming excited. I did not want this to be over too soon. The short time it took to move about allowed me to cool off enough to enjoy Tracy's bald pussy. I locked my lips on the smooth labia and dipped my tongue into her slit. I could feel young Ruthy trying to force my cock deeper into her mouth. I concentrated on tasting the sweet flavor of little Tracy's pussy and drove my tongue deep into her, lapping the length of her girlish slit. She was becoming hugely excited by our three-way oral sex. Her little pelvis was rotating softly against my face, drenching me with her love juices. She became so excited that I knew that she should be helped immediately. I pushed a finger deep into her little, tight vagina and sucked her clit, as she frantically drove her cunt against my head. My mouth was already filled with her secretions when she shook and came in my mouth, flooding my face with her aromatic juices. I felt Ruthy's mouth pull away from my swollen cock. "Oh god, Tracy," she whined, "Don't stop yet! I need to come so bad!" Tracy remembered her duty to her sister, and Ruthy returned to sucking my cock until she released me once more to wail out her orgasmic pleasure. When she recovered, she did not place me in her mouth again, but rose and pushed me over onto my back. "I want to try something," she said, her face flushed her arousal. Straddling me, she lowered herself until her pussy was rubbing my cockhead. Turning my head, I could see her sister, still stunned by her own climax, staring at Ruthy through half-shut eyes. "We got to be careful," I said. "We can't..." "I know... I know." Ruthy replied, "but I have to see. I need to try this." The grabbed my cock, still wet from her mouth, and rubbed it along her bare labia pushing it along the honeyed grove between the pouty lips. Each pass seemed to press my cock deeper into her inner folds. Soon the head was barely visible, and I could feel it at the opening of her young vagina. The young girl increased the pressure and the head entered her and was immediately closely wrapped her soft, wet membranes. Ruthy moaned softly. She pushed down harder; I slid deeper into her. I looked at her face and saw no sign of pain. She gasped and pushed again. She was tight and slick, and I loved her little cunt around my meat even though most of me was still outside. "This is so fucking good," she gasped. "I feel so filled up." She pushed hard and now more of me was inside than outside. "Oh yeah!" she cried. I was afraid to do anything, afraid I would spoil this by hurting her. She let most of her weight press on our divine junction. She slid down my pole until my pubic hair concealed the view of her pussy. "Fucking shit!" said Tracy. "You did it! How does it feel?" "Unfuckingbelievable!" Ruthy said. She closed her eyes and rolled her head. "Didn't that hurt?" I asked. I was surprised at how I fit completely inside the little girl and how she had taken me in without showing any discomfort. "No, it feels great, really great," she sighed. "Tracy and I fool around with mom's vibrator, but this is even better." I could feel her little butt flex. "Yeah, it's the way it feels inside me, even though it doesn't buzz and quiver." Ruthy began to rock back and forth, making my penis move in and out a little. It was getting to be too much. "Oh man, Ruthy, we have to stop... or there's going to be a bit Accident." "Yeah, I know, she whispered softly with a sad look on her face. She began to raise herself up. I watched my member emerge from her cunt, glistening with her juices. At last she pulled herself free with a wet, slurping sound. A strand of lubricant stretched from her pussy to my cock and then parted. "I'll buy some rubbers, sexikins. Then we can do it," I promised. My aching cock made me moan.

"Let me give you a nice blow job now, Terry," she said. "I'll take care of that hard cock." "Hey," said Tracy. "You got to put him inside you and get to suck him too?" "Ok, you can help, Tracy," Ruth said. "And maybe next time he can try out your little pussy too." She leaned over me and began to suck my cock, licking off her own vaginal juices. Allowing me slip free, she murmured, "Yeah, I love doing that. Go ahead, Tracy; now you do him for a while." She sat up as her little sister began to suck on my swollen cock. "Just let me finish him off and make him come in my mouth." I watched with increasing excitement as they took turns sucking my penis. Soon I was ready to discharge another load or cum. "Here it is," I moaned. Ruthy was sucking me and locked her lips around my cockhead. She stroked my shaft, and I shot my first jet of semen into her mouth. She flinched when it slammed into her, and I saw her throat convulse as she cleared her mouth with a big swallow. Before she could finish, I gave her another shot, and she was forced to

pull her mouth off, so that the next squirt hit her in the face. Gamely she held her open mouth in front of my unruly hose and caught another shot with only a few drops splattering on her lips. "Take over, Tracy," she mumbled, trying to sweep up the errant droplets with her finger. Tracy leaned down and put her mouth around my cock, but only one last little jet of semen emerged. She kept her lips on me and milked the rest out with her hand, licking the drops from the head with her pink tongue. Not a drop of my sticky cum remained. The two young sisters had taken in all that I had to offer. We lay together in our nest, warmed by the fire's radiation. "Let's stay here tonight," Tracy said. "This is so much fun." Exhausted by our sexual workout, we dozed in front of the fire. I partially woke with a start, recalling that I had hidden a couple of condoms in some socks. When we wake up, I promised myself, I’d give Ruthy the fuck she's been wanting. Chapter 19: Sexual Diary Tales June 21st. The sleepover. Well, that's probably not a good name for it really. There wasn't much sleeping. If this is what college is going to be like, I’m ready to go now! Okay, let me back up and tell it from the beginning. Chad and I had a great time at the pool, swimming, sunning, and generally taking it easy. He dropped me off at the house at 7, which gave me a couple hours to get ready for the people coming over at 9. There were supposed to be one of my friends, one of Ellen's friends, and a few of Christine's college friends coming over, but when I got back I found out that the plans had been changed. Ellen and Randy were both staying over at other people's houses, and my friend couldn't make it either, leaving just me, Christine, and her college friends. But that was fine. An evening of lounging around in pajamas, watching movies, laughing that I could get into, and it would take my mind off of my increasing need for Chad or someone, or something, that would derail this sex obsession I seem to have. At 9 the girls showed up, and after some getting arranged, we settled down to watch a movie, planning to get into pajamas and whatever afterward. One of the girls looked at me strangely, and I caught her looking at me that way again, several times during the movie. Not knowing what that was all about, I decided to ignore her and watch the movie. All of our plans went out the window when the boys crashed the party at 10:30. They showed up at our door, bearing bags full of stuff, and started being loud and annoying, the way only college boys at a party can be. There were 4 of them, and 6 of us, and more than one bottle of alcohol per person, on average. I was suddenly very glad that Ellen and Rudy weren't around. I'm pretty much a stranger to alcohol; my only experience so far was a bad one. I don't remember anything else about it except that it was bad and I was sick for days. Lesson learned. There was some drinking. Okay, there was a lot of drinking. I didn't have much, because I was already freaked out enough from the episode at the pool - I really needed every inhibition I could get! Finally someone got the great idea (that's sarcasm, dear diary) to play a drinking game. It involved a special deck of cards, 2 dice, drinking, and stripping. Christine was already drunk, as was another of the girls and one of the boys. The girl who had been watching me strangely still was, which I just didn't get. What the hell was so interesting? Take a picture, it'll last longer. Okay, I’m getting off track. All that will be explained soon. So, 4 boys, 6 girls. The boys were all cute, most of them in some combination of shorts and a tshirt or sweatshirt. The girls were about the same. I was the youngest, and the oldest was 21. The boys were all around 20 or 21 I’d guess. Obviously one of them was 21, since they brought so much to drink. The game worked like this. Each person picked a card from the pile, in turn, and read it. There were always 2 options. Option 1 was different on each card. Option 2 was always "person X gets to remove one article of your clothing." After reading the card, you got to choose whether you wanted to do the thing option 1 told you to do, or take something off. A roll of the dice determined which person got to do it. Each of us chose a number. I chose 8. Rolling a 2 meant that the turn ended and you didn't have to do either option. Rolling a 12 meant everyone had to take a drink, and you didn't have to do any options either. We started the game. There was one 12 rolled, so we all had to drink. Otherwise, everyone chose option 2 until we were pretty much all shoeless and sockless, since that was the safest way

to go. One of the boys had lost his shirt as well to Christine, who used the opportunity to run her hands all over his chest while taking his shirt off. As a 12 was rolled again, I drank, having a feeling that things were going to get out of control before the evening was out. Oh yeah, the closet. I forgot to mention that rule. Some of the cards, for option 1, just had the word "the closet" and a time like 30 seconds, 1 minute, etc., all the way up to 5 minutes. That meant that you went into a totally darkened closet with that person for that length of time, and they could do whatever they wanted with you. The only limiter was that they couldn't touch or do anything to any part of you that was still clothed. That one scared me from the beginning of the game, but I was just "relaxed" enough to go along with it. After all, I could always run away if

I lost too many clothes. It was Christine's turn. She drew a card where option 1 was "dance on a table for 30 seconds" and got up on the table in the middle of everyone and danced. Next was one of the boys, Joey. His option 1 was to lick the face of person X. The dice were rolled, and person X turned out to be the boy next to him. He did it, but neither one looked real happy about it. I thought it was hilarious, and said so. Both of them gave me a dirty look. And that other girl, Marie, was looking at me again. It was Mike's turn, the guy sitting next to Joey. His option 1 was "the closet for 30 seconds." He chose it, and rolled. He got Joey. We all laughed hilariously when they came out 30 seconds later, and asked when the wedding would be. They vowed revenge. We all took another drink. To make a long story short, the game continued like that for a while. The high points were Stacia, a long dark-haired beauty, taking off Andrew's shorts as slowly as she could, getting a great grope in as she slid them off of him. Christine, now in shorts and a bra, and Mike, shirtless, wound up in the closet together for a minute, and came out looking disheveled, hot, and bothered. Marie had short blonde hair, almost white. She was about 5-6, very tomboyish, slim, and not particularly curvy. Her makeup was limited to some bright lipstick. Her ears were pierced 4 times each; her navel had a ring also. She was down to a black sports bra and black boxers when she drew one of the "special" cards. The special cards had no option 2, and a few of them were scattered throughout the deck. Each one had a clever title. This one was called "Threesome." It said that Marie, person X, and person Y had to spend 5 minutes in the closet together. Each would come out with one less piece of clothing on than they walked in with; the clothes would be removed at the 4-minute mark, so we couldn't play with anything we uncovered. The other closet rules applied: anyone could do anything they liked to any of the others, except where clothing still existed. The dice were rolled, and Shaun, Marie, and I were headed for the closet. Shaun was 5-8 or so, about 185lbs, and good looking in a tall blond sort of way. He was still wearing a long t-shirt and boxers. I was still mostly dressed, having lost only my jean shorts, leaving me in a long tank top, black bra, and white French-cut panties. I would have worn more modest clothes if I knew I’d be being seen in them! I almost didn't wear a bra... I guess I could be thankful for that, I thought, figuring that I was about to lose my shirt. We went into the closet. It was a tight fit; I was in the middle, Marie behind me facing the same way, as I was, Shaun in front of me facing me. The door closed, leaving us in the darkness together. I've got to get some sleep, diary. I'll finish up tomorrow. June 23rd. Hello again, Dear diary. I'll try to finish telling about the sleepover tonight. There's still a lot to tell! I fell asleep in the bra and panties I wore away from the party, and woke up around 3am with a killer headache. I gathered up my stuff and padded quietly to the upstairs bathroom, down the hall from my bedroom, and took a quick shower, coming out dressed in a nightshirt with a towel around my neck. I climbed quietly down the stairs, carefully not looking at the various bodies sprawled sleeping on the living room floor in whatever states of undress or intertwining they had fallen asleep in. I was in the kitchen, about to turn on the faucet to get some water to take my aspirin with when I heard some noises coming from the laundry room. A small voice in the back of my head, that I’ve come to believe must be the voice of whatever innocence I possess, said "Kelli, go to bed. Just walk away. Right now." Unfortunately for that voice, I was already moving towards the door to the laundry room. The laundry room is fairly large, with a washbasin, a washer, a dryer, and a separate storage room on the far side of it. No light was spilling out of the not quite closed doorway as I got next to it. The sounds were still there, kind of a creaking noise, as I pushed the door a little further open, as slowly as I could. Finally, by wedging my body into the crack and lying on the floor, I was able to get some kind of view of what was going on. The first thing I saw was the top of Shaun's head. He was lying on his back on the floor, his eyes closed tight, back arching in time with the motion of his lower body. I could only see down to his gorgeous stomach muscles, by way of his heaving chest. His forehead was damp with sweat. I wriggled forward a little more. The strange angle of the room meant that

I saw another guy next. I knew he couldn't be Shaun's partner, because he was too far away, which meant there was at least one other person in the room, if not two. It was Mike. He was sweating and groaning too, and obviously moving his lower body as well. I could see the both of them, all skin, obviously aroused, and it was turning me on big time. I could feel the cold floor through my shirt against my hard nipples as I wriggled further, pushing the door open a little more, until my whole head could fit. I thought about it for a few seconds, and figured that it was probably Stacia with Mike, and Marie with Shaun. Marie was kind of kinky, as I’d learned in the closet (and you're not? - shut up, stupid innocent voice!) and I could see her getting into watching the other couple as she and Shaun finished what we'd started in the closet. Why Stacia would do it I couldn't figure, but Mike was a guy, and I’m pretty sure he'd be into the group thing, too. His kiss during the contest may have been enough to persuade Stacia. So as I looked, I expected Stacia and Marie. What I got was entirely

different. I stuck my head around the door far enough to see the whole picture. I had pretty much guessed that Shaun had a woman on top of him from the way he was thrusting. I was half right. It was a woman, but she wasn't on top of him. Well, she was, but only part of her. Her head. And it was bobbing up and down really fast on his crotch as his hips thrust into her, his hands on her head pushing it down, again and again. His moans were coming pretty fast now, and they rebounded inside me as my breathing quickened. Then I realized that the head in his lap belonged to Christine. My sister. I think I made a noise, but fortunately no one noticed. I couldn't believe that she was giving Shaun a blowjob, a really hot blowjob, on the floor of our laundry room. I couldn't believe she'd do that. I couldn't believe she was so good at it. And I really couldn't believe I was still turned on. Think that's bad? Wait. I continued to look, wondering whether it was Stacia or Marie who was with Mike. Marie could still be involved, I was pretty sure she seemed really into sex of all kinds. I moved my head enough to see Christine's bare ass, with Mike on his knees pistoning into her from behind while she sucked on Shaun's tool. My sister. In a threesome. On the laundry room floor. Getting face fucked by Shaun while Mike pounded her pussy. I didn't know what to think. I didn't know what to do. And then there was a noise behind me; I barely managed not to scream. The action in the room was heating up, more moaning and groping and heaving and sweating. Shaun hand one hand on Christine's head now, entwined in her long blond hair and the other stretched out kneading her dangling breasts. Mike was ramming her faster and faster, but now his eyes were open, I was afraid to move at all to investigate the sound. Then I felt a body against mine. I held myself rigidly still as the body wriggled against mine. Finally the movement ceased as Marie looked around the corner, now lying on top of my back as I lay on my stomach. Her weight was comfortable, her pelvis on my butt pushing me into the floor, her breasts pressed against my back. Her lips were just outside my ear canal as she whispered "whatcha doin?" then breathed "ooooh" as she took in the scene before us. We fell as still as statues as they shifted positions. Mike climbed up on the washer and spread his legs wide. His cock glistened wetly in the small shaft of light from the storage room as Christine gripped it in her hand, licking it from top to bottom. Shaun took up position behind her and slid into her with a moan, one hand in her hair, the other around her waist. Mike moved his ass forward on the washer, forcing Christine to take him deep into her throat, which she seemed not to mind. I could feel Marie's heavy breathing on top of me, matching mine perfectly, her breath in my ear turning me on even more. I watched, and loved it. Am I a pervert? Maybe. A voyeur? Definitely. At that moment, I could only think of taking Christine's place, as I watched Mike's stiff cock sliding in and out of her lips. Suddenly Shaun started to groan and thrust into her deep and hard, his hand pulling her hair. His orgasm triggered Mike's; he pulled out and sprayed white goo all over Christine's face. She might have cared if she wasn't trying not to scream. The strain was obvious on her face as her body shook violently with the force of her cumming. "Oh, fuck" Marie breathed in my ear. Then, realizing we were in danger of being spotted, Marie crawled off of me and disappeared. I returned to the doorway to the kitchen and made some noise, walked over and got some water loudly, then returned to my room. Silence from the laundry room I’m pretty sure they didn't know I was there. I walked back up to my room, to find Marie already in my bed. I'm not sure why. I'm not sure what I was thinking. I crawled into bed with Marie, wrapped my arms around her, and fell asleep. That was the beginning of an amazing friendship between us. It's also the end of the sleepover tale. I'm off to bed. Goodnight, dear diary. July 7th. Wow! What a nice holiday weekend... really a good time. There's a lot to tell, so I’ll try to keep it short. I've been hanging out with Marie a lot. We've shopped, gone on double dates, that sort of thing. We've also kissed a few times, nothing sexual or anything. It's really weird, we're closer than I’ve ever been with anyone, but it's just a friendship. I don't think I’m lesbian or whatever, I really like guys. I just like hanging with Marie, too. So I’m just going with it. She and I spent the holiday weekend with her family at their cabin on the lake. There were

burgers, fries, hot dogs, swimming, sunning bathing, and I gave my first blowjob. I thought that would surprise you. It just all seemed right at the time, and I don't regret it too much. It would have been better if it had been someone I was dating or at least interested in. Maybe I should explain. We had been swimming all day. James, Marie, Stephen, and I. James is Marie's brother. Stephen is a friend that James brought along. I spent much of the weekend hitting on Stephen, but he seemed more interested in Marie. He was really good looking. James is also good looking; he looks like Marie, only male. He's a football runner of some sort, so he's in great shape. He eats constantly, and is a joker, too. The exact sort of guy you'd expect to be pulling your ponytail or snapping your bra strap or whatever. Anyway, we were all exhausted from swimming all day, and were lounging around the cabin that night after Marie's parents had gone to sleep. It was really hot in there, so we just never changed out of our swimsuits; I had on shorts over my bikini bottoms, and was

wearing just the bikini top. Marie hadn't bothered with the shorts, and her bikini must have been at least one size too small but that's just the way Marie is. Stephen, naturally, couldn't take his eyes off of her. She was in a chair, Stephen on the floor, and James and I were on the couch together, him on one end and me on the other. We were watching TV, some science fiction movie. James was the first to give up on the evening. With a quick farewell greeting he wandered up to bed. Half an hour later Marie yawned and said she was going to bed too, then swayed her way up to the second floor bedroom, Stephen's eyes firmly glued to her ass, leaving Stephen and I alone. After a few minutes, he moved over to the couch to see the television better, so we were now within reach of each other. I could tell from the bulge in his trunks that Marie had gotten him excited. I wondered why he hadn't gone upstairs with her. We watched for a while, and I started to get tired. I was just about to go up to bed when I heard a noise. I took a careful, hidden look and saw Marie in a hidden corner of the upstairs, watching us. I wasn't sure how long she'd been there. She was wearing a nightshirt, standing in a darkened part of the cabin's balcony that looked down on the living room. I knew that she and I shared the same sickness: we liked to watch other people. So, I thought to myself, maybe I should give her a little show. After all, she hadn't invited Stephen up to her room, so he was fair game, right? I yawned once, and asked Stephen if it would be okay if I lay down on the couch. He said sure, and started to get up. I stopped him, and said, "Just sit on the end," so he did. I lay on my back, resting my head in his lap, and returned to watching television, making sure he had a good view of my cleavage. I could feel Marie's eyes on us, watching. The thought of being watched was almost as erotic as watching was, and I felt myself growing warm. I felt Stephen growing warm, too, or, if not warm, at least hard. I laughed inside at how easy it was to turn on a guy. Just put your head in his lap and he's yours forever. Or something like that. I didn't know if Marie would be angry that I was coming on to Stephen, but I figured that if she was, she'd come down and stop me. She didn't, and I knew it was time for my next move when Stephen's hand came to rest on my stomach. He did it very well, it seemed almost natural the way he dropped it there, but I knew what was in his mind by the signals his body was sending. I stretched, and rolled over onto my side, which had the effect of dropping Stephen's hand onto my hip, and depositing my hand on his thigh in front of my nose. I made some contented noises and went back to watching TV. I could tell that the proximity of my mouth to his tool was driving him nuts. His breathing was a little heavier, too. Unfortunately, I couldn't see Marie anymore, I wasn't sure if she was still watching. But I knew I needed a little more tension before moving on. Eventually, I got the sign that Stephen was ready: his hand slipped down and cupped my ass. I moaned happily, and he started running his hand all over my butt. I snuggled my face closer into his thigh, getting a sharp inhalation in return. I thought to myself, I guess Kelli's ass in the hand is better than the promise of Marie's bush. Or something. I wasn't thinking very clearly I guess! I was nervous. I'd never done this before I’d never really even given a hand job. But my watching over the last months gave me a good idea of what I had to do. I slid my head down a little to give me access, and softly started to run my fingertips over the bulge in Stephen's trunks. He moaned, and grabbed my ass harder. I smiled. I kept my eyes closed to make sure we wouldn't meet each other’s gaze I didn't think I could handle that. I continued to stroke him very lightly, as his caresses got harder and more urgent. He was touching me everywhere I had bare skin, and my butt. I could tell he wanted to touch my boobs, but was afraid to. I figured it was time for the next stage. Slowly I rolled over and crawled on top of him, kissing him deeply and straddling him, lowering my bikini clad bottom onto his hard on, guiding his hands to my breasts. Pleasure shot through me as I ground on him through our clothes, and his hands were quick to find my nipples, grabbing, squeezing. I pulled his head to my chest, and he started to suck on one of my nipples. I threw my head back in pleasure, and scanned the balcony for Marie. She was still in her corner, sitting now. I caught her eye, and she looked startled that I knew she was there. I smiled at her,

licked my lips, and blew her a kiss while Stephen licked my breasts. I watched her as I ground into him harder, and made him moan. I decided it was time to give Stephen his reward. I climbed off of him and stripped off my dangling bikini top. I motioned him to lie down, and pulled his trunks off of him in one swift motion, leaving his erection bouncing in the air. I knelt on the floor by his waist and started to slowly jerk him off, my fist squeezing him as it moved up and down. After a few feeble attempts to reach me from his lying position, he fell back and closed his eyes, his arm falling limply to the floor. I watched Marie as I stroked him. She was visibly aroused, her nipples poking into her shirt. She was sitting on the balcony's floor. One hand dropped to her waist, then slipped under her nightshirt. I saw her lips part as she touched herself, her eyes glued to Stephen's naked tool. I used both hands now, alternating between his balls and his cock, getting more and more moans from him, his hips now thrusting into my hands. And then, surprising all of us, I think, he was in my

mouth. I don't remember deciding, I don't remember leaning forward, and I just remember the feel of the smooth skin of his dick sliding between my lips. My tongue welcomed him, spiraling around the head as it slid past and I took him deeper. I relaxed my throat, and let him slide as far in as I could. As I slid him back out I sucked, my tongue against him the whole way, keeping my lips tight. I slid him out, and looked directly at Marie. Her head was leaning against the wall, her hands moving fast under her nightshirt, her eyes riveted to mine as I slowly dropped my lips to his cock and sucked him in again. I kept her eyes locked as my head dropped down and down, until I had him all in this time. As I slid him out again, he came, spraying my mouth and face with salty cum. It was everywhere, on both my cheeks, my eyelashes, and my hair. His moaning almost covered the sound of Marie's moaning. I couldn't do anything but laugh at the thought of how I must look, covered in Stephen's juices. So I did what any good girl would do: I grabbed his head, gave him a deep French kiss so he'd have to deal with the taste of the stuff too, then ran up the stairs to my bedroom and locked the door. During the night I was awakened twice by people trying to come in. I didn't bother to unlock the door. I figured I’d been a big enough slut for one day. I'm not sure what came over me, dear diary, and I don't know what I’m going to do about it. But once I figure it out, I’ll be sure to tell you! July 8th. I know I haven't written in a while, dear diary, there's a lot to tell. Life is amazing, to say the least. The big news is that I lost my virginity over thanksgiving; the bigger news is that it was to a woman. Actually, more than one woman. I'm so confused! Let me start at the beginning. There was a bunch of people who stayed in the dorms for Thanksgiving vacation. Sarah, me, Marie, and Tina, Marie's roommate, was among them. 7 days with no responsibilities, we were ready to have a good time! We ate out a lot, went shopping, spent Thanksgiving day watching football in my dorm room (some of those players are really hot!), and made plans to meet Saturday night at Marie's room, then go out to Tina's parents' house. They left town Saturday afternoon, and we made the 2-hour drive to their house, arriving around 6 on Saturday. The house was fantastic! It had a hot tub. It had a big screen television. It had great couches and chairs and decks and bedrooms and bathtubs and showers. Tina was definitely from money, I thought as I walked in the door. Things were looking up even more when she pulled the key to the wine cabinet from its supposedly hidden location, and opened up what was to be the first of many wine bottles we would kill that weekend. We settled down to watch some television, all of us sacked out on one piece of furniture or another, after dinner and another bottle of wine. We were all somewhat toasty, especially Tina. While flipping around on the television, we came upon one of those bad soft-core sex movies that are on cable. That's when the whole thing started to get out of control. We watched for a few minutes, then Marie complained about the movie being boring. Tina looked at her strangely and ran out of the room, returning in a few moments with a stack of DVD's. She looked at Marie pointedly, and threw one of the discs into the player, then sat back down on the couch. Before I go on, let me give you a sense of the atmosphere. We were all tipsy, for sure. Sarah, who I’ve told you about, was in the lazy boy. She was wearing a half shirt and a sports bra, and jean shorts. She was laying so her back was on an arm, her butt was in the seat, and her legs were over the other arm, laughing way too much. Tina is about 5-6, 120 pounds maybe, with long strawberry blond hair. She's tough, reminds me of Marie. She's muscular, and wearing leather pants, barefoot, and a man's dress shirt over her sizeable rack. Her butt looks great in those pants, too. She's lying on one of the couches. I'm on the other couch, wearing my usual jeans and a white t-shirt and sandals. Marie is on the floor, lying on her stomach. She's wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt. Okay, back to the story. The disc starts to play and the first thing we see is this huge breasted blond, naked, sucking on a humungous cock. It was just mammoth. We had moved out of the soft core and into the hardcore, for sure. As we watched the camera pulled out, and we saw that the woman sucking was also getting fucked from behind by another huge cock. There was silence in the room as we watched. There was the occasional bit of

nervous laughter, but by and large the silence continued as we watched them do her, finally cumming on her face and back. The thing was plot less, as most of them are, and the next scene was an orgy. An all-out orgy, with about 15 guys and as many girls. There were pairs, threes, fours, and mores, and it got all of us hot. Finally the movie was over, and we all got up and walked around, almost embarrassed to look at each other. Tina looked at Marie and asked "better?" Marie, being a smartass, answered, "It was alright I guess. Do you have anything more interesting?" Tina looked her up and down, and answered "maybe." She grabbed another of the discs and popped it in, and grabbed a deck of cards. She looked Marie in the eye "I challenge you to a game of poker; the winner gets to be the boss of the loser for the rest of the weekend." Marie put her hands on her hips and answered, "I've got a better idea. We all play, and the winner gets to boss the others around for the weekend." I tried to step in and say what a bad idea that was, since I really didn't know Tina at all, but Sarah

stepped up and said "Fine." Which, when you think about it, figured. She did like to boss people around. I sighed and said, "I’m in." We all sat down at the dining room table, the TV playing another episode of "Jail Babes" or some such movie in the background. Tina dealt first, and authoritatively. I had a bad feeling about this, a feeling that turned out to be right. When the game was over, Marie hadn't won. Neither had I. Neither had Sarah. I was worried. Tina stood up and said, "Well, slaves, are you going to back out?" We all looked at each other and shook our heads; rules were rules, and we'd play by them. "I'm so glad" Tina replied. "Kelli, clean up the dishes. Marie, go make us something for dessert. Sarah, come with me." She grabbed Sarah by the hair and pulled her out of the room. Marie and I looked at each other, wide-eyed, then shrugged and went to do as our new "Mistress" had commanded. A deal was a deal. A few minutes later, Tina returned. "Marie, come with me." Marie complied without complaint, and they left the room. Again, a few minutes later, Tina returned. "Kelli, come with me." And I went. She led me upstairs to a room I hadn't been in yet her room. Once we got there, she threw me on the bed by my hair and slapped me on the ass, hard. I cried out in surprise, and she put her face right next to mine on the bed. "Are you going to wimp out, Kelli? Don't you have the nerve to see this through?" I frowned at her and stood up. "Bring it on, Tina." She did. Rummaging through her drawers, she grabbed several items and threw them onto the bed. "Strip naked and put these on. Then come back down to the living room." She stormed out of the room and slammed the door. I obediently stripped off my clothes and slid into the ones she'd prepared for me. The shorts were leather, and were small for me, and small to begin with; basically they were a cross between panties and hot pants, and fit like they were glued to my body. The bra wasn't much better, a leather thing a cup size too small. It pushed my breasts up and out. I could hardly believe it when I saw the last item: a black dog collar with studs. I sighed and put it around my neck, feeling like somehow Tina must have planned this all ahead of time. I walked into the living room as red as a strawberry, until I saw Marie and Sarah. Marie was in a corset-like thing of some sort, with laces in the back, fishnet stockings, and black heels. She looked great, like some sort of dark vinyl or leather goddess. She, too, had on a collar, but hers was red. Sarah was another story altogether. She was dressed in red lace, the barest pieces of it failing to completely cover her crotch and her breasts. Her nipples peeked out over the top of the wispy bra, and the panties were so miniscule they could hardly be seen. There was a very nervous look in her eyes. Tina stripped off her shirt, leaving her in a black bra and those fantastic leather pants. She ordered us all to sit, and we did. She paced in front of us for a few seconds looking intimidating. Without a beat she grabbed Marie's collar, attached a chain to it, and pulled Marie to her feet, throwing her none too gently against the wall. She grabbed her hands and feet, and pushed her to the point where she was spread eagled, her face pushed against the wall. Tina leaned into Marie's ear and whispered, "Wimping out yet?" Marie shook her head in reply, and Tina walked over to me, lowering a hand to mine. I took her hand, and she raised me to my feet. With her other hand, she grabbed Sarah by the hair and pulled her to her feet as well. "Sarah here is having a real problem with this, I think" Tina commented. "The problem is, and maybe you don't know this, that Sarah is a dominant. She likes to be in control, and being out of control is not a good time for her. Unfortunately, she risked submission in order to have the opportunity to dominate us all, and submission is what she's going to receive." She dragged Sarah over to the back of the couch, and roughly pushed her forward, doubling her over, leaving her ass high in the air. I was looking forward to what Tina was going to do to Sarah - I thought it was only fair after watching how she used Josh, that she be used as well. Call it justice, whatever; I just wanted to see her be someone else's plaything. Tina handed me one side of a long leather strap and ordered me to drop to my stomach and run it under the couch. I did so, and Tina proceeded to use it to wrap around the whole couch, attaching a small ring on the strap to a short chain that connected to the handcuffs that now bound Sarah's wrists. Sarah was whimpering quietly now in the

back of her throat; I really wanted to know what she was thinking. Several sharp practiced yanks on the strap resulted in Sarah's face being pressed into the seat of the couch, her feet no longer on the floor, with her ass sticking up even higher in the air. Tina stepped back, admiring her handiwork, and then her hand shot out and slapped Sarah's exposed bottom, hard. A jolt ran through Sarah, but she didn't cry out. The red print of Tina's hand was visible on Sarah's butt. "Did you like that, Kelli?" Tina asked, surprising me. I nodded in reply. She pushed me over against the wall next to Marie, and gently guided my hands into a spread eagle position mimicking Marie's. "Tonight may seem to be about me, Kelli, but really, it's about you" she said, and slid her hands around my stomach, caressing my bare skin. "You are perhaps the most innocent seeming person I have ever met" she continued, sliding her hands upward, avoiding my breasts and tracing the bare skin of my arms "but I think there's something else in there waiting to be called out, and I’m going to do

the calling." With that she landed her hands on my breasts and squeezed them, giving me a shocking mix of pleasure and discomfort. "You, for sure, will not leave this place unchanged; that is my goal." Her hands cupped my bottom next, squeezing again through the small bit of leather I was wearing down there. She let me go, and stepped back, then ran her hands up and down Marie's body for about a minute. I could tell it was turning Marie on, the pinching and grabbing and general helplessness of the situation. Then, having finished with Marie, she walked out of my line of sight, and I heard the sound of flesh on flesh as she, presumably, smacked Sarah again. I could see Marie's chest heaving with excitement. I wondered if this was how Tina and Marie spent their time together as roommates! Soon Tina was behind me again. I was shocked as she spun me around, pushed me back against the wall and kissed me, deeply, driving her tongue into my mouth. I had no choice but to return the kiss, which was surprisingly warm and wet and made my knees almost, buckle. Even when I’d kissed Marie that one time before I hadn't enjoyed it all that much, and figured I just didn't like girls that way. Tina corrected that thought for me, and I got more and more turned on as the kiss continued and her hands roamed my body again, squeezing, caressing, touching. After a short eternity the kiss ended, and I sagged against the wall. Tina walked over, spun Marie, and did the same to her while I watched. Finally, she walked back to Sarah, whispered something in her ear, and brought her hand down hard on Sarah's ass again, this time causing Sarah to cry out in shock. Her cries turned me on, I can't lie. What happened next is amazing and I’ll tell you about it tomorrow, Dear Diary. July 9th. Kelli sits at her desk, writing in her alwayspresent journal. The campus is deserted; it's Saturday after finals week, and everyone else moved out Friday. Only a few stragglers remain, those whose parents could not or would not pick them up the day before. The early morning light filters in the open shades, displaying the minimalist room, as clean as it has been at any time during the semester. Dust motes twinkle as the sunshine catches them, diffusing to cast a bronze highlight on various items in the room. Sarah left on Wednesday, and Kelli is feeling lonely as she toys with her pen on the textured paper of her journal, drawing various symbols devoid of any meaning whatsoever, even to their author. She stands, sighing, and performs a stretch that starts with her hands in the air, reaching for the ceiling, supported on the tips of her toes. Her long red hair tumbles in curls to the middle of her back, held loosely by a ribbon at her neck and another near the tip of the medusa like bundle. It accepts the kiss of the sunlight, and is suffused with a glow that turns it almost to copper, rather than its traditional hue, a dusky auburn. The shirt she is wearing rides up during the stretch, revealing light skin devoid of imperfections, and the line of her vertebrae climbing up her arched back. The blue boxer shorts hug her hips and her tight legs as she strains to reach the top. Then she collapses, bending at the waist, her hands falling to press flat against the floor, her hair flipping over to brush against the rug beneath her. Her socked feet slide sideways, and she winds up in a sideways split on the floor, her legs wide apart, her hands reaching forward, her head lying on the rug in front of her. Another sigh escapes her body as she finishes her stretch and rolls onto her back, the sunlight playing over the straight line of her body as she lays flat on her back. The shirt has ridden up, displaying the flat stomach, stretched taut, revealing the defined muscles beneath the ivory skin. She lies there, and time passes while she contemplates. There are no limits to the things she could be thinking about, and her outward display shows nothing of the inward happenings. One hand falls to her stomach, gently rubbing in large slow circles. The other hand trails languidly down her leg, the scarlet nails beginning at her knee and slowly moving towards her waist. Her excitement is betrayed by the hardened bumps rising from the t-shirt, which is pulled tight across her breasts. The hand on her stomach trails up, under the shirt, and suddenly it is off, tossed softly across the room. Kelli's nipples are large, and erect with need. Her hand returns to her torso, a finger tracing the outside of her breast, circling in, ever so slowly, towards the waiting prize in the middle. The other hand continues its progression,

now caressing the inside of her right thigh, the long nails raising small bumps on her flesh. The blue boxer shorts have ridden up, the wide leg holes puddled where gravity has pulled them. Kelli's hand disappears into one of those leg holes. Several things happen at once: her back arches slightly, her rear end and shoulder blades pushing into the floor. Her eyes, slightly opened against the morning light, roll backwards. Her breath shudders from her chest in a low gasping moan. And the finger that has been circling finally reaches the center, caressing the nipple it has been slowly stalking. Kelli's eyes flutter open, and she rolls gracefully to her feet. The blue boxers fall to the floor, slithering down her legs, and she steps out of them. Her hair is freed next, spreading out across her back like a fan, blowing gently in the chilly breeze coming in through the slightly opened windows. She moves slowly to Sarah's bed and lies down on her back. Both hands found their way to her breasts, massaging, kneading, and gently pulling on the nipples. As she manipulated her chest, her hips started to move, almost imperceptibly

circling on the bed. Her hands leave her chest after several minutes, tracing the lines of her torso from her shoulders, down her stomach, to her hips. They meet again over her belly button. One hand stays there. The other slips downward, the long red fingernail sliding over her pleasure spot, continuing down, spreading the folds that cover her gate, then sliding deep inside. She takes a deep breath, sliding the finger slowly back out, then drops her hands to either side on the bed, taking several moments just to breathe. Leaning over, she opens a drawer on the nightstand nearest the bed, Sarah's nightstand, and pulls out several objects, setting them beside her on the bed. She upends the first bottle over her chest, pouring a golden liquid from it in a line from her throat to the downy patch of dark hair, neatly trimmed, that leads down the areas that only her girlfriends have experienced. Both hands dive in then, rubbing the baby oil over the front of her body, leaving her skin slick and glistening. Both hands slide down past her navel and onward, coating her lips and the area in between, providing lubrication for the pleasure to come. For several minutes, Kelli simply revels in the slippery coating atop her, rubbing her hands quickly over all the covered areas, making herself breathe heavily, gasping at certain touches. The look on her face betrays a mind that is far away, seeing or remembering visions of pleasure, of ecstasy, of, perhaps, love, or at least lust. Reaching down, she finds another of the items she retrieved from the drawer. It is called a butterfly, and this one is particularly beautiful. Sarah has a thing for pretty toys. Rolling her legs upward, Kelli slips her feet through the straps, wriggling around and pulling the unit into place so that the main part of it sits directly on top of her clitoris. For a couple of seconds, she rolls around, finding a comfortable position. Then, with a satisfied sigh, she flicks the hand control that lay next to her. A low buzzing emanates from the device as it stimulates her, and Kelli's eyes take on a half lidded look of lust. For several minutes she lies there and lets it do its work, occasionally moaning in response to the sensation. Her lust increases, and the hand on the control moves the dial to the next setting. The buzzing becomes louder, and Kelli speaks softly "Oh... yeah... mmmmm... ah.... oh..." Her hips move more obviously, rubbing sensually against the partner that isn't there. Her hand reaches down and finds the last of the objects she retrieved from the drawer. It is about 7 inches long, black, and high tech looking. The top is rounded; the bottom is not. Kelli looks it up and down, then sticks out her long tongue, bringing the black rod to her mouth and licking it, taking it into her mouth and sucking it as she flicks the dial in her left hand to the next setting. The ebony toy is out of her mouth as she moans in pleasure at the additional vibration, her voice rising to a low yell as she repeats her litany "oh, yeah.... ummm. yeah, oh, yeah.... ahhh" over and over, her eyes closed now as she focuses totally inward, lost in the feelings she is experiencing. Her right hand slides down, under her now-raised right leg, which is bent at the knee. A slow twist of the wrist and the toy is sliding inside her, inch by inch. Her mouth is open in a wordless yell as she pants, close to being overwhelmed by all this sensation. As she slides the toy deep inside her for the first time, her left hand flicks the control to its maximum setting. Her back arches and she yells out as the adjustment occurs, the control falling to the floor as her limbs go weak. The only appendage with any remaining power is her right hand, which plunges the toy in and out of her welcoming void in a frenzy. Kelli's lips are stretched in an effort to restrain herself, but the dam quickly breaks, and she cries out at the top of her lungs "yes, oh, yes, oh, god, Marie, you're so good, oh, yes.. oh.. OH... oh, I’m cumming..." and then she loses the ability to speak, wordless as she convulses in orgasm after orgasm. Finally, after minutes of nonstop uncontrolled shaking, she is able to roll over and reach the control for the butterfly, switching it off and collapsing from the effort, panting, and the sweat from her brow dripping onto the dorm room floor. She rolls over on her back and falls asleep, surrounded by the debris of the last hour. Her arms are flung out over her head, her legs flopped wide. The oil glistens on her skin, a counterpoint to the sweat drying on it, texturing her skin with its saltiness. Her hair is flung out in a fan above her

head. She is pure as snow, as gorgeous as a summer afternoon, and dreams of Marie, her first lover. Occasionally she moans happily in her slumber. Several hours later, she is awakened by the sound of the car door slamming; by the time her parents arrive at her door, she has cleaned up and dressed, no hint of the earlier pleasure except for a dusky auburn glow on her skin. Her parents remark on how healthy she looks; Kelli smiles sweetly and closes the door behind her, leaving college behind for the winter break. The sunlight still sparkles in the room, but the warmth has left it; the room feels as if it is waiting, waiting for the return of its occupants, the return of the life it vicariously enjoys. The return of Kelli, and of Sarah, of Marie, and of Tina. For it knows, without a doubt, that it will bear witness to more adventures as that particular foursome moves through the years they will spend together. As Kelli closes the car door, she sighs, looking forward to the next semester... and all of the stories she will have to share. July 10th. Well, Dear Diary, I’m back to school! My holiday was great, although uneventful, with one notable exception;

I'll tell you more about that later. I only got to see Marie once over break, even though we live nearby; she was on vacation with her family for 3 weeks. Not a bad way to spend a break! We're all back; I've seen Sarah, obviously, and Marie. Tina amazingly joined a sorority; she moved out, and Marie has a new roommate I haven't met yet, her name is Andrea. I can't imagine the sorority that would accept Tina, all I can think is that they don't know her very well. They're in for a surprise, I think. Sarah is her usual perky self; very little of her dominant streak slips out in everyday life. I think her boyfriends must be as surprised as Tina's sorority sisters are going to be. None of us currently have steady significant others of any sort; when we got involved with each other at the end of last semester, we kind of let all consideration of others go. We all pledged before we left for break to not get so wrapped up again this semester, which is good. I'm looking forward to it. Anyway, I should share the one noteworthy event of the winter break. It's kind of out there, though, I should warn you ahead of time. Very strange. It was New Year's Eve, around 3 am, when my private phone line rang. I picked up on the second ring, jolted out of my sleep, which had only begun an hour earlier at 2am. "Hello?" I asked, my voice hoarse from the cheering and celebrating only hours before. An almost giddy Marie said "Hi Kel!" "Marie!!" I exclaimed happily, "What's up, girl?" "You won't believe me if I tell you" Marie replied. "Tell me, tell me now, Marie." "Well," Marie said, "here's the picture. I'm out here in California, visiting with Tina for a few days; I’m going to catch up with my parents later. Her brother, Chris, is really cute, and I’ve been flirting with him back and forth, a lot. Well, tonight we all played a game together, Chris, Tina, me, and Tina's new guy Rob. The stakes were that whomever won got served by whoever lost for the rest of the night. Tina and I lost, and now we have to serve." She paused to catch her breath. I interrupted "Marie, you're crazy, why did you play?" Marie laughed, "Chris dared me to. You know how I am with dares. Anyway, Tina and Rob are in the other room, I don't know what's going on in there. And I’m in here with Chris." I was confused, I admit it. “Okay, Marie, not to be rude or anything, but why are you calling me right now?" I could not, for the life of me, think of a reason. "Well, Kel, it turns out Chris is a bit of an exhibitionist. As part of my job as his servant, I had to call you." “Okay," I replied, "that's really weird. What do you want me to do?" "Nothing" Marie replied, "just you listening in as I describe what's going on is all he wants." I tried to respond, but Marie continued talking. "I have to begin now, Kelli, so here's what's going on. I'm sitting in a computer chair, and my wrists are tied behind my back with some kind of rope. I've got a wireless headset on my head that I’m talking to you with. I'm wearing a white button down shirt and a black miniskirt, with stockings and heels. Chris is sitting on the bed waiting for me to finish. He's in tight jeans and a white t-shirt. He's about five-nine, probably 190 pounds, blond hair and blue eyes. Very attractive." he paused for a few seconds, and then continued "He's getting up now, and taking off his shirt. He's got a hairless chest, and just a small bit of hair trailing down into his jeans." Marie was starting to sound a little turned on; I could recognize it easily, having heard it firsthand in the past. "He's unbuttoning his jeans and taking them off. Now he's wearing just a pair of boxers. I can see the bulge in the front; they're barely holding him in. Now he's walking over to me." I heard Marie moan softly, and then she continued. "He's kissing my neck, and slowly unbuttoning my top, kissing each part he uncovers." I heard a quick exhalation from her, and then she continued with a tremor in her voice. "He just ripped off my shirt, popping the buttons off." She said. "Now he's grabbing my breasts" she paused, I heard Chris speaking, then she continued "he wants me to talk dirty, Kel, he's grabbing my tits through my bra and squeezing them, pulling on one of my nipples that's pushing out against the bra. He's pushing my shirt down my arms, now it’s behind me. He's kneeling in front of me. His hands are under my ass now, squeezing it." there was a pause, and a rustle of clothing. "He just pulled my skirt off. I'm in thong panties and a matching bra now, white, and black stockings, and heels. I can see the bulge in his boxers getting bigger. His cock

is huge, Kel, bigger than I’ve ever seen. His hands are on my panties now; he's stroking me through the fabric. MMMM..." she trailed off. "Marie," I said, "are you okay with this? Do you want me to do something to stop it?" Marie answered, "It feels so good, what he's doing. His fingers are under the fabric, now, stroking my clit, oh, yeah..." Then she gasped aloud. "Marie?" I asked urgently. Kelli, his mouth is on my clit now, and his fingers are... ooooh.... inside me, he's ramming them in and out while he licks me, oh yeah... Oh, God, he just ripped my bra down, Kelli, he's groping my tits with the other hand while he eats me and finger fucks me... oh, Chris, that's so good..." Marie was very turned on, now, obviously. At least she had someone to share it with. I was also turned on, and very alone. Then Marie exclaimed "Oh!" loudly, almost deafening me. "He's... he's untied me and moved me to the bed, Kel, sitting me up and tying each wrist to either side of the headboard. He's got me so wet from eating my pussy so well" (Marie was obviously trying to turn him on with the dirty talk, now; I was glad to hear she'd regained some sort

of control of the situation) "I just wish he'd stick his dick in me and fill me up." She paused for a minute, then said "oh, my God. Kelli, he just took his boxers off. His cock is so big, it's got to be 10 or 11 inches long, and I don't know if I could get my hand around it. I've never seen one that big. He's standing on the bed now, walking towards me, his hands are in my hair, it's right in front...mmmph." I heard next the unmistakable sounds of a blowjob, as Chris had presumably shoved his cock into Marie's mouth. I heard moans and groans, male and female, as Marie sucked him. Finally she spoke again. "He's taken it out of my mouth... it was so big I couldn't get it all in... I can't imagine what that's going to feel like when he sticks it in me down there..." "He's untying me now, Kel... turning me around, I’m on all fours facing the wall... now he's tying my hands again. I can feel him moving around back there... Oh, yeah... he's lying underneath me now, eating my pussy again... yes, oh yes.... he's got fingers inside me, spreading me apart... his other hand is crushing me against his face, pulling me down... Oh, Kelli, I’m gonna cum... ahhh.... ahhh...." Marie screamed as she came, loud enough, I’m guessing, to wake everyone in the house. Soon she was panting into the phone again. "Kel, he's sliding his cock into my pussy from behind... I can feel it coming in, inch by inch, I’ve never been this filled before... I'm so wet it's just sliding perfectly...Now he's fucking me slow, sliding it partway in, then back out..." She stopped talking and just moaned a few times. "Oh, Kel, he's going faster now... it feels so good, but right on the edge of pain like he's going to tear me apart. His finger is rubbing up and down my butt, making me jump every time he touches my hole. Oh, now he's going even faster." I heard an occasional slap and Marie crying out in between her panting and moaning. "He's... spanking me... sometimes, in time with his... dick ramming into me..." she managed to get out in between gasps. After several seconds of only hearing the sounds of them having sex, Marie started to speak again. "He's out of me now, and moving around on the bed. He's pushing my legs apart. Oh, Kelli, I can feel his tongue on my asshole... he's licking it... his fingers are in my pussy and on my clit again.... Oh, shit, he's got his tongue inside my ass now... Oh, fuck, that feels weird.... It hurts, but not too bad, and his fingers are doing really good work...” I was panting along with Marie now. "He's got a finger in my ass now... it hurts more" she whimpered; the sound of a slap followed. "He's not in me anymore, and he's untying me. Oomph. I'm on my back now, he's holding my hands together over my head really hard." He's straddling me, and squeezing my tits together with his other hand... now he's fucking my chest, Kel.." a pause "and his cock" another pause "is hitting my lips" another "with each push." She was silent for a while; I could hear her breathing, and the sound of Chris' labored breathing as well. Then I heard her voice again. "He's moving up, Kel, he's going to fuck my face." I heard it all then, the sound of his meat sliding wetly in and out of her mouth, her heavy breathing through her nose as he used her, his moaning, her moaning, then the sound of him yelling and her swallowing, convulsively. Finally her voice came over again. "I have to go now, Kel. He came in my mouth and made me swallow it all; now he's untying me. I think we're done. I hope you don't think this was as weird as I think it was. I'm exhausted. See you in a couple weeks." I was trying to cut in "Marie... Marie!" but all I got was a dial tone. Once we got back to school, I was relieved to find that Marie was her same old self. That was a bizarre night she went through, and I don't know if I would have come out of it unscathed. All I can say is that she should really quit betting on things! And if she's going to continue... well, she just better continue to call me. Goodnight, Dear Diary. Chapter 20: Two Loving Daughters I was single again. After twenty years in what can only be described as a disastrous marriage, I had separated from my wife. For the time being I was staying with my two daughters who had just rented a big new apartment together. An apartment, which, luckily for me, just happened to have an extra bedroom. One night, I was up late with my daughters, just fooling around in the living room reminiscing. We were sitting on the couch, talking about the good old times. I looked at them and felt proud. They had grown up to be two beautiful young women. Lynn was nineteen,

Jenny a year younger. They both worked at a nearby hair salon and had decided to get a place together so they could save up some money and maybe put a down payment on a house. They said that one day they'd each probably get married, but that day was a long way off. Until then, they wanted to enjoy their independence. And, although they didn't say this to me, I'm sure they wanted to enjoy a range of men and have some experience before settling down with one. In my view, that was wise. For I knew the pitfalls of settling down with the first girl you ever sleep with. In my case it was a mistake a big one. And I didn't want my daughters to make the same mistake as I had. They were beautiful. Both of them were slim and athletic, like their mother. Jenny had long strawberry-blonde hair, while Lynn was darker and had recently cut her rich

chestnut-colored hair in cute shag. They had always been cute even as children. But now, all grown up, they were absolutely stunning! They both had pictureperfect faces and gorgeous figures; the sort men go to sleep at night dreaming about, usually with their fists wrapped around their cocks. Jenny had her arm around my shoulder and Lynn had her hand on my knee as I was telling them about my marriage troubles and how their mother made it so difficult for me to finally leave her. "We love you, Dad," Lynn said. "It's a good thing that you and Mom split up. You're such a masculine, attractive man and Mom was the original ice queen." “Yeah, she's always treated you real bad. She never appreciated you," Jenny added looking over at her sister, "like we do, Dad." "You and Mom didn't fuck much, did you Dad?" Lynn asked boldly. "No. She was beautiful but never very sexual," I said. They looked at each other and smiled, acknowledging that they had guessed this about their mother all along. "And you, Dad." Jenny grinned. "I bet you were always horny." I laughed. What Jenny said was absolutely true, but I wondered where this conversation was leading. "Poor Dad, his big 'ol cock hard all the time and Mom probably always kept her legs shut whenever he got close." My daughters sure had gotten the tone of my marriage right. Then I noticed Jenny and Lynn sharing an odd look and to my utter amazement Lynn's hand, which had been resting on my knee, began to slide up my leg until it was right over the crotch of my pants! I looked back and forth at my daughters, unsure of what was going on or how I should react. They were beautiful young temptresses who could easily arouse any man, but I was their father! "Dad, we want to show you just how much we appreciate you," Lynn said. "Jenny and I have been talking and we finally confessed something to each other we've known all along." "What's that honey?" I asked nervously. "That you really turn us on, Dad," Jenny said. "And that you have for a long, long time. To tell you the truth, Dad, we've both had fantasies of making love with you." "But... but, isn't that incest?" I asked stupidly. "Yeah, Daddy," Lynn said with a devilish little grin. "But you know what they say, don't you? Incest is best!" Jenny laughed and playfully slapped her sister. I didn't know what to say or do, but the way Lynn was massaging my crotch had my cock harder than an iron bar. And Lynn could obviously feel that. As forbidden as what they were proposing was. I couldn't deny that I now found both my daughters immensely arousing. They nuzzled up against me, their sweet feminine fragrance making my head spin. Lynn unbuckled my belt and slowly pulled down my zipper. Jenny gazed, mesmerized, as her sister took off my pants and pulled off my under shorts. My cock sprung up straight and hard and now exposed. My mind was reeling in a mix of emotions... raw sexual excitement, embarrassment at being so exposed before my daughters, guilt at whether I should be in this situation at all! But Jenny and Lynn quickly put both the embarrassment and guilt to rest as they eagerly grabbed hold of my cock and my balls. While Jenny licked my earlobe, Lynn thrust her hot tongue in my mouth. I kissed her like no father is supposed to kiss his daughter... hot, hard and passionately. Jenny was busy unbuttoning my shirt. Once she had it open she pulled it off my shoulders and flung it off. Then, nuzzling her mouth against my bare flesh, she slid tongue downwards over my chest and stomach until her mouth was right over my raging cock. She looked up at me, a look of tenderness mixed with raw sexual hunger in her deep blue eyes. "Oh, Daddy! I've wanted to do this for so long!” she groaned. Jenny engulfed my cock with her mouth and began to suck me. My head spun, I almost felt dizzy. My youngest daughter was sucking my cock while her gorgeous sister gave me a hot, soulsearching tongue-kiss! I still couldn't believe what was happening. If this was a dream, I wished I would never wake up! Lynn pulled her moist, red lips from mine and joined her sister at my crotch. With a sexy grin, Jenny handed my cock over to Lynn who began to suck it even more hungrily than her little sister had. I closed my eyes and took in the delicious sensations of two sets of lips on my cock as my daughters, together, licked every inch of my rock-hard shaft and balls. Then, while Lynn took as much of my cock into her pretty little mouth as she could manage, Jenny pulled my butt to the edge of the couch so she could spread my cheeks and slide her tongue up into my crack to lick my asshole. "Oh, wow!" Lynn

said, pulling her mouth off my cock with a loud slurp. "You're rimming Dad's ass! I remember how you said you really wanted to do that to him." "Want some too, Sis?” Jenny asked, pulling away from my asshole. "You bet!" Lynn said enthusiastically, digging in for a taste while her sister took over the cock sucking chores. Suddenly, as if on some prearranged signal, my daughters pulled back and stood up. For a moment they stood there looked at me, licking their lips, lips which just seconds ago had held my cock between them. Then, seductively, they took off their clothes. It was one thing seeing their shapely bodies clothed in tight dresses or even bikinis, but it was something else to see them completely nude. My cock twitched as I watched my two gorgeous young daughters strip off before me. They made a production out of it, Jenny pulling off Lynn's tight, white panties and then Lynn doing the same for her sister. At last they stood before me completely nude. My

cock was twitching involuntary jerk as I surveyed their firm, young breasts, long creamy thighs and the plump, hairless mounds between. Hairless! Shit! I looked again. Yep, no doubt about it, both my daughter's cunts were as bald as a baby's bottom. Except for the firm, round tits they looked like a couple of twelve-yearolds standing there. "Jesus!” I said under my breath. "Do you like our pussies, Daddy?” Jenny said spreading her legs for me. "We keep them shaved because it's so much more fun to eat a nice hairless pussy, right Lynn?" "Oh, yeah", agreed her sister, running her fingertips sensuously through her moist, pink cuntlips. Without any hair to conceal the opening, I could see right up into my daughter's glistening slit as she spread her cuntlips with her fingers. "Oh, God! That's gorgeous, baby!” I moaned, reaching for my throbbing prick. It was so hard right now, a cat couldn't scratch it. With a giggle they started hugging each other, pressing their naked bodies against each other, and kissing. Not sisterly little pecks on the lips either, but with mouths open and tongues thrusting. And, from the way that they went at each, I knew that this wasn't the first time they'd done this sort of thing together either. "Y... you two do it with each other often?" I stammered. "Sure, Dad! All the time!" admitted Lynn boldly. "Jenny and I have been fooling around with each other for a long time. That's one reason we got a place together. And then when we heard you were splitting up with Mom and needed a place to stay for a while, we talked and said you should stay here. One thing let to another, and soon we were talking about how we were going to seduce you." "Well, I guess you succeeded," I said as they laughed sweetly, fondling my cock and my balls. Then they stood up and led me to the bedroom. I watched their tight little bodies jiggle as they walked ahead of me, wondering if I had died and gone to heaven. I lay down on the bed and watched excitedly as my daughters wrapped their arms around each other and kissed passionately. I watched as Lynn began fondling Jenny's tits. Jenny reached down between her sister's legs and stroked her fingers up through Lynn's hairless slit, bringing a low muffled moan from her sister. Then with practiced ease, they changed. Jenny squeezing Lynn's pert little tits while Lynn returned the favor by rubbing Jenny's bare, juice-filled little pussy. They were getting very, very hot and their hairless young cunts were leaking visibly by the time they parted. Each girl lifted her glistening fingers to her lips and tasted the other, their eyes fixed sensually on each other. Then Jenny reached out and offered me a finger she hadn't cleaned off yet. "Want a taste too, Daddy?" she grinned. I leant forward eagerly and sucked her finger into my mouth, savoring the delicious, musky flavor of Lynn's aroused cunt on Jenny's sticky digits. It was intensely erotic, licking my eldest daughter's cunt-juice from her little sister's fingers like that. Then Jenny moved back and the two of them stood in front of me, each doing an erotic little dance just for me, running their own hands over their tits and pussies, turning around and bending over so I could see their puckered pink assholes and hairless little clams from behind. Finally they flopped down onto the bed next to me. Jenny spread her legs as Lynn dived in between them with her head, lapping happily away at her sister's open twat. Jenny moaned loudly and clutched the back of Lynn's head; wantonly pressing her sister's mouth onto her pussy. I watched, stunned. slowly stroking my rock-hard shaft. "Uuuuuh, yeahhhh! Show Dad how you eat my pussy, Lynn! Show him! Then I'll let him see how I eat you out, Sis!" Soon, Jenny was shivering and moaning in orgasm as her sister's talented tongue brought her quickly to orgasm. Lynn laid back licking her lips and spread her legs for Jenny. Jenny began devouring her sister's pussy as Lynn writhed and twisted on the bed thrilled by the exquisite pleasure her sister's oral attention was providing. I couldn't believe how hot my daughters were. If only my wife had been half as hot, I'd probably still be married. Lynn's body throbbed as she convulsed in orgasm, and in the afterglow of her pleasure she looked over at me. "Did you like watching us, Dad?" she asked. "Oh, baby! Did I ever! You two were really a sight to behold!" I said. "Look how hard he is, Jenny. Why don't you do the honors and get on top of him. You fuck him first, okay?" "Not yet, let's suck his cock some more," Jenny said. They got on either side of my body, licking me all over, running their tongues down over my chest and my stomach

until they were again down at my cock. "Wow, you're so hard! You have a really big prick, Daddy!" Jenny said, trying to get her fingers to meet around the thickness of my straining cock shaft. Lynn wrapped her slightly bigger hand around it too and found that even her fingertips only just touched. Then she lowered her face and took the fat cock head into her mouth. Jenny joined her and again they devoured me, one sucking my cock tip while the other licked the shaft. "Watch this, Daddy," Jenny said, slowly taking my entire shaft, inch by inch, down her tight velvet throat. "That's Jenny's specialty, deepthroating. I can't do that, I gag." Lynn grinned sheepishly. My cock was completely out of sight, all the way down my youngest daughter's throat. I held her head as she moved it up and down my cock like a pro, sucking and licking at just the right moment so that I was soon almost on the verge of blowing my load. "Ohhhh, baby doll! You better stop now unless you want my cum squirting down your gorgeous throat instead of into your hot

little pussy!” I warned. "Come on Jenny, let’s fuck Dad now," Lynn said. "Okay," Jenny said, coming up for air. She climbed on top of me and straddled my hips, positioning her bald little pussy directly over my throbbing erection. Lynn reached in between out bodies and grasped my cock, directing it at her sister's drooling fuck hole. With a lusty, savage grunt, Jenny dropped her hips and sank her cunt down effortlessly over the entire length of my cock, until I was ballsdeep inside her belly. Jesus, she was tight! And hot! I hadn't fucked a teenage girl for almost twenty years and now I was fucking my own daughter! Actually Jenny was fucking me. She was humping her hips as she rode my cock, bouncing up and down on it like rodeo cowgirl. My own sexy young daughter was fucking me with her cunt... while her sister watched! `Oh, yes! There really IS a God!' I thought as I lifted my own hips up to thrust my cock deeper into Jenny's tight, bald little cunt slit. "Oooooooh, Jenny! That looks so hot, watching Dad's cock going in your pussy! I bet he feels good real inside you, huh?" Lynn whispered, fingering herself as she gazed at our meshed genitals. Even though she had climaxed only minutes ago, Lynn was so turned on by watching Jenny fuck me, she obviously needed relief fast. While Jenny rode my cock, Lynn leaned over to kiss me on the lips and to suck her sister's nipples as her tits bobbed up and down. "Uhhhh! Shit! This is so dirty, Daddy!" Jenny wailed. "Fucking you while Lynn sucks on my nipples." As excited as I was, after twenty years of fucking my wife I had pretty good control. That and the fact that both my daughter's seemed to cum at the drop of a hat, meant that I was going to outlast them easily, so I knew Jenny could free to ride my cock as long as she wanted. Sure enough, after only a couple of minutes of solid fucking, Jenny came like a rocket, bouncing and squealing and convulsing like crazy as her cunt gripped my prick like a vice. Finally, when she had finished, Jenny lifted her leaking pussy off my cock and smiled at her sister. "Your turn," she said breathlessly. But before she let her sister mount me, Jenny bent down and gave my prick a quick suck, licking her own pussy-juices from my quivering shaft. I expected Lynn to follow her little sister's lead and straddle my hips as well, but she had other ideas. "I want you on top and fuck me, Dad," she said with a grin. "I get off better with a big fat cock pounding my clit from above." Her hairless young pussy was totally exposed to me as Lynn spread her legs in wanton invitation. Her slit was saturated... no doubt from watching me fuck Jenny... or was that the other way round? I didn't care. All I knew was that my other darling little girl wanted me to fuck her hot little twat as well. My cock was still as hard as a rock, and I was only too happy to oblige. Without the slightest preliminaries, I plunged my cock up my eldest daughter's cunt and fucked her hard. She whimpered as my long, fat prick plumbed her gooey depths, but that only made me pound into her all the harder. While I was fucking Lynn, Jenny came right over and sat on her sister's face, feeding Lynn her pussy. Normally, it would take hours for my wife to achieve an orgasm, whereas it seemed that my daughters were gluttons for one orgasm after another! Jenny and I looked into each other faces, eyes blazing with incestuous excitement as I slammed my cock up Lynn's cunt and Jenny rotated her hips, grinding her pussy over her sister's open mouth. "Kiss me, Daddy!" Jenny panted, opening her mouth. I raised my lips to hers and we shared a hot, passionate kiss. I reached up to fondle her firm, young breasts, pinching her nipples. "Ooh, yeahhhh! I love to have my nipples played with, Daddy! Squeeze them! Pinch them hard!" Jenny hissed. She reached down to feel where my rigid cock was entering her sister's liquid cunt, running her fingers around the circumference of my erection and then zeroing in on Lynn's clit with a fingertip while I kept slamming my shaft into the heavenly hole between my daughter's wide-spread legs. With my cock fucking her cunt and her sister rubbing her swollen clit with a finger, we could soon hear Lynn groaning with pleasure, although her groans were muffled by all that soft, wet, hairless pussy-flesh that being pushed against her face! Soon Lynn's body convulsed as though she were having an epileptic fit, or something. Jenny and I smiled at each other, knowing that, beneath us, Lynn had just enjoyed one of those unbelievably intense orgasms women dream about. I kept my cock moving inside her, even after she'd cum,

prolonging the ecstasy. Once Lynn had finished, cumming, I left my cock inside her and watched Jenny as Lynn resumed sucking on her sister's pussy in earnest. Soon Jenny was squealing and moaning too, rubbing her ass and cunt all over her sister's face, and I knew she had gotten off too. Jenny got up and pulled me off of her sister, a devilish little grin on her pretty face. Then, heads together, they started whispering to each other about something. Finally Jenny spoke. "Dad, there's something else we'd really like to do. Something we think you're going to like... a lot!" she said. There was that sexy little smile again. "What?" I asked, wondering what my horny young daughters had cooked up for me this time. "Oh, you'll find out in a minute. Just sit down and hold on to your cock and watch." Jenny got out a jar of Vaseline and unscrewed it, and as Lynn reached back to hold open her creamy young asscheeks, Jenny slapped a big dab of petroleum jelly in her sister's crack, rubbing it around all over her cute little asshole. Jenny turned to me as she

smeared the goo into her big sister's anus. "Lynn and me, we both love to take it up the ass. So that's what we want you to do to us now, Daddy. Give it to us back there, okay?" she said, really lubing up her sister. Then they switched places and Lynn greased up her little sister's asshole while Jenny looked back at me, smiling, loving that I was staring so intently as her ass was being prepared for my cock. My poor, aching prick was so hard I thought it would burst. "Put some in deeper, get your fingers inside," Jenny said as I watched Lynn stick her finger up her sister's tight, clinging little asshole. Then they both got on the bed next to each other, on hands and knees, reaching back to show off their lubed and ready assholes to their horny father. Both girls were smiling at me lewdly, pulling their asscheeks wide apart so I could see their tight, pink little assholes winking at me like two tiny glistening stars. "Me first, Daddy," said Jenny with childlike eagerness. "Lynn was the last one to get fucked. I'm next!" I got behind Jenny and rubbed my cock-knob against her slippery little asshole as Lynn sat back to watch. "C'mon, Dad!" Lynn urged breathlessly, rubbing excess Vaseline into her little bald pussy-slit. "Stick it in her ass. Fuck her up there. Then fuck my butt too!" I slid my cock carefully into Jenny's tight, puckered little asshole. Even with the Vaseline she felt TIGHT! I had only screwed my wife anally once or twice, and all she could do was to beg me to cum and pull out as fast as I could. But Jenny took it nice and easy and soon I was fucking her tender young bottom with a solid, steady rhythm, and instead of groaning in pain as my wife had usually done, my cute, slender little daughter was moaning with delight. "Uhhhmmmmmm! Oooooooh, Daddy, this is so wonderfully dirty, having your cock fucking my rectum," Jenny said, turning back over her shoulder to smile at me wantonly. I fucked her hot little ass while Lynn reached under to finger her sister's pussy. Soon Jenny came yet again, squirming her ass around on my cock like crazy. It took all my control not to cum inside her hot, buttery young anus. Then it was Lynn's turn. Jenny lay beside us rubbing her sticky little slit as Lynn got on her hands and knees and wiggled her cute, sexy little behind at me in lewd invitation. "Fuck my ass, Daddy!" she squealed, "fuck my hot little ass and cum up my butt!" I knelt behind my willing young daughter, determined to fulfill all her anal desires. My cock was greased from fucking Jenny's well-lubed rear-entrance, so I wasted no time at all in burying my rigid prick way up my other daughter's tight little asshole. Lynn gasped as I slammed into her jerkily for the first time, but as my thrusts became smoother and more rhythmical, she began to moan with undisguised pleasure, pushing her upraised butt back against my pistoning prick like a bitch in heat. I screwed Lynn the same way I had fucked Jenny, pounding away at her tight sexy little butt until she too climaxed loudly. Jenny crawled over as my cock slipped from her sister's asshole and popped the gleaming shaft into her hot little mouth. I was amazed. Here was my sweet, sexy little daughter sucking on my cock right after it had been up her sister's ass... and her own before that! These two hot, horny little sluts were unbelievable! I pushed Jenny onto her hands and knees again, this time with her head between Lynn's thighs. I was determined to cum this time and I wanted to watch my youngest daughter sucking her big sister's cunt while I pounded her tight, hairless little pussy into ecstasy and filled her fuck hole with sperm. Jenny immediately began to suck Lynn's lewdly offered twat with a hunger that excited me immensely. I moved up behind my daughter's upraised young backside and slid my cock into her cunt. She moaned into her sister's twat, grinding her ass back against me as I gripped her slender young hips in both hands and started pumping. At this angle, Jenny's little cunt gripped my cock like a vice, which was exactly what I wanted. My balls were so full, and I desperately needed to cum. I fucked Jenny powerfully, with long, deep strokes that repeatedly forced her sucking mouth down hard over Lynn's upraised snatch. Lynn was whimpering loudly as Jenny ravenously sucked her pussy, driving her tongue into her sister's juicy, wet twat with the same ferocity that I was using to ram my cock into Jenny's tightly clasping cunt slit from behind. It wasn't long before I was cumming like a fountain into Jenny's hot, clinging twat, squirting my sperm up into her belly like I used to do to her mother. Only this time I was filling my

youngest daughter's cunt with cum. And by the look of lust in her older sister's face, it wouldn't be long before I'd be cumming in Lynn's tight young pussy as well... God, I could really get addicted to this... I love being divorced already! Chapter 21: Little Sucking Sisters With the economy the way it is you probably won't be too shocked to learn that at 21, I am still living at home with my two younger sisters. Mom and Dad's old place is really too small for five people, but my sisters Melanie, 14, and Tammy, 16, didn't complain too much about sharing their room. I found out why last week. Mom and Dad were at the movies. I'd had a date, but she phoned and called it off at the last minute. If Melanie and Tammy had known I'd be home so early, they probably would have closed their bedroom door. As it was,

however, I had a good view of their nude, sweaty bodies tangled up in a lesbian sixty-nine when I went down the hall. I watched as Melanie little lifted her sticky face from Tammy's twat. She actually licked her nasty pink lips in front of her own brother before thinking of something to say. "Well, don't just stand there. Climb in and get your share." "What?” I said incredulously. "I can't believe you said that Mel! I'd tell Mom and Dad, except that it would kill them. I guess it's up to me to give you both a good spanking." At that, Tammy's juicesmeared face emerged from underneath Melanie's crotch. "Oooooooh, I'll be in that! I can never get Melanie to spank me as hard as I want." That's when I knew I was really in trouble. Now that their secret was out, my two little sisters wasted no time in yanking me into the bed and peeling off my clothes. To be honest, I wasn't really putting up much of a fight. In fact, I was actually lifting my arms and shifting my weight to help them strip me down. My cock was good and hard. Right or wrong, I couldn't deny that I'd been powerfully aroused by the sight of my sisters licking and sucking each other's hot naked little pussies. "So, are you going to spank me, big brother?" Tammy wriggled across my bare legs and lifted her firm young up ass a few inches. The invitation was too much to resist. While Melanie maneuvered her crotch under her sister's face to feed her some pussyjuice, I took aim at Tammy's tight little butt with my bare hand. A few swats were all it took to get her gorgeously creamy buns nice and red. "Fuck me up the ass, big brother," Tammy mumbled into Melanie's pussy. I could hardly understand what she was saying. When I did figure it out, I couldn't believe it! My 14year-old little sister was actually asking me to fuck her in the ass! Every time I thought I knew these two, they soared to a new height of nasty! "She really likes getting a cock up her ass right after she's been spanked," Melanie confirmed with a shrug. "Me, I like to stick with the basics, lots and lots of tongue and cock." I slapped some spit on my dick and poked into Tammy's pink, tingling butt from behind while she continued to exercise her tongue on Melanie's juicy twat. I could hardly believe I was actually doing it, skewering my little sister's bunghole with my hard cock while she sucked out my other sister's honey-coated fur pie, but I was! There was no denying the hot, buttery grip of Tammy's tight little asshole on my rock-hard cock. In my experience, girls who cum from ass fucking are few and far between. But my little sister didn't seem to know that. Her ass thrashed in wave after wave of sharp, twitchy contractions. I could feel the secret trembling in her deep anal muscles as she screamed into Melanie's cunt at her moment of climax. Seconds later, Melanie and I were also cumming, my cock filling Tammy's tight little asshole while Melanie's pussy fed Tammy's tongue. I pulled out of my sister's bunghole and went to the bathroom to clean myself off. When I came back they were still at it. This time Melanie was flat on her back with Tammy's head buried in her up thrust crotch. My cock was growing again at the lewd, incestuous sight of my sucking sisters. Tammy's ass was pointed right at me, so I moved up behind her and pulled her back towards the edge of the bed. She looked up from licking her sister's gooey cunt hole and wiggled her butt at me. Smiling at me over her shoulder, she said, "Fuck me, big brother! Fuck my cunt and make me cum while I bring Mel off." I did just that. Humping and ramming my cock into her tight young cunt for a good ten minutes while she ate out her little sister. We all came together, groaning and panting in a tangled heap of naked, sweaty flesh. After we recovered, my sisters got me hard again by sucking my prick, first one at a time, then both together, one sucking my balls while the other swallowed my cock. I was in seventh heaven! Once I was hard again, Melanie wanted me to fuck her cunt, so I lay her back and quickly mounted her. Tammy crouched over her face and fed her little sister some hot, juicy pussy while I pounded my prick into Melanie, hard and fast. She was wet and hot and tight... real tight. Her cunt was almost as tight as her hot little asshole had been, and it wasn't long before I was cumming again. We spent the whole night, until our folks were due home, just sucking and fucking... in every possible combination. I lost count of the number of times I sucked or screwed each of them. But just watching my little sisters lapping at each other's cunts had me hard again in no time. They seemed insatiable, but

finally exhaustion got the better of us all. We topped off the evening with a lazy daisy chain followed by a relaxing three-way grope in the shower. By the time Mom and Dad turned up we were fast asleep in our respective beds. Suffice to say that I didn't miss the girl who stood me up one little bit. In fact, with two ever-hot little numbers like Tam and Mel at home, I don't date much at all anymore! Chapter 22: Summer Visits Phyllis is my eighteen-year-old niece who has come to visit with me through the summer. On the forth day I awoke with her lying beside me. The day and night before we had spent mostly exploring each other. She is so wonderfully full of desire and knows just how to please. She is also very experienced which something I didn't

expect from such a young girl. I had found out Phyllis had earned extra credit in high school in the Teacher's Student Assistant Program. She was assigned to a new tenth grade English teacher, Miss Malone. It turned out that Miss Malone had graduated from college two years earlier and teaching tenth grade English was her first teaching job. She treated Phyllis more like a sister than a student and Miss Malone was the one who had taught Phyllis about sex. Phyllis had learned well.I decided I had to let my girlfriend, Andrea, know what had happened. We had talked about one day including a third person in our party but we had never been able to come up with someone whom we both could agree on. I really owed her after she came up with that big surprise of hers. I still hadn't been able to top that one and she was always reminding me of it. Well this was going to surprise her. Yes, that was it, if I could get Phyllis to go along with it, that is. I reached over to shake her since she was still asleep. Phyllis rolled over and pressed her warm flesh against me, her arm coming across my side and pulling me to her. She nuzzled her face against my shoulder and her hot breath was on my skin. Her entire length pressed down my body. I didn't resist the urge to cover her soft breast and felt her nipple grow hard. Her soft lips started kissing my neck. God it felt so good. Especially when her hand moved down my back and started rubbing on my hip. She spread her fingers as she was inching her palm down toward my mound. Soon her hand was pressing down on me and her fingers were parting my outer folds. Her mouth was sucking the skin on my neck and I pressed back to her, grabbing her breast and pinching her nipple. She had me so wet so fast. Two fingers curled up and found my opening, penetrating up inside me. She steadily pushed deep then curled her fingers up against the top of my tunnel as her palm pressed hard over my clit. The rhythm she maintained had my juices flowing out and I felt the waves of heat building and moving through me. Just as my orgasm exploded her mouth covered my breast and her teeth raked on my hard nipple. She pressed hard over my entire mound as she nipped and sucked the sensitive tip of my breast as my orgasm slowly subsided. I held her closely to me as her head moved up and lay on my shoulder. "God, you are one incredible young woman," I whispered to Phyllis. "Just love to please my favorite Aunt," Phyllis said back. "And you are so good at it too." I said as I pulled her moist lips to mine and kissed them. After our kiss broke I asked, "Want to help me get even with my friend Andrea?" She looked up at me and with a grin said, "Do you think she will like me?" "Honey you are just what we have been looking for," I said as I pulled her close again. The rest of the day we spent naked together as we made plans of what we would do with Andrea. The next day is when Andrea arrived and we were ready. Phyllis was out in the backyard and pretended as if nothing was up when I brought Andrea out to meet her. After the pleasantries I got Andrea to go back inside the house and sit at the table so she had to see Phyllis through the glass door. As we sat and talked Phyllis took out some oil and started. When I saw Andrea paying attention to what was going on outside more than what I was saying I moved my leg so it was against hers. "Have you been thinking about someone else to join us sometime," I asked knowing that her attention was elsewhere. I moved my leg softly against hers pretending to not know what Phyllis was doing outside. Phyllis had undone the top buttons of her blouse and was moving her hand down inside and started moving her fingers back and forth across her nipples. Her head tilted back and her eyes closed as she was doing it. The skin she had spread the oil on shined in the sunlight. "Uh, no. I haven't given it much thought,” Andrea said almost in a whisper. She glanced over at me and I could tell her breathing was increased. "I have," I said as I looked at the reaction on her face. I moved my hand over and brushed it up her arm. As if on key, Phyllis started putting oil on her leg. She had moved so she was facing us. Her hands moved up and soon she spread her legs and was moving closer to the top of her short shorts. It was plain to see she had no panties on as her fingers spread across the tops of her thigh. She grabbed the oil and poured it on her other leg and spread it upwards. Phyllis then put a hand on each of her legs and moved her fingers up to the sides of her shorts. My hand was sliding down Andrea's side and I moved it further down to the bare skin of her thigh. I kept watching

the desire on her face that kept growing. As my hand moved higher I felt the heat coming from her. I also felt her fingers moving up and down on herself. Phyllis had moved her fingers under the thin patch of cloth pressing into her mound. It was obvious that she had found her spot and was well on her way to an explosive orgasm. Since Andrea was rubbing herself and I didn't want to be left behind so I started to rub myself. I was soaking wet even before I started. Andrea's breathing told me her orgasm was close and I knew mine was near. The way Phyllis's head tilted back and her hips moving up and down her orgasm would not be long either. Andrea's moans started softly. Her gaze never left Phyllis as her orgasm built deep inside her. I wanted to watch both of them, as we all seemed to start climaxing at the same time. Andrea slid down in her chair and her hips were moving up and down just as Phyllis's was. We could see Phyllis moving her head back

and forth as her fingers moved through her slit. Her hips pushed her mound up to her hands and her lips formed in an "OH" left no mistaking that she was having an orgasm too. I was moving my clit around and around as my body tensed and the heat flowed through me. Andrea was slumping down in her chair as her moans barely audible and her breathing hard and labored. My juices were dripping out and rolling down my crack. Phyllis was licking her fingers and I could see the darkwet spot at the bottom of her shorts. I was the first to speak, "We should continue this in the bedroom and don’t you agree Andrea?" Andrea said, "Yes we all should." As her lips closed on my hardened nipple, I closed my eyes and thought back on how it all had started. Six weeks earlier I had been talking to her on the telephone when she asked if she could come spend the summer with me. She is my eighteen-year-old niece who was about to graduate from high school. I was hesitant to let her but her pleading just gave me no choice but to say OK. I thought it would be nice to have her spend some time with me. Little did I know at that time how nice the summer would really turn out to be? It had been more than three years since I had seen her and then it had only been for about five minutes as she headed out with one of her school friends to who knows where. I really wasn't expecting the well-formed young lady that came through the gate at the airport on the day she arrived. Long, light brown hair framed her face. Light green eyes, full young lips that smiled so warmly. Her white dress flowed over her body, clinging tightly in just the right places. Her nipples just barely poked out enough to be known. Legs so shapely. She really had turned into a sexy young woman. A stirring moved through me, as I looked first down, then slowly up her body. I made my way to her and hugged her. She seemed to fit so nicely against me. Almost as if planned our breasts pressed together and she held tightly to me. Immediately, I felt my nipples harden and a tingle passed over me. Her tender body felt so nice against me and I was so tempted to kiss her young lips, but it just was a passing desire as we separated. I looked deeply into her eyes and felt she did the same to mine. "My, how you have grown Phyllis!" I said as I once again looked down and up her body. "Aunt Sharon, it is so good to be here. I thought that flight would never end. I tried to rest but it was almost impossible to." Phyllis said. "Well, let's get your luggage and get out of here." My arm moved around her waist and started leading her away from the gate. I felt the swaying of her hips as we started off. "When we get home, you can get all the rest you want." It felt wonderful striding through the airport with Phyllis. I know we turned some heads as we walked holding onto each other chatting about how good it was to see each other and how we both had changed. It seemed like in no time at all we were in the car and heading home, my hand moving over to touch her smooth skin and cover her hand during the drive. We arrived at home and soon I was helping her get settled in her room, which was next to mine. The thoughts that were going through my mind I knew were wrong but were there anyway. Later that afternoon alone in my bedroom I let my fantasies go and plans were put into motion to have her sweet young body. We spent the next two days learning more about each other. I grew to feel like she was more of a sister than a niece. Shopping, sightseeing and just spending quality time together brought us closer and closer. I had several chances to see almost every inch of her. I made it easy for her to see me too. It was going to be a hot day and I decided to try to get some sun on the patio before the heat. Usually I had just lain around in shorts and a halter or tank top on the chase lounge. That day I had put on a teal one piece swim suit that showed more than it covered. Taking the lounge and rolling it away, I spread a blanket down. I was hoping Phyllis would join me so I took a large bottle of wine and two glasses out and waited. I wasn't sure how long it was before I heard the glass door slide open. I had kind of dozed off and as I looked up there came Phyllis. She was wearing a light lavender cotton top with string straps and denim short shorts. Her hair reflected the sun's rays and her breasts bounced with each movement, nipples clearly defined pressing against her top. "Good morning sleepy head." I said as I patted the blanket motioning her to come sit beside me. "I wasn't sure if you had gone anywhere when I woke up and didn't see you. Been out long?" Phyllis said.

"Long enough to need some of this." I told her as I reached for the bottle of wine. "Want some?" "Uh, sure" she said and reached for the oil. I watched as she let drops out on her legs and started rubbing it in. I poured us both a glass of wine and set them between us. She put some oil in her hand and rubbed it across her firm young belly, raising her top and exposing more of her flesh. I was torn between my desire to watch her and desire to reach out and touch her. Her exposed flesh glistened with the sunlight and oil mixture. She moved the thin straps aside as she applied oil to her shoulders, the top sliding down to just cover her hardened nipples. She reached out and picked up her glass of wine. "You should use some of the oil Aunt Sharon,” she said after taking a sip. "Guess I could at that." I reached out for it but Phyllis grabbed it first. "Turn over and let me do it." Looking into my eyes and moving over closer she poured some into her hand and set the bottle down. I turned face down on the blanket and closed my eyes as her hands

started to move on my leg. It felt so good having her oil my skin. As her hands moved up to the bottom of my swimsuit and I was sure she noticed how wet I was. I let out a soft sigh as her fingers came close to my mound. It seemed like she lingered there longer than she had to but I wasn't objecting. I pressed back to her as she moved her hands around the sensitive area. She lingered there longer than I thought she had to and I was sure she noticed how my breathing had quickened. Her hands moved off my legs and I reached out for my wine and emptied the glass. Phyllis poured more oil into her hand and was soon rubbing it onto my shoulders. "MMmmmm" I purred. "That feels so good." Her hands smoothed the oil across my shoulders and down my back, tracing a line just inside my bathing suit. She seemed to hesitate at the top of my rear. Then she traced up my back and over my neck. I wanted to turn over and pull her down on top of me but fought it back. "O.K. turn over Aunt Sharon,” she said as she slapped me on my rear. She was finishing her glass of wine as I rolled over closer to her. I watched as her eyes looked up and down my body. My nipples were hard and pointed. I felt the wetness below and hoped it didn't show through. I looked at her hard nipples pressing against her top. "Can we have more wine?" she asked holding both glasses out to me. I reached the bottle and shakily poured. After filling the glasses, I set the almost empty bottle down and reached up to take my glass from her. We both took a sip and I then emptied mine before setting it down. I saw her eyes drop down to my breasts and stare at them. I carefully moved one of my hands over and placed it on her hip. "You don't want to get lines,” Phyllis said. She pulled the strap holding the front of my suit over my head and let it hang down. My breasts almost fell out as she took me by the shoulders and pushed me down on the blanket. Carefully she rolled the top part of my suit till it just covered both my nipples. She reached up past me and got the oil. I looked up at her through partially opened eyes. The top covering her breasts slid up and they were almost against my face. I moved my hand up and lightly brushed one of them. I then dropped it to one of her thighs. She slowly raised herself and poured more oil into her hand and set the bottle down. Her hands, once again covered with oil, went to my shoulders and moved spreading the oil downwards. She moved them to the top of my breasts and then up to my neck. Her palms slid down and pressed along the exposed parts of my breasts once again. I pressed up to her as her fingers moved under the fabric covering me and gently squeezed upwards. I moved my free hand up and placed it on hers. I moved her hand under mine so she was directly on my nipple. She moved her other hand to the other nipple. "Oh Yes!" I hissed as her oily fingers closed on my nipples and pinched them. I opened my eyes and watched as she slowly lowered her head and opened her sweet mouth. It was as if she had done this many times before, her tongue darting out and licking around one hard nipple. Her soft lips kissed, covered, and then her teeth gently raked over it causing me to press up harder to her. My hand moved up behind her head and held her to her task. My other hand, which had been squeezing her thigh, was pressing against the zipper of her shorts. As my fingers moved down, I felt the wetness that had soaked through. My fingers found the edges of her shorts and pulled them aside. Her juices were slick and hot as my fingers moved across and through her slit. She moaned and pressed her thighs together, holding tightly onto my hand as my fingers moved around. I pulled her head from my breast and up. Her eyes were full of want and desire. Her parted lips were wet with her saliva and I pulled them down to mine. Our tongues moved around together and we sought to cover each other’s mouth with our lips. Her hands moved through my hair and caressed my neck. She slid her body down so she was laying mostly on top of me, one of her legs pressing between my thighs, rubbing against my wet mound. I felt her wetness on me, humping my leg. Pushing her back I looked up at her and said, "I think we better go inside." It was as if we had done this many times before. She rolled off me and up onto her knees. Taking my hand she helped me rise and we came together as we stood, kissing each other. We held onto each other as we walked into the house and down the hallway to my bedroom. She came into my arms again as we stood by the bed. Her hands came up behind my head as we once again passionately were kissing. Our lips parted only momentarily as I

lifted her top off. Her young breasts were in my hands and my fingers were pinching the hard nipples. Her moans were on my lips as our tongues swirled together. She moved her hands down and pushed the swimsuit down past my hips, it fell to the floor and I felt the cool air on my hot wet mound. Phyllis's hands moved up and captured my breasts and did the same I was doing to her. We moaned into each other’s mouths. I moved one hand down and fumbled with the front of her shorts till I had the button open and was unzipping them. Phyllis moved her lips off mine and onto the nape of my neck. Her hands continued to caress my breasts as her shorts fell to the floor and she stepped out of them. I saw our naked reflections in the mirror; I thought how wrong this might be, making sweet passionate love with my niece. But I couldn't have stopped. Slowly the image disappeared as we lay on the bed. She moved on top of me, gently biting on my neck, nibbling her way

down to my breast again. Her mouth sucked my nipple, and one hand moved down to cover my mound. Her moist mound was rubbing against my leg, her juices wetting me. She expertly bit and sucked my breasts while moving her fingers up and down through my slit. I pressed back to her, and my thought of "This is wrong" changed into moans of "YES, HARDER, DEEPER MORE!” She increased her tempo when she heard my moans and soon her mouth was sliding on downward. Her legs came up and she parted her knees across my shoulders, her mound opening before me. My arms went around her thighs and as I felt her face lower onto me, I slowly ran my tongue up and through her sweet juicy slit. Her juices filled my scenes. She sucked me and ran her tongue all through my swollen mound as I did her too. Her fingers entered me as mine entered her. As I pressed up for her, she pressed down onto my face. I was the first to explode with an intense orgasm and moaned deeply into her. As she felt my body tense she closed her mouth over me and drank. Not long afterwards, she raised herself up and was soon moving her mound against my mouth. Her moans became louder and louder. Her cum poured out to me and I licked her juices until she collapsed on top of me. Soon afterwards, before the sensations ended, Phyllis moved around and lay in my arms, panting against my oil-covered skin. I held her tightly and savored the feel of her soft young flesh on mine. Her wet mound pressed down on mine. Our juices mixed as we lay there. My hard nipples pressed up against hers and it wasn't long before my hands started exploring her body. Phyllis started kissing my neck and soon was kissing my breast. She moved her hips and rubbed her mound harder into mine. As her lips closed on my hardened nipple, I closed my eyes and thought how wonderful the rest of the summer would be. Chapter 23: My Visit To Dad My husband had to visit Europe for three months with his work; I did not like the thought of spending all that time alone so I arranged to visit my dad. I hadn't seen him since we got married some nine years ago, my name is Jessica and I'm 34. My dad - Peter is now aged 62, mom died 12 years ago, I've kept in touch by letter and telephone but living so far away visits have been difficult, we've sent each other photos over the years and dad hasn't changed very much, he was, and it looks like, he is still a very fit man, anyway when I called him he told me how much he was looking forward to seeing me again. He met me at the airport and I was right - he had barely changed, on the drive back to his house I asked him if there was any women in his life, "Only you Jessie" he joked, "No, not really, since your mom died I kind of...well, oh I don't know, I've sort of not socialized that much, I guess I prefer my own company now" he continued, "But you are still young dad, you should get out more, have some fun, you never know you might meet someone you could care about again" "I care about you Jessie, and as for having fun I intend to, these next three months having you here with me are going to be great!" When we arrived dad carried my bags up to my room, it was about 10 pm and I was feeling quite tired, "I think I'll take a quick shower and go to bed dad, it's been a long day" I told him, "Why not take your shower and join me for a drink before you turn in, it'll probably help you sleep" dad replied, "Yes, that sounds good" I told him, "Give me twenty minutes and I'll be down. I finished my shower, slipped on a robe and went down to join dad, I sat on the couch, dad got me a drink and sat opposite me, what started off as a quick drink turned in to a longer session, several drinks and plenty of talk reminiscing about the 'old days' later I was starting to feel light headed, I noticed dads eyes seemed to linger on my chest area and looking down I saw the front of my robe had gaped open, I was now showing a fair amount of cleavage, when dad came over to hand me another drink I could see him looking down the front of my open robe, I sort of got a little turned on by this, then thinking about it I started to feel a little sorry for dad, I noticed his trousers were bulging - my dad had a hard on and I was the cause of it! "Well dad, I'm off up to bed" I told him, "I'll see you in the morning" as I went to get up I stumbled, dad caught me and as he did my robe fell completely open, dad just stood there taking in the sight of my nude body, it was only for a second before I pulled the robe together and retied the belt but he must have seen everything, "Wow, those drinks have affected me more than I thought" I said, dad took hold of my arm, his other arm went around my

waist to steady me. "I'll help you upstairs" he said, as we made our way up to my room I stumbled a couple of times and once I felt dads hand innocently / intentionally cup one of my tits, only briefly but it definitely happened. "Thanks dad, I can manage now,” I told him; I gave him a kiss goodnight on the cheek and went to bed. I couldn't stop thinking about what had happened, surely dad didn't have the hots for me, but then I remembered his hard on I saw - no, it couldn't be, it was probably because he hadn't had much contact with women lately, I decided that I would try my best to get him fixed up with a 'lady friend' during my stay, his hard on proved he was still sexually active, good looking, a nice guy - it shouldn't

prove that difficult, I thought. As I tried to get to sleep I kept on getting these images in my mind of me and dad fucking, I felt between my legs, my pussy lips were very wet, my nipples were jutting out hard - a certain sign that I needed sex - I was not going to last out for three months that was for sure, the question was WHO! Was I going to have sex with? It was late when I woke up next morning, I put on a pair of shorts and a tight vest top and went down stairs, I couldn't find dad inside, I poured a coffee and went out to try to find him, he was cleaning out the pool, "Good morning Jessie, sleep well?" "Morning dad, yes I did, I think the drinks helped" I joked, it was a beautiful day, very hot, not a cloud in the sky, "I think I'm going to spend today out here at the pool dad, catch up on my tan and relax" I told him, "Sounds good to me, I think I'll join you" dad replied, "Ok, you finish off out here, I'll prepare some brunch." After we had eaten I went up to get my swimsuit on, It was new, as I put it on I thought at first it was too skimpy, it barely contained my 36c tits only just covering my rather large nipples, I could see my nipples showed through the white fabric, it was cut high, luckily I regularly shave my pussy (my husband Tony likes it that way) Oh, what the hell, I thought, and made my way out to the pool, dad was already there, I saw him look me up and down, jokingly I posed for him, adopting a model like stance, "What do you think? It's new, I don't think I'll ever wear it in public though, it doesn't cover that much!" "I think you look great, you always did have a great figure Jessie" dad told me as I lay back on one of the sun loungers dad had got out, we chatted away as we sunbathed, it was so hot I decided to go in for a dip and dived into the pool, as I swam about I noticed the white material of my costume was now totally see through, dad joined me in the pool and again as I stood up I saw his eyes fix on my tits, my dark brown nipples jutted out hard through the thin material, I got out of the pool and lay back on the lounger, dad came over and asked if I fancied a cool drink, I told him I would and was surprised again by the size of his hard dick bulging out through his swimming suit, when he returned with the drinks he pulled a chair up beside me and sat there as I sunbathed, although my eyes were closed I could feel him studying my body which if anything made my nipples more harder than they were before. "You had better put some lotion on" dad said, "You don't want to overdo it and burn" he advised, I did as he suggested and reached for the bottle, "Here, let me do your back" he offered, taking the lotion off me, I turned over and dad started to rub the lotion onto my back, then my legs got the same treatment, I tensed a bit as his hands worked their way up and neared my ass, he seemed to linger over this final area, I felt his fingers as they briefly moved up over the cheeks of my ass, "There! All done, turn over so I can make sure you've not missed anywhere" he told me, I did as he said, truthfully his hands roaming over my body made me feel good, starting again with my legs dad rubbed in the lotion, again as he reached the tops of my legs I felt my whole body tense up, his hand slipped casually in between my open legs, his fingers brushed my pussy which made me squirm, then both of my arms and up to my shoulders and neck, his hands rubbed over the exposed part of my chest - which in my case was quite a bit! His breathing seemed heavy and deep. I could see the bulge of his dick straining against his costume, the top was almost poking out it grew so big, dad spoke snapping me out of my trance like state, "There, you won't get burned now Jessie", "Thanks dad, that felt good I must say" I told him, "You'd make a good masseur, I joked. We lounged around until late afternoon, "Right, that's enough sun for me" I said getting up, "A nice long soak in the bath, get changed and I'll get dinner organized, anything you fancy dad?" I asked, "No, I'll leave that up to you" he said. Lying in the bath I again fantasized about dad, the way he rubbed the lotion onto me, the way his hands lingered, the way he got so hard, there was no doubt in my mind now, dad was having sexual thoughts about me, he probably hasn't had a woman for many years, I wondered if the reason was that I reminded him of mom? What should I do? I felt sorry for him but I was also aroused, I wanted sex but I couldn't with my own dad - Could I? I decided that if anything did happen between us I would let it, I've always had this thing about older men although I have never had sex with anyone

excepting my husband - Tony, after my bath I got dressed in a short skirt and a lacy, low cut, tight top, I went down and started to prepare dinner, dad had also showered and changed, he bought me in a drink, "Steak and a salad, that do for you dad?" I asked, "Sounds good to me Jessie, can I help with anything?" I told him to relax and I would call him when it was ready, over dinner we both drank several glasses of wine, dad started to open up, he told me how much I reminded him of mom, he started to get a little emotional, telling me how much he missed her, "You know Jessie, I haven't been close to another woman since, I really shouldn't say this to you - you being my daughter but I miss the company of a woman Jessie, I still have needs, I'm sorry if I've acted foolishly since you've got here, please forgive me if I've done anything that embarrassed you, it's just having a woman around the place..." "There's nothing for you to feel sorry for dad and there's certainly nothing to forgive you for, I think you should try to meet another woman, you are still good looking dad, believe me

there are plenty of women out there who want the same thing you want, I'm not a child anymore dad, I know you have needs, you're a man after all! C'mon, lets leave these dishes till the morning and take our drinks and sit outside" I took dads hand and led him out to the pool, it was still very warm, we sat next to each other, "Tell me dad, if you had one wish now what would it be?" I asked. Dad was quiet for a while, then turning to look me in the eyes said "I want a woman Jessie, I've ached for a woman for so long, I'm just scared about going about it, you probably think I'm just a silly old man but if I had a wish that would be it." I took hold of his hand, "I don't think you're silly or old dad, you know - if I was not your daughter you would be the type of guy I would want to fuck" the 'F' word just came out, it surprised both me and dad, for a moment I was shocked by what I had said, "You don't mean that Jessie?" Dad said, "Yes I do dad, go on show me what you want from a woman, forget I'm your daughter, for tonight lets pretend I am a stranger, someone you've just met, what would you do? Do you want me? Do you want to fuck me?" I squeezed his hand reassuringly, I leaned forward and our lips met and dad broke away, “Are you sure I mean..." he looked very nervous, unsure of how to handle the situation, I thought I'd best make the first move, I stood up and pulled my top over my head, unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the floor, now naked apart from my bra and tiny panties. I turned around, "take it off dad" I felt his hands fumbling with the clasp, then I took hold of his hands and cupped them over my tits under my loose bra, I felt him tweaking my nipples between his fingers, I could feel his hard dick pressing into me, I ground myself back on to it then turning around I kissed him deeply, our tongues explored each others mouths for what seemed ages, dad continued to play with my tits with one hand, the other slid down to my smooth pussy, as his fingers probed my wet cunt I moaned loudly, I raised one leg up on to the lounger giving him better access to my cunt, then I reached out and unzipped his trousers I gripped his throbbing dick, dad stopped playing with me and putting his hands on my shoulders pushed me gently down, I knew what he wanted before he spoke, "Please Jessie, suck on my prick, take it in your mouth." I did as he asked, kneeling in front of him I started by licking and kissing along its length, it was bigger than Tony's, fatter, there was pre cum oozing from the tip which I greedily licked off, then slowly I took as much of it into my mouth as I could and started to give dad what he wanted. His hands gripped my head as he lunged deeply into my willing mouth, "Yes that's it Jessie, let me fuck your mouth, take it deeper, try to swallow it" he begged, I'm pretty good at giving blow jobs - and before long I managed to get all of dads dick inside my mouth, I knew he probably wouldn't last for much longer so was prepared when he shouted out "I'm cumming Jessie!" I didn't stop as his spunk gushed out, filling my mouth, I swallowed what I could, continuing to suck his cum from him as it spurted, there was so much of it, dad pulled his dick out of my mouth and it still pumped out, covering my face with sticky hot spunk, running down, dripping from my chin on to my tits, using his dick he rubbed his cum over my face as I smeared his cum over my tits and hard nipples. "Oh Jessie, that was so good, thank you" dad panted, he looked exhausted, cum still oozed out of his dick as he helped me up, he kissed me, pulling me tightly towards him, "C'mon dad, lets go up to bed" I told him, "I haven't finished with you yet!" I joked. We lay next to each other in dads bed, playing with each other when dad suddenly stopped, "Jessie, what we're doing - we shouldn't, it's wrong..." "You didn't force me dad, what we did we both wanted, we are both adults, just because we're related - that makes it so wrong does it? Anyway, who's to know?" I reached out and took hold of his dick again, I could feel it starting to grow bigger, I lay on my back, opened my legs wide, "Go down on me dad, I want you to lick out my cunt, play with it, finger it, then I want you to fuck me dad, I want you to fuck me hard and deep" I told him, dad kissed me gently, then working his way downwards he kissed my neck, tits, stomach till he reached my pussy, he licked up and down over my pussy lips, occasionally darting his tongue inside my wet cunt. I raised my legs up over his shoulders as he fingered and licked out my cunt, "More dad, use more fingers, Yes that's it, Oh Fuck that feels good, Oh fuck, Oh, Oh,

Oooooooh, Yes Deeper, Harder!" I could feel his tongue probing my ass hole, then as he fingered my cunt I felt him slip a finger inside my ass, It felt as if his whole hand was buried into my cunt and the feeling of him poking my ass hole bought me to my first orgasm of the night, I screamed out with the pleasure he was giving me, my whole body shook and convulsed as I came. "Now dad, please fuck me now, I want to feel your dick inside me!" I pleaded, He positioned himself between my wide-open legs, rubbed his hard dick teasingly around my pussy lips, "Now dad, now!" I begged. I felt his dick slide into my wet cunt, "Fuck me hard dad, fuck me as hard and as deep and as forcibly as you can!" I told him, he did as I asked and lunged his dick into me deeply, I locked my legs around him, trying to get as much of his dick inside me as I could, looking up seeing my dad fucking me made me feel dirty "You like this dad? You like fucking your daughter? Are you going to fill my cunt with your hot spunk? C'mon dad, fuck me good!" As he fucked me he

squeezed my tits hard, he sucked deep on my nipples until he said "I'm cumming Jessie!" I tried to grip his dick with every muscle I had in my cunt as I felt his dick throb and his hot spunk stream into my cunt, he lunged three or four times then collapsed on top of me, his dick still inside me, twitching, throbbing. Rolling off he again cuddled into me, holding me tightly, "Oh that was so good Jessie, so good!" We fell asleep still cuddled into each other. I woke up about 4am, I was alone, slipping on a robe I went downstairs and found dad in the kitchen sat at the table, there was a half finished bottle of whisky there, "Dad, what's wrong? Couldn't you sleep?" I asked. Not looking at me he answered, "What we did Jessie...it was wrong, I shouldn't have let it happen, I'm your dad, I shouldn't have taken advantage of you, I've been sitting here thinking that you will probably hate me now, oh I'm so sorry Jessie, I'm so sorry!" I went over to him, pulled up a chair and sat next to him, I took hold of his hand, "Look dad, we should get this sorted out once and for all, what we did dad...well, I for one thoroughly enjoyed it, I'm glad it happened, sure - I don't suppose there are many women who have sex with their dads but I can't really see the big deal, we both knew what we were doing, you didn't force me, we are both adults...can you tell me you didn't enjoy it dad, can you honestly tell me you are really sorry it happened? I don't hate you, I love you dad and I love you so much!" "You mean that Jessie, you still love me...I was so worried" he squeezed my hand tight, "Last night was the best thing that has happened to me since your mom died Jessie" I stood up, "C'mon dad, lets go back to bed" We went upstairs, "Do you want me to sleep with you dad?" I asked. “Yes please Jessie, I would like that very much" he replied. We went to sleep with dad cuddled tight into my back, his arm over me gently cupping on my tits. The next day dad seemed more relaxed, more happy, he took me down to the river and we fished, I actually caught my first fish which dad said he would prepare for dinner, that night I suggested going into town on Saturday, having dinner. "I'm sorry Jessie but Saturday is my poker night, I meet up with a few guys and this week is my turn to have them over here, I could cancel if you wanted" he said, "No, you go ahead dad, I know, I'll go into town anyway, I need to get a few things and I'll take in a movie, you have a good time with your buddies" I told him. For the next two nights I slept alone in my bed, I didn't want to pressure him, I wanted him to make the next move, of course I showed him my intentions by wearing skimpy clothes etc. around the house. I teased him, flirted, then on Saturday afternoon I drove into town telling dad I would be home around 10pm, my first stop was to buy some sexy underwear and I wanted a new dress, afterwards I had a burger and after going to the cinema I stopped off and had a drink. When I got home dad was with his three buddies playing cards, dad introduced me to them, they were all about the same age as dad, if anything a couple were a bit older, I fetched them beers and some snacks before telling dad I was going up to have a bath and then I would be going to bed, "Why don't you join us for a few hands?" dad asked. "No, not tonight dad" I told him, "Maybe some other time, I'm a bit tired,” I said. I had a nice long soak, I shaved my pussy making it very smooth, then unpacking the bags I got dressed in my new underwear, I bought a black half cup bra, it lifted my tits - if anything making them look even bigger, the top half were totally exposed, my nipples stood out hard, I did not bother with panties and put on my suspender belt and black stockings, the dress was very short and very low cut, my nipples were almost poking out over the top and my stocking tops could easily be seen, I fixed my hair and makeup, stood back and looked at myself in the mirror - just the right look I thought, sexy, tartly, If dad doesn't get a hard on seeing this nothing would do it. I waited upstairs till I heard car doors slamming and driving off, and then went down, "What do you think dad? Do you like the way I look?" I asked, walking over to him, dad was speechless, he just stared, "Oh Jessie...does this mean?" "Yes dad, I want you to make love to me tonight, do you want that dad?" He reached out, his arms went around my waist and he pulled me tight against his body, we kissed passionately, deeply, I could feel his dick getting bigger and ground my pelvis into him, he cupped my tits over my dress, then scooping one of my tits out went

down and started to suck deep on my nipple, his other hand went to my smooth pussy and he started to finger my wet cunt, I sunk down to the floor and lay there with my legs wide open, one tit out of my dress which was up around my waist, dad quickly stripped off his clothes, "Play with my pussy dad, lick it, suck it, finger my cunt" I asked. I felt his tongue lick along the length of my pussy, it darted in to my cunt, then his fingers slid in, filling me up, he licked around my ass hole which caused me to moan out loud, "You like that Jessie? You like getting your ass fucked?" he asked. "Yes dad, I love it, I love getting fucked in my ass, make it wet dad, finger it first" I told him, he fingered both my cunt and ass at the same time, "Turn around dad, let me suck your dick while you play with me" We got into the 69 position, I took the full length of his dick down my throat, I played with his balls as he continued to finger and lick at my cunt and ass hole. It was probably because of the noise I was making that we didn't hear Frank, one of dads card buddies

enter the room, the first we were aware of his presence was when he 'politely' coughed - how long he had been standing there watching us - who knows? "Frank! What the hell are you doing back here?" dad asked, jumping up and quickly getting into his pants, me, I just lay there, he had seen all of me by now anyway, I didn't give a fuck! "I'm sorry Pete, the door was open, the lights were on, I called out - I left my glasses behind, if I knew what was going on I wouldn't have disturbed you." "You had no right just coming in Frank, if you say a word about this to anyone - I'll kill you Frank, I swear to god I'll kill you!" Frank couldn't take his eyes off me. "Look Pete, what you get up to is no business of mine, I won't tell a soul Pete, I promise, is this really your daughter?" I got up. "Yes Frank, I am his daughter!" I walked over to him, my tit was still out of my dress, I reached out and cupped my hand over the bulge in his trousers which made him gasp, "Jessie, what are you doing?" dad asked, "It's ok dad, I think Frank here could do with some help with this hard on he's got, "How about it Frank? Do you want me to take care of it for you?" I asked, unzipping his trousers I reached inside and grabbed hold of his semi hard dick, he looked over to dad. "Is it ok with you Pete?" he asked, dad didn't answer, as I started to play with Frank’s dick I saw him step out of his pants and start to wank on his own dick. "Come here and suck on my tits dad" I said, dad came to me, slipping the straps over my shoulders my dress fell to the floor, he sucked and squeezed my tits as I wanked Franks now very hard dick, if anything it was bigger and fatter than dads, it was very knobby and full of prominent veins, "How about getting your clothes off Frank?" I told him; soon he too was naked like dad and me I still had on my bra, stockings and suspenders although my tits were both out on display to them. I knelt in front of both of them, taking hold of their dicks I started to suck them in turn, sucking deep on one, wanking and playing with the other, I managed to get both their tips into my mouth at the same time, I would have liked to have taken more in but they were too big! They played with a tit each, squeezing, pinching and tugging at my nipples, Frank seemed to enjoy the deep throat blow job he was receiving, he caught hold of my head with his big hands and tried to fuck my throat - I wasn't complaining, after initially gagging a bit I managed to get his entire length into my mouth. Later I lay back on to the floor, Frank took up position between my legs and licked and fingered my cunt while dad knelt at my head and I continued to suck him off while he played with my tits. "I need fucking!" I told them, Frank didn't waste any time and plunged his dick into me causing me to scream out with the immense pleasure I felt, he pumped his dick into my cunt, hard and deep as I asked him to do, they swapped around, I licked my juices and pre cum from Frank while dad took his turn at fucking me. Frank was first to shoot out his stream of hot spunk, I felt his dick twitching and throbbing just before it spurted into my mouth, he pulled out and shot the rest over my face then using his dick he smeared it around, dad lunged deep into my cunt and unloaded his hot cum. It took me thirty minutes of playing around with them before they were hard again, this time whilst straddling Frank and bobbing up and down on his dick dad gently slid his dick into my ass hole - something I had never experienced before, a double fucking by two guys, again I screamed out loudly with the pleasure I was getting, they fucked me for what seemed like ages before they again spunked in me and over me, that was it for them, both admitting - to my disappointment, they couldn't carry on any longer. Before leaving Frank promised dad again he would keep quiet about what had happened but not before he got an open invitation to call back and visit whenever he wanted, I slept with dad again that night, dad was too tired to have sex again but cuddled and held me close as we both fell asleep. Next morning over breakfast I revealed to dad that one of my fantasies had been to be fucked by two men, "Well, did it come up to your expectations, fulfilling your fantasy?" he joked. I told him it was great, "Do you want to know another fantasy dad?" I asked. "Sure, tell me" dad replied. "To be fucked by a group of men, just me and say...four guys, just like the four of you here last night, four randy old men, four men who probably haven't had sex for ages, four men fucking my cunt, ass hole and mouth all at the same time, then

cumming all over me" as I was telling him this I played with my pussy with one hand and with my tits with the other. I looked dad in the eyes as I talked, I could see he was getting interested again, "You're not serious Jessie, Are You?" "Oh I'm serious alright dad, how about you? Do you think you would enjoy seeing your daughter get fucked that way?" "You sure are one hell of a sexy, dirty minded woman Jessie, any more fantasies you want to tell me about?" he laughed. He did as I asked him and invited the guys back the following Saturday. Frank apparently asked dad if he could stay behind afterwards for some 'fun', dad didn't let on anything to him, I heard him tell him that he would ask me if it would be ok. Throughout the rest of the week I dressed to tease dad around the house, I never wore underwear, just loose shirts that would gape open revealing my tits, short skirts that would show my ass and pussy, dad never asked for sex so I didn't pressure him, he seemed content to be able to see me dressed this way, I guess he was saving himself for what would happen on

Saturday, I must admit there were times when I craved sex, luckily for me I packed my vibrator so I could at least get some relief. Dad wanted to know what I had planned for Saturday, I just told him he would have to wait and see, to be truthful I didn't really have a plan, I just knew that if I handed sex to four guys they would have a hard time refusing me! I spent most of Saturday afternoon preparing myself, I wanted to make myself look as sexy as I could, I had been shopping again and bought myself some very sexy clothes from a specialist shop I had found, if anything I might have overdone the makeup, my lips were bright red, I had applied eye shadow, my hair looked good, I nervously waited. I heard the doorbell ring, I heard voices downstairs and I gave them thirty minutes and went down. The dress I wore was basically nothing more than a long vest, it was black and totally see through, it almost came down to my stocking tops, again I didn't wear panties, I opted for my half cup bra again as this made my tits look really great, the dress was so low cut (thanks to a bit of alteration from me) that my nipples were only just covered, I wore stockings and suspenders. I didn't want to look too brash so before I went down I put on a long silky dressing gown, the guys all greeted me, "Anyone fancy a beer?" I asked. I fetched the beers along with a couple of bottles of whisky and sat with them at the table, "Can we deal you in Jessie" dad asked. "Oh, I don't know dad, I'm not very good at cards, you four will probably take me for everything I've got, anyway - what are the stakes you guys play for?" I joked. "Don't worry Jessie, we only play small time here" Frank assured me, the others agreed with him. "Ok, you can deal me in, but first I want your opinion of something" I said. "What's that then Jessie?" dad asked. "Well... you guys being men of the world, it's just that I've bought a dress, it's going to be a sort of 'welcome home' present for my husband when he returns from abroad, I would really like your opinions of it, tell me if it's...you know Sexy!" There were murmurs of 'Yeah, Sure we will, etc. I stood back from them and slowly untied the belt of my robe, seductively and slowly took it off, "Wow! - Jesus Christ! If that ain't the sexiest dress I've seen! - You look great! They shouted out, they stood trying to get better views, "You think he'll like it?" I 'shyly' asked, they all agreed my outfit was very sexy. "Your husband is sure one lucky guy!" Frank said, the rest agreeing with him. I picked up my robe and put it back on, "You don't have to Jessie, we don't mind looking at you! - Do we guys?" dad said laughing, "I think I better had dad, you boys need to concentrate on your poker don't you!" I joked back. Actually I'm very good at poker but trying to lose I soon got rid of most of my chips, I liberally filled their glasses as we played, everyone was in a happy, carefree, and somewhat raunchy mood, the pot was between myself and a guy called Billy, "I've got nothing left to bet with" I told him, "Will you take my marker?" I joked, "Sure Jessie, your credit is good with me, how about if you lose I get a kiss" he laughed, "Ok, you're on!" I told him "What have you got?" I had two pair, Billy had three tens. "Bad luck Jessie, I thought you had me then" Billy said, raking in his winnings, "Now, about this marker." "What, you want to collect now? Ok, a bets a bet" I told him, "It's ok Jessie, I was only joking with you" Billy said, the others went quiet and looked on as I got up, I went over to Billy, sat on his lap and proceeded to give him a long, deep kiss, I ruffled his hair as I got up, "Was that ok for you Billy? Does that settle our bet?" I laughed, making my way back to my seat. There, I had done it, I had no chips left, If I lost any hands now the guys would expect the same treatment Billy got, as I sat down I felt four pairs of eyes on me, they all seemed deep in thought, the game got a bit more serious, there was now more to play for than 'Chips' Losing the next few hands I gave each winner a big kiss, then it was dad and me, dad only had a pair of jacks, I easily beat it but threw in my hand, "It looks like it's your turn dad" I said, sitting on his lap. I saw the others (Apart from Frank) look in amazement as I kissed him, after all it's not every day you see a daughter give her dad a full-blown lingering kiss! I lingered longer with his kiss than the rest, when I eventually got up from his lap I said, "Wow, it's getting warm in here!" and untying the belt of my robe let it fall to the floor, I stood, all was quiet as they again took in the way I was dressed, I went to the

kitchen to fetch some more beers, I adjusted the hem a little so my pussy was barely covered, as I walked back to my seat they all stared at me as I felt the dress ride up even higher "That sure is one sexy dress you are almost wearing there Jessie!" dad said, "You guys definitely like it don't you, I mean...You're not just saying that?" I looked down and feigned embarrassment when I 'realized' that it had ridden up so much, I pulled it down a bit "You don't think it's too revealing do you?" I asked "It looks great" Frank said, his words echoed by the others, my nipples were jutting out hard, everyone was looking at them, "What about changing the rules and upping the stakes in this game boys" I said, "What do you have in mind Jessie" they asked, "Well, how about having a bit of fun! Instead of chips you boys bet with articles of clothes, if I lose you get a kiss and a cuddle, if you lose, you lose that article of clothes you betted with" "Sounds good to me" Frank said, "Yeah, me too, I'm in" agreed Billy and the rest including dad. Now the game was serious, from here on I played to win - though sometimes to

keep them happy I would lose on purpose and kiss them, thirty minutes later most of them were nearly naked. I lost the next couple of hands, the first with Frank, I sat on his lap and he kissed me deeply, his tongue going into my mouth, I took hold of his hand and cupped it over my tit, this it seemed was what he had been waiting for as he mauled at my tits, getting up from him I playfully grabbed his dick, "I wondered what that was sticking in me" I laughed, the others had seen him playing with my tits, "Ok boys, in future if I lose the winner can play with my tits - that is if he wants to" I told them. Stan - the quietest and oldest of them was the next loser, "Off!, Off!, Off!, the others shouted as Stan had to take off his last piece of clothing - his shorts, he stood up and pulled them down revealing a huge semi erect dick, it resembled an elephants trunk hanging down between his legs, it must have been a good 10 - 12 inches long and it was only semi hard, the next hand between Stan and me I lost on purpose, I got up and sat on Stan's lap, as I did I took hold of his dick, he kissed me and played with my tits, pulling the front of my dress down and totally exposing them, I stood up, pulling his head towards them, "Suck on them Stan, suck my nipples" I told him. He did so for a couple of minutes, I was fed up with the game, the time was right to take things further, I slipped off my dress, unclasped my bra and standing there wearing only stockings and suspenders I said "How about you playing one more hand, the winner gets a blow job!" They all were very quiet, "Fucking Hell! Is she serious Pete?" they asked dad, "You heard her" he said, "The winner gets a blow job and I want that guy to be me" he told them, "Wait a minute" I said, "First you all strip off, I want to see all your dicks" I told them, they did as I asked then sat and played poker. Five minutes later there was a shout of "Yes!" from a triumphant Billy, his face beamed with happiness and I presume the thought of getting his dick sucked by me, I went over to him, knelt in front of him and took hold of his giant dick, "You like having your dick sucked Billy?" I asked in a sexy voice, "Jessie, I haven't had a blow job for over twenty years" he confessed, the others watched, shouting out dirty remarks and edging Billy on as I licked up along the length of his shaft, there was no way I was going to be able to take it all in my mouth, I had enough in already and there was still enough left for me to encircle with both my hands, I played with his large balls as I sucked, I didn't expect him to last long and feeling his dick start to throb I stopped sucking and wanked it until it shot spunk out all over my face, neck and tits, Billy collapsed back into his seat, drained physically. After my evening with dad and his three buddies it seemed my visiting dad was the best thing that had ever happened to me. Dad was now ok with our situation and would now touch and play with my body whenever he felt the urge - likewise I did the same to him, we slept together every night, often resulting in great sex. Midweek dad got a call from Stan, he had seen his niece and according to him after he gave her brief details of what we got up to the previous Saturday she was very keen to join us at our next get together we had planned for this weekend, he said she would be phoning me, when dad told me I confessed to him that another of my fantasies would soon become a reality, "What's that then Jessie?" dad asked. I told him having sex with another woman was something that had always appealed to me - "I bet you guys would get turned on seeing two women fucking each other dad!" I laughed, "What about you dad? You must have some fantasies that you would like to see happen?" "I don't know Jessie, I've never really thought too much about things like that" he replied. "You must have dad!" I went on. "Well, sometimes I've dreamed of fucking someone young, a girl wearing a school uniform or something like that!" he said, "Really! Wow, you should have told me! I would have never guessed something like that would turn you on dad!" I told him, "C'mon, what else? You can't stop now" "That's about it Jessie, seeing you dressed in sexy clothes is another thing that I like a lot, you've probably realized that though already!" he said. "I know what we can do dad, lets go into town, we can visit that sex shop I told you about, you can buy me a present - something sexy to wear for you", Dad wasn't that keen, he said he was too old to visit 'places like that' but I easily persuaded him. When we arrived in town I told dad to have a beer and wait for me, "I've just got to do

something" I told him, "I won't be long" I said, there was a used clothing shop I had seen earlier and I wanted to see if they had a school clothing section, they did and telling the assistant what I wanted I managed to buy a skirt, blazer and blouse, the full outfit - my surprise for dad! I had a beer with dad and we went to the sex shop, there were a few other customers in there - all men, looking at the clothes on display dad picked out for me a white, short fishnet type dress, white peephole bra and open crotch panties, white fishnet stockings. Thinking of what might happen on Saturday I bought a very long double ended dildo, we browsed through the video tapes, I was surprised to see one titled 'Family Affairs' reading the text it was about 'incest' we added it and a couple more to our purchases, leaving dad browsing through the magazines and tapes I started to chat to the guy who owned the place, "So, where's the best place in town for swinging?" I asked, he said there was nowhere really, he said he knew of a few people who held parties, "What are you interested in?" he asked, I

told him I would have liked to visit an adult cinema, "I could help you out there" he replied, he knew of a place that showed 'XXX' rated films, he said it wasn't very big but scribbled down the address, just show them this and tell them Andy sent you. When we got home dad was like a school boy, "You going to try on you presents Jessie?" he beamed, "Oh there is plenty of time for that dad, lets wait till tonight after dinner - I've got a few things to do this afternoon dad, why don't you go fishing, you might catch our dinner if you're lucky" I laughed. Dad got his gear and left, I wanted to try on my uniform I bought, I went upstairs to my room, stripped and put it on, the skirt fitted but was too long - no problem I thought, I'll take it up this afternoon, the blouse was a bit tight, the buttons strained as my tits pushed out, I undid the top three, that was a little better and I showed a nice cleavage, the Jacket again was a bit tight, I put on a pair of white sports socks and a pair of black low heeled shoes, looking in the full length mirror I was transformed back to my school days. Later dad returned, no luck with the fishing so I prepared an early dinner, "What have you been up to this afternoon Jessie?" dad inquired, "Oh not much dad, just sorting a few things out" I told him, after dinner I told Dad I was going to take a bath, "Are you going to model your new dress for me tonight Jessie" dad asked, "We'll see dad, it depends" I teased. Again while bathing I shaved my pussy smooth, then I fixed my hair in bunches, this had the desired affect of making me look that bit younger, then after getting dressed in the clothes dad had bought for me I went down to dad, "Fucking Hell Jessie! If that isn't the sexiest thing I've seen!" dad exclaimed, my hard nipples poked through the peephole bra which in turn jutted out through the open net material of my dress, I must admit I did look sexy, I twirled and posed for him then raising one foot onto a coffee table I let him see my pussy as the open crotch panties gaped open, teasingly I wet a finger and rubbed it over my pussy lips, I tweaked a nipple at the same time, "You know dad, whenever I wear this outfit in future I'll always think of you, I'm sure Tony will appreciate it as much as you do!" I told him, "I tell you what Jessie, things are going to seem dull around here after you leave, are you sure you want to go? You could always stay here with me you know!" "I promise I won't stay away for so long in future dad, you know that I love you - you could always come and visit me you know anytime!" Dad stood and came over to me, we kissed, he fondled my tits and played with my pussy for a while, "Fix me a drink dad, I won't be long" I told him, I went upstairs and took off the dress and stockings, I left on the bra and panties, I put on the uniform, my nipples jutted out through the thin blouse, before going down I tweaked them, making them harder still. Dad was sat in his chair, "Daddy" I called out in a childlike tone, "Daddy, will you help me with my homework?" I asked, dad turned around, he took in the way I was dressed, "Does Daddy like my uniform?" I asked, walking over to him and sitting on his lap, "Oh Jessie, you did this for me? Thank you Jessie!" I put my arm around his neck, my jutting out nipples inches away from his face, "Oh daddy, what's that I'm sitting on, it feels very hard!" I said, continuing acting in my naive, childlike manner, I could feel his dick growing big, I stood up and reached out and took hold of it, "Oh daddy, your thing is very big! Why has it done that daddy?" Getting in to his role dad said, "It's because you look so nice honey, daddy likes it when he sees you dressed like this" Do you think I look pretty daddy, "Oh yes Jessie, daddy thinks you look very pretty and very sexy, do you want to make daddy happy honey?" Yes daddy, what can I do? Tell me how I can make you happy!" "Well honey, first you can take off your jacket and blouse, will you do that for daddy?" I stood up and slowly did as he asked, "Now honey, take off your skirt and sit on daddy's lap" he instructed, as I sat I again draped my arm around his neck and we kissed deeply, his hand cupped my tits over my bra, he pinched and tweaked my hard nipples that poked out, then lowered his head and sucked on them, "Oooooooh daddy, that feels nice" I told him, his hand stroked my naked thigh, higher and higher till he reached my panties, his thumb rubbed along my exposed, smooth pussy lips, I was very wet and it easily slipped into my cunt making me moan out loudly, Oh daddy! Don't stop, it feels so good, do it deeper, put it in deeper!" I panted. After a

few minutes of sucking on my nipples and fingering my cunt dad stopped, "Do you want to do something that daddy loves Jessie?" he asked, "Anything daddy, just tell me what to do!" I told him, dad made me get off his lap, he stood up and quickly stripped off his clothes, his dick stood out hard and big, I reached out and took it in my hands, I stroked it softly and gently, dad put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down until I was kneeling in front of him, I looked up at him, still wanking his dick, "Put it in your mouth Jessie, Kiss and lick and suck on daddy's prick" he asked, I did as he said though acted like this was my first time, before long I had his dick buried into my mouth, he was fucking my throat deeply, he held my head as he lunged forward with his hips, I couldn't speak, only moan as he fucked my mouth, I sucked deeply as I felt his dick throb and twitch, "Suck it honey, I'm cumming!" he said, his spunk shot out, hitting the back of my mouth as I continued to suck and swallow, "Yes Jessie, don't stop!" he said. I carried on sucking until his dick started to

soften, "Did I do all right daddy, was I a good girl for you?" I innocently asked, dad lifted me up and kissed me deeply, "You did great Jessie, daddy loves you so much" he said, we sat together, cuddling and fondling each other till dad was hard again, "Do you want daddy to fuck you Jessie?" he asked, "Oh yes please daddy, I would like that" I told him, he told me to lye on the floor, I did as he instructed and opened my legs wide, he lay between my legs and started to lick, suck and finger my cunt and ass hole through the slit in my panties, his hand went up to squeeze on my tits and tweak my nipples as they poked out of my bra, "Fuck me daddy, I want to feel your dick inside me - deep inside me!" I cried out, dad rubbed his dick around my pussy, coating it in the juices that were running out of my cunt, then he slid it in, bit by bit until it was deep inside my cunt, I locked my legs around him, pulling him tight, trying to get every last bit in, then he pumped his dick into my cunt, fucking me deeply as I begged him to do, "Harder daddy! Fuck your little schoolgirl daughter hard!" I urged him on, later he pulled out and using his tongue and fingers he poked at my ass hole, "Do it daddy, stick your dick into my ass hole!" I told him, I cried out as he did what I asked, a pleasurable cry! "Oh fuck, that feels good daddy!" I told him, "Does daddy's dirty little girl like getting fucked in the ass?" he asked, "Oh yes daddy, cum in my ass daddy! I want to feel your hot spunk shoot into my ass!" I told him. He fucked me for a long time - the longest he had lasted yet! Then - "I'm ready!" he said and with each lunge forward he spurted his cum inside my ass, three or four glorious spurts of hot spunk gushed into me, it felt so good, he lay on top of me till his dick plopped out, turning on to our sides we lay next to each other, hugging, kissing, touching, playing with each other. "I'm so lucky having a daughter like you Jessie, thanks for getting that school uniform, it really looked good seeing you wearing it" he said, "So, tell me dad, when I was young, did you ever think about fucking me!" I asked, "No Jessie, never! I had a great sex life with your mom, but I must admit I sure as hell sometimes got a hard on when I saw some of your girl friends!" he laughed, "Yeah, really?" I said, it was getting late, we had been at it for hours and both of us went up to bed - unfortunately for me dad was too tired for any more sex, I lay there next to him, definitely before I left I had to get dad fixed up with a woman! Next day I got a call from Jill - Stan's niece, she asked if we could meet up for a coffee, I told her I had to go into town and would meet her there. Jill was quite a stunner! Long black hair, dark eyes, very pretty, large tits and a great figure, over coffee she asked about my experience with the guys - was it true? I told her what had happened, she sat listening as I gave her a detailed account, she asked how I got into having sex with dad, again I told her how it started, "Fucking hell!" she exclaimed, "I wish I had been there, Stan said you've got something planned for this weekend, can I come!" "Oh I'm positive you'll come Jill - many times" I joked. We got on really well, during our conversation Jill told me she was bi-sexual, "What about you Jessica? Have you ever made love with another female?" Jill asked, I told her I hadn't but had often fantasized about it! I suggested that on Saturday Jill should arrive early, that way we could both get ready together before the guys arrived, as we parted Jill kissed me on the cheek, "Until Saturday then Jessie" she said, "God I'm wet, I need a fuck!" she told me as we left. On Friday dad asked me if I had anything planned for the day, "Not much dad, how about you?" I asked, "How about going for a drive? Maybe we could take a picnic" he suggested, I told him that sounded good and got some food and a bottle of wine, I went up and got changed, I put on a dress that buttoned down the front from neck to hem, I didn't bother with underwear, I left the top three buttons undone showing a nice cleavage, we got into the car and drove out into the country, as dad drove along I undid a couple more buttons, slipped a hand inside and played with my tits, dad rested his hand on my thigh and stroked it, working his way upwards as I opened my legs wider, his hand slipped under my dress and soon was playing with my wet pussy, we passed a few trucks, "Slow down dad, lets give this guy something to see!" I laughed, as dad passed slowly I undid the rest of my buttons, opening my dress I reclined my seat a little and played with my exposed tits as dad continued

to finger me, we were neck and neck for a while which allowed the truck driver to get a good view of my naked body, he sounded his horn and gestured for us to pull over, there was a truck stop up ahead, "What shall I do Jessie" dad asked, "Drive on dad" I said, he's had enough excitement for today" I joked. We found a nice spot for our picnic, we fooled around a bit, I told dad about my meeting with Jill, how sexy she looked, "Just think dad, two women to fuck as much as you want, sound good to you?" "I just wish I was twenty years younger," he laughed. We lay back in the sun and dozed, later we fooled around some more and drove home. Jill turned up late Saturday afternoon, I introduced her to dad, if anything dad seemed a little nervous as he politely kissed her on the cheek, "Well dad, did I describe Jill accurately?" I asked, "Didn't I tell you how beautiful she was?" "You sure did Jessie." I had prepared some snacks and had put out plenty of booze, "C'mon Jill, let's go upstairs and get ourselves looking sexy!" I said, taking her hand and leading her to my room, I told

her I was going to take a shower, "Good idea Jessie, I think I'll join you" she said, we both stripped, Jill's tits were about the same size as mine but her nipples - wow, they were great, dark brown and very big, they jutted out, just right for sucking on I thought, her body was just about perfect, very firm looking, like me Jill shaved her pussy but kept a small triangle of neatly trimmed pubic hair above her pussy, she saw the way I looked at her tits, "I think these are my best feature" she said, cupping her tits with her hands, pinching her nipples, making them even bigger, "What do you think Jessie?" I told her they looked great, we went into the shower, luckily it was big enough for us both, as the warm water ran over us Jill started to soap my back, then down my legs, turning towards her she lathered her hands and started to soap my tits, she paid attention to my own nipples which grew harder, her hand slid between my legs and rubbed over my smooth pussy. "I really love your pussy Jessie, I can't wait to lick it!" Jill said, all this time I had just stood there taking in all that was happening to me, I had never experienced another woman touching me, it felt so fucking sexy! I began to wash Jill, before long we were both kissing as we caressed and fondled each other, getting out of the shower we toweled each other dry, then lying on the bed we resumed where we had left off from the shower, Jill was so soft, kissing, sucking on her tits, licking out her pussy - things I had never experienced before - so different from having sex with a man, so sensual! When she licked her tongue over my pussy lips and darted it into my cunt my body shook and convulsed with a huge orgasm. It was getting late, the guys were due in about 30 minutes, we started to get dressed, Jill had bought with her a very sexy outfit, her dress was slit from neckline to her navel, two thin straps barely covered her nipples, she put on a tiny pair of thong panties, stockings and suspenders, the dress was very short, as she paraded before me I saw her stocking tops - me, I put on the fishnet outfit dad bought for me, the peephole bra and crotch less panties, the fishnet stockings, Jill was in black, I was in white, we complimented each other, then hand in hand went down stairs. Stan had arrived and was sat talking to dad, he kissed us both. I noticed the way dad looked at Jill, strange, but I felt a little jealous for a second, "Wow, don't you two look great!" he said, we had arranged the furniture so that we had two large sofas in the lounge, we sat and chatted till Frank and Billy arrived, they too kissed and hugged us both, again telling us how great we looked, as everyone got more familiar and more at ease the topic of conversation started to get more and more sexual, the TV was showing one of the videos we bought, the guys were making comments about the 'action' on the screen, I was sandwiched between Stan and Frank, Jill - likewise between Dad and Billy on the sofa, I noticed dad had his hand on Jill's thigh, I stood up, muted the TV and put on some music, "C'mon Jill, let's dance" I said, Jill got up and joined me on the floor, we danced closely, arms around each other, all the guys staring at us, Jill looked at me and whispered, "Let's give them something to see Jessie!" she kissed me, at the same time she cupped my tit and gently squeezed, my hand slid under the strap covering Jill's tit and I stroked her tit also, "Jesus Christ! Will you look at that - I've never seen two girls at it before for real!" Billy exclaimed, "It's giving me a hard on just watching" Frank replied, I looked across at dad, his dick was bulging in his pants, still looking at him I lowered my head and took Jill's nipple into my mouth and sucked on it, making Jill moan loudly, Jill pulled me up and slipped the straps of my dress off my shoulders, it fell to the floor and I stepped out of it, I felt so sexy standing in front of the guys in my sexy underwear, then it was my turn, her dress easily slipped off, I heard the guys gasp as her tits were revealed to them, we both lay on the floor caressing each other, Kissing, fondling each others tits, then Jill moved on top of me in the 69 position offering her pussy to my waiting tongue and fingers. I pulled her panties down and used my hands to open her pussy wide, I could see the guys shifting around, trying to get in positions in which they could watch our sex show, my tongue darted out and licked along and over Jill's wet pussy, I slipped a finger inside and as I licked her I fingered her cunt, Jill was giving me similar treatment, we moaned and

groaned loudly as we gave each other oral sex! I felt Jill probing my ass hole with her finger and did the same to her, "Fucking hell! Will you look at that sweet pussy!" "I can't wait to fuck her!" I heard, I patted Jill and slid out from under her, I reached out and got hold of the dildo I had bought, Jill lay back on the floor as I slowly slid the long rubbery dildo into her cunt, she cried out as I started to fuck her with it, then positioning myself I slid the other end into my own cunt, we both played with our tits and nipples as we enjoyed the sensation of fucking each other! I saw Frank drop his pants and start to wank on his dick as he watched us perform, the others quickly followed him and stripped off, Frank was the first to join us on the floor, he squeezed my tits and kissed me, I saw dad kneel at Jill's head, she reached out and took hold of his dick, then she took it into her mouth and started to suck on him, I felt the dildo slip out as someone started to lick me out and finger my cunt.

Chapter 24: Gay Male Rest Stop Jeff had been driving this route for 4 months now, which was 4 months longer than he’d intended. Generally, his clients were all within a 20-mile radius of his house, but this was a key engagement for his company, so he’d agreed to travel temporarily. One week had soon given way to one month, which morphed into three, and now it looked like he might be coming down here for as many as nine. Bonus and per diem aside, this was really starting to suck. His girlfriend had come down a few times so that they could have a long weekend on the company, but during the week he was pretty much on his own. Early on in the assignment, he’d decided that if he was going to make this damn trip at all, he sure as hell was going to do it in comfort. He adopted a standard travel attire of a t-shirt and loose fitting, high cut gym shorts, even if he left from the office rather than his apartment. He’d been working out like a madman in preparation for beach season, so any t-shirt he choose stretched tightly across his chest, showcasing rather than hiding his well muscled chest and the chiseled ripples of his stomach. Also, he usually didn’t bother with underwear or shoes. The drive was over three hours if there was no traffic, and if he had to stop it was usually in some backwater town that didn’t care what he had on anyway. And it felt good to let his cock, and easy 7" flaccid, hang free during the ride. He just had to remember to adjust his shorts before he went into a restaurant or gas station, otherwise people might see a little more than they bargained for. Since the summer season had started, he’d been lucky enough to leave in the afternoon during the week, avoiding the beach bound traffic. So of course, the first time he left on a Saturday afternoon, he was surprised to find that traffic slowed to standstill 30 minutes outside the city. It probably wouldn’t have been so bad, except he’d downed a 32 ounce bottle of water before he left his house, expecting to be well on his way before he would need to go to the bathroom. After an hour, he was searching the road signs frantically for a place to relieve himself before he ruined his car. Unconsciously, he reached down to squeeze his cock, as if he could somehow hold back the building pressure that was threatening to spray piss all over his dashboard any minute. An added advantage to his attire was easy access to his package; sometimes during the ride, when the road wasn’t too crowded, he’d play with his cock while he drove, giving the soccer moms driving SUVs and minivans an impromptu show. The knowledge that other people could see him kept him rock hard, and he was now at a point where he could stroke himself for the whole ride down, nearly 3 hours, without cumming. Of course, whenever he teased himself like that, even before he checked into the hotel he would drive into town and find some chick who’d had a little too much to drink and drill the shit out of her, letting loose a gallon of cum, his cock crammed deep in her while she choked back her cries and other evidence of arousal. His cock hardened instantly; unaware that this wasn’t one of his usual exhibitionist displays. He closed his eyes as a warm feeling spilled over him, delighted at the feel of it thickening. The blare of horn brought him back as his car began sliding into oncoming traffic. He’d been so horny lately! He couldn’t remember a day in recent memory when he hadn’t cum two or three times, sometimes just from jerking off, sometimes from a hot and heavy fuck session, and frequently from a combination of both. The dull ache in his balls and groin was soon competing with the urgent need to pee, providing a painful yet pleasant distraction to the traffic, as well as his dilemma. Several people beeped to show their appreciation for his show, but Jeff was concentrating too much on the conflicting stimuli to notice. Mercifully, he finally spotted a sign for a rest area just below West Point. Trying to stay in control he maneuvered toward the exit ramp, glad that he wouldn’t have to try to use the bathroom in a restaurant or shop. There was no way he was getting his prick back in his pants before he’d be able to get into the bathroom. Pulling into the parking lot, he jumped out of his car, and padded barefoot toward the restrooms. His cock jutted out in front of him, the cock head purple, the shaft slick with pre-cum and pushing the leg of his shorts aside. He wouldn’t be able to pee if he stayed this hard, but he could get positioned so that when he softened he’d be ready to go. A few tourists averted their eyes in embarrassment as he

passed, but Jeff was in no condition to be embarrassed himself. He felt the pressure build to near explosion as his mind registered that his objective was in sight. He increased his pace to a half-walk/ half-jog, lunging for the first unlocked stall, grateful that he'd been able to hold out as long as he did. Crime was not really a problem in this part of the country, and the rest stop had escaped most of the "modernization" that had claimed similar facilities. All of the stalls still had doors, a rarity in this day and age because muggers had taken to hiding behind them and preying on innocents. Also, the stall walls stretched from floor to ceiling, providing privacy as well as a modicum of soundproofing, allowing a person to do their business in relative solitude. As the door swung open, he stopped in his tracks; two guys were crammed inside. One stood on the seat of the toilet, squatting, while the other, facing away from Jeff, was licking the shaft of the first man’s cock. It was amazing that he could reach it;

the man was much taller than Jeff (who only stood 5’4", making his substantial cock look enormous), at least 6’3" or 6’4", and almost as broad as the stall. He bent easily from the waist, as if he was hinged. Both men were able to keep quiet enough that from the outside, you’d have no idea what was going on. "Oh e-e-eexcuse me," he stuttered embarrassedly, standing transfixed in the entrance to the stall. He didn’t move, and neither did the men in the stall, save for the slow steady licking. He’d never seen two guys going at it before, and couldn’t help staring. The guy up on the toilet looked like he was average height, also taller than Jeff but probably not more than 6’, with sandy blonde hair cut shaggy and a thick goatee. His eyes were closed and his breathing was labored as the other man continued to coat his cock with saliva. He had his arms spread wide to brace himself against the sides for balance, and Jeff could see that he was straining to keep from thrusting his hips at the other man’s face, an action that surely would have toppled him. He had on a baggy t-shirt and his jeans were pulled down far enough that the other man could get at his cock. The man doing the licking was dressed in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt that looked like a second skin, but then again, they probably didn’t make many clothes big enough to cover him properly. His hair was black and cut military short, but Jeff couldn’t see his face. His neck and arms were deeply tanned, and he stood with one hand bracing himself against the back wall while the other did something in front of him that Jeff couldn’t see. The muscles on his arm (and everywhere else, Jeff suspected) were thick and rigid, obviously the result of exhaustive hours in the gym. Where Jeff was more lean and tight, this guy was huge, bear like, with the kind of build that even science can’t help you get without a healthy dose of genetics. As he continued to survey the action in the stall, the man on the toilet opened his eyes and looked at Jeff. They were a watery brown, not exactly vacant, but not overly sharp or intelligent either. "Either come in and join us or get the hell out. I’m not interested in giving the whole room a show," he growled huskily, his irritation tempered by his arousal. Startled, Jeff backed away and let the door close. He heard the lock slide into place. Stunned, Jeff made his way down the row, looking for an empty stall. He finally found one at the end, the one outfitted for handicapped use. He opened the door and slipped inside. Surprisingly, the scene hadn’t done anything to make him less aroused than he was when he got out of the car, and he had to concentrate in order to get the piss flowing. He was finally able to empty himself, the pressure so bad that he had to pee in spurts to get it all out. Relieved, he dropped onto the seat, his cock falling free and brushing the coolness of the rim, stiffening again. He knew he’d never make the rest of his trip in this condition, he was too turned on, and so he quickly slid out of his shorts and started to pump his hand along the shaft of his cock. He shivered with anticipation as he felt the cum start to collect again in his balls, and he quickly slipped off his tshirt so that he had total freedom. He closed his eyes, giving in to the sensations, not really thinking about anything other than his approaching orgasm. "Well, well, what do we have here?" a voice interrupted the silence. The voice was accompanied by the sound of the stall door crashing in. He was far too involved in the act of masturbating to stop now. In the recesses of his mind, he identified the voice as belonging to the guy that had been getting his dick sucked further down the row of stalls. "Hey Tank, I think our new friend is a little turned on," the voice continued. His rational mind told Jeff to stop stroking his cock, to grab his clothes and get the hell out of there quick, but he honestly couldn’t. His cock, now rock hard and extended it’s full 10", demanded satisfaction. He wasn’t going anywhere until he shot. "And look at the pipe on this guy," said another voice. "That’s a nice fucking cock." Again, deep down somewhere, Jeff made the connection that this new voice must belong to "Tank", the big guy that was sucking off the other one. Jeff’s head was back, resting against the tiled wall, his cock throbbing hotly in his hand as he moved it smoothly up and down. Involuntarily he spread his legs, revealing large, swollen balls and resting against his taut, muscled thighs. "Mitch, I really think we need to help this guy out," Tank said thoughtfully. "I’d hate to think that we

could have made him more comfortable and we didn’t." Walking in and locking the stall door behind them, the two men quickly removed their shoes and socks and unzipped their pants in near unison. By the time Jeff was able to gather the resolve to open his eyes, the two men were nude and in front of him. The stall wasn’t quite wide enough for them to be standing side by side, so Tank stood slightly behind Mitch. Chapter 25: I Love You, Daddy My wife works very early in the morning, so when our daughter Alicia was in elementary school, I would bring her to school every day. Now she's a big girl, pulling top grades in high school, so I just lounge around the house while she gets ready to go. Every morning she finds me, gives me a peck on the cheek and a hug, and off she goes to school. I work from the house mostly, only going to the office when I can't telecom. One morning a

few weeks ago, I was just out of the shower, and still in my bathrobe. I was sitting at the foot of my bed, just beginning to put on my slippers, when it runs Alicia, and tackles me with her morning hug. We ended up lying on the bed together, with her head on my chest, and her petite arms thrown around me. She squeezed tight and I squeezed her back. "I love you Daddy," she said. I kissed her forehead, and we lay like that, enjoying the closeness. "Daddy," Alicia giggled, "your thing's showing." It was. My robe had been pulled aside a bit, and my limp cock was taking some air. I moved my robe back over it. "Sorry honey," I mumbled. Alicia was quiet for a moment, and then she whispered, "Actually, Daddy, can I look at it? I've never really seen a man before, and I...never mind." It was uncomfortable, but we never really had a father daughter talk, so I pulled my robe aside a bit and exposed myself. Alicia's head was still on my chest, but her breathing got deeper. "Can I touch it?" she asked. I hesitated for a moment, but then didn't really see the harm in it. "Sure. I guess you should know what it's like." My daughter took my cock in her warm little hand, and turned it to each side. Then she did something I didn't expect. She began to run her index finger up and down the sensitive underside. I tried to ignore the sensation, but my dick got half hard in spite of me. "It's getting bigger," my daughter noticed. "They do that, honey." "Why? Because I'm touching it?" "It's that thing you're doing with your finger. It...well it feels good, and when you please a man like that, he'll get hard." Alicia didn't say anything more, but kept her finger moving. My cock continued to grow, until it was fully erect, and thrust up against my belly. Alicia stroked it with her finger a few more times. "Is that as big as it gets?" "Pretty much," I managed. I was going out of my mind from the teasing, but I just couldn't take it any further with my innocent teenaged daughter. "Am I touching it right? I mean, if I kept touching you like this...would you, you know...come?" The idea sent a shockwave of lust through me, but I made myself sound calm. "Well...no. It's just a tease. You would need to put your hand all the way around it." I reached down and wrapped her fingers around my shaft, pressed them a little more firmly against my flesh. "Like that." Alicia stroked her hand up and down for a moment. "Like this?" All I could do is nod my chin against her forehead. My daughter put my cock away, or at least tried to cover the erect beast with my robe, kissed me on the cheek and said, "Thank you, Daddy. I really wanted to know about that." And left for school. I made myself get dressed and carry on with my day. The next morning, I was sitting on my bed just like the day before, and I guess I was hoping Alicia would come to me again. I was not disappointed. She bounced in and tackled me, and we ended up in the same position as the day before. "I love you, Daddy," she said again. Again, I kissed her forehead. She was quiet for a while, and then she pulled my robe aside. My cock was already half hard this time. She wrapped her hand around it and began jacking it like I showed her. Slowly at first. God help me, but I let just let her do it. She kept it up for a few minutes. "I want to make you come," she whispered innocently. "I want to know what it's like." "A little faster then, baby." She jacked me faster, and the sensations going through me were unbelievable. Within seconds, my hips were humping up to meet her hand, and then I came, shooting a wad of sperm about three feet into the air. The flow was enormous, and it spilled all over me, and all over my baby's hand, running down her skin in rivulets. "Oh, it's so hot. Ugh. Sticky." She wiped her hand on my comforter. "Sorry," was all I could think to say. "No, it's okay. Thank you," she kissed me on the cheek and left for school. I lay there and guilt tripped myself until I fell asleep for a few hours. I dreamed of sex with my daughter. When I woke up, I swore I wouldn't let it happen again, even doubted that she would want it to, but the next morning I made sure to sit at the foot of my bed, dressed in only my robe. I noticed the comforter still bore faint traces of my cum where my daughter had wiped her hand on it. Alicia came and tackled me. "I love you Daddy," she said. I told her I loved her too. After a few minutes of cuddling, she began jacking my cock again, until I shot all over the place. This time, though, when I was done, she brought her hand up to her mouth and her little pink tongue flicked out and liked some of the semen. She wiped the

rest off on the comforter, which I changed immediately after she left. The next morning was a weekend, and my daughter acted as if nothing had happened while her mother was home. That weekend was too long, and for the first time that I can remember, I wished for Monday. Monday came, and I sat at the foot of my bed. Alicia came with her flying hug, and told me once again that she loved me. I kissed her on the forehead, and she put her hand to my cock and kissed me on the cheek. She began stroking me. "Kiss me Daddy, okay?" I kissed her like a father, and she smiled her pretty little smile. "Not like that. Like a boyfriend would kiss me." I looked at her face as she rubbed my dick slowly. It was fully erect now. Alicia was so pretty, with her mother's hazel eyes and nut-brown hair. She had a heart shaped face that belonged on an angel. There was nothing but innocence in her eyes. I took her face in my hands and kissed her deeply. When her tongue darted into my mouth, it tasted so good. I was powerless now to stop anything. I was too weak, and it had gone

to far. These mornings were what I lived for, now. We kissed for about a minute, and then she broke away and put her head to my chest again. Both of us were breathing very hard. She parted my robe from her chest and kissed her way down to my cock. She kissed its tip while still moving her hand over it. My heart stopped as the warmth of her mouth surrounded my shaft. She moved her hand away, and slid her head back and forth on my stomach as she gave me head. I wanted to come. I needed to come, but I made myself wait. I didn't want to do anything she wouldn't like. I controlled myself with all my will; moans began to escape my throat from the effort. Alicia stopped and raised herself up to turn and look at me. "I'm glad this feels good to you, Daddy. It's okay if you come in my mouth. I want to know what it's like." She went back to work on my cock, and within seconds, I was shooting my load onto her tonsils. She swallowed every drop. The next day I waited for her, but she left without even speaking to me. I agonized about it all day. I couldn't concentrate on anything. Wednesday though, my wife woke me before she left at 5:30am and told me Alicia had complained about being sick, and that our daughter would be staying home today. My wife asked me to make some chicken soup. I agreed, and couldn't go back to sleep. At about seven Alicia came to my bed, wearing her long pink bathrobe. I was naked beneath the covers, as I hadn't bothered to get up. "How are you feeling, Angel?" "Fine," she said simply, and crawled into bed with me. Her head went beneath the covers, and she gave me head for a little while, until I was good and hard, then she came up for air. Her hands went to the sash on her robe and she removed it in what seemed like slow motion. She turned and dropped it off the side of the bed and lay back. I pulled the covers away from her to get a better look at her firm little body. Her breasts were perfect, a little shy of a "C" cup, and her young belly was flat and curved down to the downy brown hair over her pussy. My daughter's pussy. I couldn't believe I was looking at it. My hand went to it of its own volition. Alicia gasped. "Yes, Daddy, make me come. I want to know what it's like." I rubbed her soft, moist clit until she had an orgasm. "Do it again." I kept rubbing, and Alicia turned and twisted in pleasure at the attention. "Kiss me Daddy. Kiss me when I climax." I did, and she clutched my head and thrust her tongue in my mouth when she came. Her face was flushed, and the lust and need in her eyes hadn't dissipated with her two orgasms. "Daddy, I want you to make love to me. I want to know what it's like." I moved over on top of her and between her legs. I put a finger in her and felt for her hymen. It was there, but her pussy was soaked. I pushed the head of my rock hard cock into her vagina and pushed. She cried out as I entered her. "Daddy! It hurts!" I lay still inside her and savored the feeling of her vagina clutching at me in spasms. She was so soft. I began moving slowly back and forth, and asked her if I was hurting her. She shook her head, and slid her tongue into my mouth again. I fucked my daughter for what seemed like hours. Finally, I raised myself up on one arm, and used my free hand to rub her clit until she came. When I felt her pussy begin to spasm in pleasure, I shot my sperm into her, over filling her with my cum. She had me make love to her twice more that day, once with her on top, once with her on her hand and knees and me behind her. The second time I showed her how to touch herself while we fucked, and we came again at the same time. The third time I licked her to climax before I mounted her again and shot off deep inside her. I was lost, a slave to my lust for my baby girl. After I had come for the third time, we lay in bed naked, holding each other close. "That felt so good, Daddy." "To me too, angel." "I... I want to keep doing it with you." I noticed now that she was crying. "I know we shouldn't but I really, really want to." I pet her head and assured her that we could. She expressed a concern about pregnancy, and said that if I was going to keep coming inside her, I should take her to get on the pill. I told her I would, but the memory of pouring my sperm into her pretty little snatch made me hard again, so I rolled her onto her back and entered her pussy for the forth time this day. "I love you, Daddy," she said as I began to fuck her. She slid her tongue in my mouth, and I pulsed my cum into her without needing anything else. Chapter 26: Lisa’s Story Hi, my name is Lisa, I'm 22, I've got brown hair, hazel eyes, I'm

slim - about 110 lbs and 5'6 tall, I have been told several times that my best features are my tits, I'm a 36c with rather large nipples. My story starts about 7 years ago when I was just a very shy, naive teenager who up till then had no experience of sex, sure I used to think about sex a lot, most of my friends had boyfriends, I would hear of their experiences and sometimes when lying in bed at night I would play with myself to relieve the frustrations I had. It's not that I didn't have offers of dates from boys, I was just too shy to take them up, I lived with mom and dad and my brother Chris, we had a house very close to the beach and during the summer vacation I spent a lot of time there, Chris was almost two years older than me, and unlike me he had many girlfriends. One day Chris asked me if I wanted to go to a

beach party he was invited to, I jumped at the offer, this was the first time Chris had ever included me in any of his plans, that evening before we left home Chris warned me that there would be a lot of booze there and suggested I went easy, "You are not used to drinking and I don't want to have to carry you home" he told me. I wore a skimpy bikini with a long wrap around skirt, looking in the mirror, seeing the way I was dressed made my body quiver with excitement. I had a great time, looking back it was probably the drinks that made me open up, that evening I decided I was going to let myself go, have a good time and enjoy myself. I kissed several of the guys there, some of them when getting me alone tried to take things further, I didn't mind them feeling my tits, to be truthful I probably encouraged them too much, I was actually flaunting myself in front of them, but when one of them tried to get his hand between my legs I firmly said NO! I didn't want things to go that far! I didn't really realize what was happening when, later in the evening I ended up behind a sand dune with two of them, they were all over me, I tried to make them stop but they wouldn't listen, they soon had my bikini off and their hands were all over me, feeling and squeezing my tits, kissing me, I tried to keep my legs tight together, I felt their hands around my pussy and struggled, "Please stop!" I screamed out. They laughed, "C'mon Lisa, you know you want it, you've been begging for it all night, tell us you want it Lisa, tell us you want us to fuck you!" "No! You've got it wrong, please stop! Please! I don't feel very well, I think I'm going to be sick!" I heard Chris calling my name - he was looking for me! They probably realized they had gone too far. "Ok Lisa, we're sorry, we thought it was what you wanted" they said and quickly left, a couple of minutes later Chris found me there, still naked, crying. I told him what had happened, he put his arm around me and hugged me tight. "I told you not to drink too much" he said. "You won't tell mom or dad will you Chris? Please promise me you won't!" I sobbed. "Of course I won't" he said, "Now let's get you dressed and I will take you home” I felt a bit embarrassed putting my bikini on with Chris watching me, then Chris put his arm around me to steady me and we made our way home, half way there I said I felt sick, we sat on the sand, I started to feel very cold, Chris again put his arm around my shoulders and pulled me close, I looked at him, "Thanks Chris" I said, "If you weren't there tonight they might have...." "Lisa, It's all over now, just be more careful in the future, I won't be around to look out for you for ever" "Yes, I know that but still... thanks Chris" I leaned over towards him and kissed him on the lips, nothing more than just a peck but that was the first time our lips had met, we looked at each other, then I kissed him again, this time our lips stayed together for longer. Chris started to pull me closer to him, I felt his tongue probing at my lips, I opened my lips and his tongue started to explore my mouth, both our tongues touching, we broke away, neither of us knowing what to say, It seemed we both knew we had done something we shouldn't have done, we both felt guilty yet looking back all we had done was to kiss. Chris broke the silence, "C'mon, we had better get home, it's getting late" He helped me up and we walked home, as we did he held me again, this time his arm around my waist, his hand resting on my hip. Luckily I managed to get to bed before mom or dad saw me, as I lay there I thought of my kiss with Chris, It was nice - very nice! Much better than the kisses I had from the other guys, I fell asleep dreaming about it. Next day I woke up with a hangover, after a shower I felt much better, later in the afternoon while I was sitting on the beach wearing my bikini when Chris came and sat next to me. "Hi Lisa, how do you feel today?" he asked, I said I was ok, "Lisa, about last night, you know.... when we kissed, well...I just wanted to tell you...well, I know I shouldn't say this but, it was...nice!" he looked a bit embarrassed by what he had just told me. I smiled at him, "I enjoyed it as well Chris, it felt kind of...special!" "Well, what I was thinking Lisa was..." he stopped talking, it seemed he couldn't bring himself to carry on. "Do you want to kiss me again, is that what you are trying to say?" I asked him, "Yes, would you let me?" he asked, I stood up and reached out my hand. "Come with me" I said, we walked to a secluded spot and sat down, "Ok, kiss away big brother" I told him, we kissed as we did the night before, our tongues

touching, kissing deeply, Chris had one arm around my shoulders, the other on my hip, slowly the hand on my hip started to move upwards over my bare skin, gently stroking over my stomach, then upwards a little more till his hand brushed against my bikini top, I knew Chris wanted more. "Chris, do you want to play with my tits!" I asked him, hearing what I had said he darted his hand under my top, pushing it up over my tits, he squeezed my firm young tits, he played with my now hard nipples, rolling them between his fingers, I lay back on the sand, he next to me, we were still kissing, now with more passion, then he started to kiss, lick and suck on my tits, I lay back, moaning with the pleasure I was feeling from the attention he was giving to my tits. I wanted more, "Do you want to play with my pussy?" I asked. "Are you sure Lisa, is that what you really want, I mean, you're a virgin aren't you?" "Yes, I'm sure, I want you Chris, I want you to make me a woman, and I want you to fuck me!" I told him, he went down between my legs, he took hold of my bikini

pants and pulled them down exposing my pussy, he used his tongue and licked along my pussy lips which made me groan and moan out loud, darting it deep into my wet cunt, then he slid a finger into my virgin cunt poking it, then two, then more getting deeper and deeper until his fingers took my virginity. It hurt a little and I screamed out, this must have been the first time he had been with a virgin because when he saw the juices and blood run from my cunt he stopped his fingering and asked me if I was ok, "Don't stop Chris, please it feels so good! I want you inside me Chris, I want to feel your dick inside my cunt" He stood up, pulled the shirt over his head and undid his pants, his hard dick sprung out, it was pretty big, about 7 inches long I would guess. "Can I touch it Chris? I've never touched a dick before" I told him, he knelt beside me and I reached out and took hold of his throbbing dick, he was very hard, I noticed some clear liquid seeping out of it and used my thumb to smear it around the top, I knew that some girls actually sucked on a guys dick prior to getting fucked. "Do you want me to suck it Chris? Would you like that?" I asked, "Yes please Lisa, suck on my dick" he groaned, not knowing exactly what to do I just started to lick it, it must have felt good for Chris because his moaning increased. "Put it in your mouth and suck it" he instructed, I took the end in my mouth. I had to open my mouth wide to get it in, then doing what he said I started to suck it, he put his hands on top of my head and gently pushed down making me take more of him, "That's it, now go up and down on it, yes like that, keep on sucking, go deeper, try to get more in," my 'teacher' instructed, he was moaning how good it was, I wanted to do a good job, I wanted to please my brother. "That's good Lisa, Oh it feels so good, don't stop" I felt his dick start to get very hard in my mouth, it started to throb and twitch, "I'm cumming Lisa, I'm going to cum" I didn't really know what to do so I carried on sucking, then with a big lunge Chris emptied his cum into my mouth. I was a bit startled as it shot out, I choked a little as it hit the back of my throat and instinctively swallowed, it tasted salty, not unpleasant, I swallowed as much as I could, some dribbled out and ran down my chin, but I carried on gently sucking until Chris pulled out of my mouth and we both lay back on the sand hugging, kissing and cuddling each other. "That was great Lisa, that was the best blowjob I have ever had, I love you Lisa, and you do know that don't you?" "I know you do Chris, and I love you too, now if you can get your dick hard again I still want you to fuck me, I want you to be the first!" It didn't take long for Chris to get his dick hard again, he knelt between my legs and rubbed his dick along my pussy lips, then slowly and gently he slid his dick inside my wet cunt, I wrapped my legs around his back as he fucked me, "That's so good Chris, fuck me harder, deeper" I told him, he continued to pump his dick into me, I looked up at my big brother, seeing him there fucking me made me feel so good, this was the happiest day of my life, I didn't want it to end then I felt it - my first real orgasm, my body started to shake, I felt warm all over, "Oh it feels so good, Fuck me Chris, Fuck me!" Again I felt his dick start to swell, I knew he was ready to cum, I didn't want to take any chances "Pull out and cum over my tits" I said, he did as I asked and straddling my stomach he spurted his hot cum over my tits, neck and face, then as it was still oozing out he used his dick to rub his cum into my nipples. We both lay there for some time, kissing, touching, playing with each other till we eventually got dressed and headed home. So, that was how my brother Chris became my first lover, over the next couple of years we had sex regularly, we both had our own boyfriends / girlfriends but whenever we wanted to, we would fuck! I became more confident with myself, I started to dress more sexily, and I gradually became a different person. When I was 18 I met Paul, he was kind, caring, gentle guy and after 6 months we got married, for the first year of our marriage things were great but one night he came home late, he had been drinking and I could smell perfume all over him - he had been with another woman, of course at first he denied it but eventually he confessed and told me everything in detail. He said he loved me and that the woman he had sex with didn't mean anything to him - it was only sex he said, that night when he was downstairs sleeping on the couch I decided that two could play at that game, if it was ok for

him then it should be ok for me! I decided that on Friday night I would get myself looking sexy and go out and have some fun, I phoned Chris and asked if he fancied a night out on the town, he told me he had arranged to go out with a mate who was feeling a bit down and needed cheering up, he said I would be welcome to join them if I wanted. I had a long bath, shaved my pussy smooth and got ready. I chose a black short skirt and jacket, buttoned up it looked fairly formal but unbuttoned a little, it was a different story, underneath I wore a black quarter cup bra that pushed my tits up, exposing my very hard, erect nipples, I put on a black stocking top, it fitted like a second skin, my tits easily seen, I finished the outfit off with black stockings with lacy tops, suspenders and a pair of high heeled shoes, I didn't bother with panties, just knowing I wasn't wearing any made me feel very horny! I told Paul I was going out with a girlfriend, he wasn't very happy when he saw how I was dressed - too bad I thought! I got a cab and went to meet Chris and his friend. They were already at the club

when I arrived, Chris introduced me to Tony, "I didn't know Chris had such a good looking sister!" he told me, for the next hour we drank, laughed, had a great time. I had by now unbuttoned my jacket a little so that whenever I bent forward it gaped open allowing the boys to have a good view of my tits through my see through top, I made a point of sitting so that my skirt rode up exposing my stocking tops. Tony was trying to 'chat me up' probably thinking he had a good chance seeing the only other guy with us was my brother - Chris. I danced with both of them, as I danced I could feel their hard dicks pressing into me, Tony steered me into a dark corner and as we kissed he groped my tits and slid his hand under my skirt, "Not here Tony" I told him, "Wait till later" I said pushing his hand away. Chris suggested we all went back to his place and have a few more drinks there, "we could pick up a takeaway on the way home" he said, Tony seemed very happy with the idea so off we went. In the cab on the way home Tony put his arm around me, seeing there was no objections from me he went that bit further, he put his other hand on my knee, stroking my stocking clad leg, I turned to him and we kissed deeply. When we arrived at Chris's flat I took off my jacket, my tits and nipples easily seen through my top, "You look very sexy tonight Lisa," Chris said, Tony must have thought it strange hearing Chris say something like that to his sister, he looked a little bewildered. "You two are brother and sister aren't you?" he asked, both me and Chris laughed, Chris came over to me and cupping my tit he kissed me. "Yes Tony, we are but we are lovers too, Lisa and I have been having sex for years now - does that shock you?" Tony seemed amazed, "Hell no, it's cool with me - do you want me to leave?" he asked. I went over to him and kissed him, "No Tony, I don't want you to leave, tonight Tony I want you and Chris to fuck me, would you like that Tony? Do you want to fuck me Tony?" I asked, he pulled me close and kissed me, his hand cupped my tit, squeezing it, Chris came up behind me, his hand went under my skirt, I opened my legs and he fingered my cunt. They sat me down on the sofa, Tony kissed and played with my tits while Chris knelt in front of me, he unzipped my skirt and pulled it off, then opening my legs wide he started to lick and kiss my smooth pussy, darting his tongue into my wet cunt, Tony pulled my top up over my head and unclipped my little bra, he sucked hard on my nipples making me moan and groan with pleasure, I needed dick, all I had left on were my stockings and suspenders, "Right, its about time you two stripped!" I said, Tony's dick was about the same size in length as Chris's but much fatter. They both stood out hard, I knelt on the floor with them standing each side of me and in turn sucked on their dicks going from one to the other, they had a tit each to play with, both of them tweaked on my nipples as I sucked their dicks, I tried to take them both into my mouth at the same time but could only manage to take the ends, it felt so good having two different dicks to suck on. Tony laid me back on the floor, he got down between my legs and took his turn at licking out my cunt, he fingered me deeply, his fingers sliding easily into my wet cunt, Chris was still getting his blowjob, his dick buried into my mouth, sliding down my throat. "I want you to fuck me Tony" I told him. "Fuck me hard!" he positioned himself and rubbed his dick over my pussy lips, then he slowly entered me until he was deep inside me, he started off fucking me gently TOO Gently, "I want you to fuck me hard, hard and deep" I told him, he did as I asked and lunged into me as hard and as deep as he could, it felt so good, I was moaning and screaming with pleasure as he fucked me, we changed positions with me getting on all fours. Chris took his turn at fucking me, Tony had to make do with a deep throat blowjob - I didn't hear him complaining! Chris reached under me as he fucked me and played with my swinging tits, he fucked me so deep and hard - he knew what I liked! I had never been fucked in the ass, it was something I was a little wary of, I guess I thought it would hurt too much, I had seen girls taking dicks up their ass holes in videos and had often thought about doing it, I decided that tonight I would try it. "Finger my ass hole Chris, finger it while you fuck me" I asked him, Chris used his saliva as lubrication, that and the juices that were dripping out of my wet cunt and gently, very gently he slid a finger into my virgin ass hole, it did hurt a little at first but I soon got used to it as my ass

hole began to loosen up and stretch a little, it didn't take long before he had two fingers in me and as he pumped his dick into my cunt he finger fucked my ass hole. "Chris, I want Tony inside my cunt and I want you to fuck my ass" I told them, Tony lay on the floor, I straddled him and lowered myself down on to his stiff dick, I leant forward so he could suck on my tits as I bounced up and down on him, Chris positioned himself behind and then I felt his dick probing my ass hole, he pushed a little and I felt it slide in, it felt so tight but so good! He took it slowly at first, then gradually started to speed up, getting deeper, fucking me harder and harder until they were both pumping into me as hard and as deep as they could. "Yes, that feels so good!" I told them, Tony said he was ready to come so they both pulled out, "Come here" I told him, "I want to suck you!" I knelt on the floor, I could feel Tony's dick start to twitch and throb, as I sucked him I squeezed and wanked his dick, then - "I'm cumming Lisa" he said and his dick spurted spunk deep into

my mouth, I continued to suck and swallow until he was dry, his dick still throbbing, softening just a little. "My turn" said Chris who had been watching his friend spunk into my mouth, he stood beside of me wanking his dick "Open your mouth" he said, I did as he asked, "Wider" he told me, I must have looked a sight, lying back against the sofa, legs wide open, I played with my tits as I waited with my mouth wide open for him to shoot his spunk into my mouth, I saw Tony standing there, playing with his dick, watching, the first spurt hit me on my face, splattering all over, the next was on target, right into my mouth, I swallowed what I could before the next. I ended up with my face covered with Chris's spunk, it ran down, dripping off my chin onto my tits, I then took Chris's dick into my mouth and sucked out the rest that continued to ooze out. For the next two hours Tony and Chris fucked me many times, I took their spunk in my cunt, my ass and my mouth, eventually we were all spent, Tony thanked me for the evening, he asked if we could repeat it - I said I would think about it. It was early morning when I got home, Paul was asleep, and so I quietly got into bed and fell asleep. Next day Paul and I had a long talk, we both agreed that we would see other people if we wanted to, Paul suggested we find another couple or some single guy's so that we could both enjoy ourselves together, I told him I thought it was a great idea - I know two guy's who would love to join us for some fun, I'll get things arranged right away (and I did, but that's another story). Chapter 27: Sis Gets Blackmailed I decided to quit school early today, there were only two weeks left till summer break and after the holidays I was due to start university, there wasn't much going on at school and I felt pissed off. My name is Toby and I am a teenager. I live with my parents and sister - Kerry, she is younger than me, she is a bit of a tear away (as dad puts it), mum and dad have threatened to send her to spend her summer vacation at our aunties who has a farm and lives in the middle of nowhere, Kerry as you can imagine is not very happy about the thought of spending time there and has for the last couple of months been making a big effort to get into their good books. I arrived home about 1pm, as I entered I heard noises coming from Kerry's bedroom, at first I thought she must have left her radio on and went to switch it off. The door was open a little and as I got closer I realized the noises I heard were Kerry's, I looked around the door and saw Kerry on her bed getting truly fucked good and proper by a boy I guess who was about the same age as her. They didn't notice me, the amount of noise Kerry was making I guess stopped them from hearing me come in. I watched them for a while, until now I can honestly say that I have never had any sexual feelings for Kerry - she was my sister after all, but seeing her naked, seeing her getting fucked and sucking on this boys cock made my prick rock hard. An idea came to me, I am in the camera club at school and have access to the darkroom, I thought I would take a couple of photos of them, they would be nice to keep - to remind me of today. I quietly went to my room, got my camera and took a dozen or so pics. I quietly made my way out and returned to school, the darkroom was deserted so I spent the next couple of hours developing, printing and enlarging my prize snaps - boy were they good, I had a great one of Kerry with his cock down her throat and others showing her getting fucked. I made two copies and returned home. Mum and dad were going out tonight, Kerry was supposed to be finishing her homework, I said I would stay in and do some work on my computer. Mum and dad left, after 10 minutes Kerry came out of her room and turned on the television, I sat opposite her and looked at her, after this afternoon I was seeing her in a different way, she was very pretty, she had shoulder length blonde hair, and now that I had seen her naked I know that she has a nice pair of tits, she is slim and the little bit of blonde hair she has at her pussy was hardly noticeable. She was now wearing a pair of jogging trousers and a baggy top; she had her feet curled up underneath her as she sat on the sofa. "Toby! Will you quit staring at me," she said, I was deep in thought and she caught me staring, in my mind I pictured her as I saw her this afternoon only this time it was me who was fucking her. "Sorry" I said, "I was thinking, what did you do at school today", she told me to mind my own business. It was then that I came up with my plan. "Hang on" I said "I've got something you might want to see", I

went to my room and got the photos I had hidden inside a LP cover, I returned to her and threw them next to her, "what do you think? They are good aren't they?" Kerry picked them up and looked at them, her face reddened, "You bastard Toby, is this how you get your kicks, by spying on your sister?" She started to rip up the photos, "don't worry" I said, "I've got more copies and the negatives of course, I was thinking what dad might do if he was to see them, probably send you to aunt Jessie's". "Just think Kerry, a farm in the middle of nowhere, no friends, no TV, no nothing". "Please Toby" Kerry was now pleading, "don't show them to dad, you know he will freak out, I don't want to go to aunt Jessie's". "OK, but there is something you will have to do for me in return" I said.

Kerry had now calmed down, she thought for a second and said " tell me what you want me to do then, what is it, your chores? Clean your room? I'll do anything but please, promise me you won't show any photos to dad" "There is only one thing I want from you Kerry", "Just name it and I will do it" she replied. "Ok, I want to have sex with you, I want to fuck you like when I saw you this afternoon!" "NO WAY!" she shouted, "you are my fucking brother for Christ's sake, no fucking way!, I'll tell dad what you said, what you wanted to me to do". I went over to her and sat next to her, she shuffled herself to the far end of the sofa. "Kerry, in two months time I start university, I'll be gone from here, if I left tomorrow it would be no big deal for me, I've got plenty of people I could stay with till then, you on the other hand would end up at aunt Jessie's for sure, you do what you want to do, all I am saying is dad does not need to know if you play ball". She went quiet as if she was thinking about what I just said, and then she started to cry. "You shouldn't be asking me to do this Toby, it isn't right for a brother and sister to have sex, it's just not right. "Look Kerry, it's no different to what you did this afternoon, what difference does it make to you if it is me fucking you or the boy you had then? I'll tell you what, mum and dad are out again on Saturday night, I'll give you till then to make up your mind what you want to do, if you don't do what I want dad will get the photos on Sunday morning". She pleaded with me again asking me not to make her do it, I said I wouldn't change my mind and I told her that I wanted an answer at 8 o'clock on Saturday night. She was crying as she got up to leave the room, as she was going out the door I told her to wait, she turned to me, "I want to see you wearing something sexy on Saturday, I want you to wear stockings and I want you to shave your pussy smooth", another burst of tears, she turned and ran to her room. For the next two days we both stayed out of each other's way, evidently she hadn't said anything to dad, tomorrow was Saturday and I wondered if she would do what I wanted her to do. As I lay in bed that night I got out my set of photos and played with my prick as I looked at them, trying to imagine the guy was I. I didn't see much of Kerry on Saturday, mum said she had gone into town, mum asked me if I had any plans for the evening, I told her I didn't and that I would probably stay home, she said that Kerry was also staying in tonight, Kerry had told her she was going to have a hot bath and an early night, mum asked me to look out for her. Mum and dad left about 7 o'clock, they said they would be back about midnight. I went to my room and played about on my computer. 8 o'clock came and there was no sign of Kerry, I would not have given the photos to dad anyway, I didn't want to make trouble for Kerry, I really cared for her as a sister but after seeing her the other day I had become infatuated with the thought of having sex with her. I decided then that tomorrow I would give her the other set of photos and the negatives, I would say how sorry I was and ask her to forgive me. There was a knock on my door, I opened it, "please Toby, I don't want to do this, it isn't right", Kerry said. Seeing her standing there all my previous thoughts vanished, she had on a very thin white top, no bra - her tits seemed bigger and through the material you could make out the darkness and shape of her nipples, she had on a short black mini skirt and black stockings, you could tell that they were stockings as the skirt was not long enough to cover the lacy tops. Her blonde hair was tied back in a ponytail and she wore a bright red lipstick. This was a new look for her; I had never seen her dressed this way before. I took her hand and led her inside my room, over in the direction of my bed, I sat her down on the edge of my bed and sat next to her, my arm going around her shoulder, my other hand resting on her stocking leg, "Look Kerry, if you think of me as being someone else and not your brother maybe you will feel different, you never know, you might even enjoy it!" I used the hand that was around her shoulder, I turned her head so she was facing me and kissed her, at first she kept her lips shut tight together, then after a little while she gradually opened her lips, my tongue darted into her mouth, I moved my hand that was on her leg up over her top and cupped her tit, I began to play with it and rub her now hardening nipples. I didn't think she would but she slowly started to respond, her tongue now explored my mouth and she put one arm around my neck, she

pulled me closer, kissing me deeper, I slid my hand under her top, over her stomach and up to her tits, they felt firm and so smooth, I cupped them, squeezed them, I used my thumb and forefinger and tweaked her hard nipples. She was either a good actress or she was actually starting to enjoy what I was doing to her. I stood up, removed my shirt, and took off my jeans and shirt, my prick stood out hard, she had her eyes fixed on it, I asked her to take off her top and she quickly pulled it up over her head. She was still sat at the edge of my bed, I gently laid her back and pulled her forwards, her feet were still on the floor, her legs bent over the edge of the bed. Her skirt had slid up around her waist, she was wearing a tiny pair of black panties, I kneeled on the floor between her legs and starting at her knees began to kiss her legs working my way slowly upwards, I reached the top of her stockings and kissed and licked her bare inner thigh, I took hold of the waist band of her skirt and her panties and pulled them both down, without me saying anything she raised her ass from the bed to

make it easier for me. She had done what I asked her to do - her pussy was shaved smooth, it gave her small body a virginal look, as I started to lick at and finger her cunt she started to moan, she locked her legs around my neck and I licked my tongue into her wet cunt as deep as I could. She moaned loudly, any doubts, regrets, fears or worries she had about doing this were gone, she wanted to be fucked, she wanted me to fuck her and I intended to do just that. I pulled her up from the bed and I sat down, she knew what I wanted and sunk down to her knees in front of me, she reached out and took hold of my prick and started to slowly wank it, then looking at me she lowered her head and started to lick and kiss it, she took it into her mouth, using her tongue and sucking at it, taking more and more of it into her mouth till she had it all in, I had a hand on either side of her head and as she bobbed up and down I thrust forward with my hips sliding my prick down her throat, it made her choke so I sat still and let her suck at it herself. I felt my prick twitch and knew I was going to come, I told her, she stopped sucking and leaned backwards, I stood up in front of her wanking myself, my first jet of spunk hit her on the face, she had her mouth open and some of it went inside, the rest I shot over her tits, there was so much, it seemed to go on and on. I fell backwards onto the bed, Kerry got up from the floor and lay down next to me, she pressed her spunk covered tits into my chest, she took hold of my still throbbing prick, spunk was still oozing out and she kissed me - a deep passionate kiss! "I want you to fuck me Toby, I want you to fuck me hard and deep", I looked at her, she still had spunk on her face, she continued "It has never felt this way before, the boys who had sex with me have never made me feel the way I do now, I know that we shouldn't do this but I don't care any more, I want you, Toby, make love to me, fuck me, fuck me like I have never been fucked before!" My prick was hard again, "I really do love you Kerry, I am sorry that I forced you into this, I wouldn't have given dad the photos, please believe me." "I'm glad it happened" she replied, "now, don't waste time, mum and dad will be home soon, just promise you'll fuck me good." She lay back on the bed, legs open, I went down on her, her cunt was wet and juicy, I licked her juices and slid two, then three fingers into her tight cunt, she moaned out loud, I positioned myself between her legs and slowly slid in my prick until I was deep inside her, I began to fuck her, slowly at first then deeper, harder, faster. She was crying out "fuck me, fuck me hard", she couldn't get enough, I wanted to last longer but I couldn't, then with one deep lunge I came inside her, I felt my spunk shoot out, filling her tiny cunt with my spunk, I collapsed on top of her and kissed her, my prick twitching and throbbing inside her. We rolled onto our sides, kissing each other, I looked at the clock, it was gone 11, time for each of us to have a quick shower before mum and dad got home. We showered together, Kerry sucked me off again in the shower, and this time she kept my prick in her mouth when I came - boy did that feel good! We were both in our own rooms when they got home, I know what I was thinking about lying there on my bed, I wondered if Kerry was thinking the same thoughts. For the next eight weeks before I went to university Kerry and I had sex as often as we could, we talked about what we were doing and both of us agreed it was what we both wanted. I have been at university for three months now, we have written to each other regularly and we are looking forward to seeing each other and more importantly fucking each other as soon as I get the chance to visit home. Kerry has promised me her pussy will be smooth, as she knows I like it that way I can't wait. Chapter 28: The Tutor "Newton's first law?" Ms. Van Dorn asked as she licked a line slowly up Kevin's cock. "F-for every reaction, there is an equal and opposite reaction," Kevin answered. He gripped the edge of the desk, staring at his Metallica poster and trying to concentrate. "Correct," she raised herself up on her knees a bit and wrapped her all-natural D-cups around him. She slowly, teasingly, slid them up and down. She looked into his eyes and grinned. "The second?" "Second..." His head was spinning. Her tongue was dancing all over the head of his cock as her breasts enveloped him. He could feel her nipples on his abdomen. He could savor the warmth of her lips around him. "Objects...objects at best...Fffuckkk!" "The second?" Ms. Van Dorn repeated between licks and kisses.

"Objects at rest...they...oh fuck! I'm gonna cum!" Kevin's whole body was tensing. One hand shifted to Ms. Van Dorn's long red hair and he thrust into her face. "Can I cum on your face?" "No." She shook her head, giving Kevin a squeeze at the base of his cock with her soft hand. He let out a loud grunt. His torso bent forward and Ms. Van Dorn felt his semen surge up through him. It rippled across her grip and shot out in long spurts as she jacked him all over her ample chest. She aimed his cock head over her left nipple, coating it with slippery stuff before wrapping him in her breasts again. Kevin was trembling by the time she was finished. She snatched a towel from the bedside where she'd left it, and cleaned up. She pulled her silky blouse back on, and

pinned her hair back up over her head. She slipped on her glasses, grabbed her books, and then gave Kevin a peck on the forehead. "If you memorize the rest of Newton's laws, you can cum on my face. Deal?" "Deal," Kevin agreed breathlessly. "See you next week then," she purred and walked out of Kevin's room. Kevin tilted his head back and let out a delighted breath. He had been struggling with his grades in his last year of high school. He had a potential basketball scholarship waiting for him, but he needed to bring his grades up. He had put too much time into free throws and pass drills than trigonometry and physics. Physics was especially vexing for him. His family saw him struggling, so they got him a tutor. Nikki Van Dorn. Kevin still didn't know how old she was, but she couldn't have been over thirty. He and his family met with her three months ago, and he couldn't believe his eyes. She sat there in a smart business suit that reminded him of Scully from "X-Files". He kept staring at her chest, and her strong legs under those black hose, and he was sure she knew it. He barely remembered the conversation she had with him and his parents. He just knew that she would meet with him a week from then. He spent the rest of the night jacking off to her image until he fell asleep. They worked together for a month before the ice broke. She confronted him on his staring and fidgeting, and he admitted to finding her very attractive. She then admitted the same to him. She had broken up with a long-time lover a while ago, and hadn't been on a date in months. They kissed that night, but that was all. The next time it was kissing and touching, and he wanted more, but she made him promise to ace his trigonometry test that week. If he did, she would let him put his hands all over her. He never studied so hard in his life. He showed her the "A", and she opened her shirt for him. He could remember how his hands shook as he touched her breasts. He could still remember the look on her face as he pinched her nipples and made her knees bend. He remembered how wet she was on his fingers, and how sweet she tasted. His blowjob today came as a result of getting a perfect score on a pop quiz in both trig and physics. Now he had a new goal. If he could memorize Newton's laws, Ms. Van Dorn's face would be sticky with his cum a week from now. His ultimate goal was set the night he touched her. If he could graduate with a perfect GPA, she would let him fuck her as long as he could last. Kevin cleaned himself off as Nikki Van Dorn headed down the stairs of the Brannigan family home. She smiled to herself, still enjoying the sticky sensation on her breasts. The Brannigan family paid her very well, and her little fringe benefits with Kevin were very sweet indeed. She could get perfect results from him with a little coaxing, and that made the family very happy. When Kevin's grades started to turn around, she was rewarded with a bottle of Merlot from the family, and she had been invited to the upcoming St. Patrick's Day party, which was apparently a huge bash for the family and their friends and co-workers. "Hey, Nikki! You're still comin' to the party, right?" Mr. Ed Brannigan called from the kitchen as she walked by. Nikki would've been able to hear him if he was in the garage. He was a big man, with a strong voice and a thick body. He had worked construction for many years, slowly building up his own business. "Absolutely, Mr. Brannigan." She smiled at him. "This is the first party I've been invited to since my friend's bachelorette party." "It'll be a great time, but I warn ya! It gets pretty crazy in this house on St. Patrick's Day! You get a bunch of Irish drunks running around half-naked singin' songs and well, things sometimes get out of control." "Sounds like the bachelorette party alright!" She laughed. "Do I need to bring anything?" "Just your pretty self." He paused to spread mayonnaise on his sandwich. "You know, Nikki, I wanna thank you again for all you've done for Kevin. You're a great tutor." "It's my pleasure, Mr. Brannigan," she assured. There was an awkward moment of silence. "Well, I'd better get back before my cat gets any hungrier. I'll see you at the party!" Nikki smiled and waved as she walked for the front door. "Yeah! See you then!" Ed called as the front door opened. In walked Mrs. Shelley Brannigan. Shelley had just returned from working at the hospital office and she looked tired. However, her long day couldn't hide her beauty. Her blond hair was cropped short for efficiency and her body was well toned from lots of Tae Bo and workouts on the treadmill. She kept herself in better shape than Ed

did, and Nikki wondered if he noticed. She certainly did. "Hi, Nikki!" Shelley gave her a hug. "Coming to the party next week?" "Absolutely!" "Great! See you then!" She called over her shoulder as she walked down the hall, and there was a brief look between them that Nikki mused over. Yes, you certainly will see me. Nikki thought. "Yeah! Oh fuck yeah!" Kevin cried out as he shot hot cum all over Ms. Van Dorn's face. They had sneaked away from the raucous party downstairs. Kevin recited every law by heart, without one error or stutter. Nikki, who had a couple pints under her belt, immediately dropped to her knees and sucked him off. Now, Kevin was looking down at his tutor, her pretty freckled face and glasses all streaked with cum. She kept sucking at him, licking at him, kissing at him, and rubbing him all over her face until her lips and chin were a gooey mess. She looked up at him and giggled. He smiled and wiped some of his jism from her jawbone, then sank his finger into her mouth. She

hummed happily as she licked it dry and then stood up, a little dizzy. "Had too much Guinness?" Kevin asked. "No, just enough to make me dizzy if I stand up too fast. Excellent work, Kevin." She wiped her face on another handy towel and looked at her glasses through the light of Kevin's desk lamp. "Got anything to clean my glasses?" "Mom keeps some stuff specifically for it in the bathroom down the hall. Look in the medicine cabinet." "Alright, see you back downstairs." Nikki sauntered off while Kevin gleefully whacked his cock a few more strokes. Downstairs, the party sounded more like a riot. The music was loud, and someone was yelling "Tits! Tits! Tits!" as she shut the bathroom door. She found the cleaning solution, and was polishing the last remnants of Kevin's cum from the lenses when the door burst open. Ed stumbled into the bathroom, holding a glass of Guinness and wearing his "Do me, I'm Irish" button. He was well on his way to a hangover. He saw Nikki and he immediately straightened up as best he could. "Sorry, Nikki, the one downstairs is occupied. I think Harry and Molly Janson are screwing down there right now." "Really?" Nikki laughed. "Ah, who knows? Like I said, these things get pretty wild." He stood there for a moment, teetering on his heels a bit, and then put his glass down on the counter. "You know, Nikki, I really want to thank you for helping Kevin." "It's my pleasure, Ed. Really." "No, I mean I really want to thank you." Ed opened his Dockers, and slowly pulled his enormous cock from his briefs. Nikki was too stunned at its size to say anything. She just gaped at it and nearly dropped her glasses. "Ed, I..." "I know, it's your pleasure. Well, it soon will be. I've wanted to give you my big dick since we first hired you. Hell, it's why I hired you!" He moved closer. "Ed, you're drunk, and I don't think now is the time - " "Sure it is." He reached for her. His breath was stale with beer and cheese dip. His monster cock was rearing up at her. It seemed a foot long. His strong hands took her by the arms and spun her around to face the mirror above the sink. She was still wet down below from the excitement of sucking off Ed's son just moments ago while the house was full of friends and family. His hands were on her breasts, pinching her nipples through her tight green velvet T-shirt. Fuck, she thought, she couldn't resist him. She unbuttoned her jeans and shoved them, and her green lace panties down to her knees. Ed chuckled behind her. "Oh yeah," he groaned. "Shut up and fuck me, Ed!" She snapped, and saw the expression on Ed's face change in the mirror. He was surprised at the tone, but he obeyed nonetheless. He slowly slid his huge cock into her as she bent over the sink. In the mirror, she watched her mouth open in shock as he filled her. Her eyes opened wide and she spread her legs to accept him deeper. She gripped the faucet, and with one last shove, he was all the way inside her. "Yeah, you like that big dick, don't you?" "I said shut up and fuck me! Now!" Again, Ed shut up and instantly obeyed. He gripped her hips with his strong hands and thrust again and again into her. The world swirled around her. Colors mingled and the sound of the party below them became a distant droning sound. There was just this huge, long cock slamming into her again and again. She briefly thought of Shelley, and wondered if this monster now buried in her wet puss was the reason Shelley kept so fit. Ed was making short grunts, like a rutting animal. In the mirror, she could see his face twisting into an almost painful expression. She let out a slow moan that rose in pitch. Her cunt tried to clamp onto him, but he slid his dick from her, spraying seemingly endlessly onto her white bottom. His dick was like a fire hose, shooting cum in huge blasts on her cheeks and the backs of her thighs. "Yeah," Ed moaned and leaned back against the wall. He draped a towel over her backside. "That's what I like. If you want more, come look me up later." He picked up his Guinness and walked out. She shook her head. Now she knew why Shelley tended to look angry. Ed never let her finish. The party lasted until the wee hours of the morning. Ed had passed out on the den couch hours ago, and all the guests had left. Kevin had gone to a friend's house for the night. Katie, their daughter who had driven up from her home an hour away to attend the party, was sleeping off her drunken stupor in her old bedroom. Shelley and Nikki were the only ones left. They sat at the kitchen table, and Shelley was slowly crying. "He doesn't pay any fucking attention to me. It's always work," Shelley revealed. She had more than her fair

share of Guinness and Nikki had done some catching up too. "I'm sure he notices you. How couldn't he?" Nikki wondered, "You're beautiful!" "Oh, you're sweet for saying that, but it's true. Sometimes, sometimes I think he's seeing someone else." Nikki instantly felt like shit for what happened earlier. She looked across the table at Shelley. She looked so cute with her short hair, and her white baby doll shirt decorated with a smiling four-leaf clover she wore just for the party. She sniffled into a paper towel. Nikki felt like reaching out to her, and then like teaching Ed a lesson. She leaned across the table and stroked Shelley's forearm. “When was the last time you got laid?" "Who? Me?" Shelley laughed. "Before you started helping Kevin." "Well, how about we end your unlucky streak?" Nikki suggested and pulled Shelley's hand up so she could suck her fingers into her mouth. "Nikki!" Shelley protested, but didn't pull her hand away. "What are you doing?" Nikki did not answer. She merely

licked at the palm of Shelley's hand and crawled onto the table top, kissing her way up Shelley's forearm. "Ed's asleep in the den! Katie's upstairs! We can't - " Nikki shut her up with a full kiss on the mouth. Shelley sat wide-eyed for a second, and then Nikki's eyes grew with surprise as Shelley nearly attacked her. She sunk her fingers into Nikki's hair and plunged her tongue into her mouth. Nikki continued her short journey across the table until she slid off and sat on Shelley's lap. The two women kissed passionately, with Guinness on their breath and goose bumps on their flesh. Shelley eagerly clawed at Nikki's shirt until Nikki pulled it off and unclasped her bra. Shelley sat still for a second, gazing upon Nikki's heaving breasts. She dove in then, licking, biting, sucking, groping and pinching like a frenzied animal. Nikki was already cumming. It was a small, rushing orgasm that took her before she knew what was happening. She wiggled all over Shelley's lap, and then pulled the baby doll shirt off Shelley's back. She tore at Shelley's bra, nearly breaking it before it was dropped to the floor. Their breasts rubbed and pushed into each other as they shared another hungry kiss. Nikki stood her up, turned her around and laid Shelley down on the table. She jerked Shelley's jeans off her quickly. Nikki licked down the inside of Shelley's right thigh and clamped her mouth over Shelley's wet mound. Shelley's panties were soaked and Nikki nudged Shelley's clit with her tongue. Shelley nearly sat up straight from the jolt. Nikki yanked the panties away and immediately began licking at that clit. Two fingers plunged into Shelley's wet puss. Shelley writhed and bucked on the table, slapping the wood with her ass and gripping the edges with her manicured hands. "Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh God, yes!" Shelley yelled. Ed snoozed away on the den couch. Nikki kept licking and slurping, taking her wet hand away from Shelley's sopping cunt to help remove her jeans. Nikki soon stood naked, rubbing her soaked kitten while she sunk her tongue into Shelley's wet hole. She climbed onto the table then, draping one leg over Shelley's. They came together like two pairs of scissors. Their cunts slammed together, rubbing on their thighs and their pubic bones and their wet, syrupy cum slickened the table underneath them. Nikki held onto Shelley's right leg, which pointed straight up to the ceiling. The table shook as they fucked. The floor trembled. An empty beer can fell from the kitchen counter. "What the fuck?!" Someone yelled.They stopped cold. Katie had just walked into the kitchen. She wore an extra-large gray Notre Dame shirt and nothing else. Her hair was still messed up from sleeping hard on her old pillows. She stared quizzically at her mother and her brother's tutor. She was still a bit drunk, so she wasn't quite sure what to believe. Nikki didn't know Katie very well at all. They had only met once, and it was a brief introduction before Katie headed back home. Katie had been out of the house for four years now, so she and Nikki didn't have many opportunities to see each other. "What...what are you two doing'?" Katie asked. "Nothing, honey! We were just - " Shelley tried. "Fucking?" Katie finished. "No, no! We - " Shelley tried again. "Jesus, mom! I didn't know you were so kinky!" Katie laughed, nearly coming to tears. Then Nikki laughed, and Shelley followed. "I didn't mean to interrupt!" Katie apologized between laughs. "How long have you two been...a thing?" "We just started," Nikki finally spoke. "Does dad know?" "No, honey," Shelley admitted, calming down. "Well, shit, don't mind me! You two go right ahead. I'd like to see the old lady cum!" Katie laughed again. "Who you calling old?" Shelley scolded playfully. "C'mon, let's see you do it!" Katie pranced up behind Nikki, grabbing her by the hips. "Let's get back to the fucking, c'mon!" She rocked Nikki by the hips back and forth, resuming the pace slowly but surely. "Oh fuck!" Nikki moaned, feeling Katie's hands all over her back and hips. "Oh God, Katie, what are you doing?" Shelly asked. "Just helping you out, mom. You look like you could use a good cum." Katie laughed and stuck out her tongue wickedly. Shelley and Nikki rubbed and bucked and shook and trembled together. Nikki was letting out a slow, soft moan, and Shelley started to gasp quickly and have small spasms over her whole body. The table jerked as her orgasm began. "Alright mom!" Katie cheered. Shelley took a deep, sharp breath and then screamed it out as she clamped onto Nikki with both thighs and both hands. Her lower back

arched off the table, nearly sending Nikki to the floor had Katie not been there behind her. Nikki turned and kissed Katie, hard and deep, shivering into her as she came in a long, thick orgasm. She inhaled short breaths through her nose and her hips moved like Katie had suddenly rubbed handfuls of ice all over her. Nikki collapsed atop Shelley, who was still cumming with an overwhelmed look in her eyes. Katie clapped for them. "That was awesome! You feel better, mom?" "Yyeah.... Ohhh God.... I’m okay, honey." "Good, now keep it down because my head is fucking killing me," Katie told them and headed back upstairs to bed. "When can we do this again?" Shelley purred, stroking Nikki's long hair. "I don't know, but let's not wait for a party first," Nikki suggested, and smooched Shelley on the lips. Chapter 29: My Sister Is My Lover

About three months ago I got a call from my sister, she had recently divorced after being married for 5 years, and was moving back into town into a new flat that needed decorating - would I help? She knew I would, we had always been very close whilst growing up, I told her I would call around to have a look to see what needed doing. My names Chris, I am 19 and still live with my parents, my sister is called Kate, she is 24, very attractive - when she lived at home with us I would often fantasize about her, she was probably the cause of my first hard on. She would come into my bedroom, help me with my homework and talk with me for hours, sitting on my bed, sometimes wearing a just robe that would give me glimpses of her panties or (if I was lucky) a partial view of her tits. I think she probably knew I was taking an interest in her because as I got older her clothing became more revealing, some nights she would wear stockings and short skirts that would ride up or very thin tops with no bra underneath so that her hard nipples would poke through the material. We would talk about most things, she would tell me about her boyfriends, sometimes going into detail about the things they got up to, she would ask me about the girls I knew and dated, what I got up to with them - I hate to admit it but at that time there was not a lot to tell. To be truthful, when she got married and moved away I was more than a little jealous, I thought the guy was a jerk and when I heard they had split up I was very happy - she deserved better than him! Throughout the week we worked every night till late getting her flat looking nice, it was good to spend time with Kate again, although it was very hard keeping my mind on the decorating. Kate would wear just shorts and a vest, not bothering with a bra and seeing her nipples poking through the thin material was a distraction, she must have realised what it was doing to me, often bending so that her tiny shorts pulled up into the crack of her ass or her top gaped open to give me a sight of her cleavage. We joked and fooled around a lot while we worked, it was a very nice week, a pity it had to end but we could get it finished if we worked all day Saturday, I said I had nothing planned for the weekend so I told her I would call around early. I got there at 9 am, as we arranged and after ringing the bell for ages she answered the door, "I'm sorry Chris" she said, "the alarm didn't go off" it looked like she only had on her robe, "you look like you could use a coffee” I said, "I'll put the kettle on" and made my way to the kitchen, after coffee Kate said she was going to have a quick shower, after 5 minutes she called from the bathroom, "Chris, will you pass me a pair of shorts and a top, they are in the top drawer in my bedroom", I did as she asked and selected a tiny white mesh like top that looked to be quite see through and knocked on the bathroom door, she opened the door a little, thanked me and took the clothes. I returned to the kitchen and waited, wondering if she would wear what I had selected for her, when I saw her my prick started to get hard right away, the top appeared to be a size too small, her tits totally visible through the material and her dark nipples easily seen, her shorts made her long legs look great, she saw me looking at her and posed like a model. "Well, it's not what I would have chosen to decorate in but at least you seem to like it" she joked, she looked so sexy, we got on so well, - if only she wasn't my sister! Throughout the day my mind was working overtime, surely it was ok to have a crush on your sister, probably many guys do but I was actually having serious thoughts about having sex with her, that couldn't be right, could it? I remembered the times when I thought she had worn sexy clothes for my benefit when I was younger, was it my imagination? Did she have the same thoughts as I did? - No, she couldn't have, it was simply her being nice to me I reasoned. "Chris, didn't you hear me shouting?" Kate called. "Sorry" I replied, "My mind was miles away" "I've made coffee," she said. We sat in the kitchen; I couldn't keep my eyes off her tits as we chatted. Kate said "It looks like we will be finished by 4 o'clock, as a way of saying thanks for all your hard work how about you joining me for dinner tonight, I thought about getting a Chinese meal delivered" I said that would be lovely and that I would bring the wine. The flat was looking really good when we had finished, Kate gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek as I left her, "be back about 7.30" she said. I went home, and had a long soak in the bath, again I

fantasies about making love with Kate, and in my thoughts I fucked my SISTER! Kate's door was open when I returned, I went in and called out, "I'll be out in a minute Chris" she shouted, "Will you pour the drinks?" I opened the wine and sat on the couch, when Kate came out of her bedroom she looked stunning, she had on a very short, extremely low cut black dress, the material was almost see through enough to make out she was not wearing a bra, I could see the darker outline of her tiny panties and the black stockings she wore. The dress only just covered her nipples, I wondered why she had chosen to dress this way, surely she must have known what effect it would have on me, was she trying to tell me something? As I stood the bulge in my trousers must have been visible, I went over to her and gave her a small kiss on her cheek and handed her a drink, Kate put on a record and sat on the chair opposite me, as she crossed her legs I could see her lacy stocking tops, we talked, joked and drank wine until the food was delivered. Kate had the table prepared and over dinner she told me how

unhappy she was when she had been married, "If only he had been more like you Chris" she said, "We have always got on so well with each other, we have so much in common, we know what each other likes and dislikes, we have never argued, I think we would make an ideal, perfect couple” We had probably both drank too much wine, she continued "The other day I thought about the times I used to tease you", she must have seen the puzzled look on my face, "You know, when I would sit and talk with you, I used to wear sexy clothes because I wanted you to look at me, I would get this strange, exciting feeling inside, did you enjoy it as much as I did?" I looked at her, "Kate, I don't think I should say this, I've probably drank too much and tomorrow I will wake up with a headache and regret it but you were the first girl I had a crush on, I would think about you all the time, I would imagine what it would be like if you were my girlfriend, I know brothers shouldn't say such things about their sisters but it's the truth, when you got married I was very upset, probably it was more about jealously than anything else, I hated thinking about you being with Mike, hated the thought of him kissing you, sleeping with you, touching you, when I heard about you and him splitting up it made me very happy, is it wrong for me to feel the way I do?" She didn't answer me, "C'mon Chris, leave everything and let's go and sit and get drunk" she laughed. As I followed her I regretted saying what I had, I felt embarrassed telling her how I felt about her, Kate had put on a record and asked me if I would dance with her, we danced with our body's not touching, Kate put her hands on my shoulders, I held her lightly around the waist with my hands resting on her hips, we were both a little unsteady on our feet and Kate stumbled closer to me, her tits pressing into my chest, my hard prick tight up against her stomach, we looked into each others eyes, our faces getting closer until our lips met briefly in a gentle, short kiss, we broke away both knowing we had done something we shouldn't have, neither of us spoke but we continued to look at each other, then we kissed again, this time neither one of us broke away, our lips opening and our tongues meeting, passionately exploring each others mouths, holding each other closely, eventually we parted. "I'm sorry Kate", I told her. "No, don't be sorry" she said, "I'm not, I've wanted to kiss you for a long time, didn't you enjoy it?" I know I did! "Of course I enjoyed it, I love being with you but it's not right is it, we shouldn't be doing this - should we?" We sat next to each other on the couch, Kate took hold of my hand and faced me, "Chris, what we have got for each other is special, sure we love each other and we always will, who is to say what is 'right or wrong', I want you Chris, I want you to make love to me, I think you want it too but if you want to leave now I will understand" I moved close to her and we kissed again, this time with more eagerness, more lust, and as I did I cupped one of her tits with my hand on the outside of her dress, feeling the nipple press into my palm, then lowering the top of her dress I slid my hand inside caressing her bare tit taking her nipple between my thumb and finger, playing with it, feeling it grow hard, as we continued kissing I stopped playing with her tit and moved my hand down on to her thigh, sliding it up and down over her stockings, she opened her legs a little and my hand worked its way upwards over her bare skin getting nearer to her panties, I felt her warm, moist pussy through her panties and she moaned loudly, sliding the material to one side I slipped one finger into her hot, wet cunt gently sliding it in and out. Kate was now moaning with pleasure, we stopped kissing and I knelt in front of her between her open legs and licked along her pussy lips sliding my tongue into her as deeply as I could tasting her juices, then fingering her, first one, then two, she was crying out for more, "Yes, that's good Chris, it feels so good, do it harder, do it deeper, Yes! Fuck me with your fingers, More! More! I almost had my whole hand into her, she was so wet. After about 10 minutes she pulled my head up from her cunt and again we kissed, she quickly unbuttoned my shirt and in no time we were both naked apart from her stockings and suspenders, she played with my hard prick, wanking on it slowly. "Now it's your turn, lie back, I want to suck on your prick" she said and as I lay back on the couch she went down on me, licking and kissing along the length then she took it into her mouth, a little at a time sucking on it deeply until she had

the full length inside her mouth, the sight of my sister sucking my prick was too much and it wasn't long before I felt my prick start to twitch and throb, "I'm going to cum" I told her, expecting her to, but wishing she wouldn't stop, she didn't say anything but looked up at me and continued to suck as it exploded spunk into her mouth, the first spurt must have hit the back of her throat and it made her choke a little, she kept her mouth open and I saw the rest spurt into her mouth, she swallowed what she could but some dribbled from her mouth on to her hand as she wanked the last drops out, then she licked her fingers and went back to suck on my prick which was throbbing and beginning to soften a little. We lay on the couch, kissing, feeling and exploring each other, then Kate took hold of my hand and said "Let's go to bed, I want you to make love to me Chris, I want you to fuck me!" It felt so good getting into bed with Kate, we were just like a couple, it seemed so natural, Kate lay back as I kissed and licked her all over, I lay between her legs fingering,

licking, playing with her cunt then turned around so that she could suck on my prick at the same time, my prick was hard again, "Please Chris, I want you to fuck me, I want to feel you inside me, fuck me now!" I positioned myself between her wide-open legs, I rubbed my prick up and down over her wet pussy lips and then slowly I entered her. Kate moaned loudly as I buried myself into her, locking her legs around my waist, "Fuck me hard Chris, I like to be fucked hard and deep, as hard and as deeply as you can" I did as she asked, as I fucked her I mauled at her tits, sucking hard on her nipples, I kissed her, this time with no passion - only lust, I lunged deeply into her cunt, she was moaning and shrieking out with pleasure, I pulled out of her and asked her to turn over, she knelt on the bed, her head resting on the pillow, her ass up high and again I slid my prick inside her, "Yes, that feels good Chris, It's going in so deep, Fuck me hard Chris, Harder, Yes! YES!" As I fucked her she pushed herself backwards, matching my thrusts, trying to get my prick into herself as deep as she could, I felt her body stiffen, then she started to shake in spasms, "I'm coming Chris, It's so good, Don't stop, Don't stop! Yes, YES!" She screamed out loudly, I continued to fuck her hard and I too felt myself ready to cum, I told her, "I want you to cum inside me Chris, please fill my cunt with your spunk" I lunged forward into her and felt my spunk shoot out, filling her cunt, I collapsed on top of her, my prick still buried deep inside her, throbbing, twitching, the last drops oozing out, we turned to face each other and kissed. "Thank you Chris, that was great" I pulled her tight to me and hugged her, I felt so happy. "I love you Kate, I love you so much" I told her. "And I love you" she replied. We fell asleep cuddled up to each other. I woke up early, had I been dreaming? I reached out and felt Kate next to me, and then feelings of remorse, guilt, and anxiety struck me - Had it been the drink? Would Kate regret what happened? Should I quietly leave before she wakes up? Last night had been the best night of my life but how would Kate feel? I quietly got up and went to the kitchen and made a coffee, about 5 minutes later Kate walked in, still naked, I started to speak, "Kate, about last night..." she walked over to me, sat on my lap, put her arms around my neck and kissed me, "Chris, last night was the happiest, sexiest night I have ever had, I don't have a single regret, do you? I love you Chris" All my fears vanished, these were the words I wanted to hear, my sister Kate really loved me, wanted me, not just as a brother but as a lover! We discussed how we would handle the future, we both agreed we wanted to be together, to live together as a couple and it seemed the only way this could happen would be if we moved away, start a new life were no one knew us and that's what we decided to do. We went back to bed, we had a lot of plans to make but at that moment we both wanted only one thing- SEX! Chapter 30: I Fuck My Stripper Sister To say I was surprised to find out my kid sister was a stripper is an understatement, that day changed our lives, I'm happy to say! I was out on a stag night with a group of friends, my name's Peter, I'm 25, married with a two year old daughter, we visited the big city about 50 miles from where we lived as it had a great nightlife, the small town where we come from is pretty quiet, so we decided to make a weekend of it and hopefully have a great time. Everyone was fairly drunk by the time we staggered into this Strip club, there were a couple of girls on stage doing a lesbian act - nothing special, the next girl pulled a guy from the audience and after removing his pants gave him a blowjob, she took his cum over her tits which bought cheers and applause from the crowd, then it happened, the compeer introduced her as 'Cindy', I had to look twice but I easily recognized Kelly my 18 year old sister, watching her go through her routine made my prick hard, she looked so sexy as she erotically stripped off her clothes. I had not seen her naked since she was very young, she had left home about 9 months ago, apparently after an argument with Dad, after her strip the compeer came back on stage, he asked if we wanted to see Cindy again, of course everyone shouted out they would, he said there would be a collection and if there was enough money was raised she could be persuaded to fuck one 'lucky guy' on stage. Money was collected, ten minutes later the lights dimmed and the spotlight shone down on my sister once again on stage, she did a slow, sexy strip, she played with her tits

and pussy, bending with her legs apart she fingered herself, then producing a very big dildo she lay on the floor and fucked herself, the crowd egged her on, they wanted more! The spotlight flicked around the room and picked out the 'lucky guy' - probably a friend of the owners I thought, he made his way up on to the stage and Kelly quickly stripped him naked, she played with his prick which quickly hardened, then kneeling in front of him she sucked him off, the guy took hold of her head and forced his prick - which looked quite big down her throat, I could see Kelly try to pull away but he held her tight and continued to fuck her mouth, after a couple of minutes she stopped sucking him and positioned herself on her hands and knees in the doggie position, the guy slid his prick into her and quite brutally fucked her, hard

and deep - no passion just pure lust, he grabbed her tits as they swung beneath her. I could see him squeezing on them as he fucked his big prick into her cunt, then he pulled out, pulled Kelly up to her knees in front of him and wanked his prick in front of her face until he cum, shooting his spunk over her face, hair and tits, the crowd cheered as he wiped his cum over her face with his prick then the stage went dark - I guess the show was over. The guys I was with wanted to visit another club but told them I was tired and I would make my own way back to the Hotel where we were staying. We left the club, I wanted to hang around, and I wanted to talk to Kelly. There was an alley at the back of the club; I guessed there would be a back entrance so I waited, about thirty minutes later I saw some people leaving, as they got nearer I recognized Kelly, she was with the other two strippers I had seen, I walked up to her, "Hi Kelly, what are you doing here?" I asked, she looked shocked at seeing me. "Peter, you startled me! More to the point, what are you doing here?" She asked. "We should talk Kelly," I said, "Let's go for a coffee” Kelly looked nervous, "Ok Peter, there's a place around the corner," she told the other girls it was ok, she knew me and she would see them later and went with me. As we walked down the alleyway in the dark I stopped, "I saw your show Kelly," I told her, "Why? Kelly, tell me, how long have you been a stripper?" I asked. "It's no big deal Peter, with the money I get paid I can get that car I wanted, you know - the one dad said he couldn't afford to buy me" "But having sex with strangers, don't you realize the risk you're taking?" "Who do you mean? That guy you saw? He's no stranger" she laughed, "That guy was David, he's the owners son - part of the deal for working there, every now and then he fucks me, he gets his kicks by doing it in front of the audience, he gets turned on that way!" "What about Mom and Dad?" I asked, "What if they found out what you were doing?" "Fuck them!" Kelly said, "I don't give a fuck what they would think, I'm thinking of staying here anyway, what do I have to go home for?" Kelly looked at me, her attitude suddenly changed "Anyway Peter, seeing me strip - did I look good? Did I make you hard? Did you enjoy seeing me fuck that guy?" I was stunned by the way she was talking, she had changed so much in such a short time, "Well Peter, I reckon you would be lying if you said you weren't turned on, did your kid sister make you hard Peter?" It seemed she was now trying to tease me, how could I tell her that 'Yes, I did get turned on, Yes she did make me hard, and Yes I wanted to fuck her! She seemed to read my mind; it was as if she knew what I was thinking. "Do you want to fuck me Peter? Do you want your little sister to suck your dick? Is that what you want Peter? She goaded me, I forcibly pulled her into a dark doorway and kissed her, at first she put up a token struggle but quickly responded to my probing tongue, she kissed me deeply, at the same time I slid my hand under her coat and grabbed a handful of young, firm tit, I squeezed hard, she seemed to enjoy being treated roughly, she broke away from kissing. "You're just like the rest aren't you, you all want only one thing, you're just like dad!" she spat out. "What do you mean - just like dad?" I asked, she quickly told me the reason she had left home in such a rush, it seemed one night dad had made a pass at her, she told me he grabbed her and he tried to force her into having sex, she said that after a struggle she managed to get away from him, then she waited till mom came home then Kelly packed her bags and left. I was shattered by what she told me, if anything it sobered me up enough to realize that what I had wanted from her was wrong. "I don't care anymore Peter, to me sex is no big deal, just like fucking with David tonight, tomorrow it will probably be someone different, I don't give a fuck!" she looked at me with a very sexy expression on her face. "So, do you still want to fuck me brother?" she reached out and grabbed hold of my prick through my pants. I was still semi hard, "Yes Kelly, yes I do!" "Ok, you can come back to my apartment, I share with the two girls you saw me with but they don't mind, you never know - they might want to join in later" she laughed. When we arrived Kelly simply introduced me as Peter, she didn't mention the fact that I was her brother, she took me into her room, I sat on the bed while Kelly slowly and seductively stripped off her clothes, naked she looked fantastic, her tits were firm and fairly large, I found out later she was a 34c, she had lovely dark

brown nipples that jutted out, her pussy was crowned with a tiny strip of dark hair, apart from that she was shaved smooth, she came over to where I was sitting on the bed, knelt in front of me and proceeded to undo and pull off my trousers and boxers, she gently took hold of my semi hard prick. "Tell me Peter, did you ever think about me sexually, did you ever dream about fucking me? I know that I sometimes fantasized about you, I saw you once - you were downstairs with one of your girlfriends, on the couch - I saw you kissing and playing around, I was 13, a virgin - you were supposed to be 'baby sitting' me, I went back to my room and played with myself, I imagined you and me on that couch Peter!" "Kelly, I can truthfully say that before tonight I have never felt that way about you, I wish I knew how you felt though, I sure would have liked to...you know!" she stopped talking and lowered her head, she licked up and down my now very hard prick, she licked around the tip before taking it into her mouth and sucking on it, I lay back on the

bed, it felt so good, I lay there in ecstasy as she gave me the best blow job I had ever experienced, perhaps it was because it was my sister doing it, I don't know but it was great! "I want this dick inside me" she said, climbing up on the bed and straddling me, taking hold of my prick she lowered herself down, slowly impaling herself on it, she felt very tight as my prick slowly entered her wet cunt, then leaning forward so that her tits were hanging over my face - just ready for sucking, she started to bounce up and down taking the full length of my hard prick inside her. I sucked hard on her nipples which grew in my mouth and matched her bouncing with upward thrusts making sure I fucked her as hard and as deep as I could, "Fuck me brother, Oh it feels good, yes - suck my tits deep" she cried out, after a few minutes I flipped her over on to her back, my prick stayed inside her, she wrapped her legs around me, pulling me deep inside her cunt as I fucked her, looking down at her I no longer saw my sister, I saw a very sexy girl that I wanted to fuck, I didn't feel any remorse or emotion as I felt my prick start to throb and twitch, I quickly decided I wanted to cum over and inside her mouth so pulling out I straddled her chest as I wanked my prick. "Open your mouth!" I told her, "I want to cum in your mouth, I want to see you swallow it" I said, she did as I asked and as it started to spurt out I aimed the stream inside her mouth, I saw it filling her mouth, I saw her swallowing my cum! Then I slid my still oozing prick into her mouth and felt the sensation of her sucking the last drops out, drained I collapsed onto the bed next to her, she wrapped her legs around me, pulling me close to her, cuddling me, kissing me, she felt so warm and soft. "I love you Peter,” she told me. "And I love you too Kelly, I always have" I replied. We fell asleep cuddling into each other, she woke me next morning with another blowjob, I fucked her again before I left, this time we took it more slowly, I fingered her cunt and ass hole, I really loved the sensation of going down on her and licking out her cunt, she was great at oral sex, I fucked her cunt, ass hole and she finished me off by sucking my cum out of me. I told her I wanted to see her gain and arranged to return the next weekend. That was six months ago, when I returned the following week she was gone, she left a note with her friends for me. Of course I tried to find her, the girls she shared with said they saw her passport, they thought she would probably visit Europe, apparently she had mentioned something but they couldn't be sure. I'll keep looking though, hopefully one day. Chaper 31: Vicky’s Teen Sex Hi my name is Vicky. I am 20 years old have blue eyes, and I am a natural blond. I am at collage and love pubs and clubs. That’s were this story begins in a club that is. I had been out for the night with a few of my girlfriends. I had not had any male contact for some time so was well up for it. I met a lad called Paul we had a dance and a few drinks, then out of the blue he asked me if I wanted to go over to the park with him. I new what that meant! I was a little taken back by such a bold approach, but wanted sex. I made my excuses to my friends and headed of to the park across the road. It was a hot summer night so I had dressed appropriately short black skirt; thin silk top and no pants. This lad led me to a tree away from the streetlights and well out of sight of prying eyes. He planted me up against the tree and started to kiss me, at the same time his hands were on my tits. I had little chance to get going then his hand went to his zip and he pulled out his cock, he pulled up my skirt gave me a quick rub and pushed me back against the tree. He dipped down grabbed hold of my knee and lifted it to his waist and all in one move pushed his cock into me. I expected pain after such rough treatment but he was no donkey, more of a worm. It quickly became apparent that we were not having each other but he was having me. My backside was rough against the tree, my knee was hurting in his grip, and I was getting little or no pleaser from the sex. But my discomfort was to be short lived when without warning he gave a grunt and came. When he had done he just said thanks love and wandered off. I pulled myself together and instantly tried to put this one behind me. I decided to walk to home along the coastline its not that far and the sea air would help clear my mind of the failed encounter. As I walked I could hear the sound of distant singing I new that I was approaching an area used by visiting scout groups and the like for camping and the like. I got the path

that leads to the camp site from the shore I saw a bench and sat down to admire the moon light on the sea, the sound of the sea on the shore was relaxing and soothing, I lent back on the bench slid my bottom to the edge lifted my skirt front put a hand to my shaven pussy and began to give myself what he had failed to do. I worked slowly working my finger over my clit and up and down my slit, it was then that I found his cum leaking out of me, this I put to good use helping me get dead slimy I worked the cum into my clit, and then out of the blue the orgasm hit me it was violent and intense it left me shaking and out of breath “and a little faint”. When I came back to earth I was suddenly aware of someone sat next to me on the bench. He was of muscular build, well tanned, with the most intense blue eyes. Do you want me to help you with that dear with that he put his hand

straight on my pussy, and began to finger my clit I came again this time I almost passed out, when I came to he had a smile from ear to ear I just started to stammer thank you when he said here you are love, with that he stood up pulled his shorts down to reveal a monster cock I cupped my hand under it and lifted it to my face it started to get harder and bigger. I wanked it slowly then moving my head forward engulfed the head and wanked harder, I was going to pay back the cum debt by letting him cum in my mouth then sure enough his knob gave a twitch I sucked harder sucking in my cheeks and wanked herder on this monster of a cock, he gave a mighty groan and came right down my throat, he pumped three or four thick tasty wads of cum before pulling away. He then bent down and kissed me on the lips he must have tasted his own cum on me. He then knelt in front of me eased my legs apart and began to lick my pussy for all he was worth, I could not take much of this before cumming into his mouth. When I got back to earth he was rubbing his hard-on against my pussy, I looked him in the eye and he pushed forward the head kind of popped in this was some peace of meet. He then began thrusting back and forth each time a little more of this monster cock slid into me, this went on for want seemed like forever, and I could feel another orgasm building inside then it hit me strong hard I was ridged, he lifted my legs a little and began to thrust harder and harder then with a mighty thrust he came he held himself hard into me I could feel the twitching of his knob inside me he then pulled out pulled his shorts back up pointed to the lad on the bench that had appeared from nowhere and said he is next a virgin for you to sort out, with that he sat on the grass to watch. Chapter 32: Lesbian Incest The other night I was reminded of my sweet 16, and it was 24 years ago. Like every 16 year old, I was a little horn ball, and the thing that turned me on the most was cock. Pure cock I was a blowjob and cum freak, I loved giving guys head and I loved having hot, creamy cum all over my body. Sure, I fucked plenty; I had lost my cherry when I was not quite 13 to a cousin of mine and by the time I met my future husband during college, I had fucked with about 75 guys or so. But oral sex was still my passion. Knowing that, my best friend arranged for about 15 guys to be with me the night of my 16th birthday and to fuck my face, jerk off on me, just shower and cover me in cum. It was an amazing night -- not a single one of the guys fucked me, they just kept jerking off onto me, until I was almost all covered in hot white gooey semen. From the first time my future husband's cock passed by my lips (admittedly only about 45 minutes after I first met him) until well after he died, I never ever fucked or sucked or did anything with another guy. From time to time I would still share some moments, so to speak, with old girlfriends of mine, but even that was a lot less, particularly after we each married and most of us got pregnant. Eric and I had an amazing sex life; there were very few days when we didn't fuck around. We took hundreds of photos of each other nude, jerking off or us together. My period never stopped him from pushing his cock into me; nor did any of my three pregnancies cut down the voracious appetite either of us had for sex and for each other. 12 years ago Eric was killed in an accident with a drunk driver. He left me a devastated young widow, a large estate and 3 daughters, who were 6, 3 and 1 at the time. Eventually, I put our lives together, I worked harder than ever in my work (I am a lawyer) and about 3 years later I started dating again, albeit pretty casually. Now I have some guy friends who I will spend time with, which might even be considered fuck buddies. I've never considered remarrying, although more than a few men have proposed to me over the years. I've also had a few flings with some female associates and partners in my law firm and have a moderately active, occasionally bisexual, sex life. It's nothing like the daily fuck-and-suck parties I had when I was a teenager and college student, but I'm sexually satisfied. I had a very hard day at work last Wednesday and at one point I thought I would be in the office all night. Around 3 am though we finished an incredible amount of work and all us of working on the matter took taxis home. The frenetic type of work we had just finished for some reason always sexually invigorated me and during the cab ride I let my mind wander off into thinking about the long bath I would have when I got home and just which vibrator I was going to use on myself that night. I

have a whole collection of sex toys, accumulated over years, mostly before Eric died. From time to time it would be obvious that one of my kids had gotten her hands on them, but I didn't really care. I knew that they were all (even the youngest one) sexually active; at different times I had given them all lectures on safe sex, the pill and anything else I could think of that might be relevant to them. My rationale was that I had fucked my brains out when I was their age and I came out of it just fine. They would do the same. The ride from my lower Manhattan office to my Upper West Side apartment didn't take long. That was fortunate, because my fantasizing had about reached the point where I wanted to touch myself. This driver wouldn't have been the first to get a

masturbation show from me, but all in all I wanted to do it in my own bedroom. I have a duplex penthouse and have the option of taking the elevator to the top floor where my bedroom and study are, or to the lower floor where the rest of the rooms are. I was a little hungry, thought I would grab something out of the refrigerator, so I went in through the lower floor. The scene that I found when I opened the door is hard to describe. My 15 year old, Janet, was on the floor with one guy, about her age, kneeling over her and pumping her mouth with his dick. Some other guy, a bit older but still a teenager was on his knees between her legs, grabbing her by her ass and fucking her. My 18 year old, Karen, was kissing that guy and was lying astride her boyfriend riding up and down on his cock. Finally, Ellen, my youngest daughter, was sitting on Karen’s boyfriend's face and was apparently having an orgasm and was grabbing Karen’s tits, pulling on her nipples. The guy Janet was sucking off screwed up his face and he was obviously about to cum. He shot his load into my daughter's mouth and I saw some of it flow out of her mouth and onto her face. He pulled his dick out of her mouth and jerked out as much more cum as he could onto her lips and tits. He was also the first one of the group to see me. He got up, not quite knowing what to do. Janet also saw me and tried to wipe the cum off of her body. I just stood there, smiling. "Mom..." Janet nervously started, as all of the participants in the little orgy scene separated from each other. I walked up to the guy Janet had sucked off and held out my hand to him. "Hi", I said, "I'm Anna Kuklinski." Everyone's faces fell as he shook my hand and introduced himself as Alex. Apparently, the other guy was Rich. Karen’s boyfriend's name is Matthew. The kids were all standing there, naked, not sure of what to do. I knew what to do -- after all, how often is it that a 40-year-old woman has three hot looking teenage guys with rock hard pricks around her? I knelt down in front of Alex and took his still hard cock into my mouth. As I sucked on his dick I undid my blouse and motioned to the others to finish undressing me. My daughters stood, watching, amazed. Slowly, though, I saw Matthew pulled Karen down and climb back inside of her. Rich got Janet onto her hands and knees and entered her doggie style and Ellen undressed me, running her hands all over my body as she removed my bra, skirt, panty hose and panties. Alex held my head as I bobbed up and down on his shaft. I ran my hand around his ass, gently toying with his asshole as I sucked him. He groaned loudly, saying "Oh God, Mrs. Kuklinski, that's great." I laughed, letting go of his shaft. "I'm giving you a blow job for Christ sake. You can call me Anna." Ellen, meanwhile, had lost any inhibition she might have had about having sex around her mother, or even with her mother, and was underneath me, trying to get her mouth onto my tits as they hung down. All 3 of my kids and I have similar bodies. We are all tall - I'm 5'9", very thin with narrow shoulders and small breasts. We all have light blonde hair, which is only a shade darker on our pussies. My pubic hair is fairly thin, as is Karen’s. The other girls are too young to have full thick bushes in any event. I felt my pussy dripping, running down my leg. I didn't know how long this scene had gone on or how many times these guys had cum. As I resumed my blowjob, I pondered whether I wanted Alex's cum on my face or in my cunt. I glanced over at my other daughters and decided that rolling around with them would be fun too. Ellen was now working on my nipples with a technique, which told me that she had plenty of experience with other girls. The thought of my 3 daughters all doing each other, which had never crossed my mind until now, made even hotter and hornier and wetter than I already was. I scurried away from Alex, leaving Ellen to take my place on his dick and crawled over to Janet. I worked myself underneath her, finding Rich's cock as he slide in and out of her. My pussy was right in front of Janet's face and she took the hint, burying her face between my legs, flicking her tongue over my swollen clit. I was on the edge of orgasm. I tasted Rich's pre-cum and Janet's own cunt juices as Janet worked a finger between the folds of my vagina. I came hard and loudly, bucking against Janet's mouth. Rich came as well, with half his load shooting into Janet and the rest dribbling onto my face. As he withdrew his now softening dick, I placed my mouth right on Janet's twat and sucked out as much of Rich's semen as I could. My ministrations on Janet brought her to a rapid

orgasm as well. I glanced at Alex and Ellen and watched Alex blow his wad all over Ellen's face. She seemed to revel in his cream as much as I used to. I went back over to her and we started to lick the cum off of each other's mouths and faces and buried our tongues deep in each other's mouths. I ran my hands all over her young body, squeezing her young budding tits between my fingers. She gasped and pressed her body against mine. She lay down on her back with me right on top of her. As we kissed, our tits rubbed together, sending pulsating thrills through my whole body. Matthew and Karen had until now been fucking like banshees, but now Matthew came up behind me and started running his hands over my ass, alternatively touching my asshole and my pussy, as though he were trying to decide where to focus his attention. "I'm going to fuck you in your ass, Anna. Who would have thought that good old Mrs. K would be as big a slut and whore as her kids.” I raised my ass up into the air and first felt Karen bury her face

in it, licking my hole, getting it ready for her boyfriend. Janet was also leaning down next to me. "Mom, you're awesome", Janet began. I ignored her and kept my tongue in Ellen's mouth, as we continued trading the sementaste from each of our encounters. I felt Karen move away from me and then felt Matthew's cock starting to press against my ass. I wanted someone in my cunt also and told Richard to get underneath me and to start fucking me. The three girls and Alex cheered on the 2 guys, who were pounding away at my orifices. From somewhere, Karen had gotten a camera and was photographing the entire scene. Janet and Ellen had their arms around each other and were toying with each other's tits as they watched me get it. Karen shot the expressions on my face, took close-ups of my ass and cunt, of the guy’s faces and cocks and anything else that she could think of that would be hot, all the while working her fingers through her own pussy. Each of the guys had already come quite a few times, so they lasted a good healthy long time, giving me the chance to have another 2 orgasms before they each came in me. After Rich came, Janet returned the oral favor and went right down on me, sucking out Rich's cum. Karen fingered my ass after Matt came in their, working his semen deep into my butt. At this point, everyone, including me, was utterly exhausted. It was close to 5 am and the sun was starting to rise. The guys all left and Karen, Janet, Ellen and I all fell asleep in the living room. I woke up a few hours later still utterly sexually aroused. I watched my daughter's sleeping bodies, admired the sheer sexiness of each of them and grinned broadly as I thought about the previous night. Yet, I felt a bit uneasy about what had happened. After all, no matter how slutty I might feel at times or how erotic either they or I might be, they are still my daughters. It seemed suddenly odd to me for someone who had insisted on letting them lead their own lives to get involved in the most intimate aspect of it with them. I quietly went up to my bedroom, showered, dressed and went into my office. I called my secretary in after me. She was a young girl, about 20, with a great body and had let me know on more than one occasion that she would be available to me if I wanted her. I told her to close the door behind her. "Madeline", I said to her as I began to undo my blouse, "get undressed." Madeline smiled. Madeline is petite, about 5' 1" and can't weigh more than 100 pounds. She has waist length jet black luxurious hair and a tight body (32b-22-31). She had always flirted with me, since the day she was hired, somehow intuitively knowing that I was bisexual. Until today, though, I hadn't responded in any conscious way to her flirting. As I slid out of my blouse, she lifted her sweater over her head. We both kept our eyes on each other as we each unhooked our bras. I walked over to her and ran my hands over her stomach and her firm perky breasts. I crushed my mouth down on hers, pushing my tongue into her and pressing her body against mine. She ran her hands up and down my back, over my ass. As she began to unbutton my skirt I slid my hands down her slacks, over her ass cheeks and down the back, between her legs. I felt her warm stickiness of her vaginal secretions and I felt my own pussy begin to gush freely. We were soon both naked, standing in the middle of my office, kissing, running our hands over each other. "I've wanted to do this for so long", she said to me, as I led her to the sofa, which I tended to use for either client meetings or for fucking. As we sat down on the sofa, she lowered her head immediately to my breasts. I felt the warmth of her tongue on me and I kicked back to enjoy the sensation, so totally different from the frenetic group-fuck pace of the night before. Her mouth moved from one nipple to another gently sucking and nibbling on them as her hands started caressing my whole body, my legs, stomach, and hair. I moved my hands towards Madeline and she pushed them aside, whispering "I want to do you, just you, make you happy." I let her continue and she moved her hands towards my crotch, brushing over the top of my pubic hair and I felt her fingers glide gently over my clit. I shivered at the sensation and I watched a wry smile break out on Madeline's face. She laid me back on the sofa and kneeled beside me on the floor. I felt her kiss my stomach, run her tongue around and through my navel and I felt my cunt juices dripping around my butt. I felt her long hair fall onto my legs and even felt it brush over my pussy. I pushed her head towards my twat and she complied, gently kissing my clit, running

her lips and tongue over it. I spread my legs a little wider and she moved her mouth up and down each side of my cunt lips. "Make me cum," I moaned loudly, to which she responded "I will." Her tongue entered my cunt and I lifted my hips, pushing my body against her mouth as she tongue fucked me. I had never realized that she had such a long tongue, but enjoyed the feelings that it sent through as her soft wet tongue slid in and out of the opening of my slit. She kept one hand on my tit, pinching and pulling softly on my taut erect nipples and the other right on my clit, circling it gently, bringing me closer and closer to orgasm. I was soon flooded with pleasure as I came in an amazingly powerful orgasm. I muffled my cries, pushed my body against her even harder. She didn't stop, but kept on going, exactly the same way, with her tongue in my cunt, her hands on my tits and clit. She kept me on edge again for what seemed like an eternity until another, even more powerful set of muscle spasms coursed

through me. Madeline sat back, watching me as I caught my breath. "You're amazing", I said to her. She answered me, "I know, I've been practicing." We both laughed and I pulled her up towards me, kissing her as deeply as I could, tasting my own pussy juices on her. Her lithe body was now under mine and I wasted no time in returning the pleasures to her. She moaned softly as I moved my mouth around her neck and toward her nipples. Her tits were small, but she had large aureoles and nipples that stuck out pretty far. I bit down on one them and she moaned more loudly, caressing my hair at the same time. "Fuck Anna keep it up." I had never heard her curse before and the thought of her doing so while I was working her body turned me on and I bit down harder on her nipple. "Harder" she moaned and I complied with her request. She was clearly a very submissive girl and I figured she would make an excellent lover for me. My hands wandered all over her body. Those of you who read my first story have gathered that I'm also pretty into ass play, and I couldn't wait to get a finger into Madeline's butt hole. I moved quickly to her cunt, which was wet as all shit, and worked my face into it, burying myself in the smell of her pussy. She seemed to know that I wanted to finger her ass, and she loosened her abdominal muscles as much as she could to give my finger a clear entry. As I pushed it into her, still tonguing her twat, she cried out, "God Anna bite my clit." And I did. And Madeline started bucking and groaning and Cumming like crazy. Twat juice poured out of her and I tried lapping it all up as quickly as I could. My finger sank deeper into her ass and I finger fucked her ass just as though my finger were a cock moving in and out of her. I too, wasn't going to let Madeline go with only one orgasm so I kept working her, more roughly than she had worked me, but obviously in a way that drove her to another orgasm. We both sat back on the sofa, naked, gently petting each other. "Are you into guys also?" I asked her. "Sure. I prefer girls though. The second I met you I knew I'd get my mouth onto your cunt. You really reek of bisexuality." I laughed and asked her how old she was and she told me that she was 19. "You're a year older than my oldest kid. You should meet her sometime. Somehow I think you and her would get along just fine." She smiled, understanding what I meant. "So you've done it with her?" she asked. And I told her the story of the previous night, all the while still touching her body and she mine. "Awesome," she said at the end of it, which ended right where this story began. "I can hardly wait to meet them." It was lunchtime now and had to go meet a potential client. We dressed and just before we opened my office door I gave her a swift and hard whack on her ass. "I know you're the boss, Anna. No need to smack me around, unless of course," she said grinning, "you really want to.” Chapter 33: Holly & Her Brother Hello, my name is Holly. I've been married for three years now to a wonderful man named Scott. Lately though our sex life has been virtually non-existent. Scott's work is highly paid but very demanding. I'm very lucky to have Scott. He earns so much money from his IT business I can afford to stay at home and look after the house. We don't have any children yet but because I'm only 23 years old we've got plenty of time to plan for kids. As I said earlier our sex life has been non-existent and lately I've been dying for Scott's 8-inch cock to fuck my poor wet pussy. I have a very high sex drive and I demanded sex from Scott morning, noon and night but since he started his own damn business he doesn't seem to have the energy anymore to give me what I need most! Lot's of wonderful cock! I tried everything to get him interested in me again. I tried wearing a sexy little black dress, stockings, suspender belt, matching bra and knickers set, high heels. Then I performed a striptease for him. It would normally work wonders as I've got a great body (36C22-28). I've got long blonde hair, blue eyes, long legs; I'm only 5ft 2 so my breasts seem a lot bigger compared to my body size. Did he get a hard on? NO! Last month everything changed. Scott said that he needed to go away on business for a couple of weeks to get his business really going. I said "What about me?" I almost cried until he suggested that my brother came over to our house to look after me, I thought that would be okay. So Scott went off to the States the very next week and my younger brother Tim came over to 'look after me'. Tim is very big for his age, he's only 18 but he looks more mature than some guys his age. He's 6ft tall,

has blue eyes, a good athletic body and sandy hair. Anyway, after the first few nights Scott was away, Tim said he wanted to chat to me. We sat down together the next evening in our living room. Tim had noticed that I had been really down, more so now that Scott had gone away. I opened a bottle of wine for us to share and I started to tell him that Scott hadn't been paying enough attention to me lately. As the wine flowed, another bottle was opened and I started to feel a little horny (wine always makes me horny). I started to talk to Tim about my sex life with Scott and how I wasn't getting any sex from him. Tim said, "If I was Scott I'd be fucking you all the time sis." Totally unfazed by Tim's comment I looked at him and

asked, "If you were Scott would you really fuck me?" Tim shifted uncomfortably on the couch and said, "Holly, I've got a confession to make. When I was thirteen, before you moved out of our house, I used to spy on you getting undressed when you came home late at night from a party. Your tits are amazing, I used to fantasize about fucking you all the time." Tim looked away slightly embarrassed by his confession but added, "But that was way back when I didn't really know any better." "That's okay Tim", I said, "It's nice to know actually." At this point I started to see my 'little' brother in a different light. He was quite a hunk. I was feeling very horny and sexy because of all the wine I had consumed. I hadn't had a good fuck in months and right now my little brother was a likely candidate to give me what my pussy had been yearning for all that time. A good hard cock! I got up from the sofa and said to Tim, "Would you like to my tits again?" He looked at me shyly and shrugged. "Okay" he said. I was wearing a long blue dress that I lounge around in while I'm at home and I proceeded to take it off very slowly. Tim's eyes were glued to my body as it was slowly revealed by the dress falling to the floor leaving me in only my bra and a pair of knickers. I then unclipped my bra exposing my large firm breasts. Tim smiled slightly as he drank in the sight of my tits with their large pink nipples. He got up from the sofa as well and walked up to me and whispered, "Can I feel them please?" I barely breathed as I answered, "Yes Tim, you can play with them". He started to play with my tits. I couldn't believe what I was doing! My little baby brother was playing with my naked breasts and I loved it. "Suck my nipples Timmy", I said. I was so horny. I just needed a man. Any man who could give me cock, even if it was my own brother. Tim started to skillfully suck my nipples. As I looked down to watch Tim do his stuff, I noticed that he was rubbing his groin. I moved my hands to his groin area and felt that his cock was hard. Not only was it hard but also it was big! "Tim, take off all your clothes." Tim stopped sucking my nipples and looked up into my eyes. Whatever he saw my eyes made him sure he wasn't doing anything wrong. He stripped off his clothes to reveal his hard muscled body. His cock was a BIG surprise to me. His cock was a massive 10-inches long and so thick I was dying for him to fuck me. I dropped to my knees straight away and started to suck his massive cock. In. Out. In. Out. In. Out. In. Out. His cock pumped in and out of my mouth. His cock was so thick it was stretching my mouth until it hurt. His cock tasted so good. Tim's cock tasted nice and salty. I quickly had my little brother panting like mad and I just relaxed my throat as Tim started to fuck my mouth. I stopped sucking Tim and led him to my bedroom. We caressed each other's bodies as we scrambled into bed, desperate to fuck each other's brains out. On the bed, my little brother fucked me with his tongue, darting it in and out of my cunt like an express train, teasing my clit with every move. His hands played with my nipples, tweaking them until they stuck out like bullets. It was pure ecstasy. I begged my little brother to fuck me and, at last, he gently began to ease his monster cock into my wet cunt. I could feel the walls of my soaking wet pussy stretch as he slid his cock all the way and began to fuck me. He started slowly at first, gently sliding in and out of me, then the pace increased steadily until he was pumping me like an athlete. I was in a constant state of joy as he pummeled my pussy for what seemed like ages. The fucking got fiercer and fiercer until I was screaming out loud. Tim then withdrew his massive 10-inch cock from my pussy and came all over my breasts and face. I greedily licked as much cum from his cock as I could. After, we both felt guilty about what we had done. We felt as if we had committed the most terrible crime. We hugged each other and apologized to each other about what we had just done, but as we were hugging we both began to get turned on again. We looked into each other's eyes and thought maybe we can fuck each other again before Scott came home.... but that's another story. Chapter 34: Holiday Camp Sam and Jo Roberts lived about 8 hours away from his sister Pam and her husband Peter Smyth and because of the distance between their homes and the fact that they each had high school and college aged children, were only able to get together for a few days at Christmas. Sam’s and Pam's parents Tom and Audrey had just retired and wanted to get rid of some money so their assets would be just

under the limit to allow them to receive the full pensions they felt entitled to after working and paying tax all those 46 years. There was some money "buried in the garden" that would help ensure they had a comfortable retirement but no one, not even their kids knew about that. The two families then planned to have a twoweek holiday together at a holiday resort about midway between them. They had heard of the resort as being rural enough to be a pleasant change from their cities, but also have many facilities to ensure them and their families a great time. Their parents were to spend only two or three days with them as Tom felt unwell still. Sam and Jo have two daughters, Mel and Deedee and a son Brian, who is Mel's twin. Pete and Jo have two sons, Ralph and Riley and daughter Helen. It turned out

that one of the girls, Helen was a virgin, and one of the boys, Riley had not as yet had his pump primed. The two families met up as planned at around 7.30pm on the Friday night and used the remaining hour of sunlight (Eastern daylight saving time) to unload the SUV's and settle into their accommodation. The camp was designed with several units of one room with a super king sized bed and another room with four beds which could changed into two one on top of the other bunks if space became a problem, for families of two adults with one to four children and had a lounge/TV room, including a tiny dinette, in between the two rooms. There were also several single rooms for two adults only without a lounge room. These two types of units had naturally a bathroom with a bath and shower, a small fridge and TV with satellite programming and as well, at the end of each wing there were dormitory type rooms on each side of the corridor which held from six to twenty bunks. The plan there was that girls had one of these rooms on one side of the corridor, identified by a pink door, and the boys in the other with a blue door. That was the official plan anyway. In the middle of the complex there was a huge room which comprised the cafeteria style dining hall, the kitchen, office and a nice room which had a bar and dance floor. Off each side and at the rear of this block was an accommodation wing like spokes of a wheel with a corridor up the center of each wing to access the rooms on each side of the corridor. Rooms are as described earlier. The place could accommodate 300 people when full to capacity. In the quadrangles between each pair of spokes was on one side a half Olympic sized swimming pool and on the other side a large games room with snooker and 8ball tables, table tennis tables, indoor bowls, dart boards and goodness only knows what other game facilities. Outside there were horse riding tracks, lawn bowling greens, bush walking tracks, a very cold freshwater creek deep enough for swimming and a general use playing field for cricket, soccer or whatever. The place was nearly full and the kids checked it out for "talent' and were all pleasantly surprised with what was on offer. They all crashed for the night, with the families having the two rooms plus lounge units across the corridor from each other. Sam and Jo had one room with a super king sized bed, and the three girls slept in the other room of that unit. Pam and Peter had the other unit's super king sized equipped room with the three boys together in the other room. They all awoke in the morning to the sounds of birds and they showered, went to breakfast then set out the plan for the day. It was a wonderful set-up and the kids were likes farts in bottles trying to see and try everything in two minutes flat. The two families went on an easy bush walk after lunch and found some lovely secluded picnic spots and stored them in their minds for later utilization. Lunch and dinner had to be taken in two sittings, which was not a hassle and breakfast started at 7:00am going through until 10:00am as a convenience for both the early and the late risers. After dinner that night the kids migrated to the games room where movies were being shown until midnight and then were going to sleep in the "segregated" bunkrooms down the corridor. The four parents had met in Sam and Jo's lounge room for drinks and a chat, with the conversation eventually getting round to a tradition of many years which had caused a lot of innocent, but close to the bone at times, fun over those years. It was called "secrets," in which everyone had to tell the others a secret concerning something they had done or had had done to them since last meeting. They drew straws and Jo started off with telling them that she had at last given in to a fantasy of Sam's and had shaved her pussy bald. The other's eyes hung out on stalks but considered it to be a valid secret and not at all obscene. Sam then told them that he had at last given into Jo's request over the last thirteen years and had a month ago had a vasectomy just as Pete had had years ago, because Jo sometimes had a reaction to the pill and did not want to risk pregnancy by using any of the other birth control methods. Condoms were a big no with them all as they both felt that shagging with a condom was like washing your feet with your boots on. It was now Pam's turn. This was about 10:30pm after a few hours steady sipping. She was feeling no pain and dropped a bombshell when she told the others that she had wanted to shag Sam, her brother, for over twenty years. The silence was deafening and the other three thought that they had

misheard her "secret" until she repeated again what she had quite clearly said. It had arisen in a past conversation that Sam and Jo had swung before but Peter and Pam were swinging virgins, which made Pam's disclosure all the more amazing. Peter thought he would call his wife's bluff by saying "yeah, go for it, I've wanted to get into Jo's pants for bloody years." The gravity of the situation soon hit them and whilst none of them could detect any dissension it was several minutes before the instigator, Pam took hold of Sam's hand and led him through the door, across the corridor and through the other door. They waited expectantly for Jo or Peter to protest but no protestation was forthcoming. Sam's bigger cock was a very pleasant surprise for Pam when he got around to using it after their first ever 69 together, with Pam climaxing as Sam withdrew and slid up her body and gave her a tit fuck she will never forget. The moved as one when they each realized he was about to cum and he slid up the extra inches and she opened her mouth

to receive an immense warm slightly salty load down her throat. After about 20 minutes rest, Pam was astounded to feel his cock erect again and as her favorite position was doggy, she positioned herself on elbows and knees for a long languorous fuck with his cock touching previously untouched places. She was pushing back at him trying to gain that extra millimeter and he was squeezing her mammoth tits then pulling hard on her rock hard nipples. He then reached around with one hand to squeeze her clitoris hard between thumb and forefinger until she fell forward onto the bed and just plain shook for about three minutes still orgasming, unable to speak and hardly able to breath. Sam had worn himself out fucking her for over twenty minutes this time and could not even laugh when the pulling out of his cock caused a loud schlurrrrp noise. They both straight away fell asleep, not even bothering to scoop up the pool of cum that marked their performance. Across the corridor, Peter had brought Jo to a screaming, but muffled by his mouth on hers, orgasm when he stuck his long agile tongue onto her G spot and feathered her clit with his thumb simultaneously. He then attacked her lemon sized but extremely sensitive tits, which sent her over the top again. She then begged him to fuck her now and found that whilst his cock was quite a bit shorter and thinner that Sam's he was doing things to her vagina walls that Sam had never done to her, also he started her off again by only putting his cock in her far enough and move it back and forth just enough for the ring of its head to massage her G spot. She had never climaxed by G spot stimulation alone before and what Peter missed out in cubic inches he made up for in skill. She remembered then the old saying, "Size is not important, it's what you do with it." She concluded that it would be very dangerous for the average woman to be fucked by someone as skilled as Peter who had a cock the size of Sam's. The had a sound nights sleep and luckily for the four of them, Peter was forced up at around 6.00am like the Chinese cabbage, by shit, and woke them all to return to their correct rooms. The only trouble was that they were all that knackered and pussy whipped, that Sam and Jo ended up in Peter and Pam's room and vice versa by mistake, giving the kids something to think about when they returned to the units to shower and dress for the day. The powerful stench of the night's sexual activity did not go unnoticed by the un-virgin kids either. On Sunday, the six kids collected a picnic lunch for all of them from the kitchen slide and set off with their bathers, towels, sun glasses and sunscreen for the hour walk through the bush to the creek fed water hole as mentioned in a resort brochure as being deep enough to swim in. Brian had palled up with Helen; Mel with Riley and Deedee with Ralph and each pair walked together enjoying the company and chattering away like magpies. They reached the pond and the girls went off and changed behind some bushes with the boys sneaking peeks at them and the girls being aware of it but not letting on. The boys had worn their bathers under their shorts. Whilst Helen and Deedee had huge jugs, Mel's made up the smaller size by hers having a beautiful shape and long thick nipples. They all had shaved pussies due to their wearing skimpy bikinis and not wanting to show their wool. They had a swim first and then settled down to have sunscreen applied and to chat. The first subject was their parents game of "secret" which Mel had overheard mentioned this morning. She only heard the odd word here and there but assumed that it was their version of truth or dare. She was at least half correct. Rob and Joy Townsend managed the resort for the absent owners and they were accurately but unintentionally accurately named. Rob had been at the back of the queue when the cocks were being given out and had been robbed of a decent sized cock, and so Joy received very little joy from generally being unable to tell if his cock was inside her or not on the rare occasions they fucked. She had become wary of embarrassing him by asking him if he was in yet, so had given up asking, just guessing. Joy had an unbelievably high libido, and took sex where she could get it. Rob knew of her needs and turned a blind to it as long as she was discreet. She was as well, buying her vibrator batteries by the hundred. She had swung once, a few years ago when she was visiting her brother and his wife. He had taken her to his swingers group's monthly party and apart from straining his potatoes; she took on four more guys before the night was out. She

still juiced up when recollecting that nights activities. So in one fell swoop, she had committed incest, adultery and swinging, all most satisfactorily. The kids soon became bored with just soaking up the rays and Mel suggested that they have their own game of "secrets." Everyone agreed and made a pact to either be honest in divulging their deep dark secrets or squib out. Brian started off with his tale of deflowering his school's snotty nosed Co-captain who thought her shit didn't stink. He achieved this when on a date at the movies, he commenced a litany of praising every thing about her, her looks, her beauty, her figure, her brain, her IQ, her popularity, he lied on that one), and what sealed it for him was that he, a lowly ordinary boy knew that she was untouchable by ordinary humans and she was accepted almost as God reincarnate by her peers, (he lied again). This of course worked as she was completely up herself and when they reached his car in the theatre car park, she jumped him and whilst taking

her cherry, he kept on booming her up, telling her she had the tightest, smoothest, prettiest, hairiest, best smelling pussy he had ever known of. This paved the way for repeat performances whenever he wanted, it was almost as if she was hypnotized and any praise automatically switched her pussy into receive mode for him, while the whole school noticed her change in attitude when she, unknown to them had received a good fucking by him and him alone. It appeared to him that he was actually fucking some sense into her. Mel's secret was that she had had a Brazilian wax job and her mother, Jo, had arranged for her to go on the pill, as she had a gut feeling, rightly so as it eventually turned out, that Sam, her Dad was fucking her. Deedee calmed things down by describing how she had let her on and off boyfriend touch and suck on her bare orange sized boobs in the school gym storeroom a week ago. Ralph, at eighteen the oldest, told how he had last week fucked their gorgeous neighbor, May Van Tung, and he could assure them that Asian women's pussies were definitely not East-to-West as the old tales go. He said that it was wonderful but he worried about her accountant husband Tran, being a black belt karate instructor finding out that the boy with the big cock from next door was working part time on his wife. Poor Riley was not very happy. He was still a virgin and had a reasonably long dick but it is very thin. He told them how he had found a way to spy on his parents when they were at home fucking, by climbing onto the edge of the bath in the bathroom adjacent to their bedroom, and looking through the louvered grill. He did not need to tell them that it set him off jerkin' his gherkin. They had guessed by the end of his report. This left Helen, who was pissed off with her humungous boobs. She was the butt of jokes from boys and girls both at school, and had checked with her parents medical scheme to find out if breast reduction qualified for funding. It was not, only in cases where health problems were caused by the size of the breasts and she knew this was not so. Her actual secret was that she had bought a vibrator to take her mind off what she mistakenly considered made her unattractive to guys. They returned after having a snooze to help digest their lunch, had another swim and then returned to the resort, with each of the boys following their female pals and watching their delicious little bums gyrate as they moved. They were all six of them stirred by the revelations divulged in their "game." Evil plans were being mulled over by them all, not just the boys. While the kids had been gone for the day, a major foursome had developed spontaneously in Pam and Pete's room. There was more than enough room for simultaneous shagging on the super king size bed and they switched partners a couple of times for the sake of variety. Jo, at one stage became very vocal so much so that Joy, in passing the room, mistook her cry of rapture for a cry of pain, so without pausing to think, opened the door to find Sam hanging out of Pam his sister, and Pete inside Jo's cunt up to his aggots. This did not faze any of the five, and when Sam in a jocular manner said to Joy, "come in" she just said "where?" After a bit of reorganizing, they made room for her and while Pete took her from the rear, Sam fucked her mouth. Meanwhile Jo and Pam gave her boobs a major licking and sucking. Joy blatantly told them of her problem with Rob, and said "please can I borrow these cocks now and then whilst you are here." Two yes's were the immediate reply. Being normal parents, the two couples knew of the power of suggestion, so in an offhand manner, whenever they wanted the kids out of the units for the night, Pam asked the kids were they again sleeping in their sleeping bags in the far away bunk rooms again. Of course the agreed and thought that what the oldies don't know, won’t hurt them. Although none of the kids had been forthright in saying so, they felt that fate had matched up the three virgins with the three un-virgins and, really, who can argue with fate. They found one of the bunkrooms empty and locked the door and put a chair under the knob to prevent any unwanted intrusions, then joined two sleeping bags together for each couple, stripped off and without any embarrassment or wasted time did what comes naturally. Helen and Deedee, the girl virgins handled their deflowering OK and after the initial pain pricks, started to enjoy the joy pricks. Being the boy virgin, Riley agreed to Mel's suggestion that as he would definitely shoot his load within seconds of either being inside her or just approaching her pussy, his

first ever blowjob would pave the way for a successful, fulfilling first fuck. He had his first fuck and swore that it felt like someone was pulling a length of barbed wire through the length of his cock. This was because it was his one and only, until then, orgasm not as a result of Mrs. Palmer and the five daughters attentions. He also was shown, by watching the other boys laying on top of their sleeping bags with the girls, the secrets of cunnilingus and the effect it had on them. Of course, they were like little kids being let loose in a sweet shop and rushed things, with the boys shagging themselves out in less than an hour with the girls still wanting more. This deficit they helped alleviate by trying Helen's first, and the sister's trying another of their previously innumerable girls/girls loving sprees. In the morning, they switched for the first time and Riley could not get over the difference between Mel's cunt and Helen's. It was to be two more days, and a trip back to the pond for the final switch to complete the cycle took place, again

with Ralph being amazed at how things that looked so alike could feel so different. Deedee was different again. Tom and Audrey arrived unannounced on Wednesday and moved into their allocated single room unit. The kids were in the games room at the time and got a pleasant surprise when their grandparents had arrived. Tom actually was in perfect health, especially for his age, but what had him believing he was dying was that some months ago he had seen a TV program on heart trouble which advised that a pain in the left shoulder and arm quite often was the forerunner of a massive heart attack. He then tossed his towel in and no entreaty of Audrey's could get him to a doctor. He knew he was stuffed. What he didn't know was that he had osteoarthritis in his shoulder and upper arm the pain of which can be mollified by medication. But he was too frightened to go to a doctor and be told he was on death's door. He himself knew it but didn't want to be told it. This is why he had put their affairs in order and farmed out the money to their kids. Their kids were using this money to pay for this holiday. As luck happened, although they didn't know it was good luck at the time, he missed the top step on the dining room steps and landed heavily resulting with what they all thought was a broken wrist. Sam and Pete raced him to the nearest hospital, nearly an hour away for attention. He was seen by an intern who had the wrist x-rayed to find it was only a sprain and not broken, then the intern, being super efficient and trying to impress, gave him a thorough checkup including an ECG. Tom bitched all the time but could not put the young intern off from doing what he wanted. He reported to the three men that he found Tom to be in remarkably good health, especially his heart, which was performing like that of a much younger man. Tom stuck on a tantrum and told him he did not know shit, and demanded to be seen by a real doctor, that is, one over fifty years old. A consultant was called and verified the intern's report and asked Tom what made him think he was about to die from a heart attack. When told of the shoulder and arm pain, the consultant roared with laughter, further firing Tom up. He went to the drug cupboard and pulled out a hypodermic syringe and injected cortisone into Tom's shoulder joint. This caused momentary pain but after a few minutes, his alleged heart attack precursor pains disappeared. In between laughing, he told him "you've got osteoarthritis you silly old man, and you will probably outlive all of us in this room." Because of his self-diagnosis and what he believed about heart attacks, ever since his misdiagnosis, he had refrained from sex completely. This did not do much for Audrey's libido, whose fuck genes had probably been inherited by Sam and Pam, such was their libidos. Tom had also done a power of shagging until his "heart problem" manifested itself. He had even paddled in his daughter Pam's pool on several occasions as well as he and Audrey being active swingers for many years. The first thing he did on returning to the resort was to scruff Audrey and giving her a fucking that she will remember until she gets the ride in the pine box. That, he said, is what you get for not nagging me enough to go to a doctor months ago, and you'll get the same if you do anything like that again, with a huge smile which matched hers. After a joyous dinner, he got Sam, Jo, Pam and Pete together, and said, "let's party," winking at them all. Sam knew exactly what Tom meant and sent Jo to find Rob and Joy to join them. When Rob twigged what was on their minds, he invited the six to join them in their private quarters which had a huge entertainment room for when the resorts owners or families were present on one of their rare visits and needed entertaining. Lights were turned almost off, soft music was put on, suitable drinks for teetotalers and drinkers alike were handed around and incense candles were lit. Fate again took a hand and by absolutely no planning at all, Tom ended up on a couch with the voluptuous Joy whose cunt had been yesterday claimed by Sam and Pete to be the tightest on this planet, this we assume was because Rob could not stretch it and Joy's vibrators were only of the size of a normal cock. Joy hiccupped when Tom slowly entered her after titillating her mammoth jugs, nipples, and clit for a long time. It was the biggest she had ever seen, let alone had in her and she was transported to another world, before her filled her with the accumulation of several months cum. Rob tried his hardest to satisfy Pam but eventually found that the only way they could achieve anything

was for her to feliate him with what was basically an adjustable oral pussy, and it easily fitted all the way down her throat for him to discharge his wad directly into her esophagus. Pam said that she was thankful for small mercies, in fact even small cocks. Sam did a job on the anxious Audrey, she was anxious to get as much cock as she could to make up for the dry months that Tom's cock had caused her. She fucked like a teenager. It was happy times for Peter and Jo, for each knew exactly how to bring the other up to dizzying heights of passion. Their lovemaking bordered on the Tantric, and she alerted the others to what none of the others had tried as yet this trip, doggy and cowgirl. They soon followed suit with at times when positions were suitable, daisy chains were enjoyed and in the end, all nonkinky forms of sex play except man-on-man were seen happening somewhere in the room with varying numbers of people taking part. On Thursday night, Mel chipped a front tooth sending her into a frenzy. Joy was a long time friend

of the nearest dentist's wife and cajoled the wife into, in turn, cajoling her husband into seeing Mel next morning, whereas usually there was a wait of several weeks even for urgent dental care. At Joy's suggestion, she bribed her dentist husband with the promise of anal sex for a week, which was his fantasy but she wisely did not really want him to know that she was OK with anal, but preferred vaginal and oral and she used her feigned reluctance as a lever to pry what she wanted out of him. She had used promise of anal sex many times before successfully to achieve an end. As Sam moved his SUV before breakfast in the morning preparatory to going to the closest town with a dentist with Mel, he noticed a pool of brake fluid on the ground under the left front brake line. Brother-in-law Pete was a keen vintage car restorer and offered to take niece Mel in his vehicle and procure another break line to replace the chafed one. He always carried a basic array of tools with him, which would be sufficient for this repair. They set off in plenty of time for the three-hour trip and whilst Mel was being attended to, Uncle Pete went to the appropriate dealership to be told that they did not have that particular hose, but if they rang now, one would arrive from the National warehouse in the state capital early next morning by the overnight coach. He had no option but did not relish another three hours on the road today, to repeat it tomorrow. He rang Sam who quickly suggested that he take a room at a motel and stay the night, neither of them knowing that of the only two motels in the town there was only one room available, a room with one double bed only. As that was only the room available anyway he had no choice but to take it, with the little devil on his shoulder calling him a lucky dog and the little angel on his other shoulder telling him to behave. They had a nice dinner and returned to the motel and watched TV until about 11.00pm, then relying only on the illumination from the bathroom light to get into bed. Mel was a lovely young girl with a great personality to match her great body. She was fairly well back in the queue when the tits were handed out but they were nicely shaped and were in proportion to the rest of her. As they had not seen the need to bring other clothes, they decided without discussion to sleep in their undies although both slept nude at home, and certainly the lot of them slept nude in the units or bunkrooms at the resort. After a nervous quarter hour they both fell asleep, Mel waking a little while later to find her uncle spooning into her back and cupping one of her tits with a hand. In introspect, Pete honestly thought he was home in bed with Pam and he slept on, with Mel making nervous little movements unwittingly bedding his erecting cock between her butt cheeks. She, embarrassed, did not want to wake him as she correctly assumes that he did not realize it was not his wife he shared the bed with. As her nervous movements continued and increased, his well-sized penis continued growing and popped out of his boxers, reaching past her naval to her pussy. He started unconsciously complementing her moving and gently squeezed her breast stimulating her rock hard nipple. This brought on a small orgasm, her first ever orgasm initiated by breast stimulation. Pete then was awoken by a tickling feeling at his genitals and immediately realized his position, that of being nearly naked in a double bed with his only just of legal aged niece. They both arrived at the same conclusion simultaneously that they might as well be hung for sheep as lambs. Mel climbed over him and pulled the gusset of her panties aside and speared herself on his now uncovered dick. Whilst there are bigger and thicker cocks around, there are a lot of shorter and thinner cocks about too, and they found they fitted together like a hand in a glove, a warm, soft, pulsating wet velvet glove. Also, it was available immediately. They slept holding each other until their wakeup call, then showered together with Pete showing her how he and Pam have knee tremblers in the shower, before breakfasting and checking out. The hose had come in so without anything more ado, they hit the road. As soon as the others saw Pete and Mel, they knew they had fucked but nobody commented, including Mel's parents and Peter’s wife Pam. They correctly figured, you couldn’t be unfucked. That night, the kids intended to sleep (?) in the bunkhouse, but they could not find one empty. There had been an influx of Boy Scouts and Girl Guides take them over. The six then went to the games room fore a while and decided to

utilize the other rooms of their units in family grouping, that is Mel, Deedee and Brian in their parents unit and Ralph, Riley and Helen in the Smythe's unit. There was a lot of touchy feely happening in both cases and having the lounge room between their rooms and their parents rooms they knew that disturbing the old folk would be unlikely if they kept it under control. Things got a bit out of hand with Mel and Deedee giving Brian a hell of a time by molesting parts of him that sisters should not molest. To cut a long story short, Brian lay on his back with Mel fucking herself on his dick, while Deedee sat on his face and damn near drowned him. Later on they switched, all the time muffling ecstatic cries as best they could. Across the corridor, things also got out of hand and there to cut a long story short again, Helen lay on her back with Ralph fucking her and Riley fucking her mouth. Later they changed tactics, Riley lay on his back fucking up at Helen, with Ralph imbedded to the pelvis in her rectum with his balls knocking on her pussy and Riley's

cock. Early next morning the two lots of parents set off intending to drive to Tom and Audrey's home three quarters of an hour inland "to catch up," this meaning a days glorious sex without any risk of discovery. This was unknown to the kids until Brian and Ralph found notes in the respective bathrooms saying they would be gone until at least after dinner. When they had time to contemplate this occurrence, quiet mouse- like Helen invited them all to Pam and Peter's unit for them all to fuck on their super king sized bed, which was in fact as wide as one and a half ordinary kings. They were involved in some heavy sucking and licking preparatory to actual fucking, with Deedee and Riley the only ones having barely coupled at that stage, when the door knob turned, the door opened and Pam and Pete walked in followed in by Sam and Jo, then Tom and Audrey. The kids were flabbergasted, as their parents were always so reliable and never changed plans, once made. It came out later that the first bridge out was being repaired today and was impassable. It had been in advertised in yesterday’s paper, which the holiday people had not of course read. There was no other way out except a trip up and over a long winding mountain track. This was out of the question. The room was suddenly deprived of oxygen from breaths being sucked in. Faces turned white and silence reigned. Quick-witted Jo broke the ice, saying, and “aren't you going to invite us to join in?" The parents had suspected that there was something going on because they had been this age themselves once. Knowing that the three girls were all on the pill, ostensibly to regulate their periods, there were no pregnancy risks, and they were all clean healthy kids, none of the parents knew that trying to stop them doing what they obviously had been doing and most probably enjoying, they might as well try and stop a runaway bulldozer with bare hands as stop what the parents own genes had led the kids into doing. As the curtains had already been drawn, only the lights needed turning down for the fun to start. Mothers fucking sons and nephews, fathers fucking daughters and nieces, brothers-in law fucking sistersin-law, brothers fucking sisters and cousins, grandchildren fucking grandparents, and daughters fucking brothers and cousins in all combinations possible. To cap it all off, Rob and Joy walked in to find out why the parents were back so soon. They did not leave for quite a while. After this, things settled down and although there was still a lot of sex for the remainder of their holiday, in most cases it was one-on-one in various pairings. When their three weeks was up, there were many very emotional farewells with a booking made for them at the same resort for two weeks in twelve months time. They arrived back at their respective homes with each family carefully guarding their chosen lifestyle and becoming a closer extended family because of it. The kids’ studies made marked improvements in all cases and the constant bickering was a thing of the past. Ralph overwhelmed his neighbor May with adore and convinced her to get Tran to join their circle, which he did without hesitation and then Jo and Helen found that Asian men did not have tiny little yellow cocks. His was in fact, a long narrow cock, which behaved like a heat seeking missile. Pete and Jo made sure that no word of their swinging and incest got out and the others. May, Tran, Ralph, Riley and Helen realized that it would only take a hint to bring the world tumbling down around their ears. May had a girl friend, Sun who was very lonely, her husband having been killed in an industrial accident. Her husband, David was an Australian who worked for a major vehicle manufacturer and had been sent to Vietnam for six months to head up a feasibility study concerning the building of an engine plant there. He had employed Sun as his PA and they fell in love against her family’s wishes because he was a "round eye." When she told them she was marrying him and going to live in Australia with him. They married and the family disowned her and cut her off as if she had never existed. It was a terrible decision for her to make but now that he was dead, she felt that she would not be able to hold her head up high if she stayed in Vietnam. She moved to Australia and moved into David's nearly new house. She was very well off because of his personal insurance policy payout, but did not ever want to return to Vietnam as she really enjoyed the life style here and she lived in a very nice house and had a job which she could do at home via the Internet, and was slowly making friends outside the

local Vietnamese community. She stayed on in the lovely house that David had bought before his trip to Vietnam and it suited her perfectly and was incidentally, only 300 meters from May's home. Sun visited May and Tran's home often and occasionally met Peter, Jo and family there. The three Viets were welcome guests at BBQ's at the Smythe home and Jo started to notice that Ralph was paying Sun an lot of attention and virtually hogged her presence when he could. It was Ralph who was the one who always volunteered to walk her home safely at night from either May's or their home. Sun was kept in the dark about the swapping and incestual goings on between the neighbors and when things started heating up between the now 18 year old Ralph and the 25 year old beautiful Sun, he found himself on the horns of a dilemma. The pair had just commenced a sexual relationship with them both being ecstatic with their lovemaking and were worried about the others finding out the extent of the relationship. He discovered that

although her breasts were only the size of pullets eggs, with peanut (still in the shell) sized nipples they were so sensitive that although her breast size did not remotely warrant her wearing a bra, she had to, as the movement of any fabric on her nipples caused her to be highly aroused. She never wore a bra around the house! It came to a head when, one morning Jo was sorting the laundry into piles, she found that a pair of Ralph's jockey shorts had the odor of cum and pussy juice on the crutch. She knew that he had not shagged her or Helen, because Helen was just coming of the rag, and May had been away with Tran for a week, so it only left Sun. As a mother should, she had a private talk with Ralph about it and he instantly panicked and started to bluster. She let him bluster for a couple of minutes and said to him, you both are of legal age, you both are single, you both are lovely people, but the only potential problem may be the group situation we are in. Sun may or may not want to be involved with that and if she chooses not to be, it will be your decision whether you remain in the circle, but if you choose to leave the circle, no-one will hold it against you and you may rest assured that no-one will ever allow Sun to find out about our "arrangement." Ralph had just started work and with his good job, was really financially independent whilst he lived at home and did not have to pay for accommodation more than the nominal board he paid Jo. He started staying nights and some weekends at Sun's and after about six months moved in full time. The rest of the circle were very happy for their obvious devotion to each other and again resolved not to have Sun find out about their still ongoing life style. Because David died at work through an industrial accident, there was considerable litigation to finalize the payout on his death. His personal insurance had been finalized and paid to Sun in less than a month so she had no pressing money problems, indeed with the other payout she would be a wealthy woman. When her family found out about their son-in-laws death and the resulting money going to his only dependant, his wife, they pleaded with her to come home as "all was forgiven." Sun was a very polite gentle person but she changed that for a few moments and told them to "go fuck yourselves." The whole group, the Smythe’s, May, Tran and Sun agreed that for outsiders benefit, Ralph was boarding with Sun for company and security reasons. The two lovers were positive that they had each found their soul mates. When the subject of marriage arose, they felt it prudent to wait until twelve months had passed and David's death claim was finalized, so that any chance of a relationship having any bearing on the settlement was extinct. Her main reason for waiting however, was that although Sun was now the holder of an Australian passport and to all intents and purposes was an Australian, her Vietnamese heritage made her respect the age old Vietnamese tradition that a widow must wait until twelve moons had passed before taking another husband. Sun's finding out about the neighbors’ secret lifestyle happened Sun in an unbelievably simple way. One evening just before the Smythe’s were due to arrive for a nights "playing" at Tran and May's, she and Sun had been on the phone talking about nothing in particular when the doorbell rang. May excused herself to let the Smythe love machine in, but forgot about the phone being still open. It only took ten or so minutes of listening in for Sun to twig what was going on. Ralph was allegedly at TAFE that night doing a module of his Business Management course, and Sun found a microscopic niggled of a doubt exacerbating. This was that Ralph was not at college but at May's for the orgy. She walked the short distance to her friend's house and knowing the house layout sneaked through the garage side door through the kitchen to the logical place where such an orgy would be happening, the game room/den. She was astounded to peek in and see Tran balls deep in Jo with his long skinny cock in her asshole, Pete doggy fucking his daughter Helen and 15 years old Riley and May 69ing. But no Ralph. She then left and returned home to get in her car to check if Ralph's car was in the college car park, and it was. She was so ashamed at her doubts of his veracity, that on his coming home, she dragged him onto the living room couch removing the bare minimum of his clothes for her to mount him and spear her cunt with his immediately erect cock and then proceeded to drag all the syrup out of him possible. She never ever let on to him about her doubt that night, but dropped

into an evening mealtime conversation what she had seen that night. He thought the worst and guessed that she would demand that he sever all ties with his family, May and Tran. He could not have been any more wrong. She asked him to get a bottle of wine and two glasses from the kitchen and sit back and listen to her tale. Her immediate family including her older brother and sister, some members of the extended family and several friends had been involved with a pseudo cult for many years. Their claim to fame was that they worshipped Trinotet, the Vietnamese version of the Greek Goddess Aphrodite of love, and Tricotre the Vietnamese equivalent of the Greek God of wine, Bacchus. Of course there, they drank rice wine. The main feature of this cult was that free love was the norm, and at any of their gatherings no one could refuse to have sex with any other person of the opposite sex. When women members were on their period, or if any other person at all was sick, they were not to attend, so that if you were there, you were there to fuck.

As it became close to Sun turning eighteen and was told of the cult and the requirement that she take part after her birthday, she refused and after being threatened to conform, she had to resort to threatening to inform that authorities about the cult's idiosyncrasies. She impressed upon them with absolutely no chance of their misunderstanding her views that she was not becoming involved with the cult and its practices. From the day she first grasped the concept of sexual practice, (not practicing sex), she decided that she was not going to share her body with someone she did not love just because her family wanted her to, and if she had to wait a long time to find the person with whom to share their love and bodies, so be it whether it was a man or woman. It was eventually definitely a man, her David, not a woman. Although no minors were involved thereby they were not committing any offences, the resulting publicity would damage the reputations of some very well thought of persons holding influential positions in the area. This of course had two effects, they left Sun alone and stopped pressuring her to join them, and also she was sent to Coventry, with her family and the other members speaking to her only when they absolutely had to. This was, she found out later, a cause of their fury with her taking up with a "round eyes," and at the same time she discovered that they had not, in fact, given up on her joining their cult. Ralph mulled over her tale and felt disgusted with her family attempting to force her to do something she did not want to. The fact that his family members had been doing exactly what the cult members were doing, fucking non-spouses, it was their choice to do so and they actually wanted to do so. She had had a long think about what she had seen back in Vietnam with her family and cult, and what she saw at May's that night a week or two back, and could not remember seeing any signs of cruelty, brain washing or anything that seemed detrimental to any of the participants either physical or mental well being, except their moral well being. She told Ralph that she would like to be invited to join their group, as she loved him unreservedly and she knew in her heart that although they were all wonderful people who had taken her into their hearts and homes, she could join them for mutual enjoyment without the need to commit to anyone but her true love, him alone. She added that she realized what a sacrifice he had made in leaving the group for her. He then told here of the experience at the resort nearly a year ago and asked her to think of the big picture and decide whether she wanted to take that route or not. She asked if they could cross that bridge when they came to it. She was absorbed into the group and found real enjoyment in fucking and being fucked by the other men of the group and by the time the twelve months was up, and they married in a lovely, simple, tasteful ceremony, she considered she had found her nirvana. She also found that a bit of touchy feely with the women was informative and delightful but felt she could never go all the way with a woman. She loved having her tiny little tits sucked by anyone at all, and her idea of heaven was for Ralph to be fucking her doggy style whilst her little plums and peanuts were being molested by one of the women who were now in her life. A bonus, like on her birthdays and Christmas, was the above plus having her father-in-laws cock down her throat along with his cum. Chapter 35: Family Whores John is 40 years old, tall and well hung, a huge 10-inch cock swinging between his legs, an organ which needs a lot of care from his loving family. His wife Ann is 35, strongly built with big swaying tits, a soft round ass, well shaped legs that are shaven smooth, always wet pussy which needs cock buried in it nearly all the time to keep it satisfied. Their son Tim is 14, and really starting to grown into a horny young man, taking after his father of course, and luckily for him, also in cock size. Their eldest daughter Suzy is 13 and already a teaser, ever ready to show off her already big tits and firm teenage body to anybody interested. Their youngest daughter Linda is a cutie at 11, just starting to bulge out in the right places but, to her disappointment, no pubic hair yet. Family friend Joe is 60 and lives with them. In short, Joe is a nasty perverted old man with desires for very young pussy. Or ass for that matter. But enough about the family members. We join them at home on their little farm, which struggles to feed the whole family, a situation, which has forced them to make other arrangements to earn enough for a

living and in keeping with the family tradition; they combine the need with pleasure. The family's income problems made the family and the farm very popular in the neighborhood as the news spread that anyone could have his or her bizarre needs fulfilled there. In short, the family had many visitors and sometimes even did house calls to those who didn't want to travel to the farm. The customers came from all over and in all ages, but all of them wanted the same thing - lots of cocks and pussies, whether humans or animal. Enough rambling, let's get to the story! "Hi sweetie," John said as his pretty daughter entered the room. John was sitting on the sofa watching TV, and as she entered he looked at Suzy coming down the stairs in her short t-shirt. "You're up early today!" he observed. The young girl smiled, walked over to him and looked at the screen where

naked people were having a good time. "Oh goodie, it's the one where granddad had his friends over!" Suzy giggled and snuggled onto her father's lap. "This one is so good, they have such huge cocks!" Suzy said. Her hand slipped into her dad's morning gown and found his rigid cock, and she started caressing it. John's roving fingers found her hairless little pussy, still slippery after she'd fingered herself a few minutes ago while spying on her brother Tim. He had slipped into the master bedroom when he heard his father leave, and in no time had his mother's legs wide apart and was plunging his fat boy cock up her clean shaven cunt. John and Suzy sat for a while and played with one another while watching the action on the screen. Four old guys surrounded the dining table on which Suzy was naked and spread eagled. The perverts took turns sucking her hairless little girl cunt while she sucked their huge penises. Before too long the old pervs were tossing a coin to decide in which order they could mount her preteen body. "Oh God! I still remember how huge they were and how long they could hold back their delicious sperm," Suzy reminisced. "Yes, they went on for hours!" John laughed. "In the end you couldn't take it any more and daddy had to grab your arms and force his poor little girl to lay still although they almost split your poor pussy in two and you begged me to stop them. Oh fuck, Daddy is so sorry, sweetie!" John said shyly. "I don't believe you!" Suzy giggled. "All the time you kept telling them to fuck me harder and harder and you even had mummy helping them to have another hard on so they could have another round in me, and secondly I did a lot of pretending. I loved every minute and it made me even hornier having you holding my arms and urging them to rape me over and over.” "Oh, what a darling daughter you are", John laughed as he guided her tight quim onto his huge throbbing cock and pushed her down on it. "Oh my God, you're so big daddy!" Suzy gasped, and she thought to herself that it was just as well her pussy was well lubricated from watching her brother and mother, as she felt her father's huge bulging cock head plunge into her tight baby girl pussy, stretching it out in a very arousing way. Suzy loved the feeling of her father lifting her up and then pulling her down on his fat cock meat and as he fucked her she looked up at the television screen. The video had reached the point where her daddy grabbed her arms and urged the old guys to keep on fucking her, although she begged him to stop them. The scene made her remember it so well, and it felt very exciting to see herself wriggling around on the table pretending to try to pull away from their huge cocks which slammed up her poor baby girl cunt. She felt her father's fat cock swell another two inches inside her contracting cunt and combined with the screen showing her own granddad slamming her hard made her explode in a shivering orgasm. Seconds her father's cock erupted, shooting load after load of warm, sticky man cum up her immature little pussy. "Oh, my God," Suzy giggled as her father slowly slowed down the pace and his fat cock started to shrink a bit. "That was so wonderful, daddy! I love it when you're so eager to fuck your little girl. Promise me that the next time you're horny, you'll call your sweet little girl and have me help you out. What else is a horny daughter for?” Just then her mother came down the stairs with a very satisfied smile on her face. "Oh, I see that you two have had a nice time," she laughed and looked at the screen where the four old guys were untying her daughter and helping her to the bathroom to get their semen washed off her little body. "Oh, I remember that day too!" Ann giggled. "I had to suck those old guys so much to keep them hard and ready for my beautiful little baby slut after their first turns on you, darling," she mused. "Yes, and you did a good job!" John laughed and looked at his wife's thighs where thick white drools had begun run. "So you had a nice morning, babe?" he asked. "Oh yes, darling. He was so horny after spying a bit on you watching the movie and jerking yourself. He slammed his slut of a mother so good, but now I'm afraid he is a bit limp between his legs after having spurted his wonderful sperm twice in his mom's cunt and then her mouth. I'm not going to brush my teeth, he tasted so good!" Ann sighed. "Yea, but what about a little breakfast?" John pleaded. "One does get hungry after fucking one's little baby whore!" "Ok, and did your father do you properly?" she asked Suzy who lay with her slim thighs spread on the sofa and her father's thick white

sperm drooling from her wet, hairless pussy. "Oh yes, he was so good!" Suzy smiled. Ann prepared breakfast and John and Suzy went upstairs to take a shower together. Standing in the streaming hot water had John's cock rise again and Suzy being such a nice daughter sucked him and showed him what a skilled deep throater she was. He only barely kept control and only because he knew what the day would bring and wanted to save some of his sperm for later. Later in the day, the whole family sat round the table and had breakfast and John and Ann lay out the arrangements for the weekend. Around noon he had some of his co-workers coming round for a little gang fuck on Suzy. In the afternoon Ann had an appointment in the gym at the school where she worked as a cleaning lady with some of the boys. They had seen her taking on the head master and his two sons in his office and also wanted to use her wet fuck holes. She was thrilled because the boys had seen the head master tie her up on his desk and shove all kinds of stuff from

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John said goodbye to his mates as they zipped up and left. Ann untied Suzy and helped her to the bathroom. After watching the gangbang of their little sister, Tim sat in the sofa and let Linda take advantage of his throbbing boy's cock. "Ok you two, have fun but no shooting, son. Aunt Mary and her girlfriends will be angry with me if you're not full of jism tonight," John warned them. "Cool! Looking forward to some adult pussy," Tim giggled and one last time shoved his cock down Linda's tight throat before pulling her mouth away. "What about me?" Linda grumbled. "When am I going to have fun? I want to fuck too! Suzy has all the fun around here. I just have to watch and sometimes have Tim fucking me. I want real big cock from a grown man!" she said. "Alright, little lady, your time will come!" John laughed. "Actually I'm planning for uncle Dan to break in your tight little pussy tonight in return for him letting me break in your cousin Eve two years ago," he smiled at her. "Oh thank you, daddy!" Linda squealed and jumped up to hug him. "I have seen him fucking both mum and Suzy and his cock is so big. It will be so hard for my little pussy when he's mounting me, perhaps you have to hold me, daddy, please?" "Yes, if you like that little pumpkin," John laughed as he thought of forcing his youngest daughter's legs apart while her uncle thrust his fat cock up her sweet little girl pussy. That afternoon Ann went to the school for her appointment with the boys, and she finally allowed Linda, who had been begging and begging to come along, to join her as long as she stayed out of sight and just watched her mum being gang fucked. She went to the gym and found the door open as expected - she had already given one of them her keys. They went in and Linda hit in a room next to the gym and Ann went for the big gymnastic hall. She stopped in the door way and was a bit surprised as the room was dark except for spot light lamp which lighted up a bench in the middle of the room. Slowly she walked towards the bench with the feeling that the room was not at all empty but that eyes in the dark were following every move of her. She felt trembling arousal rising in her body. What an exciting surprise those naughty boys had come up with for her! When she reached the bench, she saw a big, black rubber cock laying on it. "Oh, that's what they wanted her to do, those sweet horny youngsters", she thought. Then she'd better give them the performance of their life. Ann slowly walked around the bench opening her long coat and slowly letting it slide to the floor her. She heard gasps and low whispering in the dark as her nearly naked body was exposed. Only a short, thin, black under gown and black self-supporting stockings and high-heeled shoes were between her naked body and their staring eyes. The whole set-up aroused her to a point where she had to control herself not to rip off her clothes and shout at them to come and fuck her right away. But she wanted to give them the show they obviously wanted and slowly let the gown drop to the floor. Again whispering in the dark by the sight of her big swaying tits. "Oh, they're so cute", she thought as she laid down on her back on the bench and started fondling her tits and caressing her pussy with her legs dropped on either side of the bench to make sure her cunt was exposed to their eyes. Ann felt her pussy contract in small spasms and began moving the huge head of the rubber dick up and down between her swollen and already dripping wet cunt lips. "Oh my God, am I horny", she thought to herself and couldn't wait any longer, but slowly shoved the fat dick up her itching pussy. She kept pushing the dick in until it was stuck deep in her and the head pushed the bottom of her pussy up her stomach. She was so horny and her mind was already filled with forecast pictures of the boys taking turns riding her body to heaven. She moved the huge rubber dick in and out of her cunt and didn't even notice the boys stepping up to the table later she thought she'd counted around ten boys from the age of 10 to 15. The boys stood still and watched her fucking herself with her eyes shut while they jerked their big, throbbing boys cocks. They didn't move until their leader could see that she was about to cum. He was the boy that had come to her in the cleaning room and told her to come to the gym if she didn't want him to tell the whole city what he'd seen in the head's office. Just as Ann was about to ejaculate on the rubber dick, he pulled it out and she opened her eyes to complain. "What are you doing", she cried and looked around and her face lit up in an excited smile. "Oh, you're so

many. Do you all want to put your sweet cocks into my little pussy?" she giggled. "Yes, whore!" he shouted, "and you won't get out before you've drenched all of our cocks!" "Don't you worry, dear", Ann giggled, "and I won't want to get out if theirs just one little shot in one of your wonderful dickies. I sure hope some of you will be able to mount me two or even better three times. My bastard husband hasn't fucked me all day and I'm bursting. Come on, you sweet boys, please start fucking my wet fuck hole and let me have at least two of your dickies to suck on while you do my cunny." The boys almost fought to come between her legs and to have her hands around their cocks. Ann moaned in pleasure as the first cock was shoved into her cunt and she grabbed other two cocks and pulled them to her wideopen mouth and started sucking them. But just after a few strokes the boy in her warm cunt lost control and moaned and groaned as his young hot sperm spurted into her. Ann didn't reach the heights she

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"I'm sure, sweetie", Ann laughed, "You really want to be a little baby slut whore, don't you?" "Oh yes, mum", Linda giggled, "I would be so proud if boys and grown men would call me that!" And at home Ann told John, Suzy and Tim what a clever baby sister and daughter they had, and Linda was very happy when they all hugged her and welcomed her in the family, and not least when her father promised her, that he would make sure she got what she wanted. In the evening the whole family drove to aunt Mary and uncle Dan. As they reached the house, they saw a strange car there and John laughed. "They seem to have other visitors." "Yes, wonderful", Ann said and spread her thighs and fingered her pussy, "I hope some of you men can do with some old pussy or have brought youngsters with big boy's cock along, I could sure need a lot of cock in my poor unattended pussy." "I know I have neglected you too much the last days", John laughed,

"but what about this afternoon, didn't the boys do the job properly." "They did all right", Ann whispered in his ear, "but I need more than their slim boy's cocks, and if Linda hadn't turned up, I think I could have had them fist me. I was so ready to have they thrust their hands up my pussy." "Oh, you're one ungrateful slut," John laughed, "you always want more cock and other things in your horny cunt." "Yes, and you love it when your dirty slut whore wife begs for more screwing, you naughty man," Ann whispered and squeezed his already hard cock which made a huge bulge in his pants. The children had already rushed out of the car as they stepped out and went to the front door where uncle Dan waited with Linda in his arms and her slim legs wrapped round his body. His hands roamed inside her thin knickers fondling her soft round buttocks and his cock formed a large bulge in his pants. "Hello", he said, "is it true what this sweet little baby is telling me?" "Yes", John laughed, "I want you, my dear brother, to be the first grown man to thrust his cock into her little pussy, just as you let me be the first with Eve." "Oh Christ", Dan giggled, "I'll do my very best to break her in the right way, and is it true, that you want to hold her lovely thighs wide spread for me?" "Dad, you promised", Linda giggled, "I'm a little afraid of uncle Dan's big cock, and I want you to be there and watch him when he sticks it into my pussy. Perhaps you'll also like to see for yourself how he fucks my little pussy." "Of course, dear," John laughed, "you know I want to be sure, you don't make any trouble for uncle Dan when he sticks that huge cock of his up your little pussy. It may hurt a bit at first and that's why I'll hold your legs so uncle can concentrate on fucking you. But let's go inside and say hello the rest. I see you have some visitors." "Yes, we have some friends over, I sure hope you don't mind", said Dan, "they're all familiar with incest and will of course respect what you want them to do and not do to your family. But of course they hope to have a go on Suzy and Linda and the women are also into boys so Tim will not be left out. They have also brought girls along for your pleasure." "What a party we can have", John laughed and walked into the living room where Dan introduced him and the rest of the family to the others. "This is John, my dear brother," Dan said, "and this is his wife, Ann, his daughters, Suzy and Linda, and his son, Tim. And this is my friend Bill, his wife Karen, his son Tom who is 14 years and his daughters. Judy is 13 and Marie is 11." They all shook hands and John took a more careful look at Judy and Marie. Judy also looked at him with a smile that told him a lot about what she was expecting for the evening and suddenly she stepped close to him and still holding his hand she pushed it against her pubic area and spread her legs. "You think you like my little pussy, sir?" she whispered and lifted her short skirt. John felt his fingers touch her naked skin as she wore no knickers, and his cock twisted in his trousers. "Please sir, feel me up, I love men to play with my little pussy," she sighed and rubbed his hand against her pussy lips which felt sweet and soft and already wet and swollen. John couldn't resist and slid his fingers forth and back between the sweet lips making the horny girl gasp. "Oh Dad", she giggled, "what a naughty man, I think he's going to finger your little girl". "Yea, and you're a dirty little slut whore", her father laughed, "come on, let the man come in before you make him angry". "Oh my God", she little slut whispered, pretending to be scared, "please Sir, don't be angry with me. Please don't' punish me for being such a dirty slut. You won't spank my poor little bum, will you?" "We'll see about that, girl", John said and enjoyed the glimpse in her eyes telling him what she really wanted. He pushed her away and walked to Mary, his sister in law, who sat on a sofa between her son Eric and their friend's son Tom, both 14 years old. She had her dress around her waist and the two boys were almost fighting to finger her pussy while she stroked their hard boy's cocks. "Hi John", she laughed, "they couldn't wait, so to keep them away from the girls, I gave in and let them have a little pussy while we waited for you. "That's ok with me", John laughed, "why don't you lay down on the table and let the boys have a round in you, that could calm them a bit. I think Tim also would like some fast pussy after the girls sucked him in the car. "More than happy to oblige", Mary giggled and went to the dining table and lay down on her back and spread her

thighs. The three teenage boys quickly agreed who would have the first fuck in her cunt and the rest of the families and friends gathered round the table watching the three boys taking one round each in her hungry cunt and spewing their hot cum into her. Ass they watched the girls went to please the men. Linda of course went to her uncle Dan, knelt down in front of him and opened his trousers. Suzy went to Bill and her cousin Eve went to John and did the same to them. "Oh, my God", Linda sighed and looked at the huge cock of her uncle's. "It's so big, uncle", she giggled, "are you really going to put that big cock up my little pussy". "Yes, I can assure you that you're going to be fucked by that cock tonight", he laughed, " and I'm going to fill your dirty little pussy with my baby sperm". "Oh no, you can't do that, I might get knocked up", Linda giggled. "Oh yea, what a nice thought", he laughed, "what do you say, dear brother". "Sound's horny to me", John laughed, "knocked up by the first grown man fucking her pussy". "Did you hear that, mum, Dad's so naughty, he wants uncle Dan to

knock me up" Linda giggled. "I heard him", Ann laughed, " and if your uncle doesn't do it, I think he'll do it himself, isn't that right, dear". "Yes, that's true", John laughed, "but now you dirty little slut girl just see to that your uncle is pleased with your skills while we watch aunt Mary get fucked by our fine boys. So Linda took uncle Dan's fat cock in her mouth and gave it a good suck while they watch the three boys gang fuck Mary. She wriggled around on the table urging them to fuck her dirty cunt as hard and deep as they could, and they all ended up spewing their hot boy's cum into her hungry pussy. "Thanks boys, that was wonderful", she laughed and rose after the three rounds of boy's cum which ran down her thighs while she walked to the bathroom. "Now me", Linda pleaded and climbed onto the table and lay down on her back spreading her slim thighs. "Take my cherry uncle, please", she giggled and wriggled her slim hips around to tease the man who more than willingly stepped between her thighs that her father and Bill grabbed and dragged even further apart. Dan stared at her little, bare slit and began sliding his huge cock head up and down pushing the tip in between them. "Oh uncle, please don't tease me", Linda giggled, "let me feel your wonderful, fat thing in me. And the horny man couldn't resist that and suddenly he thrust his fat cock into her, making her cry out in chock as her little girl's pussy was stretched more than she'd ever tried. Instinctively she tried to move away from the huge meat but was held fest by the two men. Dan hesitated a moment and didn't know if he should withdraw. "Come on, man", John urged him and felt his pre-cum drip from his swollen cock head, "go on, fuck that little teaser". And Dan kept on and plunged in and out of her, and after just a few strokes her cries changed into moans and groans. "Oh yes", she gasped, "it's so good, please go on, uncle". And he did and Linda climaxed twice before he suddenly threw back his head and grunted loud and they all knew that he was shooting his hot loads of man's cum into her little hungry pussy. It was too tight and his white sticky sperm started pouring out of her in squirts every time he plunged into her. Finally he withdrew and the sperm floated out and made a pool on the table. His daughter Eve stepped to the table and licked up the thick white sperm. "Don't want to waist your delicious sperm, Dad," she giggled. Then the evening went by. Uncle Dan's friend, Bill, had his horny pecker in both Suzy and Linda and loved their sweet little pussies clinching to his cock. He had them one after the other on the table and in the end after fucking Linda's tight pussy, he told them to keep their faces close to each other and he spewed his hot, sticky loads on both of them and watched them lick it off each other. John made Eve happy. She still remembered last year where her uncle broke her in and she gave him a ride sitting on his lap in the sofa facing him. "Oh, it's so good, uncle", she sighed and humped up and down on his thick cock he and grabbed her already well-endowed tits. "Yea", he grunted, "have you been a good girl since last year". "Yes, uncle", she giggled, "lots of men have used my little twat for their pleasure. Dad have many times bought me to strangers having them gang fuck me while he held me down or tied me to tables, arm chairs and even in the back of van which he drove to a parking lot". "Tell me about that", John grunted and slowed down to control himself. "You want to hear about the men who Dad found", Eve giggled. "Well, I was tied down to a mattress and when he spotted a single man, he just asked him to come to the van. As soon as they saw me naked, spread eagled on the mattress, they all stepped in, lowered their trousers and humped me like I was just another love doll". "Oh how awful", John laughed and almost came by the bare thought of his niece getting used over and over by the strangers. "Yes, awful nice", Eve giggled and humped him faster as she also remembered the situation. And soon they both creamed on each other and she hugged him like a loving daughter. "Thank you, uncle John", she giggled and lifted her sperm soaking pussy off his wet juice glistering cock. "You're welcome", he smiled, "I think, I might join your father when he's taking you for another gang bang". "Oh, that would be nice", Eve giggled and gave his cock a loving kiss. John looked around. Judy and Marie, the friend's girls, were playing with his son Tim and Dan's son Eric. The boys had the giggling girls placed on the dining table side by side and took turns in their wet pussies. His wife Ann and aunt Mary had

the visitors son Tom serving them and Dan and Bill sat in the sofa watching a video while Suzy and Judy knelt in front of them licking and sucking their hard cocks and Linda laid between them in the sofa with her legs spread enjoying their fingers play with her little girl pussy. John looked at the screen. Eve hadn't told him that. It was obviously a tape from the gangbang in the van she'd told him about. He sat down and Linda moved to him and cuddled up on his lap. She took his hand and placed it between her thighs and they both looked at the screen while she played with his semi erect cock and he caressed her pussy. In the back ground they heard groans and moans from the women, girls and boys fucking like rabbits and on the screen Eve laid spread angled on the mattress and strangers came in, stared at her, lowered their trousers and mounted her like she said just a love doll arranged for their pleasure. They fucked her like they only had minutes to cum. Eve's body soon had loads from many men covering her from

head to knees and thick white drops of semen dripped from her soaking pussy. John suddenly realized that he had taken Linda and had placed her on his rigid cock and beside him Dan and Bill had done the same with Suzy and Judy. The three girls rode them to heaven and once more the men grunted and thrust their cocks up the wet girls' pussies and spewed their hot cum into them. Slowly the party ended and they said good-bye to each other after a fine and exciting evening. The next day they were all but Linda a bit tired after an evening with a lot of sex. After her first rounds with grown men's big cocks her mind was filled with the urge of trying that wonderful thing again, but both John and Tim didn't react in spite of her trying to arouse them by walking naked around the house and sitting down playing with her little pussy in front of them. She was too young to realize that they were just teasing her and had great difficulties not pinning her to the floor and fuck her, but they had plans. John also told Ann about the plan and she found it so arousing that she begged him to leave Tim at home with her to prevent her from going mad waiting for him and Linda to return. At first Tim was complaining but the thought of having his mum and sister for himself made him accept. In the afternoon John told Linda to put on the special school uniform they had bought her some weeks ago. It had a very short dark blue skirt and a white see though blouse. Linda a once knew what that meant. "Oh Daddy, are we going out", she giggled and hugged him pressing her hips against his crotch where she felt his already semi hard cock. "Yes, darling", John laughed and gave her a slap in her little bum. "Oh Daddy, you want to smack your naughty little daughter" she giggled and bend over wriggling her little ass. "Perhaps, pumpkin", he laughed and pointed to the stairs, "go change, slut girl". "Yes Sir", she giggled and ran upstairs. Minutes later she came down walking real slow and trying to make her walk look sexy. And she succeeded, her father thought to himself feeling his cock raise and swell in his pants as he watched his baby daughter sway her slim hips and displaying a lot of her slim legs which looked even sexier with the little white socks and the semi high heeled shoes they had bought for her to wear with the naughty school uniform. "Do I look ok", she giggled and looked at her father's crotch. "No, you don't have to answer, Dad", I can see it's ok". "Marvelous", John whispered, "you're a real knock out, darling. Even if I tried, I'm not sure I could protect you out there. Any man with a cock will long to have you in his arms and to plunge his prick up your dirty little pussy". "Is it this you mean", Linda giggled and lifted the short skirt and stepped up to him, revealing the missing knickers and showing him her naked bare pussy slit. "Oh yes", John sighed and pulled her in between his parted legs and pressed his palm against her soft, warm pussy lips and slit his fingers forth and back making Linda shiver from pleasure and arousal. "Oh, Dad", Linda sighed, "Do you think the men will like my little pussy?" "Oh yes, darling" John laughed running his fingers over her already swollen and wet pussy lips, "they'll go nuts when they see your little baby fuck hole". "Oh Daddy", Linda giggled, "I hope they'll put their huge cocks up my little pussy. I hope my little pussy can handle those huge cocks. What if I get frightened and beg them not to put their cocks into me, will you hold me down and tell them not to listen to me". "Oh yes!", John laughed plunging two of his large fingers into her pussy. "I will hold you down and pull your legs apart and order them to go on and slam their cocks into my little girl's horny pussy". "Oh Daddy", Linda whispered and moved her slim hips forth and back to help him finger fuck her itching baby cunt, "you make your little baby so horny, when you say that you'll let them rape her like that". "I know", John laughed and pulled out his wet fingers, " and now we'll go find some horny men to fuck your little pussy" "Oh yes, Daddy", Linda giggled and headed for the front door lifting her little skirt to let him watch her naked little girl's bum. She didn't even lower the skirt in the front yard but had fun showing all the neighbors that she left the house with her little ass but naked. She opened the car door and sat down on the front seat and smiled at John as she made sure he had a fine view between her spread slim thighs to her little pussy. John jumped in and they drove off with Linda still sitting with the skirt around her hips and wide spread legs hoping that passers by might see it, as she giggled.

John had great difficulties concentrating on driving as the hot little girl did everything to make him watch her playing with herself. And she kept on telling him how much she wanted the men to take her and use her young body for their pleasure. And suddenly she leaned towards him and unzipped his pants and managed to free his throbbing cock. "Wow, Daddy!" she giggled, "you're so huge and hard, is that because you think about what they will do to your little baby daughter". "Yes, I'm afraid so", John gasped as she took his rigid cock in her mouth and sucked his bulging head. For about a minute he grabbed her hair and moved her mouth up and down his cock until he felt his pre cum beginning to leak from his cock head. "Wow, Daddy, you taste so good", Linda giggled and licked it off her lips, "how long is it, I'm getting hotter and hotter". "Just a minute, you little fuck slut" John laughed and turned down a very small road that ended at a small almost demolished farmhouse. They stopped and he told Linda to step out. She looked

around and saw nobody. "Dad, where are the men", she asked. "Don't you worry", he laughed, "they are around watching you". "Oh, how exciting", the little teaser giggled, "they can see me now?" "Oh yes", he laughed, "do you like that". "Oh yes, it's wonderful", she said and started walking around showing off in her little school uniform. For a child of her age she suddenly knew how to tease, lifting her skirt, turning around so they could see her naked pussy and little butt from all angles. Standing in the middle of the farmyard with her legs spread she fondled and caressed herself like a real hooker or porn star. Obviously she enjoyed being watched and to perform for the hidden audience her father said she had. "Oh daddy, my little pussy is so hot", Linda giggled, "do you think they like my little girl body". "Yes, I can assure you, they're jacking off their huge knots watching your hot little body" he laughed. "Oh how nice, Daddy", She whispered, "Do you think they're going to let me see them play with their huge things?" "Yes and if you don't stop now, I'm afraid, they'll come out in the open and rape your little slut body", John laughed. "Oh Daddy you scare me so much, when you say they might grab poor little me and just use me. Do you really want them to rape your poor little daughter", Linda giggled and pushed several fingers up her wet pussy. "Yes, that might be fun watching them hold you down and take turns raping your dirty little slut body", John said and felt his own cock twist and leak pre cum in his pants by the thought of Linda being the center of the horny men gang banging her little girl's pussy. "Oh please Daddy, don't let them do those horrible things to me", Linda whispered and tried to make her voice sound scared and not as excited as she felt while she kept on finger fucking her little soaked pussy. "Don't try to fool me, you horny little slut", he laughed, " I know that's exactly what you're dreaming about right now". "No Daddy, please stop them, please don't let them spread angel me on that table over there", Linda whispered, "I would die if they carried me to the table and forced my legs apart and kept sticking their huge cocks up my poor little pussy until they had all spewed all their hot, sticky sperm up my little womb". "Oh that's what you want them to do to you, you little slut whore", John grinned and waved as he wanted someone to come forward. And suddenly several grown men came out from their hidings around the farm yard and walked towards him and little Linda who looked around and felt her hart beat in her chest and her little pussy itch and contracting in small spasms. "Oh Daddy, they're so many", she whispered, "Do you really think my poor little pussy can handle so many huge cocks". "Oh yes, honey", John laughed, "you're so soaking wet, you little devil, your pussy won't have any difficulties taking them one after the other". Linda stood still and the men formed a circle around her and lowered their pants exposing their huge throbbing cocks they had been jacking off watching her showing off to them. One of them took the lead and grabbed her hair and forced her to her knees. "Come on, you little slut", he grunted and pressed his fat cock head against her mouth, "start sucking our cocks". And more than willingly Linda opened her mouth letting him thrust his fat prick into it, and he started mouth fucking her pushing her head forth and back. After a while he pushed her back. His wet cock slit out of her mouth and Linda gasped for air before the next man took over and thrust his large cock down her throat. This went on until she'd sucked them all. Then the leader grabbed her, lifted her up and carried her to the table. He laid her on her back and spread her slim girl's legs exposing her naked and swollen pussy. He looked at her obviously over heated pussy and let his hand slide over it between her parted thighs. "Yea, you're hot all right", he laughed and massaged her little, stiff clitoris between his fingers. Linda let out low moans and rotated her slim hips to encourage him to fondle her real hard. "Oh please, Sir", she moaned, "use my little girl's body for your pleasure, I'm so hot and I need your big, fat things in me Please hold me down and make me spread my legs for your friends. Please tell me what to do to be a nice little girl, I do want to be at your service". "You only want one thing, you dirty, little slut", he shouted and looked at one of the others pointing to her pussy, "you want me and all my friends to gang fuck your horny little slit, don't you?" "Oh yes, fuck me all you horny men", Linda gasped, "I want my father to see how you use his daughter's

little pussy over and over". Linda suddenly felt the man's huge cock head being forced between her swollen pussy lips and she cried out in chock, pain and lust as the stranger thrust forward and in one long, deep stroke buried his fat cock in her to the balls. "Oh no!!" she cried and twisted her whole body, but the leader only held her in position. "Please stop", she begged, "you're too big, I can't handle you, my poor pussy is burning up!" But the man kept on and slowly her voice changed and she moaned and groaned in pure sexual lust each time the man slammed his huge cock into her now more that willing pussy. "Do you really want him to stop", the leader laughed. "No please, fuck me hard", Linda moaned, and when he yelled out and started spurting his hot loads into her, she climaxed and her young, slim girl body contracted over and over. And when the man withdrew, his sticky sperm dripped from her little pussy. During the next hour Linda was gang fucked by all the strangers and John enjoyed watching his sweet little daughter

being the center of the men's lust. And he was so proud of her for not begging him to stop them, and when they began to slow down and getting limp cocks after their first or second round in her, she asked them if they would let her suck them. Some of them stepped forward and she swallowed there huge but soft sausages and gave them another hard-on, which at once was used for another turn in her unsatisfiable pussy. And not before all of the men had given up Linda asked her father to take her home. And she laid on the back seat and fell in a deep sleep exhausted from the first gangbang of her life but not the last, she promised herself with a happy smile. When John and Linda came home, he carried her to the bathroom and she had a long bath before staggering to bed for a good, long sleep. John of course had to tell the rest of his family about the gang bang of their daughter and kid sister, and they were all so aroused after his detailed description, that he took Suzy right there on the sofa and Ann mounted her son Tim beside them. They fucked like animals and John and Tim filled the soaking cunts with their hot sperm before going to bed. And in the morning it all started again, because Linda more than willingly told the story from her point of view, and the details about how the strangers had gang fucked her little pussy and used her little body as their fuck toilet made both men and women so aroused that Ann, Suzy and also Linda begged John and Tim to slam their cocks up their cock hungry pussies. So not surprisingly they were all late for work and school. Linda was the first to get home from school and already in the school bus she had a good time in the back seat where she had been the willing victim of two older boys who had seen her sitting with her hand under her short uniform skirt playing with her itching pussy remembering all the hot stuff she had been learning during the weekend. Linda ha thought to herself that no one could see what she did and was so concentrated playing with her little wet pussy that she didn't see the two boys watching her. Suddenly they stepped up to her and she saw the two huge bulges in their pants. They sat down on either side of her and without saying a word they opened their zippers and took her small hands and placed them on their big, warm cocks. And instinctively Linda started stroking them while she felt the boy's fingers slide up her naked thighs and at once finding her little pussy slit. Linda sighed as she felt their fingers probe her little pussy and her hands jacked their throbbing cocks up and down. They were both so horny after watching her playing with herself that moment later one of them grabbed her head and forced her mouth down to his pre cum leaking cock head. Linda opened her mouth and he shoved the huge knob into her throat and a second later she felt her mouth and throat being over floated with his hot, sticky boy's cum. Linda sunk as much as she could and when he had shot his last load, the other boy grabbed her hair and turned her face towards his cock, which seconds later shot, his loads down her throat. And as sudden as they came as sudden and without a word they left her grinning and laughing over their joke with the little pre-teen whore. But of course they also left Linda in a state of total arousal after having her mouth filled with their hot semen and being fingered by them. So as she stepped out of the bus in front of her home, she ran for the front door to go inside and play with herself. She didn't even see the two cars parked in the street, so she was totally swept off her feet as she went into the living room and saw the three old men sitting in front of the television without their pants on and jacking off their huge cocks. Linda stared at the three men and saw that Joe, a family friend, was one of them. He had a key to the house and he had obviously locked himself and two friends in and watched a video. Linda's eyes flicked between the three huge cocks and the screen, where she saw herself on the table at her uncle's, and the tape had reached to the point where she'd been begging him to fill her baby womb with his baby making sperm and knock her up. Linda blushed both from watching the video, looking at the men's huge cocks and her excitement from having the boys shoot their hot semen down her throat. "Oh hallo darling", she heard Joe, who was a man about 6o years, say, "you came home in the right moment, we all think you're a very attractive young lady, and from what we can see in this fine movie, you're also a very horny, little bitch, who likes grown men to fuck your little pussy, isn't that true. Come here, slut". He said it in a way that

made Linda walk to him. She stepped in front of him and he pulled her in between his parted legs. Linda looked down and felt her pussy contract in small spasms looking at his huge cock. "What's that", the old man shouted and pulled her face down, "isn't that dried in sperm on that little bitch's face". "It sure is", the other two laughed. "Tell us what you've been up to," Joe grinned. "Nothing", Linda whispered and cursed herself for not cleaning herself up before walking home. "Don't you lye to me, young lady", Joe yelled and yanked her hair, "who's been spurting their sperm in your mouth". "Just a couple of boys in the bus", Linda whispered and blushed. "So, you're sucking boys off in the bus", Joe laughed, "What else have you been up to today". Linda sighed. "Also the headmaster in school", she whispered. "Hell on earth", Joe laughed, "You tell me that you sucked off you headmaster and had him shoot his cum down your throat?" "Yes", Linda sighed and remembering the head's huge loads spurting into her

mouth made her so horny, she suddenly reached out and grabbed Joe's huge cock and started fisting it up and down. "Oh shit", he shouted and leaned back pushing her to her knees, which were easy, as she desperately wanted to feel his huge knob in her mouth. Linda leaned forward and his cock head disappeared between her lips and she started sucking him like a grown woman. "Oh, my God", he yelled and seconds later his cock contracted and Linda felt his hot sticky cum shooting into her mouth. Load after load of cum overflowed her little mouth and started running down his shaft covering her little hand. Not until she felt the cock getting limp she moved her mouth back and looked up. "Oh shit, Linda", Joe laughed and smiled, "that was so good, you're such a skilled cock sucker. Go on, suck off my buddies too and later you shall have your pleasure. I think you're horny for our big cocks aren't you". "Oh yes, Sir", Linda giggled, "my little pussy is so hot. Perhaps you want to rape me instead of having me suck your big cocks. When I came in and saw you playing with your big cocks, I feared you would drag me to the table and hold me down while you took turns raping my poor little pussy". "Yes, I'm sure, you were afraid of that, you little tease. I wonder if that's not just what you want us to do to you", Joe laughed, " and being such nice old grand fathers I think my friends here will do what they can to fulfill your perverse dreams, Come on!" And then he raised and dragged Linda to the dining table by her long hair, and trying to act like a decent little girl she struggled back and begged him not to, but inside her young depraved body the arousal made her shiver with excitement. "No, please stop", Linda cried out, "please let go of me, please don't spread angel me and stick your fat cocks into my poor little virgin pussy". "Virgin, my ass", Joe laughed, "we have just been watching your own uncle fuck your young brain out, and you just begged him for more of his huge cock in your little, wet whore pussy". And while Linda begged and wriggled around to get away, he lifted her onto the table, grabbed her arms and pulled them over her head. "Come on, guys", he laughed, "dinner is served” And the two men stepped up to the table and grabbed her legs and forced them apart pulling her so her little bum laid on the edge of the table and her little, hairless pussy was displayed for their hungry eyes. One of them grabbed his huge, throbbing cock and started sliding the head up and down between her soft, little pussy lips. "Oh no, please don't do it, Sir", Linda cried, "Please don't thrust that huge cock into my poor, little pussy. Please don't listen to him. Pleaseeeeeeee...” Her last word was cried out in a deep groan as she felt his cock thrust into her stretching out her hot, wet, little pussy. "Oh, my God", Linda moaned, "please fuck me hard. Please use my dirty, little whore pussy for your own pleasure, Sir” And the man did. He fucked her so deep, his huge balls slapped against her little ass cheeks every time he slammed his cock into her, and Linda loved every stroke in her burning hot pussy. "Oh, my God", she screamed only a minute later, "I'm cumming!". And her whole little slim body twisted and wriggled around on the table as her little pussy exploded and bathed his cock in her warm pussy juices. And her orgasm prolonged as she felt the man's warm sperm starting to pump into her filling her pussy so much it started squirting out of her when the man finally withdraw his slippery, wet cock. "Fear, my ass", Joe laughed, "You just get what you need most, grown men's huge, fat, throbbing cocks being slammed up your depraved, little pussy, don't you, slut" "Oh yes", Linda giggled, "I'm such a little tramp. But I've found out that a little teasing, begging, struggling back and subbing make you guys hornier so I get more of your wonderful cocks in my itching, little pussy. Please do it again, I'm so horny" And of course Linda got another round from the third guy and she loved his huge cock as much as the first, and after squirting his loads into her, Joe had another hard on after she'd sucked him a bit and told him that she needed his cock so much. He sat down in the sofa and Linda straddled him and rode him to heaven, and when he had to spurt his second round of hot, sticky, fat cum, she dismounted him and knelt between his legs and let him push her mouth down forcing the cock down her tight, little throat spurting load after load. And she swallowed it all like a real slut whore. Linda raised her head and with a satisfied smile she licked her lips clean, suddenly looking directly at her Daddy, who stood behind

the sofa stroking his fat hard on. "Hi there, sweetie", he smiled, "having a good time?" "Have you been around for long, Daddy", Linda giggled, "have you seen how these perverse rapists abused your little daughter" "Oh yes", John said, "and I've seen and heard my little angel urge them to go on and beg them to keep fucking her hot, little slut pussy. Now you're Daddy's little whore, and I think you've earned a little fee. Give that little tramp a couple of bucks, guys. You know, whores get paid for their duties". "Of course", Joe laughed and he and the other two handed Linda a few dollars, "why don't you let me take her out sometimes, I know a lot of old guys who will pay a lot to have that little slut whore take care of their big cocks". "Oh yes, please Daddy, that sounds great", Linda giggled, "I want to be you little whore for sale. Please let Joe take me to his friends so they can use my dirty, little whore body.”

Chapter 36: Friday Night With Trish Every Friday night since my parents got divorced, my father goes out with uncle Mark and some friends to play cards, watch movies, complain about girls, drink, and do who-knows-what else. When my sister and I were younger, Aunt Donna would come to our house and watch over us. As we got older, dad learned to trust us enough to let us do our own thing and be on our own. My sister is younger than I am so it's an unwritten rule that I'm responsible if anything goes wrong while dad's out. Things usually go pretty smooth. Trish and I get along just fine. She had some problems when mom and dad first got divorced, but she's really grown a lot in the last few years. She's two years younger than I am and still a senior in high school. She's a smart girl and has quite a few friends. I'd have to say that Trish's one big problem is that she has very little self-confidence. After the breakup of our parents marriage Trish was in therapy for a while, but it never really seemed to go anywhere so she eventually stopped going. She's a pretty girl, tall, thin, with a really cute baby face, but she thinks she's ugly. I've talked to her about it before, but she gets really embarrassed talking about it and she won't believe me when I tell her that she's beautiful. On a recent Friday night, dad left after instructing me that he might be home really late, if at all. There was a big heavyweight fight on pay-per-view and the guys had stocked up on alcohol and they were making a night of it. I told him that I would keep an eye on things and make sure that the house didn't burn down. Dad said he had talked to Trish and she had no plans for the evening. It seemed like it was going to be another boring night watching TV and playing Knock Out Kings on my Sony Playstation. After eating dinner and dessert I settled down in the living room on the floor. Trish was on the couch. She was watching the Food Network on cable. I tried to watch for a while but just couldn't understand the appeal. I asked her if we could change it to a movie or ESPN or something else. She was pretty set on watching some guy cook garlic butter chicken. I didn't argue with her any more, I just heckled the show as it went on. I knew that she would eventually get annoyed with me making fun of the program and she would probably let me change the channel. One of the great things about Trish's self-confidence problem is that it means I can usually get my way. She doesn't like to fight about things and she gives in quite easily. Eventually she grew tired of my running commentary and decided to go to her room. She has a television in her room and, even though it doesn't have cable, she watches tapes of Disney movies and Cindy Crawford specials from MTV and who knows what else. With Trish gone I was free to spin through the channels at warp speed, trying to find something worth watching. I checked out the news channels. The fight was going into the 10th round, dad was probably so drunk by now he'd never make it home tonight. I flipped over to HBO and found some old Pamela Anderson movie. That girl is so hot. She was painting something - I guess she was supposed to be some sort of artist. I kept it on the channel until the sex scene with her boyfriend was over. My god, the body on her. I was starting to get a little worked up. I kept spinning through channels looking for more cheap nudity. Between Showtime and HBO it's fairly easy to find a good cable-rated porn movie just about anytime of the day or night. After a little while longer of watching Shae Marks and Julie Strain dance around naked in some really bad cop movie, I started to get anxious. There's only so much one can take of cable rated porn. Basically, it's all tits and ass. And no closeups of the ass. I'm a young man. I want to see full frontal nudity, insertion, oral, anal, and everything else that I can imagine. I stared at the TV screen and thought for a while. Then it hit me. Dad had been divorced for several years; a lot of his friends were single males. He had to have some hardcore porn somewhere in the house. I quietly walked to dad's room. I knew that Trish was probably sound asleep by now, but I just didn't want to take the chance of waking her and then having to explain what I was doing. I closed the door to dad's room behind me. I started searching immediately. Under the mattress, under the bed, in his closet. Finally, in the back of his sock drawer, I hit pay dirt. Two blank looking videos. I made sure everything looked right in the room and carried the videos out to the living room. I set them down and then walked down the hall to the door of Trish's room. I

listened. Nothing. There was no light or sound coming from under the door. She was asleep. Perfect. I went back to the living room and put one of the tapes in the VCR. I lay back on the couch and hit play. Exactly what I'd expected, and wanted. Some blond girls were going at it right from the start. No plot to speak of, but I didn't care. A guy came in the room and, before long; he was banging away at one girl while the other sucked on his balls. The girls had big fake tits and made the craziest noises as they fucked and sucked each other. I was in heaven. I unzipped my jeans and started stroking my cock. I moved slowly, though, not wanting to rush something this great. I fast-forwarded the video through scene after scene of full penetration sex. One thing that I have always been curious about is anal sex. I've fooled around with girls, and even gotten head from a couple, but the idea of anal sex is something that just floors me. It seems so forbidden, so tight. I

kept zooming through the video hoping for a close-up of some guy fucking a girl in the ass. I saw lots of good doggy style fucking, but no actual anal penetration. I kept rubbing myself and watching until the video suddenly stopped. Shit. I stood up, went to the machine and hit eject. Just as I suspected, my dad had dubbed the tape from someone else and he hadn't gotten the whole movie. I grabbed the other tape, hoping that the rest of the movie was on tape #2. I popped it in and walked back to the couch. I hit play on the remote and put my hands back down my pants. The first image that came up was so dark I couldn't make it out. What the hell happened? Did dad get a bad tape? Did someone do a bad copying job? I hit fast forward, hoping for more action. The image lightened up a little as if someone had opened the aperture on the camera some more. I slowed the video down and tried to figure out what was going on. It appeared to be a girl in the shower rubbing herself down. The quality was still pretty crappy but at least I could see her ass and occasionally her tits as she turned back and forth. I waited for a guy to show up, but it just kept zooming in and out on her as she showered. It looked real; she wasn't posing or touching herself. I was starting to fear that I was watching cable again. Then the camera zoomed in on her face. I was stunned. I took a deep breath. The girl in the picture was Trish. My head spun. I looked closely, it was our shower. It was my sister taking a shower. Someone had put a camera above the shower and videotaped my little sister taking a shower. Oh my god. I wasn't sure what to do. I looked around to make sure no one was watching. I was kind of scared that dad would come home or Trish would catch me. But I also wanted to see more. I looked at the TV. I couldn't believe that the hot girl I was rubbing my dick to was my sister. Shit. As I kept watching, she eventually got out of the shower and the picture turned to static. Then it quickly flashed back on. This time is was Trish in her room. She was changing into her workout wear to go to the gym. Jesus, she was wearing a pair of thong underwear. I was mesmerized. The picture stopped again. Then it was Trish in her bed. The light on her bedside table was on. She was naked, lying on top of the covers. I couldn't believe my eyes. My little sister was rubbing between her legs. The camera must have been somewhere up by her television because it looked like she was staring at the camera while masturbating. She must have been watching a video. She eventually reached into her dresser and pulled out a vibrator and started moving it in and out of her hole. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My own little sister fucking herself with a dildo, and my father had taped it. Without even thinking about it I had been rubbing away at my cock the whole time I was watching Trish on the TV. I suddenly realized how close to coming I was and I slowed down. I fastforwarded as she moved the dildo in and out. Eventually she rolled over on her stomach and reached around her back and started rubbing it in and out from behind, as if a man were fucking her doggy style. Even with the low light, I could see every detail of her pussy opened up wide. I blinked as she pulled the toy out of herself and began to rub it back and forth along the crack of her ass. She put the end against her asshole and rocked it. She tried to push it in but she kept grimacing as if it were too big. Eventually she went back to rocking the end back and forth on her asshole. She then rolled back over and went on for a little longer before finishing up with a body shaking, toe curling orgasm. I was still in shock as the tape went to black. I lay there with my hand still in my pants, stroking my rock hard cock. Up and down the shaft my hand slid slowly. I had never been so horny in all of my life. I needed to get off so bad. I didn't know what to do. I was sure that a quick masturbation right now wasn't going to be enough. I came up with an idea. It was dangerous, but I decided it would be worth it. I wanted to masturbate while looking at Trish sleeping. I left my pants unbuttoned as I walked quietly toward her room. I listened again at the door, silence. I opened the door, went inside, and closed the door behind me. I waited for a second for my eyes to adjust. There was quite a bit of light coming into the room from the window facing the street. I looked up toward the television. I saw no sign of the camera that had recorded her performance. I looked over at the bed. She was sleeping on her side under the covers. Her sheets and pillows were all so girlie pretty with flowers and bright

colors. I walked over to her bed and stood next to it, above her. I pulled out my dick and started rubbing it while I looked down at her hair, spread messily across her pillow. Her skin looked soft and smooth. I held myself over her bed as I kept rubbing. I wanted more. I reached down with my left hand and carefully pulled the covers back from her neck. Then I pulled them further down to where I could see her breasts. I almost came right there. Trish has such nice full tits. I guessed that they were C-cups, young, firm, hard teen C-cups, and I couldn't keep my eyes off of them. I stopped stroking my cock so that I wouldn't come right then. I wanted to see the rest. Trish was still sound asleep. I pulled at her covers again. This time I pulled them all the way down to the foot of the bed. She was sleeping totally nude. Trish was laying in the fetal position facing away from me. With her covers gone I could look right down at her ass. She was so hot. She had faint tan lines from last summer's bikini. I was harder and hornier than I had ever been in my life. I

didn't know what to do. I grabbed my cock and started rubbing it again. I couldn't believe how close it was, as I stroked away at it, to Trish's ass. I was right above her. I knelt down a little and moved my dick around in the air near her ass. I knew I needed to stop right now. I knew I should leave the room; get out while I still could. I touched the sensitive head of my dick against her ass cheek. Oh my god, oh my god. I shook. Trish didn't move. I moved the head of my dick around in little circles against her ass. I was so scared she was going to wake up. I couldn't stop myself. I bent down and put my face right near her ass. I looked carefully at her pussy from behind and at her anus. It was a tiny little wrinkled hole. It looked so amazingly tight and tiny. My dick was a good 7" long and fairly thick, probably even bigger tonight. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, knowing I had lost control. I licked the palm of my hand and rubbed it against the tip of my cock. Then I climbed into my little sister's bed. I got on the edge of the bed as carefully as I could. I didn't want to wake Trish up, but I knew it wouldn't matter if I did. I laid down next to her and waited. She didn't wake up. I scooted as close to her as I could. I took the tip of my cock and rested it against the opening to her ass. I held it there as it twitched. All at once I reached one arm under Trish and grabbed her and put my other hand over her mouth. Her eyes snapped open. I thrust forward as hard as I could. My cock slid quickly into her ass as she began to struggle. Trish had no idea what was going on. I wrapped my legs around hers as I held myself inside of her. I had her easily overpowered as she tried to fight back. I didn't move. I held her tightly against me with my cock buried deep in her ass. I could feel her anus twitching around my shaft. She kept bucking, slowly moving herself back and forth on my cock and she tried to get away. I lay still, unsure of my next move. I couldn't believe how strong she was, but all of her fighting only served to excite me more and to cause my adrenaline to flow. I wanted her to know what was happening. Something sick inside of me was excited by the fact that this was my little sister and I her big brother. I spoke. "Trish, it's me, don't worry. I won't hurt you if you're good." She seemed stunned. I took my hand off her mouth and she was crying. She didn't scream, she just kept sobbing. She begged me to let her go but I told her I couldn't. I told her that I knew she wanted to try anal sex and so did I. I hoped she would understand and play along. She didn't. She began to struggle more, trying to get away. Then she turned her head and bit into the hand that I'd been covering her mouth with. I was in pain. I was so excited and so angry. Now I was justified. I grabbed Trish by the throat with one hand and held her. With my other hand, which was still wrapped around her from underneath, I started pawing at her titties. I started squeezing them hard and pinching the nipples. I pulled my cock all the way out of her ass, and then rammed it back in, slamming my body up against hers. As I began pounding my cock into my sister's ass, I could hear my balls slapping against her pussy. I let go of her neck and reached my hand down to her pussy. I started fingering her feverishly. First one finger, then two, then, as she cried out, my whole hand was inside of her. I could feel my cock in her ass with my hand in her pussy. I put my mouth on the back of her neck and sucked on it as I assaulted her from every angle. One hand continued to grope her hard tits, while the other moved in and out of her wet hole and on the other end I blasted away at her super-tight ass. I knew I couldn't keep this up for too long. I pulled my hand out of her pussy and moved it up to her mouth. I didn't even care if she tried to bite me again as I shoved my finger, wet with her own juices, down her throat. Trish started gagging as I pushed my whole wet hand into her mouth. I knew I was getting really close so I took both of my arms and wrapped them around her small waist. I held on to her as tight as I could and started slamming my cock into her with every bit of strength I had left in my body. I got deeper into her than I ever thought possible. Trish was coughing and crying as I fucked away at her like a mad man. Every time I rammed into her it knocked the air right out of her lungs. I was going at her like a big male Great Dane fucking away at a small female Poodle. I knew that I was about to explode. I banged myself against her rag doll body one last time and then held myself deep inside of my little sister. I

rolled my eyes and shook violently. My hot come just kept pumping into her ass, it seemed like gallons. I groaned loudly and it was over. We both lay there for a while with my softening cock still buried in Trish's ass. She was sobbing. I spoke first. I told her about the video. I told her that I would tell the police about the video if she told anyone what had just happened. If the police knew that dad had a video of her, they would take her away and put her in a home and put dad in jail. She was stunned. Then I apologized. Her self-confidence issues came to my rescue as she promised she wouldn't tell anyone as long as I promised it would never happen again. I promised. I pulled my shrunken cock out of Trish's ass and gave her a big hug. Before leaving the room, I tucked my little sister in and gave her a kiss on the forehead. I told her it was all just a bad dream and left. I headed for the living room to return dad's videos and then went to bed because I was tired.

Chapter 37: Doctor Daddy I woke up with a really bad tummy ache. I looked over at my clock and noticed that I had only been asleep for about an hour. I knew my daddy would still be up working in his office. He usually does his paperwork after I go to bed. My father is a doctor; one of those woman doctors and he has his office in our house. He has the whole exam room set up just off the entrance to the house. He usually ran his office hours during the day and did his paperwork at night. He likes to run his woman's clinic from our house because it allows him to be home for me. It has been just daddy and me since mom left us a few years ago. I got up from my bed and shuffled downstairs to daddy's office. Just like I suspected my father was working at his desk. He was so intent on his work he didn't hear me enter the office. "Daddy?" He looked up from his work with a look of concern on his face. He took in the fact that I was standing in front of his desk in my little nightie. I was also holding on to my stomach. "What is it baby? I thought you had gone to bed." "I did daddy, but I just woke up and my tummy really hurts." He rose from his desk chair and came towards me. He put his hand on my forehead. "You don't feel like you have a temp. But to be sure let's go into the exam room and I'll have a look at you. Okay?" "Okay, daddy." He put his hand on my shoulder and guided me in to the exam room. It was set up like any woman doctor's office; it had an exam table complete with stirrups. There was a counter with a sink and drawers with all of his supplies. Daddy guided me over to the exam table and helped me up on to it. Then he went to the sink and washed his hands. "Okay baby, let's have a look at you." He started out with taking my pulse and then he took up his stethoscope. He listened to my heart and lungs. He made take real deep breaths, which pushed my chest out. My budding little boobies brushed over his arm as he listened to me. Then he asked me to lay down so he could probe my tummy. After I had laid down, my father used his fingers to find out where it hurt. When he touched my left side it hurt a lot. "Okay baby, I have an idea what might be wrong. But I need to examine you a little bit more to be sure. The first thing I really need to do is take your temperature to be sure you're not running a fever." "Okay daddy." I watched as daddy went over to his counter and put on a pair of surgical gloves. Then he took an old fashioned thermometer out of a jar and he grabbed a jar of Vaseline. He came back over to the exam table. "Okay baby, I need you to roll over on your side facing away from me." "Why daddy? Why can't you use the electronic thermometer?" "Because baby, this one, although old fashioned, is still more accurate. It may be a little uncomfortable but I'll get a better reading." With one last pouty look at him I rolled over onto my side. I felt my father reach under my nightie and start to lower my panties. I lifted up a little to help him. When my panties were just below my butt cheeks he stopped. I felt his gloved fingers on the cheeks of my butt separating them. I felt the cool air of the exam room on my exposed rosebud. Then I felt the cold wet feel of daddy's finger at my back opening. He spread Vaseline all over my hole. "Now baby I want you to take a deep breath and let it out and relax with it." I did what he said and took a deep breath. As I was exhaling I felt him slide the thermometer inside of me. It didn't really hurt although it was uncomfortable to have it in there. "Okay baby, this will just take a few minutes." Daddy reached over me and rubbed my belly while holding the thermometer inside of me. I felt it move slowly inside and out just a little bit. After a little bit, it started to feel pretty good back there. Then I felt him slowly slide the thermometer out of me. "It looks like you're not running a fever baby." "That's good daddy, but my tummy still hurts." "I know baby. I think I know what to do for you. You need to stay on your side and daddy will get you all fixed up." "Okay Daddy." He then moved back over to his counter. I looked over my shoulder to watch what he was doing. He opened one of the cabinets and took out a red rubber bag. I knew then what he had planned. "No daddy; not an enema. Please not that." "I'm sorry baby, but I think your tummy ache is because you have gotten a bit backed up. This will fix it and you'll feel a lot better. I promise." My father ran the water in the sink and filled the enema bag up. He came back over to the table and hung it from a stand there. I watched him lube up the tube. "Now baby, I need you to take another deep

breath for me and to let it out slowly." I did as he asked and let my breath out slowly. As I did I felt daddy insert the tube in my little opening. He slowly let the clamp off and I felt the warm water rush in to me. As the water was running in to me daddy was rubbing my tummy again. I felt his hand rub all over my tummy to just below my little titties to right where my thighs joined. "Daddy, it's making me cramp up. It hurts!" "I know, baby. Just a little bit more. Then you can go to the bathroom." He then moved his fingers to right above my slit and started rubbing me there. It felt really good and gave me tingles. It almost took my mind off the tummy cramps. "You have all the water in you now baby. I'm going to remove the tube, but you have to hold the water just a little bit longer." "Okay daddy, but I feel like I really have to go." "I know baby, but just a little longer. I want to make sure this works." I felt him slowly slide the tube from my bottom. I clamped down real tight with

my muscles to keep the water from coming out. Daddy kept his hand rubbing my little spot between my legs. The tingles were getting bigger. I couldn't keep a moan from escaping. It's hard to describe how full I felt. The water inside of me swished ever time I moved even a little. Add to that the feeling of the fingers rubbing between my legs. I could feel my pussy getting wetter the longer my father kept rubbing. "Does that feel good baby? Is it helping with the cramps?" "Yes daddy, it feels really good. It makes me all tingly down there." Slowly he removed his finger and told me it was time to expel the liquid. He helped me off the table and then over to the little washroom. "I'll let you expel and then clean up. I'll wait in the exam room for you honey." "Okay daddy." He the left the washroom and closed the door. I quickly expelled the liquid and cleaned up. Daddy was right, it did help; my tummy ache had gone away. I opened the door and stepped back into the exam room. “Is that any better baby?" "Yes daddy, you were right. My tummy feels better now." "Okay, but I feel I need to check you out some more just to be sure that was the cause of all you problems. Back up on table baby." "Okay daddy." My father helped me back up on the table. This time he had my lay on my back and scoot to the end. He removed my panties all the way off. The he set up the stirrups and gently lifted my legs into them. "Daddy what are you doing?" "Daddy needs to look inside of you and make sure the problem isn't with your female parts." "But daddy, my tummy feels better." "I know baby, but I have to make sure." I was really embarrassed. The way that he had the stirrups positioned, I was wide open. Daddy moved the light over so it shone right over my little pussy. He moved a tray with his instruments over to me. Then he moved a little stool in between my thighs. He sat down and his face was right in front of my little pussy. I turned my head to the side in embarrassment. The next thing I felt was my father's thumbs right at the top of my pussy. They rubbed over my little button there. I wiggled a little because it started the tingles again and I could feel myself getting wet down there. "Try to hold still baby. I'll try not to hurt you; okay?" "Okay daddy, but that tingles again." "I know it does baby, but that is okay and very normal." Then I felt his thumbs slowly slide over my lips and slowly pull them apart. Now daddy could see right up inside of me. He removed one hand and picked up a tool that looked like a metal alligator. "This might feel a little uncomfortable, but it will open you up so daddy can see inside. I'll be as gentle as I can baby." "Do you have to, daddy?" "Yes baby; in order to make sure everything is ok." I felt my father's finger and thumb on his left hand open me up and then his right hand started to insert the alligator. It was cold at first going in and I flinched. "Hold still baby." "But daddy it's cold." "It'll warm up in a minute." He slowly moved the instrument into me. I felt goose bumps all over my skin. But he was right; my body did warm it up after a bit. Once it was in place daddy started to turn something that opened me up even more. It was uncomfortable; not really hurting, but kind of a full feeling. "Ohhh daddy, that's so wide." "Does it hurt baby?" "Not... not really just kind of full." Then he took a swab and put it inside of me and wiggled it around a bit. But while he did that his left thumb went back to rubbing on my little button. I was really getting tingly and I felt more of my fluids seeping out of me. I watched as daddy head bent over my pussy. Next things I felt, well it felt like daddy's tongue on my button. But that couldn't be right. He wouldn't put his tongue there, would he? All I know is the feelings were great. The pressure inside of me kept building. Now I had goose bumps, but for a different reason other than the cold. My little nipples were as hard as little pebbles. Then I heard what sounded like a zipper being undone. Why would I hear that? "Daddy?" My father raised his head from between my legs and I swear his chin was wet. "Yes baby?" "W-what are you doing?" "Just checking you out baby. Everything seems to be just fine, but daddy has one more probe to do okay?" “Okay Daddy, but will it hurt?" "It shouldn't, although this probe will feel very warm inside of you, but it should feel good also." Then I felt him remove the alligator thingy from me. He laid a sheet over my thighs, like a tent. I couldn't see anything past my knees. Then he stood up between my thighs. "Okay baby I'm going to slowly slide the probe in to you. I need you to

tell me if it hurts." "Okay daddy." I felt his thumb on my button again and he was rubbing it. Then I felt this very warm and soft, but hard probe start to enter me. It didn't really hurt more like a really full feeling. My father slid the probe in and out of me. Oh god, this felt good. The probe moved fast in and out of me. I felt the pressure beginning to build again inside of me. I noticed that his breathing was getting faster, like he was running. (But then, so was mine!) "Okay baby daddy is going to work the probe in and out so I can get the right readings." "Mmmmmm okay daddy, but the tingles are getting really big down there." "That's okay baby just go with the tingles and you should feel really good." The probe moved in and out of me and daddy kept rubbing on my little button. The feelings inside of me were growing and growing and it felt like I was going to explode. The probe moved faster and deeper inside of me. I was scared, the feelings were so strong. “Daddddyyyyyy," she screamed. "It's okay baby just let it happen. Go with the

feeling. That's a good girl. Let go for daddy," daddy said. All of a sudden I did burst. There were colors behind my closed eyelids and my body started to shake all over. "Yes baby, that's it cum for daddy. Cum on daddy's probe, that's a girl, such a good girl. Come on baby, cum for daddy." The probe moved faster and faster inside of me and then daddy shoved it in deep and held it there. I felt it wiggle and this warm liquid inside of me. Daddy was making this weird grunting noise. "Oh yeah baby, that's sooo good!" I felt the probe slowly leave me. Then daddy sat back down on his stool. "Baby, daddy is going to clean you up some and then I think you can go back to bed. It looks like everything here is okay. But I may need to check you over again in the next day or two." "Okay, Daddy." Then I went back to my room and went to sleep very happy. Chapter 38: The Break In “This was just too easy,” thought Vic Tabor, as he carefully opened the unlocked window on the first floor of the secluded farmhouse. Climbing silently into the dark room, he snapped on a small but powerful flashlight and surveyed the surroundings, and pulled out an old pillowcase from inside his coat. Moving quickly to the buffet, he found a drawer full of expensive antique silver ware, which he quickly looted of its booty. Over the desk, a billfold was emptied of all credit cards and two hundred dollars in cash. “Not bad for five minutes work,” he said half out loud, while getting ready to leave by the same way he had entered. The sudden flash of a light being turned on and the sound of a man’s voice interrupted all at once Vic! “Who’s there,” the man yelled? Frozen for a second, Vic looked over his shoulder to see a man of about forty-five standing in the far doorway. “Hey,” shouted the man, “What are you doing in here?” Now turning to face him, Vic reached into his pocket and produced a snub nosed 38. “Hold it right their pal,” he said with a snarl, “don’t move and nobody gets hurt!!” Coming up behind the man, Vic could see the outline of a woman who asked, “What’s going on Howard,” while peaking over his shoulder? “Get over here lady,” Vic ordered the woman, “both of you,” he said, “and get those hands up!” Faye and Howard Wells both slowly lifted their arms and walked over to the middle of the now brightly lit dining room. “What are you going to do with us,” asked and obviously shaken Howard Wells? Ignoring his question, Vic asked, “Anybody else in the house?” “No,” answered Faye a little to quickly! Vic looked the two of them over for a minute, trying to decide what to do with them when Faye pleaded, “Just go, we won’t say anything!!!” “Yeah sure, lady,” replied a more than skeptical Vic! How could he make sure that they never would finger him that was the problem! Just then another voice echoed through the room, “Mom, what’s going on?” Standing in the doorway was a girl about eighteen years old. Looking over at Faye, he smiled, and turned back to the girl and said, “Come on in and join the party!” Chelsea Wells, now grasping the situation at hand, joined her parents in the middle of the dining room. “Any more surprises,” question Vic? “No, she’s our only daughter, please leave her alone,” cried out Faye, as she held her daughter tight! Looking the three of them over, Vic smiled, because he had come up with a plan! “Got a camera,” Vic asked? “A 35mm and a video camera, why,” asked Howard Wells? “Get me the video camera,” he told Faye, “right now, and no tricks!” Faye practically ran into the family room, returning with the camera and battery pack. Taking the camera from her, Vic turned it on and hit the rewind button. While he was waiting for the tape to rewind, he pointed the .38 at them and said, “Everybody strip, all your clothes, off, now!!!” All three Wells’ looked at each other and then slowly removed their pajamas. “W-w-why do you want us to take off our clothes,” asked Faye fearing the worst? “Just do it,” snapped Vic! When all three were naked, Vic took his time in checking out their bodies. Faye, even though she was in her forties, had kept herself in good shape, with dark brown hair, fat tits, plump butt, and nice, if not slender legs, along with a pretty face, which made for a very attractive woman indeed! Howard, being a farmer, had one of those dumb farmer tans that looked ridiculous when he was shirtless. He was however, heavily muscled with just a slight paunch hanging over a nice sized dick. The best was for last! Chelsea, the eighteen year old was a knockout! Slim with big tits, pretty face framed by blond hair, a thin blond bush that couldn’t hide her pouty pussy lips, tight little ass, and long slim legs that

were enough to give any man an instant woody! “I can see from the pictures on the wall that you’re all church goers, am I right,” asked Vic? “Yes we are,” answered back Howard. “Well, as you can see we have a problem here, I can’t just leave hoping you won’t call the cops. You’ve seen my face and I can’t take that chance. On the other hand I don’t want to kill you, not over a lousy bunch of silver ware! So, the question of the day is, how can I be sure that you won’t go to the cops as soon as I leave here? The answer is right here in my hand. I’m going to take some rather, how should I say it, explicit home movies of you three in action! If I get picked up by the cops and charged with this burglary, copies of this tape will be sent to every member of your church!” “You

wouldn’t dare,” cried Chelsea Wells! “It’s either that, or a bullet,” shot back Vic, “take your choice!” Chelsea, trying to cover herself, hid behind her mother and father. The two adults looked uncertainly at each other, both realizing that there was no way out of this mess, except to do what they were told. “Let’s go into the living room and get comfortable,” ordered Vic. The three captives walked slowly into the next room, with Vic bringing up the rear. “We’ll start out nice and easy,” said Vic, “you, mom and pop, over to the sofa.” “You kid, take that big chair,” and they all moved to the places Vic had indicated. “Now momma, let’s see you give pops here some head!” Very slowly, almost in slow motion, Faye lowered he head into her husband’s lap and gingerly took his soft cock into her mouth. “Come on bitch, suck him harder,” Vic commanded! Faye Wells looked up at her husband’s face with sad eyes, but went to work sucking his now growing member. As her mother was sucking her father, Chelsea looked away, not wanting to see her parents being degraded. “Hey kid, what’s your name,” asked Vic? “Chelsea,” she answered back in a soft voice. “Well Chelsea, I don’t want you to feel left out, so I want you to watch momma and daddy and play with that cute little slit while you’re doing it,” ordered Vic! “No, please don’t make me,” she cried, as she turned and looked away. “Pops, better tell Chelsea here that she better do as she’s told or bang bang,” said Vic! “Please honey,” pleaded her dad, “do what he says!” Slowly the young girl turned to face here parents. By now the prick in her mother’s mouth had grown to it’s full eight inches, and her mother was moving her head up and down as she deep throated her husbands cock. Chelsea spread her legs and started rubbing her cunt with her middle finger, while Vic was busy video taping the events as they unfolded in front of him. “Rub your clit for the camera, you little cunt,” ordered Vic to Chelsea. The girl found her hard little nub and ran her finger over and around it, causing her to gasp. “Hey folks,” chortled Vic, “little Chelsea’s gonna blow her nut on TV!” Even though they were being force to have sex in front of a stranger and their daughter, the sex drive was just to powerful for them to ignore! Howard was now breathing hard, groaning every few seconds as his wife worked on his big dick. Chelsea could see from the way that her mother was sucking it, that she was a very experienced cocksucker! Her own little slit was now virtually on fire, from watching her own parents doing oral sex! “Don’t cum in her mouth,” Vic intoned, “when you cum, pull it out and shoot it on her face, we want everyone to see what a good little cocksucker your wife is!” Faye could feel Howard’s nuts tighten up, indicating he was getting ready to shoot his load, and while she usually swallowed his cum, this time she pulled the pecker from her mouth and jacked it hard, holding her face close so it would catch the first blast of cum! Groaning, “I’m cumming,” Howard emptied his nut sack all over Faye’s cheek and open mouth! Seeing her mother take a face full of cum, Chelsea let loose with a low moan as she frigged her hot slit to a very satisfying cum! Catching all the sound and action live on tape, Vic applauded their performance! “Great job, guys,” he laughed, “real academy award winning stuff!!!” Hoping that their ordeal was over, they got up and reached for their nightclothes, but were stopped when Vic said, “Not so fast, I’ve still got some blank tape here, and I think we ought to fill it up!” Pointing the 38 at Chelsea, Vic asked, “Have you ever sucked a pussy?” Before she could answer, Vic point to her mother and said, “Over there, and eat it, right now!!!” Faye started to protest, but Vic point the gun again at her daughter, and she quickly shut her mouth! Faye lay back with her legs spread, exposing a hairy brown thatch of pubic fur, and even under all this duress, her slit was wet with pussy juice, the result of having Howard’s cock in her mouth. Chelsea got down on her knees and bent over, placing her mouth directly on her mother’s wet cunt. She had always wondered what it would be like to taste a pussy, and now she was finding out! Her nostrils were filled with the aroma of fresh cunt juice, and it was intoxicating! Working her tongue up and down her mother’s slit, both women were soon entranced by the situation. Although she didn’t want to, Faye knew that it was useless for her to resist having an orgasm, because whenever she got her cunt eaten, it was only a matter of time until her pussy would be shaken by a huge climax. Pushing her cunt against her daughter’s mouth, Faye let her know

how urgently she needed to cum. Chelsea, sensing her mother’s need, licked and nibbled on her erect clitoris harder! Faye’s guttural moaning gave away an shred of decency. She needed to cum badly, and now didn’t care who was watching her! Vic kept the camera rolling, and encouraged the two women on, while Howard was silently watching his daughter orally satisfy her mother and his wife, and ashamedly he had to admit it was exciting, and his own erection gave him away! Seeing this, Vic said, “Get behind the little cunt and fuck her from the rear!” Now almost on automatic pilot, Howard dropped to his knees behind his daughter’s cute little ass. Her cunt, glistening with moisture, was unbelievably beautiful! Taking his cock in hand, he slid it up and down her lips, teasing her with his big head. Finally settling over her hole, he slowly sank deep into her crack. She let out a loud moan as the huge pecker forced it’s way into her tight cunt. Howard started stroking with slow rhythmic strokes, gradually increasing the

pace as he went on. By now all three family members were in a state of sexual frenzy! Faye was bucking her hips forward trying to get her daughter’s mouth to suck even harder, and Howard was now using his own daughter as his own personal fuck doll! He was now slamming his meat clear to the hilt with piston like strokes! Chelsea for her part was wild with lust, and she couldn’t get enough of the hot cunt in her mouth, and the feeling of getting fucked doggy style by her own father was sending her over the edge! Vic panned in for tight close ups of the quickly moving crotches, focusing on Chelsea’s cute little pussy. Faye was the first one to go when she screamed, “God you’re eating my pussy and I’m cumming in your mouth!” She nearly smothered Chelsea when she reached up and grabbed the back of her neck to pull her tight against her pussy lips! Hearing her mother cum, Chelsea’s cunt spasmed around the tube of fuck flesh deep in her pussy. Her orgasm was deep and long, the result of a pussy in her mouth and a big dick deep inside of her! Howard, although he was pretty much gone by now, had the good sense to pull his cock out of his daughter’s pussy when he shot his load and sprayed it all over her pretty little ass, his cum running down the crack of her butt!!! “Got it all, got it all,” Vic shouted!!! Taking the tape from the camera, Vic held it out for all of them to see. “If I ever even think you talked, you’re history! I’ll send this tape to everyone you know, and even some you don’t!! Be cool, and so will I!!!” With those final words, Vic picked up his bag and went out the back door into the night. Still naked, the terrified family hugged each other and slipped on their nightclothes. It was three in the morning and time to go back to bed! Chapter 39: Holiday Affair With Parents I received an unexpected telephone call from my mom, apparently they had booked a villa in Spain for a holiday with a couple they knew very well, unfortunately the other couple had to back out and mom asked if Mark, my husband and I would like to take their places. I am called Sue, I am 23 and I have been married to Mark, who is 24 for 4 years. My mom is called Jill, she is 42 and my dad is called Barry and he is 45. Mom and dad are a lively, very laid back and a fun loving couple. They don't let much bother them, but they enjoy partying, socializing, and a carefree lifestyle. Dad made a lot of money through the sale of some shares he was left and he doesn't work anymore. He likes to call what he does 'Pottering’, but he still plays the stock market and does pretty good! I called Mark and told him of the offer and of course he jumped at it. I called mom back and accepted. So, two weeks later we arrived at a beautiful 5 bed roomed villa for two weeks of what we thought would be a very relaxing holiday. The first couple of days we spent relaxing by the pool. We did a little sightseeing and the evenings we spent visiting some of the many nearby bars and nightclubs. Mom is a very good-looking woman and she spends a lot of time at the gym keeping her body in top class condition. She is fairly tall, has dark hair and a figure I can only hope to match when I am her age. She often wears short dresses, tight low cut tops (dressed to thrill she calls it) and tonight was no exception. She wore a very short mini skirt and a lacy top with no bra. Her tits could be easily seen through the material. We were at a bar and we all had drunk too much and we were definitely in the holiday mood. Mark pulled mom up to dance and it wasn't long before I noticed them dancing very closely to each other. I saw Mark's hands slip from her waist to her ass and pull her close to him and it looked like they were whispering to each other. When the dance ended they kissed briefly and walked back to our table. Dad was at the bar getting more drinks when he came back I thought I would give Mark something to think about. "C'mon dad let's dance," and took hold of dad's hand and led him to the dance floor. Dad didn't need any encouraging as I have said both he and mom love to party and have a good time. They regularly hold parties at their house and I have heard rumors that sometimes a bit of swapping goes on, but I have never seen anything like that when we have attended. I danced close to dad. He is very good looking and has a firm athletic body. It must have been because I had drunk so much. Admittedly, in the past I have sometimes teased dad wearing skimpy dresses that he seemed to notice and sometimes commented on. Showing a bit of thigh, stocking top, and etc. But tonight as I danced with him I started to imagine having sex with him. I

buried my head on his shoulder pulling him even closer to me. Pressing my tits into his chest and then I felt it. I could feel his erection pressing into me. My dad was actually getting a hard on while dancing with me, his daughter! We continued to dance and I pushed my hips further forward and in response I could feel him grind himself into me. When the dance ended we looked at each other and smiled, "Thanks Sue. That was lovely," dad said. I gave him a quick kiss and told him he was a good dancer. Then we rejoined mom and Mark. We danced again several times that night. Each time I could feel his hard prick. He must have known what it was doing to me. During the last dance when mom and Mark were at the bar and not watching. He

pulled me close and we kissed, our mouths opened and our tongues met for the first time. We kissed deeply and his hand that was out of view to anyone actually came up and briefly cupped my tit. I felt my body quiver and go weak. We sat back at our table had a few more drinks till eventually we made our way back to the villa and said our good nights and went to bed. Next day over a late breakfast we all nursed sore heads, but the thoughts I had in my mind hadn't gone away. I could still remember the feel of my dad's prick pressing against my body. The way he kissed me and felt my tit and I wondered if my dad actually had the same feelings and I had to find out. Later we went out to the pool and mom did not wear the top to her bikini. I noticed Mark looking at her tits. Mom has a great pair of tits and remarkably huge nipples and I decided to go topless as well. I stood up and took my top off and I saw dad look at me. This is the first time since I was very young he has seen my tits and I hoped he liked what he saw. We swam for a while and mom laid on her lounger and rubbed suntan cream onto herself. She asked dad to do her back, but he replied that he was going to fetch some drinks and that she should ask Mark, who was only too quickly to accept the task. Mark went over to her in a flash and mom lay on her front while Mark (who looked like he was enjoying his job a little too much) slowly massaged the oil onto her back. She asked him to do the back of her legs as well and he slowly worked his way upwards from her ankles getting nearer and nearer to her skimpy bikini bottoms. When he was finished she sat up and told him that she would oil him up. So he laid down while she went to work on him with the oil. He first laid on his back and she poured oil on to his chest and rubbed it all over him. As she reached across him I noticed her tits were brushing against his chest. Once when she placed the oil on the table she stretched across his face and her nipples actually brushed across his face. His prick was bulging under his swimsuit and almost poking out the top. He laid on his front and she oiled his back and once again brushing her tits over him whenever she had the opportunity. Dad returned with the drinks. As he handed me my drink I asked, “Dad could put some oil on me?” He said, “I would love to honey!” I lay back as he went to work on my back and legs. He has strong, but gentle hands. As he oiled my back his fingers stroked at the sides of my tits. When he did my legs his hands slid up across the cheeks of my ass and his thumbs rubbed along my crack. Finding no resistance from me he suggested I turn over so he could do my front. I did as he asked and he started with my legs. He slowly worked his way upwards, over my knees, my thighs, then higher, over my tummy until I felt his hands brush under my tits. I looked up at him as he poured more oil over my tits and began to massage it into my tits and now my hard nipples. I looked across to mom and Mark. They were both just sitting their watching dad rub oil onto my tits. I didn't care what they thought. I was feeling so horny and sexy I didn't want him to stop, but he did. "Alright that's it. You’re finished," he said. For the next hour we just sunned ourselves and occasionally swimming then we had lunch. After lunch mom and dad said they were going to have a short rest. They said they were still feeling tired from last night and Mark and I went back to the pool. Mark came over and sat next to me and said, "Your dad seemed to enjoy himself earlier?" "What do you mean?" I replied. "C'mon Sue, it's not every day you ask your dad to rub sun oil onto your tits is it?” “I could certainly see a bulge in his shorts from where I was sitting.” I told Mark I thought it was no big deal, "What about you last night you were all over mom and what were you two whispering about?" I asked. Mark said, “Last night everyone had too much to drink.” Then I asked him again to tell me, "Ok, if you insist, your mom told me she could feel my hard prick pushing into her while we danced and she kept on teasing me about it. Then she asked me if I found her sexy.” I looked at Mark and asked, "And what did you tell her?" He replied, "I told her I found her to be very sexy indeed!” I said, "Oh, did you and do you still feel the same way?" "Yes I do," he said. I lay back quietly thinking. "I wish you would lighten up Sue," said Mark, "We are supposed to be on holiday after all. Anything I do or say is only in fun and don't take things too seriously." I couldn't help but think about what Mark had said about mom and I wondered if mom wanted him the same as I wanted dad.

"Yes Mark, you're right, we are on holiday and I agree we should have some fun. I want you to enjoy yourself so feel free to have as much fun as you want!" That night we stayed in and I'm glad I made the effort and wore something sexy. When mom came down she looked stunning. She wore a long black dress that was split up to her thigh and the front was open to just above her navel and held together at the top with a clip. She was braless and the material only just covered her nipples. She had on black stockings and black high heels and I saw Mark looking in admiration. As for myself I looked overdressed by comparison. My dress was low cut and short and I wore stockings and suspenders but mom certainly stole the show. Mom and I prepared a salad for dinner and we had a few bottles of wine. After dinner dad suggested we play a game of cards. I told him I didn't know many card games, but he assured me I would soon pick it up. He said, “Mom and I sometimes play with a couple that we both know.”

Both he and mom laughed to each other in their (for now) private joke. The rules were simple he said, “Whenever someone loses a hand they had the option of taking off an item of clothing or choosing to forfeit.” The forfeits had to be written on slips of paper by us all and picked out of a bag and of course Mark was keen. I expressed doubts, but they soon talked me into it. Telling me it was only a bit of harmless fun. If only Mark knew that in truth I couldn't wait to play. Maybe this was going to be the chance I had been waiting for! A few more bottles of wine and a hour later things were really heating up. I had lost my dress, shoes, stockings, and suspender belt. I sat there in my bra and panties and mom was down to her stockings and panties. Dad still had his boxers and socks and Mark was doing the worst he only had on his shorts. I lost the next hand and although I was not bothered about taking my bra off I chose a dare. I put my hand in the bag and took out a slip and read it out loud, "I have to kiss the person of my choice," it read. I didn't want to look keen so I went to Mark. "No! You can always kiss me," he said. "Well, it will have to be you then dad," I said. I walked over and sat on his lap. I put my arms around his neck and kissed him. At first his lips were closed but my tongue soon found its way into his mouth and we kissed deeply and I got up and went back to my seat. Mark lost the next hand and as quick as a flash stood up and took off his shorts revealing his semi erect dick. I looked across and saw mom eyeing him appreciably. Dad suggested that we liven up the game a little and we should from now on only do the dares. To make things even with Mark we should all strip. I said, “Ok and stood up and slowly unfastened my bra letting it drop to the floor. I felt dad's eyes on me as I lowered my panties and kicked them to one side. I regularly shave my pussy and by the look on dads face he approved of what he saw.” Mom peeled off her stockings and took off her panties and I agreed with what Mark said about her. She did look very sexy indeed. Then it was dad’s turn. When he dropped his shorts I almost let out a gasp. Whether it was our kiss or the sight of seeing mom and me strip had done it, but his prick stood out hard and it was about 8 inches long and very fat. "Sorry about this," dad joked, "Seeing two beautiful women naked in front of me does this to me." Mom was the next loser and she drew her forfeit. "I have to dance passionately with the person of my choice," she read. She stood up and took hold of Mark's hand and seeing them both standing naked in front of me seemed unreal. Dad put on a slow record and they started to dance. Mom's tits pressed up against Mark's chest and his hands around her waist pulling her close to him. She had her arms locked around his neck. Then it had to happen. They kissed deeply and passionately. I saw Mark raise his hand and cup one of mom's tits and I couldn't be sure, but it looked like she slid a hand between them and was playing with his dick. Dad and I just sat there watching them. Dad turned to me and said, “It sure looks like they are enjoying themselves.” “C’mon dad, why should they have all the fun,” I said and pulled dad up from his chair. His prick looked rock hard and sticking out in front of him. I held dad tight to me trapping his prick between us as we danced and kissed. Our tongues going deep into each others mouths and dad's hands were squeezing my bottom. Then he moved one of his hands up to my tits and began to squeeze them and play with my hard nipples. I reached between us taking hold of his hot prick and began to slide my hand up and down wanking on it. The game was now over and finished. This is what it seems we all wanted and I for one intended to get it. With my next looked across the room I saw mom kneeling in front of Mark. Kissing and licking his prick as she slowly took it into her mouth until she had it all in. Mark had his hands on her head holding her as he fucked her mouth forcing his prick deep down her throat. By the way, she took him all I guess she has had plenty of practice in her life and by what I have heard tonight it has not been solely from dad. Dad put his hands on my shoulders and gently pushed me down and no words were spoken. I knew what he wanted me to do and I knelt before him. His big prick inches away from me and I took hold of it and kissed the swollen head. Then opening my mouth wide I managed to get about half of it in and began to suck on it. Dad did not try to force me to go any deeper, but after a while when I had got more used to the size I was able to take more and more. I, again, looked

across to see what mom and Mark were doing and I saw mom laying on her back with Mark now in between her wide open legs licking and fingering her cunt. I wanted some of that and stopped sucking on dad and asked him to lick out my cunt. He told me to get on my hands and knees and then he got behind me and licked and sucked my smooth pussy and fingered my cunt and as he did this he reached under me with one hand and squeezed and played with my tits as they hung beneath me. I felt his prick rubbing against my pussy lips then he slowly entered me. It felt so big that I let out a moan as he fucked me slowly and gently at first. "Fuck me harder dad. Fuck your little girl hard and deep," I cried out. He did as I asked him and with a series of deep lunges brought me to an intense orgasm. He pulled out of me and laid me on my back and lifted my legs up over his shoulders and again slid his huge prick easily into my now very wet cunt. Fucking me deep and hard. I asked, "Do you

like fucking your little girl daddy?" He said, "I've wanted to fuck you for so long and you were very naughty teasing me like you did." Across the room I heard Mark say he was going to cum and I looked across in time to see him pull out of mom's cunt and saw mom take his prick into her mouth. Then I saw his hips jerking forward and I guess he shot his spunk into her mouth as she continued to suck on him. I didn't see any spunk so I guess she must have swallowed it all. Dad continued to pump away at my cunt and then he too said he was ready and asked me where I wanted it. I said, "I want you to fill my mouth with your spunk daddy! I want to suck the cum out of your prick!" I took as much of him into my mouth as I could and then with big spurts I felt his spunk hit the back of my throat. I tried to swallow it but there was so much and a lot dribbled out and down my chin and on to my tits. I felt another pair of hands come around me from my back cup my tits and rubbed all of daddy's spunk into them. They were small and soft as I looked around and saw mom kneeling behind me. She moved closer to me and we kissed, "You've made daddy a very happy man. He's often told me how he fantasized about fucking you Sue," she said. I looked at mom and smiled, "Didn't it bother you when he told you that," I asked her. "No, not really, you see Sue your dad and I have an understanding between the two of us. We are open with each other and if either of us has a fantasy or fancy another person we tell each other. We don't keep secrets and I have thought about fucking Mark for some time now. Come to that when daddy told me his fantasy about fucking you I told him that I would like to join in as well, that's when we thought up this holiday plan, we thought something might happen and we were right." We kissed again only this time deeper, longer, we played with each others tits, sucking on them, licking each others hard nipples, then mom went down between my legs and began to lick and finger my wet cunt, I looked and saw both Mark and dad standing over us, their pricks rock hard again slowly wanking on themselves. Mom lay on top of me in a 69 position, both of us licking and playing with each others cunts, as I licked her dad slid his prick into her cunt and as he half withdrew I licked her juices off the shaft of his prick, every now and then he would completely come out of her and slide his prick deep down my throat, I can only guess that Mark was receiving the same treatment from mom as he was doing the same with his prick fucking me. I took dad's balls into my mouth and sucked them as he fucked mom, after about 5 minutes he cum again, only this time he stayed inside her, filling her cunt with his spunk, as he pulled out I took his prick into my mouth and sucked him clean then licked at dad's spunk that had started to dribble from mom's cunt. Mark shot his spunk over my pussy and I felt mom licking it off me. It was Mom's suggestion that tonight we should 'swap partners' and for me to sleep with dad while she slept with Mark we all agreed and over the next two hours dad fucked me twice more. For the remainder of the holiday we experienced several nights (and some afternoons) of foursome / threesome and twosome sex, we all agreed it had to stay our secrets and no one apart from the four of us should know or ever find out. Chapter 40: My Son’s Sex Education It was a Friday afternoon, a beautiful sunny day and I was on my way home to start a two-week vacation. My name is Paula, I am 36, and I work as an attorney for a large law firm in the city. I have been widowed for 6 years, sadly my husband was killed in an auto accident leaving me to raise our son, James alone, it has been very hard trying to combine my career and raising James and probably because I feel I have neglected him over the last couple of years I tend to spoil him now more than I should. James is a very quiet, shy boy, he does not have many friends, preferring to spend most of his free time home, either using his computer or reading, or on his latest craze working out. I love James very much, he's all I have now, the only man in my life and now that my career is running smoothly I can concentrate more on him. When I got home there was no sign of James, feeling hot and sticky I decided to go right up, shower and get changed, my bedroom door was open and as I neared it I could see James in my room, he seemed to be going through my dirty washing hamper, what could he be doing I thought, I ducked back out of sight and looking through the crack of the door saw James take out a pair of my used panties and hold them to his nose and start to

smell them, he did this with the others then he sat in my chair, unzipped his pants and holding my panties at his nose with one hand he started to play with his dick with the other, then wrapping my panties around his dick he jerked himself off. This was new to me, of course I new James was growing up, maturing, it was only natural he would want to explore his sexuality but was it normal for a son to want to use his Mom's panties in order to jerk off? I quietly made my way back downstairs and this time opened and closed the front door, slamming it shut, I called out, "James, I'm home, are you here?" and went into the kitchen to make a coffee. James came into the kitchen, "Hi mom, had a good day?" he asked, I told him I had and that I was looking forward to spending time with him over the next two weeks, we chatted

for a while till I said I was going to take a shower and get into something comfortable. I went up to my bedroom to get undressed, when I put my clothes in the hamper I picked out the panties he had used, they were soaked with his cum, James had jerked himself off into my panties. All night I couldn't stop thinking about what I had seen, I began to notice things I had not noticed before, it looked like James was taking more of an interest in me as a woman, he was looking at my body, he sat next to me while we watched TV, I saw his bulge in his trousers, my darling little boy had a hard-on, it was then that I realized then that James was no longer my little boy, James was now a young man. Next day while James was out at the pool I went into his bedroom to tidy up, as I was putting things away I found some porn magazines and a scrap book in a box at the bottom of his wardrobe, not wanting him to know I had been in there I put them back and later when he went into town and I knew he would be gone for a couple of hours I went back and got them out. The magazines were certainly XXX, real hardcore porn, some of the pictures had been cut out, I opened the scrap book and saw that he had stuck a selection in there, pictures of girls sucking men's dicks, girls getting fucked, girls with dicks up their asses, girls with cum over their faces, he had cut out and pasted in a selection of stories, when I read them they were all the same theme - Incest, sons having sex with their mom's, fathers and their daughters, then when I turned to the last pages I was shocked, there was a picture of a girl getting fucked, only James had replaced the girls head with a picture of me, next to it was a hand written story by James detailing him having sex with me. I put everything back the way I had found it and went downstairs, I made myself a drink and sat, thinking about what I had seen, James needed help, I decided then that it wasn't good or healthy for him to learn about sex from porno magazines, he would get the wrong idea of what it was all about, he would miss out on the loving, caring side of sex, he had to be told there was more to it, If only his dad was still alive maybe things would have worked out differently but it was my duty as a parent to educate him as best as I could and I intended to do just that. When James returned from town I was at the pool sunbathing, he got changed and joined me. I was wearing a tiny bikini and throughout the afternoon James couldn't take his eyes off me, as I was wearing dark sunglasses he couldn't see that I too was watching him, I noticed the bulge he had in his swimsuit, after a while I called James over and asked him to oil my back, as he rubbed the oil over me I saw his bulge getting bigger, he finished and sat on the floor next to me, I turned to him and started to chat, I asked him how things were going at school, then about his friends, did he have a girlfriend yet? He told me he didn't, "Why do you ask mom?" he said. I sat up and said, "James, you are growing up, you are not a boy any more, if your dad was still alive he would sit and talk with you - man to man, you know, about the facts of life and everything" I wasn't making a very good job of it, "What I'm trying to say James is.... well, if there is anything you want to talk about, if there is anything bothering you or something you want to discuss with me, anything at all I want you to know you can come to me any time, and I mean anything" I asked him if he had done sex education at school, he said they had then jokingly added "don't worry mom, I haven't put it into practice yet." "I'm glad to hear that" I replied. I lay back on the lounger, closed my eyes and thought about how I could continue his 'education'. I must have dozed off, I opened my eyes and saw James sitting close to me, staring at my body, he saw I was awake, "Mom, did you really mean it when you said I could talk to you about anything?" he asked. "Anything you want" I told him, "Well there are a couple of things I am not sure about but I don't know if you are the right person to ask, I mean...I feel embarrassed." "James, there is no need to be embarrassed, I promise you, tell me what's bothering you." "Ok, well it's.... its about kissing, most of the guys at school go on about the girls they have kissed but I've never done it, I don't know how to, I would probably get it wrong and look like an idiot, how do I know if I'm doing it right? Would you show me how to kiss?" I sat up, "Kissing is no big deal James, people kiss in different ways, what's right for some is wrong for others, to be truthful with you it gets better with practice, some

people keep their lips closed, some open them and let each others tongues explore their mouths" again he asked me to show him, I didn't think it no big deal. I stood up, "Ok, come here, show me how you would kiss a girl" he stood and walked to me, I leaned forward and our lips touched, I felt his tongue try to part my lips, I opened my lips and his tongue darted into my mouth, his hands went to my shoulders, pulling me closer to him, my tits squashed against his bare chest, everything seemed to happen so fast, he kissed me deeply. I could feel his dick now pressing into me, as I said, this all happened in a few seconds but seemed longer, I pushed him away, breaking our kiss, "Wow, for someone who says he has never kissed before I would say you've got nothing to worry about" I told him. "Did I do it right?" he asked. "You did fine, just fine" I said, sitting down. James sat there quietly, apparently deep in thought, I asked him if there was anything else bothering him, he blushed a little and said, "Well, to be truthful mom there is a whole lot about sex I am not sure

of, I mean I know about making babies and all that but it's the rest that worries me" A few weeks ago while I was looking through the video tapes at the rental shop I remembered seeing a sex education tape, I told James that if he wanted me to I would get the tape and watch it with him, explain things to him that he was 'not sure of' he said he would like that so that afternoon I picked up the tape and told James we would watch it later that evening. After dinner I showered and changed my clothes, ever since my kiss with James this afternoon I had felt very horny, I decided that seeing I had become his big interest I would give him a treat and picked out a very sexy, revealing dress, I didn't bother with a bra, I looked in the mirror, the dress was so low cut my nipples were almost visible, I put on a tiny pair of lacy, black panties, black stockings and a black suspender belt, I put on fresh makeup, then looking in the mirror again I began to have second thoughts, 'what am I doing' I asked myself, here I was making myself look sexy, about to sit and watch a sex education video with my son, was I doing the right thing? I decided that if he was to learn about sex I wanted to be the one who taught him, showed him and taking a deep breath I went downstairs. James was sitting watching TV, when he saw me come in he stood up and said, "Wow! You look great mom" I thanked him and poured myself a drink, a large strong drink, I was actually shaking with nerves. "Right" I said, "Come and sit next to me on the couch and we will watch the video, and remember James, promise me if there is anything you are not sure about or want to ask me don't be embarrassed, ok?" he told me he would and we sat and started to watch the film. The first part wasn't too bad, it dealt with a couple meeting, then skipping to a later stage when they started to kiss and pet each other, then going that bit further where they touched and played with each other, now both naked. I stopped the tape and asked James if he was ok with what he had seen up to now. "I guess so mom,” he said, but when he touched her...her", then he pointed at my tits, "what should I call them mom, breasts or tits?" I told him that people used both words, "You call them what you want James, whatever makes you feel comfortable." "Ok mom, well when he touched her tits, should he be gentle with them, I mean would it hurt if he squeezed them too hard? I explained that women liked to be treated gently, that it wasn't nice to do things to them that they didn't like. "Are tits soft mom? I have often wondered what it would be like to touch one, can I feel your tits mom?" I had expected this. I was prepared, "Ok James, go ahead" I told him, I slipped the straps from my shoulders and lowered the top of my dress, exposing my tits with their now hard nipples to my son, James reached out and cupped my tits in his hands, he gently squeezed them, then turned his attention to my hard nipples, tweaking them between his fingers, making them grow harder and bigger. "Your tits feel nice mom, very soft, smooth." I told him that girls liked to have their nipples sucked and if he wanted to he could suck mine. he took my nipple in his mouth and sucked at them, first one, then the other, at the same time continuing to squeeze and play with my tits. I knew I shouldn't have been but I was actually enjoying my son's attention to my tits, for someone who said he had never touched a girl's tits before he was doing a good job, I watched as he sucked at my nipples, "James, the last time you did this was when you were a baby and I used to feed you this way, you used to suck mommy's milk from my nipples." I lifted his head away from my tits, "That's enough for now" I told him. "Let's get back to the film." I didn't bother to cover my tits, there didn't seem to be any point. The girl in the film was now masturbating the guy, his dick was hard, she went down on him started to lick, kiss and then she sucked on his dick, taking it deep into her mouth. I stopped the film and asked James what he understood of the bit we had just watched. He told me that he played with himself and asked me if it was wrong, I said "It is natural for boys your age to masturbate, girls do it as well." He then asked if I played with myself, I answered him truthfully, "Yes James, sometimes I do, when your dad was alive we had sex all the time, whenever we could, I loved your dad very much, I enjoyed having sex, I needed it so much and I have not had sex since, so when I feel the need I try to satisfy myself as best as I can." "But how do girls do it?" he asked. "I think we will get to that later,” I

told him. "Now, I think you should show me how you masturbate, that is if you want to" He stood up and took off his trousers, as he pulled down his shorts his dick sprung out, I thought he would be big but it surprised me, it was at least 7 inches long and quite big around, he sat next to me, his dick standing up straight. "Did you masturbate dad?" he asked, I told him I did, "Will you do it to me?" I took hold of his dick; it started to twitch right away. I slowly wanked it, I didn't want him to cum so I only did it for a short time, James turned to me, "Mom, in the film the girl kissed and took the man's thing... I mean his dick in her mouth, would you do that to me?" "Well ok James, I will, but only a little, alright?" I lowered my mouth to his dick and started to lick and kiss it, I licked from the base to the top and then took the tip into my mouth and gently sucked it a little, I thought that was enough and lifted my head, "Please, don't stop mom, Please do it some more, it feels so good, please mom" he pleaded. I wanted to make James happy so I went back down on him,

this time taking it deeper into my mouth, sucking harder, as I sucked him I felt his hand on my tits, he started to pinch my nipples, it felt so good, then without warning it happened, he shot his spunk into my mouth while I was sucking on him, filling my mouth with his hot, sticky cum, I pulled away, spunk dribbling from my open mouth, his dick still oozing out his creamy cum, "James, you shouldn't have done that, that shouldn't have happened" I told him, sensing I was not happy James told me he was sorry. "Please mom, don't be angry, it happened so fast, I'm sorry mom" I sat back and wiped his cum from my face. "I'm not angry darling, it's just that some girls don't like it if a man cum's in her mouth, you can tell when you are ready to cum and it is only right that you warn the person who is sucking on you" James sat there looking a bit sad. "Look, to show you I am not angry I'll do something special for you, something that you dad used to like me doing" I went back down on his dick which had only softened a little, it was still covered with his spunk, then I started to lick it, sucking it clean, taking my boy's cum into my mouth and swallowing it, it didn't take long to get him back hard again. I stopped sucking and sat back up, leaned over to him and kissed him, his tongue going deep into my mouth. As we parted he said, "Thanks mom, that was great, and I will always remember what you told me mom". We watched the next part of the video, as we did James cuddled in close to me, he slid his arm around my shoulders with his hand coming to rest over my tit, it seemed so natural. This section was of the guy going down on the girl, licking, sucking and playing with her cunt. Again I stopped the tape, James just sat there looking at me, and not speaking, "A girl likes it when a man plays with her vagina James, it makes her feel good", and James started to laugh. "What's so funny" I asked, "Nothing mom, it's just hearing you say 'vagina', in the books I have read they call it a 'cunt' and a 'pussy'." "Ok James, we will call it what you want, as I was saying, a girl feels good when a guy goes down on her and licks and plays with her cunt, there, is that better?" "Yes mom, I like you saying dirty words, can I play with your cunt now mom?" I was getting in deeper all the time, I hadn't expected things to turn out this way, this was supposed to be about me explaining the facts of life to my son but things were getting out of hand, I had to decide how much further to let things go, as it was I had willingly let James feel, play with and suck on my tits, I had given him a blow job and sucked his cum from him, should I continue? I made the decision I would let him explore my cunt for a few minutes then I would call a halt to my sex lesson. I told James to kneel on the floor in front of me, as he did he pulled his T shirt over his head, he was now naked, I stood up and stepped out of my dress, took hold of the waist band of my panties and slid them off, now I stood before him wearing just my stockings and suspender belt, I sat back down, as I did I opened my legs wide giving James a good view of my pussy, "What should I do mom? I'm not sure" I looked down at him, I watched him go up close to my pussy and smell it as I had before seen him smelling my dirty panties, he seemed to be fascinated by the musky, womanly odor my pussy was giving off. "Well, you could start off by licking my pussy lips" I instructed, "Make them nice and wet, then you could, if you really wanted to, you could lick your tongue deep inside my cunt, maybe then slide a finger inside, just explore around and do what comes naturally, see what happens" I lay back and watched him as he followed my instructions, It felt so good when he started to lick at my pussy, sure he was clumsy and inexperienced but he soon got the hang of it, it didn't take long before he was darting his tongue deep into my now very wet and juicy cunt. "Now, slide a finger into my cunt, like I told you" he did as I asked, his finger slid in easily. "Is that ok mom" he asked, "am I doing it right?" I wanted to moan out loudly with the pleasure I was getting but didn't think it right, after all this was supposed to be for James's benefit, I shouldn't be getting pleasure through letting my son give me head! "Yes" I replied, "You're doing fine" I groaned, "now, slide more fingers in, put in as many as you can and push them in and out" Again he did exactly as I instructed, my cunt was feeling stretched, I looked down and saw he had his whole hand buried into my cunt, my little boy was fisting my soaking wet cunt and I was taking it all. It was no good, as much as I tried not

to I let out a big sigh, "Yes, that feels good" I told him, "Don't stop, don't stop, then it happened, I came, the first time in 6 years, my little boy had actually made his mom come, my body stiffened and shook, I gripped the cushions and let out a big scream, James thinking he had done something wrong pulled his hand out of my cunt and edged away looking guilty, getting my breath back I said "It's ok James, don't worry, its just that it made me feel so good what you were doing to me, you see James" I explained, "When you came just now and you shot your spunk out it made you feel good didn't it, well what you did to me made me feel the same way" James looked relieved, "Does that mean I did it ok mom?" he asked. "You were great James" I replied, "I think you know enough about sex now, don't you? I think we have done enough" "But mom, we haven't finished yet, there's more, please don't stop now mom, I want you to teach me everything!" My head was spinning, already I had let too much happen, "No James, we can't do anymore, it's not right,

Mothers are not supposed to do such things with their sons, it's called Incest, we have already done enough, more than enough!" "No one will know mom, how will anyone find out? Please mom, don't stop now, Please mom!" he begged. "Please mommy, can we watch the rest of the film?" I conceded, I gave in to my little boy "Ok James, we will watch the rest" I lay there for a while looking at my darling son sleeping deeply lying next to me, he looked so peaceful, so happy and contented, he must be tired I thought, he had a busy night last night, I quietly slid out of bed, showered, slipped on a thin robe, and sat in the kitchen, drinking my coffee, thinking. It was then that I started to feel guilty, had I used James to satisfy myself? Before last night I hadn't had sex for 6 years, sure, I had dated a few times and I knew plenty of guys who, if given the chance, would have fucked me, but I chose to concentrate on my career and raising my son. Yes, last night was good, very good, but it was something that could never be repeated, I had to try to get things back to normal, the last thing I wanted to do was to screw up my relationship with James, he was my son, I was his mother, I had to get things back as they used to be, before I let James fuck me. I knew it would be difficult; I could handle it - but what about James. I was preparing breakfast when James walked in, "Morning James, did you sleep well?" I asked, James sat at the table; he was wearing a robe, his hair wet from the shower. He was quiet for a while, then he said "Thanks mom" I turned to him, "What for James?" I asked. "For what happened last night mom, it was great, when I woke up this morning I thought I had dreamed it all, it was only when I realized I was in your bed that knew that it really happened" I sat at the table opposite him, "James, about last night, you must understand that everything that happened was for your benefit, I wanted you to understand about sex, I wanted to show you, to teach you, and I'm sorry James, but we did things last night that we shouldn't have done, it was my fault, I let things go too far, we must try to forget it happened!" James sat not looking at me, not speaking, I returned to fixing the breakfast, thinking how badly I had handled things. I am not a very good mother, I thought, James will probably hate me now and it is all my fault, oh I wish it had never happened, if only I could turn the clock back, get things back as they used to be. I could feel James's eyes staring at me as I was making coffee, I regretted wearing such a thin robe. We ate breakfast in silence, neither of us knowing what to say, I tried to talk to him, "So, what are your plans for today?" I asked. "Nothing much" he replied. "It's such a beautiful day, what do you say we go to the beach?" I suggested. "Ok, if you like" he answered, I got the beach things ready and later we set off. In the car I tried again to speak to him, "Please James, can we try to get things back to the way they used to be, I don't want us to fall out with each other, I don't like it when you are sad and miserable, I love you so much James, you are all I have" "I love you too mom" he said, "I'll try mom, I'll try to forget, I promise I will” He was very quiet at the beach, he did try but I could see he was having a hard time trying to get the images of what we did out of his mind. Things didn't improve much over the next few days. I did my best, I tried to make conversation with him, I bought him presents, computer games, new clothes, but he seemed so sad, so withdrawn. Every night I lay in bed regretting what had happened, what could I do to make him love me again? Next day James came to me, he told me that when he returned to school next week he had to sit a test, if he failed he would be put back a grade, he said he was worried he wouldn't pass as he couldn't concentrate on his revision. I knew the reason why. It was because of me. Christ, I thought, I've screwed up badly. "Please James, you must try, you always used to get good grades, why can't you concentrate?" I asked already knowing what his answer would be. "Mom, I just can't get what we did out of my mind, I can't stop thinking about it, I've tried to mom, I've tried but it won't go away, why can't I forget it mom? Why?" I pulled him to me, hugged him tight, he started to cry, my darling little boy was crying because of me, I had to make things better, "There James, please don't cry, mommy will make things better, I promise you James, I promise!" As I hugged him I realized my son was not as grown up as I thought he was, sure, he was developing a man's body but he was still, after all, a young

boy. "What can mommy do to make things better James?" I asked him. Still sobbing a little he looked up at me and said, "Mom, can we do what we did before? Will you teach me more about sex? Maybe if we did it again I wouldn't think about it so much, it might make things better, please mom, please" "I'm sorry James but mommy has already told you that we shouldn't repeat what we did, it would be wrong James, very wrong" I told him. "But who would know mom, no one would find out, you told me it had to be our secret" he turned away and quietly said, "It's because you don't really love me mom, that's the real reason isn't it" "James, I love you more than anybody in the world" I told him. "Yes, but you said you loved Dad and you let him do things to you, if you loved me as much as you loved dad you would let me do the same things that he did" "James, the love I had for your dad was different to the love I have for you, you are my son James, mothers should not do the same things with their sons as they do with their husbands, I've told you before, it's not right,

it's just not right" He pulled away from me and ran up to his bedroom, I sat down, my head was spinning, what could I do? I thought about it for ages, if I did give in to him and allow him to have sex with me again how would it end? But I didn't want to make him unhappy, I didn't want my little boy feeling sad, what could I do? I pictured him up in his bedroom, lying on his bed, looking at his magazines, then I thought about the picture he had cut out and replaced the woman's face with mine, the story he had wrote about him having sex with me, surely that couldn't be right. There seemed to be only one answer, I would have to give in, I would have to let him have me, I had no choice! I went up to his room and knocked at the door, he opened it, his eyes red from his crying, I said "James, come downstairs with me, I want to tell you something. He followed me down and we sat on the couch, I faced him and took hold of his hand, "James, I want you to be happy, you must believe me, I really do love you, you know that James, don't you?" He nodded, "Yes mom, I know" "Well James, if you do well in your test and you get a good grade mommy will give you another sex lesson, just like she did the other night” He looked at me, his face seemed to brighten "Do you mean that mom? Do you promise?" "Yes James, I promise, is that ok with you?" He hugged me tight; "Thanks mom, I'm going up to revise my test" he said and ran upstairs to his room. Over the next few days before he went back to school I didn't see that much of him, except for meal times and a couple of hours in the evenings he spent his time studying, now he had something to aim for, his reward, ME. Monday, James went to school, I went to work, throughout the day my mind was not on my job, how could it be? I knew James very well, now that he set his mind on achieving a good grade he would probably get an 'A'. I left work a little early and visited a nearby Lingerie store; I picked out some very sexy underwear and a black chiffon robe. When I got home James was waiting, a slip of paper in his hand, "What's that?" I said, taking it from him, trying to make out I didn't know. I read it, he got an 'A', "That's great James" I told him, giving him a big hug, "Now, let me see, I wonder what reward I can give you, How about a new computer game" I joked with him. "You know the only thing I want mom" he laughed. "And what's that?" I asked, teasing him. He started to blush, "You know mom, what you promised me!" now he started to look a little worried, he probably thought I was going to go back on my word. I stopped teasing him, "It's ok James, I was only joking, and your next lesson will be tonight!" After dinner I told James I was going to take a shower, while showering I decided to shave the hair from my pussy, my husband used to like it when I did that, he would tell me how he enjoyed licking and playing with my smooth pussy, I wondered if James would as well. I got out of the shower and stood in front of the mirror, I looked at my body, 'not bad for a 36 year old' I thought, my tits were still fairly firm, my body was slim - 'Yes, not bad, not bad at all' I got dressed in my new underwear, I had bought a black quarter cup bra, tiny black thong panties, new black stockings and a suspender belt, I put on the robe, there didn't seem any point in wearing a dress, I didn't think I would have it on for long, I stood back and viewed myself in the full length mirror, I don't think I have ever looked as sexy as I did now, even when my husband was alive I had never dressed like this and here I was, doing it for my young son, the bra lifted my tits high, exposing them fully, my nipples easily seen, through the robe my stockings and panties visible, I looked like a high class call girl, I felt like a whore! When I went down James was speechless, he just stood looking, staring, at me, another feeling struck me, I felt proud, proud that I had the body to turn on my son, my darling son, I stood and posed for him, "Well, what do you think? I bought this today specially for you" "Mom, you look so sexy, is this part of my reward?" he asked. "I am dressed like this to show you how much I love you James and yes, this is for doing so well in your test." Before I sat down I put on a record and I made myself a drink, even though I was prepared for what was to happen I was still very nervous, I sat on the couch, at that time James was sitting opposite me, he continued to stare, taking in everything he saw. "Come and sit next to me darling" I told him, he did as I asked, "If you are ready then, kiss me James, kiss your mommy" he moved close to me. Our lips touched, then with

more confidence than he had before his tongue entered my mouth, he kissed me deeply, with passion it seemed, then without me saying anything he cupped my tit with his hand, very gently he squeezed. "Mmmmmm," I moaned, it felt so good, he played with my tits and nipples, feeling them through the sheer material of my robe, we were in no rush, I liked him kissing me, feeling my tits. We stopped kissing, "Why don't you take your clothes off James?" I suggested, he did as I said and in no time my boy was naked, he stood in front of me, his dick hard, I stood and slipped the robe off. "Would you like me to take the bra off or leave it on?" I asked him. "Leave it on for now mom, you look sexy wearing it," he said. "Ok, what about my panties, would you like to take them off for me?" He knelt in front of me, took hold of the waist band and started to slide them down, as he lowered them he noticed I had shaved my pussy, "mom, it's smooth, you've shaved it! it looks so nice, so sexy, did you do it for me?" he asked. I told him I used to shave it

off for his dad, and seeing that his dad liked it that way I thought he would too, after I stepped out of my panties I took his hand and pulled him up so he was standing with me, we were just about the same height. "Now, what do you want to do next?" I asked. "Can I play with your smooth pussy Mom"? He pleaded, "Soon James, be patient, there's plenty of time, we have all night, How about dancing with your mom? I would like that." He held me tight and we moved to the music, it felt strange dancing with a naked man, his hard dick pressed into me, we kissed as we danced, again he played with my tits, tweaking and gently pinching my nipples, when the music stopped he looked at me, "Mom, can I do it now, can I play with your pussy now?" "Yes James, now you can play with mommy's pussy but not down here, tonight we are going to continue our lesson in my bed, would you like that James?" I asked, and holding his hand we went upstairs to my bedroom. I lay on my bed, bending my knees and opening my legs wide, James went between my legs and started to lick and kiss around my pussy, he slid a finger into my cunt, it slipped in easily, I was very wet, "More fingers James, I need more fingers!" I told him, I felt my cunt being filled with his fingers, soon he was sliding his whole hand in and out. James was fisting his mom, he slid his hand out and went back to licking it, his tongue went in deeply, at the same time he sucked my pussy lips into his mouth, the hand that had been deep inside me had found something new to explore, until now he had ignored my ass hole, to be truthful no one has ever touched me there, not even my late husband, it was something that had never appealed to me but my son had found it, he was using the juices that were coming from my cunt as a lubricant, he was only rubbing around it with one of his fingers, I didn't want to stop him, after all tonight was his reward, whatever he wanted to do to me he could! I felt his finger probe my ass hole, just a little, 'He must have read about this' I thought, he was taking his time, making sure it didn't hurt me, making sure it was well lubricated, I felt it go in a little more, then deeper, deeper still until I guess he had it all in, he then started to finger fuck my ass hole while continuing to lick out my cunt, it felt good, very good. "Mmmmmm, I groaned out loud, that feels nice James, finger my cunt at the same time, finger mommy's ass and my cunt" he did as I asked, "Harder, finger my cunt harder, yes, that's it, yes! Now deeper, Deeper, Ohhh James, Don't stop, Mommy's cumming... James! You're making me cum..... Yes! YES!!!" my body shook in convulsions, shivers ran straight down my body, James had did it again; he'd made me cum. "Come up here James" I told him, he lay next to me, facing me, we held each other, I kissed him, "Thank you James, that was wonderful" I told him, "You certainly know how to make me feel good!" "Thanks mom, did I do it as good as dad used to?" he asked. I told him the truth, "Yes James, you did! Right, now it's my turn to make you feel good, lie back and let mommy take care of that hard dick of yours" I told him. I kissed him from his lips all the way down his body till I got to his dick, and then began to lick and kiss it from its base to the tip. I made it nice and wet and slippery then started to wank on it, "That feels nice mom" James moaned, then taking the tip in my mouth I sucked on it as hard as I could which made him moan louder, "Is mommy doing a good job sucking her baby's dick?" I asked, "Very nice" he moaned, I began to take more and more till it was completely in my mouth, then sucking and bobbing I gave him his blow job, I played with his balls with my hand at the same time, then a thought came to me, I had enjoyed James fingering my ass hole, I wondered if he would get the same enjoyment? Using saliva, I began to rub around his ass hole while I sucked his dick, then I gently started to slide a finger into him. "Mom, what are you doing?" "Sshh, lie back and enjoy it darling" I told him, before long he was groaning with pleasure, I had taken my time and had made sure it was well lubricated so it was now sliding in easily. "I'm coming mommy" he told me, I continued to finger his ass hole but this time instead of taking my mouth off his dick I buried it deep into my mouth, then as he shot out his hot spunk I took it all, I didn't stop sucking till the last of his spunk was drained from his dick, I had swallowed it all! Sliding my mouth off his dick I made my way back up to James, "Did mommy do ok for her little boy?" "That was great mom, I never realized that it would feel like that when you poked

my ass!" We kissed again and fooled around for some time, James spent ages working on my tits, stroking my body, feeling and playing with my pussy and cunt. "Can I fuck you now mom?" he asked. "Ok darling, is there any particular position you want to fuck me in?" I asked, "Every way there is mom, every way you can show me!" he replied. For the next thirty minutes he fucked me good, I directed him, showing him all the positions I knew, and even some that before tonight I didn't! He was fucking me doggie style when he stopped, "Mommy, can I fuck your asshole?" he asked. Tonight he was the first to finger my ass hole and now he wanted to fuck it! "I don't know James, I have never been fucked in my ass before" I told him, "Didn't dad ever want to do it?" he asked. "Yes, he wanted to but I didn't let him" I said, "Please mom, it was good when I fingered it, can I try, please mommy, will you let me try?" I wanted to please James; I wanted to be his whore mommy. "Ok darling, mommy will let you try but make it

nice and wet first or it will hurt mommy" I instructed, "Do what you did before first, finger it a bit, then slide it in slowly" He knelt behind me and started to prepare my ass hole, getting it ready to take his dick, I felt his dick start to slide in, "Slowly James!" I cried out, "Be gentle!" he took his time and very gently started to fuck my ass. It wasn't long before he was banging away, my ass hole, now loosened easily took his hard dick, as he fucked me his hands reached under my chest and he played with my swinging tits, he fucked me deep, deep and hard, I felt his dick begin to swell and start to get harder, I knew he was about to cum, "I'm ready mom! Can I come in your ass mom?" he asked. "Yes James, Do it, cum inside me!" I yelled, he lunged into me and I felt his spunk flood my ass hole, his dick twitched several times as he shot out his spunk, then exhausted he collapsed on top of me and lay there breathing heavily. He rolled off me and again we embraced each other, kissed each other. It had been an exhausting evening for both of us. "James, I think we should get some sleep," I told him. "Ok mom, thanks mom, thanks for being the best mom in the world, the best and the most sexiest!" He kissed me and started to get out of my bed. "Where do you think you're going?" I said. "To my bedroom mom, you said we should get some sleep" he replied, "No James, from now on this where you will be sleeping - with me, that is, if you want to! Would you like that James?" I asked, "Do you mean it mom? I can sleep with you!" "Well, I don't think that after tonight we will ever be able to get things back like they used to be, so how about you being my sort of 'Boyfriend' as well as being my son, do you think you could handle that, do you think you could keep your 'Girlfriend mommy' happy, I'd better warn you, I will be needing a lot of sex in the future, do you think you could cope with that?" I asked. James has been sleeping in my bed for the last year, he has taken on the role as being my lover very well, we agreed at the beginning that if either of us met anyone we wanted to date we would, if we wanted to have sex with anyone else it would be ok, there would be no jealousy from either of us, we both understood that the love we had for each other would never end and as long as James found me attractive enough for him to want to have sex with me I would be there for him, no matter who I met. Chapter 41: The Third Kind The door was an old, heavy oak, turn of the century thing, beaten and weathered, with years of damage around the area of the latch. A fairly new key set was about a foot above it, but as he pushed in, it opened without resistance. The moment it did, the smell hit him in the face. Predominantly urine, but a sickly sweet, acrid odor too. And a hint of Lysol. His eyes adjusted slowly as he slipped in, and closed the door behind him. There was a bare light bulb at the end of the hall, to the right of the stairs, which started just past the steel panel that read "Super". He thought about knocking, but decided not to. No sense in drawing attention to himself. In his light raincoat worn against a threatened rainstorm tonight, and worsted brown suit, the tie loosened on his white shirt, he already stood out too much in this neighborhood. As he struggled to take it in, this place, this awful place, a guy staggered down the stairs that looked like a homeless man. With a heavy, ratted beard, a knitted hat pulled tight to his head, but hair still sticking wildly down from under it, and three layers of dirty clothes, he was the picture of destitution. As the man slithered past Dan, the body odor added to his horror. Susan, lovely, earthy Susan. Here? In this hell of a walk up? There was a wood door to his left, and squinting, he could read the number 101 & 221 would presumably be upstairs. He started up. As he did, a low moan echoed, he couldn't tell where it came from. Jesus, he thought, its Dante. At the top, the hall turned right, and he looked down at the two rows of flimsy doors on both sides. The only light came from a dirty window at the far end. His stomach did a jump, as though he was going to throw up. He took a deep breath. His mother's voice came back to him, whispering over the phone from Phoenix. "You have to find Susan, dear. I can't ask Bradley. She called me yesterday and sounded awful. Begging for money. I told her to come out here, we could try to work things out, but she wouldn't hear of it. She sounded drunk, dear. As though she could hardly get the words out. She started crying when I told her I wouldn't. You know how Bradley is about her. Anyway, use

your credit card for anything you need for her. I pay those bills. This is the phone number." He found the address at the library in a reverse phone book, and looked in the Atlas for the street map. Even though the train ride from Boston was five hours, it wasn't far from Grand Central, so he caught the seven o'clock. He was afraid he had remembered this area from stomping around years ago, but it was even worse than that. The last two blocks toward the river, the derelicts, bums, whores and scavenging teens were thick, even at noon. One skinny black teen solicited him. "Ten bucks, baby, a nice blow job, right in the alley there hon.” He asked where 1517 was, and she just glared and turned away, muttering, "Crack head." He finally found it, without help. There were about five of the ancient brownstones, right in a row. He was standing in front of 221. It had been listed as Crockett, A S. The

little tag in a green brass holder hung at an angle said "Duke". He took another deep breath, and turned the knob. As he stepped quickly inside, looking guiltily down the hall to see if anyone noticed his trespass, the smell changed to a strong, thick perfume. It was awful. Susan was sprawled on her side on a cot in the corner, her back to him. She turned when she heard the door, and smiled at him. "Hi, baby. Bliss'll take care of you, honey. What you like, honey? You know what, this is your lucky day, baby. You carrying, I'll take you to the moon for fifty and a nice hit." He stared, feeling the impulse to gag again. He had last seen her waving gaily from the back seat of a convertible, heading into the city from Cambridge, after taking him to dinner with a couple of "dear friends". That was, let’s see, a year and a half ago. Her blonde hair spinning crazily around her head, giggling happily, her pretty, sensual face laughing. The two guys had been happy to get going, they didn't like her attention to her "Little brother", a year and a half younger than she was, too smart for his own good, she boasted to them. She had been born the day her dad killed himself at 17 Wall Street, as Bradley sat outside the waiting room, already after their mother. They had often giggled that Mum must've been pregnant the day the two were married; otherwise both of them would have wanted to wait longer, a "proper interval." As it was, he and Susan had grown up together, raised mostly by a nanny, and what emotional support they had came from each other. Bradley had hated her from the beginning. He and Susan had decided in their teens it was because she reminded him Mother wasn't a virgin when they married. Perhaps, in a way, that really was the reason. He walked over and sat down beside her on the cot. Closer, he could see how red and watery her eyes were, and she seemed to have trouble focusing as he neared her. One arm was thrown out to the side, and looking down, as the springs squeaked, he saw raw, red dots on the inside of her elbows. One was bleeding. His stomach heaved hard, and he tasted the railroad tuna salad as it tried to come up. He fought to control his nausea. She was mumbling "Whassa matta, honey. Look, I know I. Well yeah, but look at these tits, baby." Her fingers started wrestling with the two buttons on the dirty cotton shift she was wearing. He whispered "No, No Susan." She stopped, and tried harder to focus on him. He whispered "its Danny, Susan. Danny." He thought he saw brief recognition for an instant. But then, she sighed, and said "Come on, honey. Don't jive. Dike told ya, didn’t he? Just fifty and a hit. Take ya to heaven, baby." The tuna came up, spraying over the bare mattress as he twisted his head away. He could hardly smell it over the stench of cheap perfume. He remembered how nice she always smelled, as they cuddled to each other in his bedroom when he had the frequent dreams about robbers, or goblins, or, when he got older, Viet Cong. He ran over to the sink in the far corner, letting the rest of the sandwich out, explosively, as he turned on the water. The noise from the tap dominated the room. There was something nasty looking already in there, but he shut his eyes, though he knew it was too late. The anger was starting. That rage he used to get, that led him into boxing, light heavy Champ two years running at Yale. Bradley loved to get him to shadow box for his friends' amusement. He had always just gone along, unlike Susan, who began rebelling about the year they threw her out of Wellesley. They had grown apart so fast, she thinking he lacked courage, he thinking she was a latter day hippie. He cupped water over his face, then sipped some to cover the taste in his mouth. He turned, trying to control himself, pictures of grabbing her, dragging her down the stairs, out in the light, heading for a hotel, dancing in crazy sparkles in his mind. He heard her mumbling "Danny?" when the door flew open. A short, very black man came running in, brandishing a knife. He had black, waxy, shiny frizzed hair, a leather jacket, and tight jeans over a pair of black cowboy boots. Susan started to scream "No, no Duke, don' hit me. Isn’t my fault, baby. Ain't..." The man took two long steps to her and backhanded her face. He lost control. Even as Duke turned, and brought the knife up to a ready position, he grabbed the skinny wrist, and pounded his well practiced right uppercut into the man's solar plexus. He felt the wrist go limp, twisted it, heard the knife clatter to the floor, drew his arm back, then watched as the man slowly sunk to his knees, eyes bugged out in pain. "What, what...” He'd

seen it before. If they were out of shape, only one punch, in just the right place, was all it took. But it wasn't enough for him, as the man struggled, raising his head with obvious effort, and his sister wailed, "Duke, Duke." He punched down on the grizzled chin with every ounce of strength he could muster, and watched the eyes roll up, and then closed as Duke collapsed into a heap. He felt his head clear slowly, the adrenaline still there, but satisfied, at least a little. He felt pain on his knuckle. Enough to keep control, he thought. Susan was staring down at the huddled, bleeding body beside the bed, on her knees, a hand over her mouth. She was sniffling softly. He recognized that, the sad, belittled sound of a daughter becoming more and more estranged from her mother, with only her half brother to turn to. He remembered that, the sound, when his mind was buzzing with her closeness, the feel of her breasts pushing against him, her smell. His stomach heaved again. She looked up at him, still no recognition in her face. He

looked around; saw a canvas bag under the window, open, with clothes pushing up through the top. It was bright red. There was a pair of dirty white high heeled shoes at the foot of the cot, and he grabbed them, speaking in as normal voice as he could manage, that still sounded threatening, telling her "Put these on." He stuffed the clothes back in the bag, zipped it up, and then pulled Duke’s wallet out of his pants. There was a huge wad of dirty bills, and he counted out five hundred. He wondered later where he got that particular number, what was she owed for services rendered? He threw the rest in a messy heap over the crumpled leather jacket, along with the plastic wallet. Then, because he was still angry, he kicked the black man in the ribs. "Lets go, Bliss." He'd been afraid she might yell, or complain, or fight. But she just let him drag her along, tripping as they ran down the stairs. He felt desperate to get out of there, into the sunshine, fresh air, or as fresh as it gets in New York. Away from that smell. He stood on the curb, sensing people watching him, mumbling, one of the whores pointing at Susan, but he took deep breaths, trying to rid himself of the memories. Finally, he looked at Susan. She was staring at him, mouth open, but he had no clue what might be going on behind her wide, watery blue eyes. He looked around, but naturally there wasn't a cab in sight. He started up the street, when he saw one drifting down the other side. He dragged Susan out in front of it. The black guy driving started screaming "Hey motherfucker, I don' want no trouble. Get the fuck out of my way." He flashed a fifty, and the cabbie shut up instantly. "Where to, bro?" On the twenty-block ride uptown, to the Olympia, where he was known from the years at Yale, Susan curled up in the far corner of the back seat, watching him blearily, breathing hard. He was settling down, and caught a brief glimpse of a furry patch under the dirty white skirt. Christ, he thought, no fucking panties. He unzipped the bag, and rooted around, finally finding a pair, red, with a flower in the crotch. He handed them to her, and she silently struggled into them, as he felt a pulse in his groin, remembering how sexy he had thought she was as a teen, practically the only woman he ever knew of his age. He remembered being surprised when he finally got laid within two weeks of getting to college, it had been amazingly easy. The desk clerk recognized him. His first look had been with a sneer of distaste as he took in her tear streaked face, filthy dress, and shaking hand, but the light dawned when Dan flipped the Visa card to him. "Mr. Harcourt? Ah, yes sir, awfully nice to see you. Of course, yes, we have a nice twin bed, small sitting room. A Doctor? Yes, there are two I could call, uh, well, is it an emergency, sir? Yes, yes, I guess it is. Uh, may I make a recommendation, sir? Dr. Smith might be more appropriate, though there is one possible problem, sir. Yes, he's black, sir. But he's very experienced with, umm, problems like this, sir. I saw you fight in Madison Square Garden three years ago, sir, did I ever tell you? The year you went to the semi's in the Golden Gloves, sir. If I may say so, sir, you were amazing. I always thought the referee should have stopped Davies from his below the belt tactics, sir. Thank you, sir." The message light was on when he got to the room. "Doctor Newcomb will be here between two and three, Mr. Harcourt. I've given him, uhh, an idea as to the problem, sir. Thank you, sir." Susan stood in the middle of the room, staring at him. When he hung up the phone, she whispered "Danny? Danny, is it you? Really?" He took her in his arms, feeling hers reach tentatively around him. Her hair stunk, a strong, body odor kind of smell, but it was mixed with the perfume. He guided her to a chair. She didn't want to let him go, but he made her sit down. Pulling off the raincoat, his suit coat, and then, after thinking, his shirt and pants, he stepped quickly into the bathroom. There was shampoo, aftershave, conditioner, and two kinds of soap' in little plastic bottles and paper on the counter by the sink. Even some cologne. He went back and rooted around in the bag. There was a pair of red pants that smelled clean, and a tank top. He found a pair of panties that had a stain in the crotch, but smelled all right. He was carefully avoiding thinking. "Come on, Susan. You need a shower. Come on." He pulled her up, and unbuttoned the shirt to her navel. Her tits fell out, they were bigger than he remembered, and as he pulled the thing down, he realized she had gained a little weight. It actually looked well, a little fullness in the hips

that he remembered as thin and wiry. Her thighs weren't as muscled. He'd always heard people in her kind of shape got skinny. Maybe it's a good sign, he thought. Maybe she hasn't been like this too long. He saw her hand shaking. As he pulled her into the white tiled bathroom, she stumbled and moaned. He turned on the spray, and tried to push her into the bathtub, but she couldn't get her leg up over the edge. As he pushed down his boxers, knelt and pulled off the panties with the flower, he felt his cock stiffen, but tried to push it out of his mind. He stepped under the water, and lifted her in with his hands under her shoulders, feeling scratchy hair in her armpits. She grunted when she felt the water, and from the effort to get her feet under her. Her hands grabbed his hips. He poured shampoo on her hair, the long, soft hair he remembered always so clean and fresh smelling, and put a little in his own. As he massaged and scratched, he felt a couple of bumps that broke loose when he picked at them. Jesus Christ, he thought bugs or something.

He looked carefully, letting the spray wash the foam out, spreading the long strands so he could see her scalp. The skin looked white, he thought, not too bad. Finally satisfied, he stripped the paper off the deodorant soap, and used a washcloth on her face, then started down her body. He could feel his prick now, rock hard, straining out to her, and kept trying to ignore it. Suddenly, he felt her hand surround it. He was scrubbing her back by now, and he heard her coo, "Mmmmmm, baby, it's nice and hard, baby. Bliss'll take care of that for ya, baby." He shut his eyes, and grabbed her shoulders tightly, shaking her. "Susan, Susan, stop it. Stop it." She looked up at him, and grinned, an evil, daffy, pleased look in her eye. He felt her hand start to jack at him. He got some water in his eye, as they struggled. Anger made him slap her. Her hands came up to her face, and she started crying. There was a wailing emptiness to it. Hopelessness. He felt his heart pang, sadness ripping through his gut as he thought about them giggling as they swam in the lake during the summers, buck naked as ten and nine year olds. Fuck life, he thought. Fuck his dad; fuck his mother, oh shit. He released her shoulders, and she stayed like that, bawling softly, so he knelt and soaped down her stomach, then into the thick, matted tan fur between her thighs, thicker in a slim rectangle right above her slit than in the larger triangle of lighter, shorter hair that went under her. As he pushed the washcloth there, feeling her spread her legs slightly to allow him access, he heard her choke "Go ahead, baby. Go ahead, make Bliss feel good, baby." He pushed his finger up inside her, hearing her groan, but her hands came down to his head. "Go 'head, honey, use your tongue, make it wet, baby." He kept thinking what's in there, Susan? What kind of filth, what kind of disease? His cock spasmed. He grabbed her hips, and twisted her around roughly, shoving her against the tiles. Pulling her butt cheeks apart, he ran the washcloth through the crack, trying not to notice the brown clumps surrounding her rectum. He rubbed hard, as she yelped softly, one hand waving weakly behind her trying to stop the friction. He cleaned her legs quickly, then turned her around, and made her sit down, the shower spray hitting her right in the face. Her feet were filthy, and he scrubbed for a couple of minutes, noticing the length of the nails. When he finished, he leaned back on his haunches, his dick still straight out. Idly, he threw away the washcloth, and soaped himself up, then wrapped his hand around his cock. He stared at her fantastic body, nice full tits, and abdomen still flat, pussy spread a little, the water beaded sexily. He stroked twice, then squeezed and felt his nut. The jiz flew out onto her stomach. Her eyes were wide as he did it. She looked down at her abdomen; even as the spray drained the white goo away, then back to his face. "Danny, Danny, what...." He slapped her again, and she started to cry. "Jesus fucking Christ, Susan, Bliss, whoever the fuck you are. Wake up, will you. Jesus." He waited for his heart to slow, then dragged her out, grabbed a big towel, and started to rub her down. He heard her mumbling through her sobs "Danny, Danny, why, I'm sore baby, I can do that, baby, I can, oh shit." As he started to rub her hair, he thought damn, a comb. Then he remembered the one he carried. For some reason, he wanted her hair to look nice. He toweled himself down quickly, ran out to his coat and then back in, making her sit down on the toilet. He used the hotel hair dryer along with the comb. She had enough sense to turn slightly away so he could get at the back. He ran the comb through, down to her shoulder blades, as he directed the hot air behind it. It started to look nice, the way he remembered, and his cock stiffened against her shoulder. He felt her start, then lean back against it. He felt a tear roll down his cheek as her hand reached around and covered the head of his shaft. He pushed her roughly away, and pulled his hips back. She tried to twist her head around, but he pushed it back. As he was sliding the panties up her legs, he felt her shiver. Looking up, he saw her hand drifting vaguely toward her pussy. "Baby, you got off, honey, I got to too, honey. Hey look, you carrying'? Let’s get high baby, then get off, okay honey?" It's going to be a nightmare, he thought. He felt better after the good club sandwich, and full glass of milk. Susan had gulped down the chocolate éclairs, but hadn't touched the sandwich or the milk or the bread. She hadn't said a word for the last hour, just stared at him. She had started

rubbing her thighs, nervously, and had been pacing for the last ten minutes. There was a new, edgy look in her eyes. Suddenly, she hurried over to the little bar, and pulled at the door. When it didn't open, she stared at it, and then looked at him. "Danny, open it, will you. I need a drink." He told her to eat something. She answered, "Fuck that, little brother. I need a drink." She shivered again, and her eyes softened. She stood, and cupped her braless breasts through the tank. "You like'em, huh Danny. You always have, honey. C'mon, get me a drink, baby, and let's get it on. We always wanted to, didn't we? I remember your little cock getting so hard when we'd cuddle. It isn't so little anymore, Danny." She giggled a strained, choked sort of sound. "Maybe I ought to call you big brother, from now on. C'mon, baby. It'll be great. Remember how you used to peek at me when I showered? You thought I didn't know. Fucking Bradley. I used to watch you beat off too, honey. I remember trying to get Ma to send you to the local school, so you could get laid. You never thought girls liked

you. Fucking Bradley. Fucking private school." His anger fired again. He could feel himself charging up, wanting to strike out. He closed his eyes. "Susan, sit down. Sit down." She waited for a moment, then pleaded "C'mon, Danny, open it, please? I really need something, I mean, just a taste, that's all honey." He pushed the chair back, and as he rose, caught the edge of his knee on something under the table. He felt a surge of anger, and reached her with two long steps, grabbing her wrist, and throwing her to the bed. He stood over her, breathing hard, and her eyes were wide as she stared back at him. "Go ahead, Danny. Beat on me, then fuck me, baby. I like it rough, honey." His stomach did something strange, and he exhaled noisily, the anger leaving him as quickly as it had come. Through his confusion, he heard a soft knock on the door. He had to change gears. Oh. The Doctor. His mind whirling, he pushed the table with the silver and food into a corner, and hurried to open the door. The light skinned, heavyset black man standing there with a satchel in his hands stared at him. "Mr. Harcourt?" He just nodded. "Josh Newcomb, Mr. Harcourt. Can I come in?" He realized he must look strange, standing there, breathing hard, and mumbled "Dan Harcourt, Dr. Newcomb. Forgive me for being rude. Please do come in." The man took three long, ponderous steps, then stared at Susan, spread eagled on the bed, rubbing her thighs again, at the table littered with food in the corner, and the clothes strewn around. His gaze returned to Susan. He seemed lost in thought for a moment. Then he said, "Mr. Harcourt, she probably ought to go to a hospital. She has to detox. Get the various poisons; god knows what they might be, out of her system, then some behavioral stuff. About all I can do is give her a sedative to keep her calm. She's starting to come down, now. It's always hard to tell what they'll do when this happens, but it's almost always awful." He took a deep breath. Calm, calm. "Dr. Newcomb, I want to be completely candid with you. We have a complex family situation, which unfortunately spills over to our monetary situation. Neither Susan nor I could pay for the first hour of a hospital. But your fee here will go on a credit card that has a nice high limit. She has gotten to this point quickly, she was reasonably normal a year and a half ago, and this is the first hint of problems we've had. Without imposing on your medical judgment, I would beg you to help me try to do this myself, without involving anyone else. I have good reasons for wanting to do it that way." At that moment, Susan groaned. "Danny, Danny, I need some help, honey. Just a little help. Can this man do it, honey? Come on, honey. Be nice to Susan, okay?" Newcomb looked at him, then sighed, sat down beside the blonde, who wiggled a little, and held her arm out to him. He began examining her, seeming to pay particular attention to those red marks, and pushed up the pants to look behind her knees. It took about ten minutes, and then he sat straight, and looked at Dan. Again, he seemed to be thinking. Appearing to come to a decision, he rose, picked up his bag, put it on the table beside Susan, and opened it. As he puttered around, he said, "The tracks are new, relatively recent. I can't see any other signs of her using. When you found her, was she high, excited, or comatose, dreamy? Right, well, that does sound like heroin. You may be very lucky, Dan. Can I call you Dan? Here's what we can do. I'll take some blood, and get the tests run. May I assume I should take some vaginal samples too? Right, thought so. Not as rare as you might think, Dan. I'll give her a sedative, it'll last about ten hours. Help me get her undressed, Dan. You're in for a rather exciting twenty four hours." An hour later, he was sitting in the chair, watching Susan sleep, sipping a beer. He had thought about calling Mother, but decided she probably didn't want to hear anything, assuming, as she always did, that no news was good news. His mind, now under control, reviewed the last hours. He didn't feel any shame about jacking off on her. He had been so tense, with her closeness, so overwhelmed, so excited. He remembered her revealing her own feelings as she pleaded for a drink. Wonder how true that was, he thought. The Doctor's words, "I'll call you at seven, Dan. By then, I'll be able to confirm that it's heroin, let you know if there's any venereal disease, though you understand the Aids problem, don't you? Right. Tomorrow around noon, I'll let you know if there appears to be anything like meningitis, that sort of thing. At that point, I can

give you some more pills. All they are is a barbiturate that will let her deal with the withdrawal more easily. She can have a drink tomorrow, and smoke tobacco if she wants. Theoretically, if everything is as it appears, she should be pretty well detoxed by then. Let me put some antiseptic on that hand of yours." He thought about the lecture he was missing today. "Business Policy in a World Market." Who the fuck cared. It was downhill from here, he wasn't going to be a Baker Scholar, somehow he hadn't cared enough to make the effort the second year, though he had been good enough coming out of first year. All he had been able to think about was getting a good job, breaking free of the monetary yoke of his parents, buying that Jag in the little show room over on the South Side. He already had three fabulous offers. A flashback hit him, Susan, eighteen years old, going away to College, kissing him on the mouth in front of Bradley and Mother. Whispering "Fuck'em, Danny, just remember me, okay." Then French kissing him wantonly. He felt himself

choking, wanting to cry. He looked again at her relaxed face, just as a frown took away the soft peacefulness. Then her whole body twitched. But she settled back down, and he gave a sigh of relief. Christ. She was going to wake up in the middle of the night. He took the elevator down, and then walked in the sultry, late afternoon chill to the drugstore around the corner. He picked up a razor, he needed a new one anyway, and Advil. It was better than aspirin. Muscle aches, fever, nausea, you couldn't beat Advil. He grabbed a paperback, a pack of cigarettes, and at the last minute, a pack of condoms. He flushed at the idea, but kept them as he paid, with Duke’s money. It hadn't been Duke who got her like this, he thought. Somebody else. Maybe one of those fags she had been with last time he saw her. He made a note to himself, in his mind, to try to worm it out of her. As he walked back, he stared down a black guy who eyed him from a corner. Until the guy sauntered away, he hadn't realized he'd stopped, wishing the guy would make a move. Wanting to hit someone. A noise woke him, and as he jolted out of a dream of making love to a faceless woman, he heard rattling around in the bathroom. He bolted, half asleep, in after her, and found her with her head under the spigot, gasping, then drinking, then gasping again. He pulled her roughly away. She turned and aimed a slap at him, water spitting out of her mouth. He caught the wrist, and held it, waiting for some semblance of awareness to return to them both. Her eyes were wide, fear, or terror, or hate, he couldn't tell. Then "Danny? Where am I, Danny? What happened? Where's Duke? Danny, can you help me, Danny? I need a little help, honey. Did he leave something for me, darling? Come on, honey, I'll make you feel good, baby." He sighed as he dragged her back into the room, toward the bed, struggling with each other, her tits bouncing, trying not to notice. His cock was hard, and he had to pee. Jesus. He slapped her hard across the jaw, wanting to somehow jolt her, make her see herself, become the Susan he knew. She collapsed, glancing off the side of the bed, and then falling in a heap to the floor. He remembered Duke. But she started to bawl, in long moans, gasping after each, as he stood over her with his cock tenting his boxers. He reached down and pulled her up, feeling that goddamn hair under her arms. He pushed her back on the bed, where she fell, curled up, still sobbing. He hurried into the bathroom. It took a few moments for his penis to let the piss out. As he finished, he grabbed a glass, and filled it from the tap. Where were the pills? Bedside table. He found them on the floor, must have been knocked off. It was one of those bottles you had to press and turn. He knelt beside her, pulling her hands away from her face, wet from her tears. "Take these, Susan. Here." He pushed them into her mouth, and then showed her the glass of water. She stared at him, then at the water. Sighing, she lurched to a sitting position, her knees spread on either side of him as he knelt there. His eyes fell to the crotch of her red panties. He saw a quick grin on her face, then a frown, and a shudder, and she grabbed the glass, gulping it down, swallowing, then coughing. She took a deep breath, and then closed her eyes. Tears squeezed out onto her cheeks. He started to rise, to get the Advil, but she stopped him. In a small voice, trembling "Danny, Danny, d...don't go, stay with me. Did you cold cock Duke? I think I remember that. You jizzed on me, too. I remember that. You...we were both naked. I wanted you to fuck me, Danny. The Doctor. Oh shit, Danny. I hurt honey. Look, where'd you bring me? If we're uptown, you can get right down on Tenth Street, honey. Ask for Louie. Underneath the "Sweet Spot". It's a bar. Tell 'em it's for Bliss, baby. He'll make it right." He saw her head nod. A shiver ran through her. He got up, went in to the bathroom, and splashed water on his face. He ran his fingers through his hair, wet, so the wildness wasn't so bad. He went back, and found her on her back, staring at the ceiling. Her boobs stood full and firm, leaning to the side slightly. She was wiggling her toes, and looked over as he approached. "You've gotten big, Danny. Buffed, too. Can't remember the last time I saw you without clothes on. Why wouldn't you fuck me, Danny? That was a big load you dumped on me. I'd have liked that in my pussy, honey. My little brother, so strong, saving me, Danny, help me Danny, I need some thing, Dannnyyyyyyy." He lay down and nuzzled to her, one arm under the pillow, the other around her waist, His cock was pulsing.

She rolled to him, groaning. "You want me to turkey, don't you Danny? Oh darling, I'm just chipping' honey. I can get off it, really. But I need it now. It's been a stressful day, Danny. Jus' need something' to relax, that's all. I'll give you a nice blowjob, little brother. Don't you beat off no more, now? I guess I might get pregnant, baby, but I'd love to eat your spunk, honey. I like the taste, I do. And I'm good at it, everybody says so." There was a long silence, as she snuggled to him. His cock was starting to pulse, her naked boobs, pillowing as she writhed gently against his fevered skin, starting to excite him toward madness. He was having trouble breathing. He heard her start to whisper "You're not gonna do it, are you Danny? You think it's terrible, you think I'm terrible, an addict, a whore." She started to cry mournfully again. "Danny, I am, I am. Help me baby, help me." Another long silence, as she sniffled softly, wiggling closer to him. "Danny, fuck me, Danny. Remember when we used to fight, you said I was a hippy whore? I remember, I

wanted to jump you right there. You were so handsome, mad like that, so forceful. You still are baby. I fucking near creamed every time you slapped me. I remember that, too. I'll be good, darling. And it helps, you know. Last time, when Eddie got me down, he had all these guys, and they fucked me one after the other. It helped take the edge off, Danny. It helps, Danny. So fuck me, baby. Shoot your cum up in there, we've wanted to all these years, come on, honey, come on." Her hand had snuck down to the slit in his shorts, and she pulled out his cock, stroking it. She sniffled, and took a deep breath, and then she started edging down his body, kissing his chest, then his navel. As her mouth engulfed his prick, sinking it slowly into her throat, feeling her muscles work around it, his hands gripped her head. He tried to pull her away, but she batted his arms away, and it got to be too good. He groaned, feeling sadness, passion, regret, and wonder at this whole tragic scene. She went on and on. Suddenly, as she jerked up and smiled at him, he saw a little line of liquid connecting her lips with the head of his cock. "You're starting to leak, darling. Good sign, good sign. Eat me a little, okay? Just a bit. I'm already hot, Danny." He saw a shadow cross her face, and a quick frown, and another shiver. Then she rocked back and skinned off her panties. Lying there with her legs pointing toward him, raised and spread, she pulled her cunt lips apart. "Right there, baby. Right there, see, the clitty. Go ahead, baby. Make me feel good. Get my mind off the shit." That was what did it, he always thought. The sense that fighting with his urges only deepened her pain. Somehow, he expected her to taste nasty, raw, and fishy. But she was sweet smelling, musky, a tart taste over a lightness, he thought. She was already wet, and his tongue lashed into her deep, helped by her yawning hole as she held it wide open. When his tongue flicked at the hard spot at the top of her ovaled inner lips, her hips jerked against his mouth, knocking his head back. "Ohhh sorry, Danny. Feels so good, baby. Go ahead, go ahead." He covered the whole top of her slit, sucking hard, his tongue touching more carefully on her clit. He tried to caress it, with the flat, rather than zing it. She was sighing, undulating nicely, not too much, but enough to help him, to urge him on. He kept at it, and felt her slowly increase the urgency of her movements. His wildly spinning mind thought maybe she'd be satisfied if he could get her off this way. He felt her hands over his ears, pulling, but grabbed her wrists, and kept up his sucking and tonguing. Dimly, around the roar in his ears, he heard her start to wail, "Yes, yes darling, oh god yessssss." His mouth suddenly filled with cream, as her hips went wild and he opened wider, trying to stay with her. The suction broke, his tongue flicked out, and she squeaked when he hit the hard little nub. He was having trouble breathing. She was gasping, muttering unintelligibly, occasionally arching upwards, as her cunt fluttered around his buried tongue. After a moment, he heard her groan breathily, "Stop, baby, stop. Fuck that was nice. You aren't a cherry anymore, huh Danny? You know what you're doing down there." He rose to his knees, wrapping his hand around his cock. It wouldn't take much, and he figured she was finished, for a while. Susan saw him, and scrambled up to grab his hand. "No, honey, no. Want the main course now, baby. Come on Danny. Fuck your screwed up sister." He choked "Wait, wait Susan. Need a rubber." He scrambled to the bedside table where the package was, and shakily, extracted the little envelope. As he turned back to her, she slapped it out of his hand. "No, baby, no skin. Want it bareback from you, Danny. Those ass holes, always made them wear a skin, I think. Gimme a baby, little brother. Come on." She sounded as though she was in agony. Her face was frowning in a sad, yet excited way. "Fill me baby. With that big cock, and your jizz. I always wanted you, Danny. Always. Used to get off with your jockeys in my hand. Fuck me, baby, fuck me. Here, let me put it in. Ahhhhhh, shit that feels good. Do it Danny. Oh god, finally." He was staring at her, wondering as he plunged into her oozing hole whether he was ruining himself, yet knowing he would never regret this moment. He felt his dong bump something at the bottom, then push through it, hadn't ever felt that before, but began to undulate in and out slowly, the thrills scarily wild, his heart so full he could hardly keep his head. The terrible crack house was gone, her sickening behavior, the stench

forgotten, all there was the memory of her running through the woods, hair flying, skirt bobbing up and down, those long legs beating him every time, as his mind became thirteen, yearning for his sister all over again. She began to groan in time with his thrusts. Her legs gradually worked up from his thighs to his back, as he ground harder and harder into her, soaring, the gentle friction on his cock seeming to radiate throughout his body. Their skin was slippery now, sweat lubricating the rub of her nipples on his stomach, her lips and mouth sucking and groaning in a rhythm that seemed to dominate his mind. He lost track of time, and no thought of control lingered. There was just the thrill, the rapture, as images flashed in his throbbing soul, until suddenly, she pulled away, arched, and began calling "Oh, oh, oh." Then, as his hips began a crazy tattoo, she groaned, and held her pussy against his groin, eyes shut, lost in some other world. He felt the contractions, and began to shoot. The release flung him away somewhere, out there, soaring in ecstasy, a place he'd never been before. He couldn't

think, couldn't stop his hips from humping, and couldn’t see. His mind suddenly filled with an old image of her body in profile, water running over it, hands washing her hair, causing little jiggles of her tits. He felt his cock spasming, time after time, each a thrill beyond dreams. He collapsed onto his elbows, gasping, and gradually began to hear her crying, an honest, gentle, unforced release of her own. He kept kissing her, lightly, tasting the salty tears, wondering if she was sad, wondering if he'd made her happy, wondering if she was still feeling the pain of withdrawal. He finally rose up to look at her face, to find she was smiling. Dr. Newcomb smiled as he pulled the stethoscope away from her chest. "She's a lucky young lady, Dan. All the tests are clear, and I have to tell you there weren’t any sign of antibodies we often see in Aids patients. Even before the tests show it. Do you have any idea...”? Susan piped up "Doctor, I'm the fucking patient, am I not? You could address me. I mean, what am I? Chopped Liver? Okay, I know, but still. I'm better, really. It'd be nice, to get high, it feels good, y' know, but I can live without it. Thanks to you, and Danny. Still, I know it isn't over. The problem is, where do I go from here? Can you help, Doctor? I can't go to Betty Ford. If you need to know something, how 'bout asking me." They hurried along, her new light blue dress outlining her leggy body, his raincoat over his arm. She breathed, "I don't like this, Danny. I mean, what good does it do? He was just a typical yuppie, or X generation, whatever, taking advantage of a fucked up broad. Drugs are all over the place. It was a typical Saturday night party; nothing special, just went bad. He didn't know shit. Probably gave me an overdose. I can't even remember if he fucked me. Probably did, but I couldn't have been much fun." But he didn't care. He had watched her for three days now, fighting the tension, the pain in her eyes constantly, except when they made love. That seemed to get her relaxed, at least for a while. The anger was on him, and he knew he had to soothe it. They turned the corner, and she stopped. "There. That awning. Yeah. Fifty-Seven. I remember, 'cause I thought, varieties, you know. Heinz. Suite seven. I think the third floor. Oh shit, there he is, just coming out. Eddie fucking Sebastian. Liked to pretend he was connected." The guy wore a pair of linen pants, a golf shirt, a lime green jacket, and was signaling for a cab. The doorman was whistling too. It was ten thirty on Sunday, and there weren't any coming. Dan handed his overcoat to Susan, loped across the street, up to the lime green jacket, and yelled "Eddie. Eddie Sebastian. Hey, buddy." Eddie looked at him blankly, but instinctively smiled. "Uh, hi there. Look...." Dan jerked Sebastian down the street smiling and his hand firmly on the inside of the forearm, inside the elbow. "Got a car down here, Eddie. Get ya where you want to go, okay? Look, remember that party a month or so ago? There was a girl there, Shelly, Sally, Sue, something, wondered if you had her number. Real turn on, I thought. You left with her, but I figured, by now, you know, you might be willing to let me have a shot at the little bitch. What do ya think? Remember?" As they turned the corner, Eddie was starting to smile. "That whore? Shit, she was deader'n hell. Couldn't get a rise out of the bitch. Don't have a number, pal. She kind of dropped out of circulation, know what I mean? Your car over here?" When he didn't answer, the look on Eddie's face got nervous. They got to the alley, and he shoved Eddie in, waving to Susan with his free arm. He was starting to breathe hard. Eddie started to stutter "Hey look, what is this? Don't fuck with me, man. I got connections, know what I mean?" Susan came around the corner, her eyes wide. Eddie blanched. He gave Eddie a short jab in the stomach, feeling soft, out of shape flab give. The breath whooshed out, as eyes widened. It was the best way. No bruising, no blood. Yet. Dan wanted blood. But he wanted to make the guy piss his pants too. "Remember my sister Susan, asshole? The one you dropped off downtown? High on whatever shit you gave her? I don't give a fuck for your connections, asshole. The only question is whether you leave this alley alive." Eddie's face was pale now, leaning against the brick, holding his stomach, trying to catch a breath. He waited, assuming Eddie would do something stupid. After a couple of minutes, he did. The idiot sucked in air, breathed "Fuck you, motherfucker." and swung at his face. Dan ducked, came up smiling, letting

Eddie see it coming, and then broke the thick nose with a left jab. Now he had blood. Eddie sank to the ground bright red flowing down his face onto the lime green jacket. He crouched in front of the gasping, sobbing man. "I could kill you, asshole. Right here," touching the Adams apple "or right here” touch the soft flesh on the side of the head near the ear. "But my sister says you're just a poor, stupid, limp dick, pretense of a man. Not worth the risk. But next time you do this shit, and I find out, which I could, I won't let her talk me out of it. Nightie night, motherfucker." He landed a hard right on the jaw, feeling bone crunch, and Eddie was out like a light. It felt terrific. Susan was watching with her hand over her mouth. "Jesus, Danny." He strode out with his hand on her elbow, and she stumbled, ran a couple of steps to keep up with his long strides, and started to laugh. "Oh Danny, he looked so scared. That was so nasty, baby. So fucking nasty." She threw her arms around him, spinning in front of him, still heaving with her pleasure. They kissed right there, open mouthed, and wild with the thrill of

revenge. They got back to the hotel ten minutes later, Susan ripping off her clothes in a frenzy as they got to the room. He had calmed down enough to want to leave, but she was naked before he even got a chance to say so. He stood staring at her as a hand worked under her groin, pulling on her now trimmed pussy. "It's time for some pain for your fucked up sister, baby. I want you up my ass. Hard. Hurt me, Danny. Get me off with that cock of yours inside my shit hole. I'm gonna cum so hard they'll never let us back in this place." Her frantic plea got to him, and he tore off his shirt, and then fumbled with his pants. By the time he had freed his cock, she was on the bed, head down, hands pulling her soft butt cheeks apart. He buried his head there, licking at the small, wrinkled hole, hearing her moans. "Do it, baby. Go ahead, hard Danny, hard." She was whimpering into the spread of the made up bed, twisting her hips from side to side. He slapped one buttock, muttered, "Hold still" and pushed his stiff cock at her hole. Something happened, and it buried inside her a couple of inches, feeling tight as hell, but warm. He inched upwards, humped forward, and felt his cock plunge deeper. She wailed into the bed. He began to fuck his sister's tight bowel with abandon, amazed at how deep he got, the tightness of it, but the pleasure he was getting, as she groaned, the sound muffled by the bed sheets. After several strokes, he shook sweat off his forehead, and reached under to her cunt, burying a finger inside her. He heard her begging, "Go, go, go. Fuck me, baby." He felt fluid dripping down his hand as she creamed. His hips started moving faster, as he found himself bending slowly down to her back, wanting to feel her skin, letting his weight fall on her so his other hand could cup her swinging tits. He could feel her intestine start to open up, relaxing. She was still groaning softly, but her hips met each thrust, each hard stroke. God, he thought, she's so fucked up. And so am I. His hips froze as he felt his nut come, a wild, intense blowout, grinding in his stomach, thrilling him. She was growling, her eyes closed. Her pussy was spasming around his finger. He could smell her musky, hard cream, soaking his hand. He pulled roughly out, and flopped down with his hips near her head. When he shoved her shoulder, he saw her eyes, and it was that look he remembered from the first day, trying to get him to open the bar. An evil, excited leer. She almost jumped onto his cock, her mouth taking it all in, no more than an inch outside her face, and he felt suction, and throat muscles, and tongue. He groaned with pleasure. She sucked for a couple of minutes, noisily, occasionally gasping for breath. Her hair falling down hid her face. When she finally had him cleaned to her satisfaction, she lifted her head, and he saw the dampness on her face, and her mascara streaked. He pulled her against him, murmuring "I'm sorry, babe. I didn't mean to hurt you. You got me so damn excited. You okay?" She smiled in a wan, slightly crazy way, as she stared at him. "Danny. Oh Danny, you didn't hurt me. This is so fucked, but that was so neat, I mean the blood, the nastiness, the pain, I had a terrific cum. just terrific. They all are for us, huh? I don't remember ever being so happy, darling. Every time we get off, I remember something, your face when we used to cuddle, your little prick when we used to skinny dip in the lake, the way you look when you sleep. Do you know you snore? Not loud, just a little snuffle. Did you like it in my ass? I sure did. It used to be a punishment, like retribution for my sins. But it felt like love, with you. I'm sorry I wasn't a virgin there, for you." On the ride up to Boston, her freshly showered smell soothing him, her hand on his thigh, as they both read, he wondered about what was going on between them. She kept saying she was his whore, and he felt a thrill each time she said it. He didn't think he had ever enjoyed sex so much, even that first one, the skinny sophomore excited by the new freshman stud. He'd known her five minutes when she whispered, at the frat party, "I'm on the pill, Dan. Just so you know." Susan had gotten better at it as the evil drug left her system, more athletic, wilder, smiling more. They liked to talk about their childhoods, times they were close, their secret desire for the other, before and after sex. They had masturbated with each other, sucked each other to completion, and fucked several different ways. Yet she was still, in his mind, Susan. Sister Sue. He found himself wondering, often, if this was love. On an impulse, he asked

her "Is this love, Susan? I mean, like, everlasting, get married, have children love? The girl I want to spend the rest of my life with love? I feel that way sometimes, about you. Then sometimes I can't help thinking we're fucked up." He had asked her intimate, important feeling questions when they were young. This felt natural, the same thing, as though she weren't his lover. Then I looked at him, reached up and petted his chin, then slapped him very gently. "I haven't a fucking clue, Dan. It is what it is, and it feels so good to me, I'm afraid of losing it. But who can tell what it'll turn in to? Where you and I will go? My bad dreams are you going off to work in your gray flannel suit. I worry because I think that's your good dream. But I'm not going to look for trouble, not for a while. The bloom will wear off, honey. Even if it were all-normal, you know, it would. Wear off. I guess we'll find out more then." She smiled brightly, though a tear was drifting down her cheek. "But I think for sure we'll always have something of this fucked up weekend. I know I will." He sat gazing at her, the soft, post coital smile on her face as she snored

lightly in the motel room where she had slept for three months, and where they had begun to feel married. He showed her Boston, the B School campus, Cambridge, the "Red Zone", a neighborhood devoted to porn. She temped as a secretary, but mostly waited for him, thinking up strange, bizarre sexual games they could play, the theme mostly his raw anger that weekend in New York, and their crazy experiences there. She tried AA for a while, but not long. Still, she kept saying as long as she had him, their long nights in bed, his love and attention, she wasn't tempted, not even a little. She rarely had more than a glass of white wine to drink, and hadn't even finished that pack of Marlboro's he had bought in the city. But her sexual appetite was voracious. They had talked about trying to move somewhere where they could pretend to be married, where their parents couldn't find them, where they could hide in a cocoon of their love. But he had accepted the job in Chicago, truly amazing money, the second chair in a programming division, something about a multiplexing operating system. The day he had told her about it, she had first bubbled about living there, the windy city, a fresh start. But when she examined the literature he received as indoctrination, her enthusiasm began to fade. There wasn't a decent place to live within an hour's drive of the smoky, beat up area that housed the glass palace where he would be spending so much time. The company she was temping for asked her about taking over an office in Waltham. They spent one weekend looking at apartments. He called the local Venture Capital company that had made him an offer in January, but both openings had been filled. "We can visit, baby. I need you, but we have to live our lives, don't you think? I won't be happy depending on you all my life. But I'll always be your whore, Danny. No matter what." Jeremiah was a nice guy, he had to admit. Standing there with Susan hanging on his arm, in the lovely white wedding dress, her familiar perfume tingling his cock, as the Wedding March boomed out of the organ, he reflected on the last three years. In some ways, being apart had been nicer than being together. Every time they spent a weekend, two or three times a month, it was like a whole new beginning. He thought she had bloomed, the success she had with the temp agency giving her back the confidence that had seemed to disappear in New York. She had lived in three different places already, and they had made a special place for her in the Los Angeles office when she had finally said yes to Jeremiah Fulton, young, rising film editor. "He has this curvy dick, Danny. I mean, it gets hard okay, and he eats me all I want, but, I don’t know, there's something funny about the way it fits my pussy. Not like you, honey. And he wants to fuck my ass, but I won't let him. That's your hole, baby. Nobody's been in there since you." He had been jealous when she first told him. But the thrill of fucking an engaged woman for ten straight hours, as she promised him again and again they would always have each other, made the weirdness of it seem just another step in this strange relationship that showed no sign of decreasing its intensity. He'd dated a little too, one brunette with even bigger tits than Susan, but in spite of Bev's enthusiasm, it was a pale imitation of his wild trysts with his sister. He felt a quick grin pass his face as he remembered the nights in Mother's big house in Phoenix, when Bradley died, sneaking down to the pool to skinny dip in the warm, soft nights, then sleeping together until they heard the squeaky voice at one door or another calling "Dear, it's ten o'clock already, I know it's different time dear, but still, the cook will have a fit if she has to wait for breakfast much longer." Repeating the litany at the other door. Giggling as they heard her retreating footsteps, the smell of their lovemaking surrounding them. They started the slow walk down the aisle. The big Arizona adobe church was lovely, open and bright. A perfect place to start a new life. As they got about half way there, she leaned over and whispered in his ear "Your jizz is running down my leg, darling. You were awfully juicy last night." He stumbled as she giggled. Mother was watching them with that sappy look on her face, her new "beau", as she called him, sitting beside her. He had always thought she had to be awfully naive not to know what was going on in her house during the frantic year of probating the will, setting up the Trusts, even as Jeremiah burned up the phone lines to Susan. He remembered her stubborn anger at Jeremiah the day he called to ask her to keep the

money in LA. "Danny's going to supervise the investments, darling, and Chicago's the place. So just don't fuss, Jeremiah. Besides, it'll give me a chance to keep in touch with my brother. No, I'm fine, dear." At that moment, she was humping her cunt up to his fingers, both of them grinning. The minister asked, "Who gives this woman to be married?" He thought he sounded very proper as he boomed out "Her mother and I." Susan giggled again, and he caught Jeremiah frowning. Better be careful, Susan, he thought. But she wasn't. She called him from Fiji, two days later. "It's beautiful, Danny. And Jeremiah loves the gambling. He's amazingly good at it, keeps winning money at craps. Is it true the odds are closest in craps? What a word, craps." She giggled as he heard her tinkling a drink. "He's off skin diving, honey. I'm sitting here with that red bikini on; remember the one I used to pull up into my pussy? We met a nice couple last night, they live in LA too. Look, I thought that night before the wedding would hold me, Danny, but I'm horny already. The

agency has a conference in Houston the eighteenth to the twentieth. Could you fly down for the weekend? Jeremiah's going to be in the middle of some damn movie." Of course, he went. The hot tub in his penthouse threw up steam into the chilly fall New York night as they cuddled together, ten years of marriage for her, seven for him. Brother and sister, still unable to find any love that rivaled the one that burned between them. Beverly had screamed at him the night before, "We've had this planned for weeks, Dan. For Christ's sake, are you fucking your sister or what? I mean, the minute she calls, and you go running to her. Those goddamn Trusts are no excuse. It's not as though she lacks for anything." They were nestling to each other, just their heads out of the warm, soft water, her hand around his soft cock, his around her shoulder, cupping her tit. She'd gotten a good silicone job three years ago, not too obvious, but her tits stood up rather nicely, he thought. She was talking about her latest confrontation with Jeremiah. "He wants children, Danny. I told him I didn't. He said he'd met someone who did. I said, go for it, asshole." She sighed, and her grip tightened. He started to harden. She twisted around, and pressed her bald pussy to his hip. "Danny, we aren't being fair to them, are we? Beverly called me screaming last night. She sounds miserable. Not to mention pissed off. Let's say fuck it, baby. Let's go to Mexico, or Europe, you know, somewhere where we can be together, every day, every moment, darling. My love. My lifelong, fucked up, nasty love. I want your children, Danny. Not his. The clock's ticking baby, and If I'm gonna do it, it should be soon." He felt himself harden further in Susan's grip, thinking shit, after that great nut just an hour ago. She was right, he knew. It was no one's fault. His psychiatrist said it was a residue of their loveless youth. But the shrink was not convincing when he talked about working through it, freeing himself from this compulsion, this obsession. He knew he didn't want to lose it. "I've been looking at a little Web business in Paris, Susan. I can pick it up cheap, and it won't take up much time, but give me something to do. We can winter in Cannes." They laughed, remembering a time long ago. In unison, they both said, "Pardon my French?" He rolled toward her, as she swung a leg over his hip. As they kissed, her tongue filling his mouth, amazed at her power over him, the future seemed to glow in his heart. Chapter 42: Raunchy Sex This is a true story and however incredible it may seem now to me, it sure happened, and for good or for worse, it changed my life forever. I was 14 then and was going through changes most newly turned teenagers do when they step into puberty, I was starting to get pimples, the typical sign of puberty, and was constantly bickering about how gross they made me look, I guess my hormones were pumping with more speed than they normally do with most teenagers, I say this because I had started having wet dreams, erotic ones and got boners all the time, Especially in the morning, and my early morning ejaculations due to sleazy dreams and the occasional playboy centerfolds , were causing me concern , I was getting shy around girls and would often fantasize bout the girls in my class and then start jerking my prick when I was alone and in seclusion. The amount of cum I ejaculated when I was through with masturbation was staggering, some times I would leak so much as to fill a whole big glass, It was very thick in viscosity and pure white, and seemed to be forming inside my body at lightning speed, no sooner did I ejaculate after a long session of jerking off, my balls would start getting filled up again, and I could literally feel the cum building inside me in gallons, my scrotum sack was like a mini sea or something, It kept refilling no matter how much I leaked. Any way this is not the story I’m about to tell you. It began when I just had the spring break and had just begun to start having fun, my dad passed away in a car crash leaving behind me, my little sister Jane and my mom, with no earning member in the family I guess I was the "man" of the house now, and my mom had already started looking for a permanent job. But I guess dad had suspected something like this all along because a week after his death our family lawyer visited us and informed mom that we need not worry bout how we were gonna survive, dad had left us with a hefty nest egg…about a million dollars or so, enough for us to survive our lifetimes, that took the load off mom and we thanked dad’s soul for this generous gift. Any way, money out of the

picture now all we needed to worry about was to get me and my sis the education our dad dreamt we had, and that was no problem because I and my sis both were pretty good students, my vacations had started and I was now having the time of my life, I guess I could enjoy myself now, what with the tension of earning money was out of the way. Except for the occasional tear or two when we remembered dad…life was going pretty smooth. My mom hand stopped taking care of herself…she wasn’t too much into looks anyway, and after their marriage mom only dressed up for dad and that too on special occasions like their anniversary and she was not too much weight conscious anyway…so now that the only man she dressed for was gone, she totally stopped caring, she would never wear any makeup and had gained a few

pounds to her already increasing frame…but despite that she was attractive, in her own plump sort of way. My sis was far too young to realize that dad was gone and we made her believe that he had gone out of station to shield her from the pain. She was just six years old and still didn’t fully understand the concept of life and death. On the other hand I was growing, I and I mean that in a quite literal kind of way…I was filling up my underwear pretty well and me and my friends used to play the measure the weasel game during which I discovered that my cock was almost 9 -1/2 inches long and almost 3 inches in diameter, I pretty soon got the reputation of anaconda…which my friends used to call me teasingly. I was quite proud of my girth and stroked my cock on a regular basis…apart from playing Sony ps/2 and watching t. v, masturbating was my favorite hobby. I used to create weird scenarios in my head and would painstakingly develop story lines in which I fucked, licked and raped pretty much every girl I knew and sometimes I would even fuck my teachers in my fantasies. It was one such day when this incident happened, my mom had gone to the market to buy groceries and my sis was playing outside so seeing the golden opportunity I decided to delve into the indoor sport I liked the most. Being totally alone, I didn’t bother to bolt the main door and thought that if indeed someone would enter the house I surely would hear the front door croaking…and this is where I was wrong. Anyway, I was in the middle of a pretty good fucking scenario where I was fucking one of my teachers silly…almost on the verge of an orgasm when my eyes fleetingly glanced a figure in the mirror opposite me, it was positioned such that I could see the kitchen door and the entire kitchen too, I was ashen, totally flabbergasted but then I somehow regained my composure and while still gripping my cock I focused and saw that it was my mom, she had come home earlier than I expected and entered through the kitchen door, she didn’t realize that I had seen her in the mirror and before I could shove my cock back in the shorts I was wearing I fleetingly glanced at her face, and was shocked. She had the look of pure lust on her plump but very appealing face, she was wide eyed with surprise and praise and was watching my cock without blinking her eyes, that’s why probably she didn’t notice that I had seen her, my eyes followed her hands and I saw that she was vigorously massaging her crotch from above her skirt, almost panting, and out of breath too. I was pleasantly shocked that I could generate such kind of response in a seasoned veteran like her, after all she had been married a long time and until my dad passed away she probably got fucked every other night too, an evil idea flashed through my mind and instead of shoving my cock inside my pants I now started stroking it with added vigor almost in a frenzy and before long I came hard…a tidal wave overcame me and my sperms came spurting from my cock and went almost to the roof and then dropped back on my stomach and my chest…so much was the quantity that even I was surprised… this time was by far the most vigorous wank of my young life and the spurts didn’t seem to end for almost five minutes…finally I was a shoddy mess … drenched in my own cum and I carefully glanced my mom in the mirror…she was all lust…totally impressed by the amount of cum I spurted out of my cock , she was licking her lips hungrily and watching me as I slowly started cleaning my cum from my tummy and chest and to add to the wicked effect I did something I had never done before…I started licking and swallowing my cum off me , It tasted kind of weird and salty , but I didn’t care , I just kept on lapping it up one grab after another …after a long thorough cleaning which lasted forever , I got up and went upstairs to my room totally aware that my mom was lustfully watching my groin with hungry eyes . With a feeling of extreme wickedness I grinned and retired to my room. Almost ten minutes had passed and now I was regretting what I had done big time…I was so fucking ashamed that I performed like a pervert for my mom showing her the shameful display of my masturbation, thoughts were racing through my mind and I realized that because of the fact that dad had passed on it must’ve been terribly lonely and terrifying for mom, I really felt for her and remorse of what I had done filled me up. After all she was only human and the fact that it was her own son stroking his cock must’ve been a moral dilemma for her, eventually her lust must’ve taken over her morality and she ended up ogling at not her son, but a

young man in full form with an enormous cock shooting out his jism all over himself. I then justified my masturbating too, after all it was a known fact that almost all young teenagers stroked their cock on a regular basis, it was either this or boning and raping girls, which made them criminals. So eventually I kind of made peace with myself and went downstairs not knowing what to expect, my heart was pounding like crazy but I some how managed to maintain my composure. As I reached kitchen where mom was, preparing dinner I masked my thoughts and greeted her in the same cheerful way and acted as if the shameful event had not transpired …as I tried to hug her, she kind of shirked away and got nervous which struck as strange to me because I was always very touchy and playful around her and usually would scare the bagises out of her by pouncing on her and hugging her unannounced and she would usually laugh and take it in good spirits, but this

time she was literally sweating as I touched her and the nervousness clearly showed on her face as if something had changed between us…I regretted the time when I did what I did because I never wanted to compromise my relationship with mom , the playful touches and the games we played were so maternal and full of love and this made her getting over dad more easy…I cursed myself mentally for having jeopardized the pious bond between a mother and her son…and remorsefully I left home and went outside , desperately hoping that things were gonna change for the better when I returned back…after all it had been only 15 or so minutes since the unfortunate event had transpired. I returned around dinner time which was not usual because I almost routinely returned home well before dinner to watch my favorite shows on t. v while I waited for the dinner to get ready and then I, my sister and mommy would sit at the dining table and discussed what happened that day. Anyway, when I retuned home mom in her usual manner greeted me and gave me a verbal lashing for being so late in her usually maternal tone…I smiled inside and thanked god that she had returned to being her old self and took the scolding gladly while I showed remorse on my face for having committed this crime. Inside I was smiling ear to ear, my sister joined in the lashing and teased me and prompted mom to spank me for being so late, It was typically sisterly for her, she got her yaya’s by getting me into trouble and then when I got the lashing she would enjoy herself and tease me from behind mom or dad, whoever was lashing me. Mom on the other hand made a remark that was different from her usual one and quipped to my sister to leave her brother alone and that he was grown enough to be spanked or scolded like a child and that I was “ big” enough to realize my responsibilities… and I’ve quoted big because she gave me a very strange smile while saying the word and if I didn’t know better I’d have said that it was definitely sexual in nature, but I warded off these thoughts off my mind and dismissed them ass my perverted mind playing tricks on me and totally ignored her comment as she led us to the dinner table and we had dinner in the usual manner . Post dinner time was almost uneventful except for the unusual glances I was getting from mommy and occasionally she would, for a brief moment stare at my crotch and then look away, I would have otherwise ignored these looks if the event that happened today had not transpired but I couldn’t help but notice these stares as I was scrutinizing all the movements mommy made today. Again I dismissed these looks as pure coincidence, which they in reality weren’t but I didn’t want to go there and I purposefully denied my mind for wandering off to those thoughts and concentrated on watching TV until it was bedtime and we retired to our beds. After dad had passed away, my mom had shifted the TV from its usual place in the master bedroom to my room …now that I was the man of the house as she joke fully said the other day, so it was pretty usual that she didn’t retire to her room for sleeping and would usually change into her nightie and sleep in my bed …besides me and my sister joined in too usually and we three would cuddle up and sleep blissfully. Although we all had different rooms in the house, my sister had a dollhouse for a room, decorated with all sorts of girly stuff and pink pillows et al. But since the demise of dad my mom would give in to her request for sleeping with her on my bed and she, being the child that she was would sleep between me and my mom in my bed. But today…my mom didn’t cave in…she said that she was gonna sleep in her room because I was watching a movie I had always wanted to watch on TV, and the movie being action genre my mom didn’t care for em and so she said she was gonna sleep in her room because the movie had just started and she was very tired and didn’t wanna be disturbed by the noises of the movie. I thought that it was reasonable and didn’t give much thought to it and so my mom retired to her room and then caved in for letting my sister sleeps with her. I ardently watched my favorite movie and when It was over I rushed to the bathroom because of the full bladder I had and I had forced myself to hold the pee inside lest I missed a scene of the movie. The bathroom was at the end of the hall just next to mom’s room and my sisters room was in the middle…. right next to mine and moms. As I rushed past moms room I heard a weird noise but since my bladder was about to burst I just carried on and emptied my bladder …when done with that I tip toed back out of the

bathroom so as to not wake up my mom and sister. Again as I passed through the room I heard what sounded like a suppressed moan out of my mom’s room, curious, I tip toed to the already partially opened door and looked through the opening. My sister was terrified of the dark so all of our rooms had dimmer lamps in them so when we had to sleep, instead of turning off the light we would just dim it so that a faint light shone through the room, which by now we had gotten accustomed to…and the sight I saw inside blew me away, I was shocked …and shocked would be an understatement to what I witnessed. My sister was a pretty sound sleeper and once asleep she wouldn’t get up even if elephants marched through the room she was sleeping in…so she was asleep …but the sight that shocked me was that of my mommy, I don’t know whether she was asleep or conscious while doing it , but she had her nightie pulled up to her waist and she was on her back on the master bed , with her legs spread

wide apart , almost up in the air totally exposing her crotch and her plump thighs. She had her left hand inside her nightie from the neck opening and apparently she was squeezing her gigantic, almost watermelon sized tits with all her might and her right hand…o my god!!!!!!!! It was in between her thighs on her pubic mound and she was vigorously, almost violently rubbing her pussy with her fingers…it was as if she was in a trance or something and her life depended on how fast she could massage her pussy …wide eyed I stared at her pubic region…it was awesome, she had dense growth of pubic hair, which I was crazy about, I mean I liked dense pubic hair on women and my fantasies were filled up with women with dense, almost coarse growth of pubic hair…and seeing the growth of hair on my moms pubis I couldn’t help but get a hard on of my life and now , no matter how much I wanted to go away and not watch and invade on my moms privacy…I simply could not, my eyes now fleetingly glanced at her face and I got another shock, a bigger one this time, her face was covered with what seemed like an underwear, and when I focused my eyes better to view what it was , I was stunned, she had my undies on her face, the one which was soiled with my cum, when I earlier had gotten off and it was not only dirty, it had my cum smeared all over it and some pee stains and a hint of brown too, but she was delighted at the feeling of her son’s soiled underwear, which she wore on her face, and the crotch part of the undies was inside mom’s mouth, she was sucking and tasting and licking it wildly like there was no tomorrow and simultaneously she was now rubbing her tits and pussy even harder, my cock had a mind of its own now. I now stared…with my cock out of my shorts and in my palms being stroked by my fingers…her pussy was delicious, I mean I never liked skinny women anyway and those super models with their skinny legs and almost flat tits, made me nauseous…on the contrary my mom, she had the most plump and fleshy pubic mound I’d ever seen…not that I’d seen many…or any of them, but anyway, her mound was something I saw in my dreams when I stroked my cock, It was full and bulged out almost like a little apple and her pussy lips were milky white with pink flesh exposed and her clit , o my god , she had the clit the size of a little boys penis…and especially now , when agitated , It was huge protruding out of her pussy like a little penis and she was rubbing it like crazy …almost frantic and her breath was out of control and despite air conditioning she was sweating . But I got an even bigger shock …and it was totally out of the blue…she was constantly mumbling obscenities which I couldn’t decipher, but now I suppose she was about to come off and she literally screamed and what she said made me dizzy …almost making me fall off balance… “Oh fuck, aaaaah, jimmy, oh baby …jimmy fuck me with that giant cock of yours, fuck your mommy hard, ooh yeah…I want that cum…cum in my mouth, ooh baby your cum tastes soooo good…jimmy take me with that big cock of yours…please…ooooh” and so on and so forth, she was constantly screaming my name and how she wanted my cock, and now, I was in no shape or form to deny what my cock wanted …she had made it pretty clear that she wanted my cock bad and to top it all she didn’t have any qualms about it too…she rambled on and on and then finally , in a frenzy she came , It was literally as if a dam had exploded inside her pussy…she was drenched , and her palm was soaked in her delicious cum and she was panting and sweating like crazy and then finally she collapsed and with her I came too , my cock spewed out a spray of cum which fortunately landed on the carpeting and due to the sheer force and energy of my orgasm it landed right outside my door and got soaked in the dense carpet , I now tip toed my way back to my room after giving the area in the carpet where my cum landed a good sweep and then collapsed in my bed enacting and re enacting the incredible scenario I just had seen and once again I got a hard on, and after another session of vigorous hand job I drifted off to sleep and before dozing off I knew that my life wasn’t going to be the same, ever again…but , what the hell , I’ll figure something out tomorrow , I said to myself , and drifted off. I woke up with a raging hard on the next morning, almost making me cum had I not waken up and I squeezed my cock with all my might lest I shot my load off on the bed and got the handkerchief I always kept under my bed mattress for this sole purpose and hurriedly pointed my cock onto it and came violently…in fact so much was my cum in

quantity that the kerchief was soaked totally as if it had gone through a wash. I sighed in relief and then the entire incident that took place last night flashed before my eyes and I was now totally dumbfounded as to how to face my mom, because I knew that from now on whenever I would see her, it wouldn’t be as a son but as a sexual predator feasting upon his prey, how was I gonna control and hide my boners whenever I saw her… “God! Me and my hormones ” I cursed myself and then gave into the fact that I was finally gonna have to wear one of those v-shaped underwear instead of the loose fitting jockeys I usually prefer, if I was ever going to hide my hadrons in front of mom. I checked the time, it was 7 a.m. a bit earlier than the time I usually woke up, but nevertheless I was up so I decided I just as well would finish completing my chores , and as I gently stroked my cock from above my shorts as I got up , I noticed something weird on

my crotch area , it looked like a faint lipstick stain , shocked , I took of my shorts to examine the stain up close, and my guess was right , pleasantly shocked out of my wits I saw a faint lipstick stain on my shorts in the groin area… specifically the portion my cock rested in , lewd images started to pop in my mind and I could see my mom coming up to me while I was asleep and then fighting her inner demons as she realized what she was going to do and then give up and follow her primal instinct , and then just lowering her lips on to the bulge on my shorts and give me a wet kiss from above the shorts…did she do something else too , did she rub her pussy from above my shorts brushing her love hole against my throbbing member, I began imagining all kinds of perverted thoughts in my head as I walked to the toilet and realized one thing for sure…my mom was like a bitch in heat and all sense of morality and shame had been flushed down the toilet, and that she needed my giant cock bad… getting very pleased with my self and feeling pride as to invoke such feelings in a woman who had long lost her cherry ages ago and to top it all, she was my mother… the very person who gave birth to me 14 years ago, imagine the kind of heat her pussy generated to make her lust for no other than her teenaged son . With a look of determination on my face I decided that from now on I wouldn’t look at her as my mom …but as a horny slut who lusted after her son’s cock and fantasized about swallowing the cum emanating from her sons love stick. After all she was a grown up, a mature woman, and if she couldn’t take control of her animal instincts how could it be expected of me …a budding young teenager with hormones pumping through his body at lightning speed, and I thought to myself, “By God! If it is my cock that she wants, she sure as hell is gonna get it” and as I neared the bathroom, I crossed moms room and curious… I peeped inside …mom wasn’t there, It was just my sister, still sound asleep. Drawing a cold breath I proceeded to the toilet and I could hear the sweet sound of the shower being used as the water splashed on to the floor… “ I guess mom’s using it, ” I said to myself and as I began to turn back, another wicked thought raced through my brain, I turned and knelt on the ground bringing my eyes close to the peephole on the door. As my eyes adjusted to the view inside I couldn’t see mom, and then my eyes drifted to the ground, there she was, buck-naked and now as my cock raged in fury I squinted to have a better look as to what she was doing…and “Jesus! O my God!!!” I exclaimed, muffled up though as I saw what my mom was doing…her breasts were bobbing up and down and now I could see the actual size of her titties and the sheer largeness of them blew me away…. they were by far the biggest tits I had ever seen, as compared to he tits of the models of BBB, big breasted bitches, a magazine I regularly read to ogle at he enormous breasts of naked women…but my mom’s were far larger and to make it even better, they didn’t sag too much as I expected them to …what with her age and all…surprisingly they were taut and hung to each side of her body with amazing dexterity. She must be at least 200 cm. I thought to myself as the biggest I saw were about 120 c. m’s in the magazines and those were miniscule as compared to my mom’s. Her nipples were taut, very stiff and protruded almost an inch outside and her areoles were the size of my entire palm…my eyes followed downward towards her belly button and landed on her pubic mound…. richly populated with her pubic hair, black in color and very dense, even denser than mine I thought. She was on the floor with her legs in the air wide apart and this time she was doing something that swept the floor beneath my legs… she was rubbing her engorged clit with her right hand and the left hand…o my God! It was shoving a long cucumber in and out of her asshole …vigorously shoving it in and out and due to this intense motion her tits were bobbing up and down in a very sensual, slutty manner, I examined the size of the cucumber when she pulled it back out this time and realized that it was definitely 7’’ or so, and she was mumbling the same obscenities that she was, yesterday night… “Jimmy …ooh please fuck your mommy…yes, yes…that’s it…aaaaah shove that big cannon up my asshole and shoot your load on my face and inside my mouth…please aaaaah Gimme your load please… oh God” so on and so forth… now as I saw her, I was pumping my cock like crazy and my mind was racing with the possibilities of what I could do in a situation like this and no matter how much I wanted to go in and give her what she

wanted, I decided against it…I wasn’t ready yet, I wanted it to be a well planned act …not something I did just in the heat of the moment , so deciding on this I just kept pumping my rock hard cock like there was no tomorrow , then she did something that was so disturbing and yet so sexy that I was blown away , while still pushing and pulling the cucumber in and out of her asshole she now removed her fingers inserted in her luscious pussy and then she brought the same undies , my undies , she was using as a sex tool last night and then in the same squatting position she started to pee in it , I watched in awe as the golden nectar emerged from her pee hole , just down below her cunt opening and the urgent rush of her pee soiling my already soiled undies , when she was finished , and as the last trickles of her piss dropped on them , she picked them up in her hand and then shoved the soiled crotch portion in her hungry , gaping mouth and she started sucking on it ,

it was disgusting but still I found my self getting aroused as I had never been before , I realized that my mom was a toilet sex fetishist , when she was finished with sucking the combination of her pee , my pee , my cum and sweat from the undies she resumed her finger fucking…and as soon as she came under the shower sitting with her plump legs apart in the air , I did too…my load shot off a great distance landing on the carpet and I kept on shooting for what seemed like eternity , finally I regained my nerves and rushed back to my room and pretended to be asleep . After some time, what seemed like ages to me…I got up again and made some noises in my room so she could hear I was up and then as routine I headed to the toilet and while passing I saw mom in the kitchen, preparing breakfast, I greeted her in the usual manner …my eyes hungrily savoring each and every curve of her plump, voluptuous body as I neared her, I was surprised to see that she had dressed differently than usual…she had light make up on…a faintly red lipstick on her lips, some mascara and what seemed like rouge…and then as I kept noticing she was wearing a tight blouse , accenting her tits more than usual…and the blouse showed a lot of cleavage than what she usually wore …she had on a tight body hugging skirt covering just above her knees and as she caught me gawking at her , she smiled sensuously and jokingly asked , “how do I look baby”…at loss for words I mumbled “very nice mom , very …ummm…sexy” I blurted out and removed my gaze off her and in utter discomfort I prayed that she wouldn’t notice my hard on in my shorts resembling a tent… . But she noticed and boy did she notice, she licked her lower lip with her tongue sensuously giving the “your huge cock is mine” look on her face and said “ I think you need to go to the bathroom baby…you seem tense” she smiled wickedly as she said and I agreed and turned back and rushed to the toilet and blew the hell out of my cock while I finished the daily chores. When finished I had regained my composure and had worn the v-shape underwear which confined my manhood firmly inside, but also accented the bulge in my shorts very well…though no one could notice that I had a hard on or not…they surely gave the groin area a kind of sexy feel. When I re-entered the kitchen, my sister was up and was chatting with mom as she prepared breakfast for both of us … the mischievous smile of mom was now replaced with the usual motherly composure, as if nothing had happened between our relationship, I guess she was putting an act for sister so she didn’t suspect us, and not that she would anyway…because I don’t think she was aware about the birds and bees till then. We had our breakfast in the usual manner chatting about trivia and then we resumed our daily activities in the usual manner, I headed for my friends and my mom and sister returned to whatever the hell they did when I was out…the day passed by, I didn’t come home for lunch, though I badly wanted to…but my friend had gotten hold of this xxx movie from somewhere and how the hell wasn’t I gonna see that…I sure did and It was totally worth it…all of us had one hell of a masturbation session while the movie was on and we must’ve rewound and played the movie a zillion times until we all were exhausted and no more sexual stamina was left in any of us to continue watching it for the nth time…so we all parted ways and headed to our respective homes . As I entered, I was expecting hell to break loose as I was strictly forbidden to miss lunch no matter what…and these rules were never broken while dad was alive, but with him gone now, I felt that the risk of having a verbal lashing from mom was no big deal and that I could take it anytime, the fucking movie was worth the scold, but to my surprise my mom didn’t yell at me or anything, she just gave me a “you are a grown up young man, so you have to set example for your little sister” kind of look and told me to wash hands and join them for dinner… . I’d much rather have preferred the verbal abuse than this silent treatment because this meant that mom was mad and she was gonna give me the mentally wrecking third degree instead of just spanking the hell out of me. Any way I joined them on the dining table and most of the meal was eaten in silence…and then we all went up to my room and watched our shares of our favorite programs on TV, until bedtime came, mom dropped a bombshell on me… “Since you have been a bad boy, no more TV for you tonight…you are gonna go to sleep right away…understood?” she asked …and I nodded in return and then she told me and my sister to change into our night clothes and

go to bed immediately as she was gonna watch a documentary on nature channel today and being the bad boy I had been, no more TV for me…I thought it was only fair and didn’t resist at all and changed into my night clothes…. if you could call it that…I usually wore light boxers to sleep which were so skimpy that they barely came down my crotch leaving my thighs totally exposed , until today I didn’t have any problem with em but today… . ‘God! What a day’, I thought and then somehow concealing my crotch from my moms eyes I lied down on the bed, It was big enough to easily accommodate the three of us and so did my sister, but today my mom directed her to sleep on the other side of her so that my mom was in the middle of both of us…. i somehow concealed a wicked grin and immediately closed my eyes and pretended to be trying to sleep…where in fact sleep was no where in my sight, how could it

be…my mom…who had the hots for me was sitting next to me in her skimpy nightie , an almost see through which reached up to her knees. Somehow the time passed by quickly and I gave into my sleep, not being able to control it, until I woke up… sweating…and panting …I noticed all around me, the lights were dimmed and … the TV was off…I guess the documentary was over and mom had gone to sleep, I was disappointed, had she done what she did the other day, had she kissed and smooched my cock…God, how could I sleep, I cursed myself and as I was about to reach for my crotch to retrieve my cock out of my shorts I heard it. It was music to my ears… with partially closed eyes I witnessed …my mom was lying next to me and I could see that she had her nightie pulled up to her waist and her hand disappeared inside her thighs…which I couldn’t see exactly because I was not in the correct position to see it. There was hardly a distance of a few inches between us and so I just very slowly and carefully slid my hand towards her, I was facing the ceiling and so was she, so my hand reached her groin area easily while we were lying down together…. as I slid my hand, she was vigorously massaging her pussy with her right hand and her left hand was right next to mine…as she bucked her ass nearing an orgasm, her bare ass brushed against my palm…an electric current passed through my whole body leaving me paralyzed and I guess she had the same reaction… because all of a sudden she stopped rubbing her clit , and tried to control her breathing…and she must’ve turned towards me because I could now feel her hot breath on my neck so close that I could actually feel the heat emanating from her body . Since she had turned to my side my trembling hand, the one, which touched her in the ass, was now in full contact with the area of her body where the thighs ended and the stomach starts…she carefully maneuvered her body so that now my hand was touching her pubic mound, dear God! The same mound covered with dense hair that I worshipped…now she was hotter than ever, since the object of her desire was lying right next to her at her disposal and she was feeling his large manly hand on her pubic mound…but before she continued molesting me…. she stopped and laid her free hand, the one unoccupied, to my chest and gently shook me, she was making sure that I was really asleep, which of course I wasn’t, but I decided to give an Oscar winning performance and so I started drawing deep breaths , occasionally giving a snort , thus confirming her curiosity that I indeed was asleep , she now slid her hand past my chest to my bare stomach and reached my belly button…she tugged again and I didn’t react and continued breathing deeply…but it was now getting harder for me not to get out of breath and start panting , after all the moment I had been waiting for had arrived…but somehow I maintained my composure and continued breathing deeply as before , not concentrating on the attention my cock was getting but thinking of something else…anything…obscure…not sexy…but my mind kept returning to the present , she now gently slid her palm past my belly button and reached the elastic of my shorts and before I could comprehend anything she moved her hand to my groin , my pubic area concealing my massive cock , well hardly concealing but rather revealing my massive cock…naturally I had a raging hard on , what kind of man wouldn’t , no matter how experienced or self control a man had …no man on earth could resist a hard on when a woman is feeling up his body , and how could I be any different…but I kept praying that she would attribute my hardening cock to some wet dream I was having and not her actions . As soon as her palm cupped my raging shaft over my shorts…electricity went through my body starting from my cock and working its way to each and every nerve I had, and I heard her shell shocked gasp too…. she couldn’t believe the size of my manhood, It was staggering for her I guess…my cock was trapped in the confines of my shorts and was positioned upwards …towards my stomach…the position it usually was in whether limp or aroused…and since it was engorged, It was escaping past the confines of the elastic of the shorts and protruding out of the opening of my shorts like a snake in its hole…my cock head had the usual flow of pre-cum oozing from it , and it was wetting the portion of my stomach it was in contact with . She now followed the length of my cock from the base upwards and reached the head which was conveniently bulging out of my shorts and as soon as she touched it, all slithered with pre-cum she nearly let out a scream as to the wetness it oozed,

before continuing the caressing of my cock with her fingers she first gently took hold of my other hand resting snugly on her pubic mound and slowly guided my fingers on top of her pussy lips and started massaging my fingers on them slowly and sensuously and then without further ado …she guided two of my fingers inside her fuck hole and shoved them deep inside the passage I came from , her vaginal tunnel … . It was like plunging my hand inside warm butter…so smooth was the feel of it…and then simultaneously she gently lifted my shorts up in the air by stretching the elastic and slid them downwards and let the elastic rest on the base of my cock…thus totally exposing the entire length of my massive fuck tool… and with that she slowly and carefully lifted her upper body up and her palm took hold of my massive cock at its base and as she started stroking it, she came forward, her face nearing my mouth and

before I could comprehend she placed her lips on mine , very gently so as to not wake me up and whispered “jimmy baby…you have got the most impressive cock I have ever seen or even dreamt of…who knew I always possessed this treasure and never knew of it…had I known I’d have spit on your dad’s pathetic little pecker and have fucked you as soon as you developed the bulge in your pants… . Aaaaah…my son …my sexy son, I love u…” she kept rambling as she moved her lips to my chest, slid further down to my belly button, her tongue working magic all over my ecstatic body and then finally she reached my cock…which by now was in full form, I don’t think I had been so turned on ever in my life, so it was a big thing for my cock. So it sprung and dangled in full glory, all nine and a half inches of it, and then very slowly she gently brushed her lips against the top of my cock and got some of the pre-cum oozing from it and I could see her vividly, with semi open eyes as she brought her pre-cum soaked finger to her lips and then licked it with her tongue making yummy noises all the while, as if it was a culinary delight she was tasting. And then again she dipped, only this time she wasn’t so gentle as before… she grabbed hold of my shaft and then started licking it from the base up, fondling my large balls all the time and in the process she was slithering my cock shaft with her spit …and the mixture of her spit and my pre-cum formed a delicious paste, which she gladly lapped up. Then finally she reached the top, the almost purple in color engorged mass of flesh and she opened her mouth wide and then dipped her lips around the circumference of my cock and then started to swallow it whole…in the process she almost gagged … because of the sheer size of my fuck tool, but nevertheless she was enjoying the feel of my hot cock in her mouth and the yummy noises she was making was a testament to how much she liked what she was doing…. now I was in paradise and didn’t have control over my libido…it was as if it was functioning on its own , totally disregarding the instructions my brain was giving it…and so I started to lift my torso a little …a very obvious reaction to what was being done to me , but being in the heat she was in…she didn’t notice my pelvis gyrating to the rhythm of her sucks . And then the inevitable happened, it was but natural, I mean I was a virgin as far as having sex with women goes and the thought of me having a blow job was like a dream come true and this dream was being made true for me by no other than my mom…. so I soon burst, like a volcano erupting…I shot load after load of my sperms onto her open mouth …some of which escaped her mouth because of the sheer volume of it and so it landed on her cheeks …her nose and some on her chin, which she very hungrily and almost savagely licked off by her finger and then sucked the cum soaked finger , and while she was busy doing a lick job of my cum with her tongue , I got an evil idea , a very kinky one too , she liked pee and she was gonna get it , “o . K you filthy slut, you like piss drinking so you are gonna get a bladder full of piss from me, your son, ” I thought and while my softening cock was still in her mouth, licking my shaft clean of what ever remained of my pre-cum, sperms and her spit, I, without any warning let go, I shot out a stream of my piss as I applied pressure on my bladder so that the stream was not too torrid, but just the right speed for her to get accustomed to and then start swallowing, and while I was pissing in my horny mom’s mouth , she started to make gurgling noises and like a horny pig , she started to swallow her share of my golden nectar and soon my cock was draining my waste matter into the sewer mouth of my mom , who was enjoying every moment of this ghastly and disgusting act . I guess she had some idea that I was awake and this surprisingly didn’t seem to bother her at all, I mean she was so hot that she was willing to jeopardize the mother-son relationship we shared, and it seemed that she had made her peace with that notion…so now I got bold, much bold than before and decided to confront her and fuck her brains out, as soon as I decided this and was about to get up…I was disrupted by the sound of my sister waking up, ‘God admit … you little pest …what a time you chose to get up…couldn’t you have gotten up a little later than this particular moment …as I was gonna fuck the hell out of our mom?” I thought in despair. Apparently she had a bad dream and wanted to go to the bathroom and she asked my mom…. who by now had tidied herself up so Jane didn’t have any doubts as to what the hell we both were doing, and taking deep breaths,

kind of controlling her out of breath lungs she agreed to take Jane to the bathroom and then both of em got up and headed out…. I took a deep breath… “I guess that was it for today, damn you Jane …you poured cold water on my burning prick…I’m gonna get you for this” I cursed her as I adjusted my cock in my shorts, which were totally drenched in my cum and moms spit. The rest of the night was pretty much uneventful as mom and Jane came back and fell asleep. Jane in the middle of us this time, actually she pleaded mom to let her sleep in middle…. as this made her feel safer…. and what else could my mom say but oblige her…so all of us…fighting our inner demons …went to sleep. I woke up next morning with my usual boner and as the events that took place last night flashed through my eyes, I rushed to the bathroom as my bladder was about to burst and somehow, exercising control on myself I reached the toilet and emptied

myself, sensing great relief I now was deciding what I was gonna do for the day…. while keeping in mind what had transpired last night. And I had to be very careful about my moves because my sexual gratification depended on how I chalked this plan out, one thing was pretty clear to me now…there was no turning back on the idea of fucking my mom, she wanted it and if she didn’t have any qualms about it neither was I gonna have any. And would do what any man in my position would do…. fuck the bitch…regardless she was my mom or not. As the outlines of the plan formed in my mind I reached the kitchen, not knowing what to expect and how mom was gonna react when she saw me…. was she gonna be totally oblivious of what happened last night or was gonna talk about it…because I sure as hell knew that she was aware of my being awake last night while she was giving me head…. so slightly confused I entered the kitchen where my mom and sister were laughing about something while mom was toasting slices of bread for breakfast…I joined in good spirits …totally innocent and asked what the big joke was… . My eyes now meeting mom’s for some kind of reaction about last night…. She had a twinkle in her eyes and was more radiant than usual and though she didn’t exactly pounce on me and boned me…she was oozing sexuality from top to bottom…. I guess she was not ashamed or embarrassed about what had transpired…. so I played the casual game myself as our eyes did the talking for us. When breakfast was over mom asked me to accompany my sister to the mall as she wanted to buy some stuff and mom said that we should be back home by the evening falls and that at no cost was I to dump her and sneak off to my friends. Unwillingly I accepted, and promised that I’d be back by dinnertime. As I unwillingly reached mall and went through the tedious task of buying stuff for my sister, I came across a few friends of mine one of them being the one at whose place I had seen the porno movie and though I wanted to get the ordeal of buying my sister’s stuff over with and get back home to my horny mom and find the opportunity to somehow fuck her, I was lured by my friend who, informed me that he had gotten hold of some smokin’ rentals…xxx’s of course. And apparently they were supposed to be very exotic… “Its an animal video, it has chicks being fucked by barnyard animals” he informed me and since I had never seen “sex with wild” videos I got lured into watching this one. So I decided to get rid of Jane lest she spoils this one for me…and when I saw her, she was with her best friend giggling and chuckling and she informed me that I didn’t have to be with her as she was gonna go back with her. “Thank God” I thought and then after making sure she was going to be all right, I headed with my friends to watch the video. The video sure was hot; it showed a couple of teenage girls being fucked by a huge Labrador with an 8’’ cock. The video sure worked out a monster in me as my friends and I furiously pumped our cocks to the rhythm of the lab’s cock fucking apart the pre teen girl. Pretty soon we were all exhausted and decided that it was enough hand jobs for the day and that we should all head back to our homes. When I reached home it was already dinner time and now I wasn’t the least bit worried what my mom was gonna say…I owned her now…. one look at the bulge in my pants and she would succumb to lust and forget all about my being late…I smiled inside and reflected on how dramatically the situation had changed between my mom and me. As I suspected she smilingly greeted me and hardly said a thing despite my bratty sister provoking her to kick my ass and let me have the verbal assault of a lifetime, she just said, “Your brother is grown up now…I don’t have to be on his back all the time…and you stop being a pest and behave. ” “Wow…this is great, mom is actually scolding Jane despite me being the culprit…” I thought and smirked and teased Jane by protruding my tongue out when mom wasn’t seeing me…she made a face and headed back to the dinner table. We ate dinner in silence except for some innocent remarks my sister passed …as usual talking incessently about everything and nothing…me and mom exchanged meaningful looks while I still appeared innocent and acted as if nothing had changed at all. Bed time came in no time as my mom hurried Jane to bed and unwillingly gave in to her sleeping with us again…but this time, I had a plan…I told mom that I was gonna watch a movie I had been eagerly waiting for and that she and Jane should just go ahead and dim the lights and fall asleep, I was gonna shut off the TV and then go to bed as soon as the movie was

over. So far so good…I watched mindlessly as the fucking boring movie went on and on and I waited for eternity as it neared the end…I was now on one edge of the bed and could see that Jane was sleeping in the middle of mom and me as usual and that apparently mom was fast asleep too. As the movie ended I very slowly and noiselessly shut off the TV and then gently rolled Jane so that now she was on her back…one more roll and I would be home, I rolled her again ever so gently and was satisfied with the end result…. there was enough space for me to fit in the middle and now Jane was snuggly sleeping on the very other corner of the bed. I carefully dimmed the light even more until it was just enough to see the bodies of my mom and sister by glaring my eyes a bit. I slid down and eased myself on the bed and waited a moment staring at the plump and shapely figure of my mom lying next to me…she was

wearing an almost transparent nightie that reached upto her knees and which had a very revealing cleavage, I noticed that mom hadn’t worn it in a very long time …I guess the last time must’ve been while dad was still alive. She was lying with her back to me and her nightie had lifted up to her upper thighs in the course of sleep and now her plump, fleshy and milky thighs were right there in front of me, I followed her thighs upwards with my eyes and finally my eyes rested on the juncture of both of her thighs meeting at the delicious mounds of her ass, as she lay in a casual manner …legs spread apart haphazardly. I could hold on no more, I reached out and gently touched her on her bare thigh, just a little below the juncture where both thighs met…I applied pressure on the spot where my palm rested and gently I called out mom, mom 2-3 times until I was assured that she was infact asleep …but even if she wasn’t I was pretty much sure that she wasn’t gonna stop me…she was just gonna let me feel her up. Getting a bit more bolder now, I slided my palm upwards her thigh and then reached the portion where her nightie rested…I paused and then steadily, slowly but confidently started to brush up her nightie further up with my palm…in the process uncovering and exposing more and more of her voluptuous thighs until I had lifted the nightie upto her ass cheeks and seeing them I let out a gasp of delight as I lifted a little more completely uncovering her ass cheeks and rested the nightie above her ass. Her bare ass cheeks lay right in front of me, and now I was totally mesmerized by the sight of those delicious and ample mounds of flesh…I glared a little and I could see her crack disappearing into her groin and I could see a dark and dense bush of black hair protruding from within the crack of her ass and followed the growth with my eyes all the way upto her ass cheeks…she had hair inside her ass cheeks too, I let out a throaty groan seeing the dense growth and then gently placed my palm on her ass cheeks and squeezed it slightly…it was all flesh , in its most glorious form…I felt as if I had squeezed a sponge ball made of velvet , seeing no reaction I got bolder and placed my other palm on her other cheek and now with my both palms I squeezed her cheeks …a little harder this time putting all my lust into the palms of my hand…God , this was heaven I sighed and then went on to part the delicious mounds of flesh with my hands exposing her ass crack and her tiny puckered little asshole… her anus seemed to beg to be licked and fucked , and I could again visualize her pushing a cucumber into the same hole I was gawking at…it was pinkish brown in color and seemed to be protruding outside … . Kind of resembling pouty lips. I moved my index finger and slided it against her bare ass cheeks and then followed my way down to her pucker hole and started circling it with my finger…after a little bit of probing around her shit hole I applied light pressure and gently slid my index finger into the depths of her asshole …just upto my first knuckle and then pulled the finger out and smelt it…it was intoxicating, the pungent smell of the inside of her asshole should’ve made me nauseous but surprisingly I loved it…I then inserted the finger into my mouth and licked it …It was delicious , as I expected . I gave into the temptation of the forbidden nature of the hole I was about to make lip contact with, and overpowered with unbridles lust , I lowered my lips on the protruding , almost pouting gaping hole that was her passage to pass on the waste out of her body , I placed my lips on the delicious pout of the hole and then started kissing and licking it wildly , applying spit very liberally on the entire area of her ass crack , then I slowly started pushing my tongue inside the depths of her rose bud , and made a mini penis out of my tongue by curling it , and started darting in and out of the forbidden hole . The taste was acrid and sorta bitter but It kind of grew on me and after a little initial uneasiness, I started enjoying the passage to her bowels, totally taken over by my lust. After several minutes of licking and sucking and probing her pucker hole, I started brushing my hand sideways inside the crack of her ass and started lowering it …feeling the dense growth of hair in her ass cheeks until i reached and felt the hot, sticky and smooth mound of flesh that was her pussy…her pussy lips were anything but loose and saggy as I expected, because I assumed that older women. The post-menopausal ones stopped getting wet and had to use artificial lubricants to make their pussy fuckable, but not only

was moms pussy amazingly tight, It was kind of wet too, I don’t know what had caused the wetness…maybe it was me and she knew what was happening to her. Or maybe she was having an erotic dream of sorts. Anyway now it was getting harder for me to control the burning desire I had inside to see and kiss her pussy up close…so I succumbed to desire and started lowering my lips to her ass cheeks while still massaging her pussy lips with my fingers, I could feel her breathing get faster and could also literally hear her heart beat faster…I didn’t care anymore…if she knows, she knows…I wasn’t gonna stop now, no matter what, so I lowered my lips and kissed her asscheeks, gently first and then dug my teeth into the soft flesh and bit her…she moaned and I could feel that she was liking it , so I got bolder and then parted her ass cheeks and started licking my tongue all the way from her ass cheek to the crack of her ass… . Wetting her cheek with my saliva in the process and then finally rested my tongue on her shit hole…and started circling it with my tongue.

Gently licking and teasing it as I increased the pressure of the contact between her asshole and my tongue. I now was french kissing her asshole as I covered her asshole entirely with my lips and pushed my tongue inside the abyss of her asshole and started sucking it like a baby sucks on her mother’s tit. The inside of her asshole tasted so yummy that I now was totally engrossed in digging my tongue deeper and deeper inside her rectum and at the same time my fingers were working magic on her pussy lips, caressing and gently pinching them as I got more and more worked up, I hadn’t inserted my fingers in her pussy lips on purpose…. I wanted to devote my tongue on doing that job and also this made her crave for more of the treatment I was giving her . Finally after probing her shit hole again for about five minutes, I now started moving my tongue downward inside her ass crack…it was getting kind of tough for me to shove my head up her ass …between her thighs as she was facing opposite me and her legs were not spread enough for the job I was delving upon. So I removed my face from between her asscrack and got up and sat cross-legged beside her…deciding upon the best way to eat her pussy while still not disturbing her sleep if indeed she was sleeping. Then it flashed upon me…I wickedly grinned… “what the fuck am I hesitating for…she wants me bad…she wont object to anything I do to her , because it was her game from the word go” I thought to myself as I grabbed hold of her torso from the naked portion of her ass , just below where her nightie rested and slowly and gently pulled her body to straighten her up so that she was facing the ceiling and her legs were bent around the knees while her thighs were spread wide apart for my head to be shoved inside . I positioned my hands inside her inner thighs and then started applying pressure to spread them as far apart as possible…when I was finally satisfied with my work I gazed down upon her…she still was asleep totally oblivious to the nasty things her own son was doing to her…or at least she pretended to be…. And my gaze turned from her face to her tits…the cleavage of her nightie was unusually large and due to my manhandling her body the neckline of her nightie had been deformed and almost 75% of her tits were now visible to me, the mounds of flesh were huge, as I had seen before but now…. live in front of me it was an altogether different experience and the neckline of her nightie barely covered her nipples and aureoles and I could clearly see her nipples almost bursting through it and I couldn’t hold myself any longer …I just had to squeeze them , so , turning my focus to her tits and forcing myself to not just plunge into her pussy with animal lust , I raised my hand and reached for the large mound of flesh that was her tit and then I gently at first placed my palm on the upper half of her tits which was exposed , I just started to gently rub my palm in circles on the flesh of her tits and then slowly started to increase the circumference of my circles…dear God !I gasped inside …they were truly magnificent as I started to shift my focus to her aureoles and the unusually large nipples that formed the center of her breasts , started to tug on the neckline of her nightie and then inserted my hand inside and grabbed hold of her left breast and squeezed it gently at first. Then without thinking about the consequences I grabbed it out of her neckline and exposed it in entirety…this caused her breast to be accented a little as it was squeezed out of her neckline kind of giving it a push up bra kind of feel, then, letting out a deep breath I did the same to her right breast and pulled it out of her neckline and viewed the final result…they were now bunched together like to melons , sticking out of her nightie in all their glory . Now I started to bend on them and then gently and very slowly I placed my lips on her left nipple and started to suck it while my other hand started to squeeze her other breast gently but firmly and as my passion grew I started to be more savage and just held her nipple in my thumb and index finger and pinched on it. As I did this I swear I heard a moan and a squeal from mom…but when I startlingly let go of her nipple and drew back, she resumed to take deep breaths again and acted asleep… I heaved a sigh of relief and now I started to head for the bulls eye…. her delicious pussy. As I had separated her thighs sufficiently apart to accommodate my entire frame between her legs I got up and positioned my self such that I was now lying between her thighs on my stomach and her gaping pussy lips just teased my lips right in front of me …only

an inch apart…. o my God I whispered you’ve got one hell of a delicious pussy mom, I muttered and then got the faint scent of her pussy juices emanating almost franticly out of her pussy lips and as I squinted harder I could now see a thick stream of her pussy juice leaking from within her pussy and was making a stream and totally drenching her inner thigh and some of it was also flowing down into her ass crack… . I could no longer wait…I just slipped my tongue out of my lips and started to lick the delicious juice flowing abundantly out of her pussy and swallowed it hungrily like there was no tomorrow. After a heart full of swallowing of her juices that smeared her thighs and ass crack, now I placed my lips on top of her pussy lips , totally covering them and then slid my tongue inside her juice oozing fuck hole… . i was doing it…I was french kissing my mom’s pussy and it was turning out to be better than any fantasy I had ever concocted , I just gave into my desire and started to push my tongue further the depths of

moms pussy … . i then slowly , with the help of the index fingers of both my hands , parted her pussy lips apart and exposed the pink flesh inside her eatable fuck hole and I for the first time saw the inside of a woman’s most sacred , secret and well guarded place with my own eyes and the fact that it was my mom’s pussy spread so deliciously in front of me…the same passage that I came from , made it all the more forbidden and thus more sexier . My eyes now fixated on the engorged mass of flesh between her pussy lips , her unusually large clit… . it was bigger and more erect than I had ever imagined it to be…it was like a little penis inside her pussy , and I wildly started to fickle her clit with my tongue while I inserted three of my fingers inside her pussy … vigouorously inserting and pulling them in and out with lightning speed …her pussy was on fire then…it was producing juices by the gallons and it was getting hard for me to lap it all up with my tongue and as I was concentrating on her clit side by side , I felt it…I felt her vaginal muscles literally contract around my fingers as her clit began to tremble with feverish pace…her legs began to shake as her entire groin began to quiver like a leaf in a storm and I knew that she was gonna cum…an orgasm of a woman in front of my eyes…I got excited and continued with the finger fuck as I inserted all four of my fingers inside now and now I was literally giving her clit a blow job as I frantically sucked on it as if my life depended on it…and I saw the most incredible sight I had ever seen in my young life …she was contracting her pussy walls and her entire pussy area like crazy … I realized that she was having multiple orgasms and as if in awe I saw as her body convulsed to the feverish pace of my fingers doing magic inside her pussy… . it was an incredible sight , I wish I had a camcorder to tape all this . Finally after what seemed like eternity she eased down her ass on the bed back to the previous position as now I could literally hear her panting as if she had participated in a marathon, which had just ended. My tongue felt slightly queasy as I reflected what had just happened. I had helped my mom have the most pleasurable sensation that a human being could ever imagine…as I rotated my neck a little to ease my neck muscles which due to the vigorous movement had sorta cramped…my eyes fell upon my sister… and a bomb exploded inside my mind…wicked images started to flash before my eyes as I remembered the pre teen magazines I had seen in which little girls …even younger than my little sister were being boned and fucked and fed cocks the size of baseball bats inside their mouth as they gladly lapped them up with delight . Wicked thoughts raced through my mind as I eased myself up from my moms pussy and then from between her legs and then reached for my sister’s body lying innocently across the bed, I glanced at my mom and seeing her totally famished from the tongue fuck of a lifetime she had just received from her own son…I wickedly grinned as I sat beside my sister and pulled her t-shirt, the only thing covering her body when she slept and which reached her thighs …up and exposed her tiny and petite little pubic mound covered by baby panties…pink in color with clowns or something on them , I reached boldly , I was confident now…what the fuck could happen…my mom surely wasn’t gonna object , she was herself lusting for her son…so pot couldn’t call a kettle black . I pulled her panties down exposing her hairless crotch to me and before I could do any other perverted thing to her…I heard my moms voice, “what the hell do ya think you are doing…young man…” I was dumb struck…I hadn’t expected to be disturbed in my endeavor…after all I had given mom the suck of a lifetime, I turned and saw mom…now covering her dripping wet pussy as she guided the nightie back in place…I muttered something …what, even I didn’t know as I sacredly looked at her… “Come with me to my room, I have to talk to you young man” she said as she got up and left the room…with my heart racing like a race horse and my pulse quickening at the scenario that was gonna take place in my mom’s room, was she gonna hand me over to the police for molesting a minor, a minor that just happened to be my little sister. Not knowing what the hell to expect, I crossed the hall and entered my mom’s room. “Close the door behind you, I don’t want your little sister to hear what I’m gonna say to you”. Nodding my head, and with guilt plastered all over my face, I shut the door behind me and turned to face her…she was sitting on the edge of the bed…. She signaled me with

her finger to sit down on the master bed . I complied and sat down and with lowered eyelids…the typical sign of a guilty person, I sneaked a look at her… surprisingly she didn’t have anger as the prime emotion on her face, It was more of concern and affection, I was confused now, “what the hell does she have in mind” , I thought . After a brief silence she spoke “Do you understand why I called you here?” without waiting for an answer she continued “you’ve been a bad boy Jimmy, what the hell were you thinking, feeling up your own sister, and she is just 6 years old for crying out loud” she paused, “I know that you are going through some changes…most teenage boys do , you’ve got those hormones pumping in your body , and you gotta have an outlet… . But that doesn’t mean that you can molest a 6 year old…. You should stick to masturbation as an outlet to your sexual desires…it is better than you can ever imagine.” “I’m sorry mom, ” I blurted , somewhat ashamed “I know that

I acted like a pervert…I shouldn’t have done that , its just that I’m curious about … . Things”, I hesitatingly said. She smiled “its only natural baby…you don’t have to be ashamed of it, every man your age is curious about the mysteries of sex…I’d be surprised if you weren’t. ” She paused, and then with a spark of wickedness in her eyes, she continued, “have you had sex yet baby?” Nervously and blushing beet root red I answered “no mom, I’m kind of shy around girls, I just don’t seem to get them, and when around them I get dumbfounded”. “Any girl would be lucky to have you as her sex partner…you are just nervous , you gotta relax a little , she said and them got up and sat next to me and laid her right hand on my naked thigh , kind of brushing the dense growth of hair over it…innocently apparently , and then continued “have you seen a woman naked before” winking mischievously she said , I was takened aback , what do I say to this , then nervously I said “yes mom…in centerfolds of magazines …” before I could continue she cut me off “ no baby , I mean in real?”. Flabbergasted , I said “err…no mom…I haven’t” . “Really , oh poor baby , that’s too bad” , she literally teased me , mischief in her eyes , “I guess I can understand your horniness now” looking fleetingly at the bulge in my shorts while caressing my thigh , her hand reaching more and more closer to the prominent bulge in my shorts with each stroke “so do you masturbate honey? You don’t have to be shy around mommy , just forget its your mom you are talking to now and think of me as a friend of yours” . She was clearly giving me the vibe now , I sensed the green signal and got a bit bolder , “yes mom , I do , sometimes” . “How do you do it , tell me , and what do you fantasize about , ” seeing me getting nervous again she quickly continued “I just want you to get over the shyness around girls baby…and this way you can open your heart to me…I know I needed to do it when I was a teenager …but never got to…you are lucky that you have such a liberal mom , now come on tell me” , she said , a little hint of command in her voice . “er , umm , ” I fumbled “I just take my …you know…penis in my hand and make a fist and start shaking it” . “Baby you can be totally at ease with me , If you need to call your penis your cock , Its ok with me and so goes with a girls vagina , you can call it pussy or cunt if you like it” she was encouraging me into dirty talk , I took that as a positive sign and decided to play along, “Yes mom , I grab hold of my cock and then fantasize about pussies of girls or mature women,” I paused “I especially fantasize about older women , I think they are very sexy and know what they are doing as opposed to girls” Hearing my open declaration of my liking of mature women she smiled lustfully , almost ecstatic she said “any particular woman you think about , you naughty boy” , I paused and without thinking I said “well…I err…kind of think about my teachers a lot…they are really sex , err…good looking” “mmmmm… you are getting so naughty , and what do you think you are doing to them , ” “well, you know… the usual stuff…” I blushed . She let this one go and then asked “ Show me how you masturbate…maybe you are doing it wrong…I can help you in this matter , If you do it right it is sometimes even better than the real thing” she said as she stared at the rising bulge in my shorts which was getting bigger and bigger every passing minute . She now moved her palm to the opening of my shorts and brushed her fingers a little inside …not all the way but just near my balls . I barely could contain myself , but somehow maintaining my composure I said “Mom , how do you mean…err…what?” “Aw come on honey … . its not like I haven’t seen you naked before… I’ve bathed you a million times when you were a kid and I’ve potty trained you too…don’t you think I can handle it now” “Not by a long shot …you sexy bitch…it’s a fucking anaconda now…ooooh…how much I’d love shoving it up your pussy and ass” I thought to myself and then without a word…I hesitatingly asked “Do you masturbate mom , you know , what with dad gone and everything it must be hard for you” She sighed “yes I do baby , but it wasn’t like I was getting any sex while your dad was still alive , may his soul rest in peace, but your dad wasn’t what I’d call …a stud , you know… he pretty much had given up on sex when Jane was born…so since then how do you think I’ve been managing…I just had to rub clitty to get off” she paused at the choice of words she had spoken…kind of embarrassed she continued “you know what a clitoris is , don’t you baby?” “err , yeah mom…I’ve seen it in a couple of porno

magazines , but never up close and personal…as you already know I haven’t seen a woman naked in my life” I sighed and then stared at the sheer size of her tits … dangling right in front of me . She noticed my stare and smiled… “so show me how you do it , you are no longer going to think about screwing your sister for getting off , I’m gonna teach you how to masturbate to get the most wonderful orgasms you’ve ever had in your life” “well mom …how…I mean should I undress of just take it out of my shorts?” She simply made me stand up and then told me to slid them off…I did… . and now I was standing right in front of her…as she sat on the edge of the bed and I kind of dangled the massive fuck tool , erect like a pole in front of her eyes , filled with surprise , praise and lust , totally impressed by the massiveness of my member , now in full glory dripping pre-cum by the gallon , and the

slickness I felt and the attention of her eyes had caused the veins along its surface to protrude even more prominently than ever before . “o my God!” she whispered and then somehow regaining her composure she said “ I’m so proud of you my baby , you’ve got the most wonderful cock I’ve ever seen… . and not only in real life but on video too , yours is the most massive cock… . I’ve ever witnessed” she stared unblinking at my fuck tool , her palm involuntarily went to her crotch as she started to massage her pussy from outside her nightie… She was kind of in a trance and now I could play this game no more . I weighed the pros and cons of the step I was gonna take next and seeing her all wide eyed and smitten by the looks of my fuck tool , I decided that this was now or never , I involuntarily reached forward and immediately shoved my hands in the cleavage of her nightie and before she could comprehend what was happening to her , I grabbed hold of her massive and delightful mounds of soft flesh and started kneading them . So large was the size of those delicious mounds that despite the large size of my hands , I couldn’t fully cup them when I tried to squeeze them , so I just squeezed one of her tits with all my might , mercilessly and then took hold of the nipple of her other teat and seeing the erectness of them I simply took it in my forefinger and thumb and pinched it brutally . She broke out into a throaty groan as I squished the nipple in my fingers and started playing with it , she closed her eyes , experiencing the pure pleasure of my brutal act , then as if out of a trance she spoke , “Jimmy what the hell… . . ” she tried to speak and fake protest to the obsceneness of the act , my finger still pinching and my hand still pressing and squeezing feverishly on her tits , she made no attempt to take my hands away , I smiled and showing complete dominance I spoke , “Suck my cock mom , you know you wanna do it, and so do i… I wanna shove my cock down your throat till you choke or gag,” I pushed my cock in front of her lips literally touching them in the process , and because of the light brush , now her lips were smeared with the copious amount of pre-cum that drained out of me in liberal helpings . As if sub consciously she licked the precum with her tongue and tasted the delicious flavor of her sons juice . Her face expressions clearly told that she loved every ounce of it . She immediately broke out of her trance and raised her brows to protest and as she opened her mouth to speak , I brutally pushed my cock forwards and shoved it inside her open lips , I felt her teeth with my cock head “open up bitch , I know you wanna suck it and so do you , come on bitch… . suck your sons cock , its aching for your touch , kiss it and tell me how much you love it , you are a dirty horny whore , aren’t you , you’d love to have me shoot my load down your throat , wont you …look at yourself , you cant let the holier-than-thou part of yourself get in the way of your primal instincts , can you ? ” I vulgarly said . I literally shocked myself …not to say her too , but I was suddenly overcome by this overpowering sensation to treat mom like a dirty whore , a whore whose job is nothing but to please her client , and seeing the way mom was behaving these past few days…what else could I think of her…I studied the expressions on her face as she was beginning to comprehend what had just transpired . I could see that she was trying to fight her inner demons at the incestuous act she was about to delve in but then as I rubbed my piss hole on her lips , I could see her overpowering sexual desire taking precedence over any feeling of morality she had . “o dear God ! help me , jimmy please don’t make me do something that we are gonna regret for the rest of our lives” she pleaded with tears in her eyes “I have made my peace that this is how I’m gonna lead my life now , in total celibacy , and if and when I need to get off , I always have my fingers for it , please don’t make your mom stoop to the level of an animal , this is incest we are talking about baby” . “Don’t you think I know that you horny slut , I know what you’ve been upto , do you think that I’m both blind and stupid , you are acting like a bitch in heat for the past few days , I’ve seen you rub my cum and piss stained undies on your whore face , you want my sperms badly don’t you whore , you like swallowing the cum of your own son , so much so that , you’d suck it out of his dirty toilet ridden underwear , you are a pig slut whore , and you deserve to be treated as one , so drop the fucking act and start sucking your

son’s hard on in your whore mouth , that’s what it is for , do it you dirty whore and when I’m done with cumming all over your shit mouth and face and then making you swallow it , I’m gonna piss on that slut face and tits of yours and you are gonna love it , you like swallowing the filthy piss of your son , don’t you whore , you are gonna be my piss drinking whore from now on !!!!!” . I burst out on the insults and no matter the severity of the accusations that I was lashing my mom with and the dirty language I had used to express the character of my own mom , I loved each and every moment of it , I had absolutely no regrets now , not anymore . I held my massive fuck tool in my right hand and then slapped it on her face , her cheek , hard . So hard was the impact that a loud “slap! slap!” sound resounded the entire room and mom nearly cried out in pain , and now her face had more of my dripping juice which only added to the sexiness of the whole scene , there was a definite note of animal lust somewhere in her tone and I knew that she

was liking the treatment I was giving her . The slaps did it , I think , because now she was mesmerized with it . She seductively licked her lips and was staring the hard and yet smooth lump of flesh before her eyes as if she just had to devour it , no matter what . She whispered, in a breathy voice , almost husky , with lust written all over it , “So you’ve seen me doing that despicable act of lust , and you knew that I wanted that enormous cock of yours so badly , oh baby! I was helpless , I couldn’t help myself , the frustration of your father not being able to satisfy me … . ever … . in my entire life and not experiencing a single orgasm , during intercourse with him , compounded by the fact that now I’m a widow and have to live a restricted and conservative life , not for my sake , but yours , you see , I didn’t ever want you to be in a situation where you’d have to drop your eyes in shame just because your mother is a slutty whore , who bangs any cock in sight , so I made a resolve with myself that no matter how horny I feel , I’m gonna control myself and not give into momentary passion , and if I ever get out of control , I’m gonna just rub clitty and get over it . . ” she was sobbing now and I felt sorry for her and as I reached out and cupped her face in my palms and made her look in my eyes , she lifted her eyelids and looked up at my face and then giving a very lustful look she slowly opened her mouth and simultaneously she grabbed hold of my cock at its base and started stroking it , her expert fingers unleashing magic on my entire body…while her tongue started to work magic on my cock head swiping it gleefully. She was an expert at this I could see , I guess she had had her share of cock sucking sessions before she got married to dad . She sultrily started to swipe her tongue to and fro on my cock head while her palm was cupping my balls gently and she gasped as to the large size of my balls and also when she felt the amount of my cum deposited inside my scrotum sack…like a whore she now was totally into it and now she took my cock out of her mouth and started to mumble obscenities as she licked the entire length of my erect member . I lifted up her head from my cock momentarily and shoved two of my fingers in her drooling mouth , as soon as she opened her mouth wide enough to accommodate my fingers I immediately let out a long drool of my spit in her mouth and watched as it obscenely dropped in a long thin ropey goo into her mouth , she lustfully accepted my spit and then resumed her treatment of my cock in the usual manner . Although my cock needed no lubricating , judging from the amount of pre cum I was leaking from piss hole and it was further lubed by her tongue , slithering all over the length and breadth of my massive cock , but still , I had seen this happen in one of the porno movies that I had seen and I loved seeing it, it turned me on like crazy and now I was trying that on my own mom , how sexy was that? “you’ve got the most beautiful cock in the world baby… mommy loves to lick her sons cock more than anything else in this world… . God how long have I waited for this moment to happen , mmm…your pre-cum tastes so good my love , my son…I love you , now I can die and not regret that I’ve not lived my life to the fullest . . now come on baby , fuck your moms mouth and ram your beautiful cock in my throat , don’t show any mercy on this whore , who’s your mom , just treat me as you’ve been treating me so far…I wanna be the whore you want me to be , just for you my son , my love” she was licking , sucking , slithering and speaking obscenities at the same time and now she was just rambling incoherently like a mindless slut . This was too much for me , I now mercilessly took hold of her head from both sides and while grabbing her face I started to pump my cock inside her open mouth down to her throat with frantic speed “oh yes bitch…yea you cocksucking whore… take all of my cock … . u are a dirty little slut aren’t you , are you liking this ha? Are you liking me shoving my cock up your dirty whore mouth , do you like sucking your own son’s cock ?” . I groaned as the pace increased . “yes , I’m your whore …my son…my master…treat your mom like the little whore that she’s…yeah…mmm , your cock is so huge baby… . ahhh… , fuck your mother whore’s mouth good , I want your cum so badly , aaaaah knock me up make me preggy with your incestuous babies , fuck me show no mercy on my whore body…oooh baby” Then all of a sudden I felt an explosion blast inside making its way from my groin to my brain as I literally saw stars exploding before my eyes…mom realized that I was gonna cum so she pulled my cock

out of her throat and placed it on her tongue as she opened her mouth…I shot my load right then , as volumes of my cum started to shoot inside her fuck mouth , and so much was the amount that came out that she nearly gagged , but she hungrily started to swallow all the deposits I was making inside her mouth , In the process some of it escaped her mouth and started to drip from the corners of her lips and drooled down to her tits , I again grabbed her hair in my hands and shoved the entire length of my cock in her throat so that not a drop of my cum escaped her and kept shooting my load after load of cum in her mouth , she quickly scooped the escaping cum and swallowed that too…for nearly ten minutes I was in heaven as I deposited load after load of my cum into her mouth and she , like the whore she was , swallowed each and every drop of it . Slowly I pulled my flaccid cock out of her

mouth and still standing in front of her I controlled my breath , which was going wild…I looked down upon my moms face , she had a glow on her face unlike I’d ever seen before , It was the glow of sexual satisfaction… though I hadn’t exactly rocked her world yet , still this was the most two way sex she had had in a long time and she was savoring every moment of it . “Sorry I got carried away mom” I apologized , not really meaning it… because I absolutely enjoyed the way I treated her , and from the looks of it , she did too . She smiled “Baby you have nothing to be sorry about…because everything is fair in the heat of the moment… . besides …” she hesitated… . “I actually like being treated like a slut… . if that’s o . k with u…geez you must think that your mommy is a perverted whore… , don’t you ?” I laughed out loud , “on the contrary mom , I like a little bit of kinkiness myself and I bet you have no idea to the extent of my kinkiness ” . Her eyes lit up as she heard me and with a naughty expression on her face she reached out and held my semi erect cock in her palm and asked me , “mmm…really baby , I hoped you’d say that , tell me what kind of stuff you like ?” . This was going great I thought… “well mom…mostly I love doing what I just did with you and I’d love to eat a pussy too…I mean the juices that flow out of a woman when she’s hot make me dizzy with ecstasy , and I like a little bit of… . err…” I hesitated . “Go on baby…don’t be shy , I promise I wont freak out , no matter what you tell me , remember , we are friends now…not mom and son” “Well…mom , I like to think that I’m fucking and licking the assholes of girls and I love shoving my tongue up their tight assholes and tasting the inside of their bowels , I don’t know why but anal sex has always fascinated me…I feels like a whole new unexplored world down there . ” I pointed to her ass and reached out and slid my hand between her ass cheeks and felt the protruding hole of my mom with my fingers . I could see that she was getting turned on by what I was telling her…and I told her this for the same reason , to get her horny and the plan was working . She was flustered and breathing heavily…“you want me to eat your pussy too , ha mom?” I finally asked…or rather suggested . “I bet you’d like me up your ass too…I can see by those broad asscheeks that you’ve had your share of cocks up your ass , haven’t you? And last but certainly not the least I love pissing in the mouths of the girls I fantasize about , I love the feeling of my hot piss dropping on the bodies of women and having them swallow my piss in their mouth , and same goes the other way , I would love to have you piss in my mouth , God knows how many times I’ve dreamt of pissing down my teachers throat . Tell me mom , would you like me pissing on your tits and pussy and face ?” not really expecting an answer for the question I put , It was more a way to get her talking dirty too…and it worked again…she was visibly fighting her inner demons to not succumb to her desires , but it was a lost battle already , I could tell that just by looking at the expressions on her face . “Come on answer me , my lovely little whore” I teased her . “Yes , I’d love to have my … . err…pussy eaten by you… . and yes…I love having a cock up my asshole” she was literally panting as she blurted out , her eyes glowing with lust , and her body quivering with each and every contact of mine with her . “So come on you horny slut… show your son what a delicious pussy you have under that nightie…lose the fucking nightie … fast!” I ordered…I was surprised by the tone I was acquiring with her , and what was more surprising was that she wasn’t minding it in the least…if anything she was loving the way I was treating her…like a dirty whore . I now couldn’t take any more of this crap and furiously I grabbed her shoulders and then forced her to stand up …and in one clean sweep I grabbed hold of her nightie from the helm and lifted it over her waist , then tits and finally , completely off her . She now stood there , naked as the day she was born , in front of me , and her hands went instinctively over to cover her pussy…hidden behind those dark bushes , and I let out a laugh , “mom do you really think this is necessary…I mean don’t you think we’ve reached a point where hiding your cunt is no longer coy…its stupid” . She smiled nervously and uncovered her cunt…it was like a vision , those puffy pussy lips hiding behind the dark forest of her dense pubic hair …gave her a kind of wild sultry look and her breasts…o my God … . they were magnificent , hanging from her chest like two watermelons , they looked every bit delicious and

juicy too . “lie down on the bed and spread your legs apart as wide as you can… mommy…I wanna see your cunt up close… you’d like that wont you mom…showing your thirsty cunt to your son…and you’d love having my cock in your asshole and cunt again …wont you ?” . I was beginning to love this , and now I wanted to be as nasty and vulgar as possible , It was definitely turning her on , and it was so obvious that the answer to all of my questions was a resounding “yes” , she didn’t have to say it…her face… her expressions told it for her . But some how I wanted to hear it from her mouth… . so I just came forward and bent down to grab her inner thighs and pushed them outward , she complied immediately and with her legs wide apart she stood in front of me , I casually placed my right hand on her right breast and squeezed it… gently at first and then I applied more pressure as I literally pinched her areolas and her nipple at the same time ,

my left hand slid down , caressing her belly button and then reached her bushy pubic mound and just started to play with her bushes , making knots with my fingers and simultaneously very slyly I would caress her pussy lips with my fingers…my eyes were in constant contact with hers and now I could see that she was so hot , It was a sin not to fuck her , I somehow controlled myself and with a lustful hoarse voice I commanded … “Tell me mom…tell your son , how much you want his cock in your ass and pussy…” I cupped her pussy lips with my entire palm as I said this “come on you cunt whore mother…tell your son how much you want this” I took her hand and placed it on my throbbing cock as I said this . She literally screamed with pleasure as I rubbed my palm on her mound, “Yesssss… . i want your huge cock in me , in my pussy and ass…fuck your mommy … you mother fucker …fuck your mommy’s pussy and ass as you like… . show no mercy on my body…ravage it as you like …make me your whore … . ooh…I want you so much my son… . my lover…fuck me hard…” she went on and on and hearing her moan like this how could I stay in control…I went wild with desire , and now I lifted her right breast in my hand and brought it close to my hungry mouth… . started to suck on it like a baby… and then placed my lips around her nipular area and started biting and nibbling on it , gently at first but as her moans started increasing , I got wilder and wilder and soon…I was biting and pinching on it like a wild animal…showing no mercy on his prey… , simultaneously I inserted first two fingers in her pussy and then slowly started to finger fuck her…vigouorously and with time passed on all four of my fingers inside her burning cunt . She on the other hand went berserk …totally lost it and started screaming obscenities on the top of her lungs…without regard that Jane was just one door away…but I didn’t stop her…to hell with her I thought , If she hears and sees her mom and brother fucking their brains out…she is gonna wanna get laid too…works out all the more better for me , I smiled wickedly , inwardly . I pushed her onto the bed and then like a wild animal pounced on her…she immediately assumed the most submissive position for me to mount her on…she lay with her legs wide open and stretched out in the air… . and spread them as far as possible…with her pussy pushed outwardly , teasing me and inviting me to ram her with no mercy . I had other plans in my mind , I mounted on top of her and then settled on my knees on top of her…kind of positioning myself on her stomach rather than her pussy…she looked at me confused…then as I moved on further she understood , I placed myself right below where her tits ended …and placed my cock right between her tits valley…“come on whore … , I cup your tits from both sides…and make a titty cunt for me , I’m gonna fuck your tits first” I barked and as soon as I said it , she immediately complied…no arguments what so ever…I grew bold , I shoved my cock between the pussy like valley created by the intersection of her breasts and plunged forward…and at the same time I placed one of my hand on her pussy , kind of turning my body a bit…it was so erotic , no words could ever describe what I was feeling at that moment…I started to titty fuck her and in the process the girth of my cock paid off…when I would plunge forward , due to the sheer size of my cock it would reach her lips and so she lifted her head up and every time I plunged she would receive the cock head in her hungrily opened mouth… and would lustfully lick the pre-cum oozing from it wildly…I was getting the titty fuck of a life time and since it was the first real time fuck of a lifetime for me , I couldn’t last much longer , “ooh yeah bitch…I’m gonna cum…yeah , lick my cock hard…you cunt whore…you love your sons cock don’t you … you nasty little bitch… . I’m gonna cum all over your titties and face , I want you to swallow every drop of cum I shoot on your body…” I went to town on the dirty talk front and started to shake violently as a massive orgasm struck me… . loads after loads of ropes of my sperm shot out of my cock , one load after another , I swung my head back and closed my eyes without regard for the amount of sperms I was ejaculating , and where I was ejaculating… . i didn’t give a fuck…she would ultimately devour every drop of It anyway…so shoot wherever the fuck you wanna …I said to myself . Finally , when I returned to the real world I was pleasantly surprised to see that I had cum all over her face…it seemed as if she had taken a cum bath or something . …and huge gobs of my sperms drooled from her cheeks , nose , eyelids , ears…lips ,

every where…but what turned me on the most was that through her partially opened mouth I could see the inside of her mouth a color white…she had cum inside her mouth which , due to the sheer velocity and volume , she wasn’t being able to swallow it all… when she saw me gazing at her , her eyes met mine , they shone like diamonds as I saw her face light up…“oh my baby…you are the most virile man ive ever known…the amount of cum you ejaculated is staggering…I haven’t ever seen so much cum coming out of any man…its equivalent to a week full of your dad’s ejaculations… . my stud son , I’m all yours to fuck and degrade as much as you want … . just don’t ever stop giving me the loads of cum you gave me…I want to be drenched in it all the time…ahh…you sexy beast you” . “I promise mommy…I’ll always cum on your face and mouth I’ll particularly save each and every drop of it ,

no matter how horny I am and how badly I want an outlet…I will always have loads and loads to drench you with…” I paused… . “now show me that delicious pussy and asshole of yours… . i wanna devour it with my tongue and cock…I wanna fuck you so bad mom…my cock is thirsting for your pussy and asshole…come on give your son what he wants” . I pleaded…with obvious command in my voice…as if it wasn’t something I expected her to do…rather something that she just had to do . Her eyes went over to my cock which was getting erect again , and she had a look of disbelief in her eyes and her face was all flushed… “o my God , you are hard already…baby… . how… how could you get hard so soon… you just came all over your mommy’s face . This is the greatest day of my life…its like God has answered all my prayers at once…I always wanted a man who could devour me time after time after time and never get tired of fucking and ravaging my pussy and ass… . You are the answer to all my prayers…aaah…baby…I love you so much… please lick and suck your mommy’s pussy and ass…lick me all over , do with my body as you please…fuck me…rape me , ravage me… . don’t show any mercy , please my lover…my lovely son…” she went on and on… and hearing this I went ballistic…I spread her legs by grabbing them from her thighs and pushed them up to her tits in the air and told her to hold them with her hands… . this was the most erotic position I wanted a woman to be in while I fantasized of one… and now that I actually had a woman…it was my mom and she was totally willing to be treated like a whore…I gasped at the sight of her drooling pussy in front of me…it was producing juices by the gallon…it seemed like a pool inside her inner pussy lips , I went crazy and simply dipped between her thighs and with the index fingers of both hands I spread apart her upper labia…uncovering a sight unlike any I had ever seen before…it was like an exotic tropical flower , In full bloom . I went wild , dipped my face in between her thighs and a cat like dexterity I started to lick from the inner valley created at the intersection of her thighs and pussy lips , then slowly worked my way to her pussy lips , “lift your ass up some more… I wanna see that shit hole of yours too” I commanded . She immediately complied , lifting her ass up as far as possible… and lifted her legs in the air so that she was now embracing her own legs pressed up against her tits . “Tell me bitch…how much do ya want your son’s tongue to fuck your pussy and asshole…come on you horny slut…I wanna hear you beg for it” , I commanded again… God I am loving this , I thought to myself and then she spoke in a husky voice… layered with lust and passion , “aaaaah jimmy , you are driving me crazy … . Oh baby , this feels so good … . please don’t ever stop , keep doing this forever… , lick my pussy , eat my asshole… . Show no mercy…… devour me like an animal… , aaah… that feel so goooooooood…… . I beg you don’t stop … please , lick your mommy’s pussy and asshole… , its all yours… . I’m your slut to fuck and please… . Your mommy is your whore from now on…I’ll do anything you ask me to do… . no matter what… . anything…aaaaaaaaah” . She was definitely losing it and I knew that if soon I didn’t give her the pussy and ass licking of a life time… she was gonna go crazy… I hungrily placed my palms on her ass cheeks and supported them while I lifted her torso using pressure applied by my hands… now her pussy was exposed and vulnerable for me to devour…I bent a little lower and started circling my tongue over her pinkish brown pucker hole …her ass smelt so good , it was unbelievable… unlike what I had thought , i used to think that no matter who the person is , the ass is one portion of the body that’s gonna remain nasty and taboo , no matter what…how wrong was I … . Not only did it smell good…it tasted incredible too , took a few deep breaths and then started to move my tongue in long sweeping strokes as I licked her entire groin…starting from the asshole to the upper tip of her pussy , where her delicious clit lay…fully erect and protruded an inch outside of her pussy…her inner labia had protruded outside and now It looked more delicious than ever…I just went crazy and kept on licking and licking like there was no tomorrow… , I don’t know how many times her body contracted and released in the heat of passion that I was…but she was cumming over and over again in a frenzy and screaming obscenities at the top of her lungs , when I finally regained my composure I saw that her body arched upwards in the air like a bow , and she was jerking her ass and entire torso up and down with my tongue attached to her clit

of course…I hadn’t realized that in the heat of passion I had moved my tongue and my hands in unison with the gyrations of her body…like a well oiled machine our individual motions had created a perfect pleasure seeking machine…me the pleasure giver and she the receiver . Finally she collapsed on the bed panting and desperately out of breath… her eyes semi closed and her hair disheveled and sweat running down her forehead onto her neck and gently forming little rivers running down her tits… she was in a post orgasmic trance…where nothing in the world mattered…it was just her and the incredible experience her body had gone through and stars bursting in her head . I let her bask in the glory of her post orgasmic state and still in between her thighs …I rested my head on the deep end of her thigh…just near her pussy and felt proud that I had made a woman so ecstatic that she was in a different

world altogether… . the fact that it was my mom , just made it all the more better . Recovering from utter bliss , she smiled a very satisfied smile and looked at me with a new gleam in her eyes . I still was rested against her thigh and was kind of stealing glances from her . Her eyes assured me that everything was fine and , her smile told me that she was mine from now on . All the cunt lapping and the asshole probing had made me hornier than hell and now all I needed was an outlet , the outlet being , fucking her brains out . I didn’t have to ask… . My erect member gave the message for me , she took one glance at it and immediately she got up and crawled on the bed to engulf my cock in her delicate fingers , she gently stroked it , petted it , and then lovingly and like a tease , she took it in her mouth . I groaned . This was sheer bliss . She started to swipe my cock inside her mouth and her other hand started cupping my balls . I lay on my back in heaven , occasionally glancing at my mom , giving me the blow job of a life time , she was soooooo good that words cant possibly explain the pleasure I was getting , she was kind of giving my dick a guided tour of her mouth , every now and then rotating it from her tongue to the sides of her cheeks and then re inserting it down her throat… at one time I nearly came , she had shoved it all the way inside the labyrinth of her mouth . She had forced my cock in her throat and if I didn’t know any better , she was loving it , she was literally gagging on the length of my cock inside her throat , but the more I jerked it and pumped it brutally in her mouth , the more groans I would get from her , pleasurable groans , the groans of a woman absolutely loving her job . Suddenly I jerked my torso , literally making her choke on my cock… I was about to cum and this time I wanted to do it in her pussy , she immediately understood , quickly she assumed the submissive position , widely opening her thighs in mid air , giving ample room for my torso to crush her body with my weight , and I spread open her thighs even more by applying pressure on her inner thighs and then I took hold of my cock in one hand and started slapping it on her gaping cunt hole… vulgarly , making the juices lying in puddles inside the canal of her pussy to splash around , lustfully , I hissed “ I’m gonna fuck your pussy now mom… would you like that ? oh yeah mommy my cock is now gonna invade your pussy… , you cunt whore , ahh I’ve wanted to fuck your pussy for so long now… , cant bear it anymore… , ” “oooh yeah… . my hunky son…fuck me , rape me…fuck my pussy hard , don’t show any mercy on your slutty mom…my son… , ahh you are making me so hot… I can die now and not regret , you’ve given me the most pleasure I’ve had in the entire lifetime , how I’ve wasted my life by getting fucked by that that limp dick father of yours… if only you could’ve fucked me earlier…ahh” . She went to town on the moaning front and hornier than ever , I started pumping my cock in and out of her gaping cunt at lightning speed , almost mercilessly , as I would re insert my cock in her drenched pussy , it made a sloppy sound …a very vulgar and erotic sound that was driving me nuts … scholp… scholp…scholp… soon our bodies writhed and grinded against each other like a well oiled machine… . And within no time she was cumming , and my dick was drenched in her juices , It felt like a dam had exploded inside her pussy she moaned and screamed like a wild animal and as soon as the waves of passion drowned her , I wasn’t far behind , soon I came , I came like I’d never come before and loads and loads of cum guzzed from my cock and disappeared into the depths of her pussy , so intensely did we come that for nearly ten minutes neither of us spoke a word , just basked in the glory of our individual pleasures and saw the stars shooting in our heads . I had collapsed on top of her and my entire weight was crushing the frail frame of my mom , and I was surprised that she didn’t push me off her , I was no sumo wrestler but for her , I surely weighed a lot , and for the entire time we had been lost in our orgasms , she just lay , breathing hard . I lifted myself up and before I could ask her , she spoke “ I loved being crushed by your weight , God , how long have I been waiting for someone to ride my pussy , I nearly had forgotten how divine it was to be under a man , a real man , and the fact that it was you crushing my body and ravaging it , makes it all the more pleasurable … I love you baby , I love you so much” she had a strange twinkle in her eyes … an indefinable aura around her as if she was glowing from inside , I

was overwhelmed and couldn’t speak a word for some time , my eyes filled with gratitude and my lips slowly moved and started savoring the nectar of her lips…our tongues mashing with each other’s and our hands fondling each other in a frenzy , finally , I spoke , “Are you ready to be fucked again mom… I got a hard on…but this time I think I’d fuck your delicious tush , your eatable asshole , are you ready?” Her eyes filled up with surprise and her face lit up in anticipation of the pleasure she was about to receive, I just smiled and said “ Here we go again, get ready for my cock in your asshole mommy.” Chapter 43: Incest Dog Rape

Eric and Sam had driven up to their favorite climbing area on Friday night. It rained all night and into the morning. The weather report was predicting more rain, so they decided to bag it and headed for home. Eric came in the back door and dumped his climbing gear in the kitchen. He opened a beer and went upstairs to shower. Hearing peculiar noises from Karen's room, he peeked inside. He was momentarily startled by what he saw... Karen knew it was going to be an awful summer. Her mother sent her to an exclusive girl's school each year. Summers were spent with her father. Things hadn't been to bad when her father had an apartment in the city. At least she had some friends around. Then two years ago her father had met Jenny. Karen assumed Jenny married her father for his wealth, and she was probably correct. Jenny had a son Eric. Karen and Eric hated each other, and their fights were wicked. Last summer her father had spent a lot of time at Jenny's place in the country leaving Karen at the apartment alone. Last winter her father had given up the apartment and moved out to Jenny's place. Karen had no choice but to move out to Jenny and Eric's house for the summer. She hated Jenny. She hated Eric. Her father ignored her. She had no friends. Life sucked the big one. Jenny was a dog breeder. She raised an exclusive breed of Great Danes that fetched big bucks at sale. She had some thirty dogs in a huge kennel on her property. At first Karen showed no interest in the dogs. But after a few knock-downdrag-out fights with Eric and Jenny, Karen decided to use the dogs for some measure of entertainment. She would take one or two of the huge dogs on long walk each day. One dog she started to like a lot was named Duke. She and Duke became fast friends, spending more and more time together. Duke was loyal and unquestioning. He never got mad or made Karen do things she didn't want. One day a bitch in the kennel next to Duke went into heat and made Duke very horny. On their daily romp, Duke came up to Karen when she was sitting down and began humping Karen's leg. It scared Karen and she scolded Duke and took him back to the kennel. That night, Karen had an erotic dream. It started with a boy she had met just before school let out, but the boy morphed into Duke. The dream-Duke licked Karen all over her body. He licked her neck, her breasts, and her belly. He licked her feet, tickling them. He started licking his way up her legs, and when he reached her dream pussy, she awoke. Karen's sheets were soaked in sweat; her pussy was swollen and wet. Her nipples were stiff and hard. Her hand was between her legs, stroking. She remembered the entire dream, and felt disgusted. She didn't stop rubbing, but couldn't bring herself to an orgasm. She smelled the juices on her hand and thought of her boyfriend, and then she thought of Duke. Thinking of Duke scared her, she thought it was perverted. But the image of Duke kept coming back. At last she slept. She avoided the kennel for a few days. The dream kept recurring, several times a night. Soon the dream became a waking fantasy. She found herself drawn to the kennels again. She took Duke on a few uneventful walks, and calmed her fears about herself. Then one day on their walk, Duke sat down to rest and began to lick himself. Just the tip of his penis protruded from its sheath, enough for Karen to see. She stared at it, fixed. She couldn't take her eyes off of his dog hood. She knew at that moment, she wanted Duke inside her. But she had to feel safe about it. This weekend would be perfect. Her father and Jenny would be off to a dog show for four days. Eric was going climbing with that geek, Sam. She had volunteered to stay home and tend the kennel. She could be alone and private with her Duke. Friday night her dream/fantasy was intense. It went on and on, she barely got any sleep. Her hands rubbed her pussy constantly. Sometimes she curled forward, tongue out, trying to lick her own genitals like the girl dogs in the kennel. But she had to lick her wet fingers to satisfy that urge. That morning she tended to all the animals, feeding and watering them, cleaning out all of the cages. Her guts were trembling in anticipation and fear. Then she decided to do it. She went to Dukes cage and called him out. Duke obediently followed. She took him to the grooming area and bathed him thoroughly, paying close attention to his scrotum and sheath. She then led him into the house and up to her room. She took off all her clothes and sat on the edge of her bed. Karen put her hair up in a ponytail off the top of her head. She glanced in the mirror to examine her

fifteen-year-old body. She held her breasts and examined the length of her now exposed neck. One hand slid down to her swelling pussy and began to rub. "I have a great body!" she said out loud, "Duke, you are going to love this." As she spoke to Duke, he came over to her. He instinctively put his nose between her legs, she instinctively spread 'em. He wasted no time licking her legs or belly. No, he went straight for the pink. His long, wet licks sent shudders through Karen's virgin body. She lay back, holding her breasts, feeling her nipples grow. The dog saliva dripping from his mouth mixed with the pussy juices she drooled, forming a wet spot on the bed. She began to blush. A healthy pink bloom surrounded her sex, spreading up her belly and down her legs. Her young breasts swelled and blushed. Her neck turned pink, from her collar to her ears. Her skin began to feel hot and she started to sweat. Duke began to crawl onto the bed, but Karen wanted to do it "doggy style", like she had seen

on the nature shows on TV. She got off the bed and knelt on the carpet, raising her ass into the air. Duke got behind her and tried to mount her. But Karen was still a small woman, though, and Duke was a big dog. Her raised ass was too low to make connection. Karen decided to get a footstool. She walked down the hall to the sitting room. Duke followed her closely, and stuck his nose between her legs and licked. Karen froze in her tracks. Her body did not respond to her conscious will. Her body reacted as though some new wiring had taken over. She started to arch her back and push her ass out backwards to him. Her legs spread wider, and then she dropped to her knees. This sexual access behavior was quite compelling, she could not control it. She put her hands on the floor, arched her back more, offering her pert little ass and her pink, virgin pussy to Duke. He stopped licking and tried to mount. She regained control, staggered up, and continued to walk, knees stiff with excitement. Duke pressed his cold, wet nose against her anus, simultaneously licking her sex with his long tongue. Again she stopped and spread her legs. She dropped to her hands and knees. She lifted her butt into the air, completely offering herself and accepting the dominance of his maleness. When he stopped licking and tried to mount, she stood up to walk. A third time he licked her, taking control. She found herself on all fours, back arched, ass in the air. Duke was over her trying to get low enough to make entry. Again she stood up. This time, when Duke tried to lick her, it tickled. She squealed in delight and jumped away. Duke gave chase and the two of them made a game of it. She ran about the house trying to out run him, laughing and shrieking. He followed closely, licking what ever he could get his tongue on, aiming for her ass. Finally she made it to the sitting room, got a stool and returned to her own room. She put the stool in the middle of the room and laid across it, belly down. Her knees didn't reach the floor so she pushed upward with her toes, shivering with dual emotions of fear and desire. Duke knew exactly what to do and mounted her immediately. His plunge hit the mark, popping her cherry in one stroke. She cried out at the pain, and then she held her breath. Duke began his rhythmic pumping. Just as Karen's pussy began to adjust to the new feeling, she seemed to feel him grow again. Duke completely filled Karen's virgin pussy and kept fucking hard. She latched onto him and closed her eyes. His thrusts went on and on, and she felt the first orgasm welling up. Duke began to come, and Karen felt his hot dog seed squirting deep into her. This pushed her over the edge. She grunted and groaned as they both orgasmed together. Wave after wave of ecstasy rocked her. Finally she calmed down and relaxed for a minute, Duke's big dog dick still in her. After a minute or so, she opened her eyes. They’re on the floor were three Polaroid pictures of her and Duke being dirty animals. She startled, looking around. There was Eric, smiling and holding a video camcorder. Karen freaked and tried to get up. Duke was much bigger than she was, outweighing her by twenty kilos or more, and his weight pinned her down. She tried to squirm out from under Duke, but realized she couldn't get Duke's dick out of her. Her panic only served to clamp her tiny pussy even tighter. She put her feet down and pushed, but this only managed to tip the stool over. For the briefest moment, she hung in the air. The pain was intense! It felt like her plumbing was being ripped from her body. Duke howled in pain also, as the tight bitch under him tugged on his penis. She immediately put her feet to the floor and supported her weight. She began to sob in fear. "My god Eric, what's wrong? I can't get Duke out of my... my..." She couldn't say it in her shame. Eric roared in laughter. "You mean you don't know what is happening?" "No! Fuckin' help me, please!" "You mean you don't know about dog anatomy?" "What is there to know? And hurry! This hurts and I am getting tired." "I guess you have some learning to do. All male dogs have a knot at the base of their dick. Its purpose is seal their come into the bitch they have just fucked. That is so it won't ooze out." "Well, how long does it last? I mean it, this hurts!" "That depends. For most dogs the knot lasts only a few minutes. But not Mom's dogs." "I said hurry, you asshole!" "I can't hurry anything. These dogs are special. They have been bred for satisfying women. They can keep an erection up for more than a half an hour. You fucked Duke for fifteen minutes, so you'll probably get to enjoy him for fifteen

or twenty more minutes." "I'm getting tired and I am NOT enjoying this. What can I do?" "Nothing. I'm afraid you're stuck!" Eric set the camera on a chair, record on. He found Karen's predicament was quite humorous. He led Duke around the room, and Karen had no choice but to prance along on all fours, her ass way up in the air, Duke's meat firmly planted in her. She launched a volley of hateful curses at him. Finally Eric led Duke (and Karen) to the middle of the room. He placed the stool under Karen's midsection so she could relax. Eric said, "Now it is time to teach you some manners, bitch! First, you are stuck. You are Duke's personal property for now. You are going nowhere until he says you may. You may as well be Siamese Twins, joined at the genitals. Watching you has made me extremely horny. I think you are going to have to suck my cock. Before you refuse or say no, remember, I have photos and videotape of you fucking a dog and loving every bit of it. If you don't do as I say, I will mail copies to your loving mother and to your

friends at that stuck up school you go to. Think about that for a minute." Karen tugged again at Duke's big dick, but it wouldn't budge. It was as if the two of them were one animal, not two. Eric took off his clothes, turned off the camera, and sat on the floor in front of the Karen/Duke fuck beast. Karen objected, but Eric grabbed her hair and forced her down onto his waiting, throbbing prick. Karen sobbed, thinking how twenty minutes ago, she had never had even one penis in her. Now, she had two dicks in her, the one was a big dog buried to the hilt in her virgin pussy, the other was that asshole Eric, rudely forcing his dick into her mouth. She could taste Eric's pre-come, salty and slick. Quickly Eric came, splattering his jism at the back of her throat. Karen gagged, then reached down and squeezed Eric's balls, hard. "Oh fuck!" Eric slapped Karen hard on the face. The blow stunned her and she lost her grip on Eric. He scrambled back out of reach. "Fucking bitch!" he yelled. "You dog fuck! That hurt!" "I don't care. I hate you, you god dam asshole!" Come was dripping down Karen's chin. She wiped it with the back of her hand, spitting, trying to get the taste out of her mouth. "Fine. I'll teach you, Dog Fuck." Eric massaged his hurting balls for a moment. Then he went down stairs to get his climbing gear, brought it up and dumped it out on Karen's bed. He took some tube webbing and tied her wrists together. She tried to resist, but she and Duke were still linked into one eight-legged fuck animal. Eric tied rope to the wrist webbing and stretched it over to a leg of a heavy dresser, securing it. He captured one kicking leg with another piece of webbing and secured it to a bedpost. He lassoed the other leg and tied it to another dresser, pulling the rope tight. As he stretched her legs wide, Karen's pelvis rotated up and her vagina protruded out. Duke sensed the improved access and started to hump again. Karen gasped as Duke plunged even deeper into her pussy. He humped for five minutes, driving Karen up to another raging orgasm. Meanwhile, Eric taunted her. "Your name is now Dog Fuck. I will call you that whenever we are alone. In the presence of others I will call you DF. It will remind you of the breeding bitch you are. You chose Duke. A good choice, he is one of Mother's most favored dogs. He is gentle, friendly, and loyal, popular with the clients. Our dogs inflate their anchor knot as soon as they gain full entry to their bitch. That way the sexual penetration can't and won't stop for some time, which is why women love this breed. No slam-bam-thank-ya-ma'am here. A woman gets what she bargained for. But Duke's penis is only average sized, for our kennel. It is eight and a half inches long, about the size of a human cock, and his anchor knot is about the size of an apple. I am going to introduce you to Emperor. His tool is almost seventeen inches long, much bigger than nearly all men. He has an anchor knot damn near as big as a grapefruit. Not too many women can enjoy him, especially since his erections can last more than an hour and he is so damned big. You probably won't enjoy him, but I know he is going to enjoy your tight little fuck hole. I will go get Emperor for you, Dog Fuck. We will see just how deep your young pussy is." Eric left the merged fuck animal alone to finish. He went to the kennel to get Emperor. When he returned, Duke had dismounted, and lie on his side grooming his crotch with his tongue. Duke and Emperor had not seen each other for months and the two of them bounded off, playing and exploring the house. Eric looked down at Karen's writhing body, swollen pussy, milky white ass. His erection returned. "What the fuck," he thought, "What can she do? I have the tape." He dropped his trousers again, knelt down behind her and stroked up and down Karen's pussy lips with the head of his cock. She struggled and called him names, but that only egged him on. He plunged into her young teenage pussy. It was hot, wet, and slippery with dog come, but not as tight as he expected. Duke must have stretched her out some. Erik pumped for a few minutes then withdrew from her vagina and placed his cock up against her anus. "No, stop! Don't! Don't! No, please! Don't..." Eric pushed, and as soon as the head of his dick passed her sphincter, he slipped all the way in. He arched his back and tensed his whole body. He had never fucked an asshole before, and he liked it. And since he was so un-fond of Karen, and the act pleased her so little, Eric was thrilled at what he was doing. In and out, he pumped her bum for ten minutes, and then the dog come lubricant

began to dry out. He pulled out, entered her vagina for a few strokes, and continued working her anus over. She whimpered, cried, pleaded, but to no avail. Twice more he had to dip his dick into her pussy for more lubrication. He fantasized on what it would be like to see a dog fuck Karen in the ass. Then he perversely fantasized what it would be like to have a dog fuck him in the ass. This image brought him to his second orgasm. He pushed hard, driving as deep as he could. At this same time, Emperor had entered the room gaining, an erection. He got up on Eric's back and pushed his penis up against Eric's brown hole. Eric, who was still in post-orgasm delirium, allowed it to happen. But Eric failed to process two important pieces of information at this time: assholes don't self lubricate, and it was Emperor who was behind him. Two quick, strong thrusts and it was too late. Emperor had buried his massive schlong in Eric's ass and inflated his knot. As Eric had described to Karen, the knot grew to damn near the size of a grapefruit. Emperor's generous twelve

inches FILLED his rectum. The enormous pressure on his prostrate gland meant Eric's own erection refused to subside. Emperor's thrusts were not to be denied. He was only five or ten kilos heavier than Eric, but far stronger. His knot was irretrievably locked into Eric's ass. To resist meant pain. Eric had no choice but to match the thrusts of his captor. Now he was the one who was being raped. They were a three-in-one, twelve-legged fuck animal. What this meant for Karen was that the ass raping that had gone on for the last half an hour continued, and not with just renewed vigor, but with much stronger thrusts. Soon the dog come that had been lubricating the two humans began to dry out. The skin of Eric's dick and Karen's ass hole started to get painfully raw as the dried dog come became not a lubricant, but a sticky adhesive. Eric frantically reached down between thrusts and transferred some of the salty come leaking from Karen's cunt up onto their mutually painful parts. He couldn't reach his own anus, though. He just had to put up with that pain. The description of Emperor's prowess was not overstated. He kept thrusting for well over an hour. Poor Karen, it meant her ass fucking went on for damn near two hours. Finally Emperor orgasmed, filling Eric with warm semen. Emperor stopped humping and Eric was able to withdraw from Karen's anus. Her sphincter was stretched, raw, and bleeding. She was sobbing. The knot up Eric's ass lasted for another half an hour, but finally shrank. Emperor pulled his limp meat out and Eric was finally able to stand up. As he hobbled to the toilet, dog come drooled down his leg. He sat on the john, feeling like he needed to shit, but only dog seed dripped out. "Bloop...bloop...bloop..." it went. Eric was hurting. His asshole hurt. His rectum hurt. The skin at the base of his cock hurt. His whole penis throbbed with pain from being erect for two and a half hours. Mostly his ego hurt. In his mind, he blamed Karen. He decided to teach her a lesson. As soon as the come stopped draining from his ass, he went back to Karen's room. "There are sixteen more male dogs in the kennel, Dog Fuck." he said, "You are going to pleasure every single one of them." He placed the video camera on a short tripod behind Karen. The only thing the camera lens could see was the mounds of her ass, her asshole, her pussy, and some of each leg. From the camera's view, you could not tell that Karen was in bondage. He took Karen's small bedroom television, placed it on its back right in front of Karen's nose. The screen filled her entire field of view. Karen was to have a ringside seat at her own canine gang rape. Eric went to the kennels and returned with Ranger. He placed a single mark on her ass with a magic marker. Then he turned the dog loose. Ranger mounted her without hesitation. Karen's requests for freedom were replaced with gasps and faltering moans. Ranger inflated his anchor knot and humped away for over half an hour. Karen responded with two full-blown orgasms. After Ranger came another mark and another eager hound, Wallaby. During the fifth beast fuck, Karen's pleadings became profane. Eric went to her laundry and returned with some soiled panties. He mopped up some of the growing puddle of dog cum on the floor and forced the wad, dripping with come, into her mouth, taping it into place. "How does that taste, Dog Fuck? Does it taste better than mine?" He scooped up some more come in his hand and covered her nose with it. When she breathed in, she sucked dog come in, coating her sinuses. She sneezed, splattering the TV screen. Eric wiped it up, and then wiped more come on her neck, ears and face. With each dog he slopped come on her neck and ears, encouraging the animals to lick and groom her. Some of the dogs seemed more interested in grooming Karen than fucking her. They would lick her entire body, reclaiming all of her salty sweat. Then they would dutifully mount the helpless young girl for a howling joy ride. By 5:00a.m. Karen had been screwed by eighteen dogs, the last was Emperor. Her vagina was sufficiently stretched out to accommodate his entire, royal sized penis, though the tip of him was pressed uncomfortably against her cervix, for an hour. The action had gone on for seventeen hours. Karen experienced well over twenty orgasms. Three times Eric had guided a dog pole into Karen's anus, so her asshole was stretched and painful. Two times Eric had turned off the videotape and stepped in for a turn, being careful to watch his backside. By the end, she loved being called DF. She knew now what she was going to do for a living. Karen knew this was

going to be an awfully great summer. Chapter 44: Lesbian Journal I am finally getting around to writing this because it has been a somewhat busy week for me. I promised myself I would try to chronicle my next relationship, so that's why I'm lying here, tapping at the keyboard of my laptop, gently baking my body and my mind in the warm desert sun. It is mid-May in the desert southwest, perfect weather for tanning. I hear the patio door hiss open and I stop typing to watch a young girl walking towards me

from the house. She is fourteen, on that exquisite cusp between pubescence and adolescence. She is clad in a black bikini that she was too self-conscious to wear only yesterday. It is demure by my own standards, but for her it is daringly bare, and that is the important thing. I take a hit from the bong lying on the deck next to me and resume typing as she strides past me and pauses at the edge of the pool. Her bikini bottom clings snugly to hips that still carry baby fat. Her breasts, small, nearly perfect hemispheres thrust against the triangular cups of her top. She dives in and remains submerged, swimming a complete lap underwater. She surfaces at the edge of the pool nearest me and tosses her hair back. Fractal geometries dance for a moment in the interface between air and water as sunlight is refracted by cascading droplets. Briefly, her head is surrounded by a Mandela of rainbows, the droplets' rigid Newtonian trajectories imposing an aesthetic order on the chaotic system of head, water, and light. The effect is startlingly beautiful. She speaks. "What are you writing?" "How startlingly beautiful you are." "Be serious." She blushes, and I feel my libido surge. She climbs out of the pool and lies down next to me on the big double lounger. I glance down the length of her young body, taking in the curve of her breasts, the flatness of her tummy, the thrust of her mons against the material of her bikini bottoms. She is conscious of her bareness, but is only vaguely aware of the effect it is having on me. I will soon let her know, though, in no uncertain terms. "I am serious." She is gazing at me intently, so I return her gaze with a steady one of my own. I return to my eyes to the laptop's screen. The child-woman next to me shuts her eyes and drifts off to sleep. I type. Occasionally, I glance at her, watching the rise and fall of her breasts as she breathes, tracing the projected path of my lips along her body. With an effort, I force myself to concentrate on my journal. I was the doctor on duty when she arrived at the emergency room with her mother. I watched from across the waiting room as the triage nurse gathered her vitals. She was young, early teens, and quite pretty. I saw the nurse ask her a question and from across the room I could see her blush. She beckoned the nurse to lean down. She whispered something to the nurse who immediately nodded reassuringly and then caught my eye. I am the only female MD on this shift, and blushing teenage girls are my specialty. I walked over and introduced myself, and then took her by the hand to lead her back to the examination room. In the examination room, I helped her up onto the table. She was wearing a short plaid skirt and a white blouse, and some kind of school blazer. I turned to draw the privacy curtain, and when I turned back to her, she was alternately rocking her hips and tugging at the hem of her short skirt in a charming display of modesty. I caught a glimpse of the very tip of her panty-clad pubis. I took my stethoscope out and warmed up the accumulator in the palm of my right hand. With my left hand, I unbuttoned the top three buttons of her blouse, and then slipped the accumulator under her bra, resting it against the side of her left breast. I listened to her heartbeat for a moment. "So, tell me, what is your name?" "Caryn, with a y." "Ok, Caryn with a y, what can I do for you?" "I...I...that is my...well, I think I hurt myself." "Where, dear?" "My breasts. My nipples, actually." "Then we'd better get this blouse off of you." I finished unbuttoning her blouse, and then slipped it from her shoulders. Her hands were crossed in her lap, so the blouse hung suspended against her back, caught in the crooks of her elbows. She was wearing a bra with a front closure. I undid the hook, and slipped the cups to the sides. Leaning closer, I examined each nipple. Her wine dark aureoles were the size of a nickel. The nipples were very red, the tissue obviously inflamed by some kind of mechanical trauma. I began to form a tentative hypothesis. Her breasts were small, but were fully mature. I cupped each one gently, applied an upward pressure, and then released it. Her nipples moved several centimeters as I did this. Next, I examined the inside of one of the cups. I was looking for, and found, a raised seam at the center of the cup. "I think I know what the problem is. Are you a jogger?" "I'm on the track team." "What is your event?" "Cross country." Aha. A distance runner. "Well, Caryn-with-a-Y, I think I know what the problem is. As you run, your breasts are moving inside your bra and your nipples are rubbing against

the material of the cup. Here, run your finger across the inside of your bra cups. Feel that raised seam? That is what is doing it. Technically, it's called repeated mechanical tissue trauma, but you can call it runner's nipple. It is quite common and you can prevent it by wearing a jog bra when you are working out or competing. In the meantime, I will give you something for the pain, plus something to help them heal. " I wrote her a prescription for the pain, and then I rubbed a topical analgesic gently into her nipples. Her nipples erected, and I looked up to see her blush. "Why are you blushing?" "That...tickles." Another blush. I had obviously aroused her. I wondered how aroused the pelvic exam was going to make her. I quickly finished anointing her nipples, and said briskly, "Well, that's that. Let's finish the rest of your examination. I suggest you finish undressing so I can complete your examination. You can leave your panties on for now. Ok?" She got off the exam table, and then reached to her waist to unfasten her skirt. It fell to her feet with a soft rustle of fabric. I picked it up and laid it

on a chair. I stood behind her and helped her shrug out of her blouse and bra. The blouse and bra joined the skirt on the chair. Beneath her skirt, she was wearing a rather brief pair of white cotton panties. She climbed back onto the exam table. She looked very vulnerable sitting there. "Just relax, Caryn, and lie back." I pushed her back gently, until she was lying down on her back. I continued with my exam. She was tense, which was understandable, so I said, "Relax, dear. Believe me, this won't take long, and I promise it won't hurt." Chatting with a patient helps them relax, and verbalizing everything I am doing keeps me proficient in my practice. Eventually she began to relax, which was good, because during the pelvic I dislike having to use a speculum. When I was ready to do her pelvic, I slipped my hand along her abdomen, and then under the waistband of her panties. I identified by touch first her pubic hair, and then the soft swell of her mons and the gentle curves of her labia, and, surprisingly, a hint of moisture in her vaginal cleft. She was more aroused than I thought. When I could feel her anus with the tip of my middle finger, I stopped. Her labia nestled themselves firmly against my palm. Caryn stirs, and I gaze down at her sleeping form. I can still remember that first intimate touch, the soft round curves of her pudenda revealing themselves to my fingers. At the time, I was sorely tempted to masturbate her right then and there, but I suppressed the desire. Instead, I gave her a routine pelvic exam, and satisfied myself with the occasional, seemingly random caress of her clitoris. She gasped each time I touched it. At my side, Caryn is still dozing. I lift my fingers from the laptop's keyboard and trail them languidly up and across my stomach, letting them come to rest against my breasts. I slip a finger under the cup and gently rub a nipple. I am growing excited. The game is about to begin, and I know the outcome. I give my nipple a quick pinch. Getting Caryn to spend an afternoon with me was not difficult. In the course of our conversation during her follow-up visits, I discovered she liked to swim, but was too shy to frequent the public pools very often. I casually invited her to swim at my house, and she readily accepted. For me sex is very simple, because I have only one rule: Sex should be a rewarding experience for all parties concerned. From a biological perspective, sex is mostly friction between mucous membranes in sliding contact with each other. It is a tribute to our creativeness as a sentient species that we have come up with so many delightful ways to generate friction with each other. I have definitely made up my own mind about sex, and I have decided I prefer sex with members of my own gender, preferably ones that is still young enough to be open to new experiences. In my culture, the vast majority of the population frowns upon this preference with almost religious fervor. Yet I am in little danger of discovery...I have been seducing girls like Caryn since I started my pediatric practice 11 years ago. I am 36 now, and have slipped my hands into the panties of thousands of ten-to-sixteen-year-olds as a pediatrician. In fifteen or twenty minutes from now, I will be easing my fingers under the waistband of her bikini. She is so young, and so very female. For her, sex is a fascinating mystery, a topic to be speculated about with her friends, and to be scrupulously avoided in conversations with her parents, especially her father. Her social life is pretty much spent in search of a clue to this mystery - junior high dances, forbidden books, wild speculation at slumber parties, and solitary, daring experiments in a locked bathroom. I've had her type so many times that I should be jaded, but that is the magic of sex. When I coax her to an orgasm, I know that I will climax with her and that I will come as hard or harder than I have ever come in my life. Sex is the most addictive drug in the world -- every time is like the first time. The anticipation is already arousing me. It is time. I feel a warm fire centered in my vagina. I place the laptop on the deck beneath the lounger. I take another hit from the bong, exhaling the smoke in two thin streams from my nostrils. I roll to my side and place my hand on Caryn's cheek. Her eyes flutter open, and I ask her to spread some suntan oil on me. She readily agrees. I roll onto my back and place my arms behind my head. Caryn is momentarily confused. I watch as she debates with herself, figuring out what she should do. Eventually, she picks up the bottle of suntan oil and squeezes out a generous amount into the

palm of her hand. She leans over me, and tentatively begins to coat my shoulders and upper arms with the oil. When my arms are done, she turns her attention to my torso. She very carefully avoids my breasts, and the area between my navel and the waistband of my bikini. I enjoy her attentions for several minutes. She is standing beside me now, applying oil to my legs. When she turns away to get more oil, I slip my top off. I can sunbathe nude because my house sits on 4 acres of land high up in the foothills of a mountain range north of the city. My nearest neighbor is half a kilometer away and dozens of meters down slope. I like my privacy, and my salary is sufficient to indulge myself. When she turns back, she is surprised to see me casually tossing my top to the side. She hesitates, staring at my breasts. I lean back, arms again crossed behind my head. I nod at her reassuringly, and thrust my breasts upwards slightly, tacitly inviting her to cover them with the oil. Again she hesitates, longer this time. Finally, I watch as her modesty surrenders shortly to her

curiosity, and she reaches tentatively towards me. Hesitantly, she lays her hand on my right breast, and then slowly begins to rub the oil in. I smile at her, and then close my eyes. I feel her hand continue to move across my breast. Her touch is light at first, but grows firmer as her confidence builds. My nipples erect almost immediately, which she does not seem to notice. She takes her time, but soon my breasts are glistening with oil. I gesture towards the island of dry flesh between my navel and my bikini bottoms. "I think you missed a spot." This time there is no hesitation. As she spreads the oil across my abdomen, I contemplate the immediate future and a smile comes to my face. She sees it. "What are you smiling at?” "The future." "What is in the future?" "Pleasure." She finishes oiling my abdomen and then lies down on the lounger next to me. I roll over on my side and reach across her body to the table where she set down the oil. "Are you sure you don't want some oil, sweetheart?" I hold the bottle poised just above her breasts. "Well...." She is hesitant, but acquiesces. I tilt the bottle, and squirt some oil directly on her chest between her small breasts. With the index finger of my left hand, I begin to rub it into her skin. I watch her eyes as I slip my finger down towards the shallow cleft between her breasts. I hold her gaze until she drops her eyes. I rub the oil against the insides of her breasts, and her eyelids flutter. As she begins to blush, I send my finger under her top in search of a nipple. I find it and press it gently. She gasps. I slip my finger over to her other breast, and this time, I gently pull the cup to the side, exposing her nipple and aureole. I circle her nipple with my fingertip, delighting in the way the oil makes her aureole glisten in the sun. With my right hand, I reach behind her neck and undo the top's ties. I lift the ties from around her neck, pulling them down until both her breasts are exposed. She starts to speak. I remove my finger from the tip of her breast and place it against her lips. She remains silent, but is watching me very, very, and intently. I return her gaze with a steady one of my own. I drop the ties, and now I have both hands free to work on her. I capture one of her breasts in the palm of my left hand and squeeze it. Again she gasps, and I pinch the nipple between my fingers quite firmly. Her gasp becomes a moan as I tug on the nipple. I let my other hand slip down her torso. I caress the flat expanse of her tummy, while I continue to pinch her nipple. She is breathing quite rapidly now, so I release her nipple, and reach around and underneath her to undo the remaining set of ties of her top. I pull the top from her body, and her arms automatically come up to cover her breasts. Gently, I grab both her hands in one of mine and firmly but gently stretch her arms up and over her head. With my free hand, I recover the bottle of oil and squirt some in a line down her torso, starting between her breasts and ending just above the waistline of her bikini bottom. I rub the oil into the skin of her torso. I coat her abdomen, paying careful attention to her navel. She slips her hands free of my hand, and grabs the to top edge of the lounger. I bring my hand back down to her chest and begin to caress her breasts. Her nipples are rigidly erect. She gasps as I tweak each one. I take the bottle of oil in my hand again and stream some oil along each thigh. I abandon the delights of her budding breasts and bring both hands together around one of her thighs. I move my hands slowly up and down her thigh, sliding them down to her knee, and then slipping them ever higher towards her swimsuit clad mons. At the top of my stroke, I let the backs of my fingers rub gently against the swell of her pubis beneath the thin material of her bikini. She immediately clamps her thighs together, but I gently force them apart. I switch to the other leg, and again, as my hands travel up her thigh towards her crotch she brings her legs together, and I again coax them apart, this time moving my body to kneel between them. Reaching in front of me, I grasp the waistband of her bikini and slip it down her hips, until it is just eclipsing her vaginal cleft. Again, I take the bottle of oil and stream a thin line of oil parallel to the waistband of the bikini. I begin to rub the oil into the flesh of her lower abdomen with the fingertips of one hand. I rest my other hand softly on the tip of her pubis, and begin to lightly stroke her labia through the Lycra of the bikini. She gasps and I smile. When her body is covered with oil, I pause, and admire the view. Caryn's

eyes are closed, and she is breathing quite rapidly. Her small breasts are heaving. Suddenly she opens her eyes, and I see her desire, mixed with confusion, and not a little fear. She blinks rapidly. She is ripe, and I pluck her. I sit on the edge of the lounge, and pull Caryn's legs into my lap. I ease her bikini bottoms down until they are at mid-thigh, completely baring her pudenda. With a finger, I caress her vaginal cleft. With my other hand, I reach to her mouth, and insert three fingers. When I feel Caryn's vaginal muscles relax, I remove my fingers, glistening with her saliva, from her mouth. I lean to the side, and we are suddenly two spoons, Caryn's pert derriere resting against my abdomen. I reach my wet fingers over the rise of her hip, and let them come to rest against her mound. Slowly but firmly, I spread her outer labia, then her inner labia, and insert my middle finger a centimeter into her vaginal canal. She gasps as I penetrate her, and then twice more as my index and ring finger join their companion on the threshold of her vagina. I feel her hymen detach, and I feel her tense up with the

pain. I locate her clitoris, and begin to friction my fingers across its hood. Very quickly, the erectile tissue suffuses with blood. Her clitoris pushes past the hood and Caryn experiences the direct contact of my finger against her clitoris. I smile as she moans, and I feel the muscle tissue in her vagina spasm as she climaxes. She turns towards me, and I rearrange my grip on her mons to allow her to do so. She throws her arms around my neck, and buries her face against my breasts. With my free hand on the nape of her neck, I pull her even closer, guiding her lips towards a nipple. I feel her lips tentatively grasp at my nipple, and then, delight upon delight, her tongue as it begins to circle around it. I begin to fuck her with my fingers, using long, slow strokes. She begins to thrust her hips against upwards in rhythmic counterpoint. I coax her on and on and again she comes, this time moaning aloud. I roll over on top of her, and then slide down the oil-slick length of her torso, until my eyes are even with the tips of her breasts. I extend my tongue, and capture a nipple. Caryn's breasts are small, and I take the entire breast into my mouth. I can taste her perspiration, and the suntan oil. She is a meal, and this is just the appetizer. I release her breast, and slip farther down her torso until I am gazing at her tiny thatch of pubic hair. My gaze slips lower as I continue to piston my fingers into and out of her. Her labia cling intimately to the three fingers I have buried inside of her. As my hand withdraws on the up stroke, and her pelvis sinks away, I watch them conform to the changing contours of my fingers. Her labia are bright red. They glisten from the suntan oil. It is beautifully obscene. I can smell her, now too blood from her torn hymen, perspiration, her own lubrication - a chaotic mix of esters that triggers an almost reptilian response in my limbic system. I rest my head against the inside of her thigh, and breathe deep, sighing happily. I feel another orgasm shudder through her, and then extract my fingers from her vagina. I slip them into my own mouth, and taste her essence. Salty and sweet, with an almost coppery tinge from the blood. I take my fingers from my mouth, and insert them in my vagina. I am more than ready, and my vagina relaxes to easily admit them. Caryn is almost quiescent now. I can hear her breathing. Deep, slow breaths punctuated by a sharp gasp every now and then as her limbic system sporadically responds to the friction my fingers generated against the sensitive tissues of her vagina. I lower my face to her mound, and lick the mucus and blood from her labia. With two fingers, I part her outer labia. Delicately, but firmly, I thrust my tongue into her vagina. She is ambrosia, and I drink her deep. I nibble at the bud of her clitoris, probing it softly with my tongue, and feel her arch her back in response. I hear a low moan, and it is music to my ears, because I know how to play this tune very well. I bite down on her clitoris. The moan is choked off with a gasp. I bite down again, and she gasps again. Caryn finds the new rhythm, and soon the gasps smooth out. I hear a long, delicious, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," and then just a small gasp as Caryn climaxes. With my free hand and arm, I elevate her legs and hips, bringing the puckered muscles of her anus within reach. Slipping my wet fingers from my vagina, I penetrate her anus with my ring finger. I feel her rectum spasm at the intrusion, and hear Caryn grunt in surprise. I alternate between licking and biting her clitoris, while continuously penetrating her rectum with my finger. In this manner, I coax her to orgasm after orgasm. After the sixth one, she is exhausted, and panting to catch her breath. I withdraw my tongue from her vagina and my finger from her rectum, wiping the clinging fecal matter on a towel. While she is resting, I stand up long enough to take my bikini bottom off, and then lie down again between her legs. Sliding upwards along her torso, I briefly recapture one of her nipples between my lips, and smile inwardly as I feel her hands wrap around behind my neck and pull my face harder against her breasts. I release her nipple and ease upward along her body until our eyes are even. She wraps her legs around my body, and I feel her ankles locked against the small of my back, her wet genitalia pressing urgently against my abdomen. Her vulva slides along my torso, leaving a trail of pre-coital lubrication and blood. I kiss her deeply, open mouthed, and she responds, her tongue darting eagerly against mine. We kiss, and then I release her lips, and pull myself up to a kneeling position

astride her. I edge forward on my knees, until my pubis is centimeters from her face. She looks up at me, and I see the uncertainty in her eyes. Hesitantly, she reaches up and touches my exposed labia with her fingers. I place my hand behind her head and pull gently, until her lips are almost touching my mound. She lowers her eyes, and I wait. I am rewarded as I see her tongue emerge from between her lips. Tentatively, she touches my labia with the tip. Then, more boldly, she licks their entire length. The sensation is exquisite. She stops and looks up, almost as if seeking approval, and I nod encouragingly. She resumes, and I reach behind me and find her vagina. She is still very wet, so I slip my index finger inside her. But she seems oblivious. I feel her bring one of her hands to my mound to part my labia, and then I feel her tongue against my clitoris. She is young and inexperienced, but her eagerness to please is compensation enough. I whisper direction to her, guiding her lips to my clitoris. She is a quick study...soon I am writhing in pleasure. I lose track of my orgasms.

When I finally glance down at her again, I see my lubrication glistening on her cheeks and chin, an amazingly erotic sight. I stop her with my hand, and then slip off her. I pull her to her feet and lead her inside to the downstairs bathroom, where I tell her to take a shower and then come find me, so we can talk about what just happened. She nods, and I return to the deck, where I retrieve my laptop. I return to the house, and climb upstairs to the master bedroom. I rinse off quickly in the master bedroom's bath and then sit down on the bed with my laptop, and start to type furiously. In the background, I hear the shower running downstairs. By the clock on the dresser, she is in there for nearly twenty minutes. Eventually I hear I her footsteps on the stairs, and a few moments later, she walks into the bedroom. She is naked, and glowing. I close the laptop, and motion for her to climb into the bed beside me. She joins me on the bed, and I gather her into my arms, and ask her if she understands what has just happened. She nods, and says simply, "Do it to me again. Please?" Chapter 45: Thank You Jeannie Isn't it amazing how everyone in most of these tales is the most beautiful or handsome, has the perfect body, massive breasts or huge erections. Not me, I was an average youngster, with average looks, an average penis, but I'll allow myself above an average IQ. At least that' what my test scores claimed. My sister Sue was not especially pretty. I didn't know much about her body, though not from lack of trying. She usually wore loose fitting clothes. Even when I did get a rare peek down her top, she always wore a bra. Sue was a decent athlete; she was normally involved in a sport after school most days. Sue was good enough to be first or second string on any team she tried out for. Our parents were nice enough. Both were physically attractive, active at church, had good jobs, were well liked and respected in our small community. Unfortunately, to my way of thinking, they were also very conservative. They enjoyed a love life, but a very private one. In front of Sue and me they'd kiss or hug, but they'd never in a million years admit anything ever happened behind a closed bedroom door. Bird and bees I got shortly after Mom first caught me masturbating. The mechanics of sex was briefly presented by my Father, but when he got to "Have any questions son?" it was obvious, even to a kid like me, that he didn't want any. About the only information I got from either parent from then on has been of the "...wait until marriage or ...nice boys don't do THAT or ...you're too young for" variety. In other words, not a scarp of usual information, ever, about sex. I actually grew shyer as I developed. I got along well enough with my sister, but neither of us knew much about communicating with other people. We tended to get along better with adults than kids our own age. Sue and I tried to talk to each other. We were fine with mundane matters, but we both had a hard time with truly personal details. I did find out that Sue got about as much help from Mom regarding sex as I'd gotten from Dad. Sue'd gotten Body Parts 101, followed by a PhD in Advanced Celibacy. At 19, Sue is just over a year my senior. She did have infrequent dates, but had never found a boyfriend that wasn't totally turned off by our folks piety and over-protectiveness. Sue was shy, unsure of herself, not a very good conversationalist, plus she wasn't allowed out of the house unless she dressed like an old lady. Those factors resulted in Sue mostly being asked out by jerks, and she was too bright for them. Sue and I were only allowed a narrow range of 'acceptable' activities. A church social was OK, if there were plenty of chaperones. A bowling alley, maybe, but a Drive In, I forget it. A party at a friend's house was out of the question, unless several sets of parents were in attendance. Hey, wouldn't want any of that wild stuff that misguided young people do going on! I tried to date, but wasn't very good at it. I couldn't drive, so that was a problem. I had so little experience that I fell into a ferocious cycle of doing poorly on a date because I was shy, then becoming even shyer because I'd done poorly. There'd been a couple girls I'd liked, but I suspect I soon lost them because I was so sexually awkward. I'd probably miss a 'signal' if it were written on a billboard. God, I wanted to do stuff, I wanted to experiment, but I'd been totally brainwashed. If I thought about French kissing or touching a breast, my body would almost jump because of the lighting bolt that was surely going to zap me. I knew if I did try something, and word got back to my

parents, there'd be seven kinds of Hell to pay! From all I've shared, it might not come as too big a surprise that Sue and I were often in front of the Rec Room TV on Friday and Saturday nights. There was absolutely nothing usual about the Friday night where this story unfolds, except that we were parked on the sofa a little earlier than usual. Every other Friday our folks had a dinner out after a church function, then drove 25 miles where they did the food shopping, et. al. When they went out, all the little make work chores left with them. A local UHF station was having an 'I Dream of Jeannie' marathon. After a couple hours of watching Barbara Eden, I was horny as hell from watching her sexy harem outfits. Hormones led my thinking along the lines of "wouldn't it be great to have a few wishes granted". I don't know if there are many people who've never

seen 'I Dream of Jeannie', but she was a bone fide Arabian Knights type, wish granting, lives in a bottle, Genie who was rescued by an astronaut. Being a Sit Com, Jeannie used wishes to 'help' Tony, her flyboy master. Chaos always ensured, but Jeannie was so adorable ya had ta loved her. Like most people, even though my mind was swirling with sexual fantasies involving Barbara and wishes, I was still able to start a conversation with Sue. Mostly it was just a throw away comment, half question, half just thinking out loud. "Sue, if you had a few wishes what would ask for?' "Well, no offense Lewis, but I'd be out a nice date at the Drive In instead of watching TV." We exchanged 'hell yeah' glances, made a few irony laced chortles, and then went back to viewing. Way back in my brain wheels began turning. A few minutes later a 'ding' sounded as my idea finished cooking. My mind played with it, added a few more ingredients. Might be fun, I thought. I made a little laugh as I stood, turned to Sue, folded my arms, then did a 'I Dream of Jeannie' nod of my head and blink. "Your wish has been granted, Master. You have a date for the Drive In. Please go dress and do whatever you do before a date. Meet me in the kitchen in 30 minutes. Sue looked at me as if I were crazy. "Go girl, shoo, shoo, you only have 30 minutes!" I stood there with a silly grin, hand extended to help her up. She accepted my hand. Pulling Sue to her feet, we held hands as I led her up the basement stairs, then to the second floor. Turning Sue by her shoulders towards her room, I gave her a gentle push. "I get the bathroom first, for a couple minutes. Remember, 30 minutes, meet in the kitchen." I dove into the bathroom, stripped to the waist, brushed my teeth, washed up, combed my hair, and patted on a dab of cologne. "All yours!" I shouted as I left the bathroom, heading to my room. I threw on a nice pair of jeans and a decent shirt. I dug out a tape of Starship Troopers I kept hidden. Had to hide it, there was some nudity in, world might stop spinning ya know. I flew down to the basement, gratified to hear Sue in the bathroom. Cool, she was going to play my game. I had a cheap speaker that I was able to plug into the front of the VCR. I set it up as if it was a Drive In speaker by putting it on a small end table by the sofa. I adjusted the TV's volume to zero. I put in the tape, then left the remote where I could reach it. Off I went to the kitchen. Two bags of microwave popcorn were ready in a flash. They got dumped into a big plastic bowl. I zapped 4 hot dogs, even warmed the buns, then wrapped each dog in a paper napkin so they looked a bit like concession stand food. We had a few jumbo 7-11 plastic drink containers. While the dogs heated, I'd filled 2 cups with ice and cola. I had a Hershey's Almond bar hidden on a top cupboard shelf. Climbing a stool, I got it down mere moments before Sue descended the stairs. By the time she reached the kitchen, I'd packed the eats into a small cardboard box I found in the pantry. To my great enjoyment, Sue had a quizzical look as well as a cute smile as she half-peeked into the kitchen before stepping all the way into the room. Falling into my role I said, "So, you're finally back from the restroom. What do you girls do that takes so long. Look, I've already bought the refreshments. Let's hurry back to the car, the movie's about to start. Sue gave me a 'are you for real' smile that made my night. I had turned off all the Rec Room lights except for the TV. Happily it was a 27" set, so it threw a lot of light. Directing her to the sofa, I passed her 2 dogs and a soda. I unobtrusively hit the PLAY button on the remote. I'd already skipped ahead 10 minutes to bypass all the utter garbage Columbia had loaded on before the movie. The banner appeared, the intro music blared. "I hope you can hear OK, you know how these cheap Drive In speakers are, hope we don't have to move the car. I heard Starship Trooper's is pretty cool, lot's of great special effects and giant bugs out to destroy mankind." That did it, Sue broke up laughing. "Lewis, you are amazing!! This is hysterical, how'd you ever come up with this?? I'm really impressed." Sue looked into my eyes for a time. "This is already a better date than most I've had. This was really sweet of you, I was feeling a bit depressed earlier." Her broad smile turned into a gentle, loving one. Soft lips were kissing me before I realized what she was doing. The kiss perhaps was just a sibling smooch, but it did feel extraordinarily nice, our lips pressed together for longer than I ever recalled us kissing before. Mostly, any

kisses we'd ever shared had been quick pecks. Sue's kiss left me feeling warm all over. Sue hadn't seen this movie. I recently found it on sale, now that it was an 'older' movie. Still, since it had an R rating, I hadn't told a soul I had it. I warned Sue there was a little nudity, I didn't want her getting ticked at me. We could always pick a different film. Guess she was getting into the game. "What's the good of going to a Drive In if you aren't a bit naughty!" was her grinning reply. Before long the dogs were eaten and the popcorn gone. Pulling out the Hershey's from under a napkin where I'd hidden it, I said, "Guess I must really like you, this was the last of my chocolate." "Well, good sir. I'm sure your kindness will be rewarded some day." The earlier kiss had been so sweet, I secretly hoped for another. A warm smile was all I got, but it made me feel mighty special nonetheless. With the food gone, we put what was left of our drinks and refuse on the end table. Normally we'd sit at opposite ends of the sofa. I guess with this being a 'date' we unintentionally settled in close together in the

middle. Looking back, I believe it was strictly because we were feeling very good about each other, glad for the companionship; our hands found each other. We held hands simply because it felt nice to. Sue rested her head against my shoulder as we watched the show. Very sweetly Sue offered, "Wish I had a lamp, this wishing stuff is really nice." We watched, being fairly quiet. Just a "ooh", "ICK!!", or "Cool!!" now and then. When my hand finally needed to breathe, I put my arm around Sue. I was enjoying her warmth, I wanted to keep her close. She seemed to enjoy it as well, Sue snuggled against me, turning her body slightly more towards me. My feelings so far had been mostly about affection. We were physically closer than we'd ever been before, moreover I was feeling emotionally closer as our evening progressed. As I basked in her warmth, felt her firm muscles underneath her Peter Pan blouse, for the first time ever I began to appreciate her as being a young woman. She'd actually been a fun 'date' so far, I liked having a 'date'. A shower scene came on. A dozen or more male and female recruits were bathing together, apparently a 'matter of course' event in the army of the future. One of the reason's I'd bought this movie was so I could jerk off watching Dina Meyer, not to mention a few other nice breasts in this scene. Bingo, sex was on my mind. Now I was thinking about the warm, female body I had my arm around, wondering, as I had so many, many times what my sister would look like undressed or in the shower. I truly believe it was a total accident. We both shifted slightly as the shower scene unfolded. I suspect we were nervous because sex was such a big taboo in our house. All I know for sure is my middle fingertips were ever, ever so slightly, brushing the side if Sue's right breast. I could just barely feel her bra within the blouse, but I was actually in contact with a female's breast! Hormones instantly flooded my system. My heart pounded. I felt very warm. My penis filled with blood. I felt tingly all over. Afraid Sue might notice my hand, I froze like an ice statue. My hand begged me to go exploring. God I wanted to cup the breast that was so near, yet so very far away. An internal war ensured. The fear side won out, I kept my hand still. The human side did register a few points, happily. The next time Sue shifted, I was ready. My fingers lightly caressed the curve of her breast, before rapidly retreating to her arm as if it'd just been a chance encounter. Sue didn't react, I felt relieved that I'd gotten away with it. Oh how my heart raced, how my penis throbbed. I was totally absorbed as I savored the texture and warmth of her bra-encased breast. I jumped when Sue spoke, quiet as she was. "Lewis, you've gone out with a few girls. Have you ever seen a girl's breast? You don't have to answer, but if you tell me the truth, I'll answer a question of yours." The answer was no, but the guy ego thing, plus my shy-sexually repressed baggage made it hard to speak. Sue was patient, thank God. I think she understood how tough it was for me to open up. Our closeness that night helped me to find my voice. "No, never seen, never touched. There were two girls I think might've let me, but every time I thought about trying, I'd hear Mom's voice in my head and I'd freeze." After a long pause I asked, "Have you ever seen a guy or anything?' "Same boat as you, never seen, never touched, and for sure no 'or anything'. With me it's Dad's voice in my head. Though basically it's been the guys that have asked me out. Mostly jerks or very immature. I know the first time I fool around will be something I'll always remember. [laughing now] I didn't want the first one I see to be attached to an idiot." I laughed along with her. "Lewis, I hope I didn't embarrass you. Seeing those guys in the shower... Well, I caught myself wishing the camera would go lower, if you know what I mean." "Yea, I couldn't tell you what I was wishing earlier when Jeannie was blinking her brains out." I made Sue laugh. Reaching across me, Sue took my left hand with her right one. She kissed my palm, then held my hand. Some cool action scenes came on, our attention was drawn back to the screen. Nothing more was said for a long time. Then came a scene where the Dina jumps into the bedroll with the starring hunk. Whoosh, hormone flood!! I was hornier than ever. Sue's body was attracting mine like a giant magnet. My dreams shattered as Sue asked me to let her up, I thought she was upset. When she said "Pause it, I'll be right back." I breathed a huge sigh of relief. I gathered she just had to pee. I'm not sure how long Sue was

gone. I got distracted. I didn't hit pause, I played it backwards until I could freeze a shot of Dina's sexy little breasts and swollen nipples. I quickly opened my fly, then slid my fingers through my underwear to touch my erection. God, my shaft was hotter than Hell. I rubbed myself a little bit, but soon had to zip up because Sue was coming back. I was pleased when she snuggled up tight, just as she had been. I put my arm over her shoulder. Hormones told my fingers to accidentally graze her breast again. After all, I was terminally horny at that point. I got a surprise, shock, and a jolt. The jolt was because I rubbed her breast much harder than I'd intended, part of my brain was screaming RED ALERT - SISTER IS GOING TO KILL YOU. The surprise: another part of my brain was shouting 'she is NOT wearing a bra!" The shock: Sue had only been gone a very short time, she left with a bra on, came back with it off. This was no accident. I didn't move, I didn't speak. Tension drained away gradually as it sunk in that Sue wasn't reacting to the minifeel I'd copped. I

was watching the show, but not seeing it. My left hand was unconsciously toying with Sue's right hand. A little time passed, I couldn't say how much. Sue broke the silence. Very gently, very lovingly she spoke. "Lewis, I've been thinking. You granted me my wish for a nice date tonight, just as if I had my own Genie. It has been so totally wonderful. You know, we could give each other a magic lamp, we could both have wishes come true." Less than a second later, Sue guided my hand onto her breast. We both exhaled deeply as my hand cupped her soft tit. She guided my hand's movements over her breast long enough to assure me it was OK to fondle her gift. We stayed just as we were for several minutes, Sue's head on my should holding hands while I explored her warm firm, mound. Her nipple grew erect, it was as thick as my middle finger. I couldn't miss it, even through her blouse. I was in heaven, I'd never been so excited. It took a while before I could think clearly enough to figure out Sue might want a wish. "Sue, I so want you to have a lamp. Is there a wish you want? It's yours, whatever it is. Do you want to see your first erect penis?" "No." My heart stopped. "I want to touch your penis, right now. I want to explore it with just my fingers. I'd like to feel you while you're felling my breast. I want to save seeing it for our next date." My heart almost thumped out of my chest. I slid the hand I'd been holding onto my now obvious bulge. Sue felt me up through my jeans for a minute. Her fingers lowered my zipper, unbuttoned the brass fastener, then slid into my briefs. Sue's fingers slid over the glands before curling around my shaft. No sooner did she get a slow pumping motion going, than I ejaculated. It'd already been wet inside my shorts from the seminal fluid I'd been leaking, now I was drenched with my own semen. We both moaned long and slow as we felt her hand become coated with my sperm. I guess Sue understood how terribly excited I'd become by her. When my penis finally stopped pulsing within her grip, she turned her head to gave me an extremely tender kiss. When she broke it, she almost whispered "Everything is so nice, let's finish the movie just like this." I was too drained to speak, so I just nodded and continued feeling up her heavenly right breast. There wasn't much of the movie left. I half watched it as I recovered. I'd deflated considerably after my orgasm, but never went soft. I was learning how to please Sue. A couple times she gently guided my hand so I knew how to best please her. The more she responded to her nipple being teased, the more my erection returned. By the time Earth had beaten the alien bugs, I was hard, hot, and hoping Sue wouldn't stop. "Lewis, the folks could get home any time now. I guessing you'd like to get off again before we have to go upstairs." I nodded and groaned out a "Oh, yeah, please!" "Then close your eyes, lay your head back, and relax. I think I know how to help you get where you want to go." Sue had me in a golf grip, her whole arm moved as she stroked me. My sensitive knob would rub her wrist on the down stroke, then pull across her palm on the upstroke. I was close, but just short of the finish line. I shut out the rest of the world, I felt nothing but her hand and the pleasure it gave me. For the briefest instant, Sue's hand slid between my hand and her breast, moving from left to right. When her hand slid from under my hand, my palm settled onto her now bare breast. I wanted to see it, but there was no time, I was too busy pumping semen. This time Sue kissed me the entire time I came. My mouth hung somewhat open as I fought for air. Achieving orgasm via her hand was far too powerful for me to respond to anything. I was barely conscious. I tried to kiss her back, but mostly Sue just trailed soft kisses around my mouth. She didn't release me until I went limp. I might have passed out if she hadn't stayed to ensure I didn't. By the time I was with it enough to want to see the tit she'd exposed, Sue had button up again. In fact, she'd zipped me up and fastened my pants. "We'd better get upstairs before they get back. I DO NOT want them catching me without a bra, and you need to hide your tape. "Wow! My God I came twice. Sue, what about you? Are you OK, is there something I should do for you? I don't want to be selfish!" We stood. Sue moved into my arms, head on my chest. "Thank you, Sweetie. I like it a lot that you're being so thoughtful. But we're out of time. Plus, I got what I wished for. Your penis felt ten times nicer than I thought one would. I loved how your hand felt on my breast. No, I'm absolutely fine for now... But I'm wishing

for another date tomorrow night. I think we could have a few more wishes come true, even with the folks home. What do you say Oh Genie of the Lamp?" "Granted, Master Sue!" I slept like a log. When I awoke I felt amazingly terrific. Seconds later it hit me that having had a soft, female hand jerk me off twice just before bedtime might have had something to do with it. "Wow!" Eagerly I got out of bed. I needed to find Sue. I had to assure myself last night really happened, that it wasn't simply the best dream ever. It was almost 9AM. I grabbed my robe, donning it as I headed to the bathroom for my morning routine. No signs of life were to be seen on the second floor where all our bedrooms were. Sounds from the kitchen drifted up the stairway though. Ten minutes later I was freshened, dressed, and walking into the kitchen. "You were 5 minutes away from cold cereal for breakfast. Lewis." Mom teased. "Your Dad and Sue ate 20 minutes ago. They're already out running errands." Mom did a monologue for 20 minutes.

She always had to tell me about the super bargains she'd scored at the market, any new gossip, all the chores she expected that day, etc. There was seldom much beyond a "uugh huh" for me to say, plus I was eating. Today I was distracted too. I was awake enough to know last night was real. Best of all I had another date tonight with a girl who'd allowed me to fondle her wonderful breast the night before. My groin tingled already. Last night had... happened. I was nervous because our next date was a planned event. Is there something I should do, or not do, so I didn't blow this incredible opportunity to hopefully go a bit farther with my sister. I was honest enough to know how little I actually knew about being with a girl. I had planned a nice surprise for Sue for our first 'date', should I do something for tonight. I wished Sue was there so I could talk to her. 'Hot damn', I thought. How much had I changed in 24-hours. I actually wanted to open up and tell Sue about my desires and fears. I wanted to share my thoughts with someone, wanted her to know how scared, yet excited I was. This epiphany allowed me to put everything out of my mind for a bit. I decided to knock out all the piddling little things I had to do that day. When evening came, I didn't want my folks to have any reason to be looking for me, or Sue for that matter. I did all my stuff, and all of Sue's I could think of. I did my best to make sure Mom didn't have anything left on her To Do List without making her suspicious. Our folks rarely went down to the Rec Room. If they wanted us, they'd just holler down the stairwell. Unless of course, Sue or I had company. In that case, they'd find 20 reasons to be up and down the stairs, making sure everything was proper. I had a large collection of movies that'd I'd taped off the dish. I picked out a few that were so bad they were funny. The kind if you didn't want to watch, because you had something better to do, that you wouldn't mind at all. Unable to think of another thing I could do, I took a nice long shower. Having no idea what the evening might bring, I still knew looking and feeling my best couldn't hurt. So I showered and primped until I couldn't think of another thing to spiff up. It was still early afternoon when I stepped out of the bathroom. Sue almost ran into me. I was only wearing towel, Sue was still in her grunge clothes. How dressed up do you get to haul junk to the Recycling Center? We smiled at each other, but both felt a bit awkward at first. It was great how quickly we relaxed with each other. I updated her about the chores I'd finished off, and how I'd subtly probed Mom so she wasn't likely to have any late surprises. "Do you still want to have another Drive In date tonight?" I asked. I was terrified she'd changed her mind. We could hear our parents talking downstairs. Sue rose up on her toes, I got a short, but soft, sweet kiss full on my mouth. A sly, sexy smile crept over Sue's face. "As for this evening, Sir. I have every intention of 'seeing you' later. As Sue said 'seeing you' her hand briefly cupped my groin. My knees almost buckled. Sue scampered away into her room. I followed her once I was fairly certain I could walk, and I'd rearranged my towel so my boner wasn't obvious. I stood in her doorway grinning like a fool. "Sue, I'm changing now for tonight. If you don't have anything else you have to do, maybe we could talk a while when you're ready." "Sure, gimme a half hour." True to her word, 35 minutes later we were sitting on the front porch swing. I told Sue about the crazy thoughts I'd had that morning, about the movies I'd picked and why. I told her more than I probably had my whole life. "Lewis, I'm so glad you trusted me enough to tell me all that." After a pause, Sue laughed. "The movies you picked sound perfect. You've mentioned 'Plan 9 From Outer Space', but I've never seen it. Best of all, none of those titles will tempt Mom or Dad to join us, Thank God. By the way, I know exactly what you meant about not knowing what I should do, or not do. Your idea about going to the 'Drive In' was so cool, I've been feeling pressure all day to think up a cleaver surprise for you. Sweetie, just the fact that you took the trouble to worry about how I'd feel or how you could make me happy is about the nicest thing you could've ever done." Sue's expression changed from loving, to a slightly naughty look as she continued. "Don't give it another thought. I'll bring the popcorn and drinks. You just bring the movies, I hope tonight can be a double feature." She winked and squeezed my mind. After a little more discussion, we went in to help Mom so we could have an

early Dinner. We did. We also got the kitchen cleaned in record time. Sue zapped some popcorn, she even melted some butter to drip over it. I took the drinks, she brought the bowl and tapes. By 6:30 we were settled on the sofa with a movie running. I'd undone the speaker deal from last night. With our parents home, I wanted the regular TV speakers going to drown out our conversion. Before I could worry about what I should do, Sue spun around so she was laying across my lap, her arms went around my neck, her eyes locked onto mine. "Oh Mighty Genie, I wish my brother to know how very much he touched me today by giving him a soul kiss good enough to curl his toes." The distance between our faces slowly decreased to zero. Just before my eyes closed, I realized her lips were parting. Reflexively my mouth opened a tiny bit. Sue's warm lips found mine. The tip of her tongue slowly circled the oval my lips had formed. I had French kissed a few times, but I'd always felt awkward doing it. Mere seconds later, this felt like the most natural thing

in the world. My tongue chased after Sue's. We took turns playing in each other's mouth. Our tongues would meet, entwine, caress, and tease. We became lost in a sensual paradise. I broke away. I stroked Sue's hair and cheek as I smiled. My eyes moved to the buttons at her cleavage, my hands followed my gaze. I only undid 2 buttons, I saw the clasp for her bra. It opened on my second try, Sue caressed my cheek with her palm all the while I undid these barriers. I'd undone just enough so I could slide my hand under a cup and onto a bare breast. We both audibly exhaled as my palm covered Sue's pliant tit. We stared into each others eye's for several minutes while I massaged her mound. "You may look at my breasts if you wish." Sue whispered with a breathy voice. "I want to look more than I can tell you, but I'm going to torture myself a little longer." "Same here. Ever since I first touched you last night, in my mind I've been dreaming about how you must look uuummmh. I'm going to get off you, I 'wish' you'd lay down so I can lay along side you. My fingers want to perform a little more research." I reluctantly released her breast. Sue stood. I laid down on my left side, back against the back of the sofa. Sue slithered against my body like a giant sexy snake. She trailed light kisses over my face, her hands undid a couple buttons on my shirt much as I had done to her. Her hand slid in, cupping my chest, playing with my nipple much the same way I'd been playing with her breast. My hand slipped inside her blouse, surrounded her breast, and resumed fondling. Our mouths soon found each other, our tongues resumed their erotic dance. Sue pressed her groin into mine. I groaned into Sue's mouth as she ground her pelvis against my erection. It must have been a quarter hour or more that we made out that way before Sue withdrew her hand. Sue could easily sense my mounting excitement as her hands moved between us to open my pants. I had to stop kissing just to breathe when her hand reached into my shorts. I'd worn boxers tonight so she'd have better access if our date went as I'd been hoping. Fingers played all over my erection. She spread my clear lubricate, covering the head and shaft. For the first time she explored my balls. Just once she was a bit too rough. A tiny "ooh" I made was all it took for Sue to adjust her pressure. Her fingers and their warmth felt wondrous. I'd been close to going off when her hand had coated my shaft. When she gripped my penis again I moaned. "Ooooh Sue, I'm almost there." Sue sat up suddenly, her hand withdrew. "Lewis, tell the Genie I wish I could see you now. I wish to see your sperm shoot out." I sat up, co-operated fully as she swung my legs ahead. I raised my butt so she could remove my pants. Sue moved into position between my legs. Eyes fixed on my bulge, her hands reached for the waistband of my shorts. Sue lower my boxers, my drooling erection waved in the air before her eyes. Her deep inhalation was clearly audible. "I am going to watch you come, watch you go soft, study your beautiful penis, then make you ejaculate again baby brother." Exposing myself to Sue was the most erotic thing I'd ever experienced, I was very ready to get off, I warned her. Her fist went around me. She pumped me slowly at first, but like a train leaving the station, she got faster every stroke. My hips were thrusting, each breath was labored, even a novice could see I'd erupt any second. Thank God a noisy scene was playing, the “OOOOoooooohhhh!" I made as the first rope for white sperm shot high into the air was so loud I winced. As much as Sue was expecting me to come, my eruption surprised her enough that her head popped back reflexively. Her hand never missed a beat, thankfully. I was well rested, had been primed all day, now I launched bolt after bolt for her viewing pleasure. Each new gob caused me to take a short, noisy breath. With great self control I kept my vocalizations at a level that wouldn't attract unwanted attention. As my flow gradually subsided, as I my glands became unbearably tender, I guided her hand, showing Sue how I wanted to be fondled. True to her word, her eyes took in every detail about my genitals. She moved in close as I softened, her warm breath felt divine. Sue lifted my balls, peered at my penis from all sides and angles. Once I'd recovered enough to think, I took a couple tissues from the box on the end table to wipe up a few gobs that had landed about. Happily this old sofa had been here for years, we'd grown up playing on it, so it already had every kind of stain imaginable. Or at least now it did. I reached to wipe my groin, but Sue waved me off. She rubbed

any puddles into my skin, my entire groin got massaged, teased, and probed. Looking between my legs, watching a girl play with me like a cat with a mouse soon had me aroused again. My penis began to inflate in her hand. I loved the way she beamed as my dick came back to life. While one hand stroked my sex, her other slid everywhere she could reach on my body, face, chest, or legs. It felt marvelous. What my eyes beheld was so erotic that my brain became engaged in my growing arousal. A real female was entranced by my body, enthralled as she set about bringing me to orgasm for her own pleasure. I wanted the girl before me. I wanted this young woman between my legs. My hips began to move with a sexual rhythm as I imagined the girl beneath the clothing. Sue asked me to warn her just before I came. I was glad she told me, my climax wasn't far off. I was getting there far faster than I'd expected. I alerted Sue. She asked me to close my eyes. I laid my head back on the sofa while she brought me

closer my peak. Her hand left my cock. It mercifully returned moments later, I'd reached the agonizing 'don't stop now' stage. "Lewis, open your eyes." As if they had radar, my eyes went straight to Sue's bare breasts. I was barely able to think how amazingly beautiful they were before I lost it. Sue correctly guessed the impact of me seeing her tits for the first time. Her right hand furiously pumped my shaft as her left formed a cup over my knob. I immediately began to come against her palm. She twisted her cupped hand all around my glands, bathing it in the heat of my own fluids. The warmth and double stimulation short-circuited my brain. I stared numbly at each jiggling breast as my body expelled it's lifegiving liquid into Sue's fist. The pleasure washing over me became so intense I couldn't even sit. I slumped onto my side, but never lost sight of her seductive nipples. Sue milked me until I went dry, them massaged me until I went limp. I may have slept/passed out for a bit, I'm not sure. All I was knew for sure was my system was flooded with pleasure, I tingled from head to toe. I felt immortal, like I'd slept for 2 days having nothing but great dreams. I understood the word bliss. When I was finally able to speak, I thanked Sue profusely. I did my best to answer her quiet questions about what I'd experienced. I couldn't find words to describe much I'd experienced, but I tried. I assured Sue her instincts had been spot on for making me feel incredible. She had me get back into my clothes just in case our folks got nosy. Sue put her blouse on sooner than I preferred, but I was too wiped to protest. She snuggled against me. We stretched out so our groins could press together as we kissed. I finally thought to ask. "Sue, you've helped me come 4 times. Can't I do something for you?" My question earned me a very sexy soul kiss. Apparently Sue was very much in need of relief. We kept kissing, our tongues became very active. She took my hand from where it was laying on her hip. Sue guided me through the flap of her wraparound skirt, over her panties, down until my 3 middle fingers covered her clitoris. Her fingers showed mine how to make the perfect small circular massage she needed to achieve her long overdue orgasm. We ate each other's face ferociously. Who was more excited by my hand discovering Sue's pussy is hard to say. I felt the soft, humid warmth of swollen vaginal lips for the first time. Sue felt finger's on her sex for the first time that weren't her own. "I want to touch you, Sue." My words were whispered into her wide open mouth. "Not tonight, Sweetie. I'll explain later. Just don't stop. I'm so close. Hold your boxers open so I can feel your cock. Ooooohh, you're penis is so hot. Oh, Lewis, Lewis, I'm... I'm... Don't stop... a little faster, that's it. I'mmmmm cominnnggg oooooooooohhhh!" Her hand clamped hard around my penis, she drove her tongue deep into my mouth, her pussy jammed my hand into my thigh as she ground her clit against my fingers. I had a weak orgasm, Sue's excitement was enough to cause me to pump a small amount of semen into her hand. It seemed like a very long time before her hips slowed. Suddenly her hips were rotating again. Sue had a second, milder orgasm. "Softer, yes, a little slower now... I'm becoming very sensitive. Ahhh. Just gently pinch the lips and move them slowly. Yes, that's it, don't touch in the middle. Oooohhh, that's so nice." Her hand fell open in my shorts, my semi-erection lay still in her hand. I kissed Sue's face and lips as she basked in her post-orgasmic ecstasy. After her hips finally stopped, I still gave her lips a little squeeze and tug every so often. Her smile and breathing made it clear she was a very, very happy girl. That made me a very happy guy. I loved getting off, but I never wanted it to be a one way street. Especially now that I'd just learned how good it made me feel to help Sue climax. I couldn't wait to get her off again. I toyed with her long hair. Sue could be a bit of a Tomboy, but her brown hair was totally feminine. As I studied it, I realized it was super soft. The sheen was beautiful. I ran the back of my fingers over her cheeks, Sue purred. I was in heaven. Grabbing the remote, I turned the volume down low. Yep, I heard our folks heading up the stairs. Checking the clock, I knew they'd go to bed now, Church in the morning and all. I slid my hand into Sue's blouse so I could rest my hand atop her soft flesh. I stayed like that, kissing her face and neck until Sue felt like speaking again. When Sue rejoined the living, I told her we could relax a bit more now because Mom and Dad and gone to bed. They didn't force

us to go to bed at a certain time Saturday nights, but we knew, come 9AM we'd be out of bed to get ready for 10AM service. I was about to wish for her to be naked so I could see all of her body. Before I could, Sue, as promised, explained why she'd asked me to not reach inside her panties. Sue was at the very end of her period. There was something inside her and a little string. She didn't want me seeing anything but her the first time I saw her pussy. Just her a simple statement, making it plain that she expected me to see her pussy sometime soon, was enough to make my dick jump. She smiled so sweetly when she felt my physical reaction to her words. She hadn't been trying to do anything sexy, Sue still understood instantly that my body was reacting strongly to hers. She liked the idea. I know, because she told me so as her heretofore limp hand resumed its loving fondling. Fully aroused now, I made an official wish. I asked Sue to stand so I could undress her, agreeing she could keep her panties on. Sue wanted to see me buck naked as well, so we took turns

removing an article of clothing. It didn't take long. We stood admiring each other for a time, but soon our hands were exploring exposed flesh. I had only been able to touch her right breast until that moment. I fondled both tits, making each nipple rise. Sue used both hands now, one rolling my balls, the others pumping my shaft. All too soon we were both panting lustily, desperate for more intense play. Sue said she had an idea for something we both might like. She laid on her back, raised her knees, then beckoned me to lay on top of her. Eagerly I moved between her legs. I lowered myself. We groaned together as our bare flesh pressed together. It was a powerful experience, we kissed like long lost lovers. Our kisses were so intense that I stopped feeling anything but our tongues and lips for a time. The kissing was too good to last, it aroused us so much that our hips were soon writhing. I again became very aware of the breasts mashed against my chest, of the unique softness pressing against my erection. Sue reached between us, I lifted my hips to give her access to my needy erection. She arranged my shaft so it lay directly atop her clit. She wrapped her legs around my waist, preventing me from straying from her upper slit. Our deep kissing resumed, our hips naturally fell into the motions of intercourse. My thrusting shaft rubbed Sue's clit with every back and forth thrust I made. The clear seminal fluid I profusely drooled made her silky smooth panty material so slick we could almost believe our genitals were actually touching. Sue's hips made the small circular motions of a pussy begging an invading penis for insemination. Give it to me. Give to me, Sue's body shouted to mine. Our frenzy increased. Moans filled our joined mouths. My head fell beside hers, my hips hit a fevered pace, I groaned into Sue's ear. I came. I came and I came and I came. My warm sperm bathed her groin, my penis rubbed plenty directly onto Sue's clit. Sue came. Her vulva pressed harder against my shaft. We humped and came and came and humped. By far this was the best sex either of us had ever known. There was no guilt, no pain, nor fear, just wave after wave of soul satisfying joy. I reluctantly rolled off Sue. We were both sweaty, and I was too spent to keep my weight from crushing her. She was still on her back, I was on my side. I sat up to so my eyes could explore her 'down there'. Between sweat and sexual fluids, the thin, silky panties were more like a second skin. Her lips were still puffy, my penis had pushed the material between her vaginal lips deep enough that an image of her pussy was unmistakable. I couldn't resist running my finger tips all over her magical swollen area. Sue purred as I lightly stroked her. As much as we never wanted to stop, unspoken, we geared our intimacy for parting. We'd shared many firsts, were both sexually satisfied, and it was getting late. I lay beside Sue a while longer. We held each other, exchanged affectionate kisses while whispering words of appreciation. Even though my self-confidence had soared from these two 'dates', I still had to know one thing. "Sue, do I still have any wishes left? I won't sleep tonight unless I know this isn't our last date. I adore your body, I want more wishes. I've never felt this happy before, making out with you has been better than any fantasy I've ever had." "You have lot's and lot's of wishes. As long as I have wishes, so do you." It was several minutes before I spoke again. It's hard to speak with 2 tongues in your mouth. Sunday's are pretty busy days at our house. Church in the morning, followed by a huge family dinner. Every Sunday without fail. I suspect if I died on a Saturday, I'd still be expected at both events the next day. Church is OK, we have a good preacher who mostly gives his flock a good weekly message. Our last minister seemed far more interested in telling us what we should be doing, while this one offered ideas for leading a good life. Sunday dinner is always a miniThanksgiving. Lots of good home cooked foods, needing plenty of preparation and clean up. Our Sundays are a nice family tradition, but it left me little time to talk to Sue. I also had some school work to finish up since I hadn't been able to concentrate worth a damn since Friday night. After our bellies were stuffed, and the kitchen was clean, I was able to drag Sue out to the porch swing. I couldn't do what I wanted to do, so I sat like a gentleman. During the day there wasn't a lot of privacy around the house, so I contented myself with surreptitious finger mingling. Having gotten a taste of sex with a real female, I dreaded having to

wait until Friday to make out with Sue. To make things worse, we were discouraged from spending much time in the Rec Room during the week. Apparently Sue was as frustrated as I was about a lengthy interlude. She allowed me to speak first. We agreed we had to be very careful around the house. Not getting caught was paramount, but not acting like we were anything more than siblings was also critical. Looking very proud of herself, Sue informed me she 'wished' to go to the park for a little exercise tomorrow. It was suggested I wear sweats, be ready around 5... "If I wanted to see her bare butt." Since it just so happened that I was dying to finally get a solid look at Sue's naked tush, 5PM Monday found me ready to go in more than one way. Lord be praised, the weatherman was dead on, it was a lovely Spring afternoon. I like to be truthful whenever possible, yet still have a life. We told Mom we were going to walk in the park, and we did. We walked up a little used Nature Trail. It had several short trails branching off to individual picnic sites that no

one would be likely to use on a Monday. The moment we seemed to be alone, our arms were around each other's waist. We both knew this trail well. The park was only a block from home. There were several trails, we were on the longest one. It'd be busy on weekends, but deserted during the week because most joggers went for the shorter trails before dinner time. I knew the perfect branch to take; I'd explored them all many times. We headed up the third branch on the left, it had a couple of short, worked logs that served as benches, plus a single picnic table. Spotting a broken branch, I moved a bunch of dried leaves onto the trail behind us at the top of the path leading to our secluded spot. If anyone walked onto this side path, we'd at least have fair warning. The moment we stepped into the cleared area, we were in each other's arms. Our first kiss went straight to passionate. Our tongues were eager to make up for 48 hours separation. Before our kiss broke, my hands went under her sweat top, under her bra cups, until each held a warm, pliant breast. Sue ran her hands under my top, they roamed my chest, tummy and back. How long did we stand there making out? Five minutes, fifteen? Not sure. I only know when we came up for air, our motors were running flat out. "Oooooh, that was worth waiting for Sweetie. If it's Ok with you, I'll lead this dance. You were so clever Friday night, I want to surprise you with my brainstorm." "I'm in your hands, Sue. Soon I hope." I said with my best 'I want you' expression. "For starters, I do believe my brother wants to see what's inside my pants?" "Oh, God yes!!" Adopting the most slutty smile I'd ever seen from Sue, she stepped to the picnic table. Turning her back to me Sue's hips began a dancelike circular motion. Her hands cupped her breasts, then slid at a teasing snail's pace to her pant's waistband. I had no idea it could ever take so long to lower a pair of pants. Just a hint of her cheeks finally showed, then enough that her crack was identifiable. She hadn't worn panties, my racing heart beat faster still. Slowly, slowly, slowly a magnificent female ass was reveled, the first my eyes had ever feasted on. I reached into my pants, seeking some relief. "Lewis, wait. I have something special for you soon." I suspect I had sheepish expression as I withdrew my hand. "Enjoying the show?" I rolled my eyes, but they quickly returned to Sue's athletic bubble butt. "I hope you're enjoying yourself, 'cause it's your turn next. I've wondered about your buns more than once, I know you're in good shape. You've got a very nice body little brother." I was hoping Sue would bend over, I was dying for my first look at her pussy. I had to wait, she stayed too vertical for me to see much. Her buns were too full and firm to spot her anus, but I could glimpse wisps of pubic hair peeking out below her cheeks at times. I made a mental note to 'wish' her to walk ahead of my on the way out with hers pants down. I had to see her ass rolling unencumbered as God made her, it had to be an inspiring sight. I'd seen Sue in shorts or a swimsuit that hinted at the beauty I beheld, but I never suspected she had such an incredible derriere! With a giggle, Sue jerked her sweats up. "OK, Buster, my turn. I want you to lean over the table and drop 'em. Don't even think about hikin' 'em up 'til I say so either!" My jaw flapped a couple times, but I couldn't think of a thing to say. So, I took Sue's place at the table. Clenching my cheeks, I looked over my should so I could watch her face. Slowly, but steadily my bottoms went South. Only my briefs remained. I pulled the front of my briefs over my boner, parking it below my balls. Now I was able to slowly lower the back of my underwear until it fell down into my half off sweats. I was gratified by the lust and admiration I saw on Sue's face. "Lewis, you have the butt I've always dreamed of. God it's sexy. Please bend over the table, I want to see your balls hanging in the air. That's been a fantasy of mine, like forever." Sue stepped in close behind me. Her hands came to rest on my lower back. Pressed flat, they slowly moved lower, kneading my flesh until she'd felt up my buns from top to bottom several times. "Uuuummmm, Lewis you feel so nice." I'd sounded a number of low moans as she massaged my butt. What she did next made me groan long and loud. While running just her fingertips all over my tush, she slid a flattened palm down my crack, over my balls, down my erection, then pumped my shaft from behind, right between my spread legs. It felt incredible. When my hips began humping the air, Sue slowed to a stop. She explained she had something

special planned, so didn't want me to come yet. Turning to face her as she asked, Sue gripped my shaft again. On tip toes, she kissed me. Her tongue wormed into my mouth, she pumped my cock, but just barely. Just enough to keep me fully aroused. Using her free hand, Sue placed my right hand on top of her left breast. I fondled her through her top and sports bra, her nipple soon rose to meet my fingertips. She'd kept her hand atop mine, it now urged my hand lower, down the curve of her breast, over the flat of her belly. Sue broke our kiss, stood flat again. Looking deeply into my eyes, "I believe we're about to both have a wish come true. The hand on my cock moved to her waistband. She pulled it out, then guided my hand down her abdomen until my fingertips felt the tickling of pubic hair. "Touch anywhere you want Sweetie, just don't go inside me for now. OK?" I nodded dumbly. Our eyes remained locked as my fingers sank lower. As I reached the top of her folds, I began massaging the hot, humid flesh as I discovered it. Sue resumed almost

imperceptibly stroking my drooling penis. I slipped a finger between her folds, sliding over every bit of warm, slippery, hidden flesh. My fingertip discovered the entrance to her vagina. I swirled my fingertip around the opening, but respected her wish to not penetrate her. I'm sure the facial contortions I observed, as bolts of ecstasy hit Sue, were mirrored in on face. Seeing her pleasure heightened my own. It was heady stuff knowing I could make Sue feel intense joy and pleasure. Our mounting excitement fed off of each other. I'd never felt anything as wonderful as pussy. Everything about it was astounding. I was overwhelmed by the texture, softness, her natural lubrication, the humidity, everything! I'd never touched a pussy before, yet when I cupped her puffy lips, it felt as familiar as if I'd touched Sue a thousand times. The hand on my cock warned Sue I was getting very excited. She covered my hand from outside her sweats, stopping my movements. "Ready to see what you're touching, Sweetie?" I suspect if Sue hadn't released my erection that very second, I'd have ejaculated. "Oh, God Sue yes. Please." She took my hand out of her pants. Looking me in the eye again, she licked my palm. I felt my knees weaken. I reached to pull up my pants, Sue stopped me with "No, leave 'em down. I want to look at your penis, just like you want to see between my legs." Sue asked me to kneel at the end of the picnic table, then close my eyes. When she said open them, I was staring at her beautiful pussy. Her sweats were around her ankles, she'd spread hers legs wide, and leaned back on her elbows. I saw everything. Her slit was parted enough for me to see pink flesh between her lips. Her butt crack and some cheek showed below her vagina. A light covering of brown fur surround her engorged folds, a sexy triangle of it adorned her mound and above. I leaned towards her. I caught hints of her scent, which set my cock to bobbing. "Sue, I've heard guys talk about eating pussy. Now I know why, you look delicious. I want to eat you Sue." Sue groaned at length as I spoke. "Lewis, love, not now. I am dying to feel your mouth down there, but not now. I have something special for us to try. I think we're more than ready now." She hiked her pants just enough to walk a couple feet to a flat square stone that was part of a fire pit. Standing on it raised her about 3". She released her pants, then beckoned me. I ducked walked to her with my pants at my knees. Sue adjusted me until I was very close, facing her, not quite touching. She spread her folds, then closed her legs until only a little gap below her pussy remained. Her breathing was labored, as was mine. Both our bodies were at a fevered pitch. "Lewis, push your penis into this little gap." Sue looked down with me as we watched my erection disappear straight ahead between her legs. I hissed air and moaned as my crown rubbed along the slick inner flesh of her slit. When she took her hands away, the folds went around my shaft a bit like a bun around a hot dog. Sue placed my hands on her rump, she grabbed one of my cheeks in each hand. As her face got closer to mine, her mouth was opening for a soul kiss. "Lewis, I'm betting it feels like you're inside me." My eyelids drooped, I nodded once slowly, watching her mouth move closer. "Then make love to me, come between my legs. Rub my clit with that beautiful hard cock." Sue's tongue slid into my mouth, my cock pulled back a couple inches. Her tongue pulled back, my penis plunged ahead. I tightened my lips into a circle, Sue fucked my mouth as I fucked her gap. We moved very deliberately for the first dozen strokes, but my body demanded I speed up. My entire groin felt as if an electric current was running through it. Sue had guessed correctly, my virginal body swore my penis was inside a pussy for the first time. The way her tongue was spearing my lips, I was feeling like I was being fucked by her a well. It was far more than my immature system could cope with. A few more strokes, then I was pumping sperm. Every part of her pussy and thighs was soon coated with my slippery semen. As my penis continued to swell, her gap became slicker, warmer, tighter. Her squirming simulated a convulsing vagina, my dick was literally in heaven. My shaft and glans gave her protruding clit tremendous stimulation. When my warm fluids were added, Sue experienced a series of major to minor orgasms over the next few minutes. I hadn't come since Saturday night. I had never been so turned on in my life. I pumped sperm for quite a while. Assuredly, most shot out during the first 5 or 6 spurts,

but small spurts continued for many, many strokes. Even when I ceased ejaculation, I remained hard and swollen for many minutes. I never wanted to stop. I humped into Sue until I became so hyper-sensitive that my knees would give from the aftershocks. At some point we had fallen into French kissing. Even after I stopped moving, we still fondled our partner's butts. I had been so absorbed by the sensations of my penis actually rubbing against Sue's pussy, I hadn't had enough brain function left to appreciate feeling her sexy ass for the first time. However, as our orgasms progressed, mine was heightened all the more as I became aware of the muscles in her cheeks flexing sensuously. Her body begged my body a hundred ways to produce sperm, my body had responded completely. We loved feeling each other's butts. We stood soul kissing, kneading away longer than we should have. Sue reminded me to check the time. We had to go. I may felt thoroughly drained, but I still had Sue walk ahead of me going back, for as long as it

was safe with her bare ass exposed. That night I saw her tight, toned, tush waggling in my dreams. Sue and I both had several school related activities during most weeks, it was common for one or both of us to get home just before dinner time. We hadn't been able to see each other alone for more than a few minutes since playing in the woods before dinner two night's earlier. We planned on getting together in Sue's room at 9 tonight. Every Wednesday from 9 till 10 our folks watched a program on a local religious channel in the Living Room, they never missed it. We knew we'd be undisturbed, so we planned for a few items on our wish lists. Between 8 and 9 Sue and I took our evening showers. I put on PJ's and my robe after drying off. Sue wore her robe with nothing underneath, She laid out the extra-long school T-shirt she sometimes wore to bed. She could always claim she was just changing for bed if she had to. My PJ bottoms were fasten with 2 snaps, 'pop pop' and my goodies would be hanging free. Our folks always walked up the stairs, with Sue's door closed we'd have to have 20 seconds at least to get 'dressed' if we heard them on the stairs. More than enough time for me to stand, redo my bottoms, and close a robe. We even rehearsed a real story about someone at school that we'd been talking privately about should we ever have to explain why I was in Sue's room with the door closed. Unlikely we'd ever need to cover our asses, literally, but good planning usually pays off. Now you know why at 8:58 I slipped into Sue's room with lust in my heart. She was in my arms the moment the door closed. By 8:59 my tongue was in Sue's mouth, my hands each held a soft, warm breast, and Sue had a hand in my fly stroking my already rising erection. At 9 sharp I had waltzed Sue to her bed. "God help me Lewis, only 2 days, but I'm horny like I never thought I could be." I confessed that I'd been getting hourly boner's since Tuesday morning. "Sweetie, Monday night you said you wanted to eat me. Do you still feel that way. Do you still wish you could eat my pussy?" I made a begging puppy dog face that answered her question and made her laugh. "Fantastic, 'cause I want you to eat me tonight. I'm dying to feel your mouth between my legs, and I have another reason. I'll explain Friday night. I also have a surprise for right now." Sue moved into a reclining position on her bed. Laying on her side she opened her robe, then raised a knee. I had a heart stopping view of her totally naked body, especially her pussy. Looked to my untrained eyes as if she was pretty aroused already. She looked wet, her slit was open, plenty of pink flesh was showing. My dick began bouncing, which made her grin. Just as I made a move towards her, Sue's voice paused me. "Sweetie, I also have a wish for tonight. I want to feel your penis in my mouth. I want to suck you till you come, and I want you to shoot it into my mouth. I've heard enough about 69 that I want to do it. Maybe I won't like eating your sperm, but some girls like it, so I want try it for myself. I want this to be perfect for you, now you won't have to worry about anything but eating me and coming when you feel like it. Come on, lay down, big sister wants your dick." Guess how fast I was on my side, cock pointing as Sue's face, eyes boring into her bush! God, just inches away from heaven! Pop, pop, Sue had my PJ's wide open. We teased and caressed each other's genitals for a couple minutes. I opened her wide. I was fascinated at how intricate her sex actually was. It was amazing, pure and simple. I had a couple old Penthouse and Playboys from before they got into silicone boobs, which I despise. I'd seen a few good bush shots, but I had no idea what a pussy really looked like. Wow. I poked and probed until I was sure I'd seen everything. I found a position that was comfortable where I could use my hands to hold her furry slit open. Resting my head on Sues' warm left thigh, my tongue slid into her slippery slit. I felt my penis go crazy the instant I first tasted her. Jeez I loved eating her pussy. I ran my tongue up one side of her slit, then back down the other. I repeated the circuit several times until I froze. Sue had just taken my cock into her mouth without a warning. Suddenly her pursed lips had slid down my shaft as if it was sinking into the vagina I was licking all around. My brain was being fried. I had no idea I was able to experience such pleasure. The idea of my penis being in my sister's mouth had excited me many times during masturbatory fantasies, the reality was the difference between a grain of sand and a beach. I groaned like I

never had before, my body went limp. I fought to not move, but my hips defied me by thrusting at Sue's face. I managed not to choke her, but it was an effort to hold back. A wave of gratitude came behind the flood of bliss. Instinctively I sought to repay my rapture by returning my attention to the delicious feast before me. I used my tongue and lips every way I could to excite Sue. I sucked her clit, I licked everywhere I could. Sue's hole opened up for me. It finally hit me that I could use my tongue like a small penis. Following a couple test probes, I began fucking her hole with my tongue stiffened. I barely realized it, but our hips were moving to the rhythm of sex. Gently to be sure, but steady and insistent. I was so grateful for what Sue had told me earlier. In the back of my mind I understood the contents of my balls was about to travel through my penis and into Sue's sweet mouth. Part of my mind focused on the pleasure growing in my groin, part remained intent on trying to help Sue have a magnificent orgasm. The most intense orgasm of my life was

building to release. My hips were insistent. We both felt my cock swell to it's max. Sue had a hand on my steel hard butt, the other fondled my sac. Spurt, spurt, spurt, I emptied my store of semen into my sister's body for the first time. As profound as the pleasure was, the realization that my sperm was going inside a real female body, doubled the intensity level. Sue moved her mouth so just my knob was being sucked as her first orgasm hit. Her hips writhed around my tongue, I just pushed it into her hole, then did my best to keep it in there as her hips jerked. Meanwhile my hips locked into a forward thrust, only jerking an inch or so as my flow continued, but tapered off. My cock softened to half it's angry size. Sue took all of me back into her mouth, it felt soooooo damned good. Her hips told me her orgasm had subsided. It had, but when I sucked her clit into my mouth and beat it with my tongue, her 'mmmmfff' sounds and renewed pelvic rhythms assured me she was coming again, stronger than before. The hand on my butt moved to the back of my head, Sue held me where she needed me as I rode out her second sexual storm. After Sue had come, her already tasty treat seemed all the sweeter to me. I sucked up every drop of her I could find, then searched for more. Still munching away at her muff, my penis regained it's former glory. My glans once again was seeking Sue's depths. My talented sister was now taking me into her throat, her chin was touching my sac when I pushed at her face. The tingling returned. I felt all the signals that I'd soon be enjoying another glorious ejaculation. Sue's slit was staying fairly wide open on its own, so I sent my right around to play with her buns. Unintentionally, my middle finger discovered her anus. I massaged it, mostly to satisfy my curiosity, but it got a strong reaction from Sue. Orgasm was quickly approaching for Sue and I, we were definitely feeding off the other's excitement again. Sue mimicked me, her finger located my anus, then swirled around the tiny pucker. Sue and I were good lovers, we each got excited by finding new ways to excite each other. Within seconds of finding a new erogenous zone, we were coming against each others face. She had her best climax yet, and this second for me was almost as strong as the first. Sue had changed the weekend alarm setting on her clock radio for 9:50. It hadn't gone off yet, so we took our time. We sucked or licked each other gently to ease our way down from the pleasurable heights we'd just reached. As soon as it seemed right, I swung around so we could kiss. Getting up to move, I checked the clock, it'd only been 40 minutes. We performed a quick inspection. As planned, our robes caught any dampness, so her bed was OK. I laid next to Sue so we could enjoy some after sex type kissing. Our hands gently caressed here and there. We were already looking forward to Friday and our next date. I bugged her for more information about her planned surprise, but she held fast. The music came on. We slowly got up, fixed our robes, then checked each other for anything noticeable. Standing on her toes, she gave me a last sexy kiss, then sent me back to my room. Friday at last, yeahhh! Somewhere between 6 and 6:30 our parents should be out of the house. Tonight I learned, by prying, they had a buy one, get one coupo