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REWARD BOOK “> THE MAGICK OF CHANT-O-MATICS by Raymond Buckland __ THE MAGICK OF CHANT-O-MATICS Raymond Buckland KER PUBLISHING COMPANY, Inc, WEST NYACK, NEW YORK © 1878 by Parker Fublshing Company, Ine. ‘West Nyack, New York All ight reseed No pat of th book POLE Ee pelo ng wa “fom the publisher (poeregrndbrani aa tur ran Sno, Library of Congreve Catstexing In Punt modaara, ‘he michex of chart-o-natica, 2s Success, 2+, Incantation witness Die 7 I. Mele, 26 | ‘Printed in the United States of America What This Book Will Do for You Envy! The dictionary says that envy is“a feeling of dise it and resentment aroused by another's desirable pos: ‘or qualities, with a strong desire to have them for yourself.” you envy others. . . or do others envy you? ‘There is no reason in the world why you should not be the of others’ envy. Have you ever wanted things for yourself? health? Love? Money? A constant, steady income, or @ inheritance; a lottery win, or a discovery of treasure? yps your desires are for less material things—a true love; the of an unhappy murriage; regeined health; protection ‘evil? Or perhaps you wish to control others; to have them ir bidding? All these things can be yours. Al these things your gresp. All these things can make you the envy of This book reveals, for the frst time in print, the secrets of your own personal desires. Not through hard, time- ing, constant exereises and gradual development over months, but through simple, essy-to-do rituals that are @ perform. ‘Three Hundred Different Chants for le Needs and Desires Nearly three hundred different chants are included in this 88 which, when properly used as directed, will bring -which you most desite—that which will truly make you cof others Chants for Money; chants for Fower; chants chants for Protection.