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Field Experience Log & Reflection

Instructional Technology Department
Aimee Mancil
Dr. Sonya Bennett, Principal
Ware County
Field Experience"#ssignment
Engaged Learning Project
ITEC !"" Multimedia # We$
Dr. &ulia 'uller, ITEC !""
$art I Log
Date%s& #cti'ity"Time ST#TE Standards
(#TI)(#L Standards
()**+ Completed t,e Pre-Plan and De%ign .or t,e
Engaged Learning Project. /*0 ,our%1
PSC *.0, 0.0, 0.(, +, +.*, +.0,
+.(, +., !, !,0, !.+,
ISTE *, *.a, *.$, *.d, +.d, +.g
()02)*+ Completed t,e Engaged Learning Project Idea
and re%ponding to peer% /+ ,our%1
PSC *, *.*., *.0, *.!, 0.*, 0.0,
0.+, 0.!, 0.3, 0.(, 0), +, +.*.,
+.0, +.+, +.3, +.(, +., !.+
ISTE 0.a, 0.e, 0.., +.d, 3.c
)3)*0 Completed t,e Engaged Learning Project Dra.t
4it, re5i%ion% and idea%. 6e%ponding to peer%.
/+ ,our%1
PSC *, *.*., *.0, *.!, 0.*, 0.0,
0.+, 0.!, 0.3, 0.(, 0), +, +.*.,
+.0, +.+, +.3, +.(, +., !.+
ISTE 0.a, 0.e, 0.., +.d, 3.c
)*+)*+ Completed t,e 'inal Engaged Learning Project
4it, re5i%ion% and added idea%. /! ,our%1
PSC *, *.*., *.0, *.!, 0.*, 0.0,
0.+, 0.!, 0.3, 0.(, 0), +, +.*.,
+.0, +.+, +.3, +.(, +., !.+
ISTE 0.a, 0.e, 0.., +.d, 3.c
Total 7our%8 /00 ,our%1
9Place an : in t,e $o; repre%enting t,e race)et,nicity and %u$group% in5ol5ed in t,i% .ield e;perience.<
Ethnicity $*-. Faculty"Staff $*-. Students
P-0 +-3 (-= 2-*0 P-0 +-3 (-= 2-*0
A%ian :
Blac> :
7i%panic :
?ati5e American)Ala%>an ?ati5e :
W,ite : : :
Multiracial :
Student% 4it, Di%a$ilitie% :
Limited Engli%, Pro.iciency :
Eligi$le .or 'ree)6educed Meal% :
$art II Reflection

9Minimum o. +-! %entence% per @ue%tion<
-0 1riefly descri/e the field experience0 2hat did you learn a/out technology facilitation and
leadership from completing this field experience3
I was very hesitant about how I would respond to my peers and give them constructive criticism. I am not the one
to make anyone mad and like to keep the peace with everyone. With the help of the coaching checklist, I felt like I
could be a competent and effective coach while getting my point across. It gave me things to think about and look
for. The engaged learning project really opened my eyes to how effective I can be as a teacher and coach in the
classroom and with my peers while trying to incorporate technology0
.0 4o5 did this learning relate to the 6no5ledge 94,at mu%t you >no4<, s6ills 94,at mu%t you
$e a$le to do< and dispositions 9attitude%, $elie.%, ent,u%ia%m< re7uired of a technology
facilitator or technology leader3 %Refer to the standards you selected in $art I0 Use the
language of the $SC standards in your ans5er and reflect on all 896no5ledge: s6ills: and
The students must know about World War II according to the Georgia Performance tandards. !eading,
"anguage #rts and $ath will also be involved in the implementation of this project. The students must know,
understand and master these standards.
The students must be able to use technology to research facts on World War II, use video, webcams or %aceTime to
conduct an interview with World War &eterans. Then they will create a website to relay this information using
Weebly. They will also create a blog with a daily reflection of the days learning. They will be able to use different
options. They can type it out, record a video or audio to post on the website.
With the hook I have developed, the students will absolutely love this project. I am getting $y 'ncle am to visit
the class with his uniform on and bring artifacts with him of World War II. (eing a veteran my 'ncle ame will
talk about his e)periences of World War II. This will get the kids interested in. I could also see this getting other
students in the lower grades e)cited to e)perience this when they are in the *
grade and will give them something
to look for. This project may also peak other teachers curiosity and will lead them to developing projects like this+
80 Descri/e ho5 this field experience impacted school impro'ement: faculty de'elopment or
student learning at your school0 4o5 can the impact /e assessed3
$y engaged learning project will help make learning World War II very interesting, meaningful and authentic to
the students. This is a Georgia Performance tandard that needs to be mastered and e)ceeded in ocial tudies. I
also incorporated !eading, "anguage #rts and $ath to make it multicultural so it also covers the new ,ommon
,ore GP.
The students will be tested over these tandards in #pril on the Georgia ,!,T. The impact will be accessed first
through a rubric and observation graded by the teacher. The teacher will also have feedback in $ay when the
scores come in from the ,!,T to see if learning was taken place and if the project was effective.