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Infection and Immunity Laboratory

Summer 2014
Science Building Room 1
Monday & Wednesday, 12:00 pm 2:00 pm
Lab Instructor : Mrs. Miller
Office : The science building room 2
Office ours : Monday ! "ednesday 2:00 # $:00
%mail : me&
Lab Te't : Microbiology Laboratory %'ercises( 2
by Margaret )arnett
You are required to a!e a com*osition noteboo+( lab coat (Knee length and fire resistant)(
and glo,es "or tis class# $ermanent mar%er and colored pencils are recommended#
Note: Please be aware that you are at higher risk of acquiring infection, if you are/will be
immunocompromised or immunosuppressed
O)-%.TI/%S O0 L1)
&e la'oratory section o" te (n"ection and (mmunity course is designed to introduce
students to "undamental concepts in micro'iology and medical micro'iology# (n addition to
teacing general micro'iology tecniques, te la' )ill also elp students learn 'asics o"
microscopy and diagnostic tecniques to elp identi"y common disease causing patogens#
1# *ttendance is mandatory# (" you anticipate di""iculties in coming to la' on time and staying
"or te "ull duration o" te la' period, see me immediately# Wor%, !acations, "amily
"unctions, and routine or pre+sceduled doctor,s appointments are -.& e/cused a'sences#
0ocumentation is required "or all e/cused a'sences# (" you must 'e a'sent "rom a la', let
me %no) prior to your a'sence# *'sences due to emergencies or illness may 'e made up
in some cases i" you contact me 'e"ore or on te day you miss# 1ne/cused a'sences )ill
result in a loss o" 23 o" your total la' grade per a'sence#
2# 4ome to la' on time# 5ui66es )ill 'e gi!en at te 'eginning o" eac la'# *ny student
arri!ing more tan 2 minutes a"ter class as started )ill lose 2#23 o" teir la' grade, and
also recei!e a 6ero "or te qui6# *ny student arri!ing a"ter te start o" a practical )itout
documentation )ill recei!e a 6ero "or tat test#
7# You are required to stay in te la'oratory until you a!e completed all te necessary
e/ercises# !ny student who lea"es early without finishing their lab will lose #$% of their
lab grade
8# You are e/pected to read te la' manual prior to class in order to "amiliari6e yoursel" )it
)at is to 'e done during la' tat day# You must 'e prepared "or la' te minute you arri!e#
9a' time is to 'e spent per"orming e/ercises and recording results, not reading te la'
2# You are required to %eep a 'ound composition note'oo% :a'solutely -. "olders, spirals,
anyting )it per"orated pages; tat contains a ta'le o" contents, te date, te titles o" all
e/ercises per"ormed tat day, te procedures you "ollo)ed "or eac e/ercise, and your
results :o'ser!ations<dra)ings<data; "or eac e/ercise# Most e/ercises )ill require more
tan one la' period to complete, and )e )ill )or% on multiple e/ercises e!ery day#
$rocedures and results o" most e/ercises )ill 'e reported on di""erent dates, so ma%e sure
you record any )or% you per"orm "or a particular e/ercise on te actual day you do it# (" you
dra) pictures, color and la'el tem# Write legi'ly in your note'oo% and on
ome)or%<qui66es 'ecause i" ( cannot read it, ( )ill not grade it#
=# $roper care o" te microscopes is essential# >/tra points can 'e earned "or using correct
la' protocol<sa"ety<maintenance o" microscope. 5ou must ha,e your microsco*e
chec+ed by the T1 before you lea,e lab.
?# You are required to use "ire resistant, %nee lengt la' coat and glo!es )en per"orming
e/periments# @ailure to use la' coat and glo!es )ill result in 13 penalty o" te la' grade#
9a' coat and glo!es should not 'e )orn outside te la'#
A# @ailure to "ollo) directions in la', or "ailure to la'el inoculated plates, slants, or tu'es
properly )ill result in a 23 penalty "or te appropriate la' report#
&inimum of '(% is required to pass this lab
Lab 7e*orts: 123 :&urned in te "irst la' period a"ter completion o" te e/ercise# 9ate
assignments )ill not 'e accepted#;
Lab 4oteboo+: 123 :&urned in at te 'eginning o" la' eac due date# 9ate note'oo%s )ill 'e
penali6ed 103 eac day late#;
8aily 9ui::es: 203 :5uestions co!ering procedures and material "rom te pre!ious la' and
material "or te la' to 'e done tat day#;
Lab 3ractical 1 and 2: 203 eac
;n+no<n Identification and .onduct in .lass: 103
.om*laint 3rocedures:
(" you a!e di""iculties or complaints related to tis course, your "irst action usually
sould 'e to discuss tem )it me# (" suc a discussion )ould 'e uncom"orta'le "or you or
"ails to resol!e your di""iculties, you sould contact 0r# &# (" you are not satis"ied, you may
contact 0r# 1, 4air o" te 0epartment o" Biological Sciences# (" you still are unsatis"ied, you
sould discuss te matter )it 0r# B, *ssociate 0ean o" 4ollege o" Science#
Students <ith 8isabilities:
( )ould li%e to ear "rom anyone )o as a disa'ility tat may require some modi"ication
o" seating, testing, or oter class procedures# $lease see me a"ter class or during my o""ice
ours to discuss appropriate modi"ications#
1.18%MI. MIS.O48;.T
*cademic misconduct )ill not 'e tolerated in tis course# *ccording to guidelines,
academic misconduct can 'e punised 'y imposing a grade o" @, not Cust "or te assignment,
'ut also "or te entire course# &is sanction can 'e applied to academic misconduct on
la'oratory reports, qui66es, la' note'oo%s, and la'oratory practicals#
4OT%: .n e/am days, cell pones must 'e turned o"" and placed in your purse or 'oo%
'ag# -. >D4>$&(.-S# 9oo%ing at a cell pone during te e/am )ill 'e regarded as
academic misconduct#
4OT%)OO= 6;I8%LI4%S
Your note'oo% sould a!e su""icient in"ormation so tat te la'oratory e/ercise could
'e repeated using only te la'oratory note'oo%#
(nclude a &a'le o" 4ontents )it te date te e/periment )as per"ormed, te title o" te
e/periment, and te pages in your note'oo%#
>ac e/periment sould a!e its o)n speci"ic title#
@or eac e/ercise, you sould a!e a $rocedures, Results, and 0iscussion section#
3rocedures: @ully descri'es te metods<tecniques o" e/ercise
7esults: $ictures, 'iocemical results, etc#
8iscussion: 1se )at you learned in la' to elp you )rite tis section#
)his differs depending on e*periment +ou may ha"e to relate results to
the idea of the e*periment, comment on your result, etc +ou ha"e to
,udge what is best to write
Write only on one side o" te paper#
&e procedures on slides are a''re!iated, so do not Cust copy tem straigt into your
note'oo%E supplement tem )it detailed notes on )at Y.1 did tat day#
&orougly la'el pictures# :note colors, total magni"ication;
(" you are dra)ing a picture "rom a microscope o'ser!ation, note te total magni"ication
ne/t to te picture#
-ote tat incu'ation conditions go in te procedure section and not in te results
4F>4G Y.1R S$>99(-H, especially organisms, names#
Write out te @199 name o" an organism<medium<etc# te "irst time you re"er to it in your
*9W*YS 1-0>R9(-> organisms, names :1se 'inomial nomenclature;#
Write legi'lyE i" ( can,t read it, ( )on,t grade it#
Ma%e sure te entries in your note'oo% are in cronological order# @ollo) ta'le o"
$lease come see me i" you a!e questionsI
More guidelines and fe< e'am*les
7;L%S O4 T% ;S% O0 MI.7OS.O3%S
"hen using the microsco*e:
1# &e illumination %no' is e/tremely "ragile, so turn it H>-&9Y#
2# 0o not >B>R go "rom 100/ oil o'Cecti!e 'ac% to te 80/ o'Cecti!e .- &F> S*M>
7# You must )ipe te 100/ oil o'Cecti!e clean B>@.R> going to te ne/t slide#
8# 0o not crus te 100/ oil o'Cecti!e lens troug te slide#
2# *9W*YS use t)o ands to carry te microscopeJone under te 'ase and one olding
te arm#
=# (" )e are staining, ma%e sure your ands are clean 'e"ore you andle te microscope#
)efore *utting the microsco*e a<ay:
1# Remo!e te slide "rom te stage#
2# Rotate te lo)+po)er o'Cecti!e lens into position and use te coarse adCustment %no' to
mo!e te stage into its lo)est position#
7# Wrap te cord around te 'ase#
8# 4enter te mecanical stage so it does not proCect too "ar on eiter side#
2# You must use lens paper to clean all te o'Cecti!e lenses at te end o" eac la' period#
4lean in tis order: 10/, 80/, and 100/#
=# 0o not use cleaning "luid or lens paper on te ocular lenses#
- .tudents who lea"e without ha"ing their microscope checked will lose #$% of their lab
A# Return te scope to its correct place in te ca'inet#