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Leaving behind a Legacy for our Children

When Umar bin Abdul Aziz (rahimahullah) was in his last moments someone came and
re!rimanded him saying that you have left nothing for your children. "e re!lied that if they are
righteous then Allah will ta#e care of them and if they are sinful then why should $ leave wealth behind
for them and assist them in their wrong. %his was his succession !lan for his children. %he historian
re!orting this says that $ saw the children of Umar bin Abdul Aziz and the children of the other
#hulafaa. &ot long had !assed and the children of the other #hulafaa would actually stretch out their
hands for handouts from !eo!le whereas the children of Umar bin Abdul Aziz were able to e'ui!
the (uslim army with )** fully laden horses to assist the mu+aahideen.
%his does not mean that we should not leave behind anything for our children. We should leave
something for them but our e'uations are wrong. We feel that if they are left with wealth and
investments then only will they !ros!er. ,ather -. to )* !ercent can be wealth and the rest /* !ercent
should be deen. 0een does not mean merely see#ing #nowledge but !ractically im!lementing deen and
transferring right healthy $slamic values. %his will come about with !ious com!any and Allah %aala
says1 #oonu maas saadi'een (2oin the ran#s of the truthful.). %his is an obligation that is !er!etual. 3ut
if we cannot remain in their com!any then the substitute will be to study those #itaabs that they
recommend. %he idea is to brea# away from every other thing and connect to Allah %aala. We will
eventually have to meet Allah. 4o we should meet "im in a state that "e is !leased with us and we are
!leased with "im.
4ource1 Al5"aadi