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Title: ASUSTeK TV7160E TV Tuner Driver Update

Description: ASUSTeK TV7160E TV Tuner driver update resolves issue with lue s!reen error.
Purpose: "riti!al
Category: Driver # $raphi!s
Operating System:
%i!roso&t 'indows Vista (o)e *asi! +,2#it-
%i!roso&t 'indows Vista (o)e .re)iu) +,2#it-
%i!roso&t 'indows Vista *usiness +,2#it-
%i!roso&t 'indows Vista Ulti)ate +,2#it-
%i!roso&t 'indows Vista Starter
$loal En/lish
# 0esolves issue with lue s!reen error.
# 1ou )ust e lo//ed on as an ad)inistrator to install this update.
# 1ou )ust have a %i!roso&t 'indows Vista ,2#it operatin/ s2ste).
"nstallation "nstructions:
1. "li!3 the Download 4nl2 utton.
2. At the 5ile Download s!reen6 !li!3 the Save utton.
,. At the Save As s!reen6 save the &ile to 2our Des3top.
4. 7& a )essa/e appears statin/ that the &ile alread2 e8ists6 !li!3 1ES to overwrite &ile.
9. Doule#!li!3 the i!on &or the update downloaded to 2our des3top6 and then !li!3 :E;T.
6. 5ollow on#s!reen instru!tions.
7. 7& pro)pted to restart the s2ste) upon !o)pletion o& the update6 !li!3 1ES and allow s2ste) to
"op2ri/ht < 200= (ewlett#.a!3ard Develop)ent "o)pan26 >...