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Australian Importers of Grocery Products

This partial list is furnished with the understanding that no discrimination is intended and no guarantee of reliability is implied.
Source: Australian Grocery Industry Marketing Guide 2008, Retail World Pty Ltd, 2007
Updated:August 2008
Companies marked with an * are members of the Food & Beverage Importers Association
Companies in green are importers of organic foods
Company Name Contact Position Address 1 City/State/Zip Phone Number Fax Number Email Address Web Address Products Company Type
A. Clouet (Aust)* Arnaud Vasset Managing Director 5/5 Stanton Road Seven Hills NSW 2147 +61-2-9674-6088 +61-2-9764-6099
Asian noodles, sauces, marinades; Thai sauces & pastes;
coconut milks & creams; condiments; crab meat; dried
mushrooms; green peppercorn; instant noodles; Japanese
noodles; sardines; satay sauces; snails; spices; retail and
food service pack sizes; stir fry pastes
Importer, Distributor, Manufacturer,
Abel Lemon Distribution Michael Caruso Managing Director P.O. Box 292 Concord NSW 2137 +61-2-4722-9392 +61-2-4731-2382
Antipasto; balsamic vinegar; canola oil; coffee; health foods;
herbal teas; olive oil; organic foods; pasta; tea
Importer, Wholesaler, Manufacturer,
Exporter, Supplier
All-Fect Distributors Paul Essey Managing Director 31-33 Parramatta Road Lidcombe NSW 2141 +61-2-9748-1100 +61-2-9748-3771 confectionery; snack foods
Importer, Distributor, Supplier,
Alliance Marketing Corporation Adrian Luxford Chief Executive Officer Unit 6, 2-4 Apollo Court Blackburn VIC 3130 +61-3-9878-0311 +61-3-9878-0511 confectionery; dairy; dry grocery; frozen foods
Agent, ASMCA Member, Broker, Importer,
Anchor Foods David Clapin Managing Director P.O. Box 143 Freemantle WA 6163 +61-8-9314-4200 +61-8-9314-4201
bread mix; cake mix; cordial; flour; food service; herbs &
spices; Indian foods; international meals; preserved
vegetables; rice; sugar; vinegar; water Manufacturer, Supplier, Importer
Ancient Distributors Ian Weaver Director P.O. Box 1081 Dandenong VIC 3175 +61-3-9706-7500 +61-3-9794-0833 herbal tea; mayonnaise; peanut butter; tahini Broker, Importer, Distributor, Exporter
Argents Hill Country Cuisine Bob Andrews Director 1A Pipe Road Laverton North, VIC 3026 +61-3-9325-1900 +61-3-9325-1988 antipasto; marinated vegetables; pestos; tapenades
Agent, Importer, Manufacturer, Supplier,
Vendor, Wholesaler
Atlantic Pacific Foods Tony Monaghan Chief Executive Officer PO Box 54 Maitland, NSW 2320 +61-2-4939-1700 +61-2-4939-1799 butter blends; margarine; olive oils; spreads; vegetable oils
Importer, Exporter, Manufacturer,
Organic Supplier
Aus-Link WA Graham Godman PO Box 1746 Canning Vale WA 6970 +61-8-9456-1200 +61-8-9456-1211
Various products in grocery & food service encompassing
frozen, dairy, dry, grocery, general merchandise and food
service on behalf of local, national and international
companies Broker, Distributor, Importer
Australian Confectionery Graeme hamilton Managing Director 26-32 Plateau Road Reservoir VIC 3073 +61-3-9460-7633 +61-3-9460-7557
boxed chocolates; Christmas novelties; confectionery in bags;
confectionery marketing services; contract packing, Easter
novelties Importer, Wholesaler
Australian Culinary Foods Herman Claassens Managing Director 14 Booralie Road Terrey Hills, NSW 2084 +61-2-9450-2571
gourmet foods; jams; tea; chutney; chocolate; olive oil;
mueslis; cordials; spices; dressings; cakes Importer, Exporter
Australian Food Innovators Brian Leckie Managing Director PO Box 970 Berri, SA 5343 +61-8-8582-4233 +61-8-8582-4344
100% natural, no additives - fresh & IQF berries; blueberry
juice; dried berries; organic vegetable juices; fruit juices;
dried fruit; raspberry juice; raspberry, blueberry & strawberry
puree; soft fruit (dehydrated - no sulphur - mango, pineapple,
banana, apricots, peaches, nectarines)
Importer, Exporter, Manufacturer,
Organic Supplier, Wholesaler
Australian International Traders Rana Wilkinson Sales PO Box 168 Seaforth, NSW 2092 +61-2-9939-7277 +61-2-9939-7488 confectionery; novelties; water ice Importer, Exporter
Australian Seafood Producers Dennis Spooner Chief Executive Officer P.O. Box 1503 Springwood QLD 4127 +61-7-3208-8555 +61-7-3208-8266
general fish & seafood; reef fish; smoked fish; value added
fish Importer, Wholesaler
Austrimi Seafoods Shinji Narasaki Managing Director 62-66 Cowie Street North Geelong VIC 3215 +61-3-5272-1690 +61-3-5272-1725 seafood Importer, Manufacturer
Barilla Australia* Terry Ryan Managing Director PO Box 205 Westgate Post Office, NSW 2048 +61-2-8585-3900 +61-2-9568-3959 bakery; crispbead; pasta; pasta sauces Importer
Basile Imports PO Box 714 Bayswater, VIC 3153 +61-3-9762-9311 +61-3-9762-9422
antipasto products; biscuits; cake decorating; cakes; canned
fish; canned tomatoes; canned vegetables; caper; cheese;
coffee; condiments; cooking needs; dairy; dried vegetables;
fruit liqueurs; fruit nectars; funghi porcini; gnocchi; grissini
sticks; herbs and spices; jams; legumes; liquors; mineral
waters; nougat; oils; olives; pasta; pasta sauces; pesto;
polenta; preserved vegetables; rice; salad needs; soft drinks;
sour cherries; spirits and liqueurs; spreads; tomato sauces;
vinegar; wines Importer
Baska-Jon Fine Foods* Barbara Sebok Managing Director 13/595 Princes Highway Tempe NSW 2044 +61-2-9573-1122 +61-2-9573-1144
Specializing in traditionally prepared preserves, mushrooms &
hand made confectionery. Sauerkraut; dill cucumbers; whole
baby beetroot; grated beetroot; horseradish; dry & marinated
porcini mushrooms; chantarelles; cranberry sauce; luxury
fudge; mixed pralines; jams/marmalades
Importer, Wholesaler, Distributor,
Organic Supplier
Bean Alliance, The Susan Castle 25 Kurnai Avenue Reservoir VIC 3073 +61-3-9474-5555 +61-3-9474-5556 coffee; superfine drinking chocolate
Exporter, Importer, Manufacturer,
Organics Supplier, Wholesaler
Bellis Fruit Bars Nick Begakis Director 171 Philip Highway Elizabeth South SA 5112 +61-8-8287-3366 +61-8-8287-6402
chocolate coated bars; coconut fruit balls; fruit bars; fruit
based confectionery; fruit slices, pieces and logs Distributor, Importer, Manufacturer
Bonfood* Gabriele Peroni Managing Director 4 Bruthen Street Preston, VIC 3072 +61-3-9495-8200 +61-3-9416-8112
anchovies; balsamic vinegar; beans; biscuits; cheese;
chocolates; codfish; coffee; colombe; cous cous; fruit juices;
gnocchi; grilled vegetables; grissini; Italian jams; Italian
confectionery; marinated vegetables; mineral water; olive oil;
panettone; parma; pasta; pasta sauces; pesto; prosciutto;
roasted peppers; Spanish olives; stock cubes; stockfish;
tomato products; tuna; wine vinegar
Distributor, Importer, Exporter; Organic
Supplier, Wholesaler
Botany International Foods Barry Gottheiner Joint Director P.O. Box 1106 Castle Hill NSW 2154 +61-2-9899-4477 +61-2-9899-4491
biscuits; bottled vegetables; cheese; chocolate; chutney;
coffee; confectionery; curries; Dutch licorice; fish; fudge;
jam; olives; pickles; salad dressing; soups; soy products;
spices; spreads; tofu. Organic biscuits.
Importer; Distributor; Wholesaler,
Organic Supplier, Agent
Bush's Pet Foods Tak Asai Managing Director GPO Box 2604 Sydney NSW 2001 +61-2-9240-9510 +61-2-9241-3100
canned pet foods; chilled pet foods; dry pet foods; pet foods -
sachet and alutray; pet treats
Importer, Exporter, Manufacturer,
Calandra International (Aust) Patrick Dilizio Managing Director Unit 12, 144 Canterbury Road Kilsyth, VIC 3171 +61-3-9761-4988 +61-3-9761-4922
cheese; couscous; frozen foods; jams; mineral water; oil;
pasta; polenta; ready meals; rice; sauces; smallgoods;
Importer, Distributor, Agent, Wholesaler,
Organic Supplier
Candy Brokers Bruce Catto General Manager P.O. Box 2755 Taren Point BC NSW 2229 +61-2-9531-6022 +61-2-9524-6866 confectionery Distributor, Wholesaler, Importer
Cantarella Bros Pty Ltd Leslie Schirato Managing Director Private Box 6565 Silverwater DC NSW 1811 +61-2-9748-0299 +61-2-9748-1915
black tea; cheese; coffee; condiments; cooking oil; drinking
chocolate; flavorings & syrups; fruit juice; gelato; herbal
teas; iced tea; mineral/spa waters; pasta; sardines &
herrings; table water; wines & spirits
Manufacturer, Importer, Distributor,
Exporter, Wholesaler
Centra Fine Foods Paul van Straalen Managing Director P.O. Box 123 Welshpool DC WA 6986 +61-8-9358-8600 +61-8-9350-5096
Asian sauces; biscuits; cakes; canned soups; cheese;
chocolates; coconut milks & creams; complete Asian range;
dressings; jams; relishes/chutneys; smoked seafood; instant
noodles; soy & vegetarian range; vinegars. Organic Products:
cheese; desserts; plain & flavored tofu; soy & vegetarian
burgers; spreads; tofu products; yogurt
Importer, Distributor, Broker, Wholesaler,
Organics Supplier
Cerebos Foods* Locked Bag 2002 Seven Hills NSW 2147 +61-2-9624-5200 +61-2-8881-4111
casserole bases; coffee; cook-in sauces; cooking ingredients;
custart powders; dry mix sauces & gravies; rice; salad
dressings; salt; stuffing mixes; table sauces; tomato paste;
tomato sauce; UHT custards/desserts Manufacturer, Importer, Distributor
Chien Wah Trading Co. Pty Ltd Man Hall Lew Managing Director P.O. Box 70 Clifton Hill VIC 3068 +61-3-9489-4544 +61-3-9486-2151
Chinese & Asian groceries; cooking oil, dim sims; mini dim
sims; rice; seafoods; spring rolls
Importer, Agent, Wholesaler,
Club Trading & Distribution Steven Clemans PO Box 1379 Double Bay NSW 1360 +61-2-9371-7222 +61-2-9371-7666
flavoured couscous; flavored risotto; frozen vegetarian
product; instant noodle meal; long life juices; ready sauces,
condiments and spices; spice grinders Distributor, Importer, Wholesaler
Coffex Coffee Peter Nikolakopolous General Manager 58 Dawson Street Brunswick VIC 3056 +61-3-9385-1111 +61-3-9380-6200 coffee; syrups; tea
Manufacturer, Importer, Exporter,
Distributor, Wholesaler
Commodity Imports Aust Arthur Kopelowitz 8a, 247 King Street Mascot NSW 2020 +61-2-9669-4441 +61-2-9669-4442
cocoa powder; dried fruits, seeds and nuts; frozen fruit;
green coffee Importer, Distributor, Wholesaler
Confectionery Link Barrie Seear Managing Director Suite 6, 1 Milton Parade Malvern VIC 3144 +61-3-9824-8133 +61-3-9822-8323
confectionery; biscuits (seasonal & non-seasonal); chocolate;
general novelties; gummies; lollipops; jelly/candy products;
pocket pack candies; seasonal & non-seasonal novelties;
Importer, Agent, Distributor, Exporter,
Conga Foods* Saverio Valmorbida Managing Director P.O. Box 8156, Northland Centre Preston VIC 3072 +61-3-9487-9500 +61-3-9484-0764
canned fish; cheese; coffee; condiments; mineral water; olive
oil; pasta sauces; rice; sardines; tomato products
Wholesaler, Distributor, Importer,
Coreco Fine Foods Sam Piedimonte Director PO Box 575 Somerton, VIC 3061 +61-3-9357-0490 +61-3-9357-0731
Organic beans; organic biscuits; organic pasta; organic
Distributor, Importer, Manufacturer,
Wholesaler, Organic Supplier
Cosmo Foods SA Neale Arthur Business Manager PO Box 83 Enfield Plaza, SA 5085` +61-8-8359-1466 +61-8-8359-1477
Asian grocery; beverages; juices; biscuits; breads; cakes;
cheese; condiments; confectionery; cream; soups; risottos;
oils; olives; organic products; pastries; smoked fish; tea;
Broker, Distributor, Importer, Organic
Supplier, Wholesaler
ASMCA = Association of
Sales & Marketing
Companies Australasia -
Cypress & Sons Pty Ltd Patrick Pow General Manager Private Mail Bag 145 Silverwater DC NSW 1811 +61-2-9748-3490 +61-2-9648-4475
canned cat food; canned fruits; canned soups; canned
tomatoes; frozen vegetables; herbs & spices; instant noodles;
oriental sauces; pickles; relishes/chutneys; tea; tomato paste Manufacturer, Importer, Distributor
Daabon Organic Australia Sergio Correa Managing Director Unit 4, 56-72 John Street Leichhardt, NSW 2040 +61-2-9566-4500 +61-2-9566-4511
Organic Products: dried fruits; freeze-dried coffee; green
coffee; margarine; shortening; snack bars
Distributor, Importer, Manufacturer,
Organic Supplier, Wholesaler
Directus Australia* A.C. Beattie Managing Director P.O. Box 1049 Hunters Hill NSW 2110 +61-2-9844-2100 +61-2-9817-5581
all processed fruits & vegetables; canned fruit & vegetables;
erythrosine cherries; frozen fruits; fruit juice concentrates;
fruit purees & pastes; tomato paste
Importer, Agent, Distributor, Organics
Eco Farms Philip Rougon Managing Director P.O. Box 71 Flemington Markets NSW 2129 +61-2-9764-2833 +61-2-9746-6174
Organic Products: baby food; certified organic (bulk &
prepacked) fruit & vegetables; cheese; coffee & teas; corn
chips; dried fruit; falafel mix; flour; fresh noodles; fruit
juices; heat & eat meals; jams & spreads; licorice; miso;
nuts; oils; pasta; rice; ricecakes; sauces; snacks; dips; soy
milk; still springwater; tahini; tofu; veg burgers; vegetables;
vinegars; wheat biscuit cereal; yogurt
Importer, Distributor, Manufacaturer,
Exporter, Wholesaler, Organic Supplier
Ettason Stephanie Lam Operations Manager Unit 1, 2b Birmingham Avenue Villawood, NSW 2163 +61-2-9726-7400 +61-2-9754-1090
Asian jelly products; canned Asian fruits & vegetables;
condiments; confectionery & snacks; drinks; frozen meals &
dim sims; instant noodles; pastes; rice; rice crackers; Singha
beer; stir-fry sauces; Tsingtao beer Importer, Agent, Distributor, Exporter
Euro Shopper International Food John Van Altena General Manager Unit 11-12, 122 Hassell Street Wetherill Park NSW 2164 +61-2-9757-4992 +61-2-9757-4521
apple sauce; biscuits & patisserie; breakfast lines; cocoa;
condiments; confectionery; Dutch licorice; pickles; processed
vegetables; sauces Importer, Distributor
European Foods Wholesalers Australia PO Box 74 Northbridge, WA 6865 +61-8-9328-7455 +61-8-9328-7620
antipasti; cheeses; coffee; confectionery; dried fruit;
essenses; liqueurs; nuts; oils; olives; specialty beverages;
specialty chocolates; spirits; syrups; vinegars; wine
Importer, Agent; Broker, Distributor,
Manufacturer, Organic Supplier, Supplier,
Wholesaler, Exporter
Exclusive Food Houses Harry Friedman Managing Director P.O. Box 1190 Moorabbin VIC 3189 +61-3-9555-9588 +61-3-9555-9828
biscuits; cakes; canned fruits; canned seafood; chestnut
products; chocolate confectionery; cooking chocolate; cooking
oil; dressings; dried fruits; dry mushrooms; jams; mustards;
olie oil; peanut butter; pickles; relishes; rice; rice crackers;
salad needs; salt; seafood; spreads; tea; vinegar Importer, Distributor, Agent, Wholesaler
F Mayer Imports* Robbie Mayer Managing Director PO Box 110 Mascot NSW 2020 +61-2-9669-2211 +61-2-9669-1051
butter; cheese; chocolate; grocery products; pasta; sugar;
Importer, Distributor, Organic Supplier,
Fine Food Agencies Hugh Hamilton Managing Director PO Box 390 Acacia Ridge, QLD 4110 +61-7-3273-4522 +61-7-3273-2699 biscuits; dried fruit; jams & spreads; soy sauce Importer, Distributor
First Ray PO Box 48 Kew East, VIC 3102 +61-3-9859-1556 +61-2-9859-4372
ORGANIC & FAIRTRADE products: tea; herbal tea; sun-dried
tomatoes; artichoke hearts; grilled peppers; grilled eggplant;
marinated olives; sustainably fished tuna, sardines, mackeral,
herrings & anchovies in organic ioils and dressings; fruit bars;
fruit snack packs; breadsticks; grissini; dates; dried papaya
Importer, Distributor, Organic Supplier,
Foodcorp Australia Rafi Goodman Import Coordinator 5 St Kilda Road St Kilda, VIC 3182 +61-3-9530-0544 +61-3-9530-0505
apple sauce; bakery; baking ingredients; beverages;biscuits;
breakfast bars; canned fish; canned fruit & vegetables;
cereals; coffee; concentrated juice; condiments;
confectionery; dried fruit; flour; frozen cakes; frozen fruit
pies; fruit juices; functional waters; health foods; hot & cold
drink mixes; jams; nuts; olive oil; rice; snack food; spreads;
tea; water Importer, Distributor; Wholesaler
Fowlers Vacola Australia Nicole Roy Product Manager 23-25 Racecourse Road North Melbourne, VIC 3051 +61-3-9329-7799 +61-3-9329-9899
cakes; cookies; slices; puddings; crumpets; frozen savoury
pastries; fruit cake; fruit minced pies; glace cherries; glace
luxury cakes; jam covers; muffins; party pies; pectin for jam
making; plum puddings; preserving waxes
Importer, Distributor, Manufacturer,
Freedom Nutritional Products Limited Geoff Babidge Chief Executive Officer PO Box 2531 Taren Point, NSW 2229 +61-2-9526-2555 +61-2-9525-5406
biscuits; breakfast bars; canned seafood; corn chips;
crackers; fruit slices; health bars; juice; nutritious snacks;
pasta; rice milk; snack packs; soy milks; sports waters
Importer, Manufacturer, Organic Supplier,
Funtastic Ltd - Confectionery Tony Oates Managing Director PO Box 4394 Mulgrave, VIC 3170 +61-3-9535-5888 +61-3-9545-0829
Belgian truffles & seashells; box chocolates; chocolate
surprise eggs; gourmet jelly beans; licensed novelty
confectionery; liqueur chocolates; novelty confectionery; sour
candy; spin pops; sugar confectionery; sugar free mints;
travel sweets
Importer, Agent, Distributor,
Manufacturer, Supplier
GAF Foods Australia* Tony McKay General Manager 18-28 Taras Avenue Altona North VIC 3025 +61-3-8368-0600 +61-3-9369-9090 biscuits; confectionery; canned foods Importer, Broker, Distributor
Gaganis Bros Paul Gaganis Managing Director 9-13 Bacon Street Hindmarsh SA 5007 +61-8-8346-5766 +61-8-8340-0916
artichoke hearts; canned and salted fish; canned vegetables;
char grilled peppers and eg plants; confectionery; crushed
and whole garlic cloves in jars; dips; dolmades and giant
beans; dried fruit; fetta cheeses; flour; Greek and Spanish
olives; herbs; spices; peas; beans; lentils; nuts; water;
Italian and Greek pasta; james and spreads; cheeses;
nostimini spice; olive oils; pickles; pretzels; rusks and
biscuits; sheeps milk yoghurt; tomato paste and sauce;
coffee; wafers Agent, Distributor, Importer, Wholesaler
Global Coffee Solutions Leo Stanners 93 Jardine Street Fairy Meadow, NSW 2519 +61-2-4284-6055 +61-2-4284-6099 coffee beans
Importer, Manufacturer, Supplier,
Glow Organics Christine Fung Managing Director Unit 8, 29 Leighton Place Hornsby, NSW 2077 +61-2-9482-1082 +61-2-9482-1284
certified organic products; chocolate; confectionery; drinking
chocolate; energy bars; Fair Trade certified products; mints;
nutritious snack bars; olive oil; salad dressings; sweets; teas
Importer, Distributor, Organic Supplier,
Gluten Free Co, The 213 Ruffles Road Willowvale, QLD 4209 +61-7-5546-7582 +61-7-5546-7322 certified organic gluten free dry goods, mueslis, flour
Importer, Manufacturer, Organic Supplier,
Goston Avend Bernard Goston 17-21 George Street Blackburn VIC 3130 +61-3-9894-0444 +61-3-9894-0455
chai; coffee; drinking chocolate; frappe; organic flavors and
flavor extracts
Agent, Distributor, Exporter, Importer,
Manufacturer, Organic Supplier,
Gourmet Organic Herbs 3/8 Stockyard Place West Gosford, NSW 2250 +61-2-4323-7556 +61-2-4322-8557
ORGANIC - culinary herbs; organic raw materials - all spice;
olive paste; chick pea powder, etc.
Importer, Manufacturer, Organic Supplier,
Green Bean Coffee PO Box 4193 Macquarie North Ryde, NSW 2113+61-2-9870-7898 +61-2-9436-4127
chai teas; chocolatle syrups; Fairtrade coffee; organic blends;
Importer, Agent, Distributor, Organic
Supplier, Supplier, Wholesaler
Grocery Corporation Anthony King General Manager P.O. Box 332 Neutral Bay Junction NSW 2089+61-2-9908-2022 +61-2-9953-8027
biscuits; coffee; dried fruits; fruit spreads; prunes; soups;
Importer, Agent, Distributor, Broker,
Supplier, ASMCA Member, Online
Shopping, Vendor
Hampden Trading Clive Sher Managing Director PO Box 1422 Bondi Junction, NSW 2022 +61-2-9693-l6558 +61-2-9693-6578 chocolates; confectionery; nougat; snack bars; spices
Distributor, Importer, Organic Supplier,
Heritage Fine Chocolates Michael Simons Managing Director PO Box 3018 Wheelers Hill, VIC 3150 +61-3-9755-7388 +61-3-9755-7188
boxed chocolates; cooking chocolate; corporate gift packs;
Easter & Christmas novelties; gift novelties; hampers; hand
made Belgian chocolates; industrial couverture; restaurant &
catering products
Agent, Importer, Exporter, Manufacturer,
Honest to Goodness PO Box 4182 Castlecraag, NSW 2068 +61-2-9417-3113 +61-2-9417-3116
dried fruits; nuts - raw & dry roasted; oilseeds; pulses;
seeds; specialty milled grains & flours
Distributor, Importer, Exporter,
Manufacturer, Organic Supplier
Hong Australia Corporation John Yee Managing Director P.O. Box 113 Chester Hill NSW 2162 +61-2-9645-1555 +61-2-9645-2288
Asian drinks; biscuits; canned food; canned tuna; edible oils;
frozen shrimp; instant noodles; oriental sauces; soy milk;
spring roll pastry Importer, Distributor, Wholesaler
Hormel Foods Australia* Scott Martin General Manager 647 Glenhuntly Road Caulfield, VIC 3162 +61-3-9524-8300 +61-3-9524-8399
antipasto; canned chilli; canned meats; dips; flavoured side
dishes; olives; spreads; stews Importer, Manufacturer
Hot Shots Australia Matthew Tender PO Box 374 Thomastown VIC 3074 +61-3-9465-1988 +61-3-9465-1977
confectionery; novelty and licensed confectionery; childrens
licenses cookies
Wholesaler, Distributor, Importer,
IMP Marketing* Edmund B. North Managing Director
Suite 2E, Gordon Centre, 802
Pacific Highway Gordon NSW 2072 +61-2-9498-2255 +61-2-9498-2094
asparagus spears; canned sliced mangoes; cheese; coconut
cream; coconut milk; milk powder; olive oil; olive pomace oil;
salmon; Thai sweet chilli sauce; tuna; whole baby corn
Distributor, Exporter, Importer,
Wholesaler, ASMCA Member
Innovative Products & Services 211 Bridge Road Glebe, NSW 2037 +61-2-9566-1434 +61-2-9566-1497
biscuits & snacks; dried fruits & nuts; fruit nectars; fruit
syrups; vegetable oils - blended, corn, hazelnut, olive,
soybean, sunflower Importer, Supplier, Wholesaler
Ital Biscuits Robert Angele Director 1962 Hume Highway Campbellfield VIC 3061 +61-3-9357-9799 +61-3-9357-9699 biscuits; cakes Manufacturer, Importer, Exporter
Kadac Roger Pitt Director PO Box 139 Moorabbin VIC 3189 +61-3-9583-1522 +61-3-9585-3809
Organic Products: organic, natural and fine food products;
baby cereals; baked beans; biscuits; cereals; chocolate;
chutneys; coffee; dried fruit; drinks; extra virgin olive oil;
flours; frozen fruit and vegetables; fruit and vegetable juices;
health bars; herbs; jams; legumes; maple syrup; olive oils;
olive pate; olives; pasta sauces; peanut oils; pickles; pre-
prepared meals; rice; sauces; soft drinks; spices; tahini;
teas; tinned legumes; tomato products; toppings; wafers;
Manufacturer, Distributor, Importer,
Export Supplier, Organic Supplier,
Kialla Pure Foods Quentin Kennedy Managing Director 342 Greenmount-Etonvale Road Greenmount, QLD 4359 +61-7-4697-0300 +61-7-4697-0399
certified orgaic cereal grain products; organic
flours/breadmixes; organic pancake mix; organic pet food;
sunflower oils
Importer, Exporter, Manufacturer,
Organic Supplier, Wholesaler
Kikkoman Australia Pty Ltd* Mas Watanabe Managing Director Level 6, 132 Arthur Street North Sydney NSW 2060 +61-2-9923-2533 +61-2-9923-2050
naturally brewed soy sauce; oyster sauce & oriental sauces;
teriyaki sauce Importer, Distributor, Manufacturer
Kinnerton Confectionery Aust Paul Valon Managing Director 4 Yalleroi Avenue Pymble, NSW 2073 +61-2-9403-1186 +61-2-9403-1138
character confectionery; hard candy; jellies & mallow
products; nut free chocolate; nut free products;
nut/dairy/gluten/egg free chocolate Importer, Distributor
LA Waffle Lionel Freilich Director PO Box 475 Avalon, NSW 2107 +61-2-9918-5580 +61-2-9918-5517 chocolate mousse; waffle dough; waffles
Distributor, Importer, Manufacturer,
Lolliland Peter Colstelloe Director P.O. Box 3017 Narellan DC NSW 2567 +61-2-4646-1122 +61-2-4647-1022
biscuits; chocolate confectionery; Easter eggs; gherkins; jam;
sugar confectionery; tea; tomato paste Importer, Wholesaler, Manufacturer
Magic Chef John Wilder Director Suite 9, 131 Bulleen Road North Balwyn VIC 3104 +61-3-9859-0011 +61-3-9859-0022
choc honeycomb crunch; cooking chocolate - milk, dark &
white; dinner mints; general merchandise; wafer biscuits Importer, Distributor
Manassen Foods Australia* Locked Bag 99 Wetherill Park NSW 2164 +61-2-8787-5200 +61-2-9725-3259
biscuits; cakes; canned fish; canned vegetables; cheese;
condiments and sauces; confectionery; cooking needs;
cooking sauces; desserts; dried fruit; golden syrup;
international meals; jams and spreads; maple syrup;
mayonnaise; noodles; pasta; pickles; rice; rice snacks;
simmer goods; soups; tea; yogurt Importer, Distributor
Maranatha Import Export Nabi Saleh Managing Director PO Box 6585 Baulkham Hills BC, NSW 2153 +61-2-9894-6247 +61-2-9899-1628 cocoa; cocoa mixes; coffee; roast & ground coffee; whiteners Importer, Exporter, Manufacturer
Marco Polo Foods Pty Ltd Lily Jankulovski General Manager 7 Elizabeth Street Campsie NSW 2194 +61-2-9718-8922 +61-2-9718-7335
biscuits; chocolates; herbal teas; iced teas; jams; licorice;
mineral water; pickles; slivovitz; soups; vegeta stocks Importer, Distributor
Maxwell Food Products Chris Spratt Managing Director PO Box 565 Sydney Markets Flemington, NSW 2129 +61-2-9325-7693 +61-2-9325-6143
dried fruit; processed & frozen fruits & fruit concentrates;
canned fruit Importer
Menora Foods Ely Schachna Managing Director P.O. Box 84 Springvale VIC 3171 +61-3-8558-7070 +61-3-8558-7075
biscuits, savoury and sweet; black tea; breads; cakes;
cheeses; Chinese foods; chocolate sauce; chunky dips,
chutney; coconut cream & milk; coffee; condiments;
confectionery; cordials; desserts; dijonnaise; dips; dressings;
drinking chocolate; fish; herbal teas; herbs & spices;
herrings; horseradish; Indian foods; Japanese foods;jellies;
licorice; marzipan; mince pies; mustards; noodles, fresh &
dried; nougat; nuts; oils; olives; pancakes; panettone;
pappadams; pasta; pastes; pickles; pizza bases; potato
chips; puddings; rice; rice crackers; frozen salmon; sauces;
sauerkraut; snacks; spices and herbs; tea; Thai foods;
Vietnamese foods; vinegar; waffles
Manufacturer, Importer, Distributor,
Mike & Jack 800 Wellington Road Rowville, VIC 3178
general confectionery specializing in children's novelties;
gum; jelly pops; licensed confectionery; marshmallows;
seasonal confectionery; vending machines Importer, Exporter, Supplier
Minerva Australia Pty Ltd Richard G. Whelpdale General Manager P.O. Box 184 Gosford NSW 2250 +61-2-4323-2559 +61-2-4323-2599 balsamic vinegar; cooling oil; grapeseed oil; olive oil; olives Importer, Organic Supplier, Supplier
Nando's Grocery Australia Stella Cirrito Brand Manager 453 Lygon Steet East Brunswick, VIC 3057 +61-3-9385-0777 +61-3-9384-0888
cooking sauces; marinades; peri peri sauces; salad dressings;
spices Importer, Manufacturer
Nature's Selection Foods Mark Anthony Managing Director PO Box 5216 Chullora, NSW 2190 +61-2-8755-7400 +61-2-9642-6911
bakery premixes; dried fruit; foodservice; health
confectionery; nuts; RTE cereal; soup premixes
Importer, Exporter, Manufacturer;
Organic Supplier, Wholesaler
Norganic Foods Geoff Scholes Managing Director P.O. Box 991 Beenleigh QLD 4207 +61-7-3805-4499 +61-7-3805-4622
apple cider vinegar; breakfast bars; cereals; mayonnaise;
salad dressing Importer, Exporter, Wholesaler
Old Fashioned Foods Group David Molloy Chief Executive Officer PO Box 4018 Milperra DC, NSW 1891 +61-2-9792-7811 +61-2-9792-7822
cookies; creamy rice; dessert sauces; essential rice bran oil
spread; frozen puddings; frozen shelf-stable Italian bread;
frozen Yorkshire puddings; liquid cordials; oven baked
desserts; powdered cordials; powdered milk flavorings; rice
bran oil; steamed puddings Importer, Manufacturer
Omnifoods Peter Seale Director 5-7 Leslie Road Laverton North, VIC 3026 +61-3-9315-1722 +61-3-9315-3000 frozen fruits; frozen vegetables Importer, Distributor
Oriental Merchant Pty Ltd* Bernard Yiu Managing Director 10 Westgate Drive Laverton North VIC 3026 +61-3-9250-8133 +61-3-9250-8000
canned fruit; coconut milk; confectionery; cooking pastes;
instant noodles; oriental sauces; prawn crackers; rice; teas Importer, Agent, Distributor
Ostindo International Pty Ltd* Abul Hasnat Managing Director P.O. Box 5035 Hallam VIC 3803 +61-3-9703-5777 +61-3-9703-5788
beans & lentils; Chinese, Japanese & Thai sauces; curry
simmer sauces; frozen vegetables; Indian breads & snack
foods; herbs & spices; Indian pastes, pickles, chutneys
Importer, Agent, Distributor, Exporter,
Manufacturer, Wholesaler
Pacchini (N & E) & Sons Naldo Pacchini Jnr. Managing Director P.O. Box 6288 Wetherill Park NSW 2164 +61-2-9725-5000 +61-2-9725-5094
balsamic vinegar; beans; biscuits; cereal beverage; cheese
bread; coffee; corn thins; croutons; falafel; flavored oils;
frozen pasta; gnocchi; halva; palm hearts; ice cream cones;
kosher products; mate tea; Mexican food; mustart; nougat;
olive oil; palmito; panettone; pastizzi; peeled tomatoes;
peppers; pickled vegetables; prawn snacks; rice; salad
dressings; salsa; dips; sauces; semi dried tomatoes; snack
foods; spices; spreads; Turkish delight; vanilla beans; vanilla
extrace; vinegar; vol au vents; wild rice
Importer, Distributor, Broker, Wholesaler,
Agent, Supplier
Pacific West Foods PO Box 6558 Blacktown NSW 2148 +61-2-9831-2599 +61-2-9831-2081
beer battered fish fillets; cocktail spring rolls; flathead fillets
in beer batter; lemon pepper tempura fish fillets; tempurt fish
fillets; Thai selections Importer
Quality Food World/Fifya Atar Schwartz Purchasing Manager 21-23 Hinkler Road Mordialloc, VIC 3195 +61-3-9580-9560 +61-3-9580-9590
calzone; cheese;condiments; crackers; cream cheese;
crispbread; dips; falafel; finger foods; fish; herbs; muesli;
oils; olives; pasta sauces; pestos; pide; salsa; sauces;
seafood; semi dry tomatoes; soups; spices; spreadable
cheese; tofu
Agent, Distributor, Importer, Exporter,
Manufacturer, Organic Supplier, Supplier,
Vendor, Wholesaler
Riviana Foods Pty Ltd* Steve Weston National Sales Manager PO Box 1600 Ferntree Gully VIC 3156 +61-3-9212-6000 +61-3-9212-6099
Foodservice & Retail: antipasto; canned fish; canned fruits;
canned vegetables; Christmas fruit mince; condiments;
cucumbers; foodservice products; gherkins; goat milk; Indian
foods; miscellaneous pickled vegetables; olive oil; olives;
rice; semi and sun dried tomatoes Manufacturer, Supplier, Importer
Robern Menz P.O. Box 460 Campbelltown SA 5070 +61-8-8368-7700 +61-8-8365-4766
chocolate; confectionery; crownmints; dried fruits; fruchocs;
frit logs; fruit slices; glace fruit; honeycomb; panned lines;
pectin fruit gels; sugar confectionery]
Manufacturer, Exporter, Importer,
Wholesaler, Distributor, Supplier
Safcol Australia* Van Lucas Managing Director P.O. Box 1085 Elizabeth Vale SA 5112 +61-8-8282-1000 +61-8-8282-1099
canned abalone; canned and pouch fish; canned and pouch
pet food; canned soup, seafood Importer, Manufacturer; Vendor
Sandhurst Fine Foods Vince Lubrano Proprietor P.O. Box 211 Miranda NSW 2228 +61-2-9522-4522 +61-2-9522-4139
artichokes; char-grilled vegetables; eggplant; olives; pickles;
sliced jalopena chillies; sundried capsicums (peppers);
sundried tomatoes Importer, Manufacturer
Sant'Agata Pty Ltd Adrian Rossi Director P.O. Box 287 Reservoir VIC 3073 +61-3-9460-3588 +61-3-9460-5243
bakery items; biscuits; cakes; canned beans; canned
tomatoes; canned tuna; canned vegetables; chocolate;
confectionery; herbs and spices; mineral and spa waters;
pasta; rice; salad needs; sauces; spaghetti sauces; tea;
vinegar Importer, Distributor
Scalzo Foods* Michael Scalzo Chief Executive Officer PO Box 1133 Kensington, VIC 3031 +61-3-9245-7000 +61-3-9245-7050
coconut; dehydrated vegetables & fruit; dried fruit; frozen
vegetables; nuts; snack foods
Importer, Agent, Distributor, Exporter,
Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Supplier,
Simped Foods Pty Ltd Phil Simonson General Manager P.O. Box 204 Caringbah NSW 2229 +61-2-9521-5384 +61-2-9542-3164
bakery items; cakes; concentrates; frozen desserts; frozen
fruits; frozen vegetables; processed fruit & vegetables; shelf
stable fruits Importer, Exporter, Manufacturer
Snax with Attitude Lindsay Stenniken Director 5 Nelson Street Moorabbin VIC 3189 +61-3-9532-1588 +61-3-9532-1568
chocolate nuts in boxes; pretzen nuggets; honey mustard and
peanut butter; snack food - new boxes - retail pack Importer, Distributor
Spiral Foods James Wilson Director PO Box 157 Annandale NSW 2040 +61-2-8231-4400 +61-2-8231-4444
canned beans; chips and crackers; coffee; condiments;
confectionery; dried foods; gluten free products; grains;
herbs and spices; juices; miso; noodles; oil; pasta;pickles;
salad dressings; seasonings; sesame paste; soy milk; soy
sauce; spreads; sweeteners; syrups; teas; tomato products;
vinegar; bulk products for manufacturing
Importer, Agent, Distributor, Exporter,
Organic Supplier, Wholesaler
Stassen Australasia Geoffrey Turnbull Managing Director P.O. Box 1567 Strawberry Hills NSW 2012 +61-2-9318-0824 +61-2-9310-2746
black and green tea (organic & conventional); coconut;
dessicated coconut; spices
Importer, Agent, Distributor, Exporter,
Organic Supplier
Strategic National (WA) Alan Bruce Managing Director PO Box 1570 Canning Vale WA 6970 +61-8-9456-0088 +61-8-9456-0098
refer on request; sales broker; merchandising, logistics,
demonstrations Importer, Broker, ASMCA member
Strikeforce Western Australia Peter Cook Managing Director PO Box 4029 Myaree BC, WA 6960 +61-8-9331-4666 +61-8-8317-8907 biscuits; jams; warehouse & distribution Importer, Broker, ASMCA Member
Stuart Alexander & Co. Pty Ltd* P.O. Box 345 Rosebery NSW 1445 +61-2-9697-6700 +61-2-9662-1596
biscuits; chocolate confectionery; condiments; sauces; soups;
sugar confectionery
Distributor, Importer, Manufacturer,
Sugarless Company Jacques Vasseur Managing Director P.O. Box 309 East Brunswick VIC 3057 +61-3-9388-1971 +61-3-9387-7069
chocolate truffles; dairy free chocolates; merangues; sugar
free biscuits; sugar free chocolate; sugar free confectionery;
sugar free jellies
Importer, Distributor, Manufacturer,
Exporter, Wholesaler
Sunbeam Foods Richard Findlay Managing Director PO Box 21 Irymple VIC 3498 +61-3-5051-4200 +61-3-5051-4299
cooking nuts; Dried Fruits: currants; dates; dried apricots;
dried mango; dried pineapple; figs; fruit and nut; fruit
medley and fruit salad; fruit snack mixes; mixed fruit;
nectarines; peaches; raisins; strawberries; sultanas; tropical
Importer, Exporter, Manufacturer,
Organics Supplier
SunRice Gary Helou Chief Executive Officer PO Box Q166 QVB Post Office, NSW 1230 +61-2-9268-2000 +61-2-9264-3817
flavored rices; pre-cooked rice; rice; rice & corn snacks; rice
cakes; rice snacks; side dishes Importer, Exporter, Manufacturer
SweetLife Australia PO Box 2092 Claremont North, WA 6010 +61-8-6389-2799 +61-8-6389-2788
sugar free & gluten free products - all natural, sugar free
bake mixes; dental gum; natural sweeteners Importer, Supplier
Tasty Treats Bharat Doshi Managing Director 19 Milly Court Malaga WA 6090 +61-8-9249-3792 +61-8-9249-4249 confectionery Importer, Distributor, Wholesaler
Three Threes Condiments Michael McAlpine Sales & Marketing Manager 37 East Street Lidcombe, NSW 2141 +61-2-9649-5354 +61-2-9649-1154
apple sauce; cranberry sauces; dolmades; Giardiniera; mint
jelly; olive varieties - anchovy, fetta, marinated; pickled
onions; stuffed and green olives; sundried tomaries in olive
oil; sweet mustard pickles; sweet spices gherkins Importer, Manufacturer
Topfreeze Ashley Kennedy Director Unit 16, 5 Rowallan Street Osborne Park WA 6017 +61-8-9443-4424 +61-8-9443-4423
battered and crumbed products; frozen fish fillets; frozen
seafoods; frozen snack foods; frozen spring rolls; frozen
vegetables; prawns Importer, Distributor
Trialia Foods Australia Ronnie Joss Managing Director P.O. Box 57 Noble Park VIC 3174 +61-3-9701-1666 +61-3-8796-2890
biscuits; coffee; confectionery; cucumbers; herring products;
hokkien noodles; horseradish; kosher cheese; kosher gourmet
lines; kosher wine; pretzels; seasonal lines
Importer, Distributor, Manufacturer,
Supplier, Wholesaler
Trutaste Nuts 114 Lewis Road Wantima South, VIC 3152 +61-3-9887-3144 +61-3-9887-0229
Nuts - Trutaste brand and private label roasted/salted
kernels, honey roasted products; in-shell nuts, foil bags, poly
bags, gift jars, serving trays, gift baskets, netting bags, bulk
nuts; gift packs; corporate gifts
Importer, Exporter, Manufacturer,
Ward McKenzie Geoff Hammon National Sales Manager PO Box 174 Altona VIC 3018 +61-3-9398-4011 +61-3-9398-2230
cooking needs including food chemicals and flours; desiccated
coconut; dried fruits and nuts; grains; herbs and seasonings;
pulses; spices Manufacturer, Importer, Exporter
Willowvale Organics 213 Ruffles Road Willowvale, QLD 4209 +61-7-5546-7582 +61-7-5546-7322
Certified Organic Products - cake mixes; chocolate coated
products; coconut products; coffee; crisp bread; dried fruit
and nuts; flour; fruit juice; jams; licorice; muesli; oils; pasta;
peanut paste; porridge; pulses and seeds; sea salt; spelt
products; sugar; tea; vanilla products; vinegar
Importer, Manufacturer, Organic Supplier,
Windsor Farm Foods Mark Napper Chief Executive Officer PO Box 6166 Blacktown BC, NSW 2148 +61-2-9622-8002 +61-2-9622-8007
bakers jams and fillings; canned vegetables; caramels;
flavored salts; processed apple; fruit bars; herbs and spices;
manufactured dry goods; salad dressings Importer, Manufacturer
Worlwide Fine Foods John Helm Managing Director 1 Pritchard Street O'Connor WA 6163 +61-8-9331-1977 +61-8-9331-3593
biscuits; breads; breakfast cereals; canned vegetables; Dutch
confectionery; Dutch groceries; English confectionery; fresh
licorice; frozen Yorkshire puddings; kippes; macadamia nuts;
mustards; olives; organic water; salmon; sauces; tea; wild
water Importer, Agent, Distributor, Wholesaler
Yuen's Market Trading Co. Kevin Yuen Managing Director 917 Beaudesert Road Coopers Plains, QLD 4108 +61-7-3277-4866 +61-7-3277-8707
Asian cooking sauces; Asian snacks; canned fruits and
vegetables; catering sauces; coconut mulk; fortune cookies;
Japanese ingredients; noodles; rice; rice paper, soya sauce;
vermicelli Importer, Wholesaler