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Chancellor Marin

3720 South 645 East

Salt Lake City, Utah, 84106


To obtain an Internship.


Academy for Math, Engineering, and Science (2011-2015)
AP Human Geography
AP Art History
AP Psychology
Honors Biology
Honors European History
Honors Chemistry
Honors United States History


(paid) Arctic Circle

Assembled food for customers
Cleaned dishes and performed other such tasks to keep business clean.
Inspected food temperatures to keep food production healthy.

(unpaid) Murray Baseball Recreational League (March 2013-June 2013)

Traveled across Salt Lake Valley to play on different fields.
Participated in games twice a week when permitted.
Recruited replacement players when needed.

(unpaid) Science Research Project (2011 and 2012 A.M.E.S)

Researched different fields of science (Surviving Zombie Apocalypse, Space travel).
Planned course of action if events were to take place.
Presented research to various high school students and Science teachers.

References available upon request.