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Running Head: political conflict in Ukraine

Political conflict in the Ukraine: Genre analysis of a journal article and a picture
Daniel Boone
University of Texas at El Paso

Running Head: political conflict in Ukraine
Throughout history politics have been key components of law and order within a
country, allowing equal rights to citizens and assuring that not one branch of government could
out weight another. In the United States there are laws achieved through politics. Politics deal
within many sub areas for example healthcare reform would have to deal with current
healthcare in the United States, reforms providing healthcare to u.s citizens but some are not
so lucky, currently in the Ukraine there is a mass civil conflict in regards to political laws ranging
from unionization to better working conditions to closer European integration. One genre we
will be looking at is a journal article Euromadian: Ukraines Self-Organizing Revolution by Nadia
Diuk vice president of the National Endowment for Democracy. Another genre we will be
looking at is a picture unknown author visualizing the ongoing civil conflict in the Ukraine.
Through these genres its possible to understand the political conflict on going in the Ukraine
and the reasons behind it.
Audience and Purpose
The intended audience for the journal article, Euromadian: Ukraines Self-Organizing
Revolution includes adults, some teens, elders, and anyone interested in the current political
conflicts ongoing in the Ukraine. The audience is more likely to learn about ongoing conflict in
the Ukraine which this journal article focuses on, this article will inform readers about the
current political situation explaining in detail to a certain extent the reason behind this uprising.
This article will quickly update current readers to the conflict going on and how it began .
When it comes to the intended audience of a picture it could be a wide range of
readers to internet uses adult and teens and people who use a more visual aspect to learn
Running Head: political conflict in Ukraine
about things. By viewing a picture the intended audience will have a desire to search for more
information about it possibly searching for an article about the situation. Many people also can
understand the situation better through a picture than a detailed article the reason being is
visualizing and ongoing event creates an instant impact and is viewed for interpretation.
By using either one of these genres the audience could be informed about current
situations either in a visual way or a more detailed education level through an article. The
article can describe in detail reason behind conflicts for example failed labor laws benefiting
citizens denied by the president in the Ukraine. By knowing this kind of information people
could stay informed about the involvement of ones own country and not of the current
conflicting country. Reading the article one will be informed on the background of the conflict,
date the conflict began also public opinion on the situations, comparisons of other
revolutions, this article also describes the demands of the citizens deaths due to clashes
between riot police and rioters. The article also states pro government political impact and
economic impact.
Rhetorical Issues: Ethos, Pathos and Logos
Genre 1
In the article Euromaidan many sources referenced in the article provide credible
sources to this article suggesting a strong reference of ethos, this includes references from the
National endowment for Democracy a nonprofit foundation dedicated to the growth and
strengthening of democratic institutions around the world. In this article the author express
pathos through the use of vocabulary and the mean to persuade the audience by describing the
Running Head: political conflict in Ukraine
problems that many citizens are facing in the Ukraine, this article also promotes a sense of
awareness with the current problems, the author explains how nonviolent protesters are being
shot by security personal using live ammunition when according to the Ukrainian government
denies the use of lethal force, the author uses a strong language and vocabulary along with
pictures describing the hardships that citizens of the Ukraine suffer. The author also uses
factual data for example giving specific reason for the reasons behind the conflict such as a
ratification of labor unions protecting workers and the oppression from the government
preventing citizens from organizing nonviolent demonstrations producing a sense of logos.
Genre 2
In this genre a picture of protestors against riot police in the Ukraine, it visualizes key
rhetorical issues for example in the picture one can view Ukrainian citizens attacking police with
clubs sticks and baseball bats, this is open to interpretation for anyone who views this picture
this can appeal to certain people and can be logical or not to others, the picture produces logos.
The credibility of this photo is certainly there, as everyone who is involved or is informed about
the ongoing situation in the Ukraine has seen many pictures of this sort producing a sense of
Ethos. In the picture one can view the people fighting against riot police which can also be
interpreted for others the riot police attacking citizens, this produces mixed emotions for both
the police and for the Ukrainian citizens producing a sense of pathos.
The journal Euromaidan offer a well-organized article, each section of the article is
labeled properly giving detailed information. The articles give a summary on the current
Running Head: political conflict in Ukraine
conflicts of the Ukraine. It offers many details including the average number of protestors to
when and why the conflict started. The article goes on to the detailed background of the
political protest, it gives dates specific names and countries involved along with definition of
each party and or country involved. The article is easily read with very little to no effort, also
the article has a wide range of links for extra credibility, also included in the article would be
bulletins describing brief details such as location causes, goals,methods,results and also
detailed explanation of parties to the civil conflict. The article also has many pictures as well as
geographical data sheet showing number of protestors throughout the country; it also
describes each rally in each city describing incidents reported.
The structure of the second genre, the picture taken on a wide angle shows citizens
and riot police in a clash between each other, the central focus of this picture is to show the
clashes between these two groups. This picture shows enough of the background to show that
thousands of people are part of this clash from men and women and of course the riot police.
Style/ Language
The author of the journal article, Euromaidan: Ukraines Self-Organizing
Revolution, uses a fairly easy vocabulary, although political terms are used in this
journal article also in this article may political names are given for example the Prime
Minister Oleksandr Turchynov. The style of the paper is fairly simple to understand, at
the start of the journal it gives description on the background of the situation in the
Ukraine, then it goes onto describe the initial cause. The journal article also give specific
data with charts dates, numbers, among parties to the civil conflict.
Running Head: political conflict in Ukraine
On the second genre the picture really has no structure it is only taken on a wide angle
showing the clashes between protesters and riot police, in the background more
protesters are shown clashing with riot police.
After careful revision of both genres the information provided from the journal
article and the picture are credible, they journal article uses multiple sources to insure
credibility, from multiple government reports to multiple authors who research political
conflicts in different countries throughout the world. This being a journal article a
standard white background is shown with minimal pictures.
The second genre shows multiple colors being that its a picture it depicts
various details showing a visualization of the current conflict on going in the Ukraine the
wide angle projection of protestors and police can express emotions from viewers and is
open to interpretation and can also produce many questions. Both genres will impact
emotional appeals along many other human appeals.

Running Head: political conflict in Ukraine
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Running Head: political conflict in Ukraine