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Odd News

Family have been warned they face being blacklisted by

postal staff unless they keep their cat under control, the
Royal Mail has confirmed.
Carl hite, of Chichester Road, !ortsmouth, "ampshire,
received a warning letter from the postal service after
family pet #ana scratched a postman$s hand as he pushed
letters through the letterbo%.
Mr hite, &', his wife Carol, (', and their two children )ack,
*+, and Connor, seven, are now taking e%tra measures to
keep the cat and postman apart.
Paul the psychic octopus has died at the Sea Life Centre in Germany, where he was enjoying his
AP Photo, dapd, Roberto Pfeil,File
Paul shot to fame during the 2010 World Cup when he correctly
predicted the outcome of eight matches in the tournament
!he predictions happened when two bo"es were dropped into Paul#s
tan$, with food and a flag in each bo" Paul would decide which
country would win the game and slide into the rele%ant bo" to eat
the food
Paul predicted the correct outcome for each of &ermany#s group
stage matches and the country#s run through to the World Cup semi'
final At that stage Paul pic$ed (pain to win, and he went on to pic$
(pain to beat )etherlands in the final
After pic$ing (pain to beat &ermany, the octopus was sub*ected to
death threats, with some fans saying he should be thrown into a
deep'fat fryer +ut there is no suggestion that anything sinister
happened to Paul as (tefan Porwoll, manager of the ,berhausen (ea -ife Centre in &ermany, said. /0e
appears to ha%e passed away peacefully during the night, of natural causes, and we are consoled by the
$nowledge that he en*oyed a good life here/
+ut one 1uestion is left hanging. did Paul predict his own death2
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