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Lesson Planning Form for Accessible Instruction Calvin College Education Program

Teacher Bonnie Heykoop

Date 4/22/14 Subject/ Topic/ Theme Measurement with Non-stanar !nits "rae ##1##############
I. Objectives
How does tis lesson connect to te unit !lan"
This $esson is an introuction to measurement an starts with measurin% objects in non-stanar units&
Learners will be able to#
( ! )p )n * +,
Measure rea$ $i-e objects usin% non-stanar units
! .
Describe $en%th i--erences between i--erent objects by usin% non-stanar units
/in other options -or measurin% objects without a ru$er

! .
Common Core standards $or %LCEs if not available in Common Core& addressed# ++SS&M)TH&+0NT*NT&1&MD&)&2
Measure lengths indirectly and by iterating length units
*.press the $en%th o- an object as a who$e number o- $en%th units1 by $ayin% mu$tip$e copies o- a shorter object 2the $en%th unit3 en
to en4 unerstan that the $en%th measurement o- an object is the number o- same-si5e $en%th units that span it with no %aps or
9articipate in co$$aborati'e con'ersations with i'erse partners about grade 1 topics and texts with peers an au$ts in sma$$ an
$ar%er %roups
/o$$ow a%ree-upon ru$es -or iscussions 2e&%&1 $istenin% to others with care1 speakin% one at a time about the topics an te.ts uner
2Note# :rite as many as neee& 7nicate ta.onomy $e'e$s an connections to app$icab$e nationa$ or state stanars& 7- an objecti'e app$ies to particu$ar $earners
write the name2s3 o- the $earner2s3 to whom it app$ies&3
,remember1 unerstan1 app$y1 ana$y5e1 e'a$uate1 create
II. 'efore (ou start
Identif( !rere)uisite
*nowledge and s*ills.
Stuents shou$ ha'e an iea o- what it $ooks $ike to measure $en%th
Stuents shou$ be ab$e to $ine items up to measure objects
Outline assessment
2app$icab$e to this $esson3
Pre-assessment (for learning):
7 %a'e them a hanout where they ha to measure ; items usin% paper c$ips an recor their ata&
Formative (for learning):
7 wi$$ be workin% aroun the room obser'in% how they are measurin% with non-stanar units&
Formative (as learning):
Stuents wi$$ ha'e a rubric that they wi$$ be ab$e to check their pro%ress to monitor their
unerstanin% o- how to measure with non-stanar measurement&
Summative (of learning3<
7 wi$$ co$$ect the hanouts at the en an $ook o'er them& 7 wi$$ a$so be wa$kin% aroun makin% sure
they are measurin% correct$y with non-stanar units& )-ter the $esson 7 wi$$ make notes o- their
pro%ress in *'ernote&
+at barriers migt tis
lesson !resent"
+at will it ta*e ,
emotionall(- etc.- for (our
Provide /ulti!le /eans of
Provide /ulti!le /eans of
Action and E.!ression
Provide /ulti!le /eans of
9ro'ie options -or perception-
maing information perceptible
7ni'iua$ hanouts1 cut outs o-
%aren too$s -or stuents to work
to%ether to measure1 ini'iua$
workbooks1 8ouTube 'ieo
9ro'ie options -or physica$
action- increase options for
:ritin% own their answers1
measurin% objects with i--erent
items1 interactin% with each other
by he$pin% each other measure
9ro'ie options -or recruitin%
interest- choice! relevance! value!
authenticity! minimi"e threats
Measurin% rea$ $i-e objects1
choosin% e'eryay objects to
measure in non-stanar units
students to do tis lesson"
9ro'ie options -or $an%ua%e1
mathematica$ e.pressions1 an
symbo$s- clarify # connect language
Some terms to c$ari-y are< non-
stanar1 about1 a$most1 c$ose to1
9ro'ie options -or e.pression an
communication- increase medium
of expression
/i$$in% out their hanout an
workbook 2written31 watchin%
the 'ieo an workin% with the
cut outs 2'isua$3
9ro'ie options -or sustainin%
e--ort an persistence- optimi"e
challenge! collaboration! mastery-
oriented feedbac
Stuents wi$$ be checkin% their
unerstanin% with a rubric at
the be%innin%1 mi$e1 an en
o- the $esson& They wi$$ be
workin% to%ether to measure
the %aren too$s1 so they can
check each other>s resu$ts&
9ro'ie options -or comprehension-
activate! apply # highlight
+omprehension wi$$ be
monitore because they are
app$yin% their new know$e%e o-
measurement to measurin%
objects in non-stanar units&
9ro'ie options -or e.ecuti'e
-unctions- coordinate short # long
term goals! monitor progress! and
modify strategies
7 wi$$ be wa$kin% aroun the
room monitorin% their pro%ress
an $ater recorin% it in
*'ernote& Stuents wi$$ be
monitorin% their pro%ress with
their rubric&
9ro'ie options -or se$--
re%u$ation- expectations! personal
sills and strategies! self-
assessment # reflection
Stuents wi$$ be ab$e to re-$ect
on how we$$ they unerstoo
the $esson at the en with their
/aterials1wat materials
$boo*s- andouts- etc& do
(ou need for tis lesson
and are te( read( to use"
+omputer1 projector1 internet access to 8ouTube1 ? sets o- %aren too$ cut outs -or the 7nchworm
acti'ity1 copies o- the non-stanar hanout -rom the 7nchworm acti'ity1 workbooks 2$hin Math%
pub$ishe by *ucation De'e$opment +enter1 7nc& in 2@@A31 penci$s1 erasers1 enou%h sma$$ an $ar%e
paper c$ips -or the who$e c$ass1 rubric -or each stuent to check their pro%ress1 poster boar -or an
anchor chart1 markers
(ubric $ink< http<//teacherstakeout&b$o%spot&com/2@1;/@B/stuent-se$--assessment-rubric--reebie&htm$
(ubric< 2$inke be$ow3
:orkbook pa%es< $hin Math% pa%es 2;; an 2;4
8ouTube 'ieo< https<//www&youtube&com/watchC'D(#c:!$(ab?w
7nchworm acti'ity< http<//www&teacherspayteachers&com/9rouct/7nch-:orms-)-Measurement-
How will (our classroom
be set u! for tis lesson"
*ach stuent wi$$ be at their esks which are set up as ? %roups o- ?& They wi$$ remain at their seats
an work to%ether to share materia$s an he$p each other measure i--erent objects&
III. 2e Plan
2ime Com!onents
3escribe teacher activities A43 student activities
for eac com!onent of te lesson. Include im!ortant iger order tin*ing )uestions and5or
6 min
-han out the rubrics an e.p$ain that they nee to
rate themse$'es base on what they know about
measurin% with other thin%s besies a ru$er
-:atch the 8ouTube 'ieo on measurement with
-stuents rate their know$e%e on measurement
be-ore the $esson
-watch the 'ieo
6 min
*$mo 2https<//www&youtube&com/watchC
-ta$k about the i--erent types o- ways to measure
besies a ru$er 2paper c$ips1 bott$es1 erasers1 penci$s1
-introuce the anchor chart an write non-stanar on
it with an e.amp$e
-ask &'hat 'ould happen if ( only had 1 paper clip
to measure 'ith) *hat could 'e do) *hat did the
man in the video do 'hen he 'as measuring 'ith
only one potato)+ ha'e a paper c$ip reay to
emonstrate with
-answer the Fuestion o- i--erent too$s we can use
to measure objects
-answer the Fuestion o- what we cou$ o i- we
on$y ha'e 1 o- the object to measure an item that
is $on%er than the object we are measurin% with
7 min
8 min
2the $ar%est
component or
main boy o-
the $esson3
-istribute the inchworm hanout 2paper to recor
their resu$ts in non-stanar units31 inchworm Gru$er1H
an han out the sets to each tab$e %roup 21 set per
tab$e %roup4 e.p$ain that each %roup nees to share a
set an not to touch the items unti$ you are one
e.p$ainin% the acti'ity
-te$$ them to measure the hei%ht o- the too$s -rom top
to bottom to the c$osest worm whi$e emonstratin%
one -or them 2ha'e them use wors such as about an
-a-ter %i'en instruction stuents measure each %aren
object with their inchworms an recor their ata on
their sheet
-%o o'er which %aren too$ was the $on%est/shortest
2$ast 2 Fuestions on their sheet3 as a c$ass4 ask &ho'
did you decide that (garden tool) 'as the
longest,shortest)+ -s if anyone had a different
ans'er and ho' they got that ans'erC
-ha'e stuents -i$$ out their rubric -or the mi$e o-
the $esson to track their pro%ress
-pass out sma$$ an $ar%e paper c$ips to each stuent
whi$e they are -i$$in% out their sheet
-o workbook pa%es 2;; an 2;4 with the paper c$ips
-o the -irst 2 prob$ems in the book to%ether an ha'e
them o the rest on their own
-wa$k aroun an check to make sure they are
measurin% correct$y
-ta$k about how the sma$$er the number o- units the
more o- the object you nee 2more units you ha'e3
ask &'hich strip has the larger units) 2the $ar%e
paper-c$ip strip3 and &'hich strip gives us the bigger
numbers 'hen 'e measure an ob.ect)+ 2the sma$$
paper-c$ip strip3
-$isten to the irections
-stuents take turns measurin% the i--erent
%aren objects an recor their resu$ts on their
-answer the Fuestion about the $en%th o- the
%aren too$s
-stuents -i$$ out their unerstanin% on the rubric
urin% the mi$e o- the $esson
-comp$ete the 2 workbook pa%es with the paper
c$ips4 o the -irst 2 with the who$e c$ass an the
rest on their own
-notice an answer the Fuestion o- which strip
%i'es bi%%er numbers an which %i'es sma$$er
9 min
6 min
-o as a who$e c$ass the prob$em so$'in% Fuestion on
pa%e 2;4 2i- there>s time3
-wa$k aroun an check to make sure they are
measurin% correct$y
-put a star on the pa%e i- it is correct4 i- not ask them
to -i. the prob$em
-co$$ect the inchworm hanout an sa'e it -or their
GbookH you make at the en o- the unit -or them to
take home an show their parents what they ha'e
been oin% in math
-ha'e stuents comp$ete their rubric a-ter the $esson
-answer the prob$em so$'in% Fuestion 2i- there>s
-wait -or the teacher to put a star on the pa%e
be-ore c$osin% their books
-turn in the inchworm hanout whi$e stuents
rate their know$e%e on measurement a-ter the
: min
;our reflection about te lesson- including evidence$s& of student learning and engagement- as well as ideas for im!rovement
for ne.t time. 2:rite this a-ter teachin% the $esson1 i- you ha a chance to teach it& 7- you i not teach this $esson1 -ocus on the
process o- preparin% the $esson&3
This was my 'ery -irst $esson o- my unit on measurement to teach& :hen 7 $ook back on how thin%s went 7 wou$ say they cou$n>t
ha'e %one too much better& :e ha a -ire ri$$ ri%ht be-ore 7 tau%ht this $esson an 7 was a $itt$e concerne that the kis wou$ be
rowy comin% back in -rom outsie1 but they surprisin%$y were reay to be%in math& This $esson was a $itt$e bit on the $on% sie so 7
became teachin% it aroun 1@<1?am an 7 -inishe aroun 1@<?@am& My bi%%est concern was tryin% to %rab e'eryone>s attention $on%
enou%h to e.p$ain about non-stanar measurement an to e.p$ain the instructions -or the inchworm acti'ity& The -irst thin% 7 ha
them o was -i$$ out their rubrics& 7 thou%ht this particu$ar rubric wou$ be easy -or them to use1 but it was a $itt$e con-usin% -or some
stuents& 7t was base o-- a sca$e o- 1 to 4 an 7 think ne.t time 7 wi$$ %i'e them the option o- choosin% on$y numbers 1 thru ;
because some o- them choose 4 an this was the -irst ay e'er that we were ta$kin% about measurement& 7 know -or a -act there is no
way any o- them cou$ measure without makin% any mistakes& Maybe ne.t time 7 shou$n>t e'en %i'e them tan option to pick ; on
the -irst ratin%& 7 -ee$ $ike many stuents just wrote own ranom numbers or copie their nei%hbor so 7 nee to -i%ure out a better
way -or them to assess themse$'es on the $esson&
The *$mo mo'ie1 7 thou%ht1 went rea$$y we$$& 7t was a %oo time to pass out papers whi$e their -ocus was on the screen& 7 think they
rea$$y enjoye it an it %a'e them some ieas o- other ways we can measure besies usin% a ru$er e'ery time& 7t a$so %a'e them a
%oo 'isua$ o- what non-stanar units $ook $ike& Stuents were comin% up with other %oo e.amp$es o- items we cou$ use to
measure objects with to a to our anchor chart on measurement&
The inchworm acti'ity a$so went we$$& 7 think emonstratin% how to measure the sho'e$ uner the *$mo rea$$y he$pe& )t -irst the
stuents in>t want to share the %aren too$s1 but they Fuick$y -oun that they cou$n>t possib$y measure two at once so it was okay
to share them& They seeme to be 'ery en%a%e in this acti'ity an it was si$ent -or a coup$e minutes because they were so -ocuse
on $inin% up the inchworm ru$er to measure the too$s& )s 7 was wa$kin% aroun it $ooke $ike most stuents unerstoo how to
measure1 but o- course there were a -ew who in>t know what to o& :ith -urther instruction thou%h they were startin% to %et it& 7t
was ama5in% to me to see my stuents so en%a%e in what they were oin%& Most o- them were -ina$$y intereste in oin% math1 an
7 think ha'in% acti'ities besies workbook pa%es rea$$y bene-ite them& 7t was %oo to switch it up& 7n -act when 7 announce we
were %oin% to o a workbook pa%e a-ter the inchworm acti'ity 7 hear some moanin%& 7 can te$$ that with hans-on acti'ities they are
more en%a%e an reay to $earn&
*'en thou%h the workbook pa%es weren>t as en%a%in%1 7 cou$ te$$ -rom wa$kin% aroun that they unerstoo how to $ine up paper
c$ips with no %aps an recor their measurements& 7t>s a$so awesome to watch their -aces when they %et it& Many o- them wi$$ come
up to me an show me their work because they are so prou o- what they are oin%& This is encoura%in% to me because it shows me
they rea$$y o enjoy $earnin% an take prie/care in what they o& 7 think this $esson went 'ery we$$1 an 7 think my stuents ha'e a
%oo unerstanin% o- how to measure in non-stanar units& 7 saw them not on$y measurin% correct$y1 but they were a$so workin%
to%ether to share the %aren too$s an he$pin% each other measure&