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05 April 2013 Ms. REBECCA P. ROSELADA Director, Human Capital Group GOLDEN ARCHES DEVELOPMENT CORP. Citibank Center Building, Paseo de Roxas, Makati City Dear Ms. Roselada :

s part o! t"is year#s $abor Day celebration, t"e Department o! $abor and %mployment &D'$%( )ill conduct a *ob and $i+eli"ood ,air on -. May /-./, 0uesday, !rom 1:-- am to 2:-- pm at t"e Manila 3orld 0rade Center, Pasay City. 0"is year#s !air seeks to target t"ousands o! ne) 4ob seekers, recent graduates and returning displaced '+erseas ,ilipino 3orkers &',3s( broug"t by continued political and ci+il unrest in 5yria and ot"er +olatile areas in t"e Middle %ast and 6ort" !rica. 0"e purpose o! t"is acti+ity is to !acilitate employment and pro+ide pre7employment document processing and ad+isory ser+ices to target clients. 8n t"is connection, may )e in+ite you to participate in t"is celebration as one o! our co7partners, by pro+iding any o! t"e !ollo)ing: .. /. 9. :. 2. Hal! page ad+ertisement on t"e acti+ity in a leading daily and nationally circulated ne)spaper !or t)o &/( releases Meals !or 92- pax during t"e employers !orum Meals !or .-- pax during t"e employees brie!ing ,reebies !or 4ob applicants during t"e day long acti+ity 't"ers at your discretion

Relati+e to t"is, )e )ill "a+e a sponsors meeting tomorro), ./ pril /-./ starting at .:9- pm and to be "eld at our :t" ,loor, Con!erence Room to con!irm your pledge or commitment. 8n return, )e )ill pro+ide your company )it" t"e !ollo)ing: .. /. 9. ,ree use o! boot"s to s"o)case your products d+ertisement !or your company using t"e existing tri7media along )it" ot"er ma4or partners 'pportunity to "ig"lig"t your ma4or participation in t"e acti+ity as part o! your social responsibility initiati+e

,or in!ormation and clari!ication, kindly get in touc" )it" Mr. Boyet Miano &-;/<72217=/</( or Mr. Derrick 0utay &-;/-7:2-=19-( or you may contact t"em at t"e !ollo)ing telep"one numbers, 9-972;/. > 9-9711:: &direct lines(, :--7=-.. and 9-97-9=: &tele!ax(. 3e look !or)ard to your usual support and participation. 0"ank you and )arm regards. ?ery truly yours, Atty. ALAN M. MACARA A! CEO """ Regional Director