Experiments with water

Performed during a stationhour at Billdalskyrkvägsförskola Fall 2013

Floating or not floating?

You need: Syrup Water Oil & A screw Some pasta An apple A potato A candle stump And finally a big seethrough bowl

“Arkimedes princip” Start by pouring the syrup in the bowl, continue with the oil and finish with the water. Ask the kids what they think will happen before each step. (Pour gently so the substances don’t mix to much!) Drop the different materials down, one at a time and watch what happens! Questions to repeat and to think about: What floates and where do they “stuck”? Why is that? What do you think will happen and why?

What happens when you put raisins in regular water?

You need: Sparkeling water Regular water Raisins

What do you think will happen when you put raisins in sparkeling water?

The toothpick moves in the water. You need: Clean water in a deep plate 1 toothpick Soap Ask the children what they think will happen if you put the toothpick into the water. Put the toothpick into the water (it will float). Ask the children what they think will happen if you drip some soap near the toothpick. Then, drip some dish soap near the toothpick (the toothpick will move away from the soap). When I did this with the children there were three different thoughts about what would happen when you put the toothpick in the water: 1. The thootpick would sink. 2. The toothpick would float. 3. The toothpick would keep sinking and floating up and down in the water. When I was going to drip dish soap into the water the children thought that the toothpick would sink, but instead it moved away from the soap. Then we talked about why they think it did so.

Pepper escapes! You need: Clean water in a deep plate Black pepper 2 toothpicks or 2 matches Dish soap Spread black pepper over the clean water surface. Dip one toothpick into the water with the pepper (it will float as at the first experiment). Dip the other toothpick with some dish soap and then you dip it into the water (the pepper will escape from the dish soap). Don’t forget to ask and involve the children into the experiment.

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