David had an date with his beloved girlfriend David was angry because his girlfriend had been delayed half an hour, She was no worry about that

He was sad and hopeless

Mili was explaining him why she was late

but he said that made ​no sense to discuss about that, because she always has the reason in everything

She was looking her cellphone because a “friend” was calling her

David told her to let the cell a side

David told mili to wait because he had to do something

David stood up when the phone rang and Mill saw the phone, she saw the message and what a surprise

It was obvious that it was a girl, don’t you think?


Oh God! She was mad at him

He tried to explianed but there was nothing to explain

She threw the rose to the ground

And he did not know what to do

He could not believe what had happened

Wait, let me explain you… babe

I´m not your babe anymore. Just, leave me alone little boy!!! And please don´t call me

David had a date with another girl that day

Can you belive it , He gave her the same rose he bought to Mili

In the meantime Mili called her best friend of the college Ieni and told her what had happened.

Mili was so desperate, she had a cigarette which ieni threw her to the ground

After that Ieni told mili not to worry that she has an idea, Ieni called her friend Dani to have a date with mili

Dani went to meet her and they like each other

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