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How can I use this model?

Companies can use the 7Ps model to set objectives, conduct a SWOT analysis and undertake competitive analysis. It s a practical !rame"ork to evaluate an e#istin$ business and "ork throu$h appropriate approaches "hilst evaluatin$ the mi# element as sho"n belo" and ask yoursel! the !ollo"in$ %uestions&

Products/Services: 'o" can you develop your products or services( Prices/Fees: 'o" can "e chan$e our pricin$ model( Place/Access: What ne" distribution options are there !or customers to e#perience our product, e.$. online, in)store, mobile etc. Promotion: 'o" can "e add to or substitute the combination "ithin paid, o"ned and earned media channels( Physical Evidence: 'o" "e reassure our customers, e.$. impressive buildin$s, "ell)trained sta!!, $reat "ebsite( People: Who are our people and are there skills $aps( Partners: *re "e seekin$ ne" partners and mana$in$ e#istin$ partners "ell(.

An example of a company usin the !Ps strate y Take a look at 'ubspot as an e#ample, "hich "as !ounded in +,,-. 'ubspot has /,,,,0 customers in 1- countries and sells so!t"are. "hat does their mar#etin mix loo# li#e? This is a top level overvie". you "ould take this into $reater detail and ask the !ollo"in$ %uestions& $% Products/Services: Inte$rated toolset !or S2O, blo$$in$, social media, "ebsite, email and lead intelli$ence tools. &% Prices/Fees: Inte$rated toolset !or S2O, blo$$in$, social media, "ebsite, email and lead intelli$ence tools. '% Place/Access: Online3 4et"ork o! Partners, Country 5ser 6roups.

(% Promotion: 7irectors speak at events, "ebinars, use!ul $uides that are ampli!ied by S2O and e!!ective "ith S2O. PPC Social media advertisin$, e.$. 8inkedIn. )% Physical Evidence: Consistent brandin$ across communications. *% Processes: 9ore sales sta!! are no" involved in conversion. !: People& Investment in online services. +% Partners: 'ubspot looks to !orm partnerships "ith major media companies such as :acebook and 6oo$le plus local partners includin$ Smart Insi$hts "ho it is collaboratin$ "ith on research in 2urope.

,HE ! P-s .f /c 0.1A20S-

P3.045,: 9c 7onald;<=s product port!olio primarily comprises o! ve$etarian and non)ve$etarian bur$ers. The ve$etarian bur$ers like >e$ surprise, salad sand"ich, 9c *loo Tikki ?ur$er, 9c ve$$ie bur$er are o!!ered to the customers. 4on)ve$etatarian bur$ers include Chicken 9c $rill, 9c chicken bur$er, :liet o! !ish and chicken maharaja bur$er. *lon$ "ith these !rench) !ries, ve$ pi@@a mc pu!!, "rap chicken 9e#ican, "rap paneer salsa, potato "ed$es, so!t serve pineapple and choclate ice creams, 9c s"irl so!t drinks, co!!ee and 9c shakes are also o!!ered to increase the variety in the product port!olio. 9c 7onalds also provides mean combos "ith medium !ries and medium so!t drink, happy mean "ith small so!t drink, econo meals "ith small so!t drink and value meals "ith potato "ed$es and small so!t drink. P3I5E: 'appy price menu& 9c 7onalds ve$etarian bur$ers are priced bet"een As +, and As B/. Wrap paneer salsa is priced at As B1)1,. The non ve$etarian bur$ers are priced bet"een As C, and As -,. Wrap chicken 9e#ican is priced at As 11. 9edium :rench !ries are priced at As +/, potato "ed$es at As +,, so!t serves at As C1, mc s"irl at As D+, medium so!t drinks at As +, and medium shakes at As B1. P3./.,I.1: *t 9c 7onalds the prime !ocus is on tar$etin$ children. In happy meals too "hich are tar$eted at children small toys are $iven alon$ "ith the meal. *part !rom this, various schemes !or "innin$ prices by "ay o! lucky dra"s and also scratch cards are $iven "hen an order is placed on the various mean combos. In !act, the various econo meals and value meals also si$nal to the customer that buyin$ separate items results in $reater value !or money !or the customer.

P2A5E: 9c 7onals;<= outlets are very evenly spread throu$hout the 4CA re$ion. 9c 7onalds does not o!!er home delivery but its outlets are very readily accessible. 9c 7onalds also o!!ers take a"ay drive throu$h !acilities. PE.P2E: The employees in 9c 7onalds have a standard uni!orm and 9c 7onalds specially !ocuses on !riendly and prompt service to its customers !rom their employees. P3.5ESS: The !ood manu!acturin$ process at 9c 7onalds is completely transparent i.e. the "hole process is visible to the customers. In !act, the !ast !ood joint allo"s its customers to vie" and jud$e the hy$ienic standards at 9c 7onalds by allo"in$ them to enter the area "here the process takes place. The customers are invited to check the in$redients used in !ood. PH6SI5A2 E7I0E15E: 9c 7onalds !ocuses on clean and hy$ienic interiors o! is outlets and at the same time the interiors are attractive and the !ast !ood joint maintains a proper decorum at its joints.