SStarring: Delmy Fuentes as The Lost Girl. Verónica Araujo and Deisy Bautista as The Crazy Girls.

Nohemy Lovato Editor and Director

Oh yeah! It is the one I was telling you about. Let´s see it again …

Yes, that´s the one!

Let me scroll down… Hmmm… I don´t find it! Oh! I think this is it.

Here, look! I was watching this funny video yesterday on face. It is SO funny…

H Hahahaha. That is so hilarious… My tummy hurts. Hahaha

Oh God, I´m kinda nervous. My first day of classes!!! I hope I can find my classroom.

Hahaha. That girl must have been insane for doing that. Hahaha

Well, here I am. Now where is the classroom? Hmmm

Jum! Where it might be? This is quite bigger than what I thought. . . I guess I will have to ask for directions . . .

Eh? What´s this?

Hey, look at that! She looks like a little chiken.

Are they making fun of me?

Hey! This is very ingenious. . . But here is not my class. If I don´t find it now, I might be late.

Where? Oh yeah! She IS a little chiken. Hehe and she seems kind of lost. Hahaha.

Do you think we should help her? Just to be nice . . .

We´d better not, I am having so much fun with her. Let´s see what she does next hehehe.

Nop, I don´t know these people. Oh no! It is getting late. What can I do?

GG-7 I do not remember my number of my class, I will take a look to see If one of my friend is in there.

Look, look! She got into the wrong classroom hahahah.

You see haha, we are soo mean !

I will NOT give up! I shall find THAT classroom even if it is the last thing I DO!!!

You were right my friend, we had so much fun with the new one.

But let´s face it. We were in the same situation when we first came here!

You might be right friend. Fortunately we had the one for the other one.

I told you. Her face was like she was in horror for being late hahahaha.

I´m gonna take a look at my notes. I should have written down something.

No! There is nothing! I wrote down everything since the teacher´s name and building but not the classroom number!

It is my sister´s fault! She was distracting me while I was taking my notes, grrrr!

Well, it is time to ask for directions. I don´t want to look like a lost girl

Shhhh . . . There she goes!!!!

Hey! You two. Can you help me out?

Oh, of course! Let´s see what you have…

I was wondering if you can help me out finding my classroom.

Wait a minute! Aren’t these girls the ones who were making fun of me!?

Really? Thank you girls!

Your classroom is over there, the one next to the restrooms.

Yes, they are! Grrr. YOU silly girls!!! I got cha.

Delmita! How are? Yes I´m going to the class. What are you doing here? I think the class has just begun.

Hahaha I can´t imagine. But come on, let´s go to the class.

Oh! My friend Find, I´m glad to see you here! Are you coming to the class today?

I know I am a bit late! I was kinda lost and those girls told me where the classroom is!

I passed by this classroom earlier and didn´t check it.

Well, here I am, at last! I wonder who the teacher is. I hope he will be a good one

I know this will be a great semester for me. I will do my best to learn as much as I can.

Everything is set but the teacher is not here!