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Apprentice Teaching in Secondary Mathematics and Science

Classroom Management Implementation Plan Completed Instrument Due: _________________________Observer:___Peter Litsas_________________________ Class Date: 2/26/14 Class #ime: 1$:%$ ' ser(e" + + + + + + + + + + +;+ + +;+ + +;Class Location: Buchholz Name o! Class: Integrate" &cience ' ser(e" impact on stu"ent eha(ior &tudents in 'r. (lamand)s %lasses have a *ood understandin* o+ #hat is e$pe%ted o+ them. &tudents in 'r. (lamand)s %lass o+ten need to be reminded that #hen 'r. (lamand is tal4in* that the2 should not be/ but this is minimal. 6e o+ten *ets there attention b2 simpl2 sa2in* 7he2 *u2s8 or 7let me have 2our attention.8 &tudents #ho are tard2 4no# to not even *ive their slip to 'r. (lamand unless it is e$%used/ and the2 4no# to 9ust *o .uietl2 to their seat. 'a4eup #or4 is usuall2 handled #ith a ma4eup da2 ever2 +e# #ee4s. &tudent #or4 is a%%epted late. Num er o! stu"ents: 12

)ules* )outines an" Proce"ures Classroom rules 1. Posted. 2. Emphasi e appropriate behavior. !. "dhered to #ithout e$%eption. Classroom routines and pro%edures are tau*ht and pra%ti%ed. 1. ,ettin* students) attention. 2. -e*innin* and endin* o+ %lass !. 'aterials a%.uisition/ distribution and %olle%tion. 0. &harpenin* pen%ils/ headin* papers/ et%. 1. &tudents #ho are tard2/ returnin* +rom an absent/ or absent +rom %lass. 3. In%omplete or missed #or4. 5. E$pe%tations +or *roup #or4/ seat#or4 and other a%tivities. Ph+sical ,n(ironment 1. "ll students %an see presentation o+ instru%tion. 2. :ea%her %an observe all students at all times. !. (urniture arran*ed to +a%ilitate learnin* and ma$imi e spa%e. 0. Classroom is attra%tive/ bulletin boards are %urrent and student #or4 is displa2ed. 1. (re.uentl2 used materials are a%%essible. Instruction an" aca"emic -or. :ea%her 1. <aried tea%hin* strate*ies. 2. =ell-planned lessons at appropriate level +or students. !. "ssi*nments are relevant and meanin*+ul to students. 0. Clear .uestions;dire%tions;instru%tions. 1. -alan%ed intera%tions #ith students. 3. Cir%ulates around the %lassroom. 5. >tili es +ormative assessment to *uide the lesson. ?. Positive atmosphere and e$pe%tation +or su%%ess. @. "ppropriate praise-tell them #hen the2 e$%el and ho# to improve. &tudent 1. "ttentive and on tas4. 2. "%%ountable +or their #or4.

:he %lassroom is lon* and narro#. :his leads to students in the ba%4 sometimes havin* a di++i%ult time seein* the board. :here is also a lar*e lab des4 at the +ront o+ the room #hi%h %an obstru%tion vision #hen thin*s *et piled on it. It is also di++i%ult to see all students +rom the tea%her)s des4. 'r. (lamand is *ood at 4eepin* their attention #ith interestin* stories/ ane%dotes/ and +a%ts about the in+ormation bein* presented. 6e uses a variet2 o+ a%tivities to allo# the students time to *et +amiliar #ith the materials. 6e o+ten has the inte*rated students %olor in sheets #ith di++erent animals or plants to help them be%ome +amiliar #ith them. =hen doin* le%ture slides 'r. (lamand ma4es sure to %ir%ulate the room and o+ten positions himsel+ near students #ho need e$tra attention. :here is a ver2 positive and mutuall2 respe%t+ul atmosphere about the %lass.

&ometimes #hen the students are *iven #or4 to do the2 are not held ver2 responsible to *et it done. >suall2 one or t#o or three students tr2 to do as little as possible. 'ost students sta2 on tas4.

Apprentice Teaching in Secondary Mathematics and Science

Discipline :ea%her 1. Calm/ +air and %onsistent in #ord and deed. 2. 'odels positive behavior. !. Ano#s students) names. 0. Demonstrates respe%t +or students. 1. "ddresses %on+li%t .ui%4l2 and positivel2. 3. Conse.uen%es +or inappropriate behavior. &tudent 1. >nderstands and has been tau*ht the rules. 2. >nderstands there #ill be %onse.uen%es +or inappropriate behavior. !. &tudent ta4es responsibilit2 +or his behavior.

+ + + + + + + + +;-

'r. (lamand holds all the students to the same dis%ipline standard. >suall2 i+ a student is out o+ line he has them step out o+ the room. 6e then o+ten 9ust sa2s to them 7are 2ou read2 to a%t ri*htB8 and the2 usuall2 apolo*i e and %ome ba%4 in. :his #or4s #ell in most %ases. I have seen him #rite up onl2 one student #ho #as bein* disrespe%t+ul. :he students 4no# #hen the2 are not a%tin* ri*ht.

"+ter observin* the %lassroom and the students) behavior re+le%t on the +ollo#in*: 1. :hin4 about ho# rules* routines* an" proce"ures are established and #h2 the2 are important to 2our %lassroom learnin* %ommunit2. List a set o+ *eneral %lassroom and;or laborator2 rules/ routines and pro%edures and brie+l2 des%ribe ho# 2ou plan to implement rules/ routines and pro%edures in +our %lassroom and ho# the2 %ontribute to the +un%tionin* o+ 2our %lassroom learnin* %ommunit2. It is important +or a %lassroom to have an established set o+ rules and e$pe%tations. "s a tea%her 2ou %annot e$pe%t 2our students to automati%all2 4no# #hat 2ou e$pe%t o+ them i+ 2ou don)t %ommuni%ate it to them in some spe%i+i% #a2. Ceither them nor 2ou are mind readers. Dules +or the %lass are prett2 *eneral and involve don)t tal4 #hen someone else has the +loor/ be respe%t+ul to ever2one/ no horse pla2 or +i*htin*/ eatin* is o4 as lon* as it doesn)t ma4e a mess or distra%t others. :hese are the *eneral rules o+ the %lass. =hen ever2one +ollo#s them the %lass runs rather smoothl2. '2 main *oal rule #ise is to ma4e %lear that ever2 other rule the students have basi%all2 %omes do#n to onl2 one rule and that is to respe%t ever2one. =hen the students do that/ the2 are basi%all2 automati%all2 +ollo#in* all the rest o+ the rules. 2. Observe the ph+sical en(ironment o+ 2our mentor)s %lassroom. Dra# a +loor plan o+ 2our mentor)s %lassroom/ pa2in* attention to the arran*ement o+ +urniture and materials and the impa%t on student behavior. Label the di++erent areas and #rite a short e$planation o+ ho# di++erent areas are used and #hether and ho# this supports the %lassroom learnin* %ommunit2.

Apprentice Teaching in Secondary Mathematics and Science

:he la2out o+ the %lassroom means that some students are sittin* #a2 in the ba%4. I +ind this to be a problem #hen doin* #or4 at the board or *oin* throu*h Po#erPoint slides. :he room +eels ver2 %ramped to me. O+ten I +ind the +ront seats are too %lose to the utilit2 table at the +ront o+ the room and ma4e it a#4#ard to move +rom one side o+ the room to the other. :he lab ben%hes are onl2 used #hen needed and reall2 ta4e up more spa%e than the2 are #orth in the %urrent %on+i*uration. :here is a lar*e amount o+ unused spa%e in the ba%4 o+ the room. I+ it #as m2 room I #ould ma2be move the board to the side o+ the room and let the students sit in a #ide %on+i*uration #ith the tea%her)s des4 not the +o%us o+ the room. I thin4 this #ould ma4e it easier to 4eep ever2one involved in dis%ussions and also *ive the tea%her a %loser +eelin* to the students. !. "+ter observin* the tea%her and student behaviors asso%iated #ith instruction an" aca"emic -or./ re+le%t on the impa%t the observed behaviors have on %reatin* the %lassroom learnin* %ommunit2. Dis%uss 2our plans +or instru%tion a%ademi% #or4 and the learnin* %ommunit2 2ou hope to %reate in 2our %lassroom. It is %lear that 'r. (lamand has a *ood rapport #ith all o+ his students. "lthou*h some o+ them %an be rambun%tious he usuall2 +inds #as to redire%t those students or remove them +rom the e.uation. I %an tell that man2 o+ the students #ant to please him and do their #or4 even thou*h the2 ma2 not reall2 #ant to or %are about #hat the2 are learnin*. It helps that 'r. (lamand al#a2s has somethin* +or them to be doin*/ listenin* to/ or #or4in* on. '2 plans +or a%ademi% #or4 are to set hi*h e$pe%tations +or the students and ma4e sure that I ma4e them a%%ountable +or their #or4. I thin4 it is important to tr2 and ma4e them thin4 +or themselves/ even thou*h at times this seems di++i%ult or impossible. :he students I tea%h seem to #ant ever2thin* eas2. (or e$ample the last a%tivit2 #e/ some o+ the students #ere li4e 7%an)t #e 9ust do notesB8 I hope that I %an instill some %on+iden%e in them that the2 are their o#n person #ith their o#n ideas that are valid. I am tr2in* to %reate a %lassroom #here the students ta4e responsibilit2 +or their o#n learnin*. &o +ar/ mar*inal su%%ess. 0. Observe the tea%her and student behaviors asso%iated #ith "iscipline in 2our mentor)s %lassroom. Des%ribe the most e++e%tive te%hni.ues used b2 2our mentor tea%her #hen dealin* #ith student behavior. In%lude an2 additional te%hni.ues 2ou #ould implement in 2our %lassroom. :he most e++e%tive te%hni.ue I see is removin* a student #ho is %ausin* an2 ma9or problem or disruption +rom the %lassroom. -e removin* them the2 do not #in the attention *ame. It also has impli%ations on other students as the2 no lon*er have a ma9or distra%tion. >suall2 #hen the2 are allo#ed ba%4 in the behavior improves. One thin* I have noti%ed is that 'r. (lamand %ontinues on #ithout the attention o+ ever2one. I am tr2in* to be ver2 dis%iplined in m2 o#n a%tions that I #ill *et all students attention #hen I am

Apprentice Teaching in Secondary Mathematics and Science

tal4in*. :he lon* narro# %lassroom/ I +ind/ ma4es this di++i%ult #hen doin* notes. Co matter #here I stand I am either too +ar a#a2 +rom some students or have m2 ba%4 to other students.