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Terminal Objective: Follow the proper protocol when approached with a question or an issue by an employee.

Enabling Objectives Assessment Idea Absorb Activity Do Activity Decide if the question or Provide example situations Presentation, Job Provide example situations issue posed by the and have them identify on a Aid/Handout and have them identify on employee falls within their worksheet and aloud if this a worksheet and aloud if job role. falls within their job role. this falls within their job role. Explain protocol to Design a role-play situation Presentation Role-play a situation employees using where the learner has a where the learner has a appropriate chance to utilize their chance to utilize their communication skills to communication skills. communication skills. acknowledge employee Animate a situation where the Animated situation where concern/issue. student has to choose the best the student has to choose response. the best response. Defend the importance of Give them a short answer Story telling by Give them a short answer following the proper question to have them the instructor of question to have them protocol. (Only handling provide reasons why they hypothetical provide reasons why they those issues that fall within need to handle only those situations and need to handle only those their job role.) issues within their role. Also, outcomes of issues within their role. give them a short answer following Also, give them a short question to explain the protocol and not answer question to explain benefits of having to handle following the benefits of having to those issues within their role. protocol. handle those issues within their role.

Connect Activity

Ask the following: -In the animation, why was response #3 the best response? Why were the others not the best response? Story telling of learners of situations and outcomes of following protocol and not following protocol. Ask the following: -Why do these outcomes occur? -How important is it to you that you dont have this outcome occur? Why?

Terminal Objective: De-escalate situations that are emotionally charged by an EA who is skilled in basic interpersonal skills. Enabling Assessment Idea Absorb Do Activity Connect Activity Objectives Activity Identify situations Have a few prewritten Presentation Have a few prewritten Ask the following: that are situations that a couple & Video situations that a couple -Why is it important to be emotionally volunteers from the class will volunteers from the class able to identify charged. role play or simulate. The rest will role play or simulate. emotionally charged of the class will identify which The rest of the class will situations? are emotionally charged and identify which are which are not. emotionally charged and which are not. Recall the Short answer question to have Story Ask the following: importance of the learner identify -Why is it important to customer service importance of using customer address emotionally type service communication skills. charged situations? communication skills. -What could happen if the situation is ignored? Ask the the following: Utilize statements Develop role plays for them to Presentation Role play situations. that convey practice with one another in a & Animation Simulation game (chose your -Why do people respond to the following communication skills empathy, safe environment. I will have own adventure) where there in the way that they do? acknowledgement, groups of 3, where one learner are a couple different support, will be the observer and situations, The employee -Was there a time in your life partnership, and provide feedback. I will also assistant has several options where someone was heated or upset, what did you do and how respect. sit within each group to to choose from and with did the person react? observe and give feedback. each choice, there is a reaction by the individual. -What statements could escalate
the situation and why?