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Shuki Kato - Flying Stag Beetle 1.

Flying Stag Beetle


Difficulty: **** Complex Designed: 2002; Revised: 2005, 2012 Recommended starting size: 14 inches (35 cm) Finished aize: 6 inch wingspan (17 em) Expected time needed to fold; 3-4 hours

1. Colored .side up. Fold and unfold in half both ways.

2. Fold and unfold along both diagonals. Turn over.

3. Fold to the center and unfold creasing only as far as shown.

4. Fold and unfold the ·angles 'in halt. Turn over.

5. Fold and unfold through the crease intersections.

6. Fold and unfold.


IIC~""""·;.[·Q~·"T • ..-P"""--··"·

Like this .. 8. 12. 16. 14. Mountain-fold and unfold. Fold and . 9. Fold and unfold through the intersections. 18. Fold and unfold. Turn over. Pleat along the center. Return to normal view. Turn over. Fold and unfold. 7. Working on middle section. 15.Shuki Kato . Add some 45° creases. Fold and unfold dividing three regions in halt 10. Add more 45° creases. .unfold. 17.Flying Stag Beetle 2. Add more . 13.45° creases. Zoom in. 11.

Bring one layer in front. 25 . 32. 30.9. Result. Fold to the center again while petal-folding the small layer in front. You must bring the small edge noted in step 28 in front as w. 2. 22.swinging the resulting flap to the left. 21.Shuki Kato . 363 3§ £§ 2 & . 2B. Fold to the center and unfold. Now petal-fold the edge down again. 24.ell or the next step will tear. Rotate 90°. Pleat the bottom edges out flattening the center flap in the process. you will have to open the model somewhat to accomplish this. 33. The following steps will only show the top triangle. Push the sides in . Bring . Squash-fold the first layer.edge has not changed its position. . Like this. Fold behind. Note the small . 19. 26. .27. Unsink.Flying Stag Beetle 3. 23.Bring one layer in front. 31. Fold the loose edges out. bring one layer in front on both sides. 2Q. Spread-sink the top layer. Again.

39. 38. 47. Reverse-fold the sides in.Flying Stag Beetle 4. Fold and unfold. 48. . Fold behind noting the references. Fold and unfold to the new creases. 45. Fold the edges to the center starting at the bottom. Lift the top layer. 46. Petal-fold using existing creases as guides. Squash-fold the comer up. 37. 41. except leave the pleat from step 46 closed. 43. 40. Swivel out some loose paper. 44. Open up the bottom of the model creasing gently where shown. 34. Closed-sink the edges inside.r Shuki Kato . Fold back Down. 41. Like this. Add a couple pinch marks. Fold back down. Open-sink in and out. 36. 35.

53. Open-sink in and out.Flying Stag Beetle 5. Bring . Side view of the sink from the previous step. 54. 57. 56.. 55. Spread-sink the edge. 50. $ • . Wrap one layer in front. . Swivel one layer to the right. Unfold. Fold all the layers to the front on the right while folding the layers behind on the .left (easy). 0> 49. 52. . Fold the flap to the left lining it up with the edges behind. 51. Fold to the left.Shuki Kato .Fold to the center and unfold. 8 I a r .59. The top of the model will not lie flat. layer in front.

63. 61. Reverse-fold the edge. 6. . Bring one edge in front.2. 64. 60. fi 69. 66. Bring the two dots together with a squash-fold . Wrap one layer in front. Pull out some loose paper. 67. 70. 2 Et • I )5E S' VEl 7 j' ttm. 71.Shuki Kato . • 68.Flying Stag Beetle 6. Swivel inside. Fold all the layers back to the right. Invert the bottom edge and pleat the loose paper Up. Wrap behind. Wrap behind. Unsink. Mountain fold inside. 65.

Repeat steps 44~71 on the left.time . •••• ?IIIIIIrRh ••••••••••••••••••••••••••.pattem . Fold and unfol(ij. .81. Fold and unfold.of middle section from above. Like this. '••• . ~ ! I 7. Crease pattern. . Result.2.down.••. 80» Reverse-fold both edges in and out and at the same.Shuki Kato . 77. Turn over and return to fUll view. 76. 74. A small triangle above this section is not shown. Crease . Fold the edge to the right.sink the dark region inside . 75.Flying Stag Beetle 7.a hidden edge. 79. sink inside using existing creases. Fold the flap . '84. 78. Pleat again. Pleat to the rtght while simultaneously sinking. 1)40wfor ~ X-ray view. •• 82.83. Z3.

94.Flying Stag Beetle 8. Fold one edge to the right.edges behind..Shuki Kato . Fold the flap back over. .. 95. Like this. Fold the small flap down.. .sink). Lift the center and swing the new flap to the left. Unsink. Fold one flap over. Note the position ofthe thick hidden edge. ~. 92. . Bring one layer in front (closed . 91. 90. 85. .. 89. ~ 96. 88.. Closed-sink.. 93. Fold and unfold lining up with the . Spread-sink asymmetrically.• . 87. .. Fold the narrow edge over squashing at the bottom. 86. .

9S. Fold and unfold along the angle bisector. Fold and unfold dividing th. Add a small swivel and fold one layer over. 104. Squash-fold -one layer to the right. 102.e anqle 'into fourths. Reverse-fold in and out 103. 107. Unsink . 99.on this side. Fold behind. Squash-fold the edge to the top. Fold back down. 97. 105. Fold the edqe to the left. • . 101.Shuki Kato . Closed-sink. 106. 10S. 100.Flying Stag Beetle 9. Repeat steps 86-103 .

. 113. . Fold behind. 109.Shuki Kato . 114. Fold one layer over. 116. 112.Flying Stag Beetle 10. Unsink. 119. Spread-sink.. 111. Mountain-fold matchin~ up with the edge behind. FoJd backup. Swivel to the top. Rabbit-ear the comer flipping the rear flap back in front. Reverse-fold. Fold the small comer down. 117. 120. Unsink. 11:5. 118. Spread-sink. 110.

125 . 124. 122.9. 1.1. Fold eneedqe over.left. tift the center and swing the new . Rabbit-ear both sides.. Rabbit-ear the flap. Fold back down . • 131.flap 10 the . 127. 130. Fold and unfold.23. Open-sink inside.Open-sink... 128. .Shuki Kato ~ Flying Stag Beetle 11.()2 on this flap. 126. 12. .oVer. • 132.Spread-sink. Repeat. Fold.steps 101-1.and unfold the angle bisectors. 12. Fold all the narrowest layers .

13_3. -. 138. Fold over flattening the central edge.ShukiKato . Reverse-fold the final pair of legs. Repeat steps 11~-134on the evenly as possible. Like this.Ai •. Crimp the thick flaps out an ·an -angle. 141. Turn over. Reverse fold distributing the layers out. Fold inside incorporating a little swivel in the center.pnce. Sink three si~s in pt. Crimp the next pair of-flaps up. 143.35. .u~zg~g3~. 136. Unsink the trapped triangle. 134.Rabbit-ear. 139." ••••••• r"""""""""""II~ •••• ·m. 137. 142.Flying Stag Beetle 12. 140. 1.

t5~. Rever-seefold the . 145. Swivel the loose paper behind.Flying Stag Beetle 13. 150 .51.inside.?·"""1""I""""·MP.dotted 'flaps to the side dividing the layers evenly. 146.Swivel rear ·eclges up a bit '157.5. Reverse-fold two tiny comers and pleat the the points atthe top. Fold the top layer behind.Shuki Kato .. and round the edges on ·top. Reverse·fold in and out 149...""".8. 153. Swivel the top layers as shown. 154.Like this.ack .. 1·56. 14. •••~ ••••r".S~4. 1. Repeat on the other three edges. 1-47. . Pleat the far layer inside..'". 144. Mountain-fold theedges inside.Reverse fold . 1'5. Zoom in.the rear edges in halt . OpeA"sinkb.

168. curl the legs. Rabbit-ear all the legs. Pleatthe tip ofthe abdomen and pinchbend the antennae. Fold behind.shape the model to taste.. and shape the mandibles.. Add some gentle mountain-folds and return to fl:J1I view . .. 166. 'Crimp the legs (or just bend them) 164. Model complete. 159. Focus-on the legs and body. 167. Add mountain-folds to the wing cases and . 165.Shuki Kato .. 161. Pleat the wings. 160.·••••••••••• r?~'L. 163. 158. Mountain-fold the edges. & ••••••••••• u.. .•••••..Flying Stag Beetle 14.. 162.u. Fold ·the tip of the abdomen inside.t.

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