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Group members

 Debendu Nag
 Kripa Subramanian
 Mehrin Zeba

 Neha Tiwari

 Yogesh Nahata
The Product
The variants…..

Le m o n
M in t

G in g e r C hat
M a sa l
About Us
We are CANE – O – COOL, a company that
believes that “Customer service is more
than just keeping customers happy.”

To evolve as one of the best Producer of
quality sugarcane which is organically
grown, extract juice scientifically and
serve a totally natural, healthy and
hygienic DESI refreshment in the world
and continue to retain the position
through constant education analysis,
development and implementation as
required by social, scientific, economic
and humanitarian perceptions.
Customer Understanding
And so………..

 Looking at the scenario from a

marketing perspective, there is a
huge demand for sugarcane
juice that is hygienic, and of the
best quality offered at the right

Our product – What it seeks to
offer ??
Our Competitors

• Manufacturers and producers of:

– Aerated drinks
– Branded and unbranded fruit juices
– Fruit based milk drinks
– Natural mineral water
– Fruit shakes
– Branded and unbranded coconut


 Geographic Segmentation

– Rural areas
– Urban areas
– Densely populated regions
– Regions with predominantly hot and
arid climates


D e m o g ra p h ic S e g m e n ta tio n

–In d ivid u a ls w ith a g e 3 ye a rs a n d a b o ve .

–In d ivid u a ls a cro ss a llin co m e g ro u p s
–W o rkin g a n d n o n -w o rkin g in d ivid u a ls
–S tu d e n ts
–In stitu tio n s a n d o ffice s.
–R e sta u ra n ts & h o te ls
–R e ta ilsh o p s


Psych o g ra p h ic S e g m e n ta tio n

–Health concious consumers

–Consumers who have inclination towards
nature and natural products
–Quality concious consumers
–Consumers who have diverse tastes and
seek variety
–Non-users and potential users

Target Audience

• All health conscious individuals

• Students at every level (From school
level to universities)
• Employees who work the entire day
in hot conditions.
• Households and passengers.
 All the above targets are assumed
to be living in hot, dry weather

 Quality,

 hygiene

 &

 health
Positioning statement

 For every individual, who wants a

100% natural product that offers
rejuvenation and freshness, the
Cane-o-cool is a packaged drink,
that provides energy and
refreshment at affordable prices,
best quality and value for your
The Brand
• Brand name : Cane-O-cool
• Tagline :
 100%
refreshment…..Naturally !!!

• Logo :
Customer touch points
In a nutshell……
 Promotion

– Constantly in line with the USP of

quality, hygiene and health
– Advertisements in television and
radio would also convey the brand
promise by highlighting the USP.
– Sponsorship of TV and radio telecasts
to aid in brand building and creating
top of mind recall.
– Use of trade promotion to an extent.

 Place

– Use attractive POS displays at all

retail outlets
– Ensure availability to keep up with the
brand promise of quality service


 Product

– Pure and tasty product packaged in

attractive eco-friendly packages which
are convenient to use.
– Packages would use attractive colour
schemes and would highlight the
brand name and the logo with all
mandatory information about its
nutritive value.

 Price

– Each unit would cost the customer

between Rs.8 to Rs.10 depending on
the flavour chosen and the local
taxes of the corresponding state.
– Price should be clearly printed on the

And Finally…..
• Cane-O-Cool and all its employees
shall align themselves with the
brand promise and strive
constantly to deliver it in the best
possible way at each point of
consumer contact.
• Every touch point shall deliver the
promise of the brand in the best
possible manner.
• Further improvements shall be made
Thank – You