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PUBLICATIONS: Books (1) C. Markides, Diversification, Refocusing and Economic Performance, Cambridge, Mass.: MI Press, December 1!!

" (#) C. Markides: $%% t&e Rig&t Moves: $ 'uide to Crafting (reakt&roug& )trateg*, (oston, Mass.: +arvard (usiness )c&oo% Press, December 1!!! (shortlisted for the Igor Ansoff Strategic Management Award 2000 ). rans%ated into C&inese, ,a-anese, .orean, 'erman, )-anis&, 'reek, Russian and Estonian. (/) M. Cusumano and C. Markides (eds.): )trategic &inking for t&e 0e1t Econom*, )an 2rancisco, C$: ,osse*3(ass Pub%is&ers, Ma* #441. (5) ,. (irkins&a6, ). '&os&a%, C. Markides, ,. )to-ford and '. 7i- (editors): &e 2uture of t&e Mu%tinationa% Com-an*, C&istester (8.): ,o&n 9i%e*, #44/. (") C. Markides and P. 'eroski: 2ast )econd: +o6 )mart Com-anies (*-ass Radica% Innovation to Enter and Dominate 0e6 Markets: )an 2rancisco: ,osse* (ass, #44" (shortlisted for the Financial Times/Goldman Sachs Management Book of the Year, 200 ). rans%ated into Dutc&, .orean, Russian and 'reek. (:) Robert 'a%avan, ,o&n Murra* and Costas Markides (eds.): )trateg*, Innovation and C&ange: C&a%%enges for Management,; <1ford: <1ford 8niversit* Press, #44=. (>) C. Markides: 'ame3C&anging )trategies: +o6 to Create ne6 market s-ace in estab%is&ed industries b* breaking t&e ru%es, )an 2rancisco: ,osse* (ass, #44= rans%ated into Russian, C&inese, urkis& and Indonesian. (=) C. Markides: Disru-ting t&e Disru-tor: +o6 to use attack to defend against disru-tive innovation, manuscri-t under -re-aration.