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MASBATE NATIONAL COMPREHENSIVE HIGH SCHOOL Masbate City Pre-Test MAPEH II Name:_____________________________________ Section:_________________ Score:___________ Direction: Choose and

write the letter of the correct answer on the space provided for. MUSIC ____ 1. Which among the following Southeast Asian countries uses melodic modes and diatonic scales for folk music? a. Thailand b. Indonesia c. Philippines d. Malaysia ____ 2. How do Indonesian singers portray their music? a. by using a combination of mostly chest voice with occasional head b. by using both chest and head voice c. by singing with a nasal vocal timbre d. by open-throat singing ____ 3. What type of musical instrument is mainly used for the music of indigenous groups in Asia? a. wind b. percussion c. string d. all of the above ____ 4. What is referred to as the element of music that classifies the way of singing into instruments? a. rhythm b. melody c. timbre d. form ____ 5. What religion is most popular in Central Asian countries? a. Buddhism b. Christianism c. Hinduism d. all of the above ____ 6. What particular vocal timbre describes the music of Mongolia? a. throat singing b. nasal c. throaty d. none of the above ____ 7. Which of the following is an example of a music form? a. rondo b. drone c. free form d. all of the above ____ 8. If you are a member of the Chinese Cantonese Opera, what kind of vocal tone do you need to possess? a. chest voice b. head voice c. nasal d. A and B ____ 9. Which is an example of a music rhythm? a. b. 2/2 c. 4/2 d. none of the above ____ 10. What musical instrument is popularly known in Nepal? a. suling b. drum c. rebab d. none of the above ____ 11. What is an example of a music texture? a. drone b. polyphony c. melodic mode d. all of the above ____ 12. What country is said to be the royal court music in peninsular Southeast Asia? a. Cambodia b. Indonesia c. Philippines d. Singapore ARTS ____ 13. What fabric is common among the countries Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia? a. malong b. satin c. silk d. none of the above ____ 14. It is a regular repetition of lines, shapes, colors and other art elements. a. rhythm b. unity c. proportion d. emphasis ____ 15. Anting-anting is an art craft of the a. Filipinos b. Thailander c. Malaysian d. Vietnamese ____ 16. It refers to the flower arrangement of Japan. a. ikebana b. moribana c. tea ceremony d. none of the above ____ 17. What is the form of writing of the East Asian Countries? a. calligraphy b. sanskrit c. alibata d. all of the above ____ 18. What country uses dragon as its symbol? a. Japan b. China c. Korea d. Singapore ____ 19. What is referred to as the traditional Japanese costume? a. Kimono b. barong c. malong d. silk _____ 20. Which among the following is the popular architectural structure of Korea? a. Blue Horse b. Pagoda c. Temple d. none of the above

_____ 21. Which of the textiles below was invented in China? a. silk b. satin c. malong d. none of the above _____ 22. What is considered to be a symbol of Indian costume? a. kabuki b. noh c. bunraku d. wayang kulit ______23. It is the largest single nation of South Asia with twenty-four states exhibiting a cultural diversity comparable to that seen among the nations of Europe. a. India b. Pakistan c. Bangladesh d. Sri Lanka _____ 24. It is a mark made by a moving point. a. shape b. texture c. line d. none of the above _____ 25. Which of the following is a property of color? a. hue b. value c. intensity d. all of the above PE _____ 26. It determines the number of exercise sessions that an individual will do for a week. a. Intensity b. frequency c. work-up d. time _____ 27. Prepares the muscles for exercise and allows oxygen supply to ready itself for what is to come. a. Exercise b. work-out c. cool down d. warm-up _____ 28. It is the range of movement through which a joint or sequence of joints can move. a. Flexibility b. strength c. endurance d. composition _____ 29. In basketball, the tallest member of a team will play a. Center b. point guard c. shooting guard d. 3-pointer _____ 30. An attempt to unfairly disadvantage an opponent through physical contact. a. Penalty b. violation c. foul d. defense _____ 31. It refers to a conceptual area above home plate extending from the midpoint between the batters shoulders and belt down to the hollow of the knee. a. Strike-out b. batting zone c. strike zone d. stolen base _____ 32. In volleyball, the player who is specialized in defensive skills and wears contrasting jersey color from his teammates is called a. Server b. libero c. receiver d. goal keeper _____ 33. This is a kick especially used in passing a ball accurately over a short distance not exceeding 15 yards. a. Trapping b. dribbling c. jab/pass d. heading _____ 34. The basic skill that every player in soccer should learn and master. a. kicking b. volleying c. dribbling d. running _____ 35. Dances that are a reflection of the true beauty and culture of the people from the countryside. a. Rural dances b. Muslim Dances c. Cordillera Dances d. Maria Clara Dances _____ 36. Dances which depict the exotic culture of Southern Philippines and performed in colourful and shiny Costumes. a. Cordillera Dances b.Muslim Dances c. Rural Dances d. Maria Clara Dances _____ 37. It is the limit or scope of movement. a. Level b. focus c. range d. direction _____ 38. It serves as the heartbeat of dance. a. Rhythm b. movement c. floor pattern d. focus HEALTH _____ 39. A quality of being human; a powerful and purposeful aspect of human nature and an important dimension of our humanness. a. Fertility b. infertility c. sex d. sexuality _____ 40. The urethral opening is at the underside of the penis, instead of its tip. a. Hypospadias b. cystic fibrosis c. laparoscopy d. varicocele _____ 41. This infection is caused by an intestinal parasite thats commonly found in animals. a. Cryptosporidiosis b. candidiasis c. salmonellosis d. toxoplasmosis _____ 42. A basic social unit consisting of persons united by ties of marriage, blood or adoption and usually representing a single household. a. Society b. couple c. family d. church _____ 43. This is the need for praise, love, trust and security. a. Physical needs b. emotional needs c. social needs d. intellectual needs _____ 44. It refers to the position occupied in a group.

a. Duties b. responsibilities c. role d. work _____ 45. It is viewed as family composition; or the number of people that should constitute a family. a. Family b. ideal family size c. parenting d. marriage _____ 46. Type of parenting characterized as having few behavioural expectations for the child. a. Authoritative b. authoritarian c. neglectful d. permissive _____ 47. It is the process of raising and educating a child from birth until adulthood. a. Parenting b. duties c. responsibilities d. parenthood _____ 48. It is a small roll of finely cut tobacco leaves wrapped in a cylinder of thin paper for smoking. a. Cigar b. cigarette c. tobacco d. smoking _____ 49. These are liquids that become a gas at room temperature. a. Aerosol sprays b. nitrates c. volatile solvents d. nitrites _____ 50. Unsweetened, distilled alcoholic beverages that have an alcohol content of at least 20% alcohol by volume. a. Standard drinks b. wine c. beer d. spirits