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Standard #5: Application of Content The teacher understands how to connect concepts and use differing perspectives to engage

learners in critical thinking, creativity, and collaborative problem solving related to authentic and global issues.

InTASC Standard 5 focuses on the importance of connecting the topic in a way the students can make meaning and apply it to real life. Finding creative ways to do this is the responsibility of the teacher so that students are engaged and motivated to learn. Helping students make connections to their own life is also an important component of this standard. When students can make personal connections with what is being taught then they can find meaning within the topic which also promotes critical thinking skills. The artifacts I chose for this standard display an engaging activity performed by first graders learning about history. Since the first graders have been focusing on the importance of history and people from our past, I decided to help them relate the topic to their lives by having them interview a grandparent. A focus of the unit is to help students realize that we learn by reading and listening to stories from the past, specifically about people of the past. My first step was to write a parent letter home explaining the Lead21 unit and asking for their contribution in helping the first graders complete the task. Using the interview sheet I created, the first graders were to talk to a grandparent to retrieve answers about their personal lives. I wanted the first graders to see how the world has changed from when their grandparents were growing up in comparison to today. The activity was a creative way for the students to make personal connections with the past. The interview allowed active engagement using a special authentic source- their grandparent. After the interviews were completed I asked the students to share the interview with the whole group and to tell us what they learned about the past through the interview. The process developed critical thinking skills in the first graders as they made connections.

First Grade parents,

Our Lead21 unit 5 theme the last few weeks has focused on history and stories from the past. Your students have been reading stories that tell about the past and significant people of our past. A main focus of the unit is to have the first graders understand that we learn from our past and by reading stories about history. This interview is to give the first graders a chance to talk to someone about the past and see what new and exciting facts they can learn from the persons life history. Please have your child interview a grandparent as they fill out the questionnaire provided. Thanks in advance for helping your student learn more about the importance of history by becoming an active learner playing the role of an interviewer! Have fun

~Ms. Walleser and The First Grade Teachers

Grandparent Interview
My Grandparents name is:__________________________________________________

1. When were you born?_______________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Where were you born?_____________________________________________________________________________________ 3. Did you have a big family?___________________________________________________________________________________ 4. How many brothers and sisters did you have?____________________________________________________________ 5. Where did you go to school?________________________________________________________________________________ 6. What was your favorite class?_______________________________________________________________________________ 7. What kinds of games did you play?_________________________________________________________________________ 8. What was your favorite book?______________________________________________________________________________ 9. Do you have a favorite holiday?_____________________________________________________________________________ 10. How did you celebrate it?_________________________________________________________________________________ 11. What is your favorite memory?___________________________________________________________________________

12. Can you remember any big events that happened?_______________________________________________________