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Couples For Christ Christian Life Program Talk 1

POVERT SOCIAL INJUSTICE Y There is serious disorder MURDER in the world today.


Loneliness Depression Fear Insecurities Mistrust

On a personal level,

Man is not succeeding because all these efforts are based on man's wisdom.

Everyone agrees that something major is needed What is needed is God's to wisdom correct the situation in and ways. Man has made various efforts the world. Isaiah 55:8-9 to improve the world, but their
efforts are not succeeding.

What is the way of God?

Does God have a plan for bringing us out of our confusion and disorder?


Genesis 1:31 Genesis 1:27 friendship with God.

God Genesis 3:8-9 What God created creates man in is good. His image. Man is meant for

God loves the human race.

God would not leave man alone to his fate.

Is 48:17. | Jer 29:11. God is not indifferent nor distant. God is someone who loves us and is interested in having a personal relationship with us. He is interested in the details of our daily lives.

God wants to bring us all back to Himself, to restore our fellowship and intimacy with Him.
Eph 1:9-10

P How This is God's plan! can

E A Pain C E

God's plan happen?

J U S T I C Injustice E

H A P P I Poverty N E S S

We need to turn to God's wisdom.

We need God's point of view.

What does God say about life's realities?

THE SOLUTION? He is a spiritual being

Jesus Christ!
He is the vine from which we draw life, strength and power.

more powerful than Satan.

When Jesus spoke to his disciples, We need to simply accept Jesus as We experience some were turnedRom off (Jn 6:60). Lord and Savior. 10:9. the not love of God. They could accept the truths Jesus revealed to them and they What do we left (Jnneed 6:66). to do? Jesus turned to the other disciples God's plan for restoration and asked if they were going to God has done His part. can begin to happen. leave too. They stayed.

in Jesus
A Final Word
It is now our move.

Will you continue to I hope that just like If there are no more sins, then The investigate how God's plan Simon Peter you will who needs a savior? Who Or will you just choice can work in He your life? needs Jesus? came for say: "Lord, to whom walk away Will you continue to nothing. is given shall we go?to You like the disciples explore, along with us, have the words of each of Come Back Next Week! who left Jesus? how God's love can make eternal life you. a difference in your life? (Jnreally 6:68). God? Is Jesus

Couples For Christ Christian Life Program Talk 1