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Antoine Syverain Photo 26B Project 1: Obedience to authority figures Logline: Human beings usually never listen to others,

but when faced with an apparent authority figure, they abide like little children. Synopsis: Most civilians in the state of California would look around for any if Jwalk if no cop is present. They would still do it even if a civilian told them not to do it. However, as soon as they spot a cop who tells them not to, well they obey and do it the right way. This is the human nature that listens to authority figures, even if they take their authority to abusive ends, humans still listen and obey.

Shot list: ! A person dressed casually signals to another person to stop. ! Another person stands across the street, gives him a dirty look and J-walk. ! A person wearing a police uniform signals to stop. ! Another person in the driver seat does exactly as the Policeman signals. ! A civilian stands in front of a policeman doing a silly dance as the cop laughs and giggles. !