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Ma thèse

Ma thèse

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Published by: casabou5 on Oct 21, 2009
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This thesis set out to provide companies with a better understanding of labor

union’s perspective, which would allow for more effective stakeholder mapping and

management of unions. Consequently, companies increased understanding should
assist both companies and unions in overcoming their conflicting objectives to


achieve their mutual objective of company success.

Our findings expanded upon Mitchell, Agle, and Wood’s typology of stakeholders to
include several other stakeholder theories, including Frooman’s and Suchman’s.
Our data then concluded that while French and American IBM unions may have
different objectives, both French and American IBM labor union objectives


conflicted with company objectives. Our remaining data, in combination with our
theoretical framework, lead to four statements:

A group of employees who want to influence a company effectively need to have
a certain degree of power, legitimacy and urgency.

The situation faced by unions may be more or less urgent.


By unionizing, employees gain legitimacy, which increases as membership

In order to increase power, unions are likely to follow different influence
strategies based upon their perception of interdependence.

Finally, our statements were applied to French and American IBM unions, and it was


demonstrated how companies might use this information to more effectively
stakeholder map and manage.

For further research, the significance of urgency could be further explored. It seems
that urgency is a very important factor in regards to unions specifically, as much of
their support and validation is derived from conflict. In addition, while public sector


unions could be analyzed as stakeholders in a similar manner as the unions


presented in this thesis, public sector unions differ highly and thus would lead to an
interesting but altered discussion. Also, an analysis of how companies can manage
unions could prove useful. Finally, this report was done from a union perspective.
In the same fashion that companies may benefit from understanding a union’s
perspective, unions may benefit from understanding the company perspective.



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