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Jaime Attkisson Natural Disasters 3/10/14 Climate Change Disaster or Catastrophe?

Changes in our climate could potentially have a dramatic effect on our future, unless changes are made. Climate change or global warming has been scientifically researched to determine the underlying cause. The greenhouse effect, which is a natural phenomenon that has been occurring for millions of years. Since humans have come along the use of carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxides have increased. The theory is the Earth is warming due to the combination of these gases. So what changes can we make to protect our future? What is a disaster? A disaster is a hazardous event that occurs over a limited time span in a defined area. What is a catastrophe? A catastrophe is a massive disaster that requires a significant expenditure of money and a long time for recovery to take place. Is climate change a disaster or a catastrophe? Since climate change does not affect just one area and is not limited to a specific region, like volcanoes or hurricanes and it affects the entire world, it would be considered a catastrophe. Unless humans change the way we use land, the burning of fossil fuels and water control then it is predicted to get much worse. Human changes in the land use and the land cover have changed Earths reflectivity. These processes have contributed to the climate changes in the places they occur. The greenhouse effect is what scientist have researched to be the leading cause of global warming. As humans we depend on

industrial activities that have raised atmospheric carbon dioxide. Much of the observed increase in Earths temperature over the last 50 years is due to human produced greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide. So what can we do to help? By simply going green. Recycling, using energy efficient products, monitoring water usage, etc. Making these changes can reduce greenhouse gases and save money. The EPA is taking a number of common sense steps to address the challenge of climate changes. By collecting emission data, getting reductions, advancing the science and various others. In conclusion climate change is a catastrophe, effecting millions of humans as well as animals and vegetation. Change is necessary. By changing the way we use land, conserve water, recycle and many other changes we can make a difference to protect our children and our future. Sources

Natural Hazards, by Keller DeVecchio