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Murder Mystery Script

SHERLOCK HOLMES (detective)- Tyler DR. JOHN WATSON (sidekick to Holmes)- Mossab MRS. HUDSON (Landlord of 221B Baker St.)- Katia TIFFANY STAPLETON (client, cheer coach)- Sandra SARA STAPLETON (murderer, daughter of Tiffany Stapleton)Dakari JULIEN STAPLETON (Peter the Anteater mascot who is murdered, son of Tiffany Stapleton)- Julien HENRY (Roommate of Julien)- Henry POLICE OFFICER #1 - Sally POLICE OFFICER #2- Meghan

SCENE 1: Props: Coffee mugs, chairs, table, cellphone

Prop master: Meg

(Holmes is sitting on a chair holding a coffee mug and then Watson walks in the scene) HOLMES: Goodmorning Watson! WATSON: (say this in a monotone voice and have a tired face) Good Morning to you too. HOLMES: I see that you have been working all last night correct? WATSON: Yes, how did you figure that out? HOLMES: Well, by observing your facial structure and the tone of your voice makes it obvious. Why dont you sit down and grab a coffee to wake yourself up. WATSON: All right then. (Watson walks to the table, grabs the coffee mug and notices the phone on the table, and sits down next to Holmes) WATSON: I dont recall the phone on that table. It isnt either of ours is it? HOLMES: Oh this phone?(Sherlock picks up phone) That phone belongs to Coach Tiffany Stapleton, one of my clients who was waiting for me. She must have left early because I was taking a long time with another client. Why dont you try to see what you can deduce about her from the phone? WATSON: All right then.(Watson stands up, grabs the phone from the table, and sits back down) Well looking at her wallpaper,

it shows a picture of a mascot. I assume this is from the school she coaches for. HOLMES: (start nodding)Go on. WATSON: Umm, looking at the physical appearance of this phone, there are a lot of dents. I assume she drops her phone a lot and that she is very clumsy. This is all I can deduce from her phone, Holmes. HOLMES: Well then, let me have a look.(Watson hands over the phone) You are correct about the dents Watson, but you are wrong about the wallpaper. It is actually a 2012 picture of her son in a mascot costume. I am sure that she will come soon to recover her phone.

(You hear the doorbell ring) HOLMES: Ah, that must be her.

SCENE 2: Props:Cheer uniform, track suit Prop master: Jennifer

(Ms. Hudson opens the door) MRS. HUDSON: Your guests, Holmes. HOLMES:Thank you Mrs. Hudson. That must be Miss Tiffany Stapleton! Ask them to step in. (Watson begins to walk out) Dont go, doctor, I should prefer that you remain.

(Ms. Stapleton and Sara enter Holmes study room with Mrs. Hudson leading the way.)

Props: purse, dog, tissues, notebook for Watson Prop master: Carlos

MRS. HUDSON: Ms. Tiffany Stapleton and her daughter, Sara Stapleton. TIFFANY: I have come to you, Mr. Holmes, because my dearest son has been murdered, and I need closure Oh, and this is my daughter Sara.(Sara keeps to herself, trying not to look at Holmes, seems to have been crying) HOLMES: Youre not a very responsible person are you, Tiffany? SARA: (Offended at Sherlocks remark) And why would you say that! (Tiffany angered and shouting at Holmes) TIFFANY: I can defend myself Sara! HOLMES: Well, by the look of your bag, it is expensive, probably a gift judging by the way you treat it. Looks worn, scratched, and dirty which means you dont care about it very much, yet it does have some value to you since you still carry it around with you. Was it from an ex-boyfriend or an exhusband maybe? I can also tell from looking at your dog that he was also a gift and that you abuse it, probably because youre still angry with the person that gave it to you. You

take very little care of it because it is dirty and it has not been fed for days considering how aggressive it is. TIFFANY: Mr. Holmes that is none of your concern! Ive come to talk about my son! HOLMES: Well then, lets get down to business shall we?

HOLMES: Go ahead state your case. TIFFANY: I work for UCI as the head cheer coach. So its my duty to make sure my girls are in tip, top, shape for all the performances. I am also in charge of the beloved school mascot, Peter the Anteater. Sarah suggested my son should tryout for the mascot position at UCI since our old Mascot was out sick. Julien agreed to try out for the position of Peter because he knew how much it would mean to me. Julien auditioned and was spectacular. He was a natural athlete, takes after me even though hes adopted. (Ms. Stapleton begins to cry. Sara puts her arm around her mother) SARA: Mom, its okay. Im still here for you. (Ms. Stapleton ignores her daughter.) WATSON: What is wrong Ms. Stapleton? HOLMES: (Rolls his eyes) MS. STAPLETON: (wipes tears with her hand) I should have known better.

HOLMES: (Yawns.) WATSON: Please continue Ms. Stapleton. MS. STAPLETON: During a pep rally for our basketball game against Hawaii, the cheerleaders and Peter were outside the Student center greeting students, when suddenly, Julien collapsed. He has asthma but he wasnt doing anything that would have had him collapse like that! I rushed to his aid and took off the head of the mascot to check if he was breathing. His face was pale and his eyes were dilated. I put my ear on his chest and I heard nothing thats when I knew I knew he was dead. SARA: Oh this is just so awful! But at least you still have me mom. (cries) TIFFANY: Oh! I need Julien! HOLMES: (Rolls eyes) Alright, well take your case. Now leave. Out. (Tiffany and Sara walk out)

SCENE 5: Prop Master: Mossab Props: Sunglasses, black jacket

(Holmes and Watson discuss the case when Tiffany and her daughter leave.) WATSON: Not a very loving mother-daughter relationship from what I can see.. (Says offhandedly, almost to himself)

WATSON: (To Holmes) So who do you think killed Peter? HOLMES: Not sure, it is too early to tell. (There is another knock on the door) MRS. HUDSON: Holmes,you have another guest. HENRY (Disguised): Yeah I have some information about the death of Julien Stapleton. WATSON: Please come in. HOLMES: What's your name stranger and what information do you have for us? HENRY: My name isnt important, what is important is that I have important evidence on the case. HOLMES: Oh really... (Says sarcastically) And what might that be? HENRY: Im convinced that it could be the rival mascot from the school of Hawaii. I was there early to fix the sound and I noticed that he was messing with Juliens backpack. But I also think it might have been an accident because the landscapers sprayed pesticide outside of the student center and it could have affected Juliens asthma. HOLMES: (Holmes gets up) Well there's only one way to find out, come on Watson lets go check out the crime scene.

SCENE 6:(FLASHBACK) Props: Cups, Lucky Charms, Anteater mask, inhaler, notebooks
for the police, police badges, magnifying glass, note

Prop Master:Dakari, Ivy

Scene begins with Peter at Student Center (Mini Flashback) PETER: Good morning, good morning!(Peter greets random people passing by)Ugh. I didn't have lunch today. I'm starving! HENRY: Hey Peter I got some Lucky Charms if you want any. PETER: Sure thanks!(Peter takes Lucky Charms and starts eating them) (A few seconds later, Peter starts coughing, pulls out inhaler to try and relieve himself and dies dramatically) ...Fast forward a to crime scene layout is the same... (Holmes and Watson arrive at the scene and see the police questioning the witnesses) POLICE: What are you two doing here? (Holmes walks towards the dead body and starts investigating it) WATSON: We received a request from the victims mother and sister to investigate his death. HOLMES: What have you been able to find out so far officer? POLICE: The students medical records tell us that he has asthma. If you ask me, he probably had an asthma attack while eating the Lucky Charms. He barely got to his inhaler but it was too late. (Holmes walks over to the police) HOLMES: And that is where you are wrong. (Now Watson starts looking around)

POLICE: Excuse me? HOLMES: Judging by the way the cereal has been spread across the floor, we can see that he was holding the Lucky Charms in his right hand. Now, if he did have an asthma attack, he

could have easily taken out his inhaler from his left pocket using his free left hand. He attempted that but the inhaler did not work. No officer, this is in fact a murder.

POLICE: That isnt enough proof to call this a murder. HOLMES: The evidence does highly suggest it. As does this

note that was left behind on the victims body.(Pulls note off of Juliens dead body) WATSON: What does the note say? HOLMES: Some of it was torn off but it says Whos the winner. WATSON: Does the victim have any enemies that would want him gone? POLICE: One of the witnesses did say that his roommate was at the Student Center fixing the sound and was acting suspicious. Henry wanted to be the mascot, but is that enough of a reason to kill someone? HOLMES: Its too soon to tell. anything? WATSON: There are a lot of plates and cups everywhere. HOLMES: And? WATSON: Well I guess it was possible that he was poisoned? Watson have you noticed

HOLMES: Precisely. Now we just need to identify where the poison was. WATSON: Do you think the poison was in one of the cups that the victim drank or the cereal he ate? POLICE: We already checked the cereal and there was no trace of poison in it, but we havent finished checking all the cups yet. WATSON: Maybe there could be poison in the costume as well? HOLMES: No need to check the costume, because I already figured it out.

INTERLUDE Meghan will now ask the class based on their observations to come up with some ideas as to who the murderer is or what happened.

(Sherlock and Watson continue to study the crime scene when Tiffany and Sara walk up.) TIFFANY: Oh my Julien! SARA: Its okay mom. (tries to comfort her, Tiffany shrugs Sara away, Sara glares at the corpse) HOLMES: (noticed the way Sara stares at Julien's body)Sad isnt it? (suspicious)

SARA: (tried to fake cry) Oh yes yes it is! Its so awful! Im all alone now that hes gone. (in spite) HOLMES: Your brother was adopted, correct? SARA: Yes. HOLMES: You comfort your mother by always referring to how she always has you. SARA: But its true! She does now only have me. (starts getting possessive.) HOLMES: Its obvious you care for your mother a lot but fail to show remorse when in front of your brothers corpse. Id think a sister would be devastated but not you. SARA: Where are you getting at Holmes?! HOLMES: You clearly know where Im going with this. Tiffany (He waves over Tiffany)When did Julien last visit you from school? TIFFANY: I saw him just last weekend, to have dinner. HOLMES: Does he take his inhaler with him everywhere? TIFFANY: Yes. HOLMES: And was Sara over as well? TIFFANY: Yes, whats this all about?! SARA: Mom, hes crazy. HOLMES: Maybe. But you, miss, are in fact a murderer. SARA: WHAT?! HOLMES: You had access to Juliens inhaler and he hadnt used it until the day of his death. You wrote the note. The way you

cling to your mom is a desperate cry for affection. You were jealous of your adopted brother and so you had to get rid of him to gain your mothers attention. Becoming head cheerleader didnt work because she still cherished Julien more. SARA: (walks back and forth and finally blurts out) Fine! So what! Its all true. (Turns to Tiffany) You do cherish him more! And its not fair. Hes the adopted one not me! TIFFANY: Sara why!? (starts balling in tears) SARA: Because you forgot about me! And now you dont have a choice but to forget about him! (Points to corpse) (Police begin to arrest Sara on the spot. Tiffany is balling.) HOLMES: Too easy. WATSON: (Rolls his eyes.)

(Holmes and Watson are back at 221B Baker St. sitting in chairs.) WATSON: What a tragic case dont you think Holmes? HOLMES: Yes, but the murderer has been arrested now. WATSON: I wonder what she was thinking when she planned all this. HOLMES: It all stemmed from jealousy, you see, Julien is Ms. Stapletons adopted son and Ms. Stapleton made up for it by treating him better than even her own daughter. Sara wanted to get her mothers attention, so she decided to kill him. She

proposed that her brother should become the mascot so she could kill him without arousing suspicion. WATSON: I see. So what now? HOLMES: We wait for the next murder.