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LAS VIRGENES UNIFIED ScHOOL DISTRICT CALABASAS, CALIFORNA 1902 “eleghoo: (8) a80-000 Fre (18) 80-4209 ‘weed og BOARD OF EDUCATION voeL cUTBILL eno DOALLAS LAWRENCE AGENDA REGULAR BOARD MEETING March 11, 2014 DOCUMENT REQUEST: Upon request, the District shall make available for public inspection all documents relating to an agenda item for open session at the Las Virgenes Unified School District located at 4111 Las Virgenes Road, Calabasas, CA. AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT: In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, if you need special assistance, disability-related modifications or accommodations, including auxiliary aids or services, in order to participate in the public meetings of the District's governing board, please contact the office of the District Superintendent at (818) 880-4000, Ext. 225. Notification 72 hours prior to the meeting will enable the District to make reasonable arrangements to ensure accommodation and accessibility to this meeting. Upon request, the District shall also make available this agenda and all other public records associated with this meeting in appropriate alternative formats for persons with a disability. Copies of the agenda are available at 4111 N. Las Virgenes Road, Calabasas, CA. TIME: I. CALL TO ORDER - REGULAR SESSION PLACE: DISTRICT OFFICE - 4111 N. Las Virgenes Road, Calabasas, CA 91302 Tl. BOARD OF EDUCATION DISCUSSION REGARDING CALENDARING ASSIGNMENTS AND GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS II. PUBLIC COMMENT ON CLOSED SESSION AGENDA ITEMS ‘Any person requesting to speak to an item on the Closed Session Agenda may do so at this time. IV. 4:35 P.M. - ADJOURNMENT TO CLOSED SESSION 1. Conference with Labor Negotiator (Government Code 54954.5(f) Pursuant to Government Code 54957.6) ‘Agency Designated Representative: Dr. Rose Dunn Employee Organization: Las Virgenes Classified Association Employee Organization: Las Virgenes Educators Association 2. Public Employee Discipline/ Dismissal / Release (Government Code 54957) 3. Student Discipline (Education Code 35146, 48918) + Expulsion of the Student in Disciplinary Case No. 213-14.01 (Choices) REGULAR BOARD MEETING March 11, 2014 Page 2 TIME: v. Board of Education Arrived Left Angela Cutbill Jill Gaines Cindy Iser Dallas Lawrence Lesli Stein Agoura High School Student Representative Zoe Miller (at the dais) Calabasas High School Student Representative Ella Queen (in the audience) Pag No. Class VL. VIL. VI. 6:00 P.M. - RETURN TO REGULAR SESSION CALL TO ORDER ‘The Regular Board Meeting was called to order by President Jill Gaines at P.M. in the District Office. | IE Moved 2nd Vote FLAG SALUTE REPORT OUT OF CLOSED SESSION (G.C. 54957.1 APPROVAL OF AGENDA Board Vote Action __ APPROVAL OF MINUTES Board Vote Action * Special Board Meeting — January 16, 2014 + Regular Board Meeting ~ January 28, 2014 STAEF/BOARD COMMUNICATION + Calabasas High School Student Showcase + Recognition of the Agoura High School Boys and Girls Water Polo Teams + Recognition of Employees of the Month + Edward Edsall — Calabasas High School Social Science Teacher - Certificated + Donna Welti - Chaparral Elementary School Office Manager - Classified HEARING OF DELEGATIONS AND /OR COMMENTS FROM THE AUDIENCE REGARDING ITEMS NOT ON THE AGENDA - (Please be advised that the Board is prohibited by law from discussing or taking immediate action on unagendized items.) Com: ym the audience regarding items on the agenda will be taken as each item is considered. P2 REGULAR BOARD MEETING March 11, 2014 Page3 XIL ITEMS SCHEDULED FOR ACTION Moved 2nd Vote Page “B 20. 34. 36. 38. 44. & 122. xm. 167. 168 169. A. *7:01P.M.-CONSENT- A Student Preferential Vote Action Board Vote Action eee Approval of Overnight Field Trip Request 13-14.36 Approval of Overnight Field Trip Request 13-14.37 Approval of Overnight Field Trip Request 13-14.38 Approval of Resolution No. 14-13 - Establishment of New Self-Insurance Reserve Fund 67 Approval of Notice of Completion ~ Accuvant, Inc. Equipment and Services for District Wireless Project 6. Approval of Purchase Orders PERS ” B. *7:03 P.M.- CONSENT ~B Board Vote Action, Be Et 1. Expulsion of the Student in Disciplinary Case No. 213-14.01 - Choices 2. Approval of Rejection of Claim - Robert Nimoy v Las Virgenes Unified School District 3. Approval of Personnel Document 4, Approval of Director of Accounting Signature C. “7:05 P.M. - ACTION ITEMS 1. Approval of Second Interim Budget Report and Budget Adjustments (£20 Minutes) Student Preferential Vote Action ee Board Vote Action __ ae 2. Approval of Resolution No. 13-13 - Tax and and Revenue Anticipation Notes (TRANS) for 2014/15 ("20 Minutes) Student Preferential Vote Action eae Board Vote Action *7:45 P.M, - ITEMS SCHEDULED FOR INFORMATION, 1 Report: Calabasas High School STEAM-Pack Program (*20 Minutes) 2 Report: Lindero Canyon Middle School Project Lead the Way Program (720 Minutes) 3. Update: Common Core State Standards ("15 Minutes) *8:40 P.M, - ADJOURNMENT * The above noted times are approximate only and are not meant to guarantee that the Board will consider the particular item at that time. Parties who want to ensure that they are present when the Board considers an item should arrive at the beginning of the meeting or no later than 30 minutes prior to the time noted on the agenda.p