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Reflection of Learning for ED 801 Christina Scott San Diego State University

Case Studies Group Projects I have found the two group case study assign ents to !e a dyna ic process of applying ideas of leadership to critical issues in post"secondary education# $t first these assign ents see ed difficult for e to address !ecause I did not feel I had enough %nowledge of the unity colleges& such as enroll ent issues&

institutional policies and procedures related to co

student services& etc#& to !e a!le to contri!ute solutions or hypothesi'e scenarios# (owever& wor%ing on this issue colla!oratively as a tea secondary issues and solutions and gave ea really helped e)pand y perspective on post"

uch greater understanding of the internal

structures and cultures of post"secondary institutions# I feel this artifact connects strongly to the following two student learning outco es for $R* 801+ 1, Descri!e& analy'e and evaluate the co unity colleges# ission& functions& organi'ation and operations of

-, Trace the historical development of curriculum in the areas of general education,

vocational-technical education, transfer education, developmental education, and adult education. - Point#4 - Evaluate the need for strengthening community college

leadership based on the community college literature. $nd Point #5 " Investigate the growing accountability movement for community colleges and analyze the accountability system employed in California. .he need for leadership in the post"secondary and higher education syste has !eco e very

evident through the process of e)a ining different case studies and this artifact definitely served

as an investigation of accounta!ility issues and perspectives within co year institutions#

unity colleges and four

In reviewing the Ed.D program student learning outcomes& I feel the case study assign ent directly addressed (and!oo%& !ut any of the nine learning outco es stated in the Student e !eco e ore proficient in

ost directly I !elieve this process has helped

understanding Organizational Strategy and Resource Management. $s stated previously& I have felt I was lac%ing in a full understanding of the policies and procedures of ad inistrative areas of post"secondary and higher education institutions& however the process of analy'ing a case study and developing solutions& as well as creating a case study& has definitely given understanding of issues facing these institutions and e a !roader

ethods of solving given pro!le s# y case study group as the eans for

(owever& I directly credit the process of colla!orating with e understanding these issues ore as we had group

e !ers who represented differing areas

of institutional e)perience and this collective %nowledge was transfor ational in the case study analysis and pro!le solving# e a!out the any different voices and unication& accounta!ility& y professional goal

.his artifact will serve as a re inder for

sta%eholders in the institution that I wor% for and how i portant co and colla!oration are in our efforts in effective progra

ad inistration# $s

is to !e in a director position at so e point& I !elieve the pro!le gained through this process will !enefit and course curriculu s#

solving s%ills and awareness

e greatly in developing and supporting online faculty

In regard to the second case study e)ercise& I feel that we should have spent so e ti e in class presenting and discussing the case studies that we developed# .his was an e)citing process

and was one in which we really applied what we had !een learning and I would have li%ed to hear what other students had developed rather than /ust reading a!out the posted case studies with no opportunity for discussion# 0or e)a ple& I thin% 1eronica and $rturo2s study on the orale issues ad/unct faculty e)perience is a very i portant study& !ut I had no way of discussing this aside fro discussion foru personal co unication with each of the # $t the very least& a

for the case studies or historical studies we created would have !een

interesting# .his is an i portant follow "up to this assign ent !ecause otherwise the purpose of doing the second case study !eco es a !it lost and it see s /ust li%e another tas% we are doing# $dditionally& I have had no instructor feed!ac% as to a%es it difficult to assess case study a y group2s two case study e)ercises which a%e the second

y overall learning e)perience for this artifact# .o

ore effective assign ent& I feel feed!ac% should !e received on the first case study

!efore the second one is due#