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Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2

Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2

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The following is a selection of precious gems from the Beyond Imagination expression. They came forth through me in the time period from 2002 through 2005 … though, as you will see, 2002 was quite a prolific and profound year. Great quotes have always stirred my soul. Hopefully, you’ll find some of these to be in that category. In any event, I hope these precious gems touch a special place in your heart as well. The quotes cover a large variety of topics, though some topics are favored much more heavily than others. This is meant to be a brief introduction into the World of Beyond Imagination.
The following is a selection of precious gems from the Beyond Imagination expression. They came forth through me in the time period from 2002 through 2005 … though, as you will see, 2002 was quite a prolific and profound year. Great quotes have always stirred my soul. Hopefully, you’ll find some of these to be in that category. In any event, I hope these precious gems touch a special place in your heart as well. The quotes cover a large variety of topics, though some topics are favored much more heavily than others. This is meant to be a brief introduction into the World of Beyond Imagination.

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Published by: Wayne Hartman on Oct 15, 2009
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  • Abilities
  • Abundance
  • Abundant Resources
  • Accountability
  • Acting Selflessly
  • Actions
  • Actualization
  • Allowing Spirit to Do The Work
  • Allowing Things to Unfold
  • Artists
  • Authority
  • Awakening
  • Aware Observer
  • Awareness
  • Balance
  • Becoming
  • Being All We Can Be
  • Being and Doing
  • Being Open
  • Being Proud
  • Being Who We Are
  • Beings
  • Belief Management
  • Beliefs
  • Believing
  • Body and Spirit
  • Brain
  • Brain Chemistry
  • Breakpoint
  • Burdens
  • Captivating Our Soul
  • Caring
  • Cause and Effect
  • Challenges
  • Change
  • Changing the World
  • Choices
  • Choosing Love
  • Circumstances
  • Collective Expression
  • Community
  • Competence
  • Competition
  • Connections
  • Conscious Effort
  • Consciousness
  • Consciousness Enfleshed
  • Contributing
  • Cooperation
  • Cooperation and Competition
  • Cooperative Interdependence
  • Creating Masterpieces
  • Creative Expression
  • Creative Talents
  • Creativity
  • Creators
  • Crossing Paths
  • Darkness
  • Day to Day Existence
  • Death
  • Destinations
  • Destiny
  • Differences
  • Directors
  • Dissatisfaction
  • Divine Plan
  • Divisions
  • Do Something
  • Doing and Being Our Best
  • Doing and Living
  • Doing Our Best
  • Doing What is Ours To Do
  • Doing What We Love to Do
  • Each Moment
  • Economic System
  • Education
  • Effort
  • Ego
  • Examples
  • Expectations
  • Experiences
  • Experiencing Life
  • Explaining Things
  • Facets of Consciousness
  • Faith
  • Fate
  • Finding Our Parts
  • Flexibility
  • Focus
  • Forces of the Universe
  • Free Time
  • Freedom
  • Freedom From Limitation
  • Game of Life
  • Gift From Spirit
  • Gift of Life
  • Gifts
  • Giving
  • God
  • Good and Bad
  • Good Enough
  • Grand Beings
  • Grand Plan
  • Greater Drama
  • Greater Whole
  • Greatest Good
  • Greatness
  • Growing
  • Helping Others
  • Herd Mentality
  • High Impact
  • History
  • Host of Forces
  • Ideas
  • Illusion
  • Imagination
  • Incredible Beings
  • Independence
  • Individuals
  • Information
  • Information Management
  • Inner Compass
  • Intelligence Tests
  • Interaction
  • Interdependence
  • Intuition
  • Journeys
  • Joy
  • Karmic Record
  • Know Thyself
  • Knowingness
  • Knowingness and Awareness
  • Laws
  • Learning
  • Levels
  • Life
  • Life Unfolding
  • Limitations
  • Limits
  • Living in the Moment
  • Living Your Life
  • Looking Within
  • Loss and Gain
  • Love
  • Loving What You Do
  • Magnificent Beings
  • Make Each Day Count
  • Making a Difference
  • Making a Living
  • Making the Most of the Moment
  • Masterpiece
  • Masters of Fate
  • Meaning
  • Members of Organizations
  • Memory
  • Metaphysics
  • Middle Path
  • Mind
  • Mind of God
  • Miracles
  • Miraculous Realm
  • Mission
  • Moved by Spirit
  • Mysteries
  • Need to Know
  • Needs
  • New World
  • No Regrets
  • Now
  • Obligations
  • Old Souls
  • One
  • One Consciousness
  • One Hoop
  • One More Step
  • One Spirit
  • One World
  • Oneness
  • Openness
  • Opportunities
  • Our Place in The World
  • Outcomes
  • Past
  • Past Laurels
  • Paths to Spirit
  • Patterns
  • Peace
  • Physical World
  • Plan of Consciousness
  • Playwrights
  • Point of Power
  • Possessions
  • Possibilities
  • Potential
  • Power of Choice
  • Power of Words
  • Practice
  • Precious Beings
  • Precious Gift
  • Problems
  • Programming
  • Propelling Force
  • Purpose
  • Pursuit of Happiness
  • Questions
  • Reach and Grasp
  • Reality
  • Reality Creation
  • Realm of Information
  • Reflections
  • Relativeness
  • Resources
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Ripples
  • Risk
  • Sacred Responsibility
  • Sculptors
  • Seeing and Believing
  • Seeking and Finding
  • Self Awareness
  • Self Discovery
  • Self Realization
  • Self Reliance
  • Selling Our Soul
  • Service
  • Service to Spirit
  • Sharing
  • Soaring
  • Social Contract
  • Social Systems
  • Society
  • Soul
  • Souls Incarnate
  • Source
  • Spaceship Earth
  • Sparks of Consciousness
  • Spirit
  • Spirit Enfleshed
  • Spirit Expressing
  • Spirit Incarnate
  • Spirit Within
  • Spirit's Works
  • Spiritual Destiny
  • Spiritual Expression
  • Spiritual Gravity
  • Spiritual Services
  • Spiritual World
  • Spirituality
  • Steering the Self
  • Step by Step
  • Student and Master
  • Suffering
  • Symbol Systems
  • Synergy
  • Taking Responsibility
  • Talents
  • The Journey
  • The Moment
  • The Path
  • The Play
  • The Unknown
  • The World
  • Time
  • Time to Do Things
  • Trust Spirit
  • Truth
  • Trying
  • Trying New Things
  • Unconditional Love
  • Understanding
  • Unique Consciousness
  • Unique Expressions
  • Unique World
  • Uniqueness
  • Unseen Hand
  • Unseen Realms
  • Using Others
  • Using Our Talents
  • Utility
  • Utopia on Earth
  • Varieties of Experience
  • Vehicle for Expression
  • War
  • Wasting Abilities
  • Wayshowers
  • Web of Interconnectivity
  • What Counts
  • What Matters
  • What Money Buys
  • What We Are
  • What We Can Do
  • What We Deserve
  • Where We Are Going
  • Who We Are
  • Will
  • Wonders
  • Words
  • Work of Spirit
  • Works
  • Worthiness
  • Young Country

Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2

The following is a selection of precious gems from the Beyond Imagination expression. They came forth through me in the time period from 2002 through 2005 … though, as you will see, 2002 was quite a prolific and profound year. Great quotes have always stirred my soul. Hopefully, you’ll find some of these to be in that category. In any event, I hope these precious gems touch a special place in your heart as well. The quotes cover a large variety of topics, though some topics are favored much more heavily than others. This is meant to be a brief introduction into the World of Beyond Imagination. For a deeper dive, we welcome you to explore the many works that we have available at:

Beyond Imagination
http://www.redshift.com/~beyond/mainpage.htm or http://www.scribd.com For the latter you can search for Beyond Imagination or Wayne Hartman



Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2


Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 Abilities Along with abilities comes the responsibility to use those abilities to serve others in some way. The greater the abilities, the greater the level of service required. Yes, required. Spiritual law demands that we use the gifts that we are given. Wayne Hartman - 2003 Abundance We need to tell the universe what we want ... and expect to get it. However, we also need to feel that we are deserving enough of the things that we want. We do this through service. This is what primes the economic pump. This is what creates abundance in our lives. Wayne Hartman - 2002 Abundance To get more you must give more. That is the way abundance works. It all starts with giving. The more we give of ourself in service, the more abundance we bring into our lives. Wayne Hartman - 2004 Abundance What we really need is abundance on all levels, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. All of the money in the world can't buy this. Wayne Hartman - 2005 Abundant Resources There are abundant resources for us to live productive and happy lives. But, the resources have their limits and we need to conserve what we can to ensure that the generations after us can live well and prosper too. Wayne Hartman - 2005 Accountability We are all held accountable for what we do, and to some degree for what we could have done that we failed to do. Wayne Hartman - 2003 Acting Selflessly Of our own, we are capable of only so much. However, spirit has no such limits. Her depths are unfathomable. Her resources are unlimited. We are only limited to the degree that we act out of selfishness. When we act from the source within us, we act selflessly, for we are beyond all sense of self that we normally know. Wayne Hartman - 2002 Actions It is through action that we demonstrate what ideas we really believe in and thus give impetus to create them in our reality. Wayne Hartman - 2002 3

Allow things to unfold as they will. Wayne Hartman . However. Wayne Hartman . But. these must be in line with a belief system that serves us.Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 Actions It is our actions which show consciousness what we are serious about.2005 Artists We are artists all .2003 Allowing Spirit to Do The Work We can only do so much on our own. we empower the belief to do its work in our lives. Wayne Hartman . we must act for it as well.2004 Actualization We are meant to actualize whom that we are. if only we allow them to. It is through our actions that we demonstrate what we truly believe versus which we pay lip service to. spirit working though us can do far more than we could even imagine. The 4 .2002 Actions The call to action is indeed strong. This is what separates ideas from beliefs.. Wayne Hartman . Our paints are our beliefs. The lesson from this is to allow spirit to do the work..2003 Actions It is our actions that truly demonstrate our intent. it will indeed manifest. Wayne Hartman . creating and sculpturing our lives. The very forces of nature cooperate with us in this endeavor. You don't have to make anything happen.2002 Actions It is through our actions that we manifest things in our world. Wayne Hartman . it is what we do. and that it is up to us to make of our lives the masterpieces that they could be. It is not enough to speak for something. Our brush is our actions. we should be true to what we say as well. When we believe something enough to base our actions on the belief . Wayne Hartman ...2004 Allowing Things to Unfold One step at a time. It is not what we say that matters.2002 Artists We are all artists. Wayne Hartman . Though. If it is right. It is for us to realize that we are masters.

There is nothing external that can be done to accelerate that. all of these are tools that we use to experience reality in the way that we do. Wayne Hartman . it seems that once we are awake ..2003 Artists You are the artist of your life.2004 Awakening It takes vigilance to remain awake in consciousness.2004 Aware Observer Our bodies. there are many lightworkers that can assist in the process.. now. This is truly the key to everything. Wayne Hartman .2005 Authority Too many people look outside for authority . And then. we are the awareness behind it all... our own life. we have to be brave enough to take control of our beliefs and choose what we want to express and experience.2003 Awakening Integrating awakening experiences is not the easiest of processes .2002 Awakening People will awaken when they are ready to awaken. Yet. This takes effort on our part. the more fully spirit can express in flesh through us. but from within us. We may have to practice and develop our skills. our minds .. Wayne Hartman . we are also the observer of what we do at the same time.2005 Awareness With awareness comes all things. Wayne Hartman .. Wayne Hartman . Oh. it can be done if necessary. Though. The more we grow in awareness. Yet. It is important to associate ourselves with this aware observer. But. there is no possibility of returning to our slumbers. 5 . we can try. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . You are the master of your destiny. Our most important work is our own reality. It definitely is not easy nor automatic.Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 objective is to make a masterpiece of our life. our emotions... when the true authority comes not from others. But. Wayne Hartman . especially when you are effectively on your own.2002 Artists We are artists all. we will find that people will simply not get it until they are ready to get it.

possibly the most important thing in our lives. This doesn't happen in ones head. Wayne Hartman . even more so.. the forms increase in complexity. One has made the leap from ignorance to knowledge.. Nothing beats firsthand experience. Awareness is not something that is logical.2002 Awareness Awareness is not something one learns to do gradually.2002 Awareness Awareness is the only thing we can carry with us from existence to existence. It is like being struck by lightning . the lightning of spirit. we inherit what is rightly due to us based on the level of awareness we have previously achieved.2002 Awareness Where do we go to discover how consciousness works? We go within..Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman .2002 Awareness Awareness is the one thing that we can take from existence to existence. there is no going back. It is a leap beyond into a realm that many only touch.. The body will return dust to dust. but our awareness is the one thing that we get to take with us when we 6 . It should be as important to us as the very air that we breathe .. At some point in each life. It helps tremendously if we consciously choose to pursue awareness with all of our heart and soul. It happens deeper. Wayne Hartman . Awareness is the personal aspect that connection to consciousness brings into our lives. As time progresses . or ones heart. It is one thing worthy of all of the energies that we can expend toward achieving it. in ones very soul. permitting the greater embodiment of consciousness. Words can only guide you. awareness is that important . Wayne Hartman . or even mental. Wayne Hartman . You might say that all forms are houses for awareness. being beyond mind.2002 Awareness Consciousness is a very big place to explore.2002 Awareness Awareness is extremely important.. no. Wayne Hartman .2002 Awareness Yes.. all of our worldly possessions will remain in the world.2002 Awareness Awareness does that to you. Once you experience being out of your mind.. Wayne Hartman .

This intelligence is limited in expression only to the degree that the forms are limited.2003 Awareness Awareness is one of the most. Awareness is thus the stuff of the Gods.2002 Awareness Consciousness is everything. When they are present. these are three keys for living a spiritual life.. awareness is critical. the world suffers. acceptance . at least with the part of consciousness that manifests through us and as us. Wayne Hartman .2002 Awareness We must recognize that there is an intelligence. Because of this. allowance. Our awareness is the level of consciousness that we have experienced in this lifetime.Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 depart this existence.. No longer can we be content with our selfish behavior and selfish ways. some new level of awareness to be reached. Wayne Hartman . Awareness is the most powerful thing that we can possess because it is what allows us to create the reality that we are experience.2003 Awareness Awareness.2003 Awareness With awareness. Wayne Hartman .2003 Awareness When we are aware. Wayne Hartman .2003 Awareness Awareness relates to how much of the cosmic we have integrated into our lives.2004 Awareness 7 . Wayne Hartman .. Wayne Hartman .2003 Awareness There is always something more to become. if not the most important things in the world. we experience firsthand our unity with consciousness . Wayne Hartman . we bear the very weight of the world on our shoulders. Wayne Hartman . the world prospers. When they are absent. Wayne Hartman . a consciousness that is behind and causes the expression in flesh..

Wayne Hartman . It is up to us to decide what parts of that potentiality we will actualize. Wayne Hartman . awareness is required to live the life that you are meant to live. What we do to others we do to ourselves.2005 Awareness We are a point of awareness. What we sow. Wayne Hartman . It is only through awareness that you can get in touch with and express all that you can be. not out of fear . Wayne Hartman .2002 Being All We Can Be The world will be a better place when we do are part by being the best that we can be. there are many grades and levels. it transcends that. Wayne Hartman . and to not delay until tomorrow what can be accomplished today. Though this balancing extends across lifetimes and millennia. From that point springs great potentiality. Wayne Hartman .2003 8 . it is awareness that we must seek above all else.2005 Awareness Awareness is not located in the physical body..2005 Awareness As we become aware.2005 Awareness With knowingness comes a new kind of awareness.. Nor is it located in the world. This is a task that is the same for everyone. Though.2002 Being All We Can Be There is something to be gained by living one's life as if the end were near.2005 Balance The scales will be balanced. rather as a challenge to be all that we can be. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . we discover that we know things that we did not learn in this existence. we shall reap. Awareness simply is.Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 Indeed.2004 Becoming Becoming all that we can be requires that we discover whom that we are and that we express this in our lives to the degree that we can. And. Wayne Hartman . it transcends that as well. It is beyond any doing.

to the degree that we allow her to. and express that faithfully..2003 Being All We Can Be The very forces of nature. of life herself. Wayne Hartman ..2003 Being All We Can Be All that we can do is be whom that we are. we will never be able to realize that we are better and more capable than we had ever imagined. We can do things far grander than we have ever believed possible. She guides us.2003 9 . They are united such that one cannot exist without the other. She knows how to elicit our best. Wayne Hartman ... It is that simple. It is not hard to do. all sorts of possibilities open up for us.2003 Being All We Can Be When we open ourselves to the infinity of whom that we are. she encourages us. The very forces of the universe are cooperating with us in doing this. Wayne Hartman . not our limited concepts of whom we believe ourselves to be. encourage us to grow and be all that we can be. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman .. Wayne Hartman .2003 Being and Doing What we are and what we do are not separate things.2003 Being All We Can Be Spirit employs the best that is in us.2003 Being All We Can Be If we don't strive to be our best. Wayne Hartman . be whom that we are .Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 Being All We Can Be It is when we do spirits bidding that we are being the best that we can be. Wayne Hartman . that is the goal.2003 Being All We Can Be To be all that we can be ..2003 Being All We Can Be This is how we maximize our effect on the world. she leads us. whom that we truly are . That is the challenge that we all face.. she moves us .. Wayne Hartman .

and the very universe means for us to be. depending on how we play the cards that we are dealt. and then take action in accord with that idea until it becomes habit for you. Wayne Hartman . we need to stop and make the effort to know ourselves. our true selves.2002 Beliefs 10 .. we never cease to exist. as fully and openly as we can.2002 Belief Management It helps to become a master at belief management. To be this.2002 Being Who We Are Be whom that you are! That is the directive of spirit. Wayne Hartman . the experiences of each are felt in very real ways by all. And in doing so.. Wayne Hartman . We can mold this clay as we will. That means that our essence . Wayne Hartman . that part of us which is the being has to be beyond any form that we may take....2002 Being Who We Are We need to allow ourselves to be whom that we are. be all that you can be! Wayne Hartman . For indeed. beliefs are that powerful. They are the clay through which we fashion the experiences that we would have in our lives. and even more important the meaning that we apply to those experiences. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman .2005 Being Proud How many of us live lives that we would be proud to show to thousands if not millions? That is an interesting way to look at things. Find an idea that you choose to believe in. we are all connected . Wayne Hartman . As beings we never cease to be . trusting that this is what god.Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 Being Open Being open to what spirit would have us do and would do through us is extremely important.2002 Being Who We Are Spirit asks for us to be ourselves.2002 Beings What distinguishes beings is the fact that they exist. nature..2004 Beliefs Yes. This can be easy or it can be difficult. The steps are simple.

Wayne Hartman . Beliefs define what meaning we assign to what we experience . like unto like. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman .2003 Believing It pays to believe strongly whatever we believe. creating. Wayne Hartman . Yes. and be willing to change beliefs frequently should you encounter more promising ones. Believe firmly while you believe.2003 Believing We have to believe in ourselves.2003 Believing Believing is not enough. Wayne Hartman .2003 Beliefs Our beliefs about what is possible have changed a lot in the past century.2002 Brain 11 . yet be open to more powerful ideas should they come our way. with beliefs. Wayne Hartman . There is every reason to believe that we have only experienced the tip of the iceberg. When we do so. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman .2002 Brain One of the greatest tools of all is the lump of gray matter that rides in our skull as the vessel through which mind enters into flesh.2002 Beliefs Many do not realize the power of beliefs and their importance in creating the reality we experience. but evaluate utility often. What we do makes all the difference.Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 If we want to change what we experience.. dust to dust.. It helps to treat beliefs as a playground for reality creation.2002 Beliefs Feel free to consider the realm of beliefs as a playground. Wayne Hartman . we must take the next step and act.2004 Body and Spirit This body will return ashes to ashes. and believe in spirit as she expresses through us. and in doing so. But the spirit which animates will return spirit to spirit. we will be surprised at the things that we can do. create the very reality that we experience. that is the best place to start.

Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . They take in energy as relayed by an enormous array of sensors and somehow combine this fabric of energy into something that we can experience. Physical brain states correspond to mental states correspond to states of consciousness correspond to states of spirit.Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 We have no real science of mind at the present time.. It is that simple. or.2004 Cause and Effect We may think that we live in a world of cause and effect.. or next month. what we are looking for are those things that truly excite us. Trust that the universe is caring for you as you care for yourself and others in your life.2003 Captivating Our Soul Ultimately. however. it is clear that it is occurring whether we are ready for it or not.. and when we have spirit bearing it with us. when it is rightfully ours. I do not know. Will this occur tomorrow. But.2003 Brain Our brains are among the most complex physical systems that we are aware of on the planet.2004 Burdens There is no burden too great to bear. Yet. Wayne Hartman .2005 Brain Chemistry Altering brain chemistry means altering how consciousness is experienced. the complexity of nearly every situation is such that we can never be clear about what truly 12 . Wayne Hartman .2003 Brain Our brains are truly amazing. those things that captivate our souls. We know what we are good at . Wayne Hartman . a time when a radical discontinuity in our way of being manifests. these lumps of gray matter that reside in our skulls may be some of the most powerful things on the planet. Wayne Hartman .2003 Breakpoint We are at a major breakpoint.2002 Caring Go with the flow. will know if we make the effort to find out.. or next year .

Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . All of this requires awareness on our part . we need to alter our beliefs and start doing things differently. Quite the contrary. However. When you change 13 .2002 Challenges Life doesn't always have to be easy. We are all capable of incredible things. selfawareness. We are challenged to live a life filled with love. and what we are capable of doing. It is in the times of our greatest challenges that we find out what we are truly made of.Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 causes what effects..2002 Challenges Part of the meaning of life comes in how we handle the challenges that we experience. This includes how we face and come to grips with our demons and our fears. Wayne Hartman .2004 Change To change our reality. Wayne Hartman .2002 Challenges Life is meant to be easy over all.. it takes courage to do this. Wayne Hartman . it will be full of them. though that doesn't mean it will be free of challenges. We are challenged to overcome our fears.2002 Challenges If we keep an open mind and take on our challenges to the best of our abilities we will surprise ourselves by what we can do. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . Only fools believe that they will get a different outcome doing the same things in the same ways. We all have the potential for greatness.2002 Change Change always starts with one person. in particular. Challenges relieve the boredom and keep life interesting. or with a small group.2003 Challenges We are challenged to overcome our limitations. Wayne Hartman .2002 Change The present is extremely powerful. We all have the potential to live extraordinary lives. Even a little change in belief accompanied by a corresponding action can have significant short term impacts and drastic long term impacts.

your world can't help but to be impacted. when you change what you do. Collectively we are that powerful.2005 Changing the World Changing the world is everyone’s business. we must change what we do and how we do it. in particular by our beliefs and by our actions.2004 Change Change can be a good thing. 14 . Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . a very good thing.2003 Change The seeds for change start with dissatisfaction with the status quo. Wayne Hartman . Here again. a slightly new direction is all that is necessary. We can literally make it into anything that we desire it to be. it is everyone’s job. Wayne Hartman .Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 who you are. It will guide you to where you need to be and what you need to do.2004 Change To change our lives.2003 Changing the World The world is what we make of it. Wayne Hartman . It is that simple. the small difference leads to a huge amount of change. Over the course of time. At first... Wayne Hartman .2004 Change We can get overly set in our ways to the point where change becomes not only undesirable but frightening.2005 Change You don't have to change who you are to make things happen in your life. trust the source within. It is fashioned by our hands and by our minds . Wayne Hartman .2004 Change Change starts with a single step in a new direction. Wayne Hartman . but also that difficult. Wayne Hartman .2003 Change We change our reality by changing ourselves. the initial difference may be so minuscule as to be unnoticeable. but you may need to change the things that you do. In fact. It is that simple.

2002 Circumstances Trust that spirit knows exactly what you need and is arranging the circumstances to be what they need to be to realize this. Wayne Hartman .2003 Choices The most important choice to make is to be whom that we truly are.2003 Competence What matters is that we are competent.2003 Choices Everything in our life is there because we choose it. We do this by asking what love would do under whatever circumstances we face. not whether it is conscious or unconscious. the answer will come to us. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . That one choice opens up untold possibilities.Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 Wayne Hartman . Each of us have parts to play in that collective expression. and listen. When we ask. and ultimately to be prepared to carry out whatever mission we have come to perform. Wayne Hartman .2003 Choices Our choices literally shape the reality we experience. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . it seems that unconscious competence is the better of the 15 .2005 Choosing Love One of the challenges of life is finding ways to choose love over fear wherever we can. Wayne Hartman . They carve out a place in the scheme of things to provide a context for our existence. That one choice makes all the difference in the world.2005 Collective Expression The collective expression of spirit in flesh grows greater and greater with each passing moment. Wayne Hartman . We attract those circumstances that we need to learn and grow.2002 Circumstances There is a reason that we are where we are.2003 Community It is through community that we accomplish things far greater than we can accomplish with the sum of our individual efforts. In fact.

the arms. the voice. It is not a WIN/WIN enterprise.. doing her works in the world. Everything is spirit. ways that show that there is an order and an intelligence arranging our lives that few of us even suspect. a matter of where and how we choose to express our time and energy. What happens to any of us. Wayne Hartman . It is a matter of choice.2003 Connections We are all connected. We are the legs. for then we are doing things on automatic. the feet. Wayne Hartman . happens to all of us. It doesn't matter whether we know those to whom we are connected. often without even trying. Wayne Hartman .2003 Conscious Effort The application of a small amount of conscious effort on our part allows a great deal of energy of consciousness to flow forth into manifestation. It doesn't happen automatically.2003 Connections Everywhere I look.2002 Consciousness It is consciousness that animates us. This is our true nature. We have to provide the initial current.Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 two. however.. We are spiritual beings. a record of sufficient fidelity. the eyes. and even the brain of consciousness. The connections exist nonetheless.2002 Consciousness Where one consciousness has been others may follow if there is a map. all. consciousness communicates to consciousness through consciousness. each and every moment.2002 Competition Competition by its very nature produces winners and losers.2003 Consciousness We are the vehicles through which consciousness expresses in flesh . Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman .. 16 . things are connected in ways that are miraculous to behold .2003 Consciousness Behind the scenes. Wayne Hartman . the hands. It is a matter of realizing it and acting from this place. Wayne Hartman ..

the fire of spirit. Wayne Hartman .. but it is not confined within it. for we truly are playing with fire . her impact is limited. seeing themselves as animals who happened to evolve enough to possess consciousness. her impact is beyond imagination. We are consciousness expressing in flesh though many see this upside down.2004 Consciousness Everything comes down to consciousness.2003 Consciousness Consciousness is a form that spirit takes.2004 Consciousness Consciousness works through us. nor any act of neglect nor any atrocity.2003 Consciousness It is only in consciousness that we can find permanence. Wayne Hartman . It stretches out into other unseen dimensions from where it makes its presence 17 . Everything is the expression of consciousness. But.2003 Consciousness Consciousness is not something to be taken lightly.2005 Consciousness Consciousness animates the physical form.2003 Consciousness We need to be careful when we play with consciousness. and even then it is an everchanging permanence.. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . everything we think. On her own. and everything we realize.2003 Consciousness Consciousness learns from everything we do. a set of clothes that she wears.. No act of kindness goes unnoticed .2003 Consciousness It seems that consciousness doesn't care much about each individual. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman .Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 Wayne Hartman .. she does care about how individuals fit together to form greater organizations that in turn can do more. Wayne Hartman . Through us. Wayne Hartman .

Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 known.2005 Consciousness Consciousness is ever in search of new and creative ways to manifest.2005 Consciousness We are the eyes.2002 Contributing It is not enough just to experience life.2005 Consciousness It is through expanded consciousness that we make the world a better place for all.2005 Consciousness Enfleshed We are consciousness enfleshed. Wayne Hartman . the ears. Wayne Hartman . the more we can do this. to the universe. Wayne Hartman .2005 Consciousness We are consciousness experiencing itself. The more aware that we become. It is important that we not lose sight of this. the hands. Wayne Hartman . However. Wayne Hartman . and the brain of consciousness. She utilizes every resource that she is given. Wayne Hartman . It is simply a matter of allowing what will be to be. we have to contribute to life. Wayne Hartman .2005 Consciousness The flower of consciousness will unfold within us when we are ready to experience its magnificence. The whole purpose of life is just that. Wayne Hartman . she does not force her way on anyone. Wayne Hartman .2005 Cooperation 18 . to express and experience. Consciousness should ever be on the forefront of our minds.2005 Consciousness Consciousness knows exactly what you need and will ensure that you get it. It is through her that we are granted this precious thing called life. We have to share who we are. It is our job to make the most of this special gift we have been granted.

That is one of the reasons that there are others in our world. provided it is sincere. Wayne Hartman . Either we learn to cooperate and work together to create a better world. We are all masters . It seems that we are at a critical juncture point in the growth of our world. preferably cooperative interdependence. 19 . Wayne Hartman . These are higher level behaviors that appear by choice. or we fail and we suffer the consequences of our actions and inactions. though clearly some are more masterful at this than others. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . even fiercely so at times. Wayne Hartman . Further.2003 Cooperation Cooperate and graduate. Wayne Hartman . It is for us to create masterpieces of our lives. It can also be a competitive one. We are meant to cooperate and work together with one another to achieve great things.Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 Two things noticeably lacking are cooperation and taking responsibility for one another.2002 Creative Expression All creative expression is valued and important. Wayne Hartman . but it needs to be limited to where it is truly of value.2005 Creating Masterpieces We are the sculptors of our own reality. all expression is of spirit.2004 Cooperative Interdependence Spirit can't work in isolation. Wayne Hartman . We are meant to serve one another.. not by chance. Competition has its place. People have different skills and talents. freely and openly. This works best when there is a cooperative interdependence in effect.2002 Cooperation Cooperation is the way of the future..2002 Cooperation We are not meant to do everything by ourselves. It is always within our ability to do so. Competition is nearly always WIN/LOSE.2004 Cooperative Interdependence Independence must eventually give way to interdependence. She can only work through us. Cooperation is always WIN/WIN.2003 Cooperation and Competition The universe is a cooperative endeavor.

But. We are the lords of our lives. these are not the same for all. at least until we go beyond time at which point always no longer carries any meaning. Wayne Hartman .2004 Creative Expression Creative expression is where it is at. we are all the masters of our fate.. Wayne Hartman .. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . whatever they are for you. something unique. here and now. No. What we do. Wayne Hartman . that is an area in which you were born to express. something that has never existed before. and how we do it makes all the difference. Wayne Hartman .. Wayne Hartman .2004 Creators We are the creators of our reality. there is a sense of power but also a sense of awe. There is something about creating something new. Wayne Hartman . It always has been and always will be . Yes.2004 20 . not even close. the masters of our fate.2003 Creators We are all creators. That means that our true nature is spiritual. it is that special. When we do this. This is where consciousness makes it presence known in our lives.2002 Creators We are the creators of our reality .2005 Creativity It takes creativity to invent and discover new things.2005 Creative Talents Each of us has creative talents and abilities.2004 Creative Expression Creative expression is the hallmark of the universe.Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 We are spirit enfleshed.2002 Creative Expression Every expression is a creative act that brings forth something that has never been expressed before.. we are the masters of our fate. Wayne Hartman . It is a matter of realizing what we are and acting in accordance with that.

2005 Destiny Fate has its way of entering into our affairs. That makes death not an ending. Wayne Hartman ..Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 Creators We are creators manifesting the experience that we need each and every moment both individually and collectively.2004 Day to Day Existence It seems that much of our lives are consumed in the process of day to day existence. They keep us from taking the next step in the journey.. Wayne Hartman . though our paths may cross at times. No one dies without choosing to participate in the event at some level of their being. Wayne Hartman . It will play itself out as it must in our lives. no evil. Wayne Hartman .2005 Crossing Paths The way is different for each of us. Our ego experiences many such transitions over the course of our lifetime.2002 Death We are eternal and immortal .2003 Darkness Ultimately there is no darkness.2002 Death The body is essentially the same at death and immediately before death. There is a destiny for each of us that will not be denied. there is little to show for what has been expended. a lack of awareness.2002 Death No one dies before their time. At the end of each day. Wayne Hartman .2003 Destinations Destinations only get in the way. and we may share in our adventures. What is different is that spirit has withdrawn into its own realm. Wayne Hartman . There is just a lack of light. at some level of our being. Wayne Hartman .2002 21 . but rather a transition from one state of awareness to another. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman .

We each have a number of roles to play. roles that we auditioned for.2003 Differences Differences are to be tolerated. and roles that we are fully prepared to play at some level..2003 Differences Differences are good. We just need to find ways to make beneficial use of the differences. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman .2002 Destiny Destiny will ensure that those whose lives need to touch one another will indeed do so. within that diversity lies a unity.2002 Destiny Part of achieving our destiny is finding what we are great at and doing it. Yet. sometimes hard work. Spirit expresses with endless diversity. They are roles that we chose. In a very real way.2003 Destiny There is a grand spiritual destiny that is unfolding. We need to be wary of allowing such differences to divide us however. with extremes being very different. We do this by recognizing the unity amidst 22 . And. a destiny that will not be denied. We are all players in a grand drama .. Differences are good. a wholeness that will not be separated no matter how hard we try. it takes work..2003 Destiny It takes being all that we are to manifest our destiny. in the expression of spirit in flesh as us and through us. Variety is good. we are far more than we think ourselves to be.. That is OK. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . they are not thrust upon us. a oneness. Wayne Hartman .2003 Differences We are all different. it does not happen automatically . even those of us who already think in grandiose terms.Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 Destiny We each have a destiny of our own to experience. even embraced. to make it happen. However. Wayne Hartman . Yet.2003 Destiny There is a destiny that we came to fulfill. we create our own destiny. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman .

do something that has lasting value. Wayne Hartman . We are also the playwrights. It is a matter of allowing consciousness to express through us as she will. if they allow us to do things better. Each of us have a role or multiple roles to play in that plan. they are attracting these very circumstances . We craft the very lines that we speak.. Wayne Hartman . Our best is always good enough.2003 Divine Plan Overall. we will be amazed at how quickly we find what we seek.2003 Differences We are different manifestations of the one. We are part of that evolution. do something that serves others or your world. they are dangerous as well .2004 Dissatisfaction When we are dissatisfied enough to start looking for something new. However.2002 Doing and Being Our Best In general. Always! Wayne Hartman .. 23 . Wayne Hartman . it is the differences that make us interesting as individuals. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman ..2005 Doing and Being Our Best Spirit asks that we do our best to be the best that we can be.2003 Do Something Each day. people are doing the best they can with the gifts they have under the circumstances that they find themselves in. Wayne Hartman . everything is proceeding in accordance with a divine plan laid out by consciousness for the evolution of the expression of spirit in flesh.Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 the diversity... While our similarities provide an important framework for relating. Each day. potentially leading to a system of castes where some are judged to be "better" than others.. so this is not meant to be an escape or rationalization for behavior.2004 Directors We are the directors of the dramas of our lives. Wayne Hartman . Yes.2005 Divisions Divisions are OK if they are useful .

2004 Doing Our Best For each thing that you do.Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 Wayne Hartman . Though. spiritual law still applies. That does not mean that everything will be perfect.2005 Doing Our Best People are doing the best that they can under the conditions in which they find themselves. do it to the best of your abilities. It is enough to be ourselves. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . Live a life of excellence. We must live the life that we were born to live. Wayne Hartman . It is the stuff of greatness..2002 Doing and Being Our Best Our best is always a stretch .2002 Doing and Being Our Best There is something powerful about operating with an attitude of doing ones best in everything that we do. Wayne Hartman . We may have to dig deep to find that place within that knows. Wayne Hartman . this may not be obvious at the surface level. That doesn't mean that we need to be perfect. We need to strive to perform at this level as much as we can. That their choices are in error when compared to some higher standard is of no import. These are good for you.2002 Doing and Living We must do what we were designed to do.. They offer the opportunity for you to grow and to learn who you truly are. However.. Nor does it mean that you won't have your share of challenges. which may not be such an easy thing to do.. and to express as best we can. This requires stretching beyond what we typically see as the boundaries of ourselves to become something greater that we ever thought we ever were. Wayne Hartman .2002 Doing and Being Our Best We alone know when we are doing our best. do it anyway. or it should be anyway.2005 Doing What is Ours To Do It does take courage to do what is ours to do. That is what allows us to become more of whom that we are. Intention counts for a lot. Wayne Hartman . This requires being honest with ourselves . However.2003 Doing What We Love to Do 24 .

which serve them forever. it should continue to do this so long as we live. we need to find ways to make the most of each moment. We want to experience what our soul knows and to give our souls more room to express in our lives. which grow obsolete and useless in time. Wayne Hartman . it is gone.2004 Education Conventional education focuses on the mind and facts. It should enable us to be prosperous . or you can teach someone whom they are and how to learn. Wayne Hartman . For some this seems to be simple and natural.2003 Each Moment If we are going to get anything substantial done.2003 Education That is a sad commentary on the educational system . not overwhelm us. It should bring out the best in us. Wayne Hartman . Once gone. and a sense of direct knowingness.. Wayne Hartman .2003 Doing What We Love to Do To do what we love. Wayne Hartman .2005 Each Moment Each and every moment counts. Wayne Hartman . that it focuses so much on filling our minds with the whats that it forgets about the hows and the whys.2002 Education You can teach someone facts. Wayne Hartman . this seems to be the greatest of challenges. For others.2005 Economic System The economic system should serve us.Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 It is crucial to our overall well being that we find work that we love to do. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman .2002 Education Education should challenge us.. It is in how we spend our moments that the works of our lives are manifest. we have to find out what we love and then find a way to do it. but all of us. not just some of us. What we are looking for however is awareness. Not one moment is repeated. Further.2003 25 .. about the very nature of the mind and the consciousness that learns the whats..

though in some instances great efforts are called for and expected.2003 Ego Ego has a function.2003 Experiencing Life Each of us experiences life in a manner that have never been experienced before. Where we can. there are other things that count..2002 Ego Ego is not meant to be the master in our lives. though many appear to be locked within its grips. 26 .Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 Effort Good efforts are nearly always sufficient . Wayne Hartman . at least sometimes anyway. the spiritual things are the things that count most. However. This does not mean that we cannot enjoy the results that do come.2003 Examples Through our example we can impact others. until the whole world is touched. Yes.... this is always in areas where these are well within our talents and abilities. However. we have conflicting beliefs or have no expectations.. It all depends on how it is used. It just means that we should remain open and allow spirit to determine what results follow from our actions. Often.2002 Ego Ego in and of itself is neither good nor bad. reality conforms to our expectations .. How we live makes that much difference.2002 Expectations Our beliefs and expectations form screens that filter all that we experience. we should do what we know is right for us to do without expectation of results. etc . leaving it open as to what we will experience. it can be opened so that it facilitates and accepts the expression of spirit through us. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . But. What we most need to learn are the things of spirit. Wayne Hartman . As a result. It is meant to interpret physical reality. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . who in turn can impact others.2003 Expectations Expectations are a rough area to deal with.2002 Experiences We attract experiences in accord with our beliefs and in accord with what we need to learn.

Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . it is there nonetheless. and of course funding.2003 Facets of Consciousness We are all facets of the same one consciousness. We can feel it calling us to it.. and always will be. of emotions. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman .2002 Faith Have faith and accept things for what they are. flexibility of body. there are many more things that can be explained given sufficient priority.Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 Wayne Hartman .. Wayne Hartman . However.2005 27 .. We are spirit expressing in flesh now. This is how we become aware of parts of our selves. which in our case is the very light of consciousness.2002 Flexibility Flexibility is a very good thing . And what do facets do? They reflect the light. we also experience who we are as we do this. with an awareness of what we are doing and why we are doing it. It is time for us to do so with eyes wide open . the more aware of our parts we become. something that we came into this existence to perform.2003 Focus The general law is that we get what we focus upon. Wayne Hartman .2002 Finding Our Parts Ye shall know them by their works is a powerful truth.2002 Explaining Things There are some things that will never be explained.. However. We observe and become aware of what works the parts do. Wayne Hartman . and of spirit. But.2002 Focus We get what we focus upon.2002 Fate Some of us are destined to a fate that will not be denied. We always have been. Wayne Hartman . try as we might. We know that there is something that we are meant to do. resources. of mind. The more observant we are. It is through our focus that we attract those things that we most desire into our lives. We may not know exactly what that fate is.

However. It is that simple.Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 Focus Focus on the spiritual tasks first.2002 Freedom The most interesting parts of our life are in those areas where we have choice . Wayne Hartman . Here we have true freedom... we must see that they are there and then realize that is fully within our power to remove the shackles..2005 Focus The nature of the world is such that it can be very demanding of our attention. we can loosen the grips that the world has on our attention. and all else will be added unto you. Its accomplishment is crucial. Wayne Hartman . We do this by focusing elsewhere . this is what determines what we accomplish with our lives. on awareness itself.2005 Focus Focus on the spiritual first. Wayne Hartman . This does not mean we must spend all of it in this manner . Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . Focus on your mission. but we should do our fair share... we find that we have far more free time than we might have thought.2004 Freedom To remove the chains that bind us and restrict our freedom.. Wayne Hartman .2005 Free Time Our free time is the key resource that we have available to do the work of spirit. The very forces of the universe cooperate to do our bidding. Ultimately. All manner of forces will come to your aid once you decide what it is that you want and what you wish to do. we will find that our lives work out magically. It is a matter of how we choose to spend that time. Wayne Hartman .2003 28 . in particular. Wayne Hartman . the very realm of beliefs.2002 Free Time When we look closely at it. We can believe whatsoever we will.2005 Forces of the Universe If we do those things that we are moved by consciousness to do. but is ultimately assured as well.

2003 Freedom There is a balancing act that is going on. Too much freedom and we have chaos.2003 Freedom From Limitation To be free of limitations. we must know that it within our power to remove them. This does not mean it will be easy.2003 Gift From Spirit Every moment is a gift from spirit. challenges can be just as easily be approached joyfully and playfully as they can be dreadfully. Too much structure and we lack the flexibility needed to evolve and adapt . one not to be squandered. It is up to us to return that gift by doing our part to make the most of every moment.. However. We are meant to succeed... Wayne Hartman . Further. Wayne Hartman .2002 Game of Life The game of life is stacked in our favor. this is difficult if we view our shackles as wings.Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 Freedom We are free to remove our shackles whenever we wish. first. thus making the most of what we have been so generously given. and it is important to give of ourselves in return. Though. we play it win-win on every level Wayne Hartman . Only then can we take the actions necessary to shed them. two important characteristics required for life to exist.2003 Freedom Our people have a degree of freedom that is unknown in many parts of the world. we must realize they are of our own making. we must become aware of them. challenges seem to be a natural part of life. Wayne Hartman . second. Wayne Hartman ..2002 Gift of Life It is truly a wonderful gift that we exist . third. It is up to us to find 29 . When we are operating at our finest. Wayne Hartman . our people have a degree of creativity and industriousness that has resulted in the strongest economy in the world. Wayne Hartman .2003 Game of Life Life is indeed a game that we are playing. Wayne Hartman .2002 Gift of Life Life is definitely a great gift.

2003 Giving Freely give! That is the key to abundance. or it simply doesn't count.. in many ways. When we constrain our wealth. Wayne Hartman . Being alive..2002 Gift of Life Life is too short to waste.Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 something useful to do .2004 30 . The time that we have is precious. Wayne Hartman .2003 Giving Spiritual giving is unconditional. Wayne Hartman .. Wayne Hartman . They are the very things that give us joy in using them. Wayne Hartman . our society. some way to make the life we have been given a gift back to spirit. For many of us. our reward is abundance . When we give unconditionally. is truly a gift. our possessions. we get what we need when we need it. This is how we abide by the spiritual economic law to never take more than we give. or our knowledge then we announce to the universe that we truly do not believe in the abundance that is our birthright.. our time. Wayne Hartman . and our world...2002 Gifts Our gifts and talents are not meant for us alone. Wayne Hartman .2005 Gifts Gifts often have their challenges as well.2004 Gifts We know our gifts already.2002 Giving It is important that we find ways to give of whom that we are in service to something greater than ourselves. being incarnate. It is up to us to make the most of this gift. When we give conditionally. Wayne Hartman .2004 Giving What ye give shall be returned unto thee . and many fold. The most valuable thing that we can give is ourselves. our reward occurs in whatever is exchanged. Wayne Hartman . They are meant to be used in service to others and to the world in some way. What we choose to do with our life is our gift to the world.

Wayne Hartman . Yet... Wayne Hartman . One can never give too much nor share too much. Yet. Wayne Hartman . Such is spiritual law..2004 Good Enough We need to learn under what circumstances good enough is good enough so that we can conserve our resources for doing those things that we are passionate about.. Wayne Hartman . allpowerful . to take place in the world? Wayne Hartman .2002 Good and Bad We are free to interpret any experience in whatever way that we choose. clearly a large majority do not believe thus.2003 Grand Beings We are all grand beings.Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 Giving Giving primes the pump for abundance. and many other such things. We are meant to be useful . the more spirit refills us. We truly are. That doesn't change the fact one iota. It seems that spiritual law prohibits it. if this is so... That is how spiritual law works. We truly are grand beings and we are here to do grand things..2005 God It has been said that God is omniscient. Neither is anything good except we make it so. Wayne Hartman . all-knowing . Though.2004 Giving The more we give of ourselves.2003 Grand Beings 31 . to accomplish some mission that is ours to do. often quite different. to do things with a sense of purpose . these pale in comparison to our true nature and reality... those things that consume our heart and soul.2003 Grand Beings No matter how grandiose our thoughts of who we are and what we can do.2004 Giving What we give comes back to us many fold.. why does he allow the atrocities. the form of what returns may be different than we might expect . Wayne Hartman . that he knows will happen. Wayne Hartman . and omnipotent. Nothing is bad unless we label it so.

and this is a judgment we must make for ourselves. what we are seeing is illusion . one in which many roles are intertwined into chords and fabrics of splendid beauty and grand designs.. however. Too few see their place within this greater whole.2004 Greater Whole In many ways. That is the reason for many of the difficulties in our world. there is a greater drama that is being played out. Wayne Hartman . immortal..2004 Greatest Good For the greatest good of all concerned is the key operating directive. we 32 . at the very least we are eternal.2003 Greatest Good The greatest good will not always maximize the benefit to us personally.2003 Grand Beings We are spiritual beings. We are spirit enfleshed..Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 It helps if we recreate ever grander versions of ourselves. and unlimited. Wayne Hartman . Yes. Yet. As such. grander than we could ever imagine. Wayne Hartman ..2002 Greatest Good We need to consider the impact to the collective when we make decisions.2002 Greater Drama Each of us plays our parts in the manner that we choose. we are both individuals and part of a greater whole at the same time. Wayne Hartman . The greatest good comes when we do this. Wayne Hartman .2003 Grand Plan There is a grand plan at play . Wayne Hartman . But. allknowing. not whom that we truly are.. from a higher level. better is a subjective judgment . Wayne Hartman .. Wayne Hartman . When we see ourselves as other than these things. how can we ever improve and make this better. It is time for us to realize this and start behaving as if we know that it is true.2003 Grand Beings We are grand beings all. a spiritual plan that involves the unfoldment of consciousness and its expression in flesh. for we are grand beings all. This requires some level of evaluation of what we do. but we are subjective beings. If we don't know what impact we have.

This doesn't mean 33 . Wayne Hartman . but rather in spurts and jumps. the courage to be whom that we truly are . This is a powerful experience. These can take us by surprise. This exceeds any concepts that we may have.2002 Greatness Each of us are capable of greatness in some area or endeavor.2003 Greatness An attitude of gratitude clearly helps. Wayne Hartman . If you seek within. Wayne Hartman . one that comes from knowing that what we do and how we do it makes a difference. But we also need an attitude of greatness.2003 Growing Life provides for us exactly those circumstances and events that we need to experience to learn and to grow. Wayne Hartman . no matter how grand they may be.2002 Greatness We achieve greatness not by doing what we would do .2002 Growing We are here to evolve and grow into what we are capable of becoming.2004 Growing Growth does not seem to come gradually. Wayne Hartman .Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 need to learn what is enough for us.. It is simply a matter of finding what that is and doing it. one that we should engage in often. but by allowing spirit to do what she would do through us. and not even what we might want to show as our mask to the world. we demonstrate that we are more than we knew ourselves to be. Wayne Hartman .2005 Helping Others Help those who ask to the degree that you can and to the degree that you feel obligated. We grow into whom that we are capable of becoming.2003 Growing To grow we need to be willing to stretch. When we do this. Wayne Hartman .. your obligations will be obvious.. Wayne Hartman . and how to balance this against the needs of others.. This takes courage. not what others want us to be.

Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 that you have to help everyone who asks but if they are asking you for help, there is some reason for it. Wayne Hartman - 2004 Herd Mentality The many are possessed of the mentality of the herd. Blending in, and doing things as others do, are important to them. Wayne Hartman - 2003 High Impact We need to strive to lead lives of high positive impact. High impact can be achieved by touching many at some level, or by touching a few deeply. Wayne Hartman - 2003 History History is the record of the march of the expression of spirit in flesh ... of the unfoldment of the plan of consciousness, of the triumph of ideas over the minds of man, and of the actualization of ideals. Wayne Hartman - 2002 Host of Forces It is extremely empowering to believe that there are a host of forces ready to do our bidding, ready to create reality in accord with our beliefs. They are there whether we believe in them or not. However, our beliefs empower them to operate more freely. Wayne Hartman - 2002 Host of Forces How do we create abundant, fun, productive lives? This is always possible. In fact, this is our birthright. It is a matter of stepping up and claiming it ... trusting that as we do so a whole host of forces are unleashed in our favor. Wayne Hartman - 2004 Ideals, Beliefs, and Dreams It is the ideals, the beliefs, and even the dreams of the people that are the most powerful resources that we have. It is through these that we create a better reality, not only for us, but for society and the world. Wayne Hartman - 2002 Ideas We no longer live in times of empires ... yet we do live in an information age, an age where ideas have empires of their own ... that is they have minds/people over which they have dominion. Wayne Hartman - 2002 Ideas 34

Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 Ideas are born, are ingested and experienced, and ultimately impact the reality of those whom they reach. Ideas can be very powerful, in fact, powerful enough to change the world when properly expressed and disseminated. Wayne Hartman - 2002 Ideas Ideas command behavior. The grander and more powerful the ideas, the more impact they will have on the world. Wayne Hartman - 2004 Illusion Duality is an illusion, an engaging illusion, but an illusion nonetheless. Wayne Hartman - 2002 Imagination Imagination lies beyond reason. It is by far the superior of the two. That doesn't mean that reason doesn't have its place. It has allowed us to create some wonderful things. But, it has only done so with the help of imagination. Wayne Hartman - 2004 Incredible Beings We are incredible beings, capable of so much. However, it is for us to realize this and then to do what we are capable of doing for not only our own welfare but for the benefit of others. Wayne Hartman - 2002 Independence We have been so afraid of losing our independence, that we have failed to realize how interdependent we are. Wayne Hartman - 2002 Individuals We are only individuals to the degree that we have lost our connection to our self. We can only remain individuals so long as we focus our attention toward doing so. Wayne Hartman - 2005 Information If we are to truly see the value of information, we need to see it in all its glory, with all its connectivity. We need to see how it fits within the whole. Wayne Hartman - 2003 Information Management Our information management skills are becoming more and more important in the information rich world in which we live. To a large degree, these very skills define our worth in the work world ... that is, for those of us who work in information intensive jobs, anyway. Wayne Hartman - 2002 35

Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 Inner Compass We all have an inner compass that guides us. However, to use it consciously, we must find it and then learn how to read and operate it. Here, there seem to be substantial differences between people. Some seem to have not only a compass, but a map, and the ability to plan a course of action to get them to a destination. Wayne Hartman - 2002 Inner Compass There is an inner compass within each of us that knows exactly what direction we need to head in next. We can choose to follow it and take the optimal route to our destination ... or we can ignore it and take a more roundabout way. Wayne Hartman - 2003 Intelligence Tests There are many types of intelligence, few of which are measured by IQ tests. That doesn't mean that such tests are not valid, just that they are meaningful only to the people who possess the types of intelligence that they test. Wayne Hartman - 2003 Interaction We need interaction to enable us to be the best that we can be. Wayne Hartman - 2005 Interdependence At what point do we jump from independence to interdependence? This is a major step, a breakpoint in the way we think about society. Yet, it is not clear that our organizations are taking this into consideration. Wayne Hartman - 2003 Intuition Intuition is just as important, if not more important, than reason. Wayne Hartman - 2002 Intuition Part of the problem with repeatability is that the intuition simply will not be subjected to any such tests. Either we learn to trust what she knows and what she tells us, or we don't. Wayne Hartman - 2003 Journeys Our journeys are just that, our journeys. It is OK to share them to whatever degree we are moved and to whatever degree others are interested. However, we are not meant to compete, and compare our experiences to that of others. There is no better or no worse. Wayne Hartman - 2002 36

Our capacity for doing this has grown greatly as well.2003 Know Thyself The more that we know of whom that we are.2003 Know Thyself Know thyself is the strongest directive in existence.2002 Know Thyself When we expend effort to know thyself. Wayne Hartman . and instead create walls that prevent their full expression.. and perhaps much longer than this. But.Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 Joy Your life is meant to be full of joy. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . it seems that it is felt on subtle planes or vibrational levels that we have to reach before we can progress.2002 Know Thyself Know thyself has been a directive to us since at least the time of Plato . it is time for something to change. for you to change. However. it seems that many are not in touch with this knowingness .. this has become more difficult to do than it has ever been before.. a journey. If this is not your experience. It seems that with the complexity of the times.2005 Joy Ultimately. politically or economically. joy comes from the doing. the more fully and clearly spirit can express through us. Wayne Hartman . Life is meant to be a process.. Wayne Hartman . one of the fringe benefits is that we find the source within us.2003 Knowingness We innately know what we need to do with our lives. we will have to balance our accounts. Wayne Hartman . However. the action is recorded on a national karmic record of sorts.. However. not from the end result. That is simply the way it is. in particular. Wayne Hartman .2005 Karmic Record When we take advantage of another nation.. Wayne Hartman . self knowledge doesn't just come to us . In the end. so have our distractions. That is OK.2002 Knowingness 37 . we have to pursue it with all of our heart and soul.

2003 Life Life goes on. Wayne Hartman .Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 When we operate with knowingness in the now .2004 Levels We live our lives on several levels. We seem to have an innate capacity to learn in this manner. We simply develop them and then do it.2002 Learning The day that we stop learning.2002 Knowingness and Awareness For the most part.2005 Laws While physical laws are beyond our control. we are simply rediscovering this fact. It is amazing in how many areas it seems to apply.. Further. it is knowingness and awareness. knowingness and awareness seem to come to us when we are ready... The basic skills needed to fly are already within us when we are born. and it seems that there are things that we came to learn and to do on each level. Wayne Hartman . Yes. Rather. Wayne Hartman . the future will take care of itself naturally.2002 Learning Learning by doing seems to be one of the best ways for us to learn.. It is not clear that traditional forms of study result in these things. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman .2003 Learning Learning to express whom that we are is much like trying to teach a bird to fly. Our souls know what this is and attract the reality that is appropriate to make it happen. Wayne Hartman . it is not things that we need. social and economic laws are ours to create. Wayne Hartman .2003 Learning Life is a place for creatively expressing and for learning whatever we need to know. learning is that important to life. Wayne Hartman . we are as good as dead. We never know exactly to where we are headed until we get there. It is as if we already know what we are learning . we don't know what we will experience or what meaning we will assign to 38 .

as it seems to be for many.2002 Life Life is meant for our enjoyment . It is always within our power to do so. Wayne Hartman . many find it hard to maintain a state of being in joy.2002 Life Life is a mystery . and to be a challenge .2003 Life Life does not have to be difficult.2003 Life Life is a subjective experience.. We can try to make it objective..2002 Life Life is a process of growth and of expressing whatever we have become as faithfully as we can every step of the way. though. Wayne Hartman . It is also meant to be enjoyed. That is simply how it is. Wayne Hartman . We are meant to live extraordinary lives. we simply need to do whatever we do with the proper attitude.2004 Life Life is meant to be lived. Wayne Hartman .. Further. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . the more hollow it becomes. Wayne Hartman . It can't be anything else. but it is not meant to be overwhelming. but the more we try. it seems.. This later constraint is one that I place 39 . no matter how hard we may try to make it so.2003 Life Life is primarily a subjective experience. and of surprising us in nearly every area in which we endeavor.. We don't necessarily have to do any different things.2002 Life Life is meant to be an exciting adventure.Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 that experience until it happens. one that confounds us at every turn.. We are not meant to be ordinary. Wayne Hartman . It is meant to be engaging yes. it is meant to be lived in a manner that makes a difference. Wayne Hartman .2002 Life Life has a way of exceeding all of our expectations..

2004 Life Life is the process of consciousness in form experiencing other aspects of consciousness in form. We are to be whom that we are. It is important that we do what it takes to discover where we are doing this . and then to remove the limits of our own accord. Wayne Hartman .. Wayne Hartman . However. where limitation is involved. Spirit has no such limits. except for those that we place in her way. Sometimes it is. It is time to realize this and rise beyond the limitations.2003 Limitations We are only limited to the degree that we limit ourselves.. we need to decide if it is in our best interest and the best interest of others to bear these chains. each expression is exactly what it needs to be.. Wayne Hartman . not just for ourselves but for others.2005 Living a Life of Spirit 40 . Wayne Hartman . each experience. we need to be careful to examine what chains we bear. there is not much that we can do.2005 Life Unfolding Life unfolds exactly as it is meant to unfold.Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 on myself.2005 Limitations We are what we are for a reason.2002 Limitations The only thing holding us back is the limitations that we impose on ourselves. Each event. whether self-chosen or not. sometimes not.. These typically show up as fears . The limits that we experience are all self-imposed.2002 Limitations Of ourselves. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . Further. each choice.2003 Limitations Don't allow arbitrary limits to constrain you ..2005 Limits We are unlimited by nature. as places where we are afraid to tread.. Wayne Hartman .

not all look within.2005 Love In the end. 41 . Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . the better off we are. The sooner that we realize this. It is only when you step back to try to see things from a higher perspective that the days and weeks and months and years blur into nothingness. look within to what guidance is offered and follow it wherever it may lead.2004 Loss and Gain You have to be willing to lose something in order to gain something. Wayne Hartman . Everything else is illusion.2005 Living Your Life Live the life that only you can live. and many who try do not yet have the eyes to see.2004 Looking Within That is the key .. Yet. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman .. Great things come from this one practice.2004 Loving What You Do There is something infectuous about being around people who love what they do. It takes courage to do this.2005 Looking Within If we look within. it seems that time is endless. One way or another the result is still the same. There is something magical that is engaged.Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 It is amazing what happens when one chooses to consciously live a life of spirit. Wayne Hartman . we will see that we are compelled by spirit to act and express in certain ways. it is the most natural thing for you to do.2005 Living Your Life Allowing life to unfold as it will is a powerful way to live life.2003 Loving What You Do Do what you love or love what you do. there is only love. Wayne Hartman . There is something that cooperates with us to allow us to do more than we could do otherwise.2003 Living in the Moment When you truly live in the moment. However. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . in other respects.

2004 Make Each Day Count Make each and every day count. By doing so.2002 Making a Difference We are here to make a difference . and even our world. Rather. a beneficial difference. our friends. you maximize the positive impact that you have on the world. Wayne Hartman . we imbue our work with a wonderful energy that permeates it in a way that is apparent to others. it seems it is not for us to choose what difference we will make. each and every one of us.2004 Magnificent Beings We are capable of doing wonderful things. There is a perfection that comes from this. However. We are capable of being magnificent beings. it is up to us to do and be these things. However. and a great difference at that . If not. and to the world.2005 Making a Difference It is for us to make a masterpiece of our lives and to live in a manner that make a difference to others.2002 Making a Difference There is always a way to make a difference. I must make a big difference. If we like the difference. Wayne Hartman . making a difference is extremely important. and doing it. we act. and we see what difference results. Wayne Hartman .Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 Wayne Hartman . our society. Each of us has the power to make a difference. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . we continue to do what it takes to achieve it. to society. a 42 . each and every one of us.. There is a sense of beauty and majesty as well. we do what we are moved to do next. Wayne Hartman ..2003 Making a Difference We are important...2004 Loving What You Do When we love what we do. It is a matter of finding it. Wayne Hartman . to our family. Wayne Hartman .2002 Making a Difference Yes.2003 Making a Difference It is not enough to make any difference.

And. and then doing it to the maximum of our abilities. the more potential that we have for making a difference in the world. We are all masters in the art of reality creation. But. We should be concerned with making a masterpiece of our lives. Wayne Hartman . And. what more can we do than that? Wayne Hartman . that is asking a lot of myself.2004 Making a Difference The more aware that we become. Yet.2005 Making a Living There is incredible wealth in this country. masterpiece. Wayne Hartman . In doing so. Wayne Hartman . We do that by finding what we excel at. Yes. we will also make a masterpiece of our lives. It is up to us to make a masterpiece of our belief systems.2004 Making a Living We should be concerned with more than making a living. what is right in front of us. It is not that we choose to force the conditions of the world to be different. Wayne Hartman . It is there that we have the power to make a difference. making a living is still a challenge.2005 Making a Difference What matters is now. Yes.2005 Masterpiece We shouldn't have to sacrifice our lives to earn a living. They are already the best they can be for the levels of consciousness that are manifest. Wayne Hartman .2004 Making the Most of the Moment It is amazing what we can do with the time that we have when we make the most of each moment. Our first priority should be to make a masterpiece of our life. if we are not going to ask a lot of our self. making a difference is what it is all about. then who is going to push us to excel and be all that we can be? Wayne Hartman .Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 difference of world import.2002 Masterpiece We create our reality via our beliefs.2003 Masterpiece Our life is our masterpiece.2003 43 . Wayne Hartman . after all. Wayne Hartman .

2002 Meaning This may be our greatest choice as sentient beings . Wayne Hartman . This is always a choice. our families. that is what we are .. It is exactly what you need when you need 44 .Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 Masters of Fate Indeed.2003 Meaning Often it is not what happens that is important . it is the meaning that we assign to what happens. whatever your memory is is perfect. Wayne Hartman .. the ability to choose what anything that we experience means on whatever scale we choose to apply that meaning. The meaning is more important than most people know.. the masters of our fate. we definitely choose the meaning of what we experience. This is an awesome responsibility that we carry. Wayne Hartman . and our world.2002 Memory When you operate in the moment and trust the inner processes of consciousness. our societies. But. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . It is for us to use whom that we are in a manner that serves our selves. but also the meaning in a larger context.2003 Meaning We may or may not control what we experience..2004 Meaning Our reality is what we experience and the meaning that we assign to that experience..2002 Meaning There is something special about living a life of meaning. some by choice and others by chance. we have various roles and responsibilities. It is where free will reigns supreme.2003 Meaning It is often our work that gives our life its meaning. especially when the meaning comes forth from within.. Wayne Hartman .2004 Members of Organizations Individuals are members of multiple organizations. Within these organizations. You might even say it is the biggest choice that we make. the creators or our reality. Wayne Hartman . especially the meaning to us. Wayne Hartman .

We can't even know whether God has a mind in anything close to the way we define and experience it. Wayne Hartman .2004 Metaphysics Metaphysics offers some powerful concepts on which to base our beliefs about the nature of reality.. The very facts that we exist and that we continue to exist through time in this incarnation. We truly do. perhaps not. we can make things happen. consciousness. Wayne Hartman . most of these concepts cannot be proven. does not seem to be contained by the brain. the very mind of God. while it resides within the mind. The intuition is equally if not more important. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . Yes. of being aware of all its majesty and wonder. Wayne Hartman .2004 Mirrored Reflection 45 . it is far more important that we allow spirit to make things happen through us. I don't mean just the rational part. One might answer.. Wayne Hartman .. does not seem to be contained by the mind.2002 Mind Mind. This makes all the difference in the world.Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 it. However. They must be accepted on faith to allow them to operate in our lives. Wayne Hartman . or as much of it as we can. Wayne Hartman . Out of what mind did they originate.2004 Miraculous Realm We live in a miraculous realm. without undo force being applied one way or another.2002 Mind The mind is an incredible tool when we use it skillfully. but.2003 Mind of God In the beginning was the Word . Further.2005 Middle Path The middle path seems to be to allow what is to unfold in our lives to do so naturally. This means using all of it . Perhaps. It is a matter of seeing it for what it truly is. who uttered the first words.2002 Miracles Life itself is a miracle in progress. However. and beyond time between incarnations are astonishing in themselves. And.. while it resides within the brain.

2002 Mysteries There is something about living the mystery that makes life worthwhile. and then must do as she moves us..2003 Moved by Spirit That is the key . Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . there is a sense of security as well. Wayne Hartman .2003 Mysteries Being associated with a mystery can be quite exciting. Wayne Hartman . What you find in the world has its corresponding reality within you.2002 Mysteries Mysteries are OK. to do as we are moved by spirit to do. they are among the most important things that can happen to us. in fact. a sense that there is always room for one more step and after that another and another Wayne Hartman . just one step from where we are. They are what make life the wonder that it is.. Life itself is a mystery.2004 Need to Know There is a difference between want to know and need to know.Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 The world is a mirrored reflection of your self.. Wayne Hartman .2005 Mission The surest way to stay on mission is to do what we are moved by spirit to do. That also means that we must have the discipline to abide by what it tells us.2003 46 . This requires trust and faith in spirit. Wayne Hartman . As such. a big difference. Indeed. Wayne Hartman . That means we must know when spirit is moving us. these are to be relished and enjoyed.. Wayne Hartman . They are what make life interesting.2003 Mysteries There is nothing wrong with mysteries . they are what make life interesting. But.2005 Needs Spirit is ever in the process of finding needs and filling them. The unknown is ever there. What you find inside of you has its corresponding reality in your world. as is spirit and consciousness. That means that we must have a connection to spirit within.

2002 Obligations Obligations must be met one way or another.. That involves building an infrastructure that supports each and every individual on the planet to be the best that they can be. Wayne Hartman .2005 Old Souls Each of us are old souls that have incarnated many times. Wayne Hartman . 47 . economic. Wayne Hartman .. That does not mean that we can't hire out what we don't want to do ourselves.2004 One Living as one is definitely where we are headed. Just as the cells in the body are separated into organs with particular functions . One of our tasks is to realize our interconnectedness with others.2002 One Consciousness When we come from the perspective of ONE consciousness. and the future will take care of itself. It is important to live our lives so that we have no regrets. provided we have the resources to do so.2003 No Regrets No regrets..2003 Now Take care of now. This makes it very important to live our lives without regrets. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman .Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 New World We speak of building the foundations for a new world.. Even babies are accompanied by an inner spiritual wisdom. for in fact. Wayne Hartman . political. Wayne Hartman . We are the portion of that one consciousness experiencing life as we do and expressing in the manner that we do.2003 One Consciousness There is only one consciousness that animates us all. Wayne Hartman . and spiritual systems that work to support this. we are one. we see everyone as cells in a single body that constitutes all humankind and perhaps even all beings. with what we could have been. social.2003 No Regrets The measure that we are ultimately held against is what we achieve versus what we had the potential to do . That means educational. It is only appropriate.

Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 so the individuals within society are separated into organizations of various types. I would label that entity consciousness . We simply do what we are moved to do and we express whom that we truly are as much as we can.2003 One Spirit Spirit is all ONE! She is orchestrating everything.2002 One More Step There is always room for one more step no matter how close to the unknown that we venture. It can be much more difficult to see our similarities. The partitions within that ONE consciousness are illusory separations that permit us to experience reality as we do. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman .2005 48 . we allow spirit to guide our lives and we stop making choices. there is only consciousness. as human beings. we have a great deal in common.. Wayne Hartman . Those with roles to play will gravitate naturally towards what they need to do when they need to do it.2005 One Hoop There is indeed one hoop. It is not necessary for any one cell to know everything about the whole. much as we are one country composed of 50 states.2002 One Consciousness There is only ONE consciousness from which we all spring. The whole is the synergistic result of a collective cooperative effort. It is easy to see our differences. Wayne Hartman .2002 One World Until we are ONE world. It is about time that we recognized this and acted in accord with it. Wayne Hartman . the one consciousness from which we all spring.2005 Oneness When we live a life from the perspective of Oneness. all of us experience. and all consciousness is one. What any one of us experiences. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . one richly interconnected web that touches and contains us all..2003 One Consciousness There is only spirit. Wayne Hartman . Yet.2004 One World We are one world composed of hundreds of nations. we permit needless suffering to continue indefinitely.

Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . This is the way that we create our reality..Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 Openness Openness is the key to allowing more to unfold in your life. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman .. Evaluate the opportunities that come your way. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . Further.2005 Opportunities Be flexible. they spring from relationships between people. it is what we should demand of ourselves. For the most part. but they are coming into your life because you need them at this time.2005 Opportunities Take each opportunity as it comes and evaluate if that is what you truly want to do.2005 Opportunities Once we discover whom that we are and why we are here . we do it whether we know it or not. We must ever prove ourselves by doing what we can do and being all that we can be.2005 Other Than Conscious Levels 49 . Wayne Hartman . all manner of opportunities are opened up for carrying out our missions. Wayne Hartman . This is what spirit asks of us. It is completely within our power.2002 Opportunities Each day provides new opportunities. we set in motion more opportunities until in the end our reality is completely different because we allowed ourselves to be different.. This is our constant challenge. It does not suffice to rest on our laurels. You don't have to accept them all .2004 Opportunities Opportunities come from interaction..2004 Opportunities As we act. What we have done in the past is in the past. In fact.2002 Opportunities We have to desire new experiences in our lives and then have to be willing to act upon the opportunities that present themselves as a result.

wherever it may take us.. Present. We must move ever onward to the next monition of consciousness.2003 Past.. Wayne Hartman ..Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 At other than conscious levels we choose and are responsible for all that we do and experience. That does not mean that you can't learn from outcomes.2003 Patterns Just as the acorn holds the pattern for the mighty oak. This happens naturally..2004 50 .2003 Past Laurels We can't afford to rest too long on past laurels. Wayne Hartman .2005 Paths to Spirit There are as many paths to spirit as there are individuals . one that is just as valid as the prior one. are not good enough. Wayne Hartman ..2004 Outcomes Be not concerned with outcomes. perhaps even more. Wayne Hartman .2004 Our Place in The World There is a sense that if we allow ourselves to we fall into our place in the world as naturally as a star falls into its place in the heavens. Wayne Hartman . It is all a matter of focus and interpretation. Wayne Hartman . no matter how great. Notice them and adapt your behavior accordingly to accomplish what you desire to accomplish.. and Future The past is gone. so there is a pattern for us that knows how to grow us into what we are destined to be. The future will take care of itself based on what we choose to do in the present.2005 Past If we change the filter of our beliefs. It is for us to proceed ever onward to new heights and depths of expression. that past laurels. we can literally remember a different past . It is by spiritual law that this occurs. These ultimately are in spirits hands. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . All that it takes is the right nourishment.2002 Past Laurels There is a sense that there is no rest for the weary . Wayne Hartman .

but we contribute to it with every aspect of our being.2002 Possessions You can't take it with you applies to physical possessions .. Wayne Hartman . and even more so when we consider the collective. If we allow ourselves to . Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman .2003 Physical World The physical world is a playground for spiritual expression. That is where our actions have the power to impact our reality and the reality of the larger world. we should not be spending tens to hundreds of billions of dollars on weapons and defense..Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 Peace We get what we focus our efforts on. 51 . not to spiritual ones.2003 Plan of Consciousness There is a plan for the evolution of consciousness that is being manifested in flesh.2005 Potential There is such great potential in each and every individual .2004 Point of Power The point of power is the present. Wayne Hartman . When we do so. Our individual lives fit within the context of a larger whole. we will fall into that role naturally. whether we believe this or not. Wayne Hartman .2002 Possibilities The future is ripe with possibilities. our individual and collective achievements will truly be beyond imagination.. We did not make that whole. If we want a more peaceful community on a worldwide basis . We are the players in that drama...2004 Plan of Consciousness Each of us is being groomed for a particular role in the plan of consciousness.2003 Playwrights We are the playwrights in our own lives whether we know this or not.. Wayne Hartman . The trick comes in realizing this potential. Wayne Hartman ... but these must be embraced and accepted in the moment to make them real in our lives. Wayne Hartman .

Wayne Hartman . Every moment. poverty. After all. Wayne Hartman .2002 Practice Practice is all that it takes to revive our skills. words have the power to do amazing things . We learn by doing..2003 Problems We live in a world where spiritual problems abound. Wayne Hartman .2005 Power of Choice We have the power of a choice of action in the present.2003 Problems When problems go unsolved for decades . Hunger. Wayne Hartman .Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 Wayne Hartman . every moment of it. Wayne Hartman . that allows us to create a dramatically different future. Wayne Hartman . crime. each night is a death to the waking consciousness. how we practice can make a big difference. They can only be resolved with spiritual solutions. and by some accounts a correspondingly different past.2005 Potential You came into this world as a capable being full of potential.. how fragile.2004 Precious Beings It is time more people realized how precious they are. 52 .. It is simply a matter of realizing who you truly are and expressing that. we simply aren't expending the right resources to fix them. life is renewed... the past is a set of recollections that we have. Wayne Hartman . the better we get.2002 Power of Words In the right minds at the right time.. Similarly. Now is constantly sustained by spirit.2003 Precious Gift This thing called life is a precious gift . The more we practice. and yet how powerful. up to and including transforming the world as we know it. and each morning a rebirth of that consciousness. Each moment is a death and a new birth. Wayne Hartman . However.2002 Problems Our major problems are spiritual problems.

or more precisely. Wayne Hartman ..2003 Programming Effectively. not happiness itself. war.2002 Questions One sign that we need to know something is the questions that we are moved to ask. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . What we do to another ultimately we do to ourselves. we stacked the deck so that we would succeed in accomplishing our mission.2003 Questions Questions are a powerful means of self-discovery and of reality creation as well. or we may not.2002 Propelling Force External pushing only works for awhile. Pursuing does not guarantee that we will find what we are pursuing. we need to become the propelling force ourselves for our actions in the world. on what we need to know. Wayne Hartman . We are attempting to create the infrastructure for spirit to express in flesh. At some point. This is a major distinction.2003 Problems Spirituality teaches us that all problems are our problems. And. While we may have established some challenges to overcome . They allow us to focus our energies on what we want.2003 Questions 53 . Wayne Hartman .Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 terrorism. We do things because that is the most natural expression of who we are. They exist because we have refused to take responsibility to care for one another collectively. . When questions are formulated and expressed. they said pursuit of happiness. it seems that they attract the very answers to address them. a reason for incarnating into this very existence.. Note...2003 Pursuit of Happiness Our founding fathers considered the pursuit of happiness to be an inalienable right. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman .2004 Purpose We have a purpose. We may. what we are is spirit expressing in flesh. all of these are spiritual problems. our whole lives are a process of programming our brains. Wayne Hartman .

Wayne Hartman . we must learn the rules. Wayne Hartman . it should not be so far beyond our grasp that we will never achieve it .. Both creating this reality and interpreting it are of equal importance. and what we believe. To change it.2004 Questions Questions are a way of life. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . and learn the techniques which optimize getting the results and experience we want out of the game of life. That is what keeps us striving for more. We have that much power both individually and collectively.2004 Reach and Grasp Our reach should exceed our grasp. it is a sure sign that we are ready to find the answers to those questions. whatever it may be. in which case perhaps we should rephrase the question.. We may not like that answer. learning how to ask the right questions is quite important. the quality of our questions determines the quality of our life. Wayne Hartman . what we do. It is a matter of focus and persistence. Wayne Hartman . So.2002 Reality Reality is what we make of it.2004 Reality Creation Reality creation is one of the most important endeavors that we engage in.2004 Reality The world is what we make of it.2004 Questions Asking with expectation of an answer nearly always results in an answer. They point out where we wish to go and how fast we desire to get there. This we can do at any time. Reality is whatever we choose to experience it to be.2004 Questions In many respects. Wayne Hartman . a matter of being dissatisfied enough to move us to action. It is a matter of choice.Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 When we are ready to ask questions. Wayne Hartman . However.2004 Questions Questions show our intent. It is the interpretation process that results in meaning. 54 . we have to change what we are. They are a useful tool for fashioning and interpreting the reality that we experience. It seems that if we are to play the game well.

Wayne Hartman . though..2005 Realm of Information Many of us spend significant amounts of our time in the realm of information and 55 .Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 Wayne Hartman . That is simply the way it is.2003 Reality Creation We are all the conductors of our own lives. The trick is to make sure what we want for ourselves is aligned with what spirit has planned for us. every aspect of it. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . both individually and en masse... regardless of whether we believe this or not.. Wayne Hartman . we are the composers as well. Wayne Hartman . We literally create our own reality. We create it all .2002 Reality Creation This business of reality creation is not easy stuff . Wayne Hartman . We can choose to accept this and consciously co-create the reality we would prefer.2005 Reality Creation The fact is that we create our own reality . everything that we experience.. yet. Moreover.2005 Reality Creation Everything that we experience is drawn into our lives by us. The spiritual laws of reality creation work the same for all .2002 Reality Creation We create reality in accordance with our beliefs ...2002 Reality Creation We attract into our lives what we believe that we will experience. Wayne Hartman .2003 Reality Creation We literally create the reality that we experience. at the same time. or we can ignore this and allow other than conscious processes to create this by default.2003 Reality Creation Crafting reality to be what we want it to be is creation at its finest. it is mere child’s play if we view it from the right perspective. it seems the more aware that we are... the quicker the laws seem to work. Wayne Hartman ..

we ultimately do to all of us. That is a very powerful principle. even if we walk in their shoes. Nearly everything in this world is relative. We are the authors.2003 Responsibility We have a right to use things. the directors. the playwrights. Wayne Hartman . Actually. They would rather have someone else to blame for their troubles.2004 Resources We can do whatever we choose to do.2002 Reflections Our personal world reflects back to us whom that we are in the eyes of the world. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . 56 . we need to take the next step and realize that we have a sacred responsibility to one another. our reality is relative to whom that we are.2003 Relativeness There is nothing that is right for all. Wayne Hartman . Resources are everything. In particular.2002 Responsibility We are responsible for everything that happens in our lives. However. Wayne Hartman .2003 Respect Give people the respect that they are due. because it is where much of our reality is. Actually. it may even be more real. we have no right to pass judgment. being responsible for creating their own reality is too big of a burden to bear. We tend to do whatever we set our minds and our hearts on. It is a matter of applying our best and brightest and employing the necessary resources to do it. Until we do so. it seems that we still have no right to pass judgment. It is not often that we are given the chance to walk in their shoes for awhile. in the information age that we are in. Wayne Hartman . This realm is just as real as anything that might be considered physical.Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 ideas.2002 Responsibility What we do to any one of us. with this right comes the responsibility of stewardship.2003 Responsibility For many. This may or may not be consistent with whom that we believe ourselves to be. Wayne Hartman . However.

but they got the order wrong.2002 Seeking and Finding We always find whatever we seek. in a very real way believing leads to seeing. In the end. How we do this is up to us .. we decide by the very way that we choose to express in our lives.2005 Sacred Responsibility We are all related to each other. Because of this we have a responsibility to one another. Wayne Hartman . but eventually. Wayne Hartman .Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman .2004 Seeing and Believing There is a saying.2002 Self Awareness It is only through self-awareness that we become all that we can be.. We teach each individual of their responsibility to society and society's responsibility to them. 57 . Wayne Hartman ... This is a sacred responsibility. Wayne Hartman . Not what someone else might want for us. Wayne Hartman . seeing is believing ..2004 Risk Be willing to risk more and give more . It is up to us to sculpt our lives into what we would have them be. And this is one of the strongest dictates of spirit. spirit to spirit. Wayne Hartman . including how we treat people in other countries. Wayne Hartman .2002 Sculptors We are sculptors all.2004 Ripples Each of us leaves our ripples on the pool of the world and these interact in a manner that results in impacting others and the world in some way. So. Interesting.. what we would have them be. that is the only way to get more. In many cases. we are accountable.2003 Responsibility This is how we make the world a better place. we don't see something until we believe it. Maybe not in the moment.2004 Responsibility We are all responsible for everything.

the likes of which no earthly adventure can compare. we need to give our consciousness the space to soar to heights unknown and to realms beyond imagining. it helps if our service fully employs our greatest talents and abilities. Though.2002 Service When we focus on service.Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 Wayne Hartman . We can serve publicly and openly or privately..2002 Service Service . We 58 . Wayne Hartman . and that is ultimately what we are here to do. Wayne Hartman . we have achieved a new level of selfrealization. we engage the greatest parts of ourselves. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . We are personally guided by spirit.2004 Service It doesn't matter how we serve. The voyage of self discovery is the major journey of our lives. the one journey that all must make. Wayne Hartman .2003 Self Realization When we operate as the observer of ourself. society.2002 Selling Our Soul There seems to be a tradeoff between what we can receive and what we need to sell our soul to do.2004 Self Reliance We can be self-reliant and still exist within a circle.2005 Self Discovery Self discovery is extremely important. and our world . However. a hoop that connects everything and everyone. a simple word. Wayne Hartman . It is through service that we define whom that we are in the context of others. Wayne Hartman .. one that should be a commandment to all. Whether this be one or many is irrelevant. Wayne Hartman . on what we can do to serve others.. We may not know exactly what we are doing. but there is a surety in our step..2002 Self Discovery The journey of self discovery is truly an adventure.2003 Service Service is always of benefit to others.

whatever we decide those needs to be. we must realize that such systems do not exist separate from us..2004 Service It is our choice as to who we help and how. Wayne Hartman . This is one of the greatest and noblest things that we can do. or even the world.2003 Social Systems Social systems should serve us. Social systems can adapt and change to meet our needs. We can serve individuals. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . 59 . However. and we need a means for society and the individual to agree on what services the individual will provide to whom and how. it requires a kind of resignation that most are not willing to embrace.2004 Service to Spirit Spirit may prod and push gently .2002 Sharing Share whom that you are with others as intimately as you can. preferably in some effective way.2003 Sharing Sharing is a two way process. not control us. It is an exchange of energy. we are entitled to all that we need and more. Wayne Hartman . but it is up to us to volunteer to offer ourselves in her service. We can even serve in ways that none except spirit herself are aware. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . You will not lose yourself in doing so... In return. It literally is wide open.Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 can even serve anonymously. and rightly so. it is also time to build the foundations that allow us to bring to earth what we find when we soar.2003 Social Contract We need a means for society and the individual to agree on the needs of each individual. groups. That is the social contract. society.2005 Soaring It is time to be set free. Wayne Hartman .. you will find yourself. However. There are no restrictions. Wayne Hartman . However. and allow our spirits to soar where they will.2002 Social Contract We are meant to give of whom that we are in service to our world in some way .

Even for those of us who already hold grandiose visions of ourselves. are grander and wiser than we have ever imagined.2005 Society In society.2003 Soul There is a spark of spirit.2003 Soul There are depths to the self. Wayne Hartman . we know far more than we typically give ourselves credit for. we need to make our beliefs and our actions consistent with getting us there.2003 Souls Incarnate It is fine to have and acknowledge unknown portions of our greater self.2002 Source Unless we are quiet. Wayne Hartman . our spiritual selves. it seems we suffer by trying too hard to put round pegs in square holes. It is up to us. in every individual. our own chatter drowns out any chance of receiving anything from source. to the soul that may never be fathomed no matter how hard or how long we try. Wayne Hartman .2003 Soul Our souls.Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 Wayne Hartman . We are all souls incarnate. and as human beings. We can trust whom that we are.2003 60 . It is our choice. we need to be willing to invest some part of ourselves in that society. Wayne Hartman .2003 Society If we are going to partake of the benefits of society. That spark needs to be treated with dignity and given everything it needs to develop into all that it can be. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . a soul. It seems that there are just some things that are meant to remain a mystery. And then. As such.2003 Society We need to decide what we want to be as a society. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . We do this by contributing of our time and our talents. It would be far better to assess the shape of each person and then try to place them in the right place within society.

2002 Spirit Spirit doesn't force us to do anything. She asks. We also need to be concerned about all lifeforms on the planet . it is not only our home. We do this by entering into cooperative interdependent relationships.. Actually. the ONE consciousness that animates us all. We express from a connectivity to the collective.Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 Spaceship Earth It is time that we stood united. Wayne Hartman . From my experience. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . as the body of humankind on this spaceship earth that is our home.. This is a matter of where our awareness resides. We do this by sharing our lives in meaningful ways.. Wayne Hartman . we blur the line of individuality. She must work through us to get things done in the world.2002 Spirit We are spirit. Wayne Hartman .2002 Spirit What is important is not what we do of our own accord.2002 Spirit Spirit has no power of her own. for that is 61 .. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . the overall trend is towards greater awareness... to the ONE source. and realizing that we are all special and have important gifts to give to one another. and an increased tie to the collective. but it is up to us to choose what we do and how we do it. but what we allow spirit to do through us. Wayne Hartman . and she gently nudges .2002 Spirit When we operate from spirit.2002 Spirit The major point is that we should live our lives as if spirit mattered . and the natural resources of the planet itself. this constantly fluctuates. However.2005 Sparks of Consciousness One thing that may help is to start seeing the sparks of consciousness within others. It is high time that we lived our lives as if we truly believed this.2002 Spirit We are meant to live our lives as if spirit matters.

we are spirit manifesting in flesh as fully as we can here and now.2002 Spirit Enfleshed Expressing spirit in flesh is what the game of life is all about. ONE consciousness. This is true for every moment that we exist . for each and every one of us. Wayne Hartman . Further.2003 Spirit Spirit is orchestrating the unfoldment of the expression of consciousness in flesh. There is only you as the expression of spirit. not only as individuals.2003 Spirit Spirit is truly awesome! Her works are magnificent. under the circumstances that we have created for ourselves. 62 . However. Wayne Hartman . We haven't truly empowered individuals working collectively for the common good.2002 Spirit There is not you and spirit. Wayne Hartman . But.2002 Spirit Enfleshed We are spirit enfleshed. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . The more spirit is expressed. but as collective organizations. we are all souls that spring forth from the same ONE spirit. the better everything is. Because of this.2003 Spirit Enfleshed At every moment. We are spirit having a physical experience.2004 Spirit Enfleshed We are spirit enfleshed. they can be if we allow them to be. We have incarnated specifically to allow spirit to manifest and experience reality. that is the part that counts. Only part of this expression is in flesh.. Or. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman .. Our organizations are still in their infancy compared to what can be achieved.2003 Spirit Enfleshed The greater and greater expression of spirit in flesh is the name of the game.2002 Spirit Enfleshed We are all spirit manifesting in flesh. Wayne Hartman .Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 exactly what we are spirit expressing in matter. Wayne Hartman . spirit herself will see that we experience exactly what we need to experience.

when we choose to live a life of destiny . With her help. Wayne Hartman .2004 Spirit Expressing We are all spirit in expression. because it is her not us doing the work..2002 Spirit Expressing When we choose to allow spirit to express through us. Wayne Hartman . whether it be to one or one hundred million. for a far greater good to express. That is what truly matters. She works through us to do grand things. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman .2003 Spirit Expressing Things evolve into greater and greater complexity. All that we can do is do what we are moved to do.. Yes. and express this as best we can. be whom that we are. However.Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 it has to be in flesh. What has changed is that we now have a helping hand in our corner . we have to step aside and clear the pathway. equally and more 63 . the perspective changes dramatically..2002 Spirit Expressing When we see everything as spirit expressed in flesh. a hand from a source that knows us far more than we know ourselves. we are physical.2002 Spirit Expressing Each of us is a unique expression of spirit in flesh.2003 Spirit Expressing It is amazing how spirit manifests in our lives.2002 Spirit Expressing There is nothing else except spirit in expression in this world. the possibilities for spirit to express grow as well. No exceptions. Wayne Hartman . and we are meant to enjoy physical reality. Wayne Hartman . In this case. we are still responsible for our choice and for everything that comes of it. This is a giving up of oneself. and as they do. something that makes a difference. Wayne Hartman ...2004 Spirit Expressing For spirit to come forth through us with greater force. Each of us is here to do something with our life . or it doesn't count. we can do far more than we have ever imagined possible for us.. Rightfully so. Wayne Hartman . Everything is spirit.

we will always be operating optimally.2002 Spirit Within We need to find the spirit within that moves us. Wayne Hartman . so 64 . It is not so much a matter of what connection we have . If we follow this source. we only achieve it if we accept it and allow it to happen. Wayne Hartman .2004 Spiritual World The spiritual world is all around you.2004 Spiritual Gravity There is a sort of spiritual gravity that operates to try to get us to where we need to be to actualize and then to act out our roles in the play of consciousness. But. As without.2004 Spirit Incarnate We are all spirit incarnate. we have the play of light and shadow.. This comes not from a sense that such services are worthless. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . some remotely by a very thin thread. In the world of illusion.2002 Spirit's Works When we do spirit's works. rather it is a matter of how well we use the connection we have been gifted with.. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman .2002 Spiritual Destiny Each of us has a spiritual destiny.. Everything! Wayne Hartman . others by a circuit of great capacity. we are spiritual and are meant to enjoy this part of our reality as well.. but it is also within you.Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 importantly. Wayne Hartman . the spirit within us is responsible for what happens as a result . We are all connected to the same one consciousness.2004 Spirit Expressing Everything is spirit in expression.2003 Spiritual Expression All expression is spiritual expression regardless of how light or how dark it may seem. and do as it moves us to do.2003 Spiritual Services There is something special about providing spiritual services for free. but rather that they are priceless. and she knows what she is doing.

2005 Spirituality Spirituality is the pole that holds up the tent of the self. when the student is ready.2003 Spirituality Spirituality should empower us to be all the we can be and to do all that we are meant to do.2003 Student and Master Whatever we need to further develop is there if we sincerely ask for it. Wayne Hartman . Also. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . With each step.2003 Spirituality Spirituality is one of the most intimate relationships that we have. Wayne Hartman .2003 Steering the Self We only need enough control to steer the ship of the self to where we want it to go. this is unnecessary. we are effectively unlimited. as well as in our genes. the master will appear. Without it. That is. Interesting... With it. the next one becomes clearer. and in our names. For the most part. a new meaning for this just came to mind. the spiritual source that expresses through us. we are effectively nothing.2003 Step by Step Step by step. the relationship between us and the source from which we spring . we can do all things. Wayne Hartman . We have the technology and the resources needed to create massive abundance in the world. and vice-versa. assuming that we have some idea as to where we want it to go. It is amazing how much information about us is encoded in the various symbol systems around us.2005 Symbol Systems Our natures are literally written in the stars.. Wayne Hartman . there is an old saying . Wayne Hartman .. Wayne Hartman .Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 within.2002 Suffering It seems that there is still far too much suffering in the world.2002 65 . our lives unfold. We just don't have the infrastructure and the resolve to do it. Literally the student and the master are one and the same individual. Wayne Hartman .

Wayne Hartman .Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 Symbol Systems There is a spiritual world embedded in the symbol systems of the physical world.2005 The Journey As a spark of consciousness we are always on a journey of awareness. what we experience is what we experience . That is OK. All such systems are valid from their own perspective. Actually.2003 Taking Responsibility Amazing things happen when we start taking responsibility for the world in which we live. That means first finding the path and then deliberately choosing to take steps on that path. or. but it is the reality 66 . at least not until we die.2002 The Path Pursuing the path that spirit intends for us to take . We are actors all..2002 Synergy The whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. it is not real. That is where the synergy of systems comes into play. even when we return to the great ocean of consciousness.2003 Talents Where there is a talent..2004 The Play The scenes that are played out are just that. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . That is what we need to do. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . scenes in a play. and perhaps not then either. Wayne Hartman .. that means there are many spiritual worlds. Wayne Hartman . Evolution is building more and more complex bodies in which consciousness can be housed and enfleshed.. What we face here and now is the reality that is confronting us. the ONE. Yes.2003 The Journey The journey never ends.. at least. there is a need for that talent.2005 The Moment It is enough to do in the moment what is to be done in that moment. that is the key. That is true for every moment of our lives. or limited concern.. The future is of no concern . And. there may be several such worlds since many symbol systems are mapped onto the same elements. Wayne Hartman .

It is a place we go to explore. And. Further. there may even be large parts that are unknowable . However. We are each given 24 hours per day in which to accomplish and experience what we will. Paths to some degree are the trodden directions.2003 The Unknown Some things are meant never to be known. and more freedom. Wayne Hartman . they may be such that our minds are incapable of conceiving of or comprehending them in any fashion.2005 Time This is one area where we are equal.2003 The World We each fashion a world that has never existed before and will never exist again. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman .. that is until our final day anyway. whatever we have is what we deserve somehow. Wayne Hartman . Some have more leisure. even though they may be experienced. Some have more duties to perform than others during that time..2002 Time We each have the same allotment of time each day .2002 The Unknown We need an element of the unknown in our lives to keep things interesting. Wayne Hartman . we create this world in each and every moment. It is a place we go to engage our abilities and talents. Wayne Hartman . some less.Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 that we experience. It doesn't have to be a scary and frightening thing. It is an engaging illusion. Yes. Some have more responsibilities. one that can engage us for countless lifetimes. that means that reality is not real.2003 The Unknown One learns to become comfortable with the unknown.2003 The Unknown There is so much that is unknown.2002 The Unknown There are many ways of striking out into the unknown. Wayne Hartman . It takes a rare soul to venture into the unknown on their own. though some are far more trodden than others...2002 67 . Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman .

weeks. And.2003 Time We all have the same amount of time per year. What we do with the minutes. The trick is to place the right things in the need to be done category. days. the more that spirit manifests in your life. That doesn't mean there is excessive time. the more that you allow spirit to manifest in your life. evaluate what works and doesn't work. the very forces of the universe come to our assistance. Wayne Hartman . and adapt our processes appropriately based on this evaluation.2005 Truth Truth is what it is.2002 Trying New Things We must be willing to try new things and evaluate their results to see whether 68 . However. Wayne Hartman .2004 Trying New Things We must be willing to try new things.Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 Time There is always sufficient time to do the things that need to be done. we are living the life that we dreamed. months. hours. the better things are for everyone.. until our last one anyway. then such was not meant to be and we find something different to try.2005 Time to Do Things There is always time to do the things that need to be done. at least for a relatively large amount of that time. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman .2005 Trying If we try and fail . Wayne Hartman .2003 Time A year is a long time for doing something. Wayne Hartman . The more you trust. and years is our choice. Wayne Hartman . when our beliefs are aligned with truth.2002 Trust Spirit Trust that spirit knows exactly what she is doing and is there to assist and guide you at all time. especially if we make the most of each moment. regardless of what we believe about it.. If we succeed.

2005 Uniqueness The combination of DNA that forms the pattern for your current existence has never been expressed in flesh before and will never be expressed again. Wayne Hartman .2005 Unseen Hand Our lives seem to unfold in spite of what we do rather than because of what we do. one that we are engaged in all of the time.2002 Unique Expressions We are all unique expressions of spirit. Understanding something is a whole other thing.2003 Unconditional Love In the end. Wayne Hartman . we express whom that we are and whatever spirit is able to express through us. This is a natural process. Wayne Hartman .2002 Understanding Naming something does not mean that we truly understand that thing. The only issue is are we being the best that we can be and fully expressing all that we are. It simply means that we are able to refer to it by name. What we do could not be done in the same way by another. It is for you to carve the landscape of your life. It is for you to make the most of it. one that requires far more awareness and discipline. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman .2004 Unique Expressions We are each unique expressions of the one consciousness. Wayne Hartman .2002 Unique Consciousness Our unique consciousness provides the opportunity to experience life as it has never been experienced before. it is different from the world of anyone who ever has or ever will live. It is not for us to judge our experience against that of another. In the process.2004 Unique World Your world is unique.Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 they work or not. Wayne Hartman . and it is for us to experience reality in the way that is right for us. This indicates that there is an unseen hand that is pulling the strings and 69 . it is what we have given of ourselves out of unconditional love that will make a difference to all those whose lives we touch.

it will only happen if we believe it. this hand may be an unknown part of ourself.2002 Utility What matters ultimately is utility. That is all that can be asked of anyone Wayne Hartman .or in some cases the roads and even the superhighways. though indeed our depths of soul may be unfathomable. Wayne Hartman .2004 Utopia on Earth We collectively have the power to change our world for the better. This is the right use of others. Wayne Hartman . we generate abundance.2003 Using Our Talents It seems that the world works best when each person is using their self-given talents to the best of their ability. Use what works. When we do this on a collective basis.2005 Utility Utility is the measure of the value of anything. If so.2002 Unseen Realms When dealing with the unseen realms of consciousness.2002 Using Others People should do what they are good at doing.Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 indeed such is the case. the works that we do can serve to illuminate many. Though. we are living a "spiritual" life. Wayne Hartman . But. Wayne Hartman . And.2003 Vehicle for Expression We can be a vehicle for the expression of consciousness in the world.2005 70 . but most prefer to follow the trails . People should employ others to provide those services that they need that they are not good at providing for themselves. to create a utopia on earth. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . and be open to adapting how you do things based on the results you see in your reality. and if we choose to make it so. That does not mean that it is unknowable. it helps to have a guide.. Some are meant to be explorers and wayshowers. Do our beliefs and actions serve us and others.2003 Varieties of Experience Spirit seeks greater and greater varieties of experience. Wayne Hartman . That is how we maximize the effectiveness of what we do. Wayne Hartman ..

that makes a difference somehow. Wayne Hartman . 71 .. pure and simple. but quite often they are not.2003 What Matters We are to live our life as if nothing mattered and as if everything mattered..Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 War War is generally a lose/lose scenario. Wayne Hartman . This requires a big commitment from each of us. Wayne Hartman . it does change the nature of our experience. but can it buy true happiness .2002 What Matters It is not what we have that matters. However. We do it because it is within us to do it . pointing the direction to a new way of being. Rather.. enmeshed in a web of interconnectivity that is rich and intricate beyond measure.2002 What Counts What counts is what we do with our lives that has lasting value .2003 Wayshowers Some of us are wayshowers.. because this is the task that we came into this existence to perform.2004 What Money Buys Money can buy a lot of things. It helps if our beliefs are in line with the truth. it doesn't buy these things. Even the victors are only victorious at a tremendous cost. Whether we believe this and realize this or not is a different matter.2005 What We Are We are what we are. Wayne Hartman . it is how we feel about who we are. Wayne Hartman .. they cannot be bought at any price.. can it buy increased awareness? The bottom line is no. This doesn't change the nature of the truth. preferably a big difference.2002 Wasting Abilities We can't afford to waste the abilities and talents of any of us. These are states of consciousness. Wayne Hartman . We have to take responsibility not only for ourselves but for assisting others to excel where we can as well.2002 Web of Interconnectivity We are part of one interdependent whole. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman .

Wayne Hartman .2005 Who We Are We don't need an elaborate religious system to explain whom that we are..2005 Work of Spirit When we do the work of spirit.2003 Will The right use of will is to choose to serve spirit and manifest things in her timing not ours. it is more than this . we are strong in ways that we are not otherwise. what we are is awareness expressed in flesh. Thy will. We just haven't been allowed to trust what we know. Deep down. but we will be amazed at just how much that is when we remove some of the self-imposed limitations.2002 What We Can Do We can only do so much . my will is for thy will to be done.2002 Where We Are Going The bottom line is that we will be taken to exactly where we need to go to grow into whom that we truly are. coming from spirit herself. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman .2003 Wonders We are capable of wonders beyond imagination.. Actually. we already know this. not mine.2003 Works Ye shall know them by their works is a great truth. This should not be surprising because such words are timeless. What we do is what makes all the difference in our 72 . Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman .Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 Wayne Hartman . be done. And. What we do is what distinguishes us. That can change far quicker than any can imagine. Wayne Hartman . It applies to all of us.. Wayne Hartman .. and thus serving the world. It is simply a matter of allowing them to come forth. It is amazing what we can do when we are serving spirit.2003 Words It is amazing how words can live on well after the life spans of those who brought them forth. no more and no less.2002 What We Deserve We get what we believe that we truly deserve.

Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman . This is indeed a great truth. and especially the souls of others. This definitely applies to the parts of the self.2003 Worthiness Self worth is critical to manifesting abundance in our lives. Wayne Hartman . Wayne Hartman .. or we don't realize and utilize the wisdom that we do have. or by realizing the true value of whom that we are. it is what we do. Wayne Hartman . The works that we do are what we leave behind. This may be by giving more. Wayne Hartman . we need to do something to increase our feeling of worthiness. To get more.2002 Worthiness Spirit can only give us what we feel we are worthy of receiving. it seems we don't have the wisdom to go with our strength.2003 Young Country We are still a young country by world standards.2002 Works It is through our works that our legacy will be established. Many older societies still consider us children. we have an economy that is the envy of the developed and developing countries.. and then by searching within for a framework that permits us to understand how they work. We find them by encountering what they do . unless we believe ourself to be worthy. But.. We may or may not discover such a framework for understanding. We must find the works that are ours to do. Oh.Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 lives and in our world. we will not attract abundance into our lives. including the impact that we have on the minds. Wayne Hartman .. and hearts. Unless we feel worthy . That. It is not so much whom that we are that makes a difference in the world.2002 73 .2002 Works Ye shall know them by their works.2002 Works Through their works shall thou know them. the works that allow us to leave our unique mark on the world.

This is only a small snapshot of what Beyond Imagination has to offer. Also. It only address a brief period in time of the Beyond Imagination expression and focuses on things that could be stated in one or two lines for the most part. Be Happy and Create Well! Wayne beyond@redshift. Quotes do that for us more than anything else that we have ever encountered. We are privileged to have so many of our own to share. We invite you to further explore what we have to offer at the two sites identified at the beginning of this work. feel free to provide feedback.com 74 .Beyond Imagination: Precious Gems #2 Hopefully you found something here that moved you.

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