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Zackary Davis 9-11-13 Marketing Vallencourt Trader Joe 1.

The target market for Trader Joe s stores are eclectic assortment of foodies! college students! sugar fiends and health nuts. ". #ere at Trader Joe s $e try and %rovide a vi&rant atmos%here $ere our costumers can come in and feel like family. 'ith our small s%ace all our %roducts are easily accessi&le and our $orkers are here to meet your needs. (aving money is something $e kno$ our customers value and $e aim to hel% you do that! $ithout giving u% )uality. *s $e head into the future $e look to e+%and our stores &y adding , more across the nation 3. 1- .y summer "/1, $e look to e+%and our stores nation$ide &y %lacing , across the 0.(. 'e are looking to gro$ in 1lorida! *la&ama! 2orth 3arolina! Te+as! and 4klahoma. "- 'e e+%ect these stores to give us a ,,5 &oost in sales! as $e gro$ our com%any $e have a 1//5 &elief that our customer &ase $ill increase greatly allo$ing our sales to increase 6. Three strengths that Trader Joe %ossesses is that they %rovide chea%er %rices! they cut cost the cost of the average &rands &y creating their o$n la&el and also &eing a&le to cut their o$n cost &y getting "/-",5 of their stock im%orted. Three $eaknesses are that they $ill have to com%ete $ith larger &rands! and that they may not %rovide some of the name &rands that customers are %articular a&out! also they run the risk of gro$ing to fast. ,. They a%%roach %roduct &y removing the %roducts not selling to $ell and re%lacing $ith u% to "/ ne$ %roducts $eekly. 7rice is a%%roached &y offering a chea%er %rice than any of their com%etitors out there. 7romotion is a%%roached &y having loyal customers fill out surveys and having cele&rities endorse some of their %roducts. 7lace is a%%roached &y them starting off on the $est coast and starting to migrate to$ards the east coast.