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Your Questions Answered 7

Your Questions Answered 7


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Your Questions Answered - VII by Sayyed Saeed Akhtar Rizvi
Your Questions Answered - VII by Sayyed Saeed Akhtar Rizvi

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Published by: awaiting on Feb 20, 2008
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It is our belief that the earth of Karbala is blessed and a cure for every illness (Khake
shafa). Can you please explain this belief and prove it from authentic sources/references.

A: According to well-known and accepted ahadith, Allah bestowed three distinctions to
Imam Husayn (a.s.) in this world in appreciation of his willingly accepting the martyrdom.

1.Continuation of Imamat in his progeny,
2.acceptance of du'a under his dome, and
3.shafa, (cure) in his earth.

In this connection, a few points should be made clear:
1.Eating earth is haram; eating the earth of Karbala is the only exception with certain
conditions: That the earth should have been taken from its place after certain
invocations; a prescribed du'a should be recited before eating it and another du'a
after eating it; the amount eaten should be less than a chick-pea (chana), because
eating it in a bigger quantity or without urgency is strictly forbidden, and as Imam
(a.s.) has said, "it would be like eating our flesh."
2.If Allah has issued a firm decree that a certain person will die on a certain day and
time, no du'a or medicine (including Khak-e-Shafa) can postpone his death. For
details of firm and conditional decrees, see my book, Justice of God, available from
the Mission.


In reference to all books of masaail which I have so far gone through, I found that one who
leads Jamaat prayers (of course under certain qualifications as listed therein) can also
lead Friday prayers provided he fulfills the conditions of Friday prayers as mentioned
therein too. However there are speculations that one who leads Friday prayers is obliged
to seek permission from the Marjaa to do so although he does lead daily prayers.

A: Any Imam who leads in daily prayers may lead in the Friday prayers. Even according to
Tahrirul-wasilah of Late Ayatullah Khomayni (r.a.), there is no additional qualification
required for Friday prayer's Imam.

However, in the Islamic Republic of Iran, an Imam of Friday prayer has been given the
authority and privilages of a member of parliament. As such, their appointment is in the
hands of the Waliye Faqih. It is an administrative matter which obviously should not apply
outside Iran.

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