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Your Questions Answered 7

Your Questions Answered 7


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Your Questions Answered - VII by Sayyed Saeed Akhtar Rizvi
Your Questions Answered - VII by Sayyed Saeed Akhtar Rizvi

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Is it lawful for a Muslim to marry a Christian woman?

A: The Shi'a shari'ah allows a Muslim man to marry a Christian woman in Mut'ah form, i.e
in temporary marriage.


And lastly, I have a son by a woman who I am not married to. While in prison, I've
accepted Al-Islam and wish to marry her once I'm released. Can I do so even though she
is not Muslim.

If so,can I perform Mut'ah with her now? And do we need, witnesses?

A; If she is a Christian or Jewess, and is not willing to enter into the fold of Islam, you may
marry her in mut'ah marriage, i.e. a marriage for a fixed period. That, period may be short
or long.. You may marry her for, let us say, 40 years or even more.
In this connection, you should understand the following points;-
(a)You should ask her not to use liquor of pork at all.
(b)She should agree for the children to be brought up as Muslim.

However, you must realize that a subsequent marriage does not make a previously born
child legitimate. Islam will not recognise him as your son or heir.

You may do mut'ah with her even now. It is better, but not necessary, to have witnesses
during recital of the formula of mut'ah.

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