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Your Questions Answered 7

Your Questions Answered 7


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Your Questions Answered - VII by Sayyed Saeed Akhtar Rizvi
Your Questions Answered - VII by Sayyed Saeed Akhtar Rizvi

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I have a question which I would like to ask. In the book Day of Judgement on p. 88 there is
a Hadith where the Prophet said to Imam Ali (a.s.),
"O Ali on the Day of Judgement, shall sit I and you and Gabriel on the Sirat, and shall not
pass over tfie Sirat except he who would have a 'release' (from Jahannam) based on your
wilayat (love and obedience).

"This Hadith has been narrated by many Sunni scholars".
Could you please tell me in which Hadith Books of the sunnis it appears and what
category of Hadith it is e.g. Sahih. Hasan. Dhaif etc.

A: The hadith quoted in Day of Judgement is from Shi'a sources. As for the Sunni sources,
the hadith is narrated by the following well-known muhaddithin (narrators of ahadith),
fuqaha' (jurisprudents) and mufassirin (exegetes of the Qur'an) in their well-known books
as described below:

1.Ibn Hajar al-Haytami al-Makki Ash-Shafi'i, (died 973 A.H./1565- 66 C.E.) in his book,
As-Sawa'iqu 'l-muhriqah. (pp.78 & 97).

2.Imam Ad-Darqutni al-Baghdadi Ash-Shafi'i (d.385/995) in his


3.Abu Bakr Al-Khwarazmi (d.383/993) in his al-Manaqib (ch. 19, p. 234 & 222) and in
Maqtalu 'l-Husayn (vol.1, p.39).

4.Muhibbu 'd-din At-Tabari Ash-Shafi'i (d.694/1295) in his Ar-Riyazu 'n-nazarah fi
Faza'ili 'l-'asharah (vol.2, pp. 173; 177 & 244)

5.Al-Hamwayni, Sadru 'd-din Ibrahim ibn Muhammad (d.722/1322) in his Fara'idu 's-
simtayn (vol.1, ch.54)

6.Al-Imam Al-Hakim an-Nishapuri ash-Safi'i (d. 403/1012-13) in his


7.Ibn-Al-Maghazili al-Jullabi (d 483/1090) in his Al-Manaqib.

8.Shaykhu 'l-Islam Sulayman Al-Qunduzi al-Hanafi (d. 1294/1877) in his Yanabi'u 'l-
mawaddah (p.95).

9.Abu Bakr Al-Khatib Al-Baghdadi (d.463/1070) in his Tarikh Baghdad,

10.Qazi Abu 'l-Fazl 'Ayaz ibn 'Amr As-Sabti Al-Maliki (d.544/ 1149-50) in his Kitabu 'sh-


11.'Abdullah Ash-Shabrawi (d.1172/1758-59) in his Al-Ithaf bi Hubbi'il-Ashraf (p. 15);
and 'Is'afu 'r-raghibin (p. 161).
Ms. Latiefa Benjamin should note that the above scholars' list contains muhaddithin of
various Sunni sects (Shafi'i, Hanafi and Maliki) beginning from 383 A.H. to 1294 AH. Such
a widely accepted hadith does not need checking whether it is Sahih or Hasan or what.
And in any case it is not our problem to look into its various chains of narrators (which end

on the Companions, Abu Bakr, Ibn 'Abbas, Ibn Mas'ud, Anas ibn Malik and 'Ali a.s). For us
it is enough that so many famous Sunni muhaddithin have narrated it in their books.

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