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Helping UPRM researchers seek and secure external

Contact Information

Principal Investigator Marisol Vera, PhD Executive Office / Proposal Specialist Kara Fore, M.S. Assistant Proposal Specialist Hector Segarra, J.D. Administrative Assistant Ydarmi Acevedo

Website: E-mail: Location: CID-116 Telephone: (787) 832-4040 Ext. 5256 / 5856

Proposal Development Services and e-Resources for External Funding At UPRM


e-Resources for Investigators

Kuali Coeus is a open source product with multiple modules that provide collective functionality to support proposal development, grant management and research administration. Starting January, 2014 all routing of research proposals will be through this system, replacing current paper forms. The following pre-award modules will be available:

Custom Funding Searches Proposal Review Resubmission Consultation Custom Workshops Access to e-resources infoEd SPIN, Kuali Coeus, VIVO & CITI
CITI is a web-based research training service, subscribed to by UPRM, that provides research ethics education required for many types of proposals. It provides training in RCR, human subjects research, animal use and care, and export control. Subject specific RCR modules are available for Physical Sciences, Social & Behavioral Sciences, Engineering, Humanities, Biomedical Sciences and Administration. You can access CITI through the PDU website or at You must use your e-mail when creating an account.

Proposal Development Proposal Budget Proposal Log Institutional Proposal Negotiations

To access the Kuali Coeus training instance, please visit:


For more detailed information on these services, please visit our website at
InfoEd SPIN is a searchable database of funding opportunities that UPRM subscribes to. By creating a personal account, you can save your searches and receive daily or weekly e-mails with new results matching your specified criteria. Direct link: UPRM is currently adopting this open source platform as a method of profiling faculty expertise. This will allow for researchers to easily pinpoint potential collaborators on investigative projects, and will assist R&DC staff in identifying participants for relevant funding opportunities.