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----------------------------Product Uninstallation ReadMe ----------------------------The following instructions explain how to uninstall products from a deployment.

To summarize the procedure, you first convert the <deployment name>_Uninstall.tx t file to a batch file with ANSI encoding. Then you open the batch file and sele ct the products to uninstall by removing the comment markers from the applicable command lines. Finally, you run the batch file to uninstall the products. Here are the detailed steps: 1. In the deployment folder, open the file <deployment name>_Uninstall.txt in No tepad or a similar text editor. 2. Click Save As, in the Encoding list, select ANSI, and then change the file ex tension to .bat. The recommended file name is <deployment name>_Uninstall.bat. N ote that ANSI encoding is required to create an executable batch file. 3. Open the created batch file, and enable the uninstallation commands by removi ng the "::" characters at the beginning of the "::call :funcUninstall" command l ine for each product that you want to uninstall. 4. Execute the batch file with Administrative privileges.