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Alphabetical List of Books By Charles & Frances Hunter A Confession a Day Draws Us Closer to God Formerly !

"eeps #he De$il Away

In this book, you will find 366 explosive scriptures waiting to come alive in your life. There are also dynamic faith-building declarations to go along with each scripture ... a different sub ect for every month ... a different scripture for every day. written by !rances "unter. http#$$$doc$%&%'%33'($)-*aily-*eclaration-+rings-,s--loser-to-.od!ree-/n-line

An%el Book
0e are living in a supernatural day ... ) time when angelic activity surrounds us daily. .od1s messengers are operating in our lives. 2ever in the history of the world has there been keener interest in the work and character of .od1s angels. *iscover the purpose of angels, their methods of operation, and how they impact our lives. In this fascinating study, The )ngel +ook, we read about -harles and !rances3 4ersonal 5ncounters with .od1s 6essengers. http#$$$doc$%7&37%8%'$The-)ngel-+ook

An%els &n Assi%nment

0ritten by -harles and !rances "unter 9 )s told by 4astor :oland +uck 9 This was the most exciting book by the "unters and has become a classic. ;oshua 6ills said, <I love this book.< http#$$$doc$%7&&8=(=%$)ngels-on-)ssignment

Are 'ou #ired(

)re you physically tired> "ave you been experiencing an energy lag> )re you dragging yourself around much more than you used to do> *o you have difficulty remembering things you should know> *o you have spells when reading eh +ible isn1t as exciting as it used to be> If your answer is <?es< to any of these @uestions you need to read this bookA http#$$$doc$(=BB3%%6%$)re-?ou-Tired-!ree-on-Cine

Born A%ain) *hat Do 'ou +ean(

-harles "unter answers the @uestion 0hat does it mean, be born again>


Come Ali$e
"ow to 6ake the 0ord -ome )liveA "ow to 6ake ;esus -ome )live in your life. ?ou will be able to see the dust from the sandals of 4eter, 4aul, ;ames and ;ohn as they literally walk across the pages of your +ible. This book can revolutioniDe you entire -hristian 0alk and the reality of a Civing ;esus can be yours http#$$$doc$%&=(8(=B'$-ome-)live-!ree-on-Cine

Compel #hem to Come

There is an increase of all that .od is doing because one day very soon it will be the last day. 2ever have we experienced greater passion for lost souls than we feel today. 5verywhere we go, everyone we talk with expresses the same heart-cry that we have heard in ourselves E ./ ?5, ./ ?5, ./ ?5 into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature before it is too late http, #hem to Come

Don6t Be Afraid &f Fear

The plane apparently got caught in the tall end of a tornado. It tilted at such an angle I wondered if we were going to crash right into the ground on the left wing of the plane. !or a moment there was real fear in my heart. ?ou should have seen the rest of the planeA There was panicA Fuitcases came flying through the air. 6y purse went up, hit the ceiling of the plane and bounced back on my head. 5verything that wasn3t tied down was sailing around the interior of the planeA !ear gripped both -harles and me. . .for a moment. 0hat did we do> 0e immediately began to pray in the FpiritA http#$$$doc$%78(7B%=6$*on-t-+e-)fraid-of-!ear

Don6t Limit God

If you need faith for healing in your body, this book will give it to you ... *on1t Cimit .odA If you need faith to keep your healing, this book will give it to you, because it tells you how ... *on1t Cimit .odA If you need faith for praying for the sick, this book will give it to you ... *on1t Cimit .odA ?ou1ll take the lid off everything once you read */21T CI6IT ./*A http#$$$doc$(=686B(=%$*on-t-Cimit-.od-!ree-on-Cine

Feastin% on 7rosperity
.od has so much to say about prosperity that both the /ld Testament and the 2ew Testament are full of instructions on how to receive financial blessings. 0hen -hristians really develop the right thinking, there is going to be a transfer of wealth in the body of -hrist which will knock Fatan overA It takes money to do what .od wants done. 0hen you apply .od1s principles, you are going to get right in the middle of .od1s will for prosperityA http#$$$doc$%&=&BB==6$!easting-on-4rosperity-!ree-/n-line

Follow +e)
-harles "unter was a successful business man, husband, and active church worker when .od said, <!ollow 6eA< "e shares the intimate details of this new walk with the Cord, and the principles that made their ministry so successful.


Get 8eady9 Get 8eady9 Get 8eady

To +e /vertaken and /vercome by the +lessings of .odA /ne of the promises of .od is that "e will fulfill the hunger and thirst that you have for "im and "is righteousness. That is exactly what .od is going to do for you through this book. ?ou are going to grow in faith. ?ou are going to grow in you knowledge of the nature of .od, and ?ou are going to grow in gratitude and praise to "Im for all of "is blessings. http#$$$doc$%&=633B&B$!ree-on-Cne

Go9 +an9 Go
!rances <took off< from the moment of her salvation and witnessed to every person she could findA "er instant witnessing changed, but never slowed down, and she taught believers around the world how to witness for ;esus.


God :s Fabulous
Frances first book) .od told !rances "unter to write the story of how she came to the Cord. Fhe tried - and tried. +ut nothing came. !inally she gave up and prayed - and prayed. )nd then .od gave her this book and it was written in three hours. .od is !abulous gives us an inside look into who !rances "unter was and how she arrived at the place where .od used her so mighty. http,;23-God :s Fabulous

God6s Bi% <:f=

If is such a small word. 0e use it all the time, but !rances "unter put together a study of when .od says <if< to us.


God6s Conditions For 7rosperity

0hat is :eal 4rosperity> -harles answers this @uestion from a study of Fcriptures, and interesting experiences in his own life. If the prosperity .od has promised us, has not come there must be a reason. This book is designed to challenge all of us to a new, complete walk with the Cord. http#$$$doc$%&&%(37'8$.od-s-4rosperity-!ree-/n-line

Handbook For Healin%

)maDementA That is the reaction of many who have experienced the power of .od while praying healing for the sick. -harles and !rances "unter have discovered many of the keys to healing found in the +ible and through the innovations of medical science. ?ou will find that .od can use you to bring healing and help to family, friends, anyone you come in contact with. 2o longer will you have to stand by, helpless, when people you care about are hurting. http#$$$doc$%786%3'%6$"andbook-for-"ealing

-harles and !rances give through descriptions of healing techni@ues that .od has used through their ministry of healing. ;ust as turning on the electric power will illuminate your home, switching on the power of .od, the author1s belied, will bring light and healing to the world today. "ealing is uncomplicated when we use .od1s power in the name of ;esus. http#$$$doc$(=6&76&(6$"ealing-+ook-!ree-on-Cine

Healin% is for 'ou

!rances "unter traveled the world bringing healing to the multitudes. This book is an encouraging word for each of us. "ealing is for us. These truths are timeless.


His 7ower #hrou%h 'ou

This book will build your faith. It will challenge you to do greater things in the name of ;esus. -harles and !rances "unter have compiled many of the stories of miracles they have witnessed. +ut most of these miracles happened through the hands of newly trained believers.


Hot Line #o Hea$en > new title :t6s ?o ?imple

!rances "unter is the type of -hristian who if asked to pray for rain would get out her umbrella. "er endless enthusiasm and immovable faith kept her ready for immediate action for the sake of ;esus -hrist.


How Do 'ou #reat +y ?on @esus(

!rances was riding on an airplane when .od spoke these words to her, and began to give her the chapters of this exciting book. It is an <easy read< filled with exciting stories from their lives.

http#$$$doc$%78(67866$"ow-*o-?ou-Treat-6y-Fon-;esus How #o De$elop 'our Faith !rances believed in being practicalA This book deals with faith. "ow you can begin, right now, to walk into a new dimension of faith in your life.


How #o Heal #he ?ick

,sed by thousands around the world as they minister healing to the sick, or as they need to pray for themselves. This is a practical G"ow ToH book. ?ou can view the video that go with this book by going to# http#$$$about$what-ministries-say$charles-and-frances-hunter

+ook# http#$$$doc$%786%3=6&$"ow-to-"eal-The-Fick-!ree-on-Cine

How #o +ake 'our +arria%e ABcitin%

;esus was the greatest public relations person ever to live on earth. "is principles and laws are given to us for our benefit. 0hen we apply these principles in any area of our lives, they work to bring about abundant living - in our marriages. work places, schools, or churches. http#$$$doc$%&(B3(%(6$"ow-to-6ake-?our-6arriage-5xciting-!ree-/nline

How #o 8ecei$e And +aintain A Healin%

G0hy do some people get healed and others do not>H G0hy is it that some people who get completely healed lose their healing>H 4robably one fact more than anything else has allowed me to be blessed and receive healing after healing and maintain them. The fact is this E whenever sickness hits, I I2/0 I2 6? "5):T IT IF /2C? ) T564/:):? T"I2., and I always know that I know that I know beyond a shadow of any doubt that I 0ICC :5-/J5:A http#$$$doc$%&=%6BB%B$"ow-to-:eceive-and-6aintain-a-"ealing-!reeon-Cine

How #o 8ecei$e And +inister Baptism *ith Holy ?pirit

-harles and !rances lead thousands into the +aptism of the "oly Fpirit. ?ou can receive the power ;esus talked about when "e said, G)fter that you shall received power to be my witnesses.H

http#$$$doc$%8=6B37B'$"ow-to-:eceive-+aptism-of-the-"oly-Fpirit!ree-on-Cine How #o *alk in Cictory The book will inspire you with the faith to do all the things .od has planned for you while being the wonderful new creation that you are in -hrist.


: Don6t Follow ?i%ns And *onders!#hey Follow +e

:un with -harles and !rances "unter and thousands of trained healing teams through an astounding series of signs, wonder and miracles. Truly, this is the hour of the believer, when they are doing the works ;esus said they would doA


:f 'ou 8eally Lo$e +e!

0hat makes the difference> 0hy do some find all the answers and some fail, even though they are apparently earnestly seeking to walk in in victory> If ?ou :eally Cove 6e is a book that will challenge you to walk in the glory of .odA


:mpossible +iracles
-harles and !rances gathered together stories of seemly impossible miracles. )s you read testimonies of what .od has done for others, your faith will explode for your own miracle. This is an awesome study of miracles, all written with the purpose of bringing us to a new realm of belief. http#$$$doc$%&%=6B'7B$Impossible-6iracles-!ree-/n-line

Let #his +ind Be :n

Thinking the Thoughts of ;esus - 0hat does it mean to have the mind of -hrist> !rances "unter brings us a wonderful revelation of the transforming power that is ours as we learn to think the thoughts of ;esus. )s we share in "is thoughts, we become energiDed and empowered in every area of our lives.


+emoriDin% +ade Aasy

) systematic plan to help you memoriDe .od1s 0ord.


+iracles > +iracles > +iracles

-harles and !rances "unter lived a whirlwind life after their marriage in %&7=. 0hether it was cold or hot, the "appy "unters were always happy and they were always followed by signs, wonders and miracles. This book will inspire you to <go and do CikewiseA< "ow wonderful it is that they took the time to write of so many miracles they were witnesses to. http#$$$doc$%8%=38B8&$6iracles-6iracles-6iracles 7.#.L.A. E7raise #he Lord9 Anyway)F The unexpected that happens almost every day in our lives can cause embarrassment, discomfort, even grief. +ut !rances "unter knows that .od is always there and so is love. <4TC)< was her password.


?hout #he *ord ?top #he #hief

"e was stealing my carA )t the top of my lungs I screamed, out of my carA 0hat do you think you3re doing>H The thief didn3t blink an eyeA 2either did IA I ust screamed again, G*id you hear me> I said get out of my carAH Cater as I related this story to a police chief, he said, G)ccording to statistics, you should have been dead in thirteen secondsAH Cet !rances tell you what actually happenedA http#$$$doc$%78(7'B33$Fhout-the-0ord-Ftop-the-Thief ?imple As ABC - !ormerly 4TC) K Cisted as 4TC)

?tren%th For #oday

The stories and scriptures in this book will all be familiar to you, but I have lifted them out as choice morsels to satisfy your hungry heart. )s I went through the +ible selecting these favorite stories, they spoke to my heart in an unusual and different way than ever before and I hope they will to you, too. 0henever your problem balloons out of proportion and your way gets too hard, select a story, meditate on it and see if your answer isn3t revealed to you

http, For #oday ?upernatural HoriDons

The horiDon - The Cine of Infinity which separates the seen and the unseen -- the known from the unknown -- the natural from the supernatural. ?ou will be challenged through the pages of Fupernatural "oriDons to step into the supernatural realm in your -hristian walk. http#$$$doc$%7&B8B('7$Fupernatural-"oriDons

*atch &ut) #he De$il *ants 'our +ind

!rances was so aware of the amount of control Fatan has over the minds of -hristians -of the amount of confusion he has put on people. 4eople often do not know who their enemy is. This is a <down-to-earth< book that will make you aware of who Fatan is, what his methods are, and how to be victorious over himA


#here Are #wo "inds &f!

) luncheon can change your lifeA It can change your thinkingA 0e were in a restaurant when a gentleman came in and sat down at our table. I still don3t know who he is, or where he came from L +ut he said, G!rances, I know how much you3ve always loved winning people to ;esus and I want to tell you a new way LH


#wo ?ides &f A Coin

0as the +aptism with the "oly Fpirit real> 0as it for them> They had so much to lose... They were established in their church. !rances had speaking engagements scheduled for the next year. +ut still, there was that hunger for more and a compelling desire to follow ;esus all the way. Two Fides of the -oin is the story of their transition into what was then the -harismatic 6ovement. Fo much to lose - Fo much to gain. They share with us their step of faith and the amaDing results. http,;110-#wo ?ides of the Coin Free &n line

*hy ?hould <:= ?peak :n #on%ues

Take a step back in time, and oin with the "unters and their friends as they share how they came into the +aptism of the "oly Fpirit. 5ncouraging - uplifting.


'ou Can Do :t #oo)

If -harles and !rances can do it, ?ou -an *o It TooA The "unters loved to challenge believers to step out of the pews and walk in the power of .od. They encouraged ordinary -hristians to do the acts that ;esus said they would do. In this book they share how you can move into doing supernatural healing through the name of ;esus. http#$$$doc$%&=6='(%B$?ou--an-*o-It-Too-!ree-on-Cine