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Red Hat Linux Getting Started Guide

Red Hat Linux Getting Started Guide

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The last step is to confirm your printer configuration. Click Applyto add the print queue if the settings
are correct. Click Back to modify the printer configuration.

Click theApply button in the main window to save your changes and restart the printer daemon. After
applying the changes, print a test page to ensure the configuration is correct. Refer to Section 8.4
Printing a Test Page for details.

If you need to print characters beyond the basic ASCII set (including those used for languages such
as Japanese), you must review your driver options and select Prerender Postscript. Refer to Section
8.5 Modifying Existing Printers for details. You can also configure options such as paper size if you
edit the print queue after adding it.


Chapter 8. Printer Configuration

8.4. Printing a Test Page

After you have configured your printer, you should print a test page to make sure the printer is func-
tioning properly. To print a test page, select the printer that you want to try out from the printer list,
then select the appropriate test page from the Test pulldown menu.

If you change the print driver or modify the driver options, you should print a test page to test the
different configuration.

Figure 8-5. Test Page Options

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