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Mist Collection System with Filter Given the scarcity of fresh water in the hill zones surrounding the

city of Lima-Callao, in particular in places like Tablada de Lurin or Ventanilla, where the water supply is brought by truck and not very reliable, the design and construction of a Mist Collector System is proposed, A low-cost filtering and/or purification system would be developed as a counterpart to the collection System, which at least can make the hillsides greener through the introduction of small crops. The Fab-Luthier An area that could be explored in Digital Fabrication is Musical Instruments manufacturing, the proposal is the design and construction of wind resembling of Peruvian instruments like quenas or antaras- and percussion instruments, by learning the specifics on construction and introducing them into a simulation environment, we could actually create avant-garde informal instruments with unique sounds (for instance, the work of the Argentinian Comedians Les Luthiers Infographic Based Documentation Protocol We could explore in the lab with the creation of Infographics as a powerful way to communicate the working procedures in the lab, as well as the common knowledge/lessons learned and the results evaluation report. Basic template designs could be set for specific kinds of reports, which could by customized according to the occasion. Fab- Snowboard/Sandboard Table As a test for applied product development, the making of a Sandboard/ Snowboard Table is suggested, as a well-known procedure, the exercise would let us apply the constructive expertise for a concrete example, as we survey the process and find some room for innovation and further customization. fab-shop for wheelchairs and crutches Some exploratory research in the development for customized spare parts for wheelchairs and crutches could be made, in order to apply the given technologies of digital fabrication to the testing of new materials and designs that could, in time, result into new mainstream designs for lower cost devices. Fab Filter for Wood Stoves This research experience can start as a redesign of the way rural families in Peru, particularly in the Andes, cook, An Inquiry in their cooking methods as well as the design of wood stoves, introducing low-cost, local made, smoke filters to prevent the toxic fumes from reaching to the people. Potential usage for heating the housing besides the cooking could be as well explored.

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