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Title the Equine Body Teaching Safe Horsemanship Getting your first horse An Introduction to USPC Horse Sports

Trimming and Clipping Fitting Tack Understanding Equine Medications Teaching the Child Rider USPC D Manual USPC C Manual The Instructor's Handbook the Manual of Horsemanship Horse Handling & Grooming The Pony Club World - Black Picture book Centered Riding Beginning English Exercises Advanced English Exercises Tack Explained A Horseman's Handbook First Aid Picture Guide the Usborne Riding School Cross Country Safe Horse Safe Rider Showing for Beginners Novice Hunter Seat Understanding Equine Medications - Revised Edition Bandaging Your Horse Keeping a Horse Outdoors Equine Massage - A Practical Guide Storey's Guide to Feeding Horses Jumping Cross-Country Fences Picture Guide Progressive School Exercises for Dressage & Jumping A Gymnastic Riding System using Mind Body & Spirit - including a Pilates Program for Riders Let's Ride with Linda Tellington-Jones Horse Power Handbook Volume 1 Yoiks Foxhunting by Hagerman The Dressage Formula Thinking Riding Stables and Shelters Picture Guide Sheds and Shelters Picture Guide Making Your Own jumps Picture guide Unmounted Fun Under Foot Horse Owner's Veterinary Handbook 101 Jumping Exercises for Horse & Rider the Visible Horse - video Balance in Movement - The Seat of the Rider - Video Round Pen Reasoning - Video You and Your Pony beginner Level - Video SeaBiscuit You and Your Pony Intermediate Level Every Time Every Ride - VHS Tape English Saddles How to Fit Pain Free DVD USPC Guide to Longeing - DVD

USPC Safety Information Packet (3 ring binder Dominque Barbier Intimacy in French Classical Dressage Vol 1 & Vol 2 (1 VHS Tape) Vaulting VHS Tape A Day with Horses -VHS Video Horse Gaits, Balance & Movement Health & Maintenance Record Book Blank - CD LCPC Member Photos from an event in 2004? - CD Health Talk for Horses "Ancient Wisdom Meets Common Sense Horsemanship" - DVD USPC Traditional Standards DVD D-A Levels - 2007 - DVD USPC Video Guide to the C-3 Standard - DVD Skeleton & Muscle copies of activity sheets No Foot, No Horse Foot Balance: The Key to Soundness & Performance Guide for Determining the Age of the Horse Chicken Soup for the Horse Lover's Soul Longeing & Ground Training The Usborne Dictionary of Horses and Ponies; A Complete Guide to Riding & Pony Care Conformation & Performance

Author Beth Maloney Jan Dawson Judith Dutson USPC valerie Watson Jane Holderness-Roddam Barbara D. Forney Pamela Roberts Susan E Harris Susan E Harris British PC British PC Cherry Hill Erik Herbermann Cherry Hill Cherry Hill Carol Green Jane Holderness-Roddam Usborne Riding School Jessie Haas Hallie I McEvoy Barbara D. Forney Susan E Harris Susan McBane Jean-Pierre Hourdebaigt, RMT Melyni Worth Jane Thelwall Islay Auty Betsy Steiner Linda Tellington-Jones Margaret A. Geestman Linda Hagerman health talk Molly Sivewright Toni Webber Toni Webber Mary Gordon Watson Inland Empire Region The USDF Guide to Arena Construction, Maintenance & Repair James M. Giffin, MD Linda L. Allen Susan Harris & Peggy Brown Susanne von Dietz John Lyons Symposiums Nancy Aguirre Laura Hillenbrand Nancy Aguirre USPC Joyce Harman, DVM USPC

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USPC Dominque Barbier ? Real Animals Susan Harris USPC Poulsen Photography Regan Golob USPC USPC ? Gail Williams AAEP Various Susan E Harris Struan Reid Nancy S Loving






Still need: Grooming to Win Horse Gaits, Balance & movement Veterinary Notes for Horse Owners

HB Enrichment Horse Foot Care by Butler (OOP) Determining the Age of the Horse Handbook of Riding Essentials Feeding Care of the Horse, 2nd edition (OOP) Thinking Riding Vol 1 & 2 Coloring Atlas of Horse Anatomy Maximum Hoof Power Practical Guide to Lameness in Horses (OOP) School Exercises for Flatwork & jumping Horsefeathers: facts vs myths about your horse's health (OOP) Horse Owners Field Guide to Toxic Plants No foot, no horse

C3/B Enrichment Training from the Ground: A special Approach (OOP) Hawkins Guide to Equine Emergencies on the Road (OOP)

H/HA/A Candidates: Blythe Tait's Cross Country Clinic