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En este documento t puedes ver las descripciones, las frases y las palabras que aparecen en los videos de pronunciacin. La idea de los videos es que repites cada sonido, palabra o frase despus del instructor. No es necesario que conozcas las palabras porque en esta actividad no estamos enfocados en mejorar el vocabulario sino en mejorar la pronunciacin. Hay varias palabras que aparecen en las actividades solo por los sonidos que contienen. Estas no son palabras comunes, y solo te las mostramos para comparar el sonido con otras palabras similares, y para que reconozcas las diferencias.

Leccin 1: B/V
La B empieza con los labios cerrados. Con la B no se ven los dientes al inicio. De repente los labios abren y tu voz vibra para hacer el sonido. La V empieza con los dientes tocando el labio inferior. Se ven los dientes superiores al inicio. Tu voz hace una vibracin, y dejas salir tus dientes del labio. No se puede sentir el aliento con ninguno de los sonidos, el sonido se hace con la vibracin de la voz. Palabras 1. bat - vat 2. ban - van 3. bet - vet 4. saber - savor 5. dove - dub 6. verb - verve 7. best - vest 8. ban van 9. beer veer 10. ravel - rabble 11. broom vroom 12. vane - bane 13. bile - vile 14. vase - base 15. rebel - revel 16. bowl - vole 17. berry - very 18. boat vote Los Trabalenguas 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. The very big violin vanished. That is a very big broom. Bill loves the velvet vest best Bianca has the best voice in babble town Virginia barry batted better than vincent poured butter, so barry told vincent he batted very badly and better pour the butter better before he batted. Vivian believes violent, violet bugs have very big value. Vern VanBevy vowed to buy his beauty Vivicka a Victorian home on Value Avenue. Vivi bowed to the vast rabble of vane doves at the Virginia bowl Brett doesnt savor the vile flavour of the berry beer that was brought not in the best vat but in the banned vase

Leccin 2: S/SH/CH
Para pronunciar la S, coloca la punta de la lengua detrs de los dientes inferiores, levanta el resto de la lengua casi hasta el techo de la boca (el palador), y deja que el aire sisee a travs de la abertura de la boca. Para pronunciar el sonido de SH, coloca todo el ancho de la lengua al techo de la boca detrs de sus dientes superiores, pero sin tocar el techo, luego deja que el aire escape lentamente por la abertura. Para pronunciar el sonido de CH, pulsa el ancho de la lengua contra el paladar detrs de los dientes superiores, y luego, suelta la lengua lo suficiente para permitir que un siseo (ms ancho que la S) de aire salga. Palabras 1. sue - shoe - chew 2. see - she - chi 3. sip - ship - chip 4. sin - shin - chin 5. sane - Shane - chain 6. was - wash - watch 7. lass - lash - latch 8. seat - sheet - cheat 9. seep - sheep - cheap 10. bass - bash - batch 11. sop - shop - chop 12. mass - mash match Los Trabalenguas 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Sam sent shane to stock the chops and socks. Russell's shredded Swiss cheese is best with Sheri's cherries. Simply check the safe shot charged silently by the changing shift. Simon secretly cheated on Shani in Shanghai, China. She saw several children's shows and some cheap soap operas on channel seven. The best batch of Shaun's sweet chips are sold by the seashore. At brunch I chomp on cherries, peaches, sweet corn, lychees, soursops, chayote and sometimes chips. 8. Six sick chicks saw Sheryl's straw chair and simply said "cheep, cheep, cheep" 9. Residents cheer as leasing several sizeable properties in batches surely chops prices severely.

Leccin 3: TH (Sin Vibracin)

Para pronunciar la TH (sin vibracin), coloca la punta de tu lengua entre sus incisivos superiores e inferiores y deja que escape el aire alrededor de tu lengua, sin que tus cuerdas vocales vibren. Palabras 1. thick - tick 2. three - tree 3. through - true 4. fifth - fit 5. path - pat 6. think - sink 7. thick - Dick 8. thing - ding 9. birth - bird 10. bath - bad 11. path - pad 12. thick - sick 13. thigh - sigh 14. birth - burrs 15. bath bass 16. boat - both 17. thought fought Los Trabalenguas 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Thirteen thirsty thieves thought about thundering through the thickets on Thursday. Thor, the threadbare leader withdrew three throbbing sheaths. Beth thrust the sheath into the throat and threw the thug down. Thea thumped Thor and gave a thud to the thumb. The thirteen thieves thanked the thrilled throne throughout Thursday. Thirty thousand thrifty thinkers thought Ruth and Luther's tooth told the truth. Nothing I thought, could thank Thea thoroughly for the broth brought to several thirsty thin sinners. 8. Three free throws. Three free throws. Three free throws. 9. Nothing, no thick tick or sick thicket can save Smith's teeth.

Leccin 4: TH (Con Vibracin)

Para pronunciar la TH con vibracin, coloca la punta de tu lengua entre tus dientes superiors y vibra tus cuerdos vocales, luego retrae tu lengua para pronunciar el resto de la palabra. Palabras 1. there - tare 2. there - dare 3. Thy - thigh 4. Teethe - teeth 5. the - fee 6. that dat 7. than - fan 8. southern - south 9. either - ether 10. northern - north 11. breathe - breed 12. clothes cloves 13. they - day 14. soothed - sued 15. teethe tease 16. other - udder 17. thy die Los Trabalenguas 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. The heathens' mother soothes the bathing boys. It is whether the weather soothes or loathes for those days. Although the earth breathes with the breeze, I loathe the wetter weather. Heather hides there more than Dan. Thy thigh is bathing and seething in the northern breeze. The brethren of the Netherlands would rather live either in southern or northern Gaithersburg. 7. The rhythm of breathing while bathing in clothes soothes thy truths. 8. Those mouths loath the unworthy dough that was tithed by them. 9. The mother and father chose to bathe the heathens with tithed clothes.

Leccin 5: La i corta y la i larga

El sonido de la i de espaol normalmente aparece en las palabras de ingls como 'ee' o 'ea' (pero hay excepciones). Esta i es un sonido largo. Al contrario, la i de ingls suele tener un sonido corto (pero hay excepciones). El sonido exacto no existe en espaol, pero es casi lo mismo que las i en rojo en vivir y definir. Palabras 1. beat - bit 2. feel - fill 3. deal - dill 4. deed - did 5. seed - Sid 6. pieced - pissed 7. Jean - gin 8. meek - Mick 9. seat sit 10. teak - tick 11. cheek - chick 12. feet - fit 13. heal - hill 14. meal - mill 15. peak - pick 16. read - rid 17. teal - till 18. week wick Los Trabalenguas 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. He lived with Jean in the bin with beans for dinner. It's not fit for Mick because it reeks of feet. This week I will give Jill's deed of peace to Bill's meek niece. The pickers picked peaches while Mick rid the chicks of ticks. She spilled gin on the seat, and missed the beat of the week. Nick heaped heaps of cheap chips in the free field. I leave in a week to live at Brunswick beach. Ricky and Nicky peek as they seek to pick a teal seat. I feel the seed of peace fill me, kidded Chris.

Leccin 6: A/E/I
La A de esta leccin suena como la A de espaol. Tambin la E suena como la E de espaol. La I es el sonido corto que vimos en la ltima leccin de pronunciacin. Hoy vamos a comparar los 3 sonidos. Palabras 1. ban - Ben - bin 2. gnat - net - knit 3. bag - beg - big 4. sad - said - Sid 5. brat Brett - Brit 6. rad - red - rid 7. bad - bed - bid 8. lad - led - lid 9. mat - met - mit 10. had - head - hid 11. rat - Rhett - writ 12. slapped - slept slipped 13. frat - fret - frit 14. pat - pet pit Los Trabalenguas 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. I bet we bat better than we fit at the fence Gnats are knitting in the bread bins next to Nick's rats. When Betty bit the bread she said how sad is Azz. Pat picked a peck of pickled peppers for Sally who sells silly big bags. Rhett rid the wretched patch of pitted peppers by letting the little lads loose. Fritz fretted at the frat as Ben banned the bin that had hidden her head. Let it live, lest the latter list lends too late. Ned left Matts bad bin in the rad bag when Ben sat at Sids pit. The rep wrapped her ripped vest in her best mesh sack.

Leccin 7: Schwa
Schwa es un vocal muy corto que no existe en espaol. Puede ser representado por cualquier de los 5 vocales a,e,i,o,u y por eso hay que aprender a pronunciar el schwa por escuchar ingls pronunciado por hablantes nativos (pelculas, canciones, radio, televisin etc.). Para pronunciar el schwa, hay que relajar la lengua, abrir un poco la boca y hacer un sonido corto como si no hubiera ningn vocal entre los dos consonantes. En este video voy a pronunciar cada palabra dos veces... la primera vez lentamente y la segunda vez ms rpido para que se note ms lo corto del schwa. Schwa en lugar de A 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. About capAble sofA Adept Allow Ahead Around Again

Schwa en lugar de E 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. enEmy Economy Evaluate Erase takEn

Schwa en lugar de I 1. incredIble 2. pencIl 3. notIce Schwa en lugar de O 1. 2. 3. 4. Oppose gallOp harmOny elOquent

Schwa en lugar de U 1. focUs 2. mediUm 3. sUpply


4. bUt 5. famOUs Schwa en lugar de Y 1. vinYl 2. sYringe 3. sibYl Schwa en lugar de LE 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. puzzLE appLE noodLE probabLE tabLE

Oraciones con schwa 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. the woman went to the station and waited until the train arrived. I want to listen to her husband at the market. We are able to settle the affair when we receive a million bucks. The company believes that animals will destroy the garden and forest. Tomorrow, a sudden supply will certainly allow us to become famous. The common character is in a battle on an Indian island. The purpose or reason for the visit is to travel to England. People begin to believe their desire is to control the business. A thousand women again decide to declare with their husbands who are the enemy.

Leccin 8: El sonido de la S y la S + Consonante

En espaol no hay una palabra que empiece con la S y un consonante. Todas estas palabras empiezan con ES. Por ejemplo Espaa - Spain, escuela - school, estructura - structure, especialidad - speciality. Por eso, cuando los hispanoparlantes tratan de pronunciar las palabras de ingls que empiezan con la S y un consonante, se equivocan por pronunciar una E antes de la S. As "school" suena como "Eschool" y "street" suena como "estreet" etc. Es difcil, pero s es importante que quites esta E. Si imaginas que hubiera muchas S al inicio puede ser ms fcil. SSSSSSchool, SSSSSstreet etc. EJEMPLOS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. Still sill Sane Spain Sleek seek Scream seam Sting sing Strong song Scum sum Stun sun Sore straw Scold sold Spoke soak Stewed sued Snail sail Scram Sam Steak sake Stale sale Smell sell Stocks socks

TRABALENGUAS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Does this store stock stylish spare street shoes? Snails sleep silently in the slippery shade. Six small slick snakes sang several songs. Spacemen say its scary to spend hours in space. Steven sells sweet and spicy Spanish straws. I never smelt a smell like small stale sardines. Shane slowly scraped the steak as it slipped swiftly towards the snails. Several swans swimming sporadically and screeching over the street. The old school scam is to scold and sting the skulls of the students.

Leccin 9: Comparacin de la D y la T
Para pronunciar la D empuja la punta de tu lengua contra el paladar, justo detrs de los dientes frontales, vibra las cuerdas vocales y suelta la lengua. Para pronunciar la T, coloca la punta de la lengua detrs de los dientes superiores y sultala con un soplo de aire pequeo. EJEMPLOS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. Dick - tick dime - time dare - tear deer - tear dune - tune doe - toe bud - but bed - bet wed - wet wad - what dead - debt cord - court bend - bent herd - hurt lend - lent mend - meant road - wrote said - set maid - mate need - neat seed seat

TRABALENGUAS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Did that bored court sport dirty cords lend from the maid? Dan's tacky tractor dragged hard dirt towards the Dawn. Did that bored court sport dirty cords lend from the maid? Dan's tacky tractor dragged hard dirt towards the Dawn. I shot down two bent daggers, dan tried too. A child who tooted a bended flute, dared to tutor the last tooter to toot. Said the second child to the first friend, "Is it hard to toot an unmended flute, or to tutor two tooters to toot?" A tree toad loved a she-toad who lived in a tree. A bird from the coast used to boast to nerd dogs. I meant to mend the bent bed but a dead bird dared to tear the cord.


Leccin 10: Comparacin de la d y la

Para pronunciar la d /: Apreta la punta de tu lengua contra la cresta de las encas, parando el aire por completo. Deja que la presin aumente por un segundo y luego suelta la lengua mientras vibras la voz. La cresta de las encas es la montaita cerca del techo de la boca. Si no sabes dnde est la cresta de las encas, trata de encontrar la montaita con la punta de tu lengua.

Para pronunciar la Coloca la punta de tu lengua cerca de la cresta de las encas para crear un agujero pequeo. Vibra la voz mientras dejas que el aire fluya por el agujero. Es importante que no toques la cresta de las encas con la lengua.

d y 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Version virgin Pleasure pledger Leisure ledger Measuring majoring Immersion emergent Occasion Cajun Genre John Rah Persian purges

comparado con otros sonidos ( primero) y SH 1. Confusion Confucian 2. Measure mesher yZ 1. Luge Lose 2. Seizure Caesar yS 1. Closure closer 2. Luge loose d comparado con otros sonidos (d primero) d y G

1. Jail Gale 2. Badge bag d y Z 1. Marge Mars 2. Change chains d and SH 1. Geoff chef 2. Jam sham d and CH 1. Gin chin 2. Junk - chunk TRABALENGUAS Si el sonido es d, abajo aparece en azul. Si el sonido es , abajo aparece en rojo. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Our vision for pleasure is to jam a giant badge into the beige treasure chest. At the conclusion of the Asian seizure, Madge was lodged at the margin of the ledge. The regime gouged the dodgy casual Malaysian division. Our projection of the unusual collision at the bridge was measured by Marge. George was under the illusion for ages and ages that a corsage was used for the provision of pleasure. Angie usually treasures a massage while watching television. Wait while George digests Madge's changing negligee. The Asian luge division judged a package to be dodgy. The vision was unusually about the casual closure of Jane's garage as she was caged in jail for ages.


11: El sonido de ED al final de las palabras del pasado simple

Hay 3 formas de pronunciar el sonido del ED al final de los verbos regulares del pasado en ingls. La primera es cuando el verbo termina con la T o la D. Suena como ED y la E es como el schwa un sonido corto. Primera forma = ED T: wanted aborted D: ended defended La segunda forma es cuando el verbo termina con los siguientes sonidos P, F, S, SH, CH, K y TH (sin vibracin). Con estas letras el ED suena como la T. Escucha los ejemplos. Segunda forma = T P: hoped jumped F: laughed barfed S: faxed fixed SH: washed abolished CH: watched batched K: liked licked TH (sin vibracin): earthed pithed


Con todos los otros sonidos, incluyendo vocales, el ED suena como D sin la vocal E. Tercera Forma = D B: jabbed sobbed G: begged bugged V: lived saved TH (con vibracin): soothed bathed Z: lazed humanized : luged M: filmed acclaimed N: frowned abandoned L: chilled called R: entered barred W: allowed bowed


: hedged changed ltimo sonido como vocal: played enjoyed died tried defied TRABALENGUAS Si la ED suena como ED, abajo aparece en azul. Si la ED suena como una T, abajo aparece en rojo. Si la ED suena como una D, abajo aparece en verde. 1. Terry the turtle tried to turn, then he hopped, jumped and laughed as barry barfed. 2. Six chicks faxed fixed tricks while Josh abolished the washed batch of cash. 3. Peter pithed the earthed wire, then batched the botched job just as luke liked it. 4. Willy wanted it aborted and ended, but Ed defended, and started to bend the truth. 5. The referee refereed the team and avoided Ned's dread, as he awarded the goal to the attended net. 6. Steven filmed the acclaimed movie, entered the room and bowed, but frowned at the abandoned seats. 7. Jerry changed the hedged ledge while they soothed and bathed the saved sea creatures. 8. Betty begged and sobbed, but George enjoyed it as he played and jabbed her with his pen. 9. Yesterday I walked to town, chatted in Chinese, played polo, fried fritters, and asked Andy about Allen.


12: Comparacin de la Z y la S
Con los plurales, la S al final de la palabra puede sonar como una S o una Z. Si el sonido antes de la S es T, P, F, K o TH (sin vibracin) la S suena como una S. Con cualquier otro sonido la S suena como una Z. EJEMPLOS T: pints cats P: caps jumps F: laughs barfs K: likes licks TH (sin vibracin): earths baths

Con los otros consonantes, la S suena como la Z de ingls SH: lashes smashes CH: watches batches D: bends bands S: faxes bases


B: jabs sobs G: bags bugs V: saves caves TH (con vibracin) scythes tithes Z: buzzes mazes : luges M: films acclaims N: frowns pans L: chills calls R: cars bars W: claws paws : hedges changes


ltimo sonido es una vocal: plays boys dyes pies lies TRABALENGUAS Si la S suena como una S de espaol, abajo aparece en azul. Si la S suena como una Z de ingls, abajo aparece en rojo. 1. Sally sold socks, caps, shirts and skirts. 2. Zach found five fleas in the pieces of cheese on his knees under the trees. 3. The bugs buzzed by the dirty dogs and saw their paws and claws. 4. Peter bases the boxes on the traces of the races in the faces. 5. Seven sets of scissors sizzle on bill's grills. 6. Selfish sharks and octupuses seek shells, seahorses and especially oysters. 7. Sherman shops for lots of chops in children's shops. 8. Shrieks and screaks in the shoes sections. 9. Bill bought batches of watches, bags of bugs and hedge mazes.