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Alliteration: the repeated occurrence of a constant sound at the beginning of several words in the same phrase.

Example: Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled of pickled peppers.

Alliterative Attributes Game: using alliteration, choose an attribute that best describes you. The following is a list of attributes, which you can use as a guide. Instructions: Circle the first letter of your name. Then choose which of the attributes fits you best or come up with your own!
A- Amazing, absolute, almighty, aerobic, artistic, adorable, adventurous, awesome, amusing B- Big, bold, beautiful, bouncy, boisterous, brave C- Crazy, cute, comforting, clever, creative, caring, crafty, calm, clumsy, creepy D- Daring, dull, dark, dramatic, dazzling, different, defiant, distinct E- Earnest, energetic, excitable, euphoric, excellent, eager, elegant F- Feisty, fearful, fabulous, fancy, flaky, fluffy, funny G- Good-hearted, glad, great, grateful, gregarious, glamorous, graceful, greedy, grotesque, grumpy, gullible H- Honest, humble, hostile, heroic, healthy, handy, homely I- Imaginative, icy, innocent, important, impressive, intelligent, infamous, irritating J- Joyful, jazzy, jumpy, jock, jealous, jittery, jolly K- Kind, klutz, knowledgeable, kooky, keen L- Lovely, level-minded, lively, lame, loud, lucky M- marvelous, magnificent, modest, masterful, motherly, melodic, messy, mysterious N- Narcissistic, notorious, natural, naughty, noisy, normal O- Open-minded, overjoyed, outstanding, old fashioned, outrageous, ordinary, odd P- Popular, pessimistic, perky, playful, plain, pleasant, polite, poised, powerful, pushy, puny Q- Quaint, quiet, quick-minded, quirky, quizzical R- Rustic, righteous, radiant, restful, rare, rigid, rude, robust S- Sunny, showy, stubborn, strong, sweaty, sweet, simple, serious, sharp, shy, sophisticated, spiffy, strange T- Tough, tame, toxic, teasing, tasty, tattle-tale, tidy, tedious, testy, talented, terrific, thoughtful, U- Unbelievable, unimaginative, universally- known, upstanding, understanding, unruly, useful V- Vivacious, voluptuous, valuable, valiant, victorious W- Wondrous, welcoming, weird, wonderful, warm, wild, witty, worrisome X- eXhausting, eXtravert, eXciting Y- Yielding, yucky, yodeling, youthful, yummy, young Z- Zany, zen, zestful, zoological-minded, zealous