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Cell analogy: Batman arkham asylum A cell is like: The Videogame, Batman Arkham Asylum

The nucleus is like the Joker, he controls the asylum like the nucleus controls the cell. The nucleus works with other organelles by controlling their movement and where they go. nucleolus. Ribosomal RNA is used to produce ribosomes which are necessary for protein synthesis.

Cell membrane
The cell membrane transports things in and out of the cell, like harley quinn transports things in and out of the asylum The cell membrane works with other organelles by allowing them to move around in the cell. Plasma Membrane. In animal cells, the cell or plasma membrane is a structure which helps keep the cytoplasm and the cell organelles in place. The cell membrane is composed of many different substances and structures. The terms plasma membrane and cell membrane can be used interchangeably.

Cell wall
The cell wall supports the nucleus and cell like scarecrow supports the Joker The cell wall works with other organelles by keeping them within the cell

The mitochondria convert chemicals into energy like bane does with venom. Mitochondria works with other organelles by powering the cell to cause function. mitochondria. The cristae are the folds in the mitochondria that increase the surface area for production of ATP.

Stores things like the Asylum stores inmates. Vacuole works with other organelles by storing energy and other things to help the cell.

Cleans up un-wanted material like the thugs clean up un-wanted people in the Asylum. Lysosomes work with other organelles by cleaning the cell and keeping it functional. lysosomes. Hydrolytic enzymes are able to break down large molecules for use by the cell.

Golgi apparatus
Stores and packages proteins like the warehouse stores TITAN Golgi's work with other organelles by storing proteins to be used later on Golgi apparatus. The Golgi apparatus looks like a bunch of pancakes or balloons squished together and packages materials into vesicles for use inside the cell or to be secreted by the cell.

Float around and can be attached like Catwoman can get attached to Jewels. Ribosomes work with other organelles by getting attached and creating more energy.

E.R (rough & smooth)

Rough begins making proteins and Smooth processes and Detoxifies chemicals Batman detoxifies the chemicals in TITAN and Dr.Young is the one who began making it. They work with other organelles by cleaning up chemicals and creating energy suppliers. Smooth endoplasmic reticulum. The main function of the smooth ER which does not contain ribosomes is to produce steroid hormones or lipids Rough endoplasmic reticulum. mRNA moves from the nucleus and may attach to the rough E.R. to produce certain proteins. The mRNA may also attach to other ribosomes in the cytoplasm.

Control center of Cell like the hidden Garden is the control center of the Asylum. DNA works with other organelles by providing the genetic coding needed to control the rest of the body.

The chloroplast converts sunlight into energy, just like poison Ivy converts energy from her plants. Only found in plants this organelle works with others by providing energy to cells

A water solution and has stuff moving in it, like how Killer Croc moves in the sewer's of the Asylum Cytoplasm works with other organelles by moving the necessary materials for them in and out of the cell. Cytoplasm. Glycolysis breaks down one molecule of glucose into two molecules of pyruvate.