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DAILY LESSON PLAN FORMAT Teacher Daniel English 12

SCHOOL SRHS Date 11-19,29 Period 1,2,3, 4 Unit To ic !iddle "ges

Course Title

Daily Objectives with speci ic SOLs

#oca$ular% stud%- To increase &oca$ular% co' rehension, students (ill (rite (ords, de)initions and creati&e sentences on age 1*+ in the literature $oo,- S./ 12-0To co' rehend the changes in the English language )ro' the !iddle "ges to conte' orar% ti'es and the uses o) hrases and s%nta1- S./ 12-0 To co' rehend the culture and societ% o) the !iddle "ges- S./ 12-3 To read orall% to $uild sel) estee' and increase co' rehension and increase the )luenc% o) reading- S./ 12-2 3) ti'e allo(s read orall% 4ederigo5s 4alcon on age 1*0- Discuss iron% )ro' the &ie( oints o) !onna and 4ederigoCo' lete 6uestions 1-2 on age 191- S./ 12-3,-0 . ening acti&it% #oca$ular% stud%- To increase &oca$ular% usage in (ritten assign'ents and con&ersation

Essential ,no(ledge or s,ills to $e taught

To dra( conclusions )ro' selection readTo co' rehend the !iddle "ges ti'e eriod and the characteristics o) the )eudal s%ste' To co' rehend a )ra'e stor% and ho( it is use)ul in the co''unication o) the tales o) the ilgri'sTo read orall% to i' ro&e sel) estee', co' rehension and )luenc%To co' rehend (h% this selection is a recise re resentation o) li)e in the !iddle "ges and a descri tion o) the di))erent classes o) the )eudal s%ste'To con&e% in)or'ation o$tained in (ritten )or' that is 'echanicall% correct and on a le&el a ro riate )or English 12 standards and e1 ectationsTo co' rehend iron% in di))erent situationsTo co' rehend ho( good can co'e )ro' traged% )or !onna-

Class!""# Activities #oca$ular% /iterature Su''ati&e re&ie(

Ti#e $l"c%s

29 42 2


Sadlier-.1)ord #oca$ular% /e&el : Ele'ents o) /iterature


"ns(er 6uestions correction to o$tain a grade )or co' rehension 'aster%-

Ho'e(or, "ssign'ent

Unit Test Date and 4or'at

Essa% and 'ulti le choice at the end o) Collection 2, the !iddle "ges