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Sayyid Saeed Akhtar Rizvi - Your Questions Answered - Volume VII

Sayyid Saeed Akhtar Rizvi - Your Questions Answered - Volume VII

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The Asha'irah say that nothing is good or bad in iteself. Only what Allah has ordered us to
do is good and what He has forbidden is bad. My question, according to the Shi'ahs, what
is the basis of our creed in questioning the clear commands of Allah? Please if you could
clarify this for me and provide me some examples, if possible.

A: Far be it from us that we should question the commands of Allah.
What we say is that there is real merit or demerit in many courses of actions, and our
nature or intellect may lead us to know that merit or demerit in many cases. Although it is
not necessary that we should know that merit or demerit in all cases. For example, human
nature makes us believe that justice is good and injustice is bad; truth is good and
falsehood is bad, and so on. And it is because of that inherent merit that Allah commands
us to do a certain deed, and because of that inherent demerit that He forbids us another

But the Ash'arites reject the above statement. According to them no merit or demerit is

inherent in any thing or action. All are equally blank. When God orders something it
becames good; when He forbids, it becomes bad.

In short, we say: God has ordered us to do it, because it is good. Ash'arites say: It has
become good because God has ordered it. They elaborate it in this way: "It would be
perfectly O.K. if Allah were to send all prophets to the hell, and the Satan to the paradise.
Of course it would be injustice, but there is no inherent evil in injustice, and if Allah
commits injustice, it will become a meritorious act."

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